I love this song!

  • Ali Plumb: I'm still giddy over Dunkirk.
  • Nick: Soooo good.
  • Ali Plumb: Harry Styles' magnum opus. I just can't believe- Look, this film is 2.5 hours of agony and yet, everyone's watching it. I gave it 5 stars, and Harry Styles is genuinely really good in it.
  • Nick: It deserves 5 stars! I predicted 5 stars, did I not???!!! Fifi, how much would you give it?
  • Fiona: Five! I wanted it to be longer.
  • Nick: Me too! That was the first time when I sat at a screening that Radio 1 made me go and see when I thought 'Wow. I hope this doesn't end.' Usually, I'm like 'Well, this is absolute garbage.' But this was really great! It was so so good!

1-minute speed paint. 

I guess I need to take a break from drawing cartoons all the time.  I watched a tutorial on painting like a sculptor that made me realize I need to paint more. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

sigh im still emo about how after 2+ years hyungwon finally opens a song for the first time… im such a proudbebe and an emobebe but he really deserves so much more..

hi im sarah and ive been stanning jeremy shada since season 1 of adventure time and he’s the reason i got into voltron in the first place, im here to bring u the latest news of his career

Try watching videos on V LIVE!

Mami’s Reaction to Newton

I listened to this song, and I actually cried. I don’t know, something about it seemed so happy and free. Seeing these guys made me realise a lot of things, and this song is so great. 

It’s summery, light and really fun! These guys looked like they had a really good time making this video, and it’s like you can really see the passion in what they do, they put so much emotion and passion into the song. 

Please everyone, Monsta X fan or not, take the time to listen to this song and give it the recognition it deserves. Monsta X have worked really hard since the moment they debuted, they’ve been through a lot together and  they have had struggles recently with Hyungwon’s health. it would mean the world to monbebe to see them succeed. 

Stan Monsta X, enjoy the song!