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dc: here’s some new joker and joker/harley footage!!!


Thank you to all you guys who are patient with new workers in fast food places. There was an older guy who waited until I nodded after each item he asked for cause there’s so many buttons on the register and he kept coming back for stuff every once in a while and was super patient. Pls be like this kind old man and dont be mad at newbies

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I was like "oh f6 thts not soo bad" and I watched a scene of 'em and my immediate reaction was "oh god I do not want to be in some bad ohshc quizilla fanfiction help" I mean. If the rest of the world + their personality stayed the same, it'd be... Ok

A BAD OHSHC QUIZILLA FANFICTION HOLY SHIT I’M LAUGHING. You get a gold star for the best thing I’ve ever read.

The world would stay the same but unfortunately you gotta put up with all that F6 Matsu goodness


gif battle | vs capturing-kawaii
round eleven • favorite movie from the dark age


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

Emergency Commissions

I’ve decided to start living on my own but with that came some unexpected cancellation fees and travel costs. I’ll be traveling once again to Oregon to keep my friend company while they move to Florida. I also need enough money to make a deposit at my new apartment, with my current job I won’t make it near that alone. I’m rushed with homework at the moment so I hope these scratched off charts are okay.


Regular paintings are included, however, since this is on a short notice fullbody paintings have been excluded.

Thing that I will draw 

  • Humanoids (similar body shape as a human eg. gemsonas, fursonas, personas, etc.)
  • Any body type
  • Feral
  • Nsfw, must be 18+ (including gore)

Things I might draw (ask)

  • Mecha
  • Armor
  • Weapons

If you’re interested you can contact me by email (affurro@gmail.com). I’ll need references and an idea of what you would like. I only accept payment through Paypal via invoice, sorry if this is an inconvenience. Sketches and Chibi paintings would be paid up front since they are set in price.

Fic recs

Before you read, please heed the tags for trigger warnings. Many of these contain topics pertaining to mental health issues and they’re heavy on angst


Impertinent by ConsultingPurplePants
“You must never apologize for how you feel, Sherlock,” he whispers, and the way he says Sherlock, the way the syllables form almost lovingly on his tongue, the reverence in his tone, all lead Sherlock to a single, inescapable conclusion: Watson loves him.

Under the Waves by xtns
Sherlock finally makes the decision to end his life. John helps with the fallout.

Cherish Me by orphan_account
He wishes it were still black. His closed eyes only mimic the feeling of nothingness. In the dark there had been no bed beneath his body, no ground beneath his feet. There had been no body at all, he thinks foggily. No real substance, nothing to catch him because there was nothing to be caught.

The Great Escape by Castiel_For_King
Sherlock’s mind has ruptured…and he didn’t even notice until it was spilling it’s contents like a broken jello mold. The lines between what he thought was real and what he wished was real start to unravel and Sherlock finds himself trapped in the clutches of his own broken mind, with no way to escape.Luckily, he has his conductor of light to lead him out of the darkness.

My Heart Holds On To You by wtsnhlms
Post-Reichenbach.Sherlock is at the end of his hunt to take down Moriarty’s outlying criminal network. John is at the end of his wits.

Shadow Child by Kourion
What the hell does it matter if my words upset him, when he’s so obviously out of control? “I think you know what this is. I think you know that you have an eating disorder. And I think you are scared.” Sherlock blinks at me, his throat still swallowing. He has a wild look in his eyes that I don’t like, so I push back against my chair, stand up, and go towards him.

The Brain Without A Heart by angstlover
John. It’s been more than a month since we last spoke. I’m sorry for everything I did. SH

Twisted And Decayed by corruptedpov
After Sherlock discovers a secret John and Mycroft have been hiding from him for years, he’s left devastated. He’s lost everything, and nothing will ever be the same. Old school friend Victor Trevor steps in to help him, but will Sherlock ever trust someone again? 

Echoes by corruptedpov
Sherlock comes back from his two years away, expecting to continue life like nothing happened with John. But he comes home to find it’s not that simple. John hates him for his betrayal, he’s suffering from PTSD, and nothing is the same. Sherlock just wants everything to go back to normal, but can it when he’s alienated his best friend from himself and can barely hold it together?

1D and Politics: Harry (Part 1)

A few weeks ago Harry Styles was in the House of Lords.  He was a guest of Labour peer Robert Winston, Ben Winston’s Dad, and also met Angela Smith - who is the Labour chief whip.  He appears to have been there at least partly for the Brexit debate and a guest of the Labour Lords generally as a spokesperson for them made a terrible One Direction pun that I’m not going to repeat but can be seen in the first link (Angela Smith also made the same pun - they must have thought they were so clever).

Now I do not approve of either Robert Winston or Angela Smith and it was hard not to turn this entire post (which I’ve been working on for a while) into a rant about Tony Blair, Iraq, Tony Blair and Iraq, Angela Smith’s vote on Iraq, the fact that Brexit is very much Tony Blair’s fault, the meaning of social democracy, Blair, how nobody in the parliamentary Labour party can count, Blair, the fucking hypocrisy of Blairites blaming Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit, some more about the Iraq war and Tony Blair.

But actually I think it’s quite a fitting beginning for a political post about Harry - because it’s meaning is very unclear. The people he went to visit are very much involved in an inter-party war.  The Labour Lords have pinned a tweet that they’re not attending Jeremy Corbyn’s cabinet - because that is obviously the most important political issue in Britain right now.  

Was Harry’s visit an endorsement of his hosts political position? We can’t know. It reinforces what we already knew or suspected about him - that he supported the Labour party and voted remain - but we don’t know if it tells any more than that. 

Niall has made a few political statements, and all of them suggest a coherent worldview.  Liam has made very few political statements on purpose, but many more by accident, demonstrating that he really doesn’t understand politics.  Zayn has made exactly one political statement (since I wrote that he’s made two more - one so incoherent that I could not parse it) qand Louis none* but (spoiler alert this is part of what I’m going to say in Louis’ posts) that ability to not make political statements by accident suggests a political fluency that Liam doesn’t have.

And then there’s Harry.

Harry has made a lot of political statements and a lot of political adjacent statements. A lot. And it’s hard to tell what he means by most of it.

I’m going to try and coral them into some kind of order and explore what they might mean for Harry’s worldview.  This is the first part - the second part will talk about specifically about queer politics 

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