I made this one before I made the last one I posted


I crashed last night before I was able to post this, but I wanted to show you all of the Mabel-inspired bracelets I’ve made this week as my contribution to the last day of THE POWER OF MABEL week! They’re not totally finished yet, but here they are!

In the first picture, the bottom bracelet and the second one from the top were both made on Friday as my attempt to make a slightly less obnoxious Mabel-themed bracelet. I would label them both as a rousing success. The top bracelet is a Mabel bracelet in more muted colors–a lot of the beads mirror ones I used in my original Mabel bracelet (the bracelet in the last picture), just in colors that aren’t so bright. Actually, this bracelet might turn into a necklace, because it would look really cute on a chain. Aaaaand finally the bracelet with lobster claws was yesterday’s experiment–and my mom said that it was in Mabel colors, so it gets honorable mention. What can I say? I’m just a sucker for bright and sparkly things.

On internet discussion

If you don’t want to read this take away this: In order to reasonably function in internet communities you have to at least fake being a horrible person to make it in, like becmoing a made man in prison gangs by undergoing tattooing or yanomano indians and bullet ants.

Yes, the above is true. What it says is nothing good about internet communities plus it’s kinda reassuring about human nature’s not changing – rituals to get admission into groups will stay.

This applies on a personal level with my history on two specific forums. On one forum I posted for 4 years, through two different forum softwares before being banned on grounds of not fitting in. The official reason was flaming, but I yelled at someone for annoying me. I tried fitting in with board culture, made a few friends who I knew for years and one I talk to today*. On the other forum, my posting career lasted only three years between all 3 of my sockpuppets, but the board was more anarchic and there was a norm of shitposting as much as mods will let you. Having learned from the first board, I decided to troll, troll and troll some more. Fakeposting, psychotic rants, sockpuppets to evade bans, inviting crazies on and more I did it.

What reactions did I get? Simple: On one forum I’m still feared and people are cautious about even using the name of the character I got my username from. On the other, there was an undercurrent of support even after my purging and as soon as a spinoff board was set up by a member tired of horrific mod/admin decisions I was sought out and welcomed back – Not that I’m universally popular since there’s a visible faction whining at me for “racism” and “being a nazi” even though I tone down my views alot on there.

Which of the two was it that invited me back on? It was the second board. Trying to assimilate into board culture in the first one and failing was grounds for purging. The second one, where I essentially went through the bullet ant initiation by taking on all comers and demonstrating that moderator PMs and appeals to “stop telling people they heeled” were meaningless was the one that welcomed me back.

THe lesson to take from this is showing weakness in general doesn’t win you any favors. This applies even more strongly online since you’re not likely to be punched or stabbed for posting badly. There’s a reason it was 4chan that acted as the internet’s horse nomads in it’s glory days and not more moderated, Newgrounds after all.

* Blood’s the other one and I ran into him 3-4 years after my ban as he seeked me out for wisdom. It was a cold winter day in Tibet as he walked into the temple to join the initiates.

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<<Pokemon Sun Moon Sprite Project>>

In light of me getting back into Spriting, I’m going to start posting some of the artwork I produced for Smogon’s old XY Sprite Project to help promote the newly created Sun Moon Sprite Project here on Tumblr. If you are interested in getting sprites on the Pokemon Showdown server or know someone who is, feel free to click the link to the project above or signal boost the post by reblogging. Thanks!

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