I love watching him eat

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kyungsoo is not figure concious but he's the most handsome

!!!!!! i love this about him. im sure he does watch what he eats considering his job, but he doesnt do it to an extreme nor does he work out like crazy cuz he hates it lol. it makes him so relatable. he doesnt need muscles cuz he’s already the most gorgeous person in my eyes.


David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Three

↳ Favourite Non-DW Role: Peter Carlisle, Blackpool

17 Things I Love About Wonwoo

1. Literally his visuals are blindingly beautiful and paradoxical cause he looks so cold and deathly handsome but he also looks like a cutie pie

2.  His voice that makes me feel WEIRD THINGS he could be insulting me and I’d be like, “yes yes go on” but also his high-pitch voice just kills me

3. I love how he FRONTS and pretends he can’t do aegyo, but when he’s asked to do it, he does it so well!!1!1!!!1

4. The fact that he assumes responsibility and faces the consequences for his past actions just makes him that much more mature and admirable

5. His sTUPID puns that I love so so much and can’t live without

6. His passion for his songwriting and rapping and dancing and singing

7. The way he eats just makes me so happy like I can’t even really explain this one I just love watching him eat (even roses wtf)

8. How he scrunches his nose when he’s laughing and starts clapping with his hands or on his knee or on other people

9. How he buries his face in his hands when he’s embarrassed omf what a cutie

10. His hands and collarbones!!1!!!11!

11. His endless love for books and how he glows up while talking about them and how he almost beat hoshi up for throwing his book on the floor and how he made a public service announcement for reading in Chuck

12. His overall dorkiness like in OFD he’s showing off his baggie items when he’s supposed to be cleaning and jeonghan’s like “boy wyd” and wonwoo’s just like “hi hyung”

13. His blank face look and how he just stares into space probably thinking about cheeseburgers

14. How much he loves and cares for his members like that one time he placed his hot pack on woozi’s lips cause he was stuttering (and also meanie)

15. His combination of being outgoing and playful but also reserved and quiet what a mystery???

16. He’s a rapper but also high key qualified for vocal team like who are you and why don’t you do this more often 

17. The fact that he’s in seventeen