I love you so much

There are things that you dream about endlessly, and hope that those dreams could one day become a reality. Usually these dreams feel so far out of reach that the thought of it coming true is overwhelming in and of itself. But it is those very dreams that, when they do come into fruition, have the most meaningful impact on your life. Yesterday I got to experience this form of overwhelming, have such a life-changing experience, because my dream finally came true. After an impulse buy of a ticket months ago coupled with a draining of the last of my savings to buy a plane ticket to and from New York, I was able to attend yesterday’s performance of White Rabbit Red Rabbit and meet Stana Katic.

Not only did I get to meet Stana, but I got to watch her perform in an incredible play and do an absolutely phenomenal job. The range that Stana has proven capable of on Castle is nothing compared to the range I witnessed last night. Every emotion she felt you felt, every word of the play permeated not just your mind but your soul. Stana was able to bring to life a magnificent play and make it entirely her own. As a result, September 26, 2016 has officially gone down as one of the best moments of my entire life.

Yesterday I also learned that there is no end to the love that I have for the woman pictured above. She is incredibly kind and gracious, taking time out of her evening to make sure every single person in attendance got a picture with her and an autograph. The conversation I shared with her will forever be ingrained in my head, just as I will never forget the feeling of her wrapping her arm around me when we took our picture together. Stana was able to make each and every person feel special, something that only a truly extraordinary person can accomplish.

Thank you Stana, for making yesterday the best day of my life. I am still pinching myself because I can’t believe that a dream that seemed so far away finally became a reality.

How am i so lucky?!?!?!

how how how howww am i so lucky to have someone as freaking amazing as him….like honestly what did i do to get someone who is just the bestest thing ever??? i just love him so much and he means so goddamn much to me i can’t even put it into wordsss

love you so so so so so much bubblesss :)))) XXX


Happy 80th Birthday, Julie Andrews! (01.10.1935)

“Have you noticed how nobody ever looks up? Nobody looks at chimneys, or trees against the sky, or the tops of buildings. Everybody just looks down at the pavement or their shoes. The whole world could pass them by and most people wouldn’t notice.”