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Just a small drabble of the art student au based off of the conversation @spoiledbuni and I had. It gets angsty and Lafayette goes full Angelica on John and Alex’s asses??

Thomas unlocked the door to his shared apartment with his boyfriends. He had been on a 5 month trip to visit his family since it had 3 years since he saw them. He had a slight smile on his face and hummed as he entered the apartment, placing his suitcase on the ground.

He paused seeing a red dress. Dread filled his stomach before she shook his head, ‘No… They wouldn’t. They love me.’  His thoughts only got worse as he heard a moan, it belonged to John. He rushed forwards, he pushed the ajar door open before gasping, tears covering his vision and using his hand to cover his mouth. He never thought this would happen.

John locked eyes with him and his eyes widened in shock. “Thomas-” He was cut off by a sob. It was a broken sob that had tore from Thomas’s throat.

Both Alex and John shoved the girl, who Thomas recognized as Maria Reynolds off of them and stood up. “Thomas, we-”

“Save it! I don’t need your excuses! I thought you loved me…” He glared at them with tearful eyes before turning around and storming out of the apartment.

He went the only place he could, To his old apartment where Laf would be. With tearful eyes, he knocked on the door.

“I’m coming!” Lafayette’s french accent was prominent as he walked towards thew door, faltering as he saw the heartbroken Thomas. It broke his heart to see him like this. “Thomas? What happened?” He ushered him inside.

“Thomas hugged him tightly, crying. “I-I came back from my trip and-and I-I saw them in bed-bed with another woman.” He cried, holding onto him.

Lafayette felt fury enter him and he hugged him back. “Shhh… There, there… They don’t deserve you. I have something to do, make yourself at home and I’ll be right back.” Lafayette sat him on the couch and grabbed his coat and leaving.

Alex and John had been cleaning up, having sent Maria away and making it look like nothing had happened but the hickeys and scratch marks were more prominent than ever. “How could we do this…?”

The door slammed open and John jumped, staring at Lafayette in shock. “Lafayette…”

“John, Alex.” Lafayette spoke courtly with an innocent smile before talking a deep breath and glaring at them. “Congratulations. You have invented a new kind of stupid.” He took a step forwards. “A ‘Damage you can never undo’ kind of stupid.” Another step. “‘Truly, you didn’t think this through?’ kind of stupid.” He stopped in front of them, glaring at them. “Let’s review.” He turned away from them, walking forwards. “You took a rumor, a few, maybe two.” He was talking about the rumor of them being man whores. “people knew and refuted it by having an affair, no one expected you two to have!” He turned towards them and glared, his arms crossed.

“Thomas begged you to ignore it, you refused to. So scared of what your enemies will say about you, the only words who affect you two are your own! You always seem to lose to yourself! You know why Adams can do what he wants? He doesn’t dignify petty school rumors with an affair or even a response!” He yelled at them, waving his hands. “So yeah, congratulations!”

“Lafayette…” They looked at him, hurt and embarrassed. They never meant for this to happen but it had.

“You’ve redefined your reputation! Congratulations!” He crossed his arms, about to speak but was cut off by them.

“It was an act of sacrifice!” Alex cut him off, indifferent. John had tears brimming his eyes.

“Sacrifice? Alexander you’ve never even met sacrifice!“ He pushed him back, making him fall. “I languished in watching the person I am in love with be happy with two other people! I respected it because it made him happy! I look at you two and think ‘What have you two done?’ That doesn’t wipe away Thomas’s tears. I’m here now and you know what I’m here to do.”

John reached out for him. “Lafayette…”

“I’m not here for you! I know Thomas like I know my own mind. You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. And it feels like it was a million years ago when she said ‘These ones are finally mine!’ So I stood by. DO YOU KNOW WHY!?” He cried out to them , tears filling his eyes. “I love Thomas more than anything in this life! I will choose his happiness over mine, every time! Thomas…”

“Thomas….” Alex and John whispered in unison as they thought of their wonderful boyfriend.

“He is the best thing in our lives. So never lose sight of the fact that you ahve been blessed with the best boyfriend!” He glared at them, turning his back to them so they wouldn’t see him crying. “Congratulations. For the rest of your lives. Every sacrifice you make is for my Thomas. Give him the best life. Congratulations.” He choked out, storming out before they could call fro him.

‘As long as he was happy, that would be enough,’

~Aysel Of Typhon-Fin~

This beautiful picture was commissioned by the ever so lovely askeletonteaparty for a D&D campaign I’m a part of! I had the BEST time working with Tash and they were so patient and considerate with me when it came to what I wanted with this picture! If you have to commission someone, I stand by this artist!!! 

Aysel is a young Eldritch Knight from a tribe of proud Merfolk Erectus!!





Harry: (stop singing/yelling a song) Now… there are three things… theres…there’s more than three things that we love most about Canada. One…poutine! Two…poutine!! Three…wot

Liam: Protein!

Harry:  Three…no, poutine was one and two, this is number three. Number three is…P O U T I N E!!!!!! (crowd screams) Number four… (laughs) poutine! Number five, syrup. (yelling) NUMBER SIX SYRUP ON POUTINE!!! (screaming) Number seven and the one we love most of all, is every single one of you! Shhhh!!! Number eight, you and syrup on POUTINE! (screaming) That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!! 

Liam: You should… (something intelligible)

Harry: I really wanna mic drop, but I won’t, ‘cause they’re expensive.

Liam: Are you gonna run for president?

Harry: No! There’s not a chance, ‘cuz I don’t know what I’m talkin about! 

Liam: I still think you should, I’m convinced!

Harry: (screaming) Nine (looks at the flag) THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!!! MAKE SOME NOISE FOR CANADA!!!

Liam: You’ve gotta have a ten, you’ve gone through nine now you’ve gotta have a ten!

Harry : (scream)TEN! 

Liam: Ten! Us on syrup on poutine on… (gets lost) something else

Harry: Ten is (pick the moose on the floor) THIS MOOSE, ON THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!! Make some noise for the moose! (screaming to a fan) Which one d’you want, the moose or the flag or the syrup?  

Liam: Or the poutine?

Harry: Or the poutine? You can have the moose and the flag. (throws the moose and the flag to a fan) Ohhhh I’m hyped. Oooh I’m hyped. (start to do some weird moves)

Liam: (says someting intelligible to Harry)

*Harry and Liam start to dance and hum Rocky theme song*

Niall: tell em you’re gonna be president

Harry: (screaming, out of his mind) ROCKY!!! On the moose, riding on the moose, into this place on the moose, this is Rocky, he’s on the moose, he’s on his back, wrapped in a flag, covered in poutine, on the syrup, there’s syrup everywhere!!!

Niall : (laughing)Harry!

Harry: There’s lots of syrup everywhere! Rocky waits, the moose is gone… (get lost) 

Niall: Michael Buble!

Louis: That is passion!

Harry :  MICHAEL BUBLE! (is confused) Michael Buble on the shoulders of Rocky, wrapped in a flag, on a moose, riding in here, covered in syrup, on poutine, and you’re all everywhere watching the whole bit go down. 

Liam : I’m confused

Harry:  It’s gone too far, I’ve confused myself… this is story of my life, please sing along.  xx

cause of death: au fics where lance spends months gushing to shiro about this beautiful emo boy he’s stupidly pining over, only for keith to show up one day and start talking with shiro like it’s no big deal, and lance is really confused over how they know each other only for it to suddenly dawn on him that kEITH IS SHIRO’S BROTHER AND HOLY SHIT HE’S JUST SPENT THE PAST 6 MONTHS CONSISTENTLY RANTING TO  SHIRO  ABOUT HOW MUCH HE WANTS TO HOLD HANDS AND MAKE OUT WITH HIS LITTLE BROTHER RIP HIS SOUL