I mean how perfect is that

I feel like this needs to be said. Some people and one person in particular are getting heckled because they have “abandoned” the Bechloe fandom. Well guess what? It happens and it’s going to happen. Pitch Perfect is a MOVIE. It’s hard keeping a movie fandom going because normally it’s a one off. We just got lucky with getting a second film. 

But anyway, just because some Bechloe fans have taken interest in other shows doesn’t give you the right to guilt trip or pester them about it. I mean do you know how many people that were in this fandom at the very beginning and now they aren’t. I can name a handful and they were never given any grief for finding other interests and fandoms (not that they should’ve been given grief I’m just saying). I know I certainly have shifted fandoms since I joined Tumblr back in 2010.

Please just leave people be. How about instead of targeting someone who’s maybe not as active in a fandom, focus on someone who is and turn all that negative energy into positive energy. Fangirl and ship in peace.   

So, yesterday was emmablackeru's birthday.

I want to start by saying I love this idiot so much. She is actually my favourite person in the entire world literally look how beautiful she is wtf????

She is so damn brilliant, for starters she puts up with me which is a miracle anyway. Katia is one of the kindest people I have ever come across, and I learn new things from her every single day.

She is so damn creative (goals), I mean, I don’t know if you’ve seen her art or read her writing but OH MY GOD.

Despite only meeting her once, I hope to god to meet her again this summer. She is so undeniably perfect, funny and beautiful.

Katia is literally my best friend, she helps me through so much and is without a doubt, always there for me. She talks me out of all sorts of situations and is always there to calm me and I love her so much for that.

Not only this, she introduced me to LOTR which I am forever thankful for thanks bae.

I know this is a day late I am AWFUL. But I love Katia, so so much.

She is and will be my best friend


I wonder how long it takes Taylor to get these perfect clips of her cats for Instagram…Like does she spend hours chasing her cats around her house with a camera just hoping they do something cute!?!? I like to think so.


Everything about this women is perfect

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever have a chance with a women so amazing.

A mean just look at her, she is completely gorgeous, and she is so smart and caring. Sarah you are amazing, and you are going to be the most incredible wife to me and life partner.

I can’t wait to watch you and your dreams come true, I can’t wait to be there right by your side looking at you so proudly when you achieve all you ever wanted and dreamed off.

I love you so very much
You are the light and colour in my black and white world, and im so grateful of you and everything you do for me and us.

My little squidge you are so perfect.

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Talking about the common dislike in maizono, I personally don't like her because of how flat her character seemed to be in the game. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but the only things I noticed was her kissing up to Naegi, freaking about the video, and then being dead. Also, that manipulation did frustrate me [same reason I struggle to like Celest towards the end], but after reading more about her, and seeing some interesting headcannons, she seems cool uvu

i mean like, her being a generic anime waifu is kinda the point of her. 
She’s the ultimate idol and supposed to be like, some perfect doll that’s infinitely likable in how inoffensive she is, and she does it pretty well for the most part.
I think she’s interesting in that she’s clearly more socially perceptive than she gives off. She says lots of things to make herself seem ditsy, but she knows when and how to diffuse a situation by making a really gentle joke (her special hot sauce recipe) and she’s pretty good at talking to people (the only one who knows how to navigate a conversation with ishimaru), plus like, her psychic bit with naegi. Although he’s pretty average so maybe she just hears it a lot.
She’s sweet and smart but isn’t really allowed to open up or show people, but it’s there. I like her. I want her around.
Also, (in the demo) she’s pretty influential and can sway people easily, and also always takes your side. she’d be SO HELPFUL because naegi is always right, but can’t get anyone to listen to him.

i mean fair enough though you don’t have to love her. i thought she was annoying the first time i played because i didn’t want her tutorial. i wanted to be in charge. i am 5
I do also like celes though, i’m so down for her doing her thing.
i guess maizono is smart enough to be manipulative, but she isn’t the kind of person to do it unless there’s extreme conditions? VERY extreme. Lots of people overlook that.

im talking a lot but i’m glad to hear you’re giving her a chance! i love her she’s the best. 
Someone get on making her organise a beach trip. im really dead set on that.

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Hiii, me again, Louis profile anon. Here is a perfect example I mean really, I'm not sure he's human. How can someone be that perfectly symmetrical that their profile is as pretty as the full frontal. 40(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/0cee7211677b5dcd163d8766eb56186a/tumblr_nkfs2kCecm1s7ub7eo3_250(.)png

I just… WOW

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is it bad for me to get jealous that you draw my notp so well like i love your art and i dont care if its my notp i will follow you anyway and cry over the perfection and i'm really glad you ship other stuff as well but then you draw makoharu all the time and i just get really frustrated because i want you to draw other stuff but i mean i draw my otp all the time so it makes sense for you to draw yours and i just agH I DONT KNOW BUT I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART THANK YOU FOR EXISTING <33

Idk how to answer this…
But thanks?
//and yeah gotta focus on the otp

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I'm nervous about having sex with my boyfriend because he's been with a few other girls but that's not the issue. I feel really self conscious about how I look down there... I don't think it's cute, if you know what I mean. is that normal?

it’s normal to feel like that but there is nothing wrong wit ur vagina. it’s perfect. ur man will appreciate it

It’s so fucking weird being in an actually good relationship for a long time and like, i feel like this person set the stars in the damn sky for me and the way they smile is just absolutely perfect and i get really really emotional because i feel like i don’t deserve to be happy since my anxiety and self esteem is literal ass but like
I’m constantly overwhelmed by how much this person seems to care for and about me, even if it means being with me makes their life more difficult in one way or another. And hearing them tell me they wouldn’t change a thing even if it meant not being with me would make their life easier just makes me so fucking emotional I can’t even function most of the time.
I think so fucking little of myself but they never cease to make me feel like I descended from the high heavens just to grace them with my presence. It feels nice being cared about so intimately.
I dunno why I’m making this post. It’s 4:40am and I’m tired and probably gonna regret this. But I just feel really happy-gross.

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hey so this is more of a personal opinion thingy but I was wondering what you think of John L? I just hear a bunch of how he abused his wives and Julian so i dunno...

Hello! Nah, it’s all good, I’d be happy to share my thoughts! 

To be fair, all four of the Beatles were jerks, lol. They all cheated on their girlfriends/wives and did some sketchy things. I know for a fact that they each have their own dark and dirty secrets, and I think somehow John’s have been publicized and skewed on a larger scale. I mean, he definitely wasn’t perfect, but he also wasn’t as awful as people make him out to be. I’ve only read two real accounts of him slapping a woman, and both happened when he was a teenager. He definitely was not a good father to Julian, but I’d chalk that up to his own childhood experiences (which were not good, to say the least) rather than to his persona.

I think it’s also important to note that he owned up to his mistakes and tried to make amends later in his life. To me, that speaks to the kind of person he was more than his actions. Whatever bad things he did, they were more a symptom of the times (the 50s/60s), of his experiences, and of his own ignorance (which he admitted) than anything. I’m not saying they were justified at all, just explainable and maybe less condemning given the context. 

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hi :)

my first advice is that you shouldn’t skip watching anything!

i personally really enjoyed s2, i mean, it’s not as good as s1 but it’s still super cute and funny :) parts of s3 were quite disappointing on the merthur front though, though even s3 has it’s moments. but after that it gets a lot better :)

and arwen used to bother me as well but s4 and s5 aren’t good for the ship, watching it didn’t make me feel bad anymore

whatever you do, don’t stop watching! this show is really special, not just merthur but the whole shebang! ♥

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omg i know what u mean. when someone says that they love an anime character that i like, i get really defensive and jealous because to me, that character is my love, my bby, my everything so it's pretty traumatizing to think that they'll be stolen from you. it really is.

yes!!! but i also love when nishiki gets attention because he’s such an underrated character you know?? like i want more people to realise how perfect he is but i want him to remain mine only

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You ship Steroline! :D <3 I love them literally so much, they are so perfect!(also I'm petty, so I'm really enjoying how pissed Klaroline shippers are about it)

Yeah, I ship it! And from way back, actually. I like Stefan, and I like Caroline, and I like their relationship (I mean, as much as one can really like a relationship in that show, ah ha ha, whatever, it’s my guilty pleasure - only without the pleasure), even if it doesn’t set my world on fire the way things I ship in other fandoms do.

And yeah, every day the Klaroline fans are unhappy is a good day for the human race in general XP

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What is your favorite thing about Gavin that you love?

                                                    | Honesty |

      — ” My favourite thing about Gavin? That’s a bit of a hard question, isn’t it? I mean…he’s pretty perfect to me, y’know? Everything about him is just this amazing thing that I’ve always known or am just discovering. I don’t think I could really pick a favourite reason to why I love him. I mean, he’s got a smile that literally takes my breath away. I know how cheesy and overused that is, but…when a smile can knock you back harder than a bullet to your chest: you know you’re in love.” 

that mean bias tag


List 10 biases (random but loved) BUT all must be from a different band/artist~So for example, more biases per group? too bad, only one.

THIS IS SO MEAN!! Like I have more than one bias in every group, esp in VIXX so… how can I manage this? I guess it will take me like an hour or two? Anyway, I’m gonna try.

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"House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole."