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A-Z NSFW: Chanyeol

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A = Aftercare 
If seeing Chan with the twins on RoS didn’t tell you how attentive and loving he is, I don’t know what else to tell you. He has a fucking check list to run through after sex is over to make sure you’re okay, if you’re satisfied, he’ll wipe you down or help you into the bath/shower and help clean you up, before returning to bed for a movie, cuddles, and a nap.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Does it count if his favorite body part is his entire body? The man is twice the size of an average human in every way; his height is out of this world and his hands are like baseball mitts. With height, comes the fun of being able to tower over you, and basically cover you with himself, and have that good ol’ skin on skin contact, and surround you with his body. His favorite body part on you, however, are your hips. He likes how his large hands look in comparison to your body, how he can control your pace when you top, and how he can pin you down and have you at his mercy.

C = Cum 
Okay listen…Chan is the loudest when he cums, if y’all thought his deep rapper voice was heard during the sex, god forbid anyone’s around when he gets release. He’s tip toes into the mentality of a true dom a bit sometimes, not a lot, so more often that not he ends up releasing on your thighs or tummy, sort of a mark that you’re hisas if the 143 hickies don’t prove that

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Being the sneaky little shit he is, after one night you’d stayed over, and he woke up alone, he forgot you were in the dorm. The shower was running, so he obviously figured it was one of his members and when to pick the lock so he can pee and get started in the day. But of course, it wasn’t one of the boys, just your naked self showering peacefully. This being before you’d started being intimate, he just stood there and stared for a good minute before he silently freaked out, left, and never told you about it. Oops?

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Chan had a GF when he was younger, the little fucking about pissed himself laughing when D.O. was swinging that balloon thing and suddenly it looked like a dick, but when he had the gf, they were pretty young so I doubt anything happened. That being said, he’s a dirty minded boy with internet, so I’m sure he’s aware of what to do and what everything is.

F = Favorite position
Unless you’re a goddamn giant, height differences are going to be slightly an issue, not much, just a bit. Chan’s favorite position is him sitting against the back of the bed, and letting you have your fun while riding him. That way, you’re on the same level, and he may or may not be a slight sub so you topping really makes his day.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Chan doesn’t have a serious bone in his body, do you really think he’ll be anything but a ball of embarrassing goofiness while his bone is in you?

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
We’ve seen his tummy/abssoft tummy!chan for the winquite a bit, and we’ve definitely seen the happy trail, so he’s no where close to bare(who shaves/waxes their crotch and keeps a happy trail?), but he’s a pretty clean boy, with how much he dyes his hair, I’m sure he’s in the shower a lot, keeping the hair up and clean and whatever, I imagine while he’s there he manscapes.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
I think Chan is one of the most romantic members in EXO. I can’t remember what it was, but I think he was filling a jar with paper stars or something of the likes for his girlfriend when he was younger before they broke up, and he kept the jar. He brought flowers for his co-star on the movie he did in China as an apology for the language barrier, he’s just the sweetest boy ever, I can’t imagine that not carrying over into your relationship/sex life. He’s the boy that thinks movie romance is how it is in real life, he decks the room out in scented candles, mood lighting, it gets a bit weird when he plays some of his own music…but it’s Chan so we’ll let that slide.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Chan’s the master of picking locks and getting in bathrooms with other members, so I doubt he’s worried about anyone walking in. The doors locked, he’s safe. Not that it matters, because the boy can’t touch his dick silently, it sounds like a freaking lion is loose in the house, every one knows Chanyeol. I feel like he’s a shower masturbater, like he’s in their washing his hair, cleaning, all that good stuff, and oops I’m rubbing my dick…might as well go the whole nine yards kind of dude.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Don’t mistake his love for you riding him as him being submissive, no no no. Even when you top, majority of the time his hands are guiding and controlling your movement, he’s mostly the dom, of course though, there will be times he lets you have control but on the norm, he’s the boss. Chan’s not a daddy kink guy, he’s more of a yes sir, kind of kink man. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
The bed is the easiest place to do it, and honestly Chan’s kinda lazy lol. It’s just more comfortable, easier to handle(no risk of anyone getting dropped or hurt) and when it’s over he can just cuddle you into his chest and go to sleep. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
He’s a begging lover, he love love loves when you beg for him. And honestly, he’s a sucker for you whining to blow off getting dinner or going to the movies, and stay home with you and have your own fun together.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Maybe this was just because you’re a little shit to him, but he now, refuses to allow you to handcuff him. Shit went down when he let you take control one night, and handcuffed him to the bed, aaaaand you lost the key for a good two hours while he’s just trapped on the bed butt ass naked. Never again.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Chan’s rapper tongue is no joke, aside from the fact that boy never stops talking, his tongue was designed by the gods for going down on you, especially since he’s too tired to just pound your brains out, he often spends a good time going down on you to give you the most pleasure he can give you. As for you giving oral to him, he certainly isn’t going to pass up being able to see you on your knees, eyes looking up to him, and your mouth open, obedient as always.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Chan’s height kind of stifles his full potential, he’s somewhat slow but not unbearably slow, you know? He’s pretty rough though, and very thorough with his love making, you’re never left unsatisfied, that’s for sure.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Over your relationship, you could count the amount of quickies you’ve had with Chan on one hand, they’re a very rare occurrence. He likes being able to lay with you and love you to the best of his abilities, and a quickie means all the fun gets cut out because it’s…quick…Chan’s not a fan of them at all.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
After an incident with dropping you during some good ol’ fashion wall sex, he’s hyper aware of how easy it is to get hurteven though you insisted you werent hurthe’s pretty conscious of the risks of different positions and places, so he’s really hesitant to try new things. He might need a bit of convincing to help him comply, but still, risks are far and few in between, he just doesn’t want you hurt.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He gets winded easily, but that’s expected from a member of the royalty that is EXO, he’s working out all the time, practicing all the time, he’s pretty tired when he stumbles through the door, so one round is probably all he can muster up without a good four hour nap in between the next round. But that being said, he’s not tapping out until he knows you’re completely satisfied, if it takes minutes or a hour to get you all set, he’s down for the ride.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
The only toy-ish thing Chan owns is handcuffs. He’s not very big on toys, he’s the ‘i’m the best toy you have!’ kind of dude, you know? The only reason he delves into handcuffs is so he can work hands on when you’re being…squirmy.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s not much of a tease, realistically he doesn’t have time to stretch it out, he either needs to be sleeping or flying across the world. Not that if he had time or not matters, he likes you two becoming one, he’s not one to mess around with teasing either you or himself.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Chan has a loud mouth at any given time, he’s a very extra boy, so that definitely carries with him to the bedroom. Top that with his impossibly deep voice, at the very least you can hear the deep tone vibrating through the walls, but I’m willing to bet my leg the whole neighborhood will hear him cursing, grunting, and moaning for you. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
He’s 100% dropped you by accident. You didn’t get hurt, thankfully, but it did end up with Chanyeol apologizing over and over and you just laying on the ground, laughing at how much of a flop you two are. That’s the danger of wall sex with a giant human, isn’t it?

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Okay…okay…We have seen that boy’s dick so many fucking times, with how much taller he is than me, and that fucking thing, it’s got to be the size of my fucking forearm, I’m not joking vv

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
I don’t think Chan has a very high sex drive, he doesn’t pop random boners and humps your leg like a dog, no worries about that. Sex drive aside, he’s always yearning for you, he’s kind of a clingy puppy, he never turns down the idea or random thought to have a dance under the sheets.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Listen….this mofo actually crawled into a suitcase and went to sleep ?? He gets winded easily, I imagine he falls asleep fairly quick afterwards, but that’s all good, he’s worked you out so much you’re barely awake too. Just take a nap with him, y’all need it.

Cesar Millan is a Hack and Everything You Know is Wrong

Well, probably not everything, but there are some serious issues in the dog training world right now and with the advent of t.v shows about dog training and social media it’s getting out of control. 

First off, why call out Cesar Millan?

Because he’s one of the driving forces behind every misconception I’m about to lay out before you. In a nutshell, he has no understanding of dog behavior, he touts himself as a dog behaviorist when the only actual education on dogs he’s had is being a dog groomer, his training methods are misguided at best and abusive at worst. Most actual canine professionals can’t stand him for these reasons. Many, many professionals have written articles roasting him yet he still manages to hang on to his persona of ‘dog whisperer’ because people who don’t know any better mistake his pseudoscience for fact. 

What pseudoscience? Let’s start with the absolute core of his, and many other misguided understandings of dog psychology: The dominance theory.

I hear it all the fucking time. At the dog park “Suzy, get down! Lol sorry, she’s just so dominant” “Aw, he’s so submissive!” “Cody is an alpha, so he’ll try to dominate other dogs at first”. It all makes me want to rip my teeth out with rusty iron chopsticks. Where did people get this idea that dogs naturally fall into dominant or submissive categories? This bullshit all started with, well, bullshit. 

In 1974 a man named Rudolf Schenkel decided to study the social structure and behavior of wolf packs not by, idk, observing them in the wild, but by taking random adults from random packs and throwing them into the same zoo enclosure. Real scientific, right? He created the Alpha-Omega (I.E. Dominant/submissive) structure from the ensuing chaos he observed. In his paper, the man constantly compares dogs and wolves and this became an often sited work in studying dog behavior. In reality, wolves do have a complex social structure but it’s more easily compared to a family dynamic because essentially that’s what it is. This isn’t even that relevant to dog training, however, as dogs and wolves behave very differently. (This is, by the way, why the keeping of wolf dogs is extremely difficult and should only be done by professionals). Despite being debunked numerous times, this study continues to be used as a foundation of many dog training methods, and has been taken to truly bizarre and even sickening levels. 

Check out these nuggets of “information” from a popular dog website. Not only is it dripping with completely unfounded dominance bullshit, but it also pushes the idea (as does Cesar) that dogs have a pack mentality. This isn’t really the case either. Dogs ARE social animals and having a social structure around them is VITAL, but this ‘pack’ mentality is being pushed in an unhealthy way. It follows the dominance theory and states that dogs must find their ‘rank’ in their ‘pack’ and that hyper-romanticized wolf pack structure “rules” must be followed. Here’s a debunking of them:

1. Dogs literally do not care who’s head is higher. This is a classic example of hyper-romanticized wolf behavior and is contracted many times on this site when they assert a small dog can be “dominant” over a big one. 2. Dogs are curious animals and have usually been socialized to think that humans = play and tummy rubs. Your dog is excited and curious about the newcomer and, if not trained otherwise wants to investigate (and possibly get those tummy rubs) asap. 3. More romanticized nonsense. If your dog acts adversely to being moved from where she’s resting, it’s because of a training issue (and likely lack of proper socialization) and not because she’s being “dominant”. 

1. Dogs do not have starring contests. Looking away while being stared at isn’t your dog “submitting” to you. It’s a sign that the dog is uncomfortable and I would be too if someone was engaged me in an impromptu staring contest. It’s that dog’s way of saying “dude, can we not do this?” Also another behavior that I’ve seen people interpret as ‘submission’; opening the mouth and/or panting. This is indicative of stress. Think of how you might begin to sweat if you’re stressed. Same basic principle. 2. Dogs want to sleep in bed with you because the bed is comfortable and they like being around you. The position literally does not matter, though you may want to make the bed invitation only just as a general part of training. 3. This is a matter of preference. Personally, I allow my dogs to roughhouse with me and me alone because I don’t mind it and I can teach them a biting threshold so that they never hurt me. I find this lays a good foundation to make sure they’re gentle when I train them to bring me things, etc. 

Ever seen a kid fall down, but not start crying until his mom freaks out? Same basic principal applies here. Your dog isn’t “instinctively understanding you’re the alpha”. You’re projecting confidence and because your dog looks to you to help her understand the world, you’re making her feel safe and assured. On the other hand, if you act fearful, like the kid who looks to his mom after he fell, your dog will look to you and see that something is not right and it’s time to be fearful. “Mom is upset and on edge so I should be too!”. 

1. Good feeding habits are a must, but eating before your dog is not. Dogs are not wolves and even wild wolves (and lions for that matter) the leader usually eats first along with the pups/cubs and they usually don’t eat their fill before the others are allowed to eat. 2. Appearing to eat out of his bowl is completely unnecessary and is usually only done when trying to correct resource guarding behaviors. 3. There’s a difference between begging for food/being disruptive and not even allowed to be excited to eat. This is the line that made me want to punch this woman in the face. Imagine being psychologically abused to the point where a dog isn’t even allowed to wag it’s tail when it knows it’s about to be fed. A dog who sits down without intensely staring or turns away isn’t being ‘respectful’; in this case it’s likely been abused and is avoiding a stimulus that’s been paired with abuse (the preparation of food). 

Using these methods to train a dog can produce a well behaved dog like child abuse can produce a well behaved child. They may appear to work, but the subject in question will not be happy or well adjusted. 

Why do people keep flocking to this bullshit? For the same reason they love to reblog outlandish “facts” on this hellsite (Like, does anyone else remember that “did you know” post that claimed there was a recessive gene that made a woman’s eyes purple, have no period yet be fertile, and grow no body hair? Seriously) and unfortunately some people flat out use it to justify abusing their dogs. It puts people as the “alpha” and makes them feel powerful. It sounds scientific to people who don’t know any better. Mr. Dog-groomer chinstrap says it’s good on T.V. 

So what’s a better frame of mind to be in when you train dogs? Remember there’s no one set of ‘rules’ that will result in the perfectly trained dog and remember that every dog is different. Do all the research you can and remember your dog is…a dog. Your dog is not going to plot vengeance, nor is it always going to understand things that seem perfectly logical to you. Be patient, ask for help if you need it, don’t lose your shit, and again, learn absolutely everything you can. 

veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

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(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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The Trampoline

Summary: Dan’s very gay and very in love with Phil, who has always been 100% straight. Also, there’s a trampoline.

Word Count: 5.3k

Genre: smut

TW: underage drinking

check out this amazing art!!!

read on ao3

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Request: Idk this has probably been requested already but ommmggg ur boyfriend imagines are GOLD. Whenever you have time could you please maybe do svt hip hop unit as bfs? Also I feel you on the moving thing, I’ve been in my new house for just over a year and a half now and I STILL have boxes shoved in places that I haven’t touched yet so good luck with unpacking!😊
Members: S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon (svt)
Genre: fluffy as heck
A/N: thank you so much for the compliments and well wishes!! Yeah no my room is chaos rn and I can barely walk past the boxes in the house LOL but at least I have a lamp now haha

Performance unit here: x


  • Congratulations you’ve signed yourself up to be flirted with for the rest of your life 
  • Boyfriend fashion boyfriend attitude,,, what’s his pink hat from change up made from??? Boyfriend material (I just really wanted to make that joke hjdshfje sorry)
  • The one who will nuzzle into you in the mornings and place gentle kisses on your cheek and whisper the most freaking endearing things into your ear
  • And it’s honestly so appealing that it makes you never wanna move but you gotta because oh no responsibilities are calling,,,
  • Maybe just,,,,,, a few more minutes in his arms,,,,,,,,,, it’s not like he can refuse you anyways lmfao
  • He’s just a big snuggler tbh he likes to lay around with you and just be as close as can be,, like it makes his heart swell up with happiness
  • Excessive amounts of pet names in English, Korean, and any other languages you may speak
  • Uses “baby” and “darling” a lot !! He thinks they just sound so nice and they’re so full of affection 
  • Lights up like a child on it’s birthday whenever you call him a nickname back
  • It’s literally one of his favorite things to hear and he always gets really giggly and grabby when you do it (let him hug you right now immediately)
  • A big sappy man who will tell you that he loves you at least once a day
  • No matter how or where or when or if he’s busy or not he will send a freaking carrier pigeon with the message on a tiny scrap of paper if he has to 
  • Doesn’t want you to ever feel down on yourself, so he always showers you with compliments before you can even think about doubting yourself??? He reminds you of all your talents and positive points and that he loves you more than the moon loves the sun and you always gotta cut him off cause otherwise you’ll be there for a long ass time 
  • Likes to feed you how corny but he’s always smiling so cutely you can’t refuse
  • Husband material
  • Loves to talk about his future with you 
  • if you don’t want kids then that’s okay!! he won’t push you!! and if you do then he’s excited to someday start a family with you someday!!
  • Mostly just talks about spending the rest of his life with you, and likes to do it with you sitting in his lap, chest against your back as he wraps his arms around you tightly to keep you snug and close 
  • Because when you guys sit like that, he can picture your future the best, swallowed up by your warmth and the feeling of your fingers in between his own 
  • And he gets that one little soft smile on his face and presses kisses to your neck (not like that ya nasty) and mumbles that he just adores you so much 
  • Freaks out when you get hurt 
  • Will 100% carry you whenever it happens and always asks if you need to go to the hospital 
  • You: It’s just a stubbed toe babe it’s okay-
  • Cheol: BUT WHAT IF YOU BROKE IT???????????
  • LOVES IT when you wear his clothes
  • You just look so cute,,, and it’s like when you’re wrapped up in them you’re showing anyone who can see that you’re all his
  • Will pick you up in a spinning hug when you wear them because it’s just SO PERFECT 
  • He literally thinks you deserve all the love in the world and wants to give it to you himself


  • Looks Emo, but is a Gentle Boy 
  • A boyfriend who very much prefers to show his love through actions rather than words
  • As a result he’s very doting??? Like he may not say The Three Words often but you can see his affection towards you in his actions
  • He always double checks to make sure you’re buckled up, brings you food when you mention you haven’t had a chance to grab lunch, runs errands for you without you even having to ask
  • Wonwoo: I saw you were low on the following items so I got them for you
  • You: Did you have to go out of your way to get those???
  • Wonwoo: It was for you, I wouldn’t have noticed if it was 
  • Wants to watch the sunset with you !!
  • Like straight up go to a secluded place, high up to get the best view of course, with a pile of blankets to sit on and wrap yourselves up in
  • He’ll hold you close with one arm while you guys sip a warm drink of your choice, smiling at each other all excited as the sky begins to change colors 
  • And he just can’t help but thank whatever it was that brought you guys together because this moment was exactly where he wanted to be
  • Warm and healthy with someone so vital to his world tucked under one arm
  • Probably wears socks to bed, he’s one of those people lmao (You may laugh but deep down I’m willing to bet anyone reading this has done it at least once)
  • Likes to nap with you 
  • Going to sleep in the early afternoon and waking up in the early evening, sleep tugging at the two of you and lazy smiles spreading as you gaze at one another
  • Quiet discussions of what to make for dinner, occasionally interrupted by a gentle kiss,,, how ideal
  • Ultimate caretaker when you’re sick or injured
  • Just somehow knows exactly what to do??? And has everything at the ready and if he somehow does it he has a few blackmail photos of Seungkwan that he uses to make him go get whatever it is you need so Wonu doesn’t have to leave your side 
  • Likes to go out to different local cafes with you to get boba and try pastries and different kinds of coffee
  • Also likes taking pictures of you in these cafes because he thinks they’re ~aesthetic~
  • Just thinks those sorts of dates are fun!!! There’s so many cafes to explore and you guys can take that quality time to find new favorite hang out spots that are quiet and just for you guys to catch up and have long, deep conversations in 
  • Likes to cup your chin/jaw when he kisses you 
  • Always a very gentle kisser, and pulls back with a tender look on his face and his eyes are twinkling with adoration 
  • And he’ll mumble a little compliment,,, and his voice is a little husky and you’re like “Okay Wonwoo I love you but that voice makes me feel atTACKED”
  • Trusts you with all his heart and soul and is an ultimate open book to you 
  • You could ask him anything and he would be totally honest with you 
  • Because you’re his forever person??? His soulmate??? He wants you to feel like you can trust him just as much as he trusts you and that means he’s never gonna hide anything from you 
  • And honestly it’s just such a wonderful thing about him,,, how can you not trust someone like that with your heart
  • When he does vocalize his affections, he always holds your hands close to his chest and reminds you that you hold all of his heart,,, and you always promise to treat it well
  • Literally such a sweetie why don’t you just marry him already????????


  • Uses your toothbrush on accident like three times a month and you keep having to buy new ones because ew 
  • You: Mingyu that’s dISGUSTING
  • Also kind of a sap but it’s not as articulate as Seungcheol lmao
  • Like he really tries to find a way to describe how he feels about you but he struggles with it a lot 
  • Sometimes the guys try to help him but he doesn’t want them to because these words need to be 100% from the heart,,, 
  • Even if they don’t come out the way he wants to, you can tell he worked on them and thought very long and hard about them 
  • So you always return those words, accompanied with a gentle kiss that makes him feel so much more at ease knowing he got his message across
  • You reminding him how much you love him makes him the happiest boy he just gets so soft over you 
  • The type to buy you guys matching onesies and is SO proud of himself for coming up with this idea even tho he totally saw it on instagram I mean what no Mingyu totally came up with it by himself 100% invented couple onesies 
  • Compliments make him feel good as it is but when you do it, it’s different cause you guys are dating and therefore it must be super duper special???
  • Swells up with pride whenever you call him handsome 
  • Consults you about any hair style changes (and honestly good let’s not have cheeto Mingyu make another appearance) because he trusts you with his godlike appearance
  • Cooks for you!!! He’s always sure to make you guys dinner on nights in
  • If you like to cook he buys you guys cookbooks full of things you can try making for one another, or even better, together 
  • Will 100% make you a bento box with a cheesy message written on the rice in seaweed, partially because he loves you but also partially because he wants to embarrass you lmao
  • If you watch him cook, he’ll narrate what he’s doing like he’s on a TV show just to make you laugh and it’s honestly adorable this man is a toll and also a sweetie 
  • Such a little soft puppy for you, people can practically see his imaginary tail wagging when he’s around you 
  • If you’re sad he freaks out a little because !!! You’re never supposed to be sad with him what should he do???
  • But he calms down quick and takes you somewhere private so he can hold you nice and close and listen to everything you say
  • Wipes away your tears and whispers assurances that you’re okay, he’s here and he’s got you, and he’s gonna help you until everything in your world is okay again
  • Likes to do fun and dorky things with you!!! 
  • If you can think of anything like that to do together HE WILL DO IT!!! He loves to do things with you and he doesn’t care if they make him look like a big dork because it makes the two of you happy
  • Especially loves it if it’s a pillow fort,,, but u gotta remind him to be careful cause he’s tall and kinda excitable so he might accidentally get up too fast or too far and knock it over 
  • But pillow forts will consist of late night giggling and teasing kisses and romantic comedies and it’s just,,, really fun 
  • Just being with Mingyu is really fun and safe and lovely really so why not stay with him forever???????


  • If you’re dating him please meme with him??? It doesn’t have to be often just like once every few months I wanna see some meme couple shit with Hansol lmao it’d be great
  • Will try and freestyle rap whenever you request it 
  • You guys could be making toast and suddenly you’re just like “Rap go” and he’s oN IT it’s not very good since it’s so spontaneous and about toast but he did his best okay
  • Just tell him you’re proud of him ??? he deserves it he’s a good one 
  • If you tell him you love him he gets squishy because he’s like 5 years old 
  • He can’t believe someone so wonderful who spends so much time making him happier than ever really feels as strongly towards him as he does towards them???
  • You might have to stop him from doing something stupid sometimes 
  • It’s not super often but sometimes him and a couple other members of svt get an idea in their head and it’s not always very well thought out,,,
  • Becoming close friends with Seungkwan who always thanks you for treating his best friend so well 
  • Kwannie will always offer to help you plan any surprises you might wanna give to or throw for Hannie 
  • Also tells you to let him know if Hansol hurts you cause he’ll totally fight him LOL 
  • Hansol face times you a lot when he’s busy or away on tour or for some other adventure!!
  • He tries to take you with him places as much as he can but yanno company rules and busy schedules :// the solution is late night face times
  • He’s always got a smile shining on his face whenever he picks up or calls you, no matter how tired he may be 
  • Thinks it’s funny when the members jump into the shot to say hello to you too or snitch on him but he excuses himself after a while because he wants a few moments just for you two 
  • The type of bf to high five you and then tug you into a hug and kiss your cheek or the top of your head
  • One time accidentally whacked your face and flipped his shit, would not stop apologizing but was also kinda trying not to laugh lmao
  • Bought you snacks to make up for it god bless 
  • A fan of back hugs!! They’re just such a sweet gesture to him, plus he gets to hold you and say whatever he wants and you won’t be able to see his face when he does it
  • Does he say sweet things??? Sometimes but sometimes he just tells you about something Hoshi or one of the other members did lmfao
  • If you send him a meme of himself, he will make it his mission to creepshot you whenever you least expect it just so he can have memes of you too
  • Loves it when you get along with his members, he looks up to them so much and to see so many of his favorite people getting along means the world to them
  • Also loves it when you get along with his family!! We all know how much he loves them 
  • His sister always jokes that you need to come along if he comes and visits because you’re more fun to talk to and Hansol is just “WOW OKAY BLOOD MEANS NOTHING TO YOU I SEE HOW IT IS” and it’s just fun
  • Quote one of his ~iconic~ english lines and he’ll tackle you to make you shUT 
  • But it turns into giggles and kissing and a little bit of tickling and then before you know it you’re just cuddling 
  • You make him feel so good honestly!!! You don’t even have to do or say anything just one look and he can feel his heart pick up,,, he just cares for you so much 
  • Treat this bb well 

Requests are open!!

versace on the floor - peter parker x reader

fandom: the avengers/spider-man

word count: 1026

character pairings: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: gets kinda …. hm …. but nothing happens LOL 

request: Could you write prompt #29 for peter parker? (“Come over here and make me.”) please and thank you!! Also i love your writing! (taken from this prompt bank)    

notes: i was high on gravol when i wrote this so i mean …………. ENJOY hahhhahahdihfa but forreal i liked how this turned out lol. here u go, @jacelghtwoods hope u find it satisfactory ! (also sorry it’s lowkey late lol i’ve kind of been driving around everywhere most of the time & sleeping the rest) 

“Come over here and make me.”


You felt as though it was a universally known fact that the words “make me” were a definite invitation to quite literally shut you up with a kiss.

Of course, Peter Parker would be the one exception to the universally known, despite his high intelligence. It was after school on a Friday, and you were over at Peter’s, laying down on his bed and trying to amuse yourself while he worked on homework. Aunt May was out for the evening; at dinner with a co-worker she had told you, sending you a wink as she left money on the counter for pizza, leaving for the night.

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FIC: Third Time’s a Charm


Fic: Third Time’s a Charm

Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader

Summary: You’re in love with a klutz, as Tom breaks his nose for the third time.

Warnings: Fluff.

It’s a cool Montreal morning. Tom is on set, for the last day of filming Chaos Walking. You are at the house in Montreal, working on a term paper. You feel lucky that most of your classes this semester were online and you’d made arrangements with your other professors to do your studies while abroad with your boyfriend.

You pause your research to grab a cup of coffee. You’re walking back to your laptop when your phone dings. It’s a text from Harrison:

Haz Osterfield: That’s 3!!!

You stare at your phone cryptically, hoping the text will magically explain itself. When it doesn’t, you shrug and type in your succinct, well-thought-out reply:

(y/n): ?

Almost immediately, you get a text back.

Haz Osterfield: Just come to the trailer on set. They know you’re coming.

(Y/n): This paper isn’t going to write itself Haz

Haz Osterfield: Trust me this is worth it lol

(y/n): You’re being weird dude

Haz Osterfield: Just GET HERE. Ya gotta see this

(y/n) Fine omw

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anonymous asked:

Hey you're princess tutu voltron AU is good and all but does this mean Lance dies?


IMMA FUCKING WRITE UP A DAMN GOOD PLOT, like the ones I’ve seen in some Tutu fanfics.

Read this small fic if you dare:

Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch


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Whiskey and Dope

“Happy dates a big boned girl, but cheats on her and tries to fix it once he sees her with Opie?”

Thanks for the request, @homicidalteenagedream !!

Btw, r/n = right now




It was another slow day today, you worked at a local clothing store for women and you hated every minute of it. The sizes never went above 8, and on rare occasions there was a shipment of size 10’s, but mostly during the holidays when the company wanted more sales. You were a bigger girl and working in a store than only sold to Victoria Secret sized model’s only made you more insecure, but Happy changed that feeling when he asked you to be his girlfriend a year ago. He made you feel as if you were the last California sunrise in his life, beautiful. You loved him with everything you had, even his smiley faces and his long stares. With you he was different, he talked, he laughed, he loved you with his all; and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

“Hey, Y/N, I’ll close tonight, you can leave early, just clock out,” your manager was sweet and usually every few weeks on Friday’s she’d let you leave early like tonight, “Oh, thanks, Malerie, enjoy your night!” She never had to remind you that you could leave early, you were already out the door. Getting into your car, you decided to go to the clubhouse to play some pool with Happy and Juice, and maybe stay the night in Hap’s dorm if the game proceeded without Juice. “Babe, I’m coming by r/n, Mal decided to close, save me a beer please ♥,” Hap always wanted you to text him when you got to work and out, at first you thought it was a little weird, but he explained it was so he knew you were okay and where you were at all times; it felt uncomfortable at first, but after being with Happy and the club, you realized it was important to let him know you’re safe, and that made both of you happy.

You noticed while pulling into the lot there was a party with all of the bikes and the barbeque burning. Parking your car at the end of the lot, you saw Tara walking towards your car, “Hey, Y/N,” she always greeted you with a warm smile, you both got along really well and got close super quick, “Hey, girl, have you seen Hap? He didn’t return my text,” it wasn’t like Hap to send a ‘K’ to your text or one of his other illiterate texts that sent question marks to your brain trying to decipher what he was telling you. “I saw him inside in the clubhouse a few minutes ago taking a few shots,” Tara wasn’t acting normal, she was fidgeting a bit and speaking faster. Looking over towards the garage, you saw the blinds were shut, but the lights were on. Normally Gemma constantly kept the blinds open to keep an eye on everyone and the garage to watch over her kingdom. But it was different.

Scanning your eyes over to the crowd, you saw all of the brothers with each other having a toast to more whiskey and dope, all but Happy. Your stomach dropped. Walking towards the office, Tara tried to stop you, “He’s not in there, Y/N, I saw him in the clubhouse,” she grabbed your arm, but you ripped it out of her grip and she sighed stopping in her tracks. Your footsteps stomped towards Gemma’s office. Grabbing the door, it was open, you hesitated, you hoped to God or whoever is up there that you’d find nothing or even Clay and Gemma getting it on. Grabbing the door handle in full, you turned the knob and slammed the door open.

Your stomach dropped as did the mouths of Happy and an ugly croweater under him. Your heart crumbled in your chest seeing Happy’s neck covered in hickeys. “Shit, Y/N,” Happy pulled himself away from the croweater while pulling his pants up, “Who the hell is that, baby?” She spoke wiping her mouth and her smeared lipstick. Not being able to speak your body froze with rage and tears. Immediately grabbing Gemma’s papers on the desk, you threw them at Happy and his bitch. “Fuck you, Happy, Fuck you and your slut,” you pointed your finger at her, “Fuck you, bitch, who are you calling a slut,” she stood up trying to intimidate you. Happy quickly got in between you both trying to talk to you, “Y/N, leave,” he spoke. “First of all, ho’, I will lay your ass out like your grandma’s panties on the laundry line, and second, fuck you, Happy, don’t ever speak to me again.” Walking away, Happy grabbed your arm, but again you snatched it out of his grip, “Don’t you ever put your fucking hands on me, Happy! I fucking hate you! We’re done!” It went silent on the lot, everyone was watching. You spit on the ground next to Happy and walked towards your car with tears streaming down your eyes. “What’s up, Y/N?” Juice asked with his dorky smile not having a clue what happened, “Fuck out of my way, apple juice.” Your tires screeched as you left the property to go home.



“Hap! What the hell just happened?” Jax came over with Opie, I looked behind me towards the office which they followed as saw the croweater buttoning up her shirt. “Oh come on, man,” Jax scolded, “You pissed Y/N off big time, Hap,” Opie took a drink of his beer, “She’ll be alright, I’ll call her in the morning,” Jax and Opie looked towards each other and shrugged, “I don’t know, brother, Y/N isn’t the type to come crawling back to someone who fucked up with her,” my anger started building, “I guess it’s my problem then,” we both stared each other down, “I guess it is,” Opie stepped forward to me.


I loved this one!! I thought this deserved two parts lol, I honestly was so mad writing this because I hate making Hap out to be an asshole :( But thank you for reading, and part 2 will be up soon!!



Request: Hi Tori, I don’t really know how are you right now but I hope you’re good and I hope everything is okay. I really love your writing and your account and I just hope, if you still want to do this of course, that you’ll be back soon. Also I just thought of a cute idea. So maybe the whole team went on a camping trip somewhere and they all knew that Bucky and the reader have feelings for each other so they decided to put them in one tent? And just a lot of fluff? I hope everything’s okay. Love ya!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: f l u f f

A/N: There’s this guy that likes me but I don’t like him in that way and I told him that I only like him as a friend but he keeps sending me cute texts and shit and it makes me really uncomfortable bc I just wanna be his friend

You couldn’t believe it. Staring at Wanda and Natasha, you give them a hard look.

“Can I talk to you two alone?” you say.

Bucky licks his lips. “Yeah, I need to talk to you guys too.” he gestures over to the guys.

You guide Wanda and Nat away from the boys and once you were at a decent distance you spun around, glaring at your friends. “What the fuck were you guys thinking?”

“Calm down, Y/N.” Nat sighed dramatically.

“Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal.” Wanda shrugged.

You scoff. “Not that big of a deal? You’re joking right?”

“We were tired of you two constantly flirting with each other around the tower so we took matters into our own hands.” Nat explained and you roll your eyes.

“We did not flirt.”

Wanda lets out a laugh. “Yeah you guys did. So much to the point where I wanted to bang my head against the wall.”

“Stop being so dramatic.” you huff, crossing your arms over your chest.

“It’s only for like, three days Y/N, it’s not like you’re gonna move in with the guy.” Nat rolled her eyes and you glare at her.

“Are you guys insane!?” Bucky shouted once you were far enough.

“We didn’t do anything wrong.” Sam smirked and Bucky was so close to punching the smug son of a bitch.

“Oh yeah? How ‘bout putting me in a tent with Y/N!” he fumed.

“Oh, did we - did we do that?” Tony placed his hand over his chest and pouted. “We had no idea.”

Bucky glared at him.

“Bucky listen,” Steve started. “Natasha and Wanda are sharing a tent and me and Tony are.”

“Well what about Sam? He gets a whole tent to himself?” the super soldier huffed.

“I got this sleeping disorder called ‘I don’t want to share a tent with Bucky Barnes’. It’s hard to sleep sometimes.” Sam shrugged and Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Well why doesn’t Tony share a tent with Sam and I can bunk with you, Steve? Hell, I’ll even take Tony!”

Sam put on a fake frown. “Mmm, nope. I have this other disorder called ‘I’m a lone wolf and I don’t share a tent with anyone’. It’s pretty tragic.”

Bucky groaned.

“Sorry Buck, looks like you’re just gonna have to share a tent with Y/N.” Steve says, a smirk playing on his lips.

Tony perked up. “Oh my god, you like her! I almost forgot that! Remember guys, Bucky likes Y/N.”

Bucky knew damn well what these idiots were up to.

“Oh yeah!” Sam exclaimed.

“How could I forget such a thing.” Steve shook his head.

“What a coincidence that you two will be sleeping next to each other for three days.” Tony smiled.

Bucky glared. “You guys are assholes, you know that?”

Tony shrugged with a smile on his lips. “It’s in my genes.”

Sam, Tony and Steve look over Bucky’s shoulder, seeing that you and the girls were walking back. Sam pats the brunette on the back. “Have fun dude.” and with that, they left.

“Hey, the three of us are gonna go out and get some wood for the fire tonight.” Steve spoke towards you and the girls.

“I’ll come!” Bucky volunteered.

“No need, we’ve got this under control.” Steve smiled at his friend.

Natasha and Wanda looked at you then at Bucky before rushing over to the guys. “We’ll come with you.”

“For uh.. Moral support.” Wanda added.

“Sounds good to me.” Steve smiled. “Buck, you and Y/N stay here and watch over our camp. We’ll be back soon.”

There was no point in arguing with Steve so the two of you watched them walk off up until you couldn’t see them anymore. They had planned this all along.

There was no doubt that you and Bucky had feelings for each other and the whole team could see that. You both made it quite obvious. But over time they got tired of the flirting back and forth and since neither of you were going to tell the other how you feel, they decided that they’d take matters into their own hands and help you guys. Hence why you two are sharing a tent.

“So..” Bucky dragged the word out as he turned to you. “How’ve you been?”

He mentally slapped himself for asking such a stupid question.

“Good, good.” you nod. “You?”

“Good.” he says. There was a brief moment of silence before he turned to you. “They set this up, didn’t they?”

“No doubt.”

It had become dark quick and all of you were gathered around the campfire, laughing, talking, telling stories - it was great. But, soon that all came to an end when everyone decided to go to sleep.

“We’re going to the lake tomorrow so everyone needs to get their beauty sleep.” Tony announced then gave both you and Bucky a look. “And no fooling around. We can hear everything.”

You and Bucky blush while the others laugh. Bucky picks up a stick and throws it at Tony, muttering something under his breath about him being a dick. After watching the fire go out, everyone went to their tents and upon entering yours, you spot an air mattress blown up in the middle of it.

“Did you do this?” you ask, turning to face Bucky.

“Yeah, thought I’d put it in here so that our backs won’t hurt tomorrow from sleeping on the hard ground.” he shrugged, zipping up the tent.

“Oh thank god.” you breathe. “You’re a life saver.”

Bucky laughed and plopped down on the air mattress.

“Do the others have one too?” you inquired.

“No - Well Sam does. We only brought two and we all had to rock, paper, scissor it to see who would get them. Sam and I won.”  he explained. You nod and dig through your bag, searching for some comfortable yet warm pajamas. Even though it was midway through summer, it was pretty cold during the night. After finding some sweats and scolding yourself for not bringing a long sleeve, you turn to Bucky.

“Could you..” you trail off and he nods, covering his eyes. Once you were done changing you tell him it’s okay to look before laying down next to him, quickly covering yourself to get warm.

You watch Bucky stand up and remove his shirt all while looking at him like he’s gone crazy. “What are you doing?”

He looks up at you. “Getting undressed to go to sleep?” he answers as a question.

“Aren’t you freezing?” you curl up in a ball, bringing the blankets closer to you.

Bucky laughs. “I never get cold, doll. I was injected with the serum, remember? They didn’t call me The Winter Soldier for nothin’.”

He chuckled at his own lame joke and you playfully roll your eyes. His hands then go down to the button of his jeans and he looks at you. “Are you okay with me sleeping in my boxers? Cause if not I can find some sweats to wear.”

You wave your hand. “Nah, it’s cool.”

Bucky smiles before pulling his pants down and tossing them towards his bag. He crawls into the blankets and gets comfortable before sighing.

“You know,” he starts off. “I hope this isn’t weird or anything - Us sharing a tent.”

You turn your head to him. “It’s not.”

“Good, cause for a second I thought-”

“I’m trying to sleep here.” Sam’s voice interrupted him and you almost forgot that everyone could hear you guys talking.

“Don’t try just do, lone wolf.” Bucky replied, Causing Tony and Steve to laugh.

After the laughter died down, it went silent and not long after soft snores could be heard from the others. You turn on your side, facing away from Bucky and trying to sleep but it was so damn cold. You hadn’t realized you were shivering until Bucky tapped you on the shoulder, causing you to turn around.

“Hey..” he whispered. “Did I wake you?”

“No.” you respond, your head almost all the way under the blankets. “I was still awake.”

“You were shivering - Are you cold?” he asked, his face illuminated by the light of the full moon outside.

“Yeah. Sorry if I woke you up.” you apologize.

“You didn’t.” he says. “Do you want to.. Um.. Do you want to - I have a lot of body heat so if you want to-”

You scoot closer to Bucky, laying your head on his chest and entwining your legs with his. He wasn’t kidding, he’s so warm. Bucky let out a sigh of relief and wrapped his arm around you, loving how close the two of you were before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Bucky woke up to giggles. Opening his eyes, the first thing he sees was you laying on top of him, his arm lazily wrapped around your body. You must have shifted on top of him while sleeping. Smiling at how gorgeous you looked while sleeping, he almost forgot about the giggles until he heard it again. His eyes shot up at the entrance of the tent, noticing it was now open and everyone was standing there, gawking at the two of you.

A flash of a camera took Bucky by surprise and Tony smiled. “These are getting printed out and going on the fridge.”

“What the hell?” Bucky groaned, glaring at everyone.

“This is so cute.” Wanda comments, Nat nodding her head in agreement.

“Shut up, you guys are gonna wake up-”

Bucky didn’t have time to finish because you had started to wake up.

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty.”  Sam chuckled. “Sleep well?”

You look at where you were laying and close your eyes. “Oh god I’m sorry Bucky, you were just so warm and I was so cold and-”

“It’s fine, doll.” he smiled, hand rubbing your back. While continuing his actions he shot everyone a glare. “Get out.”

They obliged and leave, closing up the tent and announcing that they’ll start on breakfast. You plop back down on Bucky, pulling the covers up and closing your eyes.

“Come on, doll. We have to get up.” Bucky laughed.

“Five more minutes.” you murmur.

Bucky smiled at you and hums. He was okay with five more minutes of you on him.

A/N: Didn’t know how to end this lol oops. Anyways I just had some bomb ass tacos. I love tacos. o k a y y y y y tell me what ya think! :)


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Nights like these

Summary:  After a stressful mission, Bucky has a little surprise waiting for you

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 760

Warnings: teeth rottening fluff

A/N: This is for @howlingbarnes languages of love writing challenge. Also, today is Kayla’s birthday, so go wish her a happy birthday if you haven’t!! My unique word was: Queesting (Dutch) - Inviting a lover to cuddle up in bed, just to chat.

Originally posted by little--batman

Stepping out of the Quinjet, you breathed in deeply. The mission hadn’t been too hard, still you were glad that everyone left unscathed. You could feel the tension slowly ebbing away, leaving you not tired but still with a worn out feeling.  

Bucky stepped beside you and took your hand in his, squeezing it gently. Smiling softly, you looked up at your boyfriend who mirrored your smile and pressed a sweet, short kiss to your lips.

The two of you hadn’t been dating for a long time yet; still it felt as if you’ve loved each other for years. Bucky had his room right next to yours in the tower and what had begun as some late night visits, had quickly turned into a loving relationship.

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Request: Hi!! Idk if you’ve done this yet bc you don’t have a masterlist so I apologize in advance if I’m requesting something that is done but can you please write a “bts vocal line as your boyfriend” and/or a “svt performance unit as your boyfriend”? Thank you so much! I just found your blog and I love it to pieces! Have a nice day :)
Members: Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino
Genre: Fluff
A/N: China line did you mean my children my sons the lights of my life my pride and joys that I raised with my own two hands,,, This took longer to do than I expected tbh but I rewarded myself for finishing with a new game LOL rip my wallet

Hip hop unit here: x


  • A sweet small little bumblebee man 
  • Hoshi likes to care loudly
  • Like he sees you and is just immediately excited and he’s very vocal about his love and excitement 
  • He has his quiet and tender moments of course but he’s just a very energy filled person pretty much all the time always so his affection is full of energy too?????
  • A morning person 
  • If you aren’t well then sucks to be you lol 
  • Because although Soonyoung with have his moments where he watches you with a really soft expression in the morning he doesn’t have enough Chill™ in him to do that for very long
  • He starts off waking you up gently, with soft little kisses and a couple shakes, but if that doesn’t work it takes him less than five minutes to start jumping on you and tickling you and hitting you with a pillow and blasting “Mansae” on his phone
  • Will 100% push you in a grocery cart through the store BUT YOU GOTTA PROMISE YOU’LL PUSH HIM TOO
  • You are both banished for one year from said store after you accidentally plow Soonie into a large display case of bread that had been arranged to look like an emoji
  • The employee who had just finished said arrangement was NOT happy btw
  • Go laser tagging with Hoshi and the rest of the performance unit I d a r e y o u 
  • You and Hoshi vs Jun and Minghao and Chan 
  • You guys are the perfect team and CRUSH them and as payback they have to buy y’all all the nachos you want no complaints 
  • The minute Christmas comes around he’s like “hey got us matching ugly sweaters hope u like them!!!”
  • “Where did you even find a Christmas sweater with a llama on it,,”
  • “The department store lol”
  • Tries really hard to be a good cook and make you nice things AND HE DOES REALLY GOOD SOMETIMES (like he was super helpful on ofd!!!) but sometimes he doesn’t do so well
  • Really appreciates it when you choke down the burnt waffles anyways and promises he’ll do better next time
  • He just tries really really hard??? He wants to be the best that he can be
  • That means him telling him he loves you a lot, and it never really seems insincere because he’s always just so earnest about it???
  • If you are laying on the couch and relaxing Hoshi is gonna climb on top of you and stretch out so you can’t move
  • Short or tall he doesn’t care you’re comfortable and your chest is a nice place to rest his head 
  • Likes to go do things on dates with you!! They don’t have to be super active, just something like walking to a nearby ice cream stand together is fine with him
  • He always tells you that being on dates like this with you is when he’s at his happiest most of the time,, and that he loves Seventeen because they’re his family but it’s just not the same kind of love,, they don’t make his heart flutter like you do
  • And you laugh and go “I sure hope not damn it’d be real weird if it was the same” but you squeeze his hand and give him a vanilla ice cream flavored smooch to let him know that although you’re teasing him, yes, he conveyed his message just fine and you love him just as much 
  • Just a happy boyfriend who really wants to do his best to make you feel loved and want to keep him around hopefully forever and ever


  • You’re dating a literal g r e a s e b a l l 
  • Like he’s handsome and sweet and a good boyfriend but he’s greasy as all hell 
  • You now have a boyfriend who’s gonna send you the corniest pickup lines in existence like every single day congrats
  • Jun, via text: good morning sunshine
  • Jun, via text: What do you and the weather have in common? You’re both hot
  • You, via text: Jun it’s fucking December it’s snowing outside 
  • Plays with your hair a lot, doesn’t matter if it’s short or long or somewhere in between it’s just fun for him 
  • Plus it’s like a little idle action for him to do if you’re watching a movie together or you’re chatting on the phone with a friend of yours or somethin 
  • If you’re not paying enough attention to him he’ll throw like a ball of paper or a pillow at you seriously jun are you five years old,,,
  • Kind of a pill sometimes but you know he does it just to be playful so you can’t be annoyed,,,
  • Plus at the end of the day he’s still pretty major boyfriend goals??
  • Massages your shoulders when you have a hard day, draws a hot bath for the two of you when you’re so tired you feel like you can’t move and need him to wash your hair, carries your bags for you, always pays for meals
  • Flirts with you in Chinese, doesn’t care if you know it or not he’s doing it anyways 
  • The8 always makes a face at some of the cheesy ass things Jun says in Chinese in front of him and the other members
  • Likes to go on shopping dates with you, full of visiting all your favorite stores and getting crappy food court food and trying out the massage chairs in the courtyard
  • The kind of boyfriend that takes a napkin and wipes food from the corner of your mouth whenever you go out to eat 
  • And says “Ah, what would you do without me??” and grins at you when you make a face before telling you that you’re cute 
  • Playful arguments that end with him kissing you senseless because literally how dare you say Batman is better than Iron Man it’s time for you to stop talking now,,
  • Just wants to be there for you tbh
  • He’s a flirt but he’s not super great at expressing things in a more poetic sense
  • Like you literally mean so much to him but it’s embarrassing to say those sort of deeper thoughts out loud and he’s never sure how to word it well enough to truly express how he feels
  • But you get a grip of it when you wake up to him gently stroking your hair and watching you with a completely captivated expression and he just gently kisses you 
  • And he wants to say so much more but he settles for a simple “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”
  • Your heart just m e l t s as you return the sentiment and you guys spend the rest of the day cuddling with your legs tangled up aw
  • Sweet boy at heart even if he is a bag of grease


  • Sends a lot of “Have you eaten yet?” texts
  • Sends you a good morning texts everyday with a cute little emoji
  • Sends you selcas of him sending you hearts (with Jun photobombing like half of them)
  • Sends play-by-plays of whatever stupid things his members are doing
  • Sends you texts asking what you guys should have for dinner
  • King of texting. Invented texting. 
  • If you get distracted by something he will grab the back of your hoodie before you can run into that damn lamp pole
  • Scolds you but then grabs your cheeks and kisses your forehead because he likes the fact that he can be there for you with this kind of stuff 
  • Remember one fine day when he and seungkwan went to a haunted house??? Yeah he was hella chill 
  • So if you’re gonna go to one with any member of seventeen make it ya boi Minghao
  • He’ll hold your hand and laugh at all the jumpscares to make things less scary for you 
  • Likes to take photos with you so afterwards he takes of photo of him smiling all happy and flashing peace signs and you’re as white as a sheet like that was terrible we’re never doing it again 
  • Buys you snacks and drinks every time you guys go out and about 
  • You: Minghao it’s fine we’re literally just walking around I don’t need a drink
  • Minghao: but it was hot today!!
  • You: yeah but now it’s like 8 pm and 60 degrees and we’re walking hella slow boi pls,,
  • He doesn’t really tend to upload them anywhere tho because they’re most for him to enjoy
  • He likes to just watch them and remind himself of memories that you guys have had 
  • Plus it helps him come up with new things for you guys can do!! 
  • Soft for you all the time always like??? He just likes you by his side where he can  be close to you and love on you 
  • Always has a soft look on his face and literally anyone can see how deeply in love with you he is, it just shows 
  • He doesn’t need to smile or even say anything, it’s just the look in his eyes,,, he doesn’t look at anyone else the way he looks at you
  • Marry him maybe idk just a suggestion???????????


  • He’s such a youngin I stg 
  • He’s pretty new to relationships cause he’s so young but??? His hyungs have given him lots of advice so he likes to think he’s got it down 
  • It makes him pleased to know that you’re close and he’s got a firm grip on you so nothing bad can happen to you 
  • When it’s just the two of you he likes to hold your face whenever you cuddle
  • Sometimes one hand sometimes two hands 
  • And just like,,, stares into your eyes until you get flustered and then he grins and smooches you
  • Cheats on board games lol
  • It’s so INFURIATING because you can’t catch him doing it BUT YOU KNOW HE DOES 
  • Monopoly is the worst
  • Dino: Idk what you’re talking about ://
  • Always gives you his hoodies like no shame 
  • “Wear it you look cute it in” SO FORWARD WHAT A MAN
  • He does try to act manly sometimes tho because he knows he’s a bit on the younger sides and wants you to see him as someone who’s Mature and can take care of you 
  • But you assure him that yes you know he’s very mature and you love him very much and you like it when he acts cute 
  • Goes to your house after practice for a few hours if he has the time because when he’s tired he just wants to relax with you and whine about Jeonghan’s latest antics 
  • But honestly the fact that Seventeen loves you and thinks you’re a perfect girlfriend to him means a lot to him because even if he whines about them sometimes, they’re his family
  • Will marathon TV shows with you at the drop of a hat 
  • Will absolutely playfully fight you over which character is the best
  • Isn’t the best at working out serious problems tho,,, he doesn’t really know how to express how he’s feeling and why sometimes
  • So when he gets upset with you he goes and cools off and asks from advice from Coups and Woozi and they help him work out what he wants to say so that he can solve things with you before they escalate
  • So any fights or disagreements between the two of you are very short lived and you both know how to work things out pretty fast???
  • Basically doesn’t tend to act like a dumbass when it comes to fighting lmfao
  • Likes to play video games with you, but he doesn’t compete with you oh no
  • He t r a i n s you because literally he just wants to team up with you against Woozi who keeps beating him and it’s sO FRUSTRATING 
  • Likes to sit behind you and rest his head against you to relax because you’re close and just so warm and comforting
  • Please treat this little baby well he deserves nice things 

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Finger Tapping; part 1

hello again!! thank you all so so much for all the love on my last piece!! never ever did I think that it’d get even seventy notes, much less over 100!! I can’t say enough how happy I am that you all enjoyed it. alright. here’s another one, I hope you all enjoy it as much as the last one, even though this kinda suxs. part one is kinda angsty and sad but part two will be full of fluff and cute stuff!!! :)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Reader is kidnapped by the UnSub that the team is trying to find. The reader and Spencer have been in a relationship for over a year, and he’s worried that he and his team won’t find you in time. As he goes over the clues one last time, he notices one small thing that’ll change everything.

Warnings: abuse, starvation, blood, weapons, hospitals. Read at caution.
Seven days, 18 hours, 43 minutes, and 19 seconds. That was how long you had been kidnapped for, kidnapped by the very UnSub Spencer and his team were working to find. Before your disappearance, the investigation was agonizingly slow, and the only evidence being collected from new crime scenes wasn’t enough. The best team in the BAU were stuck in the mud. Garcia couldn’t find any red flags on the suspects that were held in interrogation. Spencer couldn’t find any hidden patterns in the murders. JJ could only comfort so many families. But, when you went missing from Spencer and your’s shared apartment, the whole mood of the team flipped. When before they were coming to a close, beginning to give up, now they were all hypervigilant and focused on finding you, which would lead to finding the UnSub. While it was slightly selfish and certainly unfair for the grieving families, the team clearly cared more about your case than the others. They knew you. And while Hotch usually didn’t want to make any cases personal to anyone, he didn’t care about that at that point. He lived and breathed to find you. Not just for you and Spencer, but for the whole team. You were their teammate that didn’t work with them. Their home away from home.

“Okay, let’s go over what we know about our UnSub again,” Hotch began, running his hands over his face. It was two A.M., but he wasn’t going to sleep before you were returned home safe. The cup of coffee in front of him seemed useless. All he wanted was to see you in Spencer’s arms again. To see you healthy and happy again. If you turned up dead like the other victims a week later, he would never forgive himself.

“He’s a tall, physically fit white male in his mid to late thirties,” Emily began, taking a sip of her scorching hot coffee before cringing and swallowing quickly. The exhaustion was getting to her. Things would appear fuzzy, voices would be distorted. But she knew that she wouldn’t be able to rest without you being back. You and Emily had formed a close bond in the time you had known each other. In Emily’s pocket was the thin sterling silver ring you had gotten her for her birthday a few years prior. She rubbed it anxiously as Morgan started where she left off.

“He takes unsuspecting women from places that they feel comfortable in. Libraries, grocery stores, whatever,” Morgan said gravely, pointing to the images of the crime scenes. Morgan was worried for many reasons. One was for Reid. He knew how much he loved you. He remembered the phone call he had received at three A.M. from Spencer, rambling about how he was falling in love with you.

“Morgan, I-I think I’m in love with Y/N,” said the shaking voice. Spencer’s call had woken Morgan up, and while he was pissed at him for interrupting his sexy dream, he was also open to listen to his friend rant. “It’s like I get th-this feeling in my chest w-whenever she’s around me, like everything is okay, like there’s n-no evil in the world. Her smile makes me smile a-and her laugh, it makes me laugh even harder, and I think I love her, Morgan.”

“He fits in, blends in with the crowd. In order to be able to relive the experience, he live videotapes what he does to his victims and saves the recordings,” Rossi continued. While he didn’t show it, he was just as worried as the rest of the team. He saw the way Spencer’s eyes gleamed when he looked at you. He saw the way you looked at him, too. Like he was your whole world and more. He knew what true love was. What it looked like, what it felt like, what it held. You two were truly in the best kind of love. He didn’t want Spencer to lose you, and he didn’t want you to lose Spencer either. You were the best people for each other, your loving nature calming him down and his random facts always fascinating you.

Spencer sat, his eyes glazed over and his fingers tapping rapidly on the table of the meeting room. His lips were getting chapped and flakey from the moisture of his tongue; licking his lips had become a nervous habit. He could hear what his teammates were saying, but he couldn’t force himself to comprehend what the meaning of the words were, even if he wanted to. He had stopped trying to find patterns in human speech. Spencer knew, in the back of his head, that listening to his team members would probably help him find you safely. He had been trying to figure out your case on his own ever since the twisted bastard that had taken you from him had sent him a video of him cutting your drastically thinned stomach. Your ribs had been sticking out way too much to be considered healthy. There were dark purple and yellow bruises all over your barely clothed body. Gashes of all sizes and depths that were clearly infected and dripping dark red blood were scattered along your flesh. The hands he loved to cradle were harshly chained in steel. You were wearing only a thin, filthy pair of underwear and a bra, which Spencer knew was so he (the kidnapper and himself) could see the wounds clearer. Seeing you like that killed him. Constantly on edge, he couldn’t sleep every night you were gone. The warm body that usually lay next to him when he came home was coldly absent, and it made him go a little bit more numb every time he poured one bowl of cereal instead of two.

“I-I’m gonna go look over the tape again…” Spencer mumbled to him team, who all agreed that it was a good idea. They all hurt for the youngest member of the team. The life of his one true love was at stake, and they only had ten hours left to find you. They tried to keep up their spirits, tried to stay positive, but deep down they all knew that their chances of finding you was close to nothing. Spencer stood slowly and crept toward the door, opening and closing it silently. The team watched him with solemn eyes as he moved down to his desk like a ghost.

Spencer’s eyes were glued to the disturbing video he had viewed countless times, trying desperately to pick up on some clue he had missed the last time he watched the video. The UnSub cackled venomously, inching towards your restricted body with a long blade in his hands. Your eyes looked tired and tear tracks streamed down your grimy face that Spencer loved so much to hold when you shared a kiss. He tried to zone out, to watch the whole screen instead of searching for the tiny details. He felt agonizingly useless as he observed the UnSub slit open the skin on your thighs. He had to be missing something. You were smart enough to have proved him wrong occasionally and had even beaten him in chess a few times. You were smart enough to give him clues about your location. Look, Spencer, look! There has to be something…

The team was attempting to find out if any of the previous suspects had any association with anyone who could be the UnSub when they heard Spencer’s manic voice shout, “Guys, get down here! I-I think I know where she is!” For a split second, the room went silent, the team giving each other looks of relief. Then, they rushed like a stampede down to Spencer’s desk.

“Pretty boy, you’d better be right about this…” Morgan mumbled as he leaned over Spencer’s shoulder and peered at the computer screen.

“I’m almost certain I’m right here,” Spencer replied as everyone huddled around his desk. Spencer clicked play.

“I can’t believe I didn’t catch this before,” Spencer began shakily. If he was right, you could be back in his arms in less than a half hour. “If you look at her hands, they’re tied up, but her fingers are not,” he began, pointing to your bloody hands. “She needed to do something subtle enough so the kidnapper wouldn’t see, but obvious enough-”

“Just get to the point, damn it!” Hotch shouted. He didn’t mean to yell at Reid, but his adrenaline was pumping and he needed to know if he could find you or not. He didn’t need an explanation. Just action.

“I-I think she’s tapping her fingers in Morse code. If you look at her fingers, she’s tapping her middle finger to her thumb in a very unusual pattern, so it couldn’t be nerves, because she would’ve been consistent with the tapping. So, when I translated, the tapping was in fact morse code for,” he glanced down to the yellow and blue striped paper that he had written the address onto, “809 Phyllis street, Forman Motel, shed in back,” he finished, standing abruptly. The team stared at their member in awe, grateful for his genius-ness. A split second passed before the whole team was running out the door, Hotch calling for backup as he pulled on his bulletproof vest. The air in the room had become thin and electric, adrenaline flowing through everyone’s veins. Spencer equipped his vest with a smile, insurmountably glad that he had caught your finger tapping.

Spencer and the rest of the team pulled up to the location he had written down with police cars behind them. In everyone’s hands was their gun, armed and ready to shoot if needed. Spencer was worried that he might shoot the UnSub even if he was in handcuffs.

Cautiously following Morgan, Spencer slowly made his way behind the run-down motel and a large wooden shed came into view. They silently inched closer and closer to the closed door. With each step Spencer’s heart beat harder and harder until he could hear his pulse in his ears. Just a few more steps. Eleven, ten, nine, eight- Spencer and Morgan’s advancements were cut short when they heard a blood curdling scream erupt from the shed. A scream that came from you. Spencer knew that he would be punished. Spencer knew that his position would be questioned. Spencer knew that you would be angry that he put himself in danger to save you. But, in that moment, after hearing your scream in the dead of night, he knew that he couldn’t stick to protocol. He blindly pushed past Morgan, time seeming to catch up to his actions as he bolted towards the door. He could faintly hear the disapproving shouts of Morgan, Hotch, and Emily as he kicked down the door without a second thought. He had never kicked down a door before that moment.

Immediately he saw you, your beaten and bloody body chained up onto the wall of the dusty shed. Your hair was matted with blood and dirt. Your head hung almost lifelessly in front of your frail chest. Every bone in your body was sticking out unnaturally, only a thin layer of pale skin covering them. The second thing he saw was the man who had kidnapped you. It was like everything was happening in slow motion as Spencer watched the bastard decide that now was the time to murder you, considering it was his last chance before they caught him. As the rusty blade he held plunged toward you, Spencer didn’t think twice before pulling the trigger of his gun. The loud bang of the bullet echoed through the empty landscape around him. Immediately the body of the UnSub gave out and fell to the floor with a satisfying thump. Spencer’s ears rang from the shot fired, but he could still hear the corpse of the UnSub land on the rickety wooden floors.

At the sound of him firing, the rest of the team piled in behind Spencer as he began working at the chains around your bloody wrists. They key was just barely out of your reach, which he knew must’ve been absolutely miserable for you to be so close to freedom. He held you up as he finished unlocking you, as you would’ve toppled over if he hadn’t. You were too weak to stand on your own. The feeling of your freezing skin on his was so relieving, so calming, so everything.

You had woken up from your dreamless sleep when you had heard the gunshot ring out and you were worried that it was you being shot. Instead, you were rewarded with the heavenly sight of Spencer standing godlike in front of you. You weakly placed your arms around your boyfriend’s shoulders as soon as he unchained you from the misery of the wall. His warm arms found their way onto your back, pulling you close to him in an iron grip. Tears spilled over and stained Spencer’s shirt underneath his bulletproof vest. Silently you began sobbing into Spencer’s chest. You had thought for certain that you were done for. Already dead. After one day of waiting for Spencer to pick up on the morse code and having no response, you thought you were a goner. Being back in his warm arms and breathing in his scent made you sob harder.

“Hey, you’re okay, Y/N, you’re okay. You’re with me now,” Spencer comforted you, salty tears streaming down his face as well. It hurt him to see you like this; frail, thin, and weak. But he was so glad that you were back. That you were safe. He felt the darkness and the pressure slide off of his shoulders and back into the air. You were safe, and he couldn’t wait to get you back home.
Spencer sat impatiently in the waiting room the of emergency center in the hospital. He knew that they needed to be certain you were okay before you could truly go home, but the selfish side of him only wanted you in his arms again. He stopped tapping his foot when he saw your doctor walk towards him. She was holding a clipboard which was soon handed to Spencer to read over. He glanced over the list of medicine you were prescribed. L-lysine 1000 mg, Vicodin, Doxycycline, Sertraline, etc. It was a lot, but Spencer would be sure that you would take them when you needed to. The doctor went on to explain what she had already written down, so Spencer pretended to listen and instead eagerly wanted you to be next to him. He was surprised but glad that you could come home with him that night. He would’ve thought you’d had to at least spend the night in the hospital, but according to what he read, the only injuries you had were external and could only be healed with time and rest. They had also taken care of the infections in your wounds, which would heal up in time, but scars would remain, forcing you to remember what left them. Hotch, while still furious at Spencer for going in alone, had given him a whole month off to stay with you while you mended.

Spencer felt his whole body lighten as he watched you slowly walk out the door with the help of a nurse. They had just given you multiple shots to prevent tetanus, HIV, rabies, and other diseases just in case, and the silly little patterned bandaids still covered the punctures. Test results would be coming back in a week to see if you even had any of the diseases that they vaccinated you for. The hospital had been kind enough to help you shower and gave you new clean clothes, which felt like luxury in comparison to the filthy undergarments he had made you wear. A soft long sleeved yellow t-shirt and thick, simple black pants. Spencer lovingly watched you cautiously step toward him, thinking about how absolutely gorgeous you were, even at your lowest. Your tired eyes found Spencer’s watery and care filled ones, smiling as he engulfed you in a hug.

“Hey, Spence.”
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@kaylareigns23 said: Can I get an imagine where the reader is dating Jeff and it’s the night of Jessica’s party and she’s in the car with him when he crashes and they both die or not (your choice) & like they’re on the other side together. Sorry for bothering lol I just really love your writing xoxo

Originally posted by words-plus-wisdom

Jeff X Reader

“Babe. The party is in need of sustenance. Lets go on a beer run.”

Your conversation with your friends trails off as you turn towards the sound of Jeff’s voice, raising an eyebrow at his glassy eyes and lazy smile. “What do you mean we? How much have you had to drink?”

He scoffs. “Two beers two hours ago.” Your gaze darts down to the red solo cup in his hand and he rolls his eyes with a laugh. “It’s Coke. Chill out.”

“Uh huh. Hand over the keys, Sparky. Unlike you, I haven’t had an ounce of alcohol. I’ll drive and you grab the beer since you’re the one with the ID.”

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Work Of Art - GD Smut (1)

first part of a long ass smut that got out of hand lol hope you like it.


Jiyong loved art, that’s a truth that everyone knew.

The sun came in the morning, the grass was green the skies were blue and jiyong loved art.

When he was a child his mother liked taking him to art museums, they would go around seoul finding museums to visit, and jiyong loved it, he loved looking at the paintings and at the sculptures, his family would give him books about art they would also gift him with different art utensils, so he could create art, he found peace in painting and drawing, it was his escape from real life.

When his parents got divorced he spent an entire week in his bedroom drawing and painting and he even made a sculpture of a fallen angel, although it wasn’t his favorite type of art, he enjoyed it anyways, and the sculpture ended up looking so good his mother decided to put it on the living room so everyone would see how talented his son was.

It was when he aged 16 when he realized he loved something else just as much as he loved art, women, he found them beautiful every type of body and skin, their soft voice and their beautiful eyes, he loved them so much that his best friend young bae started to say he was the definition of heterosexuality, and if people looked at the said word on the dictionary there would be a picture of jiyong in it.

And women love him too, because he was beautiful, not only women found him beautiful men too, he possessed a beauty not everyone had, a beauty that could only be described as ethereal.

But he wasn’t a womanizer, because his love of art gave him something else a love for love, he became a hopeless romantic one who’s heart has been broken to many times to count, but he got over them really fast, he just needed to cry on his best friend’s shoulder, who has heard jiyong cry too many times making him hate every single woman that came close to him.

But there was one girl that jiyong didn’t dare to talk to, his high school crush, the only girl that was immune to his charming personality, jiyong was friend zoned, and even though he hated it he also liked that she was the only girl who didn’t throw herself at him.

She was smart beautiful and kind, she was a really nice person and she had a lot of amazing qualities but as an artist jiyong was a little bit superficial.

Her curvy body drove jiyong crazy, she wasn’t too skinny or too fat, she had nice ass and a really beautiful pair of breast that jiyong had masturbated too many times, her soft peach skin looked so soft and pure, her pouty pink lips made him lose his mind, especially when she wore her favorite red lipstick, in his eyes she was the incarnation of the goddess Venus.

And even if he wanted to ravish her body, take her to heaven and make her feel things she never felt before, what jiyong dreamt the most was too be able to paint her, for her to get naked and lay down on his favorite velvet couch for hours only to be seen by his eyes.

It was an idea that haunted his dreams and left him hard on the mornings.

But much to jiyong’s dismay she left school, to never come back again.

And youngbae thought that this would be like the last times, that he would cry and lock himself in his bedroom for days till he moved on, but he didn’t, jiyong didn’t even cry, he was sad yes, but he didn’t shed a tear for the women of his dreams, which was weird to youngbae, he panicked thinking that his best friend had lost his mind.

Jiyong refused to show his pain, for a reason he didn’t even know, he was sure he was going to move on, that he was going to find someone to love, someone he could marry and build a family with.

Four years of college proved him wrong, he did find some beautiful girls, but none of them compared to the girl of his dreams, he went on dates and he slept with a lot of them but none of them were able to fill that empty spot on his heart.

No other girl compared to you.

Jiyong sighted as he looked at his watch, his lunch break was almost over and he had to go back to class, he had to face his students and he had to teach the wonderful world of art when those kids didn’t even care about the words that left his mouth, only the very hormonal teenage girls paid attention to him.

Jiyong took a last drag off his cigarette and made his way back into the building, only to be stopped by his boss, who had a very obvious crush on him.

“Mr kwon I am afraid to tell you that your class was suspended” she said while she checked him out, he was wearing a simple white button up shirt and he had a few buttons popped open letting everyone see his tattoos, he also had simple black skinny jeans and black boots.

He almost rolled his eyes when he saw her lick her lips

“What do you mean it has been suspended?” he asked annoyed, why were they telling him now, when they could have told them when he was in his house?

“Well the class room is in really bad conditions and we are afraid that a piece of the ceiling has fallen and they just came to fix it” she said while her eyes kept going up and down his body.

Jiyong sighted and nodded “ok then, guess I’ll go back to my office so I can start grading the papers” he was about to turn around when the woman stopped him.

“oh jiyong a girl came to see you, she said something about seeing your work on line and she requested a portrait of herself done by you” jiyong lifted his eyebrow, now he was interested.

Ever since he became an artist he knew his work wasn’t going to be famous unless he used the internet for it, so he created a blog that became widly popular, and that’s how he met his best friend choi seunghyun, who owned a very popular underground gallery, once a month jiyong would prepare a collection to be show on the gallery and both meant would gain a lot of money thanks to it.

But his popularity was due to his blog, and that’s where he got all his money from, teaching art was mainly a passion, he fantasized of becoming a source of admiration to young people who loved art.

But even he was really popular with his blog and his art, no one in his 26 years of life had asked him to make a portrait of themselves, so it made him curious.

He just nodded “where is this girl?” his boss smiled at him and jiyong was so close to rolling his eyes he thought he would become blind “she is in your office” jiyong nodded and walked away without another word.

He didn’t know what he was expecting. Maybe a rich woman who would like her body be painted so she could live forever young, or a spoilt narcissist teenager who wanted a painting because it would look cool.

But he definitely wasn’t expecting the beautiful woman that was standing in his office.

A woman he thought he would never see again, but there she was in all her glory, she looked like she hadn’t aged a day, her beautiful curvy body didn’t change at all, she had some highlight in her brown hair and her skin looked a shade darker like she had been on vacations at the Caribbean, she looked like a goddess and jiyong couldn’t believe his eyes.

“y/n?” she turned around and smiled at him and jiyong had to tense his legs so he wouldn’t fall to his knees at the sight of her beautiful eye smile.

“oppa it has been so long” she said as she gave him a hug and jiyong could pass out at the smell of her coconut perfume, he put his arm around her slim waist and he had to grit his teeth so he wouldn’t let out a groan when she let go of him.

“I was on my break from work when a friend showed me your blog as soon as I saw those flowers I knew it was you” he chuckled as he sat against his desk “so a portrait huh?” the girl just bit her lip and blushed and jiyong wanted to grab her face and kiss her like he had never kissed someone before.

“my friend was the one who called and made the request” she said rubbing the back of her neck, she was clearly embarrassed and jiyong felt his heart get warmer at the sight of her pink cheeks.

Jiyong raised an eyebrow “why? If I can ask” the girl widened her eyes and looked away from him “uhm well she thinks that you had a crush on me on high school …and I had a crush on you too” jiyong could feel his heart exploding inside his chest.

“you had a crush on me?” he asked with his eyes wide, the girl nodded still blushing “yeah I thought it was pretty obvious” she said looking down, jiyong with his eyes still wide shook his head “no it wasn’t wow now I feel like an idiot for not telling you” he said rubbing his head and the girl smiled “yeah well I feel like an idiot too I mean we were close friends I could have told you too but I never had the guts, I mean you were popular and rich and the hottest guy in school how can someone like you like someone like me?”

Jiyong looked at the girl as if she was an alien “are you being serious? You y/n are the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, you aren’t like the others girl I met, you are beautiful smart and kind and you were a great friend to me, when you left I was so heartbroken I even refused to talk about my pain because it was embarrassing, please don’t ever tell me you feel that way about yourself” jiyong said as he grabbed her face so she would be looking at him.

The girl bit her lip and nodded “so will you make a portrait of me?” jiyong laughed and nodded “well if you still want too” the girl smiled and nodded.

But the man noticed that this time her smile was different, it wasn’t a shy smile or a happy smile, or one of those smile you make when you look at someone you like, it was a flirty smile and jiyong widened his eyes, the woman got close to him, too close to him, she put her lips on his neck and jiyong felt his body burst into flames “I would love for you to make a portrait of me, naked” the girl whispered on his ear and jiyong felt like he could pass out at the sound of the slow seductive voice y/n used.

Jiyong nodded eagerly “I mean I would love too only if you feel comfortable” the girl stepped back and nodded “when do you want to do it?” jiyong asked trying to get his heart to slow down.

“we can do it tomorrow if you want, I don’t have anything to do and my roommate is leaving town to see her parent…” jiyong shook his head before she could finish “no, we have to do it in mys studio I can’t work out of it, you can come tomorrow at five pm if that’s alright with you”

y/n nodded and smiled “that would be great” jiyong smiled and nodded, h was suddenly frozen in his place, his eyes on the beautiful girl in front of him, never in his last years of life he would have thought he would meet her again, but there she was, just as beautiful, or even more, than the last time he saw her, he had to shake away his thoughts when he saw the girl was talking to him.

“huh?” he said and almost fainted when she giggled “I said that I need your address for tomorrow” jiyong blushed and nodded “uhm give me your number so I can text you later” he said as he gave her his phone.

She put on her number and gave it back to him, he chuckled when he saw she put a heart emoji next to her name.

“so I’ll see you tomorrow” he said and she smiled, she got closer to him and kissed him on the cheek “I can’t wait” she whispered and walked out of the door, leaving jiyong alone in his office with a pretty big hard on, he groaned and sat on his chair, he wondered how he would survive, it was already hard to control himself when he saw her dressed he couldn’t imagine how it would be with her naked.

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Lovingly yours-NewtxReader

A/N: Someone requested either Newt, Stephen or Jack being spoiled. And I haven’t done Newt in a while, so here y'all are. Hope you like anon!!! ❤️ Short and sweet.

Originally posted by xoxoeddie


Newt sat at his desk, head bowed against his palm as the quill moved quickly along the parchment. He looked stressed, exhausted, and so unlike the usual mirthful wizard you came to love. Work had been hectic for the magizoologist lately, with the new discovery of another magical creature and all. And Newt had hardly slept a wink the past week. You felt for him, truly you did, and as desperate as you were to make his life just a tad easier, you didn’t want to interfere too much.

“Come on now, Pickett…rather busy.”

You grinned at the two of them, watching as Newt held a hand up for the bowtruckle to clamber onto. It was clear Pickett had no intention of leaving the wizard’s side, but you knew he had much to get done, so with a soft sigh you pushed open the door to his study.

“Pickett, leave him be.”

Newt glanced up when your sweet voice hit his ear, and his lips stretched into a smile, his green eyes lightning up. He always enjoyed your company, and he couldn’t help but feel that familiar guilt of overworking himself and neglecting you. Though you always said it was fine, he could tell you wanted more time with him, like he so badly wanted with you.

“Hello, darling.”

He beamed, reaching out as he dropped his quill and Pickett gently down on the desk. He grabbed your hand in his, kissing the back of it, and pressing his lips upon your knuckles before pulling you into his lap. You giggled softly, wrapping both arms around his neck before looking down at his latest writings. You pushed some pages away, barely understanding any of the terms or scientific topics he went over. But, you admired it nonetheless, knowing he was more than capable of adequately describing his latest discovery.

“Almost done, dear?”

“Not quite, my love.” Newt rested his cheek against your shoulder, closing his drained eyes momentarily. It was far too tempting to lay like this, and sleep was no doubt creeping up on him. But, despite the overwhelming need to lift you in his arms and take you both to bed, he lifted his head and rubbed at his eyes.

“Just another hour, darling. I promise to-”

“Nonsense.” You playfully scolded, kissing his forehead and running a hand through his messy locks. You knew how important this was to him, he could rest later. Of course you wanted him to reenergize, but you also knew how much unfinished work troubled the wizard. “I’ll make you some tea, mend the fire, and cook you a lovely meal. And you-”

You kissed his cheek, hugging him to you as you continued your appreciation for him. “Will continue your very important work, because those creatures out there need you more than I do right now.”

Newt looked amused at that, raising an eyebrow as he pulled you close and left tender kisses upon your neck. That same playful touch behind them making you blush, and bite your lip.

“So you don’t need me, my love?” He said, nuzzling your cheek lovingly. You knew he was just teasing, but there was a spirited meaning behind it. As if he was suddenly more interested in you than the papers scattered along his desk.

“Newt…” You pushed at his chest, climbing off his lap and picking up his empty cup of tea. “Continue with that, and you won’t be getting any work done.”

He laughed, turning in his chair as he watched you leave the room, eyes roaming down your body. “I’ll try to finish fast then.”

“Earl Gray?” You shook the mug in your hand, smiling back at him.

He simply returned the gesture, tired eyes sparkling with love as he answered. “Earl Gray.”


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 For the times when you just don’t know what the hell you’re doing. 

So this is short and pretty shitty but it’s how I have been feeling lately so I just let the words flow lol. Also I’m sorry I’m the worst because I am never here anymore… I will hopefully be returning soon at full speed ahead :)

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    You hummed, but it wasn’t with delight. It was an impatient hum– one that was full of frustration and annoyance. The hum tapered off into a sigh and you leaned back in your chair, pushing yourself away from the laptop that sat at your desk. Your eyes stung, face suddenly feeling hot and then there were tears building up. Angry ones that had no where to go except down your face. 

   This was the first time you had cried over this feeling– the first time you really let it get to you. The outburst surprised you, it was so sudden. Yes you were frustrated to your maximum, but that had been the case for a while now. As you silently and ashamedly let the tears fall, you decided that your body thought you had been holding back this angry cry for long enough. 

   Stuck was the only way that you could describe your state right now. Mentally, physically, emotionally you felt halted and stunted. What were you doing? You didn’t know– and for someone who needs control, this was keeping you up at night. 

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Reaction to You Screaming ‘Cause You Dropped Your Food. . .

Anonymous said: Are requests open? If so- could you do a exo reaction to you screaming cause you dropped your food? This is legit me lol. Thx

Reaction to You Screaming ‘Cause You Dropped Your Food…

A/N haaaa! this is funny. thanks for great request Anonie.

Kai Eonni ~


The moment you scream, you would have given this poor boi a heart attack. He would rush into the room, ready to tend to any and all wounds you may have. However the moment he sees you on the floor, wiping up the splattered soup all over the floor he would sigh, placing a hand over his still pounding heart. “Ahhh, Jagi, I seriously thought you were injured.” He would laugh lightly, finding this situation ridiculous as he bent down with a paper towel in his hand, helping you clean up the mess.

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You were walking towards the living room and almost made it when you somehow dropped the plate of cut fruit. Before the food and plate hit the floor a scream escaped your lips. D.O. would walk into the hallway, see the catastrophe that had taken place and without missing a step would immediately turn and return to your room where he was working. He wouldn’t be surprised by this occurrence, nor concerned for your reaction as this was a weekly habit of yours he grew accustomed to just ignore.

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The moment your scream left your lips, you had a frantic little puppy running your way ready to be you night in shining armor. When you come into sight, on the ground mourning your long gone cereal, he understood, but still wouldn’t be able to hold back his laughter. Sweet pupper Channie would then crouch next to you, stroking your back and offering comforting words. “It’s alright Jagi. How about I clean it up and get you some more cereal okay?”

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When your scream spread throughout your apartment and to where Xiumin was lounging on your couch, he would jump up, ready for action. You can be sure he was not expecting to see your spaghetti splattered on the floor and bottoms of your jeans. “Jagi…” He would sigh in defeat, running a hand through his hair. You had your man worried with your death-is-arriving scream, and here you are crying over splattered spaghetti. 

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You scared the shit outta him the moment that scream left your mouth. After he gets over his initial shock, he’s racing as fast as his feet can carry him, leaps and bounds, to get to you. When he sees you are perfectly fine, he feels like a mother who found his baby after 20 ghastly minutes of searching. He would be slightly calmer after realizing it was just food you dropped, but would have sympathy for you, after all, you worked hard for that cake.

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You screamed, and that scared the light, the will to live and the last bit of energy he had for the day outta him. He would have no sympathy for you whatsoever. He’d call it a day. And you know he’s gunna be going to bed tight for having him worry for your life and where in reality,,, “Babe…? Are you screaming for the orange juice? No, no, it’s cool, it’s cool… Imma.. Imma just head to bed alright?”

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He’d just laugh. He’d find it ridiculous, and then he’d also find his reaction to your scream in this circumstance even more ridiculous. He’d need to take a seat and collect himself before he proved to be any help to you. Tbh he’d get too much joy out of this.

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He’d be another that would find this thoroughly amusing. This little shit wouldn’t lift a finger to help you. He’d dead ass stand there trying to cover up his strong need and desire to laugh at you. But we all know that wouldn’t last long, and he would break down into a fit of laughter. Wheezing and all. Assisted by the second little shit Oh Sehun

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He’d be the most about it. Whipping his hair and everything. You not only had the audacity to scream about dropped food, but also to make him think you were getting murdered in your own kitchen. He’d be giving you the hardest time about making him run the few twelve feet from your living room to the kitchen.


He wouldn’t be having it. NONE of it. That was his last straw that week. You had already used up all your chances to drop your food and scream about it. It’s over for the rest of the week and it’s only Wednesday.


He’d just be confused. You screamed for dropping pancakes? Why? He’d have been worried for you, but when he sees the reason for your screaming, he wouldn’t be able to comprehend why you were screaming., Sehun would be a lost Oh Sehun (not like that’s anything new)

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He’d somehow find this cute. You being clumsy, and you loving your food enough to scream when you drop it. That would be cute to him. He’d be trying to hold back a smile when he sees you crouched down in defeat after dropping your bowl of ice cream. He’d be another that would find a little too much joy out of this.

Paper Hearts - Harry Styles

Inspired by the song Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly. 

This is the first time I have written something Harry Styles so please let me know if this was any good lol. I hope you guys like it! 

Remember the way you made me feel

Such young love but something in me knew that it was real

Your favorite memory of you and Harry was lying on his couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table and your head laying in his lap with your favorite blanket of his over your legs. You looked up and saw the first couple buttons undone and his tie loosely hanging. You went over in your pajama shorts and oversized t-shirt when Harry called you at 11 p.m. saying, “Y/N, you would not believe the disaster of a date I’ve been on. Please come over and relieve me.”

He talked about how every conversation he initiated turned into the girl finding a way to talk about herself. How she kept wanting to take pictures with him but he kept insisting no (purely because of good judgement from how this date was going. He didn’t want to wake up the next day to messy rumors and headlines). How she kept suggesting ideas about where he should take her for their next dates. By the end of the night he was surprised that she didn’t talk about planning their wedding. And just about multiple other things that he assumed were red flags.

You laughed at his facial expressions as he recalled tonight’s events.

“Harry I don’t get why you keep on going on these blind dates with girls that your friends set you up with. Maybe you should just take a break from dates from now on,” you say, pulling out your phone feeling it vibrate underneath the blanket.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair before placing that arm back down across your body.

“Maybe you’re right,” he pauses, “but maybe you’re wrong.”

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Merthur + all the numbers

1) Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes?

Merlin loves giving Arthur nose kisses!! his mom used to give him nose kisses when he was a kid, so they’re just such a sweet thing that he’s always loved, but the first time he did it to Arthur he looked so completely baffled and taken aback that Merlin had to laugh. now Arthur just gets flustered, cuz he’s still not used to such innocently affectionate gestures.

2) Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?

Merlin fits perfectly in Arthur’s lap, they both agree. he also greatly appreciates the extra height it gives him. they’re almost the same height standing up, so he loves having the chance to tilt Arthur’s face up to get a kiss.

3) Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay?

that’s an Arthur thing. Merlin’s more prone to full body hugs and neck kisses, but Arthur’s a bit more reserved, especially when he’s upset or anxious (and let’s be real, if one of them is anxious, the other one is too). he’ll hold Merlin’s hand, play with his fingers, kiss his palm or the sensitive inside of his wrist. he’ll just press his lips there and linger. it comforts them both.

4) Who initiates the forehead touch™?

they’re both big fans of the forehead touch. it happens a lot tbh. it’s just so close and intimate without either of them having to use their words, lol.

5) Where do they first say “I love you”?

it’s after a big battle, long past when the emotions have stopped running high. Arthur had almost said it before, when he’d been trying to convince Merlin to stay behind, he’d almost blurted it out but he’d stopped himself. they’d both known what he wasn’t saying, but they’d held their tongues because it felt too much like a goodbye in the moment. they rode out and they fought and they saved each other and failed to save others, and they didn’t say it. not until everything was over. Arthur back in his chambers, coming down from the shaky high of battle. Merlin leans in the doorway, watching. he says it first because he doesn’t want it to seem reactionary, like he’s just saying it because Arthur did. he wants Arthur to know he truly means it.

6) Who wraps their arms around their partner who is cooking?

Arthur can’t cook to save his life, but he loves to plaster himself all over Merlin and watch him cook, lol. (and nuzzle his neck and distract him until he abandons the food and they have to reheat everything later.)

7) Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut?

Arthur is maybe a tiny bit overprotective. just a bit. Merlin just lets him fuss because he knows by now that resistance is futile. also he sort of enjoys the fact that Arthur openly admits to carrying and worrying now. he didn’t used to allow himself to show that kind of vulnerable emotion. so the fussing is worth it.

8) Who cuddles up to the other on the couch?

Arthur is really very tactile and often in need of reassurance, especially if he’s been under a lot of stress at work. he’ll crawl onto the couch and lay himself flat on top of Merlin, burying his face in Merlin’s neck and wrapping arms around him and all but demanding cuddles. Merlin has no objections, even if Arthur is very heavy and might be squashing him a little.

9) How do they hold each other when their partner asks to be held?

Arthur is the little spoon. he doesn’t always want to admit to that for some stupid irrational reason, but when he really needs the comfort, he’ll let Merlin curl around him from behind and wrap him up in strong arms and make him feel safe and cherished and protected from the world, like nothing can get to him while Merlin’s there. for Merlin, it’s best on the couch, curled up sideways in Arthur’s lap so he can hide his face in Arthur’s shoulder and block out everything else while Arthur rubs his back and holds tight to his hand.

10) Who picks up the other fireman style in a playful way?

if you don’t think Arthur throws Merlin over his shoulder every chance he gets (and gets his ass pinched in retaliation every time), then you are very wrong, my friend.

11) Who brings the blanket to wrap them both up in it?

Arthur does because he knows how easily Merlin gets cold.

12) Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls sleep on them?

answered HERE

13) Who likes to be held and who likes to hold?

they’re both pretty clingy. it switches a lot, depending on who had a bad day and what sort of bad day it was. mostly whoever reaches out first gets to be the hugger.

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