I love you so

I love Nesta so much.

You want a flawed and interesting female character who is not defined by those flaws? You want a complex female character with layers and depth? You want a female character who is unapolagetically herself and will not back down for anything or anyone? You want a female character that is feminine but written in a way almost only male characters are allowed to be written and represented? 

Nesta god damn Archeron. 


The Right Way To Do An Homage #2

Voltron: Defender of the Universe - The Right Arm of Voltron (1:6)
Voltron: Legendary Defender - Hole In the Sky (3:4)

I can see you sitting in front of me again at 4 am with your big brown eyes and your yellow sweater, cigarette in your mouth, smile on your lips, smoke in our eyes, crossed legs and your hands reaching out for me; I swear I can feel your breath on my skin, it’s like you’re so close but still too far away
—  i never liked yellow, now I don’t want to see anything else