I mean OBVIOUSLY nothing is perfect

stop saying liam is effortlessly talented

honestly i know you mean well but stop!!! because liam has done nothing but work for how good he sounds okay??? literally all you’re doing is discrediting all his hard work. yes he obviously has natural talent but you don’t just wake up one morning with the ability to harmonize on command, guys don’t reach high notes and stay in falsetto like he does just cause they feel like it, and i don’t care how much natural talent you’re born with perfect pitch is not something that comes to you over night, trust me i’ve been doing it for over 10 years now… so yes praise liam for all of his talents but stop saying it’s effortless


I don’t feel well and I don’t friend well.  It’s been a while since I’ve felt either happy or well and I honestly don’t believe it will change in this lifetime, but don’t worry, I’m planning nothing stupid.  Ironically in all my years on Tumblr this is probably the first time I’ve ever used my least favorite word.  Stupid!  God how that hurts, and I hope you never hear anyone call you that, but of greater importance by far, I pray you never believe it if you do.  You are not, and in fact no one including me is stupid.  You may have seen this in my words before but the man I blame for everything and I do mean everything is my now long deceased father. So what about this obviously horrible monster?  He was not, he definitely was not.  Like so many of us, he too was simply a victim of less than perfect parents, and he could give nothing more or less than he was given.  I understand this perfectly well, and forgave him long ago, and yet there is still a problem.  You see, there’s a five year old child who’s a little physically and little more emotionally unwell who does not yet understand.  You might say we’re close, in fact very close.  One of the things his father liked to say when he did something less than brilliant, or shall we say “adult” was “Don’t be stupid."  I’m sure the imperfect little boy badly misinterpreted the intention of these words of admonishment, yet to this day he still believes that he is not only defective but stupid as well.  I know he deserves better, I know it, and yet it seems that I too have only very little to give him.  Tragically once accepted as the truth, even lies are terribly hard to unbelieve.  Maybe one day I’ll actually love him well, maybe one day, but in the meantime my friends, please do not believe the lies.  You most certainly are not broken, defective or stupid.  I love you, but all that really matters is, Do you?        

I hate how female celebrities get constantly asked about their stance on feminism. I hate even more how people react everytime they give a not perfect answer. Even if they give a good answer people will find fault with it.

But this whole question thing is so damn misogynist in itself. It’s like media set a trap and people willingly condemn women who fall for it.

It is meant to expose women and to put them in a bad light. It has nothing to do with supporting feminism. The only reason why interviewers ask is, because it is controversial. It is a question that is very hard to win. It shouldn’t be.

I’d love for people to stop playing into the cards of the media. If a women falls into this trap, support her and try to explain why she is wrong without blaming her. Don’t feed her to the sharks.

Not Huge News

An ex texted me about Dan Savage’s pilot deal with the caption “THIS IS HUGE NEWS” and I guess I just want to go on record and say that it isn’t. Nothing against Dan Savage’s life experience or adolescent struggle, I don’t know how the actual television show will unfold and obviously it could be good, depending on who they hire to write for it… But America is already familiar with this narrative so prioritizing representation of it (or rather, that of a “a “picture-perfect family” whose world is turned upside-down when their son comes out of the closet” in the words of ABC - consider the use of the term “picture-perfect” by the way, and what exactly that means in the context of this) is not huge news. We don’t need more media representation of the Dan Savages of the world, particularly through a heterosexual lens. In other news, call me when Janet Mock gets a pilot deal for her life story (which she should, by the way, Redefining Realness is incredible) because I would very much care about that, but this I don’t find newsworthy.

Jealous Sarah hating ‘fans’ (if you can call yourself that) Come at me with all the “Sarah only married Brendon for the fame and money” bullshit. I WILL FLY KICK YOUR FACE. If you 'loved’ Brendon as much you claim, you’d be happy that Brendon is happy, which he obviously is, with Sarah❤
P.S- just because you ship Ryden (like myself) doesn’t mean it’s okay to send hate towards Sarah. Sarah and Brendon are a real life couple- who evidently love eachother very much. Ryden (despite being perfect in every way) is- now- nothing but a fantasy; yes, it’s fun to ship it and make fanart about it and write amazing fanfics about it, but it is still nothing more than a fantasy, Sarah and bden are a REAL married couple.
Sarah is a real person too, with real feelings, who reads the bullshit these haters spread. Imagine waking up every morning knowing the some of the 'fans’ of the man you love hate you and go as far to claim you don’t love him at all and make you out to be a gold digging fame hungry user- imagine feeling as if you have to prove that you love your husband to a group of jealous women who’s praying for your divorce.
Despite it all Sarah is warm hearted, kind Angel, who is lovely to the panic! Fandom as a whole. Give Sarah the love she deserves, because anyone who makes our precious music man as happy as she does deserves a medal not shitty rumours.
Sarah Urie is a babe❣

sorry for the rant, I know not all fans hate Sarah (some of us almost love her more than Brendon) I’ll go back to being a happy, gay bean, Imma gonna reblog some cute photo or ryan gloss and bden urine now.
- penis! At the party ✌🏻️


So off the top of my head, the past two blocks worth of Magic: The Gathering have included explicit representation of people who are…

And that’s just what I can reflexively think of. While, obviously the game isn’t perfect with it’s rep, nothing is. Plus, like, it’s a card game which is an incredibly unique and difficult creative medium in which to, say, give in-depth storylines and characterizations to people (it’s inherently going to be in broad brushstrokes)

However, there’s been a clear, concerted effort on the part of Magic to become more inclusive, more positive, more representative of its incredibly diverse audience and not just reproducing the default fantasy stereotypes of who is/isn’t part of an imagined universe.

And if you don’t think that’s the coolest shit and worth celebrating, you can get out of my face.