I mean lay not tumblr

You’re all gonna look like fools when I release my mix tape feat drake

My life since a few months after coming to college has basically been feeling like crap and wanting to lay in my bed and watch netflix or go on tumblr or go back to sleep. Then, this year, it kind of turned into a drunken haze after I found a source of pretty much unlimited alcohol. But lately, instead of taking a shot for the road or just laying in bed all day, I’ve been pretty good about forcing myself to do something like clean my room, take a shower, or go to the gym. I mean obviously I’m laying in bed on tumblr right now but today I’ve been to class, ran three miles, done some yoga and now I’m going to take a shower before I go study in the all you can eat restaurant on campus with my friend. And there’s a free concert tonight that’s going on which is going to be rad af.

Like it sucks that the choices I made my freshman year are super long term. Because of them, after finally declaring my major a few weeks ago, am going to be in school for probably four more years, and pay for the last two myself, but I’m figuring shit out. Like I know so much more about what I want from school, a relationship, and life in general.

Idk this is turning into a long rant but I basically just wanted to share that despite the fact I’m still sad af (aren’t we all?), I’m way less sad than I was when I was 14 - 19 and I’m getting better at letting myself feel stuff instead of being forcibly numb. The good stuff too.

Cool. Life is ight. That’s about it