I love this sibling couple u-u

Imagine for paigiepoo13-love | Not Alone

Can u make me an imagine where Matt is my best friend and I’m going through a sad time in my life for having no one and matt expresses his love to me right when I can’t take it anymore :) I understand if u cant

Another scar to open. I smiled, knowing that once it was over with, no one had to pretend that they cared anymore. I was doing everyone a favor; the bullies, my mom, my dad, siblings, “friends”. I knew that it was what I had to do. Things were going to be so much easier for everyone. Their lives were going to be so much better without me in the picture. My whole life was a constant circle of pain and tears. My mom had just gotten fired from her job, my dad was always away on business trips, my brother and sister were always saying that I never helped with anything around the house, even if I was the only one cleaning and cooking for everyone. The kids at school always made me feel different and no matter no I said or did, they would never stop. I was tired of trying, all the lying and running away from my fears. That was the last straw. I opened my backpack, taking out the sharp blade and thought about it for a second. As soon as the blade touched my pale skin, my phone rang.

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