I mean OBVIOUSLY nothing is perfect

listen, i love my tv shows more than anyone else in the world. when I’m in a fandom i can promise you i think of nothing else besides that fandom in real life and let it consume my entire being. i obviously care deeply about the show if i’m willing to dedicate so much of my life to it.

HOWEVER, just because i love something so much does not mean i’m blind to its faults. there are always going to be things i don’t agree with. NOTHING is perfect. and it’s healthy to want to openly discuss these issues in an adult way so we can learn and see how things could be improved in the future. this in no way means i love the show any less or am not a “true fan” for not loving every single part.

and anyone who claims absolutely nothing is wrong and thinks everything the show does is perfect is fooling themselves.

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honestly don't blame yourself! sometimes things get a little heated and it depends where you're coming from. especially on the internet where no one knows exact circumstances. don't feel bad, i've made the exact same move, and sometimes it just happens, and that's ok

This is very sweet and all but at this point everything just seems like a waste. If I’m not acting like the “ perfect witch role model” someone jumps on my back. This even happens with non witchy things and this is definitely not the first time. It feels like it’s my fault, it might as well be my fault. Feelings mean nothing to Tumblr and I’m tired of it.
I couldn’t be excited about a giveaway, I couldn’t be mad about a question I found rude, I couldn’t reblog a trailer for a fucking movie that I thought could support others ( obviously I’m mistaken. This movie is trash anyway. ) without people coming to me to correct what I did. It’s not just a matter of blaming myself. It’s matter of trying to please everyone else.

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1, 14, 55

1. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

I’m lucky to say that yes, I do! Obviously nothing in this world is perfect, and that includes people, so while it’s not perfect (I don’t think any relationship ever can be) I can for sure say it’s good. We worked hard to have relationships this good and I can say it’s worth it!

14. Do you miss someone?

YOU!!! I really hope you’re back in Albany soon :( I also miss my friends who went home (certainlymad) for the summer/graduated and aren’t coming back. And I miss dorklops!

55. Are you mean?

Nah, I’m pretty much the opposite of mean. I’m pretty good at being empathetic which is what stops me from being mean. I always believe in the good in people over the bad until proven wrong.

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I don't understand why the fuck some people are so mean to you. You're so kind, simply the way you give advice to complete strangers makes you seem like a lovely person. I'm sorry you have to put up with shitty Anons. If someone doesn't like you they should just not follow you or look at your blog, there's no point in being ridiculously mean and achieving literally nothing by that. You're beautiful, Emily, have a great day/night xx

I try to be the best person I can be. I obviously make mistakes just like everyone else, but I’m not perfect. Thank you darling, I really enjoy your kind words.

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I mean with destielfanfic. They are still recommending these fics because they enjoyed reading them. Just because they say something was off about it for them doesnt mean that other people will have that same problem. It's not like they are reviewing and saying "I didn't like this fic at all but here". No they are just stating some things that could be approved upon by the writer. It's like telling someone playing a sport how they could work on "this certain thing" so they improve their game

Totally agree.  If they’re reccing the fic they obviously liked it!!  Just because you say a few things are wrong with it, or one thing, doesn’t mean you didn’t like it!  People are such babies I swear to god lol.  If I post a fic I like it.  But that doesn’t mean I think it was 100% perfect.  Almost nothing is.  

There’s a difference between hate and offering some criticism.  And if a rec blog is criticizing something, even though they’re freaking reccing it, it’s not hate!

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well idk i dont rlly wear makeup and my hair is too short for a pony tail but the gym teachers at my school have said that if ur worried about it to put makeup on after gym is over like obviously u won't have enough time to make it perfect (pt 1)

(Pt2) but you could still maybe do something right? I mean its better than nothing imo. Idk but im sure they have makeup thats like sweat proof or smth like i know they have water proof ones but yea

Yeah someone suggested setting spray! I’m going out to get some tonight.  It’s second period so it’s horrible timing but whattaya gonna do  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I get what you mean. That’s a good idea though, I could probably just put it on minimally and then put it on better after gym

im sorry for always doing stupid chidish things. honestly it all bcs i afraid to lose you. i never feel like i am good enough for you when the other side,  you are so much that perfect (for me, especially) that things always make me feel you can get other girl you want, you can leave me there, you can just dissappear from me anytime bcs we are really nothing and you can do that, obviously. i trust you beee but you seem just a fantasy for me, you are too high. sometimes your word is just a word without meaning like a bullshit so that is make me think over again… “can i trust him? can i give all of my heart again? will he not broke it this time? can he fullfill his word now?” i dont know. 

i do love you, but you are too blurry.

i do need something real too.