I mean if you haven't seen this movie you probably will not see this movie

My question at soundcheck SLFL Amsterdam May 21
  • alright so i got the audio from a girl who secretly recorded it but she won't let me post it so imma type this all out for you
  • Michael: Hi!
  • Me: Hi! *hears myself through the speakers* wow. First of all, I wanna thank you so much for making me start playing bass, Calum. I love it so much.
  • Calum: *awws*
  • Ashton: Yeah!
  • Calum: That's awesome
  • Me: But my question is eh my crush asked me out a couple days ago..
  • 5sos: *cheers*
  • Crowd: *cheers*
  • Michael: Alright Calum don't get any ideas.
  • Me: So I was wondering if you have some DOs and DONTs for the first date.
  • Michael: What's your crush's name?
  • Me: *with dutch accent* Robert.
  • Crowd: *laughs*
  • Michael: We don't have that name in Australia. We Australians get names like Kevin or Greg.
  • Luke: Uhm, well...
  • Calum: What don't you do on a first date?
  • Luke: I don't know, I haven't really had a date.
  • Calum: I don't think there's like many rules for that.
  • Michael: I'm still really bad at the thing where I, you know when you're like 13,14 and you make fun of them a lot and you think that it's funny and then so like when I went on I date I just start being like, 'oh wow that's a lot of food' BUT IT'S MEANT TO BE FUNNY
  • Calum: uh oh
  • Michael: AND THEN IT'S REALLY AWFUL so I'm really accidentally mean to people, so don't do that.
  • Ashton: Don't go to the movies or the cinema.
  • Me: Oh but we're going to the movies.
  • 5sos: Oh noooo!
  • Luke: It's fine if you eat food first
  • Me: No I haven't.
  • Ashton: Do NOT go to the movies.
  • Calum: How old are you?
  • Me: 14
  • Calum: Yeah it's fine
  • Ashton: No, come on!
  • Luke: Just eat food and then go to the movies.
  • Ashton: See your mom's probably gonna drop you off, right? Mom, dad idk some significant whatever, they're gonna meet their parents there as well, cause you're both gonna get dropped off.
  • Me: I don't think so, we're going to cycle.
  • Ashton: *acts offended* Can you listen to me?
  • Michael: Do not go to the movies.
  • Ashton: You're not gonna get to know each other any better, cause you're gonna have to sit in silence, so I think if you go and sit somewhere and eat food and then go to the movie it's fine.
  • Luke: I don't know how well you know this dude, is he a nice person?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Michael: Don't go on dates.
  • Crowd: *laughs*
  • Michael: Just stay on the phone the whole time.
  • Ashton: Eat something first, doesn't have to be fancy.
  • Me: Okay.
  • Michael: Wait, what movie are you seeing?
  • Me: Idk yet.
  • Michael: You need to organize a movie first.
  • Me: Well he asked me out for tonight but I couldn't go soooo
  • 5sos: OOOOOH DAMN
  • Ashton: You're just putting it out there, huh?
  • Crowd: *laughs*
  • Calum: Nice
  • Michael: Did he cry?
  • Ashton: As you can tell we really aren't the best people to ask so.
  • Michael: Yeah, we're not very good at this advice thing.
  • Ashton: We kinda skipped on our chance to go on dates and have just been in the dressing room for 5 years so you know.
  • Crowd: *awws*
  • Michael: Thank you!
  • Me: Thank you!
  • Michael: You could play him a song on bass.
  • yep so that was it i'm still dying lol gtg bye

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Hello! Have you seen Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, yet? It's not a great movie by any stretch but I LOVE it so much. And it's mostly because of the shipping aspect, I can't even lie. Their relationship is so adorable and tragic and unexpectedly layered and they're a perfect team. I just wish there was more of it to watch! If you have seen it I would love to read your thoughts on it. If you haven't, I hope you do because I would love to read your thoughts on it :D

I finally did see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and actually it was long enough ago that I’m already starting to forget things. It’s really too bad that it wasn’t a better movie but liking movies/shows for the shipping is TOTALLY valid in my opinion. I mean, who is to tell you why you should like something? As long as you enjoy it what does it really  matter?

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton make such a good-looking pair. They obviously had great chemistry. I’m sure they’re at least partially responsible for all the shippers, especially the ones (unlike me) who didn’t go into the movie expecting to ship it.

But I think everyone has got to admit that a lot of the shippability of Hansel and Gretel comes from the writing. It’s like you said - they have this complicated relationship that based on the tragedy in their history, but they also have a very simple relationship because they understand each other so well and it has just been the two of them for so long. The best part is really how they’re the perfect team. Not just their success, but the ease with which they work together. So much goes unsaid because it doesn’t need to be said.

But they also have some fun banter and exchanges, like when she tells him that she hates him and he says she looks like shit, or when she hits him over the head. That all just makes them that much more adorable. I think it shows there’s enough energy in the relationship for a romantic/sexual side of it to be realistic.

And then let’s not forget shipper witch who writes fics between spells. I mean, this was probably an attempt on the part of the filmmakers to lampshade any accidental incest vibes but I feel like it only drew attention to this latent sexual tension between them.

And how about this:

I mean, come on!

And this:

And yes, they were sleeping on bunks, but they were sharing a room. And she reaches down and he takes her hand and tucks it under his arm! It’s just so sweet but at the same time a little suggestive.

I was disappointed that they ended up spending so much time apart, but the fact that Hansel’s love interest died really made up for that. Nothing against her, of course, but since most incest ships will never be canon, “competition elimination” is really the best we can hope for. It ends with just the two of them, once again.

I wish I had more to say, but it just feels so unncecessary, you know? It’s like it’s just all right there for everyone to see.

Mission: Bumbleby (RWBY)

Hey @flowerofpimps, seems like some of the secret santas for @rwbysecretsanta vanished. But I decided to help out with fixing that, so I got to do one for you. Sorry I couldn’t do anything Borderlands related, but I don’t know much about it. You said you liked Ruby though (who doesn’t?), and bumbleby, so have Ruby coming up with a super awesome plan to get her sister a date. That can only go well. Hope you like it.

Characters: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna

Word Count: 3772

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Hello! What do you think of the strong bond between Tigress and Po? :) I haven't watched Kung Fu Panda 3 yet but I'm really curious to how it will progress :)

I’ll admit that I haven’t watched the KFP television series yet. I’ve been meaning to, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten to it yet. When I do, I’ll likely have more things to say about the relationship between Tigress and Po. But even just looking at the first two movies, there are some really cool things that happen between them.

In the first Kung Fu Panda film, Tigress becomes incredibly bitter with Po for being chosen as the Dragon Warrior. Granted, all of the Kung Fu fighters find Po laughable to start with, from Master Shifu to Monkey, but Tigress holds some of the most venom and demonstrates the clearest antagonism against Po. Master Shifu at least keeps his disgruntlement for Po halfway civil. Tigress outright tells Po he doesn’t belong with them.

It’s a combination of temperament and circumstance, as I see it, why Tigress gets so rude to Po. Temperament-wise, Tigress is rather hardcore. It’s part of her personality to be intense, serious, and dedicated, and it means that she’s going to be very upset if all her hard work doesn’t pay off. It’s got to be hugely disappointing for her, after so many years of training since she was a little cub, that she lost being Dragon Warrior to someone like Po who doesn’t even know how to punch a dummy! 

Circumstance-wise, she’s probably even more upset with Po because Master Oogway was sort of pointing to her when he chose the Dragon Warrior. Po was in front of Tigress, but if Po had not fallen in front of her, she would have been selected. Tigress cannot help but feel Po falling in front of her was a mistake, and that she is actually the Dragon Warrior. So it makes her even more bitter than someone like Crane, who wasn’t being pointed to regardless.

The other Kung Fu fighters grow to enjoy Po’s personality before Tigress does because of the combination of her temperament and this circumstance. Everyone else is able to laugh when Po mocks Master Shifu, pretending to be the Red Panda by wearing a noodle on his lips and holding up two plates for ears. Tigress hardly finds that hysterical. Humor might earn Po camaraderie with the others, but not with Tigress… to earn her respect, Po has to prove he can do Kung Fu. After all, her resentment with him is harnessed up in the fact he’s been labeled the Dragon Warrior.

At the end of Kung Fu Panda, Tigress learns to respect Po. We can actually make really strong analogies between Tigress and Po’s relationship and how it develops in KFP, with how Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship develops, minus the romantic element of the HTTYD characters. Tigress’ eyes are opened to see that Po, while unconventional, is actually someone with the potential to be great a Kung Fu. This happens only at the very end when Po defeats Tai Lung. Po defeats Tai Lung where she failed. The ability to win at something so monumental in Kung Fu is something she can respect… and thus Tigress’ perspective of Po is morphed. It’s not really seen on screen, but it can be implied pretty easily.

What I adore about Kung Fu Panda 2 is how implicit Tigress’ respect for Po is. She doesn’t outright scream, “YEAH PO YOU GOT THIS!” She doesn’t go around bragging to others that she works with a Kung Fu panda. But there is a glorious, quiet respect, a wordless understanding, between the two: Po knows that he holds Tigress’ respect. Tigress knows Po is a competent warrior. She’ll listen to his plans and enact them. She’ll nod when he says something. There’s peace between the two. They’ve come so far that it’s natural to be colleagues of Kung Fu, it’s natural for Tigress to listen to Po’s plans, it’s natural for them to work together as talented Kung Fu fighters. They’re part of the same team and that’s become the norm.

The most telling scene between Po and Tigress is when they’re sailing to fight Shen. She notices that Po wakes up in the middle of the night and starts punching and yelling at the mast. She tells Po, “The mast is not a worthy opponent,” and allows him to burn off some steam by sparring. Of course when he punches her, he screams out in pain, and she explains how her fist became so hard. “Apologies. I used to punch the ironwood trees by the palace to train. Now, I feel nothing.”

Now Po, like the fanboy he’s always been, says, “That’s… severely cool.”

Tigress would have rolled her eyes in the first movie. But this time, she just nods in acknowledgement, taking Po’s words as a compliment. But because she knows that Po is struggling, she keeps the focus on him, and immediately demands, “Again!” to keep him practicing. Po continues sparring with Tigress and talking at the same time. Later, they quit moving, and talk more deeply. Po admits that he’s feeling a bit unsettled since he talked to Mr. Ping about the fact he’s adopted. Tigress easily could have mocked Po for this, but instead she kindly, quietly asks, “And this bothers you?”

What’s happening this entire scene is that Tigress is helping Po process. She’s noticing that Po is struggling tonight, and is doing what she can to make him feel better. Tigress is downright empathizing with Po! It’s beautiful and speaks a lot to how much they have grown. She’s never smothering, and she keeps a serious face as is consistent with her character, but Tigress knows how to help Po and make him feel better. I could scream about the beauty of this scene forever.

I myself have not had the chance to see Kung Fu Panda 3 because family is coming in town this weekend. But I, like you, am really hoping there’s another cool progression between Po and Tigress. The fact that Po defeated Shen so incredibly at the end of the second movie has got to play into the development of their relationship. Thor, he even hugged her after they defeated the peacock! There’s got to be some more really awesome things in store.

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I guess I don't understand why people are being so much harsher with Agent Carter than, say, the first Cap movie -- that movie had Jim and Gabe, yes, but they barely had any screen time or lines). Agent Cater hasn't been great at POC representation, but in one episode, it still had more representation than the entire first Cap movie. And both the film/TV series take place in the same historical period. But I haven't seen nearly as much resistance to The First Avenger as I have of Agent Cater.

Captain America had more PoC representation than AgentCarter I don’t know why you’re discounting Gabe Jones and Jim Morita. They were good enough for Steve to pick for his Howling Commandos and decently fleshed out characters in their own right, not to mention that Nick Fury was in it too? Like he was hugely important to bringing Steve and his storyline into the present day.  Whereas Agent Carter had one PoC and he was a low level villain only serving as a bad guy.  

Things we know about Gabe Jones from Captain America:

  • He’s gone to college,
  • he’s fluent in French, enough to be friendly with Jacques in his own language and looks like he translated for him on occasion
  • took enough German to know get around in a German tank

Things we know from Jim Morita

  • He’s from Fresno,  
  • Morita is a Japanese surname, because of that we know that if he has any family at all they’re probably in Japanese Internment camps while he’s fighting for a country that has deemed it acceptable to doubt his loyalty and torn away the property he may have had before 1942

I shouldn’t have to remind anyone how Director Fury is the one to ground Steve in the 21st century, after the illusion of being in an apartment in the 40’s fails he meets with Steve.  That’s 3 whole men of color who aren’t just throwaway characters to be easily killed.

Like you can pretend that they don’t mean much to PoC audiences but they actually mean so much to us to see positive characters like them onscreen and respected as part of canon. Don’t erase them so easily. “Agent Cater hasn’t been great at POC representation, but in one episode, it still had more representation than the entire first Cap movie.”  More representation for who? For PoC? No I just disproved that we had representation.

Do you mean Agent Carter has more representation for white women? Because yeah I can agree with you on that, AC has lots of white women. But make sure you recognize that its representation for white women not PoC. Especially when AC had the opportunity to feature both Gabe and Jim in the show and they choose instead only white men from Captain America

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You see this?? You see it right? This is an R Rating. You may find this on a movie. When you see this rating, it means a movie has adult themes. Including: Gore, heavy swearing (shit, fuck and worse even.) Nudity, and probably more than just a single shot of tits. Sexual themes, including explicit jokes and actual sex. These R-Rated movies also include more than what I just listed!

When a movie is rated R, you have to be 17 to see it without an adult; or an adult can grant permission for those younger to see it.

The movie “Deadpool” is Rated R.
Do you know what that means





Just because it’s a hero movie doesn’t mean it’s good for kids. Take them to see the Avenger’s movies, those are better for kids.


-rant over, have a nice day-