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Watching Critical Role Live: episode 78 - The Brunch Club
  • Laura matched her nails to her sweater she’s too cool
  • Liam was wearing two kinds of plaid at once and somehow made it work
  • Taliesin’s Percy playlist is Cruel and Unfair
  • I’m glad their dad isn’t there, but I was kinda hoping Thordak would eat their dad as a Christmas Miracle.
  • “High-tech Hindenburg” = “metaphor for Vox Machina”

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Okay, So I know I’ve already posted these before. And I know no one really cares, but I’m gonna take a second to talk about this man and why he means so much to me.

Last year, on March 2nd, my friend (the short one^ lol) and I lost a friend to suicide. LONG story short, It hit us both super hard. I didn’t know what I was going to do because our friend was such a happy person. She was such an inspirational person who touched the lives of many. Her father committed suicide years ago, and she made of point of always reminding people that suicide was not the answer. That’s why what happened was such a shock. NO ONE saw it coming.

Lo and behold, the very next day Jared announced the launch of the “Always Keep Fighting” campaign. He was extremely brave and shared his story and personal struggles and offered amazing words of encouragement to our fandom and beyond. He made me realize I was strong and I could live. I had to live. I had to keep trying. He brought the SPN family together in a way we had never been before. He gave me, and so many others, a support system.

Jared was a bright light of comfort and strength in my dark lonely world. And he still is. I cannot ever thank him enough for that. #akf

Sequel of sorts to my last Hogwarts AU drabble (LINK). Again, this is inspired by a post by @error-rfa. I tried to keep the last one as spoiler free as possible but this one spoilers are unavoidable because my snowflake IS a spoiler. So. Spoilers!

“Choi, Saeran.”

To the untrained eye, the younger Choi twin was stoic as ever as he walked through the Great Hall. There was no hesitation, no fear in his steps, and his face was a mask of perfect indifference. 

But Saeyoung knew better. If there was one subject he excelled in, it was Saeran. After all, who could know you better than your reflection?

Saeran’s eyes met his brother’s briefly, locking onto each other for only a second before the younger twin huffed and turned away. Saeran’s eyes remained fixed on some distant and likely non-existent point as the Sorting Hat made its announcement.


Saeyoung felt his heart drop, and though Saeran’s expression remained unchanged he could swear he felt his twin’s drop too. They weren’t together. They were being separated. Again.

He vaguely noticed the applause that filled the room. It sounded distant and faded, covered up by the empty echo of his brother’s footsteps.


Saeyoung watched his twin slow as he reached the Slytherin table, looking around as he waited for the room’s attention to move away from him. When the next name was called and everyone turned away his speed picked up again, his legs racing towards the nearest door.

Zen had been ready to greet his house’s newest member and the infamous younger Choi twin. He was one of the few to notice Saeran’s departure, and one of even fewer to care. He sent a confused look over towards Saeyoung’s table but his eyes were met with yet another empty seat.

Saeyoung raced to catch up to his brother. It was harder than he thought it’d be considering Saeran wasn’t running. His twin had to be the fastest sulky speed-walker he knew.

“Saeran!” he called again, reaching out to stop him.

“Don’t touch me!” Saeran snapped, pulling his arm out of his brother’s grip.

Saeyoung flinched. It hadn’t been too long ago that they had been close. He supposed it was wishful thinking to assume they would fall back into the way things were.

“Come on, Saeran,” he tried again, keeping his distance this time.”Cheer up! It’s not like we’ll never see each other. And no dorm room can keep the great 707 out, I guarantee–”

“Idiot,“ Saeran snapped, but sharpness of his tone was overshadowed by the slight tremble in his voice that only his twin would have noticed. "I don’t care. I’ve been fine without you this long, what’s another seven years?”

Ouch. He would deal with that stab of guilt later. For now, he had more important things to worry about than his feelings.

Saeran.” That was his big brother voice, the one that meant he wasn’t leaving until he was satisfied. “The sooner you tell me what’s wrong the sooner I’ll leave you alone.”

For a while it didn’t look like Saeran was going to answer. Still, he wasn’t leaving either. And Saeyoung knew better than to keep pushing him. It was like trying to attract a stray cat. You couldn’t run up to it and grab it or it would just scratch you, as he had learned from experience. Multiple experiences. He had to wait for Saeran to come to him.

“Does this mean…” Saeran’s scowl didn’t match up at all with the hesitant softness of his voice. He seemed to weighed each word in his mind before deciding whether it was something he was willing to share. "Am I like her?“ he finally got out, his voice so quiet Saeyoung almost didn’t hear it break.

Saeyoung reached out, placing a hand on each of his brother’s shoulders.

"You’re nothing like her,” he said softly, resisting the urge to pull Saeran against him. They weren’t quite back to that point yet. “You know, Slytherin’s not a bad thing. And you’re braver than I’ve ever been, you’re just too smart to be in Gryffindor. And too ambitious. And cool.”

Before Saeran had a chance to come up with a comment to match the cynicism on his face, they were interrupted.

“He’s right, you know. There some great Slytherins here,” a smooth voice cut in from behind them. Zen smiled as both twins turned to look at him. “Like me.”

Saeran’s attempts to compose himself were slightly thwarted by the pink flush of embarassment tinting his pale cheeks.

“I’m not sure you’re an argument in its favour.” 

Saeran’s mumbled insult earned a laugh from the older boy. The younger Choi flushed under Zen’s kind eyes and turned his gaze back to his brother.

"He’s right. You’ll be fine. And Zen will be good to you,” Saeyoung promised with a smile. “Because I’ll transfigure his bed into a giant cat if he isn’t.” His tone made it clear he was only half joking. "Right, Zen?”

“Stop smiling like that,” Zen deadpanned, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, I’ll look out for him. Any friend of Seven’s is a friend of mine.”

“I can take care of myself,” Saeran muttered, turning away from both of them. “And anyways, I’m not his friend.”

The elder twin held back a sigh as he nodded, but before he could say anything Saeran spoke again.

“…I’m his brother.”

Saeyoung cried for the second time that day.


I got my etsy store, The Copper Mammet open now!


I admittedly don’t know how things work on there; will each listing disappear after one person buys it since I listed them as “made to order”? I only have one of each made right now and I just left on a rockhunting trip to Prudhoe Bay and Deadhorse and will be gone until the 15th or so so I can’t make more right away. I put down 1-2 weeks to make and ship because of the trip but I expect it to take less time than that once I’m back home. These are the only ones I got listed before we pulled out this morning around 6:30am but I will get the others you saw in my last post up when the trip is over; please look forward to it!

I had a question for you guys regarding the job stones. Would you like them the same size and shape as the Dalamud and veteran tattoo pendants or would you prefer that I attempt to cut them out the same as their ingame stones? The circle is far easier so I would charge $20, but the irregular shapes are finicky and tedious to cut so they would be $25. Also, for job stones I think I’ll give you an option when ordering to get the same patina as above or a rainbow patina.

I managed to grab my packaging on the way out so I’ll be able to wrap orders up on the trip and send them as soon as I get home, okidoki?

Thank you so much for all of the interest you have shown; you helped me get over my reservations and do this thing I’ve been wanted to for awhile. I appreciate all of the reblogs, likes, and comments so much. I hope you all find my art worth your money and may you ever walk in the light of the crystal.


A little over a year ago I posted my first fanart for @carpedm87“s solangelo fanfic On Tour. I had barely 100 followers, my art was amateur at best and I had never actually talked to anyone in here despite being on the website since 2011.

I think that fanart was a turning point for me. There was my blog before the On Tour fanart and my blog after the On Tour fanart. I’ve made countless drawings for that fic since then, my art improved A LOT, I just passed 2100 followers and I’ve made great friends (including the writer herself who is my absolute bae and I love her).

The fanfiction now only has one chapter left, so this is my last ever On Tour fanart and I just wanted to say thank you, to Kim and to all of you who have supported me through this past year. Thank you for going on this journey with me!

Last one out hit the lights <3

TL;DR: I get emotional over a fanfic


Here are some lazily drawn “draw your squad” pictures that nobody wanted.

The first two a made today for fun, the last two a made a few weeks back before I even had a Tumblr(I just got Tumblr 3 days ago I think…) I never bothered to post them on DA or anything, so here. (And yes, the third one is my header for my page. I don’t know why I chose that to be it.)

I did show my friend the first one, and since the last thing I posted was that gif of Error calling Ink “smol”, they said that that picture was Ink getting revenge on him and it’s just a never ending cycle of them getting revenge on each other.

I’m so sorry I made these. Hopefully the least they did was make you smile or even chuckle slightly. They’re only for giggles.

Ain’t shitposting fun.


But I’ve mentioned before that at this point in my relationship with K-ON, I think I do prefer and appreciate the anime more than the manga, and one reason is because of these two scenes:


And then this:

compared to

These are CONSCIOUS CHOICES that Kyoani made to NOT use the more revealing parts of these outfits that Kakifly originally drew and I am SO IN SUPPORT AND WILL FOREVER LOVE KYOANI FOR DOING THIS.

The Yui Santa one, while in a canonical sense I do prefer the manga one, for the sheer reason that OF COURSE SAWAKO WOULD MAKE A MORE REVEALING OUTFIT. OF COURSE. But just on a genereal preference level? Much prefer the anime one because it’s modest. It doesn’t NEED to be revealing. Yeah, it makes sense for Sawako to make the first one from the manga, but again, I much appreciate that Kyoani 100% decided to 86 that.

AND THEN THE MIO EXAMPLE. Probably one of my favorite choices that Kyoani made to Hell No what Kakifly did.

What does it add for us, we who are reading it, to see Mio’s panties, where he paid close attention to draw the curves or her ass and vagina. WHY DO I NEED TO SEE THAT. I get it, she showed her underwear. It’s embarassing GREAT. COOL. She didn’t get over her stage fright (well, kinda but that’s not the topic here)


Because, the conclusion is still there. We still get that Mio showed her panties to the entire audience. Embarassing. HA. HILARIOUS RIGHT. 


That to me is SO much funnier than just a straight cut to Mio’s bottom. Because the punchline is still there, we still get what happened. And as the camera pans, you EXPECT it to keep on going to her ass BUT IT DOESN’T. IT GOES TO A BRILLIANT IMPLICATION AT WHAT COLOR HER UNDERWEAR IS BY GOING TO A RICE BOWL. It just adds that extra humor to the scene WITHOUT sexualizing it where they NEVER showed her ass to us but we still understand what happened


anonymous asked:

Could you make another bunch of those earrings again this summer? Thanks

Hey there anon, I’m sorry I know this has been asked several times. It’s in my FAQ post but I’ll reiterate, there are a few obstacles involved. The main one being that it requires me putting down a few hundred dollars to get the charms made, which is a big decision. The rest is that it’s a lot of work to put them together properly (and last time I made original drawings for each package, which was also a lot of work), and that worrying about getting all the international ones through customs and wondering if they would get there okay was a bit of an emotional toll (over half my orders last time were international which I was not anticipating and I had a lot of paperwork to fill out).

I do want to do them again I’m very proud of that project but it might be some time before I’m ready for round 2. It’s definitely very fun to see one’s work in 3D at such nice quality and I’ve been day dreaming about different charm designs I could do. They’ll come back someday I’m just not sure when. If I end up getting more commissions that will help in funding another set!

Anyone who really wants a set though, feel free to reply to the post. Right now I’m not sure how many people are still interested.

Asseylum made the racial issue in her country worse

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but kind of a continuation of my last post discussing how Slaine changed the prejudice of part of the Martians.


On the other hand, Asseylum has made the racial problem worse. How? Number one, as many people had pointed out, Asseylum has given the Terrans the permission to research Aldnoah, and I would imagine that the Terrans would one day figure out to give out Aldnoah to everyone. In the meanwhile, the lower class Martians don’t even have access to Aldnoah and their Empress is just giving it out to someone they just fought a war with? How is that fair? 

If that alone isn’t enough, by blaming the entire war on Slaine, Asseylum made it even worse. 

After hearing that Slaine is responsible for the war, how is it going to affect how the Martians view the Terrans now? Of course, the Terran was the one to blame. Only someone from the inferior race could have cause such atrocities. And look, he even tried to kill the princess. 

There is a reason why they can’t identify Saazbaum as the person who plotted the assassination of Asseylum. Saazbaum was shown to be a figured that was well-respected by the Martian society.  He was trusted by the royal family (shown by the scene when Saazbaum was talking to Asseylum’s grandfather). The orbital knights, representing the aristocrats in Mars, all have high regards for him. He was the one who “rescued” the princess after she was “attacked” on Earth. Everyone thought that he was loyal to the royal family of Vers. He was very influential and charismatic.

If people actually found out that Saazbaum had wanted to get rid of Asseylum all along, they are going to start having doubts about the royal family for sure (if they haven’t already). If even a man like Saazbaum hated the royal family, there has to be a reason. Support for Asseylum’s reign is going to collapse. 

and Asseylum couldn’t let that happen.

So what is more convenient than making Slaine the scapegoat? Even as a Count, he has been looked down by some of the other orbital knights. They had questioned his intentions and motives. A lowly Terran cannot be trusted. And now Asseylum gave them a huge reason to discriminate against the Terrans even more. Because Slaine Troyard, a Terran, has caused this horrible war. 

By mkaing Slaine the ultimate villain here , Martians are going to assume that all Terrans are trouble. This is only going to make the Martians hate the Terrans even more. Even if Asseylum ordered ceasefire, the feeling of hatred and anger towards the Terrans is not going to go away. The two will never learn to understand and accept each other. 

This is not peace. 

Asseylum literally just ruins everything. 

hi everyone!!! so i hit 2.5k recently which is so crazy to me, honestly i don’t know why you all follow me and how you sit through my constant complaining and poor attempts at using photoshop (this header being an example of that) but thank you, i seriously appreciate every single one of you. SO i figured i’d give a little s/o to the people i follow since it’s been a while since i’ve done one of these and having you guys on my dash makes being on here that much better THANK YOU!! i love u all!!!

gotta start off with a honorable mention to my squad aka the blakes chat (who all have amazing blogs and you should definitely be following them) i talk to you guys everyday and you guys have become my closest tumblr friends and if i wasn’t lazy i would write a lil note for you all but i’m just gonna leave it at this, love you guys!!!: @mavahart  ★ @samvenger  ★   @maximoffpietro   ★ @blakeoctavia ★ @alecjace  ★ @lukeskvwalker  ★ @poedameron  ★ @buckybames  ★ @stevesam  ★ @msizzylightwood ★ @dunbarliams 

and here are all the other lovely people i follow ((they all have amazing blogs also and you should be following them all)):




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I know i made a post like this a little while ago before school started but things are really rough right now..
Im in absolute need of binders
we are in no way shape or form in the place where we can afford a binder
Last time i made a post like this i only ended up getting enough for compression shorts (one pair) and i stopped reblogging it because i felt like that was enough for the time being
but now school has started and things are a lot different
In school I am 100% out, in general i am 100% out as trans and as of last week i started seeing an endocrinologist
im getting there but theres a problem
i have no binders whatsoever
the 2 that i had for about a year are completely useless, they are essentially regular tank tops now
Im a very very curvy- fat trans guy and it doesnt work out so well especially with a dd cup size
my chest is one of the biggest reasons why u cant pass and im misgendered on a daily basis
the misgendering and such has already started to make me miss school and if this continues im going to fail and have to repeat the year again.
I really need people to donate
i dont like to ask for money i really dont and its why i didnt do it a long time ago
im willing to draw things for people, follow them on here or ig or twitter or anything really
i really need people to donate
the email for donations is masoncatherine3@gmail.com (its my moms)
please, if you can donate anything it would help so so much even a dollar or two helps more than you would think
if you cant donate please reblog this

Wow. I’m speechless.

A month and a bit ago, I reached 500 followers. Now, I have more than 1000

One. Thousand. This is a little hard to believe because I know I haven’t been as active as before, and there are some days where I haven’t posted anything. So I really am touched and thankful for every single one of you that follow me.  You must all have lost your marbles because I have no idea why you follow me - in my mind all I do is reblog other people’s GENIUS posts and also spaz out in the tags. So thank you, thank you so much. 

Since my last FF, I have made some more brilliant friends (who are, btw, all stunning - I mean have you seen the selfies I’ve reblogged?!). I’m looking forward to making even more.

Thank you for the best birthday present I can ask for. 

Bold = Mutuals ♥
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The above are only some of all the talented people I follow, I’d be here until next year if I were to include everyone! 

I follow a lot of people and I’m so thankful that none of you have posted any negative content ever. My dash is an incredibly positive space that I can escape to and it’s because of you guys. Thank you so much - much much love and HUGE HUGS to all of you. ♥

p.s. there are soooo many of you i wanna leave individual messages to, i’m really sorry if i haven’t. here’s me making a promise that i’ll be more active in talking to you because i want to know all of you. 

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I crashed last night before I was able to post this, but I wanted to show you all of the Mabel-inspired bracelets I’ve made this week as my contribution to the last day of THE POWER OF MABEL week! They’re not totally finished yet, but here they are!

In the first picture, the bottom bracelet and the second one from the top were both made on Friday as my attempt to make a slightly less obnoxious Mabel-themed bracelet. I would label them both as a rousing success. The top bracelet is a Mabel bracelet in more muted colors–a lot of the beads mirror ones I used in my original Mabel bracelet (the bracelet in the last picture), just in colors that aren’t so bright. Actually, this bracelet might turn into a necklace, because it would look really cute on a chain. Aaaaand finally the bracelet with lobster claws was yesterday’s experiment–and my mom said that it was in Mabel colors, so it gets honorable mention. What can I say? I’m just a sucker for bright and sparkly things.

One Direction’s response to Justin Bieber

Just thought I should gather all the members’ two cents.  (I don’t think Louis said anything?  If he did, just post onto this.)

Liam:  He said we did it to get attention. But he also said that we were not out on the road…and we’ve been on tour the last three years, so he seems to have no idea what he’s talking about.  It feels like he is more focused on it than we are. We just want to get our album and see what happens. People say things all the time.  We can only hope that he did not mean it.

Niall:  There’s no need for a fight.  We just happened to be releasing our albums on the same day.  This happened to us before.  Our first couple of albums were released on the same day as Rihanna.  I think the press made a bit of deal out of it because it’s us and Justin Bieber.  It’s fine.  You’re going to be up against someone in the charts; it just happens that we fall on the same day.  Anything you can add to that, Harold?

Harry:  Yeah.  I don’t think anyone makes a record with competing with someone else in mind.  I think then you don’t do it for the right reasons.  We’ve made the record and we’re very, very happy with it.  We’re very proud of it and now we’re putting it out; and it happens to be on the same day as someone else…and that’s it.  It’s not a win-lose thing.  We hope our fans like it.  If it does well, then that would be amazing; but that’s not ultimately what it’s about.