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Why I consider “The Test” one of greatest episodes of Steven Universe season 1

Im rewatching Steven Universe. Thats really all there is to say on the matter.

start of episode is so cute. C´mon, Gems playing game with Steven? Yaaas.

Pearl trying to understand children game with super complicated rules…
they way she tried to make sense of it…Thats how i felt sometimes while trying to make sense of Homestuck when i got lost (which was quite often) :D

And how Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst congratulates Steven for winning game is just plain great. So sweet of them! ((how can anybody say they´re here for him just because her half-gem? Would they throw a birthday party for him if they didnt care, huuh?)

And then Steven finds Sea Spire statue. He´s clearly sad and feels guilty about making mistake and making it fell apart. And what do Gems do? they reassure him, tell him its alright. which is awesome

and Pearl makes such a funny face when she realises she said it was test mission for steven XD

Also as always…Pearl is terrible liar XD and i love noisies she did in this part of episode. “eeeeewww” XD XD Deedee is great voice actor

and they just go and agree on Steven´s “Test meeeeee”. They create a freaking dungeon

and that cool sequence when doors open? woooooow

Once again, music composers proved themselves that they´re briliant at music.

the little star baloons at ends of chambers? cuuuuuuuuute!! All so Steven is more happy
lets talk about chambers.

Amethyst is random. running before ball aka Indiana Jones reference? Heck yes. Also her chamber is best decorated. Hands down because it totally is.
Pearl´s room is cool. I love Steven´s sentense “Oh, a musical puzzle. Must be Pearl´s room. only she would make me think.” XD XD so funny line. And then BAM. Pearl´s room is like “ Ok Steven. you can think swiftly, but can you MOVE swiftly as well?”

aand Garnet´s chamber is just….quite hot. Now, what else were you waiting from Garnet? Pretty rad.

and they put safety everywhere. Not because they dont trust Steven, but because this test isnt about him proving his abilities to Gems. Its about givinng him confidence.
(i cant just…dat feelsy musiiiiiiiiic)

and then we have my favorite part of episode.

Gems, standing in finish, waiting for Steven. They want best for their boy. Steven needs to remain confident, thats for sure. Lapis went away, Peridot just showed up, he lost his healing powers…hard times came, Its important for Steven not to went into despair. So this is why they´re doing it. For him. They are only ones who can teach Steven how to be gem and protect humanity. So they need to be parent figures for him. But they´re aliens. They arent familiar with taking care of someone younger, they already started existing as adults, never living through growing up process.

What´s more, Steven is only half-gem. Garnet said it perfectly. “There´s never been anything or anyone like Steven. We don´t know what he needs.” Gems struggle so much to be good parents to Steven, even through they themselves feels…lost. Their leader Rose, one who gave them all reassurance…is not here anymore, and its been only 13 years since she passed away…for someone who lived for thousands of years, thats only tiniest fracture of time…and can hardly heal grief. Its like if you lost someone mere minutes ago.

So yeah, they´re lost. And what does Steven do? They tricked him, again. He has right to be angry. But…our Ste-man is much more brighter. He plays along. In the end…its Gems who get reasured, who gain confidence…in being parents for Steven.

and it all end with hug. what a way to end episode

So yeah, thats why i consider this one of best episodes of season 1. Its not that much of plot-related  episode.and yet…its something amazing.

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Naruko: The first time Onoda-kun and I fought, Onoda-kun said while tears were streaming down his face, “I hate you, Naruko-kun!!” and then immediately after that burst into bigger hiccuping sobs of “But the– trush is I– love yew Naruko-kun!! I love yoou!!” and it was so, so cute that I forgot what we were fighting about in the first place.

bestfriend michael being drunk would include;

• giggles at EVERYTHING
• super clingy
• would be so loud
• tries to kiss you
• would try to cuddle you wherever you went
• would be all touchy with you and keep poking your face
• would be crazy hyper one minute and then crazy sleepy the next
• would fall onto you as you tried to help him upstairs to bed
• “hey, could I just sleep here? you’re comfortable.”
• “michael you’re squishing me and I’m pretty sure you would not enjoy waking up on the stairs.”
• complains about EVERYTHING
• eats everything in your fridge
• trips over his own feet and you having to catch him
• “y/n I’m know I’m sooooOoo drunk right now but you’re so hot and I love yoou”