I love you so

I love Nesta so much.

You want a flawed and interesting female character who is not defined by those flaws? You want a complex female character with layers and depth? You want a female character who is unapolagetically herself and will not back down for anything or anyone? You want a female character that is feminine but written in a way almost only male characters are allowed to be written and represented? 

Nesta god damn Archeron. 


I’ve finally finished changing poor Bambi’s appearance every other day. I love timid face on her. ╥﹏╥

Bambi: Oh Lexabear, you need to take me out more~

Nordicana: Sidse having a giggle whilst being photographed at Nordicana 2013. (x)

I don’t really make a habit of drawing for characters’ birthdays, but how could I not for my favorite sweet tomato otouto.

I had some free time today, so this is for Leo before I get back to working on prints and requests.

There comes a time
when I'am
Rosa Bianca
but I become
Aurora Sky.
There were moments
when my joys
turn into
and my rainbows
to deep gray.
There are chances
when my flowers
loses petals and
fall off the ground.
Sometimes I'am White
but too often
I turn around
and I become Black.
Sometimes I’m
a poet
and instead of
eating words,
I become
a lover
that gobble heartbreaks.
And sometimes I'am
a blooming rose
but most of
the time,
I'am a sky
any stars.
—  Damn Purple Star is the Princess with No Crown