I love you so much

Rest in peace beautiful woman.
Only god knows how much love i feel for you, and how thankful i am for all the things you did for us. You touched so many lives thanks yo your charisma and your good heart. There’s so many things that i would love to express but my heart is literally broken. We saw you taking care of your family like no other, and that’s something that i will remember forever. I love you so much Jay, and l’ll always pray for you and your family.

Ya know what? I don’t think that Anon was being very nice to you, what they said is an asshole thing to say. You are amazing and make me and so many others smile. And goddamnit if they don’t see that, then they must be blind. We love you so freaking much that it hurts me too see what they said, like damn it what on earth where they thinking when they wrote that. You are so fucking amazing and just wonderful in like every way that it’s impossible to stand next to ya with out smiling! You are so kind to others and your art -gasp- I don’t know what to say about your art other then OH MY FUCKING GOSH ITS BEAUTIFUL AF! I and just so many others get so frickin’ excited when we see you on our dash! Man I’m so glad I found this blog and you. I think if I didn’t I wouldn’t be as fucking happy as I am now'a days. Thank you!

You are so freaking nice and just amazing I don’t even have enough words in the dictionary to describe how effing wonderful you are! That anon is an asshat who is rude and needs to just get off of the fucking Tumblr- You are just so amazing! I don’t have the words nor the mind to say how truly beautiful you are.
So just thank you.
Thank you for just gracing us with your presence.
And thank you for being you goddamnit.

Answer: That moment when you start crying because your friends are to fucking nice. Thank you bby. You’re so amazing I cant begin to explain.


happy birthday, precious minghao 
from a bright eyed 12 year old with big dreams to a 19 year old who’s achieving them, you’ve come so far on pure hard work and talent. we’re so proud of you. here’s to supporting you for more years and more birthdays to come. stay our cool cutie with infinite potential ∞


Happy 80th Birthday, Julie Andrews! (01.10.1935)

“Have you noticed how nobody ever looks up? Nobody looks at chimneys, or trees against the sky, or the tops of buildings. Everybody just looks down at the pavement or their shoes. The whole world could pass them by and most people wouldn’t notice.”