I mean OBVIOUSLY nothing is perfect

Saw Great Comet yesterday (7-30-17), and I just wanted to share some of my experience with you guys! I was sitting in the rear mezz, which I highly recommend!

*I'mma skip over a lot of the main details just because they’ve already been covered, but I’ll try to include things that were particular to this show/not often talked about.


• There’s a little vignette right before the show starts where Andrey is leaving for war, and it begins with Natasha screaming the most heartbreaking no you’ve ever heard in ur life.
• When Oak came out, there was thunderous applause. Like, it went on for at least a full minute. I was so happy.
• Also, hearing that first accordion note reduced me to tears bc I’m sensitive™.


• So lemme talk about Oak’s voice real quick. Someone noted that it’s this perfect blend between Groban’s smoothness and Malloy’s roughness, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. It’s absolutely beautiful. He’s a beautiful Pierre.
• Also, he plays Pierre with a lot of melancholy. It’s almost as though he’s always on the verge of tears.
• “He’s charming; he has no sex.” While the ladies are skipping around him, Hélène is conducting them, and it’s hilarious.
• “I pity you. I pity me. I pity you.” — Oak sings these lines so gutturally. His agony echoes off the very walls of the Imperial.
• “Pierre” received a long applause as well.


• The moment she belts her first lines, you know exactly what kind of personality Marya D. has, and that’s a tribute to her actress. Srsly.
• During the song, Marya will sometimes act maternally to Sonya, but the moment Natasha comes back into sight, she’ll roughly push Sonya away, and it’s hilarious.
• Natasha’s humming is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s one of the many moments in the musical when you realize how young she is.

“The Private and Intimate Life of the House”

• There were understudies for both Mary and Bolkonsky/Andrey, Courtney Bassett and Ken Clark respectively. They were wonderful. Ken’s performance especially stood out to me.
• “People enjoy me, though…” Before he sang these lines, he held eye contact with a person across from him for, like, five seconds, and it was incredibly funny. (Same goes for him patting his wig and powder flying into the air.)
• The audience interaction in this one is A+. Mary’s suitor and Bolkonsky’s cheap French thing draw huge laughs from the crowd.
• “They are there upon his head.” I’ve seen a few posts where people lament that the audience laughs at this line, but I truly think it’s supposed to be laughed at. Mary is kind of coy when she says it, like she’s laughing at it herself. After that, though, her mood dips, slowly sinking into this utterly palpable reproach.
• The audience was completely silent.
• While she’s singing her final lines, Bolkonsky is slowly making his way back to his chair, and your heart shatters as you watch. He’s clutching his back and using the railing for support. When he finally collapses in his chair, he kinda puts his head in his hands.

“Natasha and the Bolkonskys”

• Towards the beginning of the song, Natasha and Mary hoist chairs over their heads and join a table of people on stage. It’s hilarious. They really milk the awkwardness of the moment.
• “Constrained and strained” is so frickin’ good. When Courtney and Denée sing it, it’s really low and creepy.
• “Says the mean, old man in his underthings” drew huge laughs, especially bc of Bolkonsky’s hand movements. He kept gesturing towards his entire body.

“No One Else”

• Honest to God, I could write essays on how perfect Denée Benton and her performance of this song is. She emotes so beautifully. Her voice, her movements, her facial expressions all come together to create Natasha, a young, lost girl who wants nothing more than to see Andrey again.
• I cried (obviously).
• The blue light is absolutely gorgeous in this song. (The blue light is meant to be the moon.)
• At one point, Andrey shows up, and snow begins to lightly fall on him. He reads one of Natasha’s letters, brings it to his lips tenderly before walking away, and just behind him, almost able to reach him, is Natasha, her face the perfect picture of despair.
Denée Benton.
• The applause after this song was long and well-deserved.

“The Opera”

• Just for the record, songs like this one, “The Duel”, and “The Abduction"—where all of the cast members are out—are absolutely electric. The energy is incredible.
• “The opera, the opera…” Marya D. belts these lines so loudly, lololol.
• On one side, you can spot Heath Saunders as one of the opera goers, and lemme just tell you guys, that long, black coat suits him.
• “Hélène and Dolokhov arm-in-arm…” They aren’t so much arm-in-arm as they are passionately making out on stage. Omg. I love them.
• “Noooo, I’m enjoying myself this evening.” Pierre pumps his fist and smiles this absolutely giddy smile.
• When Marya sees that Natasha is talking to Hèlène, she runs up and pushes Nat behind her.
• To indicate that the “curtain rises,” some of the light bulbs retract. It’s a cool effect.
• I know the literal opera part of the song sounds incredibly weird on the recording, but in person, it’s more hilarious than you’d think. The actors are doing ridiculous things and making animalistic noises, lol.
• When it’s over, the spotlight turns to Natasha and Sonya. Sonya’s asleep, lolololololol.
• Right before Anatole comes in and around the time Natasha begins to “pass into a state of intoxication”, she hallucinates Andrey being injured during the war. The two circle each other around Pierre’s salon, simply gazing into each other’s eyes, and it’s intense.
• Anatole’s entrance is frickin’ ridiculous and amazing all at once.
• You know those measured beats at the beginning of his introduction? During each of those, he sharply turns his head in a new direction, ostensibly to show off his head.
• Also, his walk is literally a swagger.
• Either in this scene or during “Natasha and Anatole”, he caught a lady unaware and kissed her on the cheek. She jumped so badly, lolololol.

“Natasha and Anatole”

• During the intro of the song, Anatole checks himself out in a mirror before posing himself perfectly for the moment Natasha turns around to see him.
• Also, let’s talk about Lucas Steele for a hot minute. He is Anatole Kuragin, from his almost exotic voice to the way he walks. Out of the cast, I’d say that Steele is the one who plays the crowd the best.
• Throughout this number, Anatole and Natasha play the roles of pursuer and the pursued. Natasha tries so hard not to be wrapped under his spell. :(
• When he takes the flower off her head, Natasha makes a perfect :O face. I love Denée Benton.
• “And kiss me on the neck.” He does manage to get this kiss, and it’s really rough-looking.
• “How do you like Moscow?” Lolololololololol.
• For the most part, the two are roving around the stage (mostly bc Natasha is running away from Anatole), but at the end, they sit down next to each other, and it’s played as a really significant moment.

“The Duel”

• “The Duel” is epic live. Holy freakin’ crap.
• The moment Dolokhov, Pierre, and Anatole clink their glasses together, the strobe lights come on and the real party begins. There’s intensely sexual dancing, half-naked people, and glow sticks everywhere.
• Y'all, I saw Marya D., in a skin tight, black costume no less, whip several people with a riding crop with my own two eyes.
• Also, in the very back of the rear mezz, there was, like, a threesome going on.
• The energy during this song was absolutely nuts.
• Sonya’s party outfit is so cute. It’s an almost innocent looking dress, and she’s wearing bright sunglasses.
• The ensemble echoing back “corpulence” is really frickin’ funny.
• Nick Choksi really highlights the psychopathic part of Dolokhov, especially in the “Here’s to the health of married women” sequence. His movements are jubilant but also shark-like. He and Hélène make out for a loooooong time.

“Dust and Ashes”

• Oak’s “Dust and Ashes” is an absolute privilege to hear, and if you have the chance, I would go and listen to it while you can. His voice could have shaken the entire foundation of the theater.
• While he’s singing, the entire cast lines up in the rear mezz to provide backup vocals, and it’s incredibly poignant. (Also, tho, Lucas Steele stood in front of me, and I died.)
• “Don’t let me die while I’m like this…” During these lines, Oak starts crying, and it guts you.
• There was a two minute applause for “Dust and Ashes”, and I was on the verge of crying just bc he was getting such a huge applause.
• Oak is perfect, okay?

“Sunday Morning” / “Charming”

• “Everyone sees a man!” Ingrid delivers this line so well. It got a huge laugh.
• AHHHHHHHHH, now here’s a symbolic moment for you. When Natasha says that she can see a shape in the darkness as she’s looking into the mirror, Pierre is standing up right behind her. Pierre is her future.
• (The moment Nat leaves, he sits back down.)
• Amber Gray can slay me, tbh. “Charming” is everything I could have ever asked for.
• When she walks in, the lights are bright behind her, and her hood is over her head, effectively masking her identity. It’s a really neat moment.
• The lights dim when she takes off her hood.
• Natasha is in her undergarments throughout the song until Hélène gives her her cloak. (Btw, Natasha looks gr8 in said cloak.)
• At some point, Natasha starts mimicking Hélène’s movements, and it’s adorable but also a really nice character touch. Same goes for Hélène snatching Andrey’s necklace off of Nat’s neck and exchanging it for her own pearls.

“The Ball”

• This number was enchanting. I had a hard time focusing on the main stage bc the dancers in the rear mezz. were so mesmerizing in their movements.
• Also, tho, the ensemble dancers mimicked what Anatole and Natasha were dancing at times.
• When Natasha tries to run away from Anatole, he pursues her up the steps and forces their first kisses. She’s surprised at first, but gives into it with abandon a few seconds later. The kiss lasts a very long time.
• At the end of “The Ball”, Natasha and Anatole run through the doors together and then turn to face the audience. They’re holding hands. The lights are bright behind them.


• “Letters” is such a frickin’ jam, y'all.
• When it starts, the cast members spill out of the double doors singing.
• At the beginning of “Letters”, just as Pierre is addressing Andrey, Andrey appears at the top of the stairs. Pierre faces him.
• “I see nothing but the candles in the mirror.” For one of the very few times in the play, Natasha and Pierre face each other.
• The geometric symmetry in the choreography is really wonderful all around. For instance, at one point, Mary, Natasha, and Pierre are all positioned in a triangle, taking turns facing one another.
• Anatole’s love letter was an absolute showstopper. People were whistling, clapping, and screaming when he started holding those really long notes. Holy crap @ Lucas Steele!!!!!

“Sonya and Natasha” / “Sonya Alone”

• “Sonya and Natasha” is intense. I was on the edge of my seat for their fighting.
• “I’m soooooooooooooo happy, and sooooooooooo frightened.” Kill it, Denée!!!! (When she’s singing about her happiness, her arms are extended widely, and when she’s singing about being frightened, she withdraws into herself.)
• “I have no will. My life is his.” During these lines, Natasha is wrapped around an increasingly agonized Sonya.
• “Sonya Alone” is one of the most powerful numbers in the show, and you really don’t recognize it until you see it live.
• The theater is almost completely dark with the exception of a spotlight on Sonya. Throughout the entirety of the song, Natasha is ambling about, tightly clutching Anatole’s letter.
• Sonya never takes her eyes off of Natasha, and your heart can’t help but ache for both of them.
• Ingrid Michaelson is truly a wonderful Sonya—maybe not as sure as Brittain but she definitely doesn’t lack heart.
• On the first “I will protect your name and your heart”, Natasha stumbles on a stair, staggered by the weight of her friend’s words. Then, she walks to the opposite side of the stage, only to be completely stopped by Sonya’s, “I know you’ve forgotten me.”
• For the rest of the song, Natasha is still, her head inclined towards Sonya.

“Preparations” / “Balaga”

• When Pierre greets Anatole at the beginning of this number, it’s almost as though he’s caught Anatole out. Anatole had been trying to sneak past unnoticed.
• Anatole shaves in front of a mirror during “Preparations”, lol. At one point, he turns to the crowd with shaving cream still on his face.
• Dolokhov sings his arguments at Anatole very fiercely during this song, even more so than he does in the recording.
• I looooooooooooove “Balaga”. It’s such a wild performance. Paul Pinto moves with such agility and manic energy. The ensemble hands out the egg shakers during this one.

“The Abduction”

• Anatole singing “WHOOOOA” while swinging his green jacket cleared my skin, watered my crops, and cured my depression.
• The whole theater is absolutely alive with commotion. There’s a dance off between a guy in the rear mezz and a guy on stage that’s frickin’ amazing.
• People are doing backflips.
• Natasha smashes a painting on Balaga’s head.
• Marya and Hélène are making out.
• Pierre is doing a cute jig.
• It’s beautiful, beautiful chaos.
• When Pierre screams his “WHOA” part, everyone collapses on the floor, absolutely exhausted, and then, then, the most wonderful thing happens.
• Pierre giggles.
• “Hee-hee-hee.”
• God, I love Oak.
• “Wait, wait. First we have to sit down.” Anatole made room for himself next to a girl, which was hecking funny, but what was even funnier was that the girl leaned her head on Anatole’s shoulder. The whole theater dissolved in laughter. Anatole held the quiet for a comedically long period before getting up, and when he did, he kissed the girl on the cheek. It was really cute.
• When Marya entered at the end of the song, surrounded by this harsh, red light, there were audible gasps in the audience. People weren’t expecting her, lol.

“In My House”

• She acted her butt out through this entire song. I’m serious.
• Her voice is dangerously quiet until, “YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU. YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU.”
• The tension in the room was palpable.
• Also, all of the yelling you hear on the recording? It’s so much more intense live. It’s fierce enough to make you flinch.
• “Don’t touch me!” At one point when Natasha screamed this, she physically pushed Marya away, and Marya wasn’t angry so much as she was stunned.
• “Natasha’s whole body shook with noiseless, convulsive sobs.” She was literally bent over, grasping the railing like she couldn’t breathe.
• “And she threw herself down on the sofa.” Natasha stands erect with her arms crossed and her head buried in them. The spotlights focus on her, and that’s when Marya softens.
• You can see the fight leave Grace McLean’s body. Her voice is incredibly tender.

“A Call to Pierre” / “Find Anatole”

• Her face is absolutely devastated as she’s talking to Pierre. Like, I still have chills thinking about it.
• Also, Pierre is waking up from a nap at the beginning of this number, lol.
• “I have been… studying.” He glances quickly at the place he had been napping.
• The sheer power in Oak’s voice really comes out in these next songs. Anger and fear simmers behind the way he sings. A+++
• At the beginning of “Find Anatole”, he truly sounds out of breath. His body is fully bent over for a couple of seconds.
• “He can’t be married!” The absolute horror in Denée’s voice nearly slaughters you, tbh.
• When Pierre discovers Anatole and Hélène and gets mad, they start to run away.
• Pierre is livid when he finds Anatole and Hélène. I mean, livid.

“Pierre and Anatole” / “Natasha Very Ill”

• Pierre nearly throttling Anatole is a sight™.
• “Amuse yourself with women like my wife!” The spotlight shines on Hélène as she stands up and bristles indignantly. What an amazing character touch.
• During that long pause before Pierre apologizes to Anatole, Natasha walks right between the two and drinks the arsenic. A few moments later, it begins taking effect, and she starts screaming. It’s a terrible, convincing sound. She runs off stage. Marya and Sonya follow her.
• There was a pause between “Pierre and Anatole” and “Natasha Very Ill” while we all wildly applauded that C#. Holy crap @ Lucas Steele!!!!!!!!!!!!
• “Natasha Very Ill” is sad. Everyone is devastated, especially Sonya and Marya.

“Pierre and Andrey”

• Ken Clark is an amazing Andrey. He has a v. human approach to the prince.
• When Pierre and Andrey are trading insults, there’s a lot of affection between them. It’s really as though the two haven’t seen each other in quite awhile.
• Andrey’s somewhat tender tone continues until he asks Pierre to confirm whether the rumors he had heard were true, and when Pierre replies in the affirmative, that is the very moment when Andrey assumes his colder exterior.
• It frickin’ breaks your heart.
• #PoorAndrey
• “If you wish to be my friend, never speak of that again.” During “If you wish to be my friend,” Andrey’s voice breaks seemingly on the edge of tears, and then it hardens at the end as he jabs a finger in Pierre’s chest. The moment he does so, though, he immediately looks horrified. Did I really just threaten my friend?
• “Well, goodbye” is soft.
• #PoorAndrey
• CRAP. I FORGOT THE WORST PART OF THIS SONG. Behind Andrey and Pierre, Natasha and Sonya are standing in a darkened corner. Whenever Andrey refers to Natasha, she flinches and buries herself into Sonya.
• :(

“Pierre and Natasha” / “The Great Comet of 1812”

• “Pierre and Natasha” broke me.
• At the beginning of the song, Natasha slowly makes her way down the staircase, entirely dependent on the railing to get down. It tears at your heart. You can’t help but remember how lovely and vibrant she had been at the beginning of the play.
• The nightgown she’s in makes her look so small, and with her braided hair, she looks just like a little girl.
• Oak emotes his lyrics so tenderly, so gently in this one. His voice is always on the verge of breaking.
• “She began to cry…” Yeah, no. She sobbed, and you sobbed with her. Her whole body was shaking. She had to hold on to the rail.
• An interesting tidbit: Hélène is sitting right behind Natasha, and she has her head in her hands like she’s reacting to the sadness of this scene, too.
• “All over…” At this point, Natasha is walking back up the staircase, and the theater is absolutely silent. You could have heard a pin drop. Oak says the written line to her back.
• I’ll never forget the way Oak delivered it, and I will never want to either.
• His voice simply broke on “if I were free”.
• Pierre turns away from her, and then she turns towards him, slowly making her way back to him.
• During her last lines, Natasha touches his cheek, and it is sincerely one of the most beautiful moments of this very beautiful play.
• “The Great Comet of 1812” was moving, too.
• The theater very much looked like a beautiful night sky. The comet prop was stunning, too.
• Pierre sat down at the end of the song and gazed reverentially up at the comet.

This play was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and I recommend it with all of my heart and soul. Please, please support it if you can.

Episode Eight Feelings

I love Gwen, and I love Nikki and Neil, and I know Max kinda had it coming with the way he was behaving

But I will never be able to forgive them for making him ashamed of his bear, I get Nikki and Neil because they’re kids and that’s probably why Max was trying to hide it from them, but Gwen?

I know Max was being an ass to her and she worked really hard for nothing, but Max is ten and she’s an adult and she publicly exposed his bear after knowing that he was “making a big deal out of it not being a big deal” and did it in a way that would ensure the other campers tease him.

She’s not perfect, and I’m not demanding she be, but it just seemed so overly intended to hurt in my opinion, and now Max will probably be more embarrassed about Mr. Honey Nuts, and might even abandon him even though it’s obviously very important and probably a comfort item to him.

I mean, look at how distressed he was? Nikki and Neil described him as “freaked out”, and this is Max who’s “not afraid of anything”, and he was looking for it , and I don’t doubt that he would have given the woodscouts anything they wanted for it back.

Maybe he’ll embrace that his secret isn’t a secret anymore and he more comfortable carrying it around since everyone already knows, but I kind of doubt it. It would be really great to see Max happy like that, but honestly he doesn’t seem like the type.

He just looked so defeated.

I’m worried about my boy.

sterek au: landlord!derek and tenant!stiles

based loosely on this gif set and tags, prompt by fin. written for sterekfest! wish i could have written something longer, but i hope you enjoy anyway <3


Stiles has a mission. He has a mission and a list – a long list that details with bulleted subpoints all the things wrong with his apartment. Sure, he’s thankful for having a roof over his head (if said roof didn’t leak) and at a fair price (which was really the selling point, let’s be honest). But still, Stiles drops most of his measly paycheck on rent every month, and he’d like a place that wasn’t falling apart. That was only fair.

The building meeting is on the fifth floor. When he arrives, there’s only one other guy there, sitting on a blue couch. Stiles immediately heads over to the large window and starts pacing. “I feel kinda bad for the landlord,” Stiles begins, nervous energy buzzing through his limbs.

“Oh?” the man replies.

“Yeah, I’d hate to be in his shoes, being bombarded with complaints all night. But dude, my water pressure’s terrible, three panes in the window are broken and one has a hole in it, my garbage disposal smells like something died inside of it, and that’s just the top of the list.” Stiles spins around and finally looks at the guy on the couch. He’s never seen him around before, and Stiles guesses he could be considered attractive if you find bearded gym rats hot. Stiles refrains from rolling his eyes because the guy is obviously a douche. Just look at those eyebrows.

“What about you? Please don’t tell me your apartment is perfect, but knowing my luck and probably yours, everything works perfectly for you like it always has and I got the shit apartment.” The guy just stares at him and says nothing. Stiles rolls his eyes as he turns back towards the window, mumbling under his breath, “Typical.”

“What’s typical?”

Stiles spins around again, mouth open in exaggerated shock. “Oh, you mean you’re actually going to talk to me? Words finally making sense to you now?”

The man’s mouth pulls down into a scowl. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Look, I know it pains guys like you to talk to guys like me because it lowers your cool quotient or you only waste your breath on people as hot as you or something, but we do live in the same building. We’re neighbors. I was trying to be neighborly.”

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Black Mark, White Ribbon

Request: “Can I request something for Regulus? Like your James sister and its around the time where Sirius just moved to your house and a not-so-sober Regulus appears on your doorstep looking for his brother and ends up opening up to you instead (I saw this idea in howlingremus profile so credits to them)”

Pairing: Regulus Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k (short n sweet since it’s my first time writing him)

“Boys, dinner’s ready!” You called, kissing your father on the cheek as he put his coat on. “Are you sure you two don’t want to stay to eat? There’s more than enough.”

With tears in her eyes, your mother clasped your face. “Thank you darling, but we really must be off. You know how important this pitch is to your father, although your cooking comes in a close second.”

“Yes.” He beamed. “I’ll be expecting you to leave some leftovers for when we come back tomorrow!”

If you come back tomorrow.” Sirius chimed as he and James breezed into the room, eagerly taking a seat at the dinner table.

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i know the majority of y'all in this fandom don’t care for rep unless it’s cis boys fuckin but just so you know

honerva and allura being both brown AND love interests who are considered smart and beautiful and feminine and adored even when they’re flawed is a HUGE deal – lance flirting with random dark brown skinned alien girls is a huge deal – pidge being implied as trans and maybe also gay and being out already and happy and accepted and cherished and loved by her friends and family is a HUGE fuckin deal !! keith being american and of east asian descent and masculine and multi faceted and angry and edgy at the same time ??? huge. and ?? shiro ??? being the team’s leader who works out and kicks ass and is strong and hot and also VERY VERY masculine ?? a VERY BIG DEAL !! and so is allura being extremely feminine and cute and simultaneously both naive and wise like a real teen and yet respected and revered as sacred, regardless !! that is literally SO in line with BLACK FEMINISM that i can’t always believe .. not to mention allura’s bayard is a magical WHIP she uses to lacerate her enemies hellooo ??? lance having deep seated insecurities and flirting like an adorable dorky teen instead of some sexy pervy latin lover ??? um ??? refreshing ??? hunk being this sarcastic engineering prodigy and snarky and particular and irritable and shredded and fat but also kind and understanding … and the first character in the show to get a love interest i’m … i just … where do i stop .. not to mention altea’s monarchy has literally been all brown folk for generations judging by the looks of “king groggery” on their currency 👀 and wow can’t believe that shiro is not only a cooly mc cool legend and a hero and a bad ass fighter (and CHAMPION gladiator people!!) but is also very soft and emotional and approachable with all of the younger dudes who look up to him as their guide and mentor in this heartwarming brotherly way making him the best example of an adult friend / older male figure i have ever fuckin seen in essentially ANY show EVER let alone in a “boy’s” show about space mechs ??? and to TOP IT ALL OFF this show is BEAUTIFUL !! GORGEOUS !! not a cheap project AT ALL !!! and that ITSELF is a big ass deal because usually when people want to make a show “aesthetically” pleasing to reel in that cash they just make the main cast all pale as dandruff but NO !! this show TOOK THAT RISK !! this show made and continues to make MOST of its characters people of color !! and even pidge who is white is ITALIAN at that like !!! we have a fuckin genius tiny angelic trans maybe gay italian tech girl WHERE WE USE TO HAVE AN UGLI GREMLIN MAN and we have a gorgeous ethereal magical black space princess WHERE WE USED TO HAVE SOME WHITE BLONDE !! i MEAN !!? like ??? sorry your yaoi dreams ain’t comin true but ???? who cares ??? shut the fuck UP this show is PHENOMENAL i mean seriously what the HELL is WRONG with you faux progressive asshats, do you even believe half of the shit you say lol SOME OF Y'ALL ARE SO RIDICULOUS ISTG like REALLY !? nothing is perfect (fuckin obviously) but PLEASE name me ONE show (1) of this genre that has ever even fuckin TRIED to break this much ground for fuck’s sake


Titled: Eighteen 

Warnings: very minor language maybe none at all, nothing too bad for the first part, I want to reel you in fast but break all of your hearts slowly.

Word Count: 1,503

Cast of characters: Y/N, Leonard McCoy, Kirk, and Spock.

A/N: I just started writing a little piece and it turned into this! 

Tagging:  @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels @therewillbeblood @meeshw777  @aprofoundbondwithdean@bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr@imaginestartrek @ladyxdezi @bgarrow1013@unsinkthetitanic@stargirlhorse @mysupernaturalfics @ivvitm1109@blacktithe7@sincerelysaraahh @mysteriouslyme81 @my-amazing-nerdyness@stargirlhorse @uss-lesbian @castielohcastiel@serenityspiral@indominusregina @chaosmieu @chrispine-startrek@outside-the-government@quiddy-writes@yourtropegirl

Your neck and shoulders ached. It had to be due to the position you rested on . Nothing a few morning stretches can’t fix. You quietly went about getting yourself ready for your day in your quarters. You had to be at your station on time or you would receive a tardy. You were aware that it sounded kind of juvenile but that was Star Fleet. 

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You Look At Me Differently-Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader x Ivar Ragnarsson Part 4

(A/N: I said this would only be a two part imagine, yet this is now four parts 😄 I’m glad people are liking this though. By the way, I do NOT think Ubbe would ever act this way, it’s just for the imagine.)

Summary: Months go by since Ivar and (Y/N)’s wedding, everything seems normal. However Ubbe is starting to realise his mistake in freeing a slave girl and marrying her. He wants (YN) back and he wants her now.

Characters: Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader, Ivar Ragnarsson x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Arguments, swearing


Picking up my skirts, I waded further into the sea, gasping at the coldness of it. My toes wriggled in the sand beneath me, enjoying the calming sounds the waves brought. It was a warm day with a slight breeze, perfect for doing nothing.

“Don’t go too deep, dear wife.” Ivar’s voice called out from the shore.“I don’t want you to get swept away.”

I giggled as I turned to face him.“Just because you are scared of the water does not mean I need to be.”

He broke our eye contact, obviously annoyed that something so simple as water frightened him. I watched as he laid down, placing his head on top of his muscular arms. It had been awkward at first for us, two young friends who had never thought of each other more than that. Now we were married, expected certain things such as children. Aslaug was still in high spirits, nagging about how important it was for us to make an heir already.

Father was also desperate for a grandchild. As I was his only child, it would be my duty to expand our family tree. A month after the wedding, he left again, needing to return home to our people. Of course I knew I would be staying here but every time he visited it jus made me miss him more. As he departed and said his goodbyes, I didn’t miss the glare he had shot Ubbe and Margrethe.

My eyes caught the attention of movement further along the beach. Looking ahead, I recognised the figure approaching us, none other than my new brother-in-law, Ubbe. There was no longer peace around here. Walking back to Ivar, I sat beside him, frowning now. He could not see this as his eyes were shut, not realising what was about to happen. Ubbe had tried to be kind to us, it worked for a month before he went back to his cruel ways. It really didn’t make any sense. I was out of his way now, he had his wife and I had my husband, there was really no need for his behaviour. Of course Ivar and I ignored it, but it was worse now; Sigurd was always the one to jab at Ivar’s disability and Ubbe would be the one to stand up for him, that was no longer the case. If he couldn’t come after me, he would go after my husband, and that only made me more angry.

I nudged Ivar, waking him up and pointing to the problem. He instantly tensed, sitting upright with a hand on his dagger. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.

“Ubbe, to what do we owe this pleasure?” Ivar mocked.

Ubbe crossed his arms.“Escaping the wrath of our mother.”

“What is she doing now?”

“Her usual nagging, begging for Margrethe and I got an heir.”

“Yes, she does tend to do that.”

Ubbe furrowed his brow in confusion.“What?”

We masked the same expression. I spoke up.“Why are you confused?”

“Why would mother be asking you two for heirs? That’s not wise is it?”

I stood up, Ivar’s hand in my ankle stopping me from moving any further.“What is that supposed to mean?”

“If you haven’t noticed, your husband is a cripple. If he can even manage to make love to you, what about your children? We need strong heirs who will tell tales of our name, not children who drag themselves around in the floor all day.”

My mouth fell open in shock and disgust. I could hear Ivar grunting, without looking I knew he was becoming furious. Ubbe smirked, knowing his work was done he started to walk away.

“You’re a sad man Ubbe! HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO YOUR BROTHER!” I screamed at him. I was about to go marching after him but Ivar pulled me back, knowing I would only be making things worse.


We were all day around the table having our evening meal, something which had turned quite awkward now. Aslaug hated the tension just as much as anyone else. However, Margethe had not attended tonight’s meal. No one had asked about it yet, not wanting to cause any arguments.

Aslaug decided to speak first.“Ubbe, where is your wife?” she had never been fond of the girl, especially since she was a slave.

“She is not feeling well, mother.” Ubbe simply answered, taking a swig of his drink.

“And what is wrong with her?”

“She is slightly under the weather, is all.”

“Has she been sick?”

“Mother, why do you want to know? You’ve never cared about her before so why now?”

Aslaug’s eyes widened.“Well Ubbe, she may be with child, have you ever thought about that?”

Everyone fell silent, wondering if her statement might be true. Not that it would make any difference to our lives, except, why did Ubbe look so angry at this? Surely he would want to rub it into my face, seeing as he thought that Ivar wasn’t able to get me pregnant.

“Actually I have.” was all Ubbe said before he calmly left the room.

Dinner carried on in silence again. None of us knew what to say or what topic we could bring up to defuse the tension that had been built so high. We were all silently thankful when it was over, rushing to escape. Ivar and I headed to our home in a fast pace, until someone stopped us.

“(Y/N).” Ubbe called.

Looking to our left, we saw Ubbe. Ivar and I shared a look. Ubbe took a step forward, making us even more wary of him.

“I wish to speak with you. Alone, please.”

“No. (Y/N), you are coming home.” Ivar started to crawl away, I hesitated to follow.“Now (Y/N).”

I knelt down to be level with him, whispering,“I-I think I should see what he wants.”

“Why? Why should you see what he wants? What good will it so you?” he hissed back.

“I have a feeling-”

“A feeling? A feeling?! (YN), please don’t-”

I cleaned my neck around.“Ubbe, I will speak with you, could you please give us some privacy for a moment?”

He nodded, walking past us and towards the path that lead to the fields. As he walked away, I turned back to my husband.

“You will not go. I won’t allow it.” he demanded through gritted teeth.

“Maybe he wants to make amends? If he starts to insult me then I will just walk away.” I tried to smile.“Why are you so worried? There is nothing that he can do to me now.”

“There is one thing.” he wouldn’t look me in the eye.“He can take you away from me.”

My eyes softened.“No he can’t. There is nothing in this world that could read me from you. Now go home whilst I deal with your brother.” before he could say anymore, I kissed him quickly, going after Ubbe.

Ubbe was watching over the fields by the barn, our crops growing strong. He heard me coming, watching as I got closer. I picked up my skirts a little, finding it difficult to watch through the tall grass. I didn’t get too close to him, not sure what to think of this encounter.

“I would have thought you would be going home to your wife, especially if she’s sick.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Do not start (Y/N). I have not come to fight.”

“Then what? Because last time you said that, you ended up being cruel towards your younger brother and me. Start talking because-”

“I have made a mistake!” he raised his voice.

I was confused.“A mistake? Ubbe, what do you mean?”

“A mistake, marrying Margrethe, saying all those horrible things to you and my brother, it was all a mistake.” he rushed out.

My mouth dropped open in shock.

“It should have been you, I should have married you, (Y/N). It wasn’t love with Margrethe.”

“Ubbe, is this some sort of sick joke?! You’re not making sense, go home.”

As I started to walk away, he grabbed my upper arm tightly, yanking me back to him. On instinct, I swung my fist around to hit him across the face, causing a thud to come after and blood to pour out his mouth. He clutched his jaw, spitting out the blood.

“DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!” I screamed, pointing a finger at him.“I don’t know what you’re trying to do here but it’s pathetic. Just because you have grown bored of that whore, doesn’t mean you can go around trying to fuck any other woman around here!

"Aren’t you listening? I don’t want her because she isn’t you. Margrethe is boring, she doesn’t know how to fight, how to deal with my brothers or mother, or even act like a princess! She is dull, I should have never freed her. The gods tested me with that decision, whether to free her or marry you and I have chosen wrong. They are punishing me with a life without love and I want to change that.”

I scoffed, turning on my heel.“That would have been a lovely, romantic speech to anyone who didn’t have a brain. Margrethe is waiting for you Ubbe. Go home and don’t bother me like this ever again.”

twistybliss  asked:

What about just regular parent HCs?

UT Sans done here 


- You thought UT!Sans was bad when it came to eating habits, you ain’t seen nothing yet. UF!Sans is the kind of guy who’d crack a beer & pour it into the kid’s sippy cup because it’s easier than trying to heat up some milk or unscrewing the juice bottle because seriously who makes those things & why are they so damn hard to open

- At the very least you & Papyrus have something new to bond over, because now not only do you both have to deal with Sans never cleaning up behind himself, but he’s imprinting the same mindset on your kid as well. “Well if Dad doesn’t clean his room, why do I have to?” You’ve created your own little support group where you just gripe for hours over the handfuls your loved ones are becoming.

- Parent-teacher conferences sure are something. Having Monsters integrate into society as teachers & parents is one thing–having a sweaty, fanged skeleton who looks like every guy a mom warns her daughter about show up to talk with teach about Junior’s grades is something else entirely. You always have to be in the room with them, because god knows you’re not going through the “eraser incident” ever again. Sans still has chalk stains on his jacket from last time.


- He may not have talked you into joining his daily workouts, but he is not letting his child become a slacker!! Whether they like it or not, they’re coming with him & “Auntie Alphys” on their weekly runs. At the very least it gets them off their computer & outside for a little bit, even if you have to remind Sans that they’re not quite ready for his “Super Special” training just yet. Nor will they ever be, but you don’t have the heart to tell him that.

- At the very least they’ve learned to keep their stuff organized. Or else Dad busts in, eyes blazing & scarf flailing in the nonexistent wind as he chews them out for the fifth time that week about not taking after their Uncle Papyrus so much. Let’s just hope he never checks their closet, because you learned not to open that door unless your life depended on it.

- Your kids friends love him so much. Not only is he one of the funniest guys they’ve ever met, but he’s wicked strong. I mean, obviously, he is the Magnificent Sans, but there’s nothing quite as validating for his ego as being adored by a group of rowdy children all asking to be bench-pressed. Plus, Uncle Papyrus is like, one of the coolest guys ever, & he’s quite a hit with the local teachers, so that’s a definite plus to Junior’s popularity as well.


- You’ve got to teach him to exercise some self-restraint. Not every complaint a teacher lodges is without evidence, & it doesn’t matter how much he yells or threatens them, it’s not going to change the fact that you’re kid isn’t a perfect little angel. No kid is, & that’s okay. Doesn’t mean Sans isn’t one of the saltiest skeleton’s alive when it comes to parent-teacher conference day.

- Your kid may or may not be a little bit spoiled. Sans has a bad habit of buying Junior whatever they want, because obviously his child deserves the best, & they’ve been doing so well in their training, so why not?? What do you mean he can’t just buy them a motorcycle because they asked?? Who cares if they’re only twelve & don’t know how to drive yet??? They can learn.

- Bullies are near nonexistent in your kid’s case. Mostly because no one’s stupid enough to mess with the kid “who lives with that freaky skeleton guy.” They’re not talking about Sans, mind you. Uncle Papyrus might charm the teacher’s, but ever since the “egging incident,” the kids know better than to get on his bad side.

[Warning, Spoilers]

….. I just want Akechi to have some love
I mean, I know he technically tried to kill Akira and pretty much end the Phantom Thieves, but his intentions weren’t focused on just them

As everyone knows, he was after his father the whole time, the Phantom Thieves were just another step in his revenge. I’d hope that everyone also knows that it didn’t go quite as planned.

Well, he did the one thing he tried to avoid.
He took off his mask.
He allowed himself to grow attached to the group and especially Akira because he could *trust him*. He never felt like he could trust anyone, he felt like he was a puppet for his father’s use. He never felt like he would be wanted for anything other than someone else’s profit. As we all know, though, that was proven wrong.

And you’re gonna hate him because of the way he is?

I know this post is completely unnecessary, but I felt like I SHOULD post about this because Akechi was and is receiving hate because they feel like he’s ‘despicable’ or he 'doesn’t deserve a second chance’

*Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the entire game was set on second chances.*

What makes Akechi so different? Just because he was an 'antagonist’? Because he 'is a terrible person?’
If you think that, what you’re doing is exactly what society did to the rest of the Phantom Thieves. You’re pretty much confirming that what happened in the game can actually happen (besides the Persona part, I wish though).

Look, I’m not saying that Akechi is an innocent angel or he did nothing wrong. I mean, obviously, he was at fault because he did it, whether Shido was controlling him or not. What I’m saying is that no matter what you’ve done, there should be a chance at forgiveness. This isn’t the case a lot of times, because people forget just how much everyone is so deserving of a second chance. To steal that from someone, that can make you the very worst kind of thief. Stealing someone’s right to actually live their life without ridicule or mockery is absolutely cruel.

Now, back to Akechi. Our ace detective is the perfect example of someone who is ridiculed by people because they just don’t like him or they like Yusuke better. I’m sorry, but Atlus decided to make Shuake/ Akeshu lowkey canon (I ship ShuKita as well as ShuAke, so I’m sort of happy and sad at the same time). It’s more of a mutual understanding than full blown romance, but it’s there, and there may be DLC like what they did with Persona 4. Don’t hate because your OTP isn’t canon. We all have our ships that we never got to see canon because the creators didn’t want it that way. It’s fine to ship those other characters, but no need for hating.

In conclusion, though he is an Antagonist, Akechi Goro might as well be one of the characters with the deepest and relatable stories (to a degree) that you don’t see every day. All of the main characters in Persona 5 had some really messed up stories, but he was the only one who didn’t get to see his 'justice’ unfold. If he is still alive, he should get a second chance, because in his final moments in the game he proved that he could change. He *did* change. He decided to save his friends. He sacrificed himself for them because he decided to care. Don’t believe me? Look at the note for the Level 10 Justice Confidant.

,,,,, just don’t hate on him for no good reason. If you have a particularly good reason for not liking Akechi, feel free to reblog this with your opinion.

Thank you for your time.

June 30: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Ten)

Title: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Ten)
Tags: Alternate Timeline, AU, Slow burn, stranger to friends, friends to lovers
Words: 3973
Dan and Phil are YouTubers. The catch? They’ve never met, and Phil doesn’t want them to.

Prompt: This is late. I know. But here are some reasons why: Squidge moved in. The internet went down in my entire area. I was really tired yesterday. I was tired because I woke up sick today. I had tickets to see Carrie Hope Fletcher in Addams Family and I had to go to that. So here is it, a little after midnight UK time but… finished. It’s also the longest chapter so far so hopefully that makes up for it.

Also the exact nature of these plot points might have evolved in this chapter because I’m ill. Write what you know and all that. But the reason for the scenes stays the same I just changed the conditions they happened in. I actually prefer this so hey, there’s an upside to being ill.

FEDIJ Day: June 20

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anonymous asked:

Who is the troupe power couple?

(Machi had been cursed and turned into a cat!)

It’s obviously Machi and I. Everybody loves us.  I’m glamourous, she’s sassy, and she’s so good looking. She has the most perfect eyes. I don’t where she’s gone, she had disappeared since I found this adorable cat, but is she was here, she’d confirm.

(I’m here and I confirm. Every couple involving Pakunoda is a power couple. I mean, look at her.)

I disagree. It’s Feitan and I. We work so well together. We’re always respected. Nothing resist us. And our clothes always match.

Danchou, I think the key word here is “couple.” Not “power.” 

Danchou, you’re so distracted sometimes. The most obvious answer is Uvogin and I. We’re the hottest guys of the whole troupe, we’re the life of the party, and if it wasn’t enough, look at this delicious contrast in our color palettes. And this size difference! Sometimes I wish I was you to be able to enjoy such an eye-candy like us. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Uvogin : How is your humility, Shal?

Shalnark : I don’t know, long time I haven’t seen her, hope she’s okay.

You guys are just blind. You forgot me and my girlfriend. She’s brilliant, she’s strong, she’s sharp, she’s always by my side, she’s…

… Your sword!

My sw…! Oh fuck you Uvo, why do you always ruin my jokes?

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Nine

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“Odin’s beard.” Thor stared open-mouthed as Alexia worked the different elements together seamlessly.

“You sound somewhat surprised,” Loki commented, coming up beside his adoptive brother to watch her.

“I never thought…”

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[Somebody Else] - Chpt. 4


Jason x Sofia

A/N:I have been on an idea overload! Not just with this fic, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff planned 😭 I missed writing about Jason and had a chance to finally finish up this chapter! Sorry for the wait but I hope you like it! X enjoy ** PS excuse any off mistakes and weird formatting, I am writing these on my phone and I’m not used to it 😂

Chapter 3 || Masterlist 

(gif by @jeffrey-daddy-morgan)

After finishing work later than anticipated, Whitney and I both decided to skip out on drinks and have dinner instead. We finally made it to our favorite cafe, and the minute the waitress walked off with our order, Whitney pounced on me with her questions. 

“How did it go yesterday with the handsome ex?” 

“It went well. He has a case that might put us both in close contact with one another, so that’s why he wanted to see me” I answered her, taking a sip of my water. “I think he wanted to get the awkward run-in out of the way” 

“How did Alex react when you told him?” 

I breathed out a heavy sigh, “He seemed fine…I think” 

Whitney arched her brow at my direction, giving me that ‘uh-huh-I’m-sure-he’s-fine-look’.

“I can’t tell, Whit! He’s always so calm about everything, it’s difficult to really know” 

“It’s cause he’s a businessman. He has to learn to maintain a poker face” She answered, leaning forward on the table and giving me a knowing smile. “Soo, how did you and Jason meet?”  

I couldn’t help but blush thinking about the beginning. “Before I met Jason, my life was oddly perfect. I graduated university, and had been offered a job at this gallery that I’ve been working part time at, I had an amazing boyfriend…” 

“Until the Universe decided to throw you a curve ball?” 

I laughed, “Yeah, pretty much. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me with my ex-best friend”

It was the first time I had ever felt truly betrayed by people that I trusted the most, walking into his room that morning seeing their naked bodies writhing against one another crushed me. 

“…Sasha, my ex boss, she and I had grown incredibly close. She was like a mother figure to me. She constantly worried because after that incident I stayed single for about two years…” I continued, pausing for a moment as the waitress brought over our salads. 

“Wow, two years?!”

“Look, my ex was my first real anything, and the fact that he cheated with my best friend gave me some serious trust issues" I rolled my eyes, “I was naive. Anyway, it seemed that it was Sasha’s world to fall apart next. Her ex-wife and her were going through a bad phase in their marriage, and she was certain she was cheating on her…” 

“So she hires the sexy Sherlock Holmes” Whitney continued, grazing her tongue over her teeth.

“She would talk my ear off about how “handsome and single” her investigator is..“

I remembered how often Sasha lectured me about the situation, begging me to give Jason a chance and insisting that she could set us up. “And then one night…” 

- Three Years Ago  

Trying to put the words together to describe Sasha’s latest exhibit has proven to be difficult. I’m finding myself staring at the clock instead of writing out these these cards. 

Knock, knock, knock…

Who could that possibly be at 8:00 p.m.? 

I made my way out of the office, and to the entrance of the gallery where I noticed a man standing behind the glass door. 

“Can I help you?”. 

“Uhh..yeah, is Sasha here?” 

“Oh no, the gallery is actually closed. Sasha went home hours ago” 

“Ahhh…” He flashed me a perfect smile, nodding his head. “Then you must be the “very pretty, very single” assistant” He responded. 

He was tall, taller than most men I knew. He had ruffled dark hair that matched his salt and peppered beard. He’s definitely older than I expected him to be, but that crooked grin and those beautiful olive brown eyes hiding behind those dark framed glasses emphasized his handsome features.

Of course Sasha would try and play matchmaker. “It looks like she succeeded in getting us to meet” I jokingly answered. “I’m Sofia” I extended my arm out to shake his hand. 

“Jason” he responded with that rich, deep voice.

Okay, maybe she wasn’t wrong about him being attractive.

“I’m sorry you had to come all this way down. I’m actually in the middle of working…”

He looked at his watch, “I’ve got some time to kill. Since I’m already here, would you want some company? I wouldn’t want to disappoint Sasha by ignoring the chance to spend time with a gorgeous woman"

“Is that how she marketed me?” I responded with a laugh.

Jason took off his glasses, tilting his head sheepishly before responding, “I might have added a few adjectives here and there”

I felt my cheeks burn from his subtle compliment. I took a step aside, feeling my heart slowly race. “Come on in”

- Present  - 

“I think that’s the cutest thing a boss has ever done for their employee” 

“Sasha was never really a boss. She was very much an artist, and love and romance were some of her biggest beliefs….she thought life was unfulfilling without it” 

“So, after he came in You two just spent the rest of the night together?” 

“Yeah, he kept me company and we talked. I ended up not finishing any of my work and before I knew it he had asked me out for drinks, and everything kind of picked up from that point"

“Did you love him?” Whitney quietly asked, moving her salad around with her fork. 

“Yeah, I did…” 

“Okay, let’s move onto the most important part” She quickly changed the subject. “How was the sex?” 

“You’re terrible” 

“Hey, I wouldn’t be your friend if I didn’t ask the inappropriate questions” 

“Is that what we are?” 

“I’d say we get too personal to just be co-workers don’t you?” 

“Yeah I guess you’re right” 


“Need some help with that?”

Jason entered the office, pulling out a safety pin from his pocket and taking the bottle away from Alicia’s hand.

“I was going to break it if I couldn’t get it to open” She stated, a slightly guilty look on her face.

Jason chuckled to himself, he twisted the pin into the broken cork and secured the neck of the bottle between his fingers. “Were you really?”.

“Maybe” she bit her bottom lip, jumping at the sound of the cork popping. “How manly of you” she shyly complimented, taking the bottle from his hands.

The two of them sat together in silence, the awkwardness lingered in the air.

“I haven’t heard from you in a few days…” Alicia spoke in a low voice.

“I know” Jason sighed, turning to face her

“Where were you?” She asked, trying to mask her hurt. “I’ve been trying to call you”

“I’ve been burying myself in work…” Jason explained, pressing his thumb to his palm. Working on this case gave him a peak into Alex’s personal life, which obviously involved Sofia. After to speaking to a few sources from their circle, he felt sick to his stomach hearing how they’ve been claimed as ‘The Perfect Couple’.

He tried to keep it strictly about Alex, but every time someone even mentioned her name he couldn’t think straight.

“I think Eli might be right about some funny business going on. Most of the information I’ve found about Alex has been clean, but there are bits that just seemed to have been erased…”

“Like what?”

“I’m goin’ to find out. It could be something or it could mean nothing…we’ll see” he answered, his eyes glanced down to the open bottle on her lap. “You still plan on drinkin’ that?”

“If I do, does that mean I have a problem?”

He laughed to himself, taking off his glasses and folding them perfectly into his jacket pocket. He picked up the bottle from Alicia, placing it on the table in front of him. “Trust me, you won’t need it”

He placed his fingers under her chin, pulling her close to him giving her an apologetic kiss. “Sorry for disappearing on you”

Alicia swallowed hard, her heart feeling at ease now that he’s here with her. “Did it have something to do with her?”

“This case is just a little personal for me…I needed some time to…adjust”

Alicia interlocked her fingers with his, staring deep into his soft eyes. “That doesn’t answer my question, Jason”

He didn’t know what to tell her, but his silence was a clear enough answer for Alicia. “I thought you’ve never been screwed over by love?” She questioned, recalling the conversation they had a while ago.

Jason ran his finger through his hair, leaning back against the sofa and giving her hand a small squeeze. He turned his head to look at her. “Just because I haven’t been screwed over, doesn’t mean that I didn’t do it someone else”

Alicia nodded quietly, she couldn’t imagine Jason as being the heartbreaking type, but it only just reminded her how little she knew about him in the first place. “Do you still have feelings-”

“I’ve moved on” he interrupted, cocking his brow as he allowed his confidence to hide his uneasiness. “Clearly” he said, scaling his eyes down Alicia’s body making her blush slightly.

Alicia stood up, hiking up her skirt slightly to show off her beige garter. She brushed aside her feelings, all she wanted in this moment was him. These days apart were teasing, leaving her unsettled and unsatisfied. “Well then, Mr. Crouse…” she said seductively, straddling herself onto his lap. “Let’s move forward”

Jason massaged his hand up her thigh, tugging at her garter, his eyes fell heavy as he watched her unbutton her black jacket.

“Whatever you say, Mrs. Florrick”

- Three Years Ago -

Jason knew Sasha was eccentric from when she first hired him, but she was a sweet woman and paid him well. For whatever reason that he couldn’t fucking possibly understand, she took a liking to him.

He thought she was a great employer and felt bad about what she was going through in her personal life. It was the only reason he could think of why she’s suddenly become obsessive talking about her assistant.

“She’s veery pretty, Jason. I’d think you’d like her”

Jason continued brushing her comments aside, not thinking to much of them. It was all meaningless, then he met Sofia.

He didn’t want to use cheesy words like “she took my breath away”, but he actually felt his heart stop beating the minute she opened the door for him.

He wasn’t thinking when he asked to come inside, and he didn’t anticipate her to say yes, but she did. They spoke endlessly, at first it was casual and formal before it eventually turned interesting, and Jason couldn’t resist asking her out.

She was much younger than he was, he knew that, but she was exactly what he needed. A man can’t deny himself a harmless fling with a gorgeous woman now, can he?

He watched her nervously think about his offer, before she asked, “If I agree, would you tell me what happened to your arm?”

Jason lifted up the cast that bandaged his wrist, “Sure thing, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out” He compromised.

Sofia bit her bottom lip, shying her glance away from his. “Well, now you’ve got me curious. I guess I’m going to have to say yes”

“It’s a date then” Jason answered, getting up from her desk and making his way out her office door. “I’ll swing by here to pick you up. Until tomorrow, Sofia”

Chapter 5

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Malec Week 2017 Day 1- Future Scene: Malec Family Camping Trip.

Couple: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (Malec)

Setting: - It’s Rafael’s turn to pick the family vacation and he decides he wants to go camping, much to Alecs’ delight and Magnus’ disappointment.

Malec Week 2017 Day 1: Here

Malec Week 2017 Day 2:  https://themalecprincess.tumblr.com/post/160407789573/malec-week-day-2-disney-au-malec-inside-out-au

A/N: These one-shots are based off Alec and Magnus from the books, not the TV show. They will be containing book spoilers. 

Magnus Pov- “How did it come to this,” I sighed, looking around at nothing but trees and dirt. I was tricked, that’s how this came to be. I was ganged up on and tricked into coming out here for a family camping trip.

It all started when my eight-year-old son Rafael pushed something big on wheels into the living room. He had it covered with a blanket so I couldn’t see what was under it. Alec was sitting next to me on the couch with my arm around him while our six-year-old son Max was at his brother’s side, obviously in the loop of what he was planning.

“What’s this Rafe,” Alec asked looking over the covered rectangle shaped thing. Rafael stood up straight, putting his hands behind his back with a bright smile. This was usually the stance he took when he was about to convince Alec and I to buy him something.

“As we all know it is my turn to pick where we go for the family vacation. I have thought long and hard about it and finally decided what I want us all to do together.”

Alec thought it would be a good idea for us to take family vacations every year and have each member of the family get a chance to pick where we go. Two years ago, I decided we would go to a private island resort with sandy white beaches and fun activities for us to do. Last year Alec wanted to visit Greece so we ended up going there and having a fun time. For some reason though, Rafael choosing where we go worried me a bit.

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Alright, here’s today’s fic from my collection of one shots, written during the hiatus between 3x10 and 3x11. It’s always been one of my favorties, so I hope you all enjoy!



Jemma took deep breaths, struggling to imagine that she was breathing out her anxiety and breathing in calm, like May had told her to. It didn’t help.

In fact, her anxiety only seemed to skyrocket when she heard familiar voices, dulled by the glass separating her from them.

“I don’t know why we’re even – are you taking me to dinner?” The voice she’d had memorized for years had gone up a few octaves at the end, and Jemma pressed a hand to her mouth to hide her sudden grin.

“Not that you aren’t very pretty, mate, but I just don’t think you’re my type, yeah?”

Then, the door to the restaurant opened, and Fitz froze just inside as he caught sight of her, his hand falling away from the door and causing it nearly smack an irritated Hunter in the face.

“I got him here, Simmons, but don’t think you don’t owe me after having to listen to his constant complaining on the way here,” Hunter told her.

“Of course,” Jemma agreed, giving Hunter a grateful smile and a playful salute. Hunter rolled his eyes good-naturedly, returning the salute before leaving, heading back for the SUV they’d arrived in. Turning back to Fitz, who seemed to be staring at her in a mix of confusion and a longing he was clearly trying to hide, she cleared her throat and murmured, “Hello Fitz.”

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anonymous asked:

OMG, your Victor did for figure skating what sabermetrics did for baseball in real life: using software, data and math to take a sport to the next level and kick the competition's butts. I love it. And I love your writing. I love fics where Victor is portrayed as smart. :D

I know absolutely nothing about baseball, but I read Money Ball and freaking loved it, and yes, you are 1000% right that his was a primary influence in my writing this section.

I have a lot of feelings (obviously) about people infantilizing Victor. There is no way that he was a five-time world champion, but Yakov had to yell at him to get him to practice because he was lazy. You just can’t yell someone into putting their all on the ice. You can’t.

Victor is by no means perfect and he’s maybe not the best at some aspects of social interaction, but he’s a multi-consecutive world champion and that means that he has that magic combination of natural talent combined with hard work combined with the intelligence to direct that hard work towards becoming the absolute best.

Your child is mix raced and have to deal with bullying (Vixx)

N: -your son was never like the others. He knew it and overtime you two were hoping he was going to block it out- “he’s different but he’s not an alien”

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Hongbin: -he would actually hear someone say something about his little girl and try to remain calm- “what’s wrong with my baby girl?”

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Leo: -he would listen to his daughter talk about how rude people are to her- “I mean people are mean but you’re perfect and you don’t have to worry”

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Ken: -he would try to remain calm because nothing pissed him off more than his little girl being sad- *gif*

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Ravi: -he didn’t know what to do. Your son obviously didn’t deserve it-  “he’s so young and gets picked on so much for having different looks”

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Hyuk: -he would look at you worried for your son and how his school life would go- “our son deserves the better you know. He didn’t do anything wrong and he’s already being teased”

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A Little Message to Insecure Artists....

I always wonder what the diffrence between talented and experianced mean. Every now and then, I have someoe tell me I’m talented and I love the compliment. But I don’t really think I am. It’s not talent, it’s hard work. Obviously after drawing for 4 years, I’m going to improve. Today I had someone told me that they wanted to quit afrt beacuse they weren’t ‘”talented”’. An that really hit me. Beacuse when I was 12, I tought the excat same thing.  I didn’t feel like my art was going aywhere. But practice does indeed make perfect. Are there talented people in the world who learn shit overnight? Yea there are. But I’m not one of them and if you aren’t it’s nothing to get yourself down over. You work does NOT mean any less beacuse it took you longer to get there. You have the potential to be JUST AS  if not EVEN MORE as successful as someone you deem ‘talented’! 

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 12: Beaches and Coasts

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.” 

Before I start, I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your support, but more specifically, your patience. I’m sorry it has been some time since I’ve written anything, but now that my exams are over, I have more time to concentrate on these posts. For the twelfth Pokémon in our biomes, I will be focusing on beaches and coasts, specifically terrestrial or semi-aquatic species that thrive near large bodies of water, but prefer to live on land or in shallow pools. 

Now that we’ve covered quite a few species, the remaining biome posts may have a bit more of a concentrated list. I imagine this post will be like that. Although there are arguably quite a few possible candidates, only a few species in my opinion would be suited for mainly coastal life. Beaches and tidal pools as you can imagine, can be very warm, hot, and sunny environments, however several coastal regions are very rocky, cold, and stormy. Species that survive on coasts or beaches generally have specific adaptations pertaining to their respective temperatures, food sources, terrain, etc. 

Beaches can be a nice, and relaxing get-away, where soothing waves calm each nerve, but moreover, less tropical coastlines, like the ones on the west coasts of North America and Europe, tend to be very violent with huge winds and waves crashing on the rocks. Although it may seem impossible, life is sustainable in these environments, and I imagine there would be some Pokémon that would survive there if they were real. 

Let’s get started!

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