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SELFISH (Part One) - Stiles Stilinski smut

Title: Darling Spread Your Legs For Me

Summary: A visit from Allison prompts you to think on the nature of your relationship with Stiles. Shortly after, the man of the hour makes a surprise visit (get your holy water).

Word count: 4.9k

Warnings: NSFW! Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving) annnnd a handjob. Lots of dirty talk. Like seriously. Oh! Swearing too :)

A/N: I said in the introduction that you didn’t need to read that part to understand the rest of the series. Whilst that still holds true, there’s a small part that references the events of the charity gala, so I’m gonna briefly summarise that part under the cut! 

I realllllly hope people read this haha. If you have any thoughts AT ALL, please let me know. It’d honestly mean the world to me. Happy reading!

SONG OF THE PART: listen here. /// Thanks to @isacclahys for supplying me w a song that sets the tone for this fic so, so well. It’s great.


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We’re pretending this gif is Stiles. Shhhh…

Previously on SELFISH…

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Taylor, thank you for having checked in on Leyton more in the last year than his certain other people in his life who should have but instead left.  Despite your busy schedule, your Grammy-award winning self still has had time to click like on a few pictures of him since your return to tumblr, and honestly I can’t even express how much it means- to both of us.  He asks about you ALL the time (you should have seen him last night when I told him you saw us in Cindy’s chat- he was begging to talk to you 😂 )and it warms my heart and sets my mind at ease to know that when he asks about you, I can say with sincerity that you’ve seen him and that you care. So really, thank you so, so much for everything, always, and for being so amazing and getting to know all your fans in the amazing way you do.

Last night you texted me saying that you still miss me and love me, and it was the first time I didn’t reply to you. It was the first time I chose to be selfish, even though it seems like the wrong word to use. It was the first time I saw your name on the screen and my heart didn’t break all over again. It was the first time I did not immediately burst into tears, that of course, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t immensely hurt. But yes, it was the first time I chose myself over you, and it was the first time in a long time that something felt right.
—  I’d say goodbye, but you don’t deserve it
Doctor Love

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Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Sister!Reader

Summary: (Y/N) was willing to help his little brother, Mike, to get over his love sickness.

Word count: 1.183

Posted: 9th of November 2017

A/N: Another imagine is up, guys! I wrote this last Sunday and I decided to post it today. I have received new requests and I will try to write them during the weekend as I am having lots of stuffs to do at school.

Anyway, I hope that you are liking these sibling imagines and don’t be shy to send one! I am happy to write them. Also, please don’t forget to leave some feedbacks. Thank you so much and enjoy!

- G. x

“Hey, Venkman!” You happily greeted your little brother and you carefully plopped your body on the seat beside him. “What’s with the sad face? Isn’t Halloween your favourite day?”

“No, it’s not.” He shortly answered with a frown on his face. You corrugated your forehead since it was strange that your brother wasn’t celebrating Halloween, mostly after he’s got tons of sweets and candies that were scattered on the centre table. “Weren’t you going to a party?”

“I am not interested.” You shrugged your shoulders and you snatched your favourite in one of your brother’s chocolate bars. You were seriously more interested in eating sweets with your brother than talking about the party. “What happened?”

“Ugh,” He rolled his eyes because he knew that you would insist on knowing everything. You were his gossipy sister for nothing, duh! “it’s just Lucas and Dustin invited Max tonight.”

“Max?” You unclearly asked as you hungrily munched your chocolate bar. He grabbed his favourite candy and rested his back on the couch whilst opening it.

“She’s a new girl in town.” He silently and grumpily chewed his treat as he earned a confused glare from you. You raised an eyebrow because you couldn’t understand why he was hating on the girl so much. They were kids and kids were usually happy to have new friends. “She’s annoying!”

“Oh.” You nodded when he finally explained why, as if he read your mind. “Have you ever talked to her?”

“No, but,” He sighed. “Lucas and Dustin want her to join our party and I hate that! We don’t need another member.”

“Why are you being so selfish, Mike?” You calmly asked him. You had no intentions to insult him or whatsoever, you just wanted explanations. He surely snapped at her many times now, knowing how sassy and audacious your brother was, and maybe she was asking for some explanations too, some answers on why Mike kept on excluding her from their group.

“I am not selfish, I just don’t like her.” He fidgeted with the empty candy wrapper, making some unwanted noises and chaos.

“Stop it!” You grabbed the wrapper to carelessly throw it on the table. “Why don’t you give her a chance? Maybe she’s cool too, like El.” You suggested as you focused your attention back at your conversation.

Mike quickly looked at you and shot you a deathly and scary glare. “She’s nothing like her!” Shoot it, you hit his weakest and darkest spot: Eleven.

“I didn’t say that she’s special like Eleven, Mike.” You made yourself clear, but your brother was still glaring at you. “Does Max have those telekinetic powers?”

“No!” He defensively responded. “Eleven is the mage!”

“Exactly! El was one of a kind, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have another girl in your group.” You thoughtfully commented. You knew how important Eleven was to your brother, but he couldn’t continuously stick himself to a person that has already gone away.

“(Y/N), it’s not that she just wants to be a part of our group, but it seems like she wants to take El’s place!” Your brother shouted at you and his gesture left you shocked and grounded. How was it possible that a kid was able to think of something like that? Max surely just wanted to have some friends while she was having a new tragic start in an unfamiliar crazy and mysterious town.

“Did she tell you, Michael?” You fearlessly questioned him. You didn’t know who the girl was, but you were feeling bad for her. She was new in town and it seemed like everyone was leaving her out of the community.

“No, but I can feel it!” He pointed his thoughts out, crossing his arms firmly. You loudly clicked your tongue because of your hardheaded brother.

“Mike, I know that you are upset for El,” You faced your brother and nodded confidently to let him know that you were aware of his situation. “but you just can’t cut people out, making them feel different and unwanted. We haven’t seen El for like a year and you are hurting, but that’s not a valid excuse to be a brainless and heartless jerk.” You vented, hoping to make him understand every single word that you were thinking about.

An awkward silence was created between the two of you. You quickly felt bad and awful as soon as you realized what you have just said. Your brother was already upset and heartbroken but then you got this idea to remind him everything about the love of his life.

“Three hundred and fifty-three days.” He then murmured, calming his tensed body. He might have understood and realized your point.  

“What?” You curiously asked, still chewing the sweet junk food in your mouth.

“I haven’t seen her in three hundred and fifty-three days,” he explained, leaving you frozen. The kid was still hoping to see her. “I am counting the days since I last saw her, and, every night, I would try to reach her with my walkie talkie.” He bowed his head as if he was praying, slowly knocking down the walls that he built so high.

“I’m sorry.” You slowly rubbed his back to comfort him. “I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s okay, (Y/N), you had the point.” He sadly smiled at you. “It’s just that sometimes I feel like I am going crazy.” He shyly looked at you, shaking his head as he tried to shoo his thoughts away.

“It’s fine, talk to me.” You emphatically assured him as you carefully put the candy back on the table.

“I don’t really know what’s happening, (Y/N).” He sighed. “Sometimes I feel like she’s still around, but she never came back, she never took a day to come back.”

“Mike,” You started. “I am not a love expert, I suck at giving love advices, and I know that it isn’t that easy,” He sadly looked at you. “but I am always here for you.”

“Thank you.” He nonchalantly wrapped his arms around you, softening his facial expression. He let his emotions out, turning back to the little sensitive Mike that he used to be.

“We will figure everything out, together.” You hugged him back, gently caressing his dark coloured hair. “But, please, try to give Max a chance.”

“All right,” He heavily breathed. “I will try.”

“Great job, lover boy!” You exclaimed with a happy smile. It was a sad situation, but you were also happy because he confided his feelings with you. It was usually a thing that he did with his friends and not with his family.

“I know, Doctor Love!” He playfully rolled his eyes and a loud and chaotic laugh simultaneously escaped from your mouths.

He was hurt and broken, but one thing was certain: you would help him to pick every fragile fragment of his little heart up and you would cure him from the cursed lovesickness.

You were his sister and family usually fixed everything, at least for Mike. He has always trusted you and he surely didn’t call you Doctor Love for nothing.

From Enemies to Lovers Pt:15 FINALE

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

[Pt:1] [Pt.2] [Pt.3][Pt.4] [Pt:5] [Pt:6] [Pt:7] [Pt:8] [Pt:9] [Pt:10] [Pt:11] [Pt:12] [Pt:13] [Pt:14] [Pt:15FINALE]

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I swallowed hard, I didn’t think he noticed it - I didn’t think he’d dwell on it even if he did. I stared at him blankly. Even though he just woke up, he looked perfect. 

“Well…?” I shook my own head to bring myself back to reality.

“Hmm?” I tried acting confused, but I knew he wasn’t buying it.

“Look Y/N, I know you didn’t mean it the way I wanted you to mean it-”

“What?” I cut him off, wondering if I even heard him correctly.

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thin walls

summary; secrets have been kept, but the truth will always find its way out. when shawn hears something he shouldn’t have through the thin walls, walls of his own seem to crash down as well.



Your back hit his plush white sheets as you felt his soft lips roaming your hot bare skin. It was euphoric — you were lost in your own pleasure. Hands gripping your waist as your head was thrown back, all you were focused on was the scene unfolding in front of you. You loved moments like this. Something about the ability of being able to have both ecstasy and intimacy all at the same time had you running into this very scene every time.

As he found your sweet spot lying underneath collar bone, you couldn’t help but moan out his name. Pants and moans filled the room as he continued to mark your flushed skin. Your mind might’ve been under the influence of the many shots you took tonight, but the butterflies that he gave you in the pit of your stomach seemed to make you sober enough to absorb all of the pleasure. 

He collapsed on you a few seconds later as the two of you found a comfortable position to lay in. “That was amazing,” You let out as your chest heaved from what happened minutes before. Lying your head on his smooth and toned chest, you dozed off once the fun and buzz of alcohol began to subside.

Shawn stretched his stiff arms as he rubbed his eyes trying to wake himself up. He reached over to hug you but when he grabbed over at nothing, he started feeling suspicious. Looking over to your side of the bed to see your pillow standing straight up and sheets still smooth in the same way he set it up the night before, Shawn instantly knew that you never came home last night. You had told him that you were going to celebrate your best friend’s birthday and that you would be home late, which he was totally okay with. 

You weren’t lying about the party, but Shawn didn’t know that being home late meant not coming home at all. Shawn tried to stay up to greet you when you would come home most likely drunk, but his eyes shut before he could ever do so. He rolled over towards the night stand perched against the wall to check his charging phone for any texts. Unlocking his phone, he was only faced with the numerous texts still waiting for a reply that he sent to you the night before. He sent another message and almost called you until he figured that you spent the night at your friend’s house. 

Shawn knew how much you valued trust in a relationship, and he knew that you hated it when he worried too much about you. Shawn respected your words, but he couldn’t help but be a little scared about your whereabouts. He hated the thought of you being hurt or in danger because of him and his carelessness.

Adjusting to the natural sunlight peeking through his shared room with you, Shawn brought himself into the living room and then to the kitchen, making a beeline to the fridge. It was a little early for even Shawn to be awake, but he wanted to get himself ready just in case you were down to hang out today. He made two cups of coffee, one for him, and one for you. It was a habit made from living with you for almost two years now, practically muscle memory to him. Unlike you, Shawn was always a morning person and he knew that you always appreciated waking up to a cup of fresh brewed coffee with specifically two sugars and one cream. 

He was always so attentive to all of your details that sometimes you couldn’t help but think that he knew you better than you yourself.

Shawn adored everything about you. Everyday, he’d learn something new about you, soaking in all of new information like a sponge. He’d often take a few minutes out of his day and daily workout routine to just sit back and and think about how lucky he was to call you his. Shawn couldn’t help the stupid grin that would stretch from ear to ear or the warm feeling in the pit of his stomach when he’d think about you. Everything you did made him swoon and he fully knew that you had him wrapped around your finger. He didn’t mind though, because at the end of the day, he still got to call you his. 

You had easily been the best girlfriend Shawn has ever had; something about you made him feel alive, loved. Like any couple, the two of you have your ups and downs, but always find a way to overcome it. The relationship came so naturally – you were like his best friend, his partner in crime. Shawn didn’t know how much he needed you until you were in his life. You were the drug and he was your addict. He made you feel so special and he made sure that you knew how much he loved you. Shawn could spend hours on end talking about you – he could even write whole albums solely about you if he wanted to. It might’ve been two years down the road between you and Shawn, but he still found a way to make the relationship feel like the two of you were still in the honeymoon stage. Something about you always made his heart beat faster, his legs weak, and hands jittery. 

Shawn might’ve been a spontaneous and impulsive person, but he knew one thing: Shawn wanted to marry you one day in the future. You were his everything.

A short ten minutes had passed and the sun was almost done rising as Shawn took a seat in the living room the two of you decorated together. The silence was getting too much to sit through and the apartment suddenly felt so empty without your company. Shawn had missed the morning kisses he was so used to giving you and all he wanted at the moment was for you to come home so he could shower you in cuddles and kisses. You still hadn’t returned any of Shawn’s calls and he was starting to worry. Picking up his phone, he called Ian, who was at the party. 

After three rings, another voice was finally on the other line. “Hey Ian, have you seen Y/N? She still hasn’t come home from the party last night. Do you know if she stayed at Jessica’s house?” He tapped his foot patiently waiting for his friend to sooth his concerns.

“Wait, she’s not home? I mean it’s still pretty early right now, but I could’ve sworn I saw her get picked up at like two in the morning. I thought you came by to get her?” Ian explained, beginning to feel the same panic as Shawn.

Color drained from his face and he immediately felt a rush of guilt. He scolded at himself for not trying to get a hold of you earlier.

Shawn’s stomach dropped and his gripped tightened on the phone as he was becoming all too aware of the situation’s reality. “Alright, thanks man. One of her friends probably let her stay the night. Talk to you later.” He quickly said. 

Who could you have possibly gone home with? Checking his call history, Shawn made sure that he didn’t look over any missed calls from you. If you needed a ride, why didn’t you just call him? 

All of the possibilities swarmed his already busy mind. Shawn so badly wanted to give his girlfriend the benefit of the doubt, his heart telling him to trust you. The thought slowly brought him to ease as he remembered the words that you’d always say.

“Trust in me, Shawn. Trust in us. I love you, and I’ll never hurt you.”

Shawn recited through memory as he sunk back into the couch, watching the sun rise.

“Jessica, he’s not gonna find out. Please stop nagging me,” You said in a hushed tone to your best friend. Jessica has been your best friend since freshman year of high school, and you were starting to question if she was on your side or not. This wasn’t the first time the two of you have had this conversation.

“Look, all I’m saying is that you need to make a decision. You’ve been fucking another guy behind your boyfriend’s back for four months now. Did it ever cross your mind that you are cheating on your boyfriend while he’s completely oblivious to it? He was probably on tour thinking about you every moment from the other side of the world while you’ve practically been falling out of love with him.” She scolded at you.

“Hush! Don’t say it like that, someone might hear you.” A pang of guilt filled your body, “You’re on speaker and I’m literally a yard away from the apartment’s door! And don’t say that I don’t love him, because you know that’s not true.”

“You wouldn’t be doing this if you loved him,” Jessica quipped back.

Your best friend was right – she was always right, but you didn’t want to admit it. “Bullshit. I just missed him and Matthew happened to be there when Shawn wasn’t. He gave me the things Shawn couldn’t. The distance got to me, okay?Shawn’s just not enough for mean anymore, I guess,” You tried to persuade your friend that you weren’t in the wrong though you fully knew that everything about this was anything but right.

If you knew Jessica at all, she was probably rubbing her temples and groaning at you. “Are you hearing yourself right now?” Your friend spoke through the phone even louder. “Shawn has girls throwing themselves at him every night, but I don’t see him sleeping around. He’s been just as lonely and needy as you. Shawn has been back for two months, thinking that everything is still okay. Break things off with Matthew, and tell Shawn the truth before it’s too late.” She continued.

“Ugh, I don’t know what to do at this point. I can’t just l-let go of Matthew like that.” That was the truth. 

Something about him was intoxicating; he gave you the high that you so badly craved, he gave you the goosebumps that your relationship with Shawn couldn’t.

“Y/N, you know I love you, but you know full well that Shawn doesn’t deserve this. The poor boy is head over heels for you, and you’re throwing it away two years with him for some fling?” You quickly hid behind a corner as if anyone was listening to the phone call. 

“Okay, fine I’ll figure it out soon, but please don’t say anything. Shawn’s not gonna find out. There’s nothing to worry about.” You assured your friend as the two of you said goodbye. 

“Just, just don’t screw Shawn over like that.” Your friend warned before finally hanging up.

You had spent the last five minutes in front of the door to your shared apartment with Shawn talking to your best friend about the dilemma that you were in. Sure, you had been having an affair with another guy you met at a party four and a half months ago, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Shawn. The look on his face when you’d tell him would crush you. You could already imagine the way your betrayal would hit him. You knew Shawn didn’t deserve this, but the selfish part in you didn’t want to lose him. He did so much for you, gave you so much unconditional love. You could confidently say that he’s the best boyfriend you’ve ever had, but you were far from being the best girlfriend to him. 

He needed a loyal and loving girlfriend, something you’ve been neither of for a while. You’re not sure when it all happened, but things have been different between the two of you ever since Shawn’s been home from this tour. Sure, the two of you had done long distance before, but you were finally feeling the heavy effects of it on your bones. There hasn’t been the same exhilarating spark that you two first had at the beginning of your two year relationship – Shawn’s presence no longer made you feel any emotion but hurt. You didn’t want to say that you were no longer in love with you, but it’d be a lie to say that you still felt same way you did before he left for tour. The worst part was how the predicament was one sided because you knew for a fact that Shawn still thought everything was going okay. 

Pushing your thoughts aside figuring it was too early in the morning to be thinking about that stuff, you quietly unlocked the door. Making sure to stay quiet since Shawn was most likely still sleeping, you turned the knob to open it when it was swung open before you even had the chance to. 

Initially startled, it didn’t take you long to become aware of what was happening. You instantly regretted having the phone call so close to you and Shawn’s shared home, and you knew you were going to regret looking up because when you did, you felt the heartbreak you were trying to avoid. The person who had opened the door had been none other than Shawn, and when you saw the tears brimming at his eyes, lips quivering, and shoulders sunken, you knew exactly why.

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i thought about death last on a tuesday. i thought about how decay is supposed to smell sweet and i wondered what that meant for its taste. i have no intention to find out, though i know curiosity, like cat to mouse, has a way of digging her claws in.

i thought about life last night. not just the sunrise, or the stars. not just the way the world goes dizzy at the edges when you hold your breath, but the way that the air feels in the aftermath of a storm. particles lightning-charged with the same kind of life that lingers in the synapses of a brain at the edge of discovery.

this morning i thought about you. you. you are hard to fold into words. i find that your curves do not like the way sentences feel when i try to hold them up against you, to see if i caught your image within them. the comparison is as weak as i was when i saw you last tuesday, or when you smiled at me last night.

tonight? who knows. the thing is, i think these days i laugh more than i cry, but i still think about death. i haven’t looked at the stars in a while but i still see them, and i will always watch for storms. you do not complete me as i was a person before you, but i like that we could live alone. it means we choose not to.

l.s. | i still think © 2017 

Ten Minutes Ago (Part 7)

Feysand - Cinderella au

Fic Masterlist

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“Clare,” the prince breathes, resting his forehead against hers and ignoring the odd looks from the people around them. “I didn’t think you came.”

“I almost left, Cassian stopped me though,” she whispers back and Rhys smiles, slowly wiping the tears from her cheeks. “Nuala also made me food, which was delicious.”

“They’re both pretty awesome aren’t they?” They laugh softly, breath mingling in the small space between them. Rhys feels ecstatic. This girl in his arms, so close to him he could pick her up and run away if he wants, makes him so happy he can barely comprehend it. “Why were you crying?” He asks quietly, the kitchen resumes it’s bustling behind them, politely giving them space. Cassian and the girls are sitting by silently, which Rhys is grateful for.

“I-” she is cut off by a loud bang above them. The clock tower.

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Body Swap

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jody, Castiel

Word Count: 2,244

Warnings: fluff, Dean as Jody, Jody as Dean, awkwardness

Request: Can you do a fic where Jody and Dean get body swapped by a witch, and the reader dates Dean and things get weird?

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

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“Dean, I’m sure that it’s nothing. You know how many times we’ve dealt with witches throwing shit at us and nothing happened? I’m sure this was one of those times.” You assured your boyfriend, walking back into the Bunker. You were hunting with Jody this time since was close enough to help since you were dealing with not one but two covens and you needed the extra man power.

After a torturing 24 hours, you were back at home, ready to go to sleep for days to come. You had Sam promise that he wouldn’t go looking for new cases until, at least, the weekend was over. After that hunt, you needed the weekend to settle down and relax.

“You say that every time and it’s always something.” Dean said, walking into your shared room.

“I’m sure this time. Plus, she didn’t get to finish her spell so it probably didn’t work.” You said, dropping your things by the end of the bed.

“We’ll see.” Dean said with a sigh. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Have I ever steered you wrong?” You asked, smiling at him.

“All the time.” He said.

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What Happened Between Us? (Jason Todd x Reader)

AU:  A and B are rivals/nemeses, and wake up one morning together in a bathtub. Naked. With barely any recollection of last night’s party.

I forgot who came up with this AU because I literally saved so many prompts and Au’s in my notes without the creds.


It was cold. You rubbed your eyes as you groaned with a huge pounding in your head. Everything was blurry when you opened your eyes, as you blinked a few times your vision finally came back to normal.

You looked down before noticing your surroundings, Why the hell am I naked and in a bathtub?

You were not alone. You were laying against someones hard naked chest. 

Oh hell no, you scrambled away from Jason’s naked body towards the other side of the bathtub, making sure to only look at anything else but his waist down, “Wake up, you asshole!”

He peeled his eyes open, doing the same thing you did when you woke up, “What the hell happened?” He groaned, rubbing his eyes and the back of his head.

You covered all the privates you have, “You tell me!”

He finally looked at you, taking a few seconds to comprehend that this situation is for real, “What the fuck?!”

You tried to remember what happened last night. The last thing you can think of was dancing on a table with a drink in your hand.

You face-palmed, gritting your teeth, “I cant remember a thing.”

Jason cleared his throat, “The last thing I remember was…” He hesitated for a moment, knitting his eyebrows together, “Fuck, never mind.”

“Never mind? Never mind?! What happened between us, Jason?!” You tried to stand up, put the pain in your lower abdomen stopped you from doing so.

Oh fuck no, “Did…did we have…?”

“No! Fuck no! Why would i have sex with a brat like…” He looked down at his lower half, scowling with flushed cheeks, “I…I’m wearing a condom.”

Your heart dropped. You had sex with Jason Todd. The Jason Todd you swore to never speak to. He’s always so full of himself with little to no compassion for anyone else. The memories of last night finally came back. The dancing, the kissing, taking each others clothes off while stumbling into his bathroom, hell you can even remember the way he touched you, and what he…feels like.

It seems like Jason was remembering everything else as well. The both of you stared at each other, remembering the things you both said. 

“You’re so beautiful, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Jason.”

You shook your head feeling your cheeks turning hot, letting out a nervous laugh, “Look, the stuff I said last night, I totally didn’t mean it. I hate your guts.”

It took a moment for him to laugh, too, “Oh, pff yeah I feel the same way. Me in love with you? Ha! Yeah right.”

“And I cant believe we had sex in a bathtub, I mean how stupid is that, right?”

He nodded, still staring at you, “Yeah…stupid.”

You nodded, clearing your throat, “We should uh…we should get out of here.”

You didn’t care that you were naked in front of him now, he already saw everything last night. You got up slowly, holding onto to edge of the bathtub to help you from falling, but Jason gripped your arm, stopping you from getting out, “I don’t want to.”

You turned to face him, feeling shocked, “Jason I-”

“Why do you hate me so much?”

You hesitated before sitting back down on the cold bathtub floor, “I don’t really hate you, I just think it’s annoying how narcissistic you are.”

He raised an eyebrow as he let go of your arm, giving you a are-you-for-real look, “When have I ever been narcissistic?”

“You love looking at yourself in every mirror you can find, you flex your muscles every time a girl walks by you, oh and by the way, Dick told me you only do that when I’m around, you complain about the freaking likes you get on instagram even though you get more than 100,000 likes I mean come on, I can keep going.”

He scratched the back of his head, “Shit, you’re right.”

You shrugged, “I know. So, why do you hate me?”

He smirked, “I dont hate you. I just find it fun teasing you, making you angry you know?”

You blinked, “So, you dont hate me.”


“Not even a little?”

He shook his head, “Nada.”

After all this time, Jason was just trying to get you to like him. But you don’t know that yet. 

He stood up, you squealed and covered your eyes since his member was literally right there, he chuckled, “You have to get dinner with me later tonight.”

With your hands still covering your eyes, you asked him why as he opened the bathroom door. Before he left, he said, “Because I’m going to make you fall for me, Princess.”

The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 18) -Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Dead Week”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Cora Hale, Derek Hale, Ethan, Malia Tate, Sarah Millin, Hanna Simmons, Mina Van Steenis, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, Hayden Romero, Lydia Martin, Jordan Parrish, Zachary Pillit & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, cursing probably, other stuff? idk.

A.N.: This chapter is long but is also sort of the beginning of the end of this part of the series as their Freshman year is coming to a close.

Summary: The Pack sets out to save Hanna before it’s too late.

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“Zachary… You’re name is Zachary, right?“ Y/N squatted in front of him. "I’m not gonna hurt you… Do you remember me?” Y/N pulled her hair out of her face and back onto her shoulders. “I helped you and your girlfriend, Mary, that night in Magnolia Park. Do you remember?” The young vampire nodded his head. Y/N smiled a smile that lit up the room. “Great, great… Zachary, I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you more, that I couldn’t keep this from happening to you, but I’m hoping that you’ll help me now. Will you help me?”

“Yes.” Zachary, the first victim of the vampire attacks, from the night when Y/N met Scott and Stiles, said quietly, convinced by Y/N’s sincerity.

“Your friends took my roommate. Her name is Hanna, she has three sisters and parents and grandparents who all love her very much. Sarah and I, we love her very much. She’s our best friend, and your friends took her from us.” Y/N pointed to Sarah, standing next to Parrish behind the couch. “If you tell us what they’ve done with her, we might be able to help you get back to your old life. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes.” Zachary whispered.

“Why were you following our friends tonight?” Scott asked gently.

“She told me to.”

“Who’s ‘she’?” Scott asked.

“The Queen.”

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I wanna be able to call you mine

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Request: Could you do a version of you’re drunk but with jughead?

When I met Jughead at South Side High, I fell for his mysterious ways. He was unlike any other person I’d ever met, which is precisely the reason why I wanted to keep things casual with him.

I didn’t want to fall hard for him and end up getting hurt because he was so unpredictable.

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Yoon Jisung Best Friends to Lovers!

request: Idk if you planned to do best friends to lovers for all the members of wanna one can i req one for jisung? I love him so much lmao thankyou! Your writings are amazing btw

request: Best friends to lovers with Yoon Jisung?

i’m actually terrible at endings omg sdjklfka

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nobody else but you, trey songz x bill skarsgard

Enjoy honey <3 And remember: English isn’t my first language so I apologise for any possible spelling/grammar mistakes

Nobody Else But You 

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard/Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 1.283 (got carried away)


Song lyrics

Text message


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It had been two weeks since Bill last saw you. You had exchange text messages but nothing much more than a simple “how you’re doing?”. You guys had been sort of “dating” for the past four months, but still hadn’t put a label on it. Two weeks ago, Bill had intended to surprise you by showing up at a party he knew you’d attend, but when he got there he saw you talking and drinking in a very friendly way with some other guy. He had gone home without a word, but confronted you the next day to have “the talk”

She like what’s up, what’s up with me and you
What we fin'nin, fin'nin to do
Lately I’ve been giving you some room, 
Lately I just don’t know what to do
I don’t want nobody else but you

You were sat across from each other, neither one knowing who should speak first or what to say. You knew what was this about because he had texted you saying what he saw at the party and that he wanted to “get things clear” with you. Finally, Bill decided to break the ice.

“Are you hooking up with other guys?” He went straight to the point, which kinda fazed you a little but recovered quickly.

“Maybe?” It came out as a question because honestly you weren’t sure of the answer.

“It’s a yes or no question, Y/N”. He was still upset about the situation

“I mean, yes but–” he stood up from where he was sat, running his hands trough his hair in a way you had learned he did when he was nervous or upset.

“But not in the way you think” you continued.

He looked at you, almost as if thinking you were making fun of him

“Then how?” he asked

“I just… I’m not sleeping around with strangers if that’s what you think. The guy you saw me with last night it was just a random dude who came to me and invited me a drink and I didn’t thought it was that big of a deal to flirt a bit considering we never said we were exclusive” his eyes opened like two coins when he heard the last part.

“We never said we were exclusive? What are you, twelve?” His words offended you and you stood up to face him -well, that’s a saying because come on, the guy’s taller than a tree.

“I guess I didn’t know you actually cared about having a relationship with me because you never invite me to none of your events and in the past four months you said repeatedly to the press you’re not seeing anyone”. Truth is, you didn’t care about dating other guys, but you didn’t want to get too atached to him in case he was just fooling around.

“I said that to protect our privacy because I didn’t know if you’d feel comfortable with the atention. Besides I don’t like being asked about my personal life when I’m trying to talk about my work”

That’s part of the point, Bill. I don’t know if I can handle being your ‘secret girlfiend’ but neither being photographed every time we go out”

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Freaky Friday: Part 4

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 2,407
Warnings: Language, a really snarky bartender, more confusion, and Dean messing with Sam’s hair.
A/N: This is the fourth part of one of my favorite fics I’ve written so far. If you haven’t caught up at the time that you’re seeing this, you can check out the Masterlist here.

Beta’d by my beautiful, crazy smart water bear @trexrambling who helps make my words make more sense: “OH my gosh I’M DYING!!”

As always, tags are at the bottom and if you’d like to be added to the list, please let me know. Hope you enjoy!

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Dean’s POV

“Shit,” I mumble as I shake out my hand. “Gabriel?! Seriously?! He was dead, right? We saw him die.”

Sam just looks at me and shrugs, “I mean, he is an archangel, Dean, it stands to reason that it wouldn’t be that easy to kill him.”

I sit back down on the bed and run a hand through my hair. I swear to God, just five minutes with a set of clippers…

“Lucifer killed him, Sam! Lucifer. How do you get out of that? There’s not really a ‘get out of jail free’ card when you’ve been killed by the actual devil.”

“Maybe angel blades can’t kill an archangel,” Y/N interjects. “That’s what Lucifer used, right? We know they’re one of the only things that can kill an angel, but how we do know it’s powerful enough to take down an archangel?”

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Assist Me (Part 4)

Summary: With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: none

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

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This time, Bucky avoided you for the day. Usually he would arrive in the kitchen early in the morning because that’s where you were before you set off to help Tony with whatever task he assigned you for the day. He had to ignore his grumbling stomach and the echoing of your voice from the kitchen.

He could also hear Sam’s loud voice in there, figuring you two were talking.

“I haven’t seen your boyfriend in a while y/n,” Sam joked.

Bucky’s heart dropped. He was unaware you had a boyfriend. Before his mood could change, he heard your voice reject Sam’s comment.

“Stop, he’s not my boyfriend Sam.”

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The war between our love (Loki x Reader) Chapter Four: His cold heart is melting

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Note: Sadness, love is starting to grow. (Gif doesn’t belong to me! Credits to Kibbitzer on Deviantart)

Words: 1455

They spend hours talking to each other, about practically nothing. They’d laugh, but when their eyes would lock they’d immediately look away from each other. They didn’t dare to fall in love, but there was something there that was starting to blossom between the two. Loki did not believe in that love at first sight garbage that maidens in the palace would gossip about. Though seeing (Y/N)’s beautiful face woke a fire in him that he never knew existed until she came. “You know, I was wrong.” She said breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen between the two as he looked to her in confusion. “About what?” He asked tilting his head.

“About you, about all of this. I dwelled so much on the fact I was forced into this marriage that I didn’t think about what joys it could possibly give me.” She said smiling to him as he smiles softly back. “Well that makes two of us my dear.” He whispered softly. “You are definitely one of the strangest men I’ve met.” She said as he quirks an eyebrow. “Is that good or bad?” He asked. “A little bit of both. Also… I had something… something to ask you.” She said looking at him. “Ask away.” He said gesturing to the open with his arms. “I woke up this morning and you were talking to a woman… Was… Was she your mother?” (Y/N) asked as Loki grew silent.

“Yes.” He finally spoke after a few minutes of silence. “Loki, I’m–” She started when Loki stood up. “I am going to go inside for the night. You may stay out here if you desire, but please do not disturb me anymore.” He said with a fierce voice making her wince as he walked inside when she watched him. “Sorry..” She finished with a sigh as she felt tears, just when they were finally getting alone she said something and ruined it all. She sighed before glancing to the night sky one more time before she walked into the palace. She went to the room and changed into her night clothes before laying down, but she couldn’t sleep.

The pain that flashed in his eyes made her blood grow cold as she let out a small sigh staring at the wall that was opposite of the door. About two hours later the door opened, but she didn’t dare herself to look back. Then she heard rustling when she bit her lip looking back before she froze for a moment in shock. Despite his smaller stature he was built, the muscles on his back rippled as he removed his clothing to place on his night clothing. She felt like she was mesmerized by his body when he turned around as she shifted making it look she moving in her sleep. She couldn’t see the small smirk that danced across his face before he walked over.

She felt the bed dip under his weight before he laid beside her when she felt his hand brush over her arm. She forced herself not to shiver from the small contact of skin when she felt him move the cover over her body more. Her eyes widened softly feeling a gentle kiss being placed onto her shoulder when she felt him turn away from her. She felt her face burning a scarlet red when she swallowed softly, feeling the tingling bliss from where his lips had been placed. It was very odd how hot it felt due to how cold his skin was and that made her wonder what he was. He obviously wasn’t of Asgardian descend, but he was a prince of this land which made no sense.

She didn’t dare voice that question due to the fallout when she asked if that was his mother, she hated to think she had upset him. Something had happened to the woman, it was obvious, but she didn’t want to see the hurt that consumed him to ever spread on his face again. She finally got the courage to sleep as her eyes drifted shut as the blissful unconscious stupor took over her. In the night she hadn’t realized how much she tossed and turned when she woke up she felt safe, she felt content. Suddenly she realized that she had something wrapped around her and it was warm, but not overly hot.

She looked up as her eyes widened to see she was wrapped up in Loki’s arms with her face in his neck when she gently started to put away. She was blushing profusely before he growled possessively when he yanked her back against him tightening his hold. She swallowed before looking up seeing his face grew angry before he relaxed as she watched him for a moment. He looked so innocent and looked at peace when she smiled softly reaching a hand up and placing it onto his face. His eyes fluttered open as he looked down to her before they widened in shock when he sat up. “I-I apologize, I do not know what forces overcame me last night.” He stuttered.

She let out a delighted laugh before sitting up with him. “Loki, I am your wife, but… still it was… nice.” She said brushing her hair back as he clears his throat looking away. “Also, I wanted to apologize for last night.” She said feeling the warm morning go stale. “I over stepped boundaries and I did not mean anything by it.” She said biting her lip hoping he wouldn’t storm off like last night. “No, it is I who should be apologizing. I shouldn’t have snapped like that. Yes, that woman you saw was my mother indeed. She was the only one I cared for in this wretched world, but sadly she was taken from me.” He said as she covered her mouth. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered.

“Come now, it’s not your fault. Do not concern yourself for it.” He said standing up before she watched him as she looks down nodding. “Alright.” She whispered softly when he smiles gently. “I shall get ready.” He said as she looks up to him. “I have to go out to another realm with my brother to talk over negotiations.” He said as she frowns softly. “How long will you be gone?” She asked frowning. “Oh only about three days.” He said before chuckling. “Will you miss me already?” He asked playfully getting a huff out of her. “As if.” She countered, but she held a smile of her own. “Wicked little vixen you are.” He said as she laughs gently.

“Whoever said I wasn’t?” She asked before standing up as he got clothes. She watched him as he got dressed again unable to help herself, because he was a gorgeous man. “You know, they say it is impolite to stare.” He comments with his back still turned as her face lit up. “I-I wasn’t staring!” She countered back huffing as she opened her own closet. “Of course you weren’t my darling.” He chuckled a deep smooth sound that made her bit her lip. They got dressed in silence after that when you two glanced to each other before you walked out of the room.

Last night’s kiss on the shoulder was still fresh in her mind and she wanted to ask him about it, but she decided to keep that little detail to herself. They walked down the hall together, side by side, as they made their way towards the entrance to the palace. They noticed Thor was mounting his horse as the others wished him luck when Loki walked over to his own horse. “Be careful and Good luck.” She said softly as he looked back her in slight shock. No one ever wished him luck and even bothered to act like they cared about him. That look in his eyes made her heart clench at the thought of everyone looking to Thor, but never Loki. He was forgotten.

She took his hand for a moment as he glanced down to their rings when she smiled softly intertwining their fingers. “You better come home to me, my dear husband. Do not make me come to that realm and drag you out myself.” She said getting a small laugh from him as she couldn’t help but smile. Suddenly she grew bold and pulled him into a kiss making his eyes widened for a moment. The kiss was brief and she pulled away before he could do anything as he finally mounted his horse still staring at her. “I wish you safe travels… My king.” She smiled. “Thank you my Queen.” He whispered back before Thor whistled as they rode towards the portal.

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Author’s Note: Agh! I am in love with this story! Also I am making a new story with Steve as a Hydra agent! Should I make it a times reader? Please check out the idea! I’d love to hear feedback for it! Have a lovely day loves!