I mean OBVIOUSLY nothing is perfect

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like fmab isnt PERFECT with women, but it is obviously leaps and bounds above the vast majority of anime, and shounen in particular.

true, I mean I think the same can be said for most, if not all, media out there in regards to a Flawless portrayal of women. as far as women being multifaceted, flawed, autonomous characters with their own stories, feelings, and careers tho, I think fmab does a pretty bang-up job! I’d say its biggest fault is that we simply could have had More of them, particularly of brown women and canon wlw ;;w;;

im sorry but

a group of people sat in a room and wrote this:

A film crew and editing crew purposefully made sure they added this:

oh its not enough that they’re hugging lets make sure we casually film her arms wrapping ‘round him:

and this

fuck it lets have them gaze into each others eyes like fuck ur perfect

Remember that time Bellamy limped around a forest 

Screaming he cant loose her

but nah right its platonic af the way he protects her

Try to stop him getting to her

Not like he’s repeatedly shown as her weakness either or nuttin

Quick we have to show them eye fucking each other again // platonically

noTHING to sEE HEre

“if ur a bird i’m a bird”

*quickly lets pan to Bellamy’s reaction of this - but it doESN’t mean anYTHing obviously*

They go ahead and tell us “its just friendship” and then write this shit:

Every single little detail:

Has been added there on purpose:

For a reason.

Like having her new romatic interest comment on their relationship the same ep they have their first kiss… but nah that was for no reason obviously…

ffs she spoke to him everyday for 6 years and 7 days







but honestly, its just platonic!!!!! Obviously.



sterek au: landlord!derek and tenant!stiles

based loosely on this gif set and tags, prompt by fin. written for sterekfest! wish i could have written something longer, but i hope you enjoy anyway <3


Stiles has a mission. He has a mission and a list – a long list that details with bulleted subpoints all the things wrong with his apartment. Sure, he’s thankful for having a roof over his head (if said roof didn’t leak) and at a fair price (which was really the selling point, let’s be honest). But still, Stiles drops most of his measly paycheck on rent every month, and he’d like a place that wasn’t falling apart. That was only fair.

The building meeting is on the fifth floor. When he arrives, there’s only one other guy there, sitting on a blue couch. Stiles immediately heads over to the large window and starts pacing. “I feel kinda bad for the landlord,” Stiles begins, nervous energy buzzing through his limbs.

“Oh?” the man replies.

“Yeah, I’d hate to be in his shoes, being bombarded with complaints all night. But dude, my water pressure’s terrible, three panes in the window are broken and one has a hole in it, my garbage disposal smells like something died inside of it, and that’s just the top of the list.” Stiles spins around and finally looks at the guy on the couch. He’s never seen him around before, and Stiles guesses he could be considered attractive if you find bearded gym rats hot. Stiles refrains from rolling his eyes because the guy is obviously a douche. Just look at those eyebrows.

“What about you? Please don’t tell me your apartment is perfect, but knowing my luck and probably yours, everything works perfectly for you like it always has and I got the shit apartment.” The guy just stares at him and says nothing. Stiles rolls his eyes as he turns back towards the window, mumbling under his breath, “Typical.”

“What’s typical?”

Stiles spins around again, mouth open in exaggerated shock. “Oh, you mean you’re actually going to talk to me? Words finally making sense to you now?”

The man’s mouth pulls down into a scowl. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Look, I know it pains guys like you to talk to guys like me because it lowers your cool quotient or you only waste your breath on people as hot as you or something, but we do live in the same building. We’re neighbors. I was trying to be neighborly.”

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Titled: Eighteen 

Warnings: very minor language maybe none at all, nothing too bad for the first part, I want to reel you in fast but break all of your hearts slowly.

Word Count: 1,503

Cast of characters: Y/N, Leonard McCoy, Kirk, and Spock.

A/N: I just started writing a little piece and it turned into this! 

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Your neck and shoulders ached. It had to be due to the position you rested on . Nothing a few morning stretches can’t fix. You quietly went about getting yourself ready for your day in your quarters. You had to be at your station on time or you would receive a tardy. You were aware that it sounded kind of juvenile but that was Star Fleet. 

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ACOWAR discourse (no spoilers)

All I’m going to say is this: SJM tried/is trying, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. Obviously she tried, but that doesn’t make it perfect. No one is expecting her to be perfect, but don’t act like people can’t recognize the problems. 

You can always ignore the anti-tags, you can always ignore the anti-blogs and vice versa. But don’t act like what anti-blogs saying is just mindless hate is what I’m trying to say, if that makes any sense. And I’m not calling anyone out. I’ve decided to stay pretty neutral about acowar, but all I’m saying is don’t call anyone out and try…not to engage in fights?

Malec Week 2017 Day 1- Future Scene: Malec Family Camping Trip.

Couple: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (Malec)

Setting: - It’s Rafael’s turn to pick the family vacation and he decides he wants to go camping, much to Alecs’ delight and Magnus’ disappointment.

Malec Week 2017 Day 1: Here

Malec Week 2017 Day 2:  https://themalecprincess.tumblr.com/post/160407789573/malec-week-day-2-disney-au-malec-inside-out-au

A/N: These one-shots are based off Alec and Magnus from the books, not the TV show. They will be containing book spoilers. 

Magnus Pov- “How did it come to this,” I sighed, looking around at nothing but trees and dirt. I was tricked, that’s how this came to be. I was ganged up on and tricked into coming out here for a family camping trip.

It all started when my eight-year-old son Rafael pushed something big on wheels into the living room. He had it covered with a blanket so I couldn’t see what was under it. Alec was sitting next to me on the couch with my arm around him while our six-year-old son Max was at his brother’s side, obviously in the loop of what he was planning.

“What’s this Rafe,” Alec asked looking over the covered rectangle shaped thing. Rafael stood up straight, putting his hands behind his back with a bright smile. This was usually the stance he took when he was about to convince Alec and I to buy him something.

“As we all know it is my turn to pick where we go for the family vacation. I have thought long and hard about it and finally decided what I want us all to do together.”

Alec thought it would be a good idea for us to take family vacations every year and have each member of the family get a chance to pick where we go. Two years ago, I decided we would go to a private island resort with sandy white beaches and fun activities for us to do. Last year Alec wanted to visit Greece so we ended up going there and having a fun time. For some reason though, Rafael choosing where we go worried me a bit.

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Who is the troupe power couple?

(Machi had been cursed and turned into a cat!)

It’s obviously Machi and I. Everybody loves us.  I’m glamourous, she’s sassy, and she’s so good looking. She has the most perfect eyes. I don’t where she’s gone, she had disappeared since I found this adorable cat, but is she was here, she’d confirm.

(I’m here and I confirm. Every couple involving Pakunoda is a power couple. I mean, look at her.)

I disagree. It’s Feitan and I. We work so well together. We’re always respected. Nothing resist us. And our clothes always match.

Danchou, I think the key word here is “couple.” Not “power.” 

Danchou, you’re so distracted sometimes. The most obvious answer is Uvogin and I. We’re the hottest guys of the whole troupe, we’re the life of the party, and if it wasn’t enough, look at this delicious contrast in our color palettes. And this size difference! Sometimes I wish I was you to be able to enjoy such an eye-candy like us. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Uvogin : How is your humility, Shal?

Shalnark : I don’t know, long time I haven’t seen her, hope she’s okay.

You guys are just blind. You forgot me and my girlfriend. She’s brilliant, she’s strong, she’s sharp, she’s always by my side, she’s…

… Your sword!

My sw…! Oh fuck you Uvo, why do you always ruin my jokes?

Your child is mix raced and have to deal with bullying (Vixx)

N: -your son was never like the others. He knew it and overtime you two were hoping he was going to block it out- “he’s different but he’s not an alien”

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Hongbin: -he would actually hear someone say something about his little girl and try to remain calm- “what’s wrong with my baby girl?”

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Leo: -he would listen to his daughter talk about how rude people are to her- “I mean people are mean but you’re perfect and you don’t have to worry”

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Ken: -he would try to remain calm because nothing pissed him off more than his little girl being sad- *gif*

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Ravi: -he didn’t know what to do. Your son obviously didn’t deserve it-  “he’s so young and gets picked on so much for having different looks”

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Hyuk: -he would look at you worried for your son and how his school life would go- “our son deserves the better you know. He didn’t do anything wrong and he’s already being teased”

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Because I’ve made one for Lucaya, one for Bamon and dozens for Sterek, I think it’s about time I make one for Marrish too.

Let me start off my saying that this pairing consist of two amazing characters who I love very much.

Lydia Martin. Absolutely gorgeous, incredibly smart, sassy, slightly intimidating and her ass looks glorious in jeans. Lydia’s been one of my faves since season one, okay? This season, she has admittedly been slacking but the strawberry blonde queen still deserves all the love a man can give her, which is obviously where Jordan Parrish steps in.

My unproblematic son, has literally done nothing wrong ever but he still somehow gets the most hate in the fandom, but let me not go there.

Like these two are practically perfect for one another. Let me list a few reasons why:

1. They are not only connected romantically but they are also connected by death. (Which, if you ask me, is more badass than them being “emotional tethers,” but no shade, no shade.)

I mean we’ve got a hellhound

…and a banshee.

I mean, I really don’t think it gets cooler than that. This literally needs no explanation.

2. Parrish helped Lydia become stronger physically and helped her unlock a new ability.

We all know Lydia Martin was always a strong-minded character, and for all we know, she could probably throw a punch or two even before Parrish, but after training with Parrish, Lydia learned to defend herself in ways she couldn’t before. This indirectly helped her learn how to fight using the vibrations from  her screams.

Jordan played a major role in Lydia’s physical/supernatural growth. He assisted her in the strengths he knew she secretly had, kept faith and eventually, it paid off.

3. The way he looks at her like she’s not simply a star, or the moon, but the entire galaxy.

My heart. If any guy looked at me like that ever I would melt.

4. Okay, but Parrish was afraid of himself when he first discovered he was a hellhound. The guy wanted nothing to do with himself because of it, but he actually allowed himself to transform into his supernatural self to save Lydia.

(I couldn’t find another gif, but creds to whoever made this.)


Parrish saved Lydia. I repeat, Parrish saved Lydia, Lydia “Stiles saved me” Martin be damned, because Stiles wasn’t the one who set himself on fire and dragged you out of Eichen, boo. JORDAN PARRISH DID THAT.

5. The scene that literally snatched my fangirl soul straight from my body and handed it over to Marrish.

If anyone is gonna try to sit there and tell me that Lydia Martin isn’t lowkey into Parrish… well whatever, because I’m not even gonna try to argue with someone as delusional or in-denial as that.

Lydia Martin was blushing, okay? This is a rare occurrence and Lydia Martin doesn’t just blush when she isn’t into someone.

And that little smile, the total heart eyes before she just drops her head because “oh my god, don’t let him see you blush, Lydia. Don’t let him know he has that affect on you. DO. NOT. DO. IT.”

Or maybe I’m reading too into things but, meh, doubt it.

6. Just… Marrish.

They had such great development, and they were still developing.

They were healthy.

Parrish treated her like a good man would. He respected her and her space, believed in her and protected her. He was great to her.

Lydia was always herself around him, trusted him and believed that he was this special and kind guy even when he thought he was a monster. She was there even when he didn’t want her to be because he was afraid of hurting her.

Parrish helped Lydia expand supernaturally and Lydia helped Parrish understand that what he did was simply his duty and that didn’t change the fact that he really is a soft and appreciable person.

Along the way they grew a bond and it was one of the most unique bonds I’ve ever seen on Teen Wolf because of what they first connected over, how they compared an contrasted, and how they grew to become this wonderful pair.

I don’t care about hot and steamy Marrish car or shower sex. I would be perfectly pleased with these two just sitting next to each other and chatting because they have that.

They have that kind of fire that I wouldn’t feel even if Parrish dragged me to the deepest pits of hell.

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 12: Beaches and Coasts

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.” 

Before I start, I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your support, but more specifically, your patience. I’m sorry it has been some time since I’ve written anything, but now that my exams are over, I have more time to concentrate on these posts. For the twelfth Pokémon in our biomes, I will be focusing on beaches and coasts, specifically terrestrial or semi-aquatic species that thrive near large bodies of water, but prefer to live on land or in shallow pools. 

Now that we’ve covered quite a few species, the remaining biome posts may have a bit more of a concentrated list. I imagine this post will be like that. Although there are arguably quite a few possible candidates, only a few species in my opinion would be suited for mainly coastal life. Beaches and tidal pools as you can imagine, can be very warm, hot, and sunny environments, however several coastal regions are very rocky, cold, and stormy. Species that survive on coasts or beaches generally have specific adaptations pertaining to their respective temperatures, food sources, terrain, etc. 

Beaches can be a nice, and relaxing get-away, where soothing waves calm each nerve, but moreover, less tropical coastlines, like the ones on the west coasts of North America and Europe, tend to be very violent with huge winds and waves crashing on the rocks. Although it may seem impossible, life is sustainable in these environments, and I imagine there would be some Pokémon that would survive there if they were real. 

Let’s get started!

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I thought for a moment before finally speaking. "So you have the board right? And it has colored tiles. There are also cards that you draw that are different colors correlating with the tiles. So you pick your character," I chose the red one,"And place it on the start, I usually like starting with the oldest and going counter-clockwise, you pick a card from the stack, and you go to the next colored tile that is, and if you pick a card that has 2 tiles on it then you go to the second next tile-1

“and whoever finishes first wins.” I look at him and smile,“Savvy?”-2 (2/2)

“I gET it! Perfect deSCRiption, Ariel! 10 ex-tra points!” Wilford said. He likes to give out random points that mean nothing. He claims he got it from Bim Trimmer.

“If you’re gonna be red…then I’m goNNa obviously be the yELLOw one, it mAtches my shirt <3”

“OH and I was goinG firSt regardLesS, I’m Wilford Warfstache and I alwAys go first~”

Jealous Sarah hating ‘fans’ (if you can call yourself that) Come at me with all the “Sarah only married Brendon for the fame and money” bullshit. I WILL FLY KICK YOUR FACE. If you 'loved’ Brendon as much you claim, you’d be happy that Brendon is happy, which he obviously is, with Sarah❤
P.S- just because you ship Ryden (like myself) doesn’t mean it’s okay to send hate towards Sarah. Sarah and Brendon are a real life couple- who evidently love eachother very much. Ryden (despite being perfect in every way) is- now- nothing but a fantasy; yes, it’s fun to ship it and make fanart about it and write amazing fanfics about it, but it is still nothing more than a fantasy, Sarah and bden are a REAL married couple.
Sarah is a real person too, with real feelings, who reads the bullshit these haters spread. Imagine waking up every morning knowing the some of the 'fans’ of the man you love hate you and go as far to claim you don’t love him at all and make you out to be a gold digging fame hungry user- imagine feeling as if you have to prove that you love your husband to a group of jealous women who’s praying for your divorce.
Despite it all Sarah is warm hearted, kind Angel, who is lovely to the panic! Fandom as a whole. Give Sarah the love she deserves, because anyone who makes our precious music man as happy as she does deserves a medal not shitty rumours.
Sarah Urie is a babe❣

sorry for the rant, I know not all fans hate Sarah (some of us almost love her more than Brendon) I’ll go back to being a happy, gay bean, Imma gonna reblog some cute photo or ryan gloss and bden urine now.
- penis! At the party ✌🏻️


Yes, you. Stop scrolling for a minute and read this whole thing. 

Name one person that loves you. Out loud, right now. And don’t you dare tell me nobody loves you, because that’s a straight up lie, okay? I love you, a lot. 
Name one thing you love about yourself. Physically to personality wise. And don’t say you don’t love anything about yourself, because you are fucking gorgeous, inside and out. You can love your eyes or your laugh or the way you spend way more time then you probably should on tumblr but really just don’t give a fuck. Anything you find remotely pleasing about you, say it. Out loud. Right now. I don’t care where you are. 
Name one thing in life that makes you happy. Scream this next one, as loud as you possibly can. Say it over and over again. You can love tumblr or twitter or Instagram or Tyler Oakley or Troyler or Dr. Who. Anything you love scream it out loud right now. 

And now I want you to think about one thing that makes you unhappy about yourself. Anything at all. Just one thing. Get a piece of paper and write that one thing down. Fold the paper in half. now rip it. Right down the middle. Rip it to shreds. Now walk outside (eww I know) and continue ripping that shit piece of paper up until it’s confetti. Now throw it up in the air. Let it go. Because it doesn’t matter. Whatever you wrote on that piece of paper is a complete load of bullshit. It doesn’t matter. What you see is not what other people see. That fucking mirror can lie. All I know is that every single one of you reading this right now is beautiful. And someone loves you. A lot of people love you. I guarantee it. You are a masterpiece. Fuck whatever you wrote on that piece of paper. Gone with the wind. Because you tore it to shreds and let it go. I want to tell you a little story now. Not too long ago, I was on a bus ride home with my friends after a swim meet. It was pretty late, and so I fell kind of half asleep, where I wasn’t really conscious, but my senses were still fine and everything. My one friend pointed to me and said “is she asleep?” And the girl sitting next to me nodded (I know because I sleep with my eyes open- weird right?) Then they started talking about me, nothing bad and only for a minute or two. But before they stopped, I heard my friend say, “She’s perfect in all of her flaws.” I didn’t believe her at first, thinking she just said it to make me feel better about myself. But then I realized, she didn’t know I could hear her, she really meant it. And that comment means a lot to me, obviously. And I really mean that about all of you. You are perfect, in every single one of your flaws. Absolutely perfect. 

English Names

I’m going to say my opinions on some of the recent name changes that were announced. I’ve also decided that I’ll update the tag list and tags all at once when the game comes out and we have everyone’s English name. I’m going to go over ALL the names, yes, even the ones that were announced a long time ago like Xander, Hana, etc. I figured it’d be fun to talk about all of them :)

Names that stayed the same: Camilla, Elise, Hinoka, Sakura, Takumi, Oboro, Hinata, Odin, Setsuna, Orochi, Charlotte, Nyx, Mikoto, Felicia, Silas, Garon, Gunter

Names that stayed basically the same but had a tiny change: Ryoma, Kagero, Saizo, Leo, Subaki, Rinkah, Beruka, Effie, Mozu, Azama

Marx → Xander

I personally like the change. I’ve already gotten use to it and plus upon doing some research, Xander means “Defender of the People” which fits very well with his character. I feel like most of us knew Marx was going to get a name change, or at least I had a feeling, so I was expecting worse. I think Xander is a nice name for him and I mean he looks like a Xander. (9/10)

Suzukaze → Kaze

Falls under the ‘Cut off a chunk of my name’ group. This change isn’t really that big of a problem to me. Kaze still means wind so it’s not like the name doesn’t make any sense. It’s fine. (7/10)

Kamui → Corrin

While this won’t impact the blog in anyway since I’m keeping the name Kamui for my avatar (which the blog uses), I’ll still say how I feel about the name. I can’t say I’m upset about it because in the end it’s an optional name and only the default one. However, one of the reasons I liked Kamui’s name was because it meant “Powerful/god-like”. When one looks up what Corrin means, what do they find: Spear-bearer. Corrin’s name means SPEAR-BEARER. Now again it’s the default name so it’s not really a problem, but there wasn’t any other name that was better and gender neutral. “Corrin” doesn’t even weild a spear in their default class! I was really hoping they’d keep the name Kamui, but I guess it could’ve been worse (3/10)

Aqua → Azura

Good change. There are so many blue haired females named Aqua that i was fine with the change to Azura. It’s derived from ‘Azure’ which means blue so it’s still good meaning wise. It sounds pretty and I really like the name a lot actually. Very nice choice in name (10/10)

Kazahana → Hana

Another name that got a whole half chopped off. I actually like the name Hana a lot so really this change made no difference to me. She still seems like a Hana. Now what about meaning? Kazahana translates to mean ‘Snowflake’. I…don’t know why, but alright. Hana means ‘Flower’ or ‘Hope’. Ok this is SAKURA’S retainer. I think it’s really nice having her name mean flower and hope when you’re serving the princess that literally embodies those two things. I think the name change was fine with how it sounds, but is better because of the nice meaning (9/10)

Joker → Jakob

I like Jakob more than Joker. There I said it. I may be biased since I have a boyfriend of the same name (though of course spelled normally), but let me break it down more. Joker of course means ‘jester, upbeat, and merry’. It’s kind’ve ironic since in the Japanese version Joker is anything but that. Maybe that’s what they were going for? Jakob means ‘supplanter’, which if you don’t know what that means it “often refers to governments and rulers of countries” and is also derived from the latin verb which means “to trip up or to overthrow.” Maybe that’s ironic as well since this character is devoted to their lord so they’d never overthrow them? Also he’s an expert butler so he’d never mess up?? I don’t know for sure but I’m much more inclined to the name Jakob over Joker (9/10)

Harold → Arthur

Now Arthur isn’t a BAD name for a character like this. But did it really need to be changed? Harold was such a GOOD name that would’ve made sense still even in the localization. I’m sure a lot of you have realized that the Japanese version name Harold is derived from King Harold II, otherwise known as Harold the Unfortunate. This character is known for his obscenely bad luck so having a name derived from HAROLD THE UNFORTUNATE made perfect sense. Now Arthur is obviously derived from King Arthur and means ‘heroic’. While it still technically fits the character, Harold was such a GOOD name. I wish it ws kept but I also can’t say I hate it ;-; (5/10)

Zero → Niles

Niles I’m a bit meh about cause I really liked Zero, but I’m not really upset with the change. They still could’ve used Zero and no one would’ve noticed as a Nohr name. Zero of course means ‘nothing’ so it was actually a pretty nice choice in terms of character. Niles means ‘champion’ , but also has “Nil” which means “zero/nothing”. If that’s what they were going for then fair enough, but the name itself still means Champion. Unless you’re referring to him being the champion of seducing everyone or having one of the saddest backstories in fire emblem, then yeah you got a winner. (5/20)

Luna → Selena

Great name change. Probably my favorite name change honestly. IT’S SO GOOD! Luna means ‘Moon’. Fair enough ok. It’s pretty and such, but then we have Selena. Selena means “Moon Goddess” and is even prettier in my opinion. Plus for the english translation it sounds like Severa so it makes even more sense as her name. It fits the character, it’s pretty, and all around a wonderful name change. Good job Treehouse on this one! (10/10)

Nishiki → Kaden

Meh. Not my favorite name change. Nishiki’s name meant ‘Brocade’ which is a type a fabric that was silky and considered very fancy. I went along with the theme of having the beast characters have names derived from types of fabric which was cool. Now I’m not sure how Kaden is going to be pronounced here but it’s the English name so likely it’s pronounced KAY - den. However I did see an excellent point brought up in another post that when Kaden is pronounced Japanese phonetically, it sounds like ‘cotton’. I don’t know if that’s how they may pronounce it, but I’ll admit it’s kind’ve clever. I still like Nishiki better in the end. (4/10)

Tsukuyomi → Hayato

Probably the most surprising one to me. I’ll start with meaning. Tsukuyomi is the moon god in Japanese mythology. I don’t really know the correlation between them, or if there even is one, but if someone does know than I’d love to hear. Hayato means ‘Falcon-man’, but before you get confused like I did, it’s also the name of an ancient Japansese clan that was independent from and resisted the empire at the time. This character is from the Wind Tribe so at least it kind’ve correlates there. I do actually kind of like the name Hayato, but due to how recent it is, I still have a preference towards Tsukuyomi. I’m sure I’ll get use to it pretty fast though (7/10)

Yuugiri → Reina

Whyyy…Ok. Reina isn’t a bad name. but dang, YUUGIRI WAS SOOO GOOD! Yuugiri just fit this character in every single way. Yuugiri means “Evening mist” based on the kanji AND was a famous Japanese destroyer vessel. Yuugiri is a very sweet character, but has a love for war and the battlefield. This is me assuming personalities are at least SOMEWHAT similar, so literally Yuugiri was a perfect name in meaning and appearance for her. Reina means a high point or peak. Ok yeah that works cause she’s a Golden kite Warrior and oh look she flies, but YUUGIRI! I just really loved that name… (2/10)

Lazward →  Laslow

*cries* Welp have fun in meme hell Laz! Lazward means “blue” and influences the name Lapis lazuli. This worked well since in the Japanese verision he was called Azure, and in English he was called Inigo, both blue-based names. It was still a strange name, but we all got use to it. But now we got LASLOW. While it still sounds similar to Lazuli, the name itself means “Commander of glory”. That has nothing to do with blue! The name still sounds weird as well, and it’s spawned a lot of funny posts in the fire emblem tag (Camp Lazlo). The memes are probably the best part about this honestly. Or maybe the worse. I don’t know. (5/10)

Pieri → Peri

While not a big change and I could probably have put it at the top of the list with the names that only change slightly, I wanted to talk about this one for the name meanings.  Pieri means “Perish” and that was fine since she was a psycho killer with a love for blood. But what I do like about the name change is what Peri means. After looking it up, Peri is defined as “(in Persian mythology) a mythical superhuman being, originally represented as evil but subsequently as a good or graceful genie or fairy.” That is cool and the reason I like this name change. This character is suppose to be “one of the good guys” (unless you’re playing Birthright). However no one can deny that she has terrible qualities with her love of murdering anyone and everyone. The name reflects this and is my main reason for supporting this simple change (8/10)

Benoit → Benny

I accept the headcanon that Benoit is his full name and he just goes by Benny to sound less intimidating. I like Benny. It’s cute and good for an innocent character like this guy. I love Benoit so much really. He’s a good character. Benny or Benoit are great names really. They both sound great (9/10)

Crimsom → Scarlet

YES. Predicted this one. Great name change as well. It’s very pretty and still has the red origins of Crimson. Can’t really say much other than I’m happy with it. (10/10)

Matoi → Caeldori

I’m not mad because it doesn’t make sense. It does. It’s an anagram of Cordelia. But does CAELDORI sound down right amazing to anyone? I was hoping for Doralice, but I guess we have Caeldori here. I’ll admit that it sounds kind’ve pretty? It’s more of the way I read it and how it’s spelled that throws me off. This one is a major change for the blog so I have to get use it quick (3/10)

Shara → Rhajat

*cries again* I’ll miss then name Shara so much. I know Rhajat is the anagram yeah yeah I get it, but even then, Shara STILL sounds like Tharja. Befoere we knew all the clones were anagrams, I was really really hoping they’d use Shara since it sounds so similar. Oh well… (1/10)

Eponine → Nina

Nina isn’t a bad name. I LOVED Eponine though so I still prefer that. Similar to her dad, I feel like she could’ve kept her name and it would’ve been fine. Nina at least is still derived from Eponine so it’s not bad. I think I’m going to get use to it quickly as I play the game (6/10)

I believe that’s all of them. There you go you guys! Fates releases in just 19 days so I’m really excited and I hope you guys are too ^_^

Heartbreak Girl - Dan x Reader

A/N: Listen to Heartbreak Girl while reading this! It goes really good because the plot was literally based off of the song. Either version works, but Troye’s matches a bit more, his song is short compared to the imagine reading.

Heartbreak Girl

I can’t believe it happened again. I can’t believe I was so stupid. There I was walking out of Zach’s place in tears. We just had a fight and he was a real jerk about and brushed me off. Last night he was at a club with his friends and apparently one his friends gave a girl his number. Lies, as always what else did I expect with Zach? The girl had been texting and calling him all day and to make things worse, I saw a photo them making out on his friend’s post online. Zach said he was drunk and things happen. I left after that, with my mascara running down my face. I went home to cry on my bed and got some stupid amount of sleep.

Dan’s POV
My phone is ringing, it’s y/n’s ringtone so I got up to answer it.
“Hello?” I say sitting up from my bed with my laptop on my lap.
“Dan?” y/n spoke quietly I could hear her voice breaking. It sounded like she’d been crying.
“What’s up?” I asked trying to sound casual, but I was pretty worried.
“Are– are you at your house?” She said stuttering.
“Yes, do you want to come over?” I offered instantly wondering why she sounded so shaken.
“Yeah. That’d be great.” She responds distantly almost a faint whisper, as if she’s gone. I’m getting quite worried. I nodded my head even though she wasn’t in the room with me, I don’t why.
“What’s going on?” I ask.
Silence. No response, other than shaky sigh. That’s it, something was wrong and I had to know what was wrong with her.
“y/n.” I say sternly. “Tell me what’s wrong please.” I begged, perhaps sounding too desperate as my voice softened.
“I’ll tell you when I get over to your house. Be there in 20.” She said abruptly and hung up before I got the chance to say anything else. I couldn’t even revolt, I am a complete sucker for that girl.
I began to get ready and clean up my apartment. I’ve been in bed having a lazy Saturday and didn’t having meetings or work, so I didn’t bother fixing my hair.
I tried to straighten it as best as I could and put on some skinny jeans and a grey tee shirt. I wondered what was wrong, she sounded so sad on the phone. Well Dan, you’re going to find out so put some clothes on and get ready for y/n.

y/n POV
I walked shakily out of the car. I usually wear eyeliner, foundation, the whole works basically, but I figured I’d be crying today. I opted for some lip stain, minimal eye makeup and blush to put the life back into my cheeks. I knocked on the door.
Dan opened it and waved, instinctively guiding me in, “Hey. Come in.”
As we were going to walk to the lounge, Dan was about to take my coat and put it on the couch. But before he could, I turned around and ran into his arms. He didn’t decline and wrapped his arms around me giving me a much needed warm hug. He held me tight, running over the top of my hair with his hand as his grip on me was protective.
“I broke up with Zach yesterday.” I mumbled into his chest.
Tears began to run down my face once again, and I could feel my eyes becoming red.
“What?” Dan paused pulling me away to look at my face, then said, “Again?”
I cried even harder, “Yes. I know I’m stupid for keep on going back to him and should’ve stopped. But I thought it would work this time and I just— I don’t know h/n.”
“It’s okay.” Dan sadly uttered, obviously empathic for my stupid self.
“I just wanted to make it work you know?” I shook my head.
“y/n, of course you did you’re a good person. You wanted to kept trying, you’re good like that.” He told me with the most hopeful eyes, I guess never really noticed how good he was at cheering me up. But even he couldn’t make me feel better for how incredibly idiotic my actions were.
“No I’m pretty dumb.” I sighed.
He hugged me harder and I felt the warmth of his hand rubbing my back up and down, sighing. It felt so nice to have him hold me.
“Go sit on the couch, I’ll make you something to drink.” Dan whispered in my ear and then seating me gently down on his dark blue couch.

Dan’s POV
When I first saw y/n walk through the door, she looked awful. She was still beautiful but she looked like the life had been taken out of her. I knew it was Zach. That freaking jerk. I cannot believe he messed up again. Jeez what was wrong with the guy. I gritted my teeth. Ok Dan, don’t get distracted. y/n is all alone in the living room, and you need to be there for her. I decide to make her some tea, black earl, her favorite.
I walked back in, much calmer to put the tea on the table and I’m ready to listen to her.
“Thanks.” y/n murmmered wiping away a tear. I hated seeing her like this, what did that jerk do to her?
“So what happened?” I asked with pure sympathy.
She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and proceeded to speak.

y/n’s POV
I explained to him what had happened. He looked annoyed, then angry and solemn.
“He went out with his friends rather than with you?”
I shook my head, “He does that a lot.”
“Wow. Prick.” Dan spat out rolling his eyes and I laughed a little, it’s been awhile.
“You told him you were upset over him kissing another girl drunk and giving her his number? So he brushed you off.”
I nodded as he put his hand on my leg to comfort me.
“I’m sorry, y/n.” His round deep brown eyes looked furious but he was still he kind self. I just nodded and leaned onto his shoulder, wanting the comfort of my friend.

Dan’s POV
Gradually mine and y/n’s embrace tuned into her in my arms, which I really didn’t mind. In fact I quite liked it, but I didn’t like the circumstances that caused this. Her crying and being all sad, all of it because of that stupid guy. I kinda wanted to punch Zach’s face, actually no, I totally wanted to punch that stupid face of his off hurting y/n. But I obviously couldn’t, so I went back to the most perfect girl in my arms. That girl Zach’s with was probably nothing compared to y/n.
y/n put her hand out to drink her tea. She too looked adorable, but she was heartbroken. I wanted to scream out that I loved her with all my heart and that she could be with me, but I didn’t. There we were sat in my living room both at heart conflicts.
“I just don’t know how I’m meant to get over him. I mean I checked my phone and he’s out tonight with the same girl. He obviously didn’t care about me, but I cared so much about him. How will I ever get over him?” She literally meant every word, as she groaned over him.
“What?” I asked her, surprised. Why would the most perfect girl worry about getting over nor care about a piece of trash?
“I’m just heartbroken.” Was all she could say. Her voice was weak and tired, something she’s grown far too accustomed to and it pissed me off. How could y/n not see how incredible she was?
I tried to bite my tongue and held her tightly. But that was it, I couldn’t freaking lie to her anymore and hide my feelings.
“Y/N, How are you heartbroken over a guy who treats you like crap and is that himself?!” I was angry at y/n for not knowing how she deserves to be treated.

y/n POV
I saw Dan light up with fire. I’ve never heard him raise his voice like that.
“Why are you like this?” I frantically said confused at the boy with brown hair.
“I thought you were my friend?”
Dan puffed out a big breath of air. “Of course, I am you’re friend, y/n!” He said getting defensive. “What the heck, sometimes I wish I was more than just your bloody friend y/n!”
“What?” I’m dumbfounded. Did Dan Howell just confess his feelings to me? I had no idea, I mean he’s always been a great friend of mine but I’ve never seen him like that, especially when I was with Zach.
“Why can’t you just let me love you?” He proclaimed, distressed and upset with watery eyes.
“I didn’t know. Dan, I’m sorry. I just never…” My voice strayed away just my train of rational thoughts.
“What, you never realized?! I love you y/n!” He frustratedly shouted to them become quiet.
I was in shock. Did that just happen? Dan was in love with me. Or is in love with me.
After a couple of seconds pass, all I could say was my true thought, “Why didn’t you tell me?” I quietly ask.
“When you were with your boyfriend or heartbroken?” Dan sarcastic words sharply cut through me. I felt awful and cornered, but I didn’t know how I should’ve felt, my best friend just admitted to having feelings for me. But I didn’t necessarily not mind.
“You put your feelings aside to spare mine?”
Dan’s eye advanced looking down at the ground, “I guess I did.”

I tried as hard as I could to not tell y/n. I thought I’d just live with her being with Zach, but see the way he hurt her, I couldn’t let that happen again without telling her how I really felt. He treated so bad and I could treat her so good, it wasn’t fair. Anyways they’ve broken up, so I told myself it was fine. I confessed my feelings, a bit loud, but I did it and honestly I didn’t regret it. y/n deserves to know that someone loves her and can treat her the way she deserves.

y/n POV
It wasn’t until he said those words, I never really realized it but Dan was an insanely amazing guy. He was caring, witty and smart. He pushed his feelings aside for me, for goodness sake’s. Dan was always there for me from the ups and downs of my relationship to when I had a bad day. Zach didn’t even do such a thing, nor did he care the way Dan does for me. He never left my side and he was the one person I could truly talk to about anything. How could’ve I’ve been so stupid? Why did I not notice that the best person, was right in front of me?

“Dan, I’m so sorry.”
“No, no it’s alright, I’m sorry.” Dan was awfully too polite for his own good. “I shouldn’t have shouted at you.”
I just shake my head in dismissal of his earlier voice volume, and mutter another sorry.
“Just forget about it, y/n.” Dan said trying to brush it of, in a harsh yet disappointed tone.
I saw how broken he was, from his eyes to his voice, to his entire aura.
I placed my hand on his, but he pulled away.
“It’s fine that you don’t feel the same way, I just needed to tell you.” Dan focused on his hands fidgeting.
“Who said I didn’t feel the same way?” I looked at him, bringing his face to see mine.
He hacked, “Don’t pity me, y/n.”
“No, you don’t pity me Dan.”
He looked confused as I continued, “Please don’t pity me for not seeing the best thing that’s ever happened to me. For not seeing that the guy, who I can talk to anytime and cares about me so much, was here the whole time. Please don’t pity me because I was too concerned in other stuff, to realize that you love me.”
Dan opened his mouth and was about to speak, but I cut him off, I needed to tell him. My eyes began to water and he cracked a small smile.
“And Dan Howell please forgive me, when I tell you that I truly love you, as you do me. That I was just too stupid to realize that you’d always be there for me because you love me. I’m now ready to do the same for you, because I love you.”
I felt tears trickle down my face. But these were different tears, they were happy tears. I looked grinningly at Dan and saw his watery eyes. He was smiling like a little kid and then went to wipe a tear from my face.
“So will you forgive me?” I smiled, grabbing his hand and he held it tight.
“There’s nothing for me to forgive you for.” Dan leaned into my lips. He pulled my lips over into his softly and sweetly. I didn’t decline and let him instantly, insanely satisfied that I did allow myself in his soft lips and mouth. Dan then pulled away slightly to whisper,
“y/n, I love you so much. Always have, always will.”
I blushed and my heart melted at that, pulling him back into our embrace.
“I love you too, Dan,” I tell him with slight tears in my eyes.
“Thank you for waiting, for all those times I was just a heartbroken girl over dumb guys.” I say bittersweetly, brutally honest at myself.
Dan scoffs before pulling my head close to kiss me on the forehead.
“I promise I’ll never break your heart.”

anonymous asked:

you know, in comparing rick/shane scenes in season two with rick/daryl scenes in ‘A’, it makes sense that rick would say to daryl ‘you’re my brother’, because that’s how he says to another man ‘i love you’. the real tragedy is daryl so obviously misunderstands that as ‘i think of you as a brother’ and nothing more.

Oh, my gosh. This ask is so perfect. 

What people fail to realize is that “you’re my brother” is less literal than the words entail. In the case of Rick Grimes, it suggests something that is the exact antithesis of what its surface meaning is. 

Because Rick Grimes looks at Daryl Dixon, the man who was willing to sacrifice his life to save his and his son’s, the man who saved his daughter, was the first to feed her—the man who has backed him up at every decision, the man who followed his lead when no one else believed in him, the man who has shown that he’d do anything Rick asks of him. He looks at Daryl Dixon, and he’s trying to think of the words to convey how much he loves him, how much he needs him, the sheer relief he’d felt when he saw that he hadn’t died (Andy said himself that Rick’s perspective is that it was worth almost dying, almost having Michonne and Carl raped, because all that meant that he would have Daryl back again). 

Rick Grimes looks at Daryl Dixon, and he’s trying to find the most intimate thing he can say to another man. He’s a good ol’ boy from the South, mind you; it’s not as easy to say “I love you” to another man as it is to say to his wife and son, and we know Rick already has a difficult time talking about his emotions. 

So you know what he thinks? You know what his mind jumps to the minute he looks at his best friend, his right hand man, his deputy, sitting beside him, hurt because of the sacrifice he made for Rick?

He thinks of Shane.

He thinks of Shane, the man whom he knew since he was a kid; he thinks of Shane, the man whom he would hold so intimately, his fingers carding through his hair and their foreheads pressed together, staring into each other’s eyes.

He thinks of Shane, the man whom he’d call brother. 

And, so, Rick Grimes looks at Daryl Dixon, and he says “you’re my brother”. Because, to Rick, that’s a best friend with intimacy left over, lurking quiet. A best friend where lingering gazes give away how they kissed in the back of Shane’s car in high school, drunk and laughing and stupid. (And, if you think past!Rick/Shane wasn’t a thing, you just look at the way Rick’s fingers trail agonizingly slow over Shane’s nape, twist in his hair, just like he would when Shane leaned down to kiss his throat—at the way Shane’s hand caresses Rick’s face as he wipes the blood away, like he’s getting ready to lean in and kiss like he used to, muscle memory still ingrained into him.)

Shane Walsh—one of the only two people Rick has ever called “brother”—is the man whom Rick thinks about when he looks at Daryl. 

That is the furthest thing from something irrefutably platonic. That is love, unadulterated and nervous and catching in the throat, expressed in the only way a man like Rick knows how.

And Daryl, closeted, queer Daryl, looks at Rick like he’s his light, his North Star, and he thinks he has no chance in the world; Rick is just his best friend, his brother, nothing more—he’s said it himself, hasn’t he?—and that is so tragic, you’re right. 

Because he doesn’t know that “you’re my brother” means that Rick Grimes has fallen in love with his best friend all over again. 

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How about a ficlet with Coliver where Connor goes to meet Oliver's family and instead of being all charming and suave he's actually scared? Because he has family issues, like his dad had never been in the picture, or left after finding out he was gay and and Oliver's family is actually very ok with it and they love Oliver just like before and then Connor and I just....I want Connor to get the love he deserves :3

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Fake Boyfriends Rec List

I promised to do a custom sterek rec list if we win third round of Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament. We did won and then we won the whole thing. Considering what’s going on in the fandom because of the show, mtv, Jeff Davis and many other things? It was big and epic.

You picked up 5 tropes and I have a lot of recs so you will get 5 separate rec lists. I know you love me ;)))


So here we go:


Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi                               

Summary: The one where the Hale fire never happened, Laura is a nosy sister, Derek is desperate, and Stiles is the only one that can help.

Word count: 84k                                                                           

Notes: Well, this is the classiest fake boyfriend sterek fic I know and one of the best as well. There is interesting plot, good humor, feels, awesome Laura and even mahogany. Also zosofi wrote this. If there is anyone who haven’t read this, well, what are you waiting for?

last night’s dress (tiptoe out of this mess) by hito

Summary: My dad just asked me if my booty call guy that comes over at 3am and leaves at 6 would like to stay for Sunday brunch next week. You in?

Word Count: 17k

Notes: This is one of my favorites! It’s hilarious and there are not so many good and really funny fics out there. Also papa Stilinski is the best. This is also Sheriff gets to know about the werewolves trope and Stiles just outdone himself while telling his poor dad the news :D

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus and uraneia

Summary: Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Word count: 21k

Notes: There is president son Stiles, bodyguard Derek and wedding in Vegas. Also alive and happy Hale family, lots of feels and big happy end. The only thing I would change is the length, seriously, I could read so much more of it.

Take Me Out (to the ball game) by TamrynEradani

Summary: Stiles was content to live his life without ever knowing who his soulmate was but when a leaked celebrity video leads to him knowing who his soulmate is, he has to meet the guy. He doesn’t expect to like Derek Hale, certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with him, but Stiles thinks he and Derek might have a shot if Lydia doesn’t kill him first.

Word count: 34k

Notes: We have actor Derek here and an awesome soulmates au as well. It was a little bit different and the psychology could be better but I liked it anyway. Like seriously, actor Derek and soulmates? Nothing else matters.

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hummingbird heartbeat - pt 10

( part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9AO3 )

It was a relief, heading back to Samwell. Going back to the Haus and his friends and people he was, well, out to really lifted his spirits. It wasn’t that Bitty didn’t love his parents, it was just that sometimes being home in Georgia felt stifling. He’d missed the Haus. He’d missed hockey. He’d missed his friends.

And, honestly, he was looking forward to being able to talk to Sweetie back at the Haus without worrying about how he’d explain him. Even if someone did overhear them, nobody would think it was weird at all – probably. Meeting someone online wasn’t what it was back in the early 2000s. Bitty didn’t think anyone at the Haus would think it odd to find his door locked. Hell, Ransom and Holster would probably be thrilled if they knew why.

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