brooklyn nine nine is really good to us when it comes to friendships, because every character has such unique friendships and bonding scenes with the others but i dont think we talk about rosas and charles friendship enough because damn:

- we start the show with charles being head over heels for rosa, who is clearly not interested

- rosa tells him, very clearly, that she thinks hes sweet and really likes him as a friend but shes not interested in dating him

- it takes charles some time to get over her, but he does!! apologizes for being weird and making her uncomfortable!! and they go on having an incredibly strong and close friendship!!

- at one point charles even takes a bullet for her, which could have led to the whole “just give him a chance” trope but nope b99 doesnt do that bs, they talk it out and they never end up together

- they are so close that charles even helps rosas bf to plan for her birthday because he knows her so well!! she loves it!!

- rosa asks charles to be her bridesmaid because they are so close and she knows charles would love that!! he does!!

- charles plans her the best bachelorette party and rosa absolutely loves it!! she gets so excited she literally lifts charles up from the floor??

- sometimes between working cases they go to have foot massages together?? that was so cute??

- charles helps rosa text her boyfriend?? because shes not that great at pickup lines?? how cute??

- the writers could have easily opted to go with the “less attractive man falls for his way hotter coworker whos not interested but ends up giving him a chance because he is nice (and wont stop pestering her)” trope but instead we got this beautiful beautiful brotp


thank you nine nine


I absolutely emailed Melissa’s publicity team, her agents, and her managers, buuuuut someone is in fact on vacation so at least one is out of the office until the 25th. 

Even so, I sent it to a handful of others and I’m posting it because I want to do right by all of you. I attached some screenshots of quotes that I had permission to use that aren’t pictured here, and the email addresses of Melissa’s representatives were attained professionally. I hope this message is well-received because I think that as a community wlw deserve a lot better than what our Supergirl showed us today. ♡

to all my wlw followers,

please know that you aren’t a joke.

i want you to know that you’re allowed to be yourself, to express your love in whatever way you want.

i want you to know that you’re valid and that your love is valid. know that it’s okay to want to see representation on books, tv shows, movies, video games, wherever you want, and that’s nothing wrong with that.

please know that you matter.

My bro's opinion on Voltron Discourse
  • Bro: Voltron is not politics. Sit the fuck down and enjoy the show.
voltron squad as quotes from my discord server
  • lance: bask in my homosexual presence
  • keith: wait did i just challenge myself to a fight
  • hunk: oh my god I just drop my chip into the toilet I'm so sad
  • pidge: I hear you die when you turn 16
  • allura: Sendick
  • coran: in a little bit I'm gonna drink pickle juice from a tea cup