I mean lay not tumblr

Reasons why you should rest (now)!

I don’t care how much you’ve worked or haven’t! All I can see here are reasons why you should study ( and of course studying is important) but resting is just as!

  1. You and your brain need it ! No one can think of anything proper if you don’t rest for 5 minutes every 45 minutes of working !
  2. Dot put studying over your health! Studying is important but studying without a well rested body is worthless
  3. If you can feel your mood going down - rest ! Motivation and happiness can help to study more effective AFTER you took a break
  4. Please please take a break and with break I don’t mean tumblr, tv or music ! With break I mean laying in the bed, on the sofa or on the floor - just spending time with yourself and your thoughts!

Your body will thank you :) x take care !