I love you dave

everything i ever thought it would be

everything i ever thought might be true

it is literally the conversation of my dreams and i never, never thought this would actually happen i

i’m literally crying

oh my god

I just. Need this on my blog.

GG: heheheh 
GG: why dont we play in the snow later 
GG: as soon as you get some……………………………… 
TG: time 
GG: ………………………… 
TG: time 
GG: ………………. 
TG: time then shades 
GG: ………. 
TG: time 
GG: …………… 
TG: time/shades lets go 
GG: ……. 
GG: …. 
GG: … 
TG: oh my fucking god 
GG: .. 
GG: . 
GG: time 8) 

“David Christian has played extremely well in this game. The tough thing for him is he’s been a forward all year and really through his entire career, and he’s been asked to go back on defense. And that’s a very difficult thing to do. In earlier games he was playing reasonably well but he was having a hard time with his positioning, he hadn’t developed a defensive instinct. But tonight, he’s in position almost all the time and playing extremely well.” -Ken Dryden



Kinkdom Come
Dave Davies - The Adventures and The Shadows, they were good, but I was looking for something that had a bit more balls and bite to it. And a more expressive, aggressive sound. I was always messing around with stuff. I found this amp in a store up the road from where we lived. A little green called Elpico. I plugged it in and messed around with it. It was too weedy. It was the same old, same old. *Ching, ching, ching* I got so fed up with it I got a razor blade, a single-sided Gillette, got hold of the back of the amp and I sliced the comb all way round, so the combs remained intact. I didn’t think for a minute it was going to work but I plugged it in… I didn’t know anything about electricity. I did get a terrible shock. It did throw me across the room. My mum came up the kitchen - “What you doing?” … So this sound I developed was like an emotional platform for me. It felt like me. It was like an extension of my own inner rage.

I was a young man who was very virile and I liked sex. I had the world at my feet. The world at my dick.

“Are you a boy or are you a girl?” - I’m both actually.

Women’s fashions were a lot more interesting than men’s. I really liked the clothes that my girlfriends wore and I used to try them on.

My first girlfriend was really jealous of my guitar, because I used to take it to bed with me. Just wanted to make sure it was OK.