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Ok. Does anyone else just... NOT trust Jarret? Why is he in Whitestone? He was supposed to be guarding Greyskull Keep, which I think still has refugees from Emon. Did I miss something or was there NO explanation as to why he's now in Whitestone? Everyone was so excited to see him that no one questioned it. There was an insight check rolled on him during the conversation about a spy, but it was a low roll. I think he's the spy. Someone offered him more money than VM was paying and he turned. :(

He’s probably a dragon.

I’m tired so my memory is likely off but I think that he was part of the group that VM sent through a tree with Transport Via Plants to Whitestone from Greyskull Keep after the initial attack on Emon?  Correct me if I’m wrong critters! 

As for someone offering him more money and turning - you gotta keep the faith. Not everyone’s a Clarota!

“You are only making it worse.”

Go to the beach, Jim said. It’ll be fun, he said.

It was most definitely not fun.

“Damn it Spock, that hurts!” After walking three feet down the boardwalk, Leonard had gotten a particularly nasty splinter in the ball of his foot. As a result, he needed to be carried onto the sand like an overgrown toddler. It was humiliating.

Spock was sitting on a beach chair with a firm grip on Leonard’s ankle to deter him from escaping. “Please stop squirming. You are making this more difficult than it already is.” Spock was trying to remove the offending piece of wood with a pair of tweezers. A feat made difficult enough by the blaring rays of sunshine, let alone Leonard’s incessant fidgeting.

“Then quit jabbing at me like that, it’s tender!” The good doctor was fuming at his own carelessness. He could just as easily rid himself of the pain in his foot, but Spock had insisted on taking over. He had a better vantage point, he argued. And he was right.

With each press of the needle sharp metal to sensitive skin, Leonard surged backwards to shrink away from the pain. This was getting Spock nowhere. He needed to try a different tactic.

“Kiss me.”

Leonard spluttered, stumbling over the words in his throat that didn’t quite make it to his mouth. Spock had a particular knack for rendering him speechless. “What?” He managed.

“I said kiss me.” Spock was gazing at him stone faced and expectant. The adoration in his eyes betrayed the indifference of his expression.

It was unlike Spock to initiate romantic encounters, especially when they were in public settings. Leonard felt the heat creep up his face to the tips of his ears. He swallowed thickly. God, he did want to kiss those tempting lips. They were being offered to him on a silver platter. How could he resist?

Leonard scooted to the edge of the beach chair and curled his fingers around the back of Spock’s neck. He used the leverage to pull their mouths together in a gentle kiss and lost himself in the pleasure of it. It wasn’t long before he wanted more. When it came to Spock, Leonard was absolutely insatiable. He never wanted to stop, felt like he could kiss Spock forever.

Until a sharp pain in his foot pulled him out of his love drunken stupor.


The Vulcan simply stared at him, smirking with his eyes as he held the pair of tweezers. The splinter was pinched inside.

I missed Fannibal Day and TWOTL Anniversary, but...

So I’ve been on a semi-hiatus (my blog has been running on queue for a while) and I missed those two very important days. But, since I’m crazy about Hannibal and I owe this fandom a lot, I couldn’t just not say anything about it.

First of all, I need to thank Bryan for Hannibal. Because I don’t think I’d like Hannibal this much if it wasn’t for the TV show, tbh. I love the movies, I’ve read the books, but I don’t think I’d feel as interested in it as I am if it wasn’t for Bryan. This show literally changed my life and gave me something to hold on to when I most needed it.

I want to thank @ishaveforsherl for convincing me to watch Hannibal in the first place, and for watching it with me the first time. This is something I will forever be thankful for.

I want to thank @magiesmith for watching it with me the second time, and for being there to watch TWOTL on stream with me even though it was 4am her time, and for putting up with me screaming in every hannigram scene.

I want to thank @empathalitis for encouraging me (and wanting to help me) to create the @hannigram-network, for spending the whole night after twotl with me and @magiesmith on whatsapp even though she hadn’t watched it yet, while we freaked out and talked about Hannigram and indecent fic ideas. In fact I want to thank @empathalitis for literally everything, and if i’m going to list it all, it’ll take a whole day, so I’ll save it for another post. xD

I want to thank the fandom for accepting me with open arms, for being supportive and amazing, for not letting me feel lonely again. For making me feel valid and safe, and appreciated. I want to thank the people who talked to me about TWOTL before it even aired, asking what I thought was going to happen.

I remember I said I wanted dark Will and canon Hannigram. 

This is exactly what Bryan gave us. 

Bryan gave me the happiest night of my life. So happy that I stayed awake for 40 hours because I never wanted the feeling to end. Bryan gave me something I could hold on to. He gave me a reason to have hope and believe that happiness still existed for me. Bryan gave me everything I needed to not give up on life completely. The network helped me make friends again. The fandom showed me I didn’t have to be alone. 

There were many things that brought me to Hannibal - some of them that i’d rather forget, but I’m actually grateful. Our show, our ship, our fandom, is all I ever wanted. For all of us. And this is something I will never forget, and I doubt that I’ll ever let go.

So happy (belated) Fannibal day and TWOTL Anniversary. To all of you, everyone who loves Hannibal. And we’ll be right here waiting for S4 and more Hannigram.

I love you guys. Thank you for always being there for me. ♥

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There’s so many cute boys in the world. All of you are so cute and handsome. Like some of you don’t even realize how amazing you look. Seriously though it’s so upsetting to hear a guy go “nah not me” because I’m just like “Dude, do you seriously not know how absolutely gorgeous you are to other people?” Hush you’re cute, be quiet and accept it.

Story Time/Mini Rant

Let me start off by saying @love-allthingsmarvel

I hate you (not really, but at the moment I do)

So we are skyping (still are) and we started talking about how Eric (my stepdad) is a set dresser for movies. Dani was like, “Hey didn’t he work on The Winter Soldier?” And I was like “Yeah, the jacket from the set in my closet.” She asked me if he gets invited to movie premieres and I was like “I’m not sure” and I yelled at Eric to come in my room. I asked him if he met Chris Evans/Sebastian Stan and he was like “No, but that Captain America dude walked past us.” I laughed and Dani was like “Dafuq?” cause you know… NO BIG DEAL ERIC THAT CAPTAIN AMERICA WALKED PAST YOU???!! 

Anyways, I asked Eric, “So, Dani wanted to know if you were invited to go to premieres? Like could you go to the Winter Soldier premiere?”

Eric said, “Yeah, I was invited but I didn’t go cause I didn’t feel like it.” 


Sorry off topic

So me and Dani started yelling at him (literally, I took my earphones out and we were like screaming at him) and he walked back into my room, looked at Dani and said (and I quote), “Hey, next time I get invited to a movie premiere, you can bring your friend and I’ll take both of you. And you can go on the red carpet, take your little pictures and wear your little dresses and watch the movie.” 

and that is when me and Dani LOST OUR SHIT

At first we thought of Spider-man, and how cool it would be to go to that premiere. But then Dani brought up Infinity Wars and how sick it would be to go to that…





“HiOmgI’mJadynAndI’maPotatoWhoCan’tEnglishYouGuysAreAwesomeIcan’tBelieveI’mHereILoveYouAll” *takes a deep breath and then fades away into a small corner and dies*

So in conclusion, 

Screw you Dani

Im so excited for this

I’m praying to all gods (including Yeezus) that this happens

Please make it happen

It probably won’t happen

But I will legit sell my soul to a crossroads demon if I could live to go to the Infinity Wars premiere and meet the entire cast

Jadyn out

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OMG guys!!! Like whaaaat? We made it to 200 followers! You guys are freakin awesome! I really appreciate the time you took to visit my tiny blog!

I won’t be doing anything special since the 100 Followers was done a little over a week ago, but if I am ever blessed with 500 then oml guys, that sounds like Art Raffle status right there!

Thanks again! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC day!!!


I’m on the way to getting better and I am so happy about that but I kinda dislike the fact that my blog is so negative. I want to change it to be more of a positive/advice blog for you guys and I wanted your opinions? I’m still thinking about it though. Do you think that’s a good idea. Would you still follow me? (If you want to unfollow go ahead I won’t be mad I promise!)

I’m Sorry!

Okay, I know I’m like the worst when it comes to updating but look, I really am quite busy with school and every time I try to sit down and write something, it just…doesn’t…ugh. I don’t like promises, but I promise, on my soul and everything Jimin, that by this Friday, I will have at least two fics out, okay? I’m really sorry for being such a horrible blogger and, on my behalf, enjoy this drabble. Honestly it’s so rushed because I have a biology test tomorrow. But enjoy it anyway. 

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                               I Hide, But You Always Find Me.


“I hope you’re hidden well!”

Hide and seek, a childhood classic. Except they’re not kids anymore and Jimin can’t see anything, but being blindfolded always adds a little touch of excitement. Jimin recalls back to a childhood memory when he almost peed his pants because the thought of not being able to see made him a little too excited. 

“Seokjin hyung, I can hear you breathing!”

“No you can’t!”


Jimin loses his footing and stumbles forward, arms reached out as far as they can be, flailing. He giggles, expecting to feel an arm or leg or something underneath his hands when he finally lands on his knees but instead his palms are only met with the softness of a well-placed pillow. 

“That’s cheating,” he seethes like a child, “you guys aren’t allowed to move,” he feels his lips pull into a small pout and Jeongguk, a few feet away, always, because Jimin is clumsy and a clumsy Jimin ends in everything but safe. As Jimin’s loyal, loving boyfriend, being weak to the ultimate adorableness that is Park Jimin is something Jeongguk can never bring himself to get used to, he coos silently at his lover. Only, he wasn’t as silent as he so proudly thought, because Jimin turns his covered eyes, courtesy of Taehyung’s robe, towards him and the cute pout from before is replaced with an everything-but-innocent smirk. 

“Got you!”

Jeongguk buckles under the onslaught if pressure, majority being Jimin’s whole fucking body, and he falls to the ground with a soft thud. Jeongguk internally thanks Namjoon for making them play this inside. The carpets are plush and his tailbone hits pillows instead of the hard floor. 

“Ii got you, Kookie. That means you’re it. You lost.”

And Jeongguk really should be annoyed, he should, but how could he possibly when Jimin is smiling at him like that, all smol and cute in his lap.

“Aish, hyung, what will I do with you,” Jimin lifts up his blindfold with his thumb and cheekily sticks his tongue out, wiggling the pink appendage in the air between his and Jeongguk’s lips. Jeongguk wants to lean forward and suckle on it, but that’s for another time. When they’re not sitting in the middle of five men, actually. 

“Well,” Jimin pokes his chin in mock thought, “I guess you’ll just have to try and find me because I got you. And that means,” Jimin leans forward to peck Jeongguk’s lips, “you’re it.”

Everyone else in the room shuffles off to the pool outside, because they all know how this ends, they were all in high school together, after all, and Namjoon quickly, flustered, reminds them to, “use protection, kids.”

An hour later and Jimin is pressed into the cushions of the couch, spent and panting, “I always hide, but you always find me.” 

information about this horrific shooting

what happened?

-Omar Mateen acted alone (but some people are saying there may have been two more involved) in shooting over 100 people at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida at 2am Sunday morning

-Omar had a 3 hour standoff with police, and was eventually shot dead

-50 were killed, 53 were injured

-this is the worst mass shooting America has seen

-this is the worst act of terrorism since 9/11

-police say Omar was organized and well prepared

-he was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun and an unspecified “device”

-this was an act of terror and hate

things to remember.

-it was latin night last night at Pulse

-the night was being hosted by trans women of color

-do not erase the fact that this was a hate crime against people in the lgbt+ community

-be respectful to the families affected by this tragedy

-some people could have been outed if they were killed or injured

-Omar’s father has stated that Omar was indeed homophobic and became angry after seeing two men kissing

-this shooting had nothing to do with religion

-here are some tweets about this tragedy from various people

-support everyone in this time of need. please

-there have been threats on other places such as the LA pride parade. please be careful.

what can i do to help?

-blood banks in Orlando are at capacity - if you wish to donate, schedule an appointment for later this week

-when the blood banks are no longer full, they will need O-, O+, and AB plasma

-donors must be over the age of 16, healthy, and weigh over 100 pounds

-oneblood has not lifted its ban on lgbt+ men giving blood

-oneblood is in need of water, juice, snacks, and fruit for those donating (drop them off here)

-here is a check-in page to help people locate friends and family

-family hotline: 407-246-4357

-for emergency blood donations:

Orlando West Michigan Donor Center

345 W Michigan Street, Ste. 106, Orlando, FL 32806

Orlando Main Donor Center

8669 Commodity Circle,  Orlando, FL 32819

Oviedo Donor Center

1954 W. State Road 426, Oviedo, FL 32765

-bloodmobile locations:

Asbury United Methodist Church
220 West Horatio Ave.
Maitland, FL 32751

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
4851 S. Apopka Vineland Rd.
Orlando, FL 32819

Metro Church
1491 East State Rd. 434
Winter Springs, FL 32708

-there is a gofundme now set up for the victims and their families

-you can donate to Orlando hospitals here

-The Center is an lgbt+ organization and is accepting donations here

-Orlando Youth Alliance is and lgbt+ organization and is accepting donations here

-how to contact representatives about gun control

if you need to talk.

-The Trevor Project: always open, for lgbt+ youth. call them at 1-866-488-7386.

-Trans Lifeline: for transgender people. call them at US: (877) 565-8860 or  Canada: (877) 330-6366

-Scarleteen: text them at (206) 866-2279

to the lgbt+ community: i love you so much. i am here for you. you deserve to live. stay strong. stay safe.

An afternoon cuddle

Tori and Sans just sit there for some view in front of the window, the feelings is just warmth and Tori fall asleep as her loved one holding her hand.

Frisk just watch this scene, they love their family so much,they just watch.

Thank for those join in the streaming with me, it was fun and so nice of you guys, thank you!