I mean really

“Musicals are never inappropriate.”

*Aggressively shoves Spring Awakening at you*

“Musicals are too happy”

*backflips and hands you the Next to Normal CD*

“Why do they randomly burst into song?”

*does magic trick to reveal Cabaret*

“Musicals have boring classical music”

*bursts into confetti that spells out RENT*

The Bandoms: A Summary
  • Fall Out Boy:Always gets excited over the smallest things like Pete Wentz could eat cheese and the Internet would explode
  • My Chemical Romance:Forever in denial but still follow solo careers
  • Panic! at the Disco:No one can look past how every song is about sex and they become the butt of the joke
  • Twenty One Pilots:perfect angels that can do no wrong
  • Paramore:Not even mentioned in these types of posts

you all do know that the bechdel test was never supposed to be a metric for approving “feminist media”—it is actually a commentary on how incredibly alienating media is for lesbians when two women can’t even talk to each other about anything other than a man let alone love or fuck…. right? right??

one direction: “yeah some of those fanfictions online are rly weird”

one direction: *rides in a dimly lit bread van filled w pillows, separated only by a thin layer of sweat and their skimpy tanktops*

one direction: “rly weird” [nervous laughter]

Bleach 617 Probably
  • Aizen:HEY YHWACH
  • Aizen:I was going to kill the Soul King first.
  • Yhwach:*points at Ichigo* He did it.
  • Aizen:fuckign seriously Ichigo after all that mess you made and hell you raised trying to stop me from doing it the fuck you think this is fucking Rat Race what the hell is wrong with you Ulquiorra didn't die for this
  • Ichigo:I'M SORRY??????