I love this guy

Your Awards

Pairing: Evan Peters x Reader

Description: One day, you see something crazy on tv leading to cuddles with your favorite superhero.

Warnings: Fluff. So much fluff. Also adorably clumsy Evan. Also insecure Evan?


Your boyfriend flew into the room with a wild expression and hair sticking in different directions. “ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU HURT? WHAT IS HAPPENING?” Evan panted as he checked you over, making sure you were alright. “I’m fine you idiot. Look at the tv.”

You happened to be flipping through channels when your boyfriends name read across the screen.

“..and the nominees can be viewed on MTV.com.” You dove for your laptop, threw open the cover and furiously began typing.

“Babe, what’s going on?” Evan was thoroughly confused by the way you were acting. “SHH!” You finished typing and started to busy yourself with clicks and scrolls. You seemed to find what you were looking for and practically threw the laptop in poor Evan’s face.

“Look! Look! Oh my gosh, look!!” Evan caught the computer midair and scrutinized the view that was presented on the screen. The page read, ‘MTV Movie Awards. Best Comedic Performance Nominees.’ “No. You’re messing with me.” You laughed at Evan’s expression. “This is all very serious Ev. Oh and go back a page.”

He did as told and it basically said the same but with Action Performance. “TWO?! Holy crap!” “Babe this is so huge for you. Being nominated for two big awards? SO PROUD!!”

Evan suddenly became quiet. He looked at you with an unreadable expression. Extremely confused and a little worried, you asked, “what’s eating you, babe?”

He slowly set the laptop down and stepped over to where you were sitting on the couch. “You,” he said.

“Me?” you asked. “You. These are your awards.”

By now you were very worried and reached to check his temperature. He was probably just overexcited.

“Babe. I don’t believe you’re thinking straight. What’s up?” “This is your award. You’re the one who got me out of bed every morning even if I was being an arse about it. You made sure I was fed and hydrated so I could function at work. You supported me every night I felt I wasn’t doing Peter justice. You were.. are my rock. I wouldn’t even have got the audition if you hadn’t pushed me to. So yeah, these are your awards.”

The room fell into a calm aura, setting your emotions skyrocketing. “Sure I helped you, but that’s just it. I helped. Who’s the one who read scripts until three in the morning making sure he wouldn’t screw up his lines? Who went to the gym even though he hated it there so his character would look the part? Who acted the same scene for sixteen plus hours one day and was just as excited to do the same thing the next day? That was all you, baby. So if you want to call the awards partially mine, I’ll let you, but they are yours and you did everything to deserve them. You are a great actor and your coworkers tell me they’ve learned a lot from you. I’m so proud, baby. I’m so proud.”

Evan was practically in tears now. He always questioned his acting ability yet you always could reassure him. He could never tell you how thankful he was for you. He just couldn’t do it without you by his side. Someday he’d ask you to be with him forever. Just not yet.

“Thank you, baby girl. I love you so much.” “I love you too my Quicksilver.”

That day ended in cuddles watching his X-Men movies.

What I Love About - Reigen Arataka

So this is just a post about all the things I love about Reigen Arataka from Mob Psycho 100. Beware of spoilers.

  • He’s a con man with a heart of gold. In other words, he is one of my weaknesses.
  • Okay, so he may be a fake psychic, but he does actually help people.
    • He actually undercharges the people who come to him. That one psychic guy said that usually they charge 200,000 yen as a minimum price, but Reigen said that he’d do it for 20,000 yen.
    • When someone said he couldn’t pay Reigen, all he asked was for a percentage of his next crop. I wouldn’t be surprised that he does this sort of thing a lot.
    • Most do not leave him unsatisfied. Sure, most don’t actually have a ghost problem, and when they do he leaves it to Mob or Serizawa now, but he goes along with it and helps reassures them.
    • Heck when someone came to him saying a different fraud had told them they had a problem, he was secretly chastising them for not doing anything about it.
  • He puts a lot of effort into his work.
    • He’s not psychic but he does do a lot of research into stuff.
    • Look at how well he investigated the whole Divine Tree thing. He even came up with a basic plan of how to solve it.
    • He nearly killed himself from exhaustion and made a good plan to get rid of that “gaming ghost” and wow, the perseverance that he has is not to be denied.
  • He is a really nice person.
    • He willingly listens to the people at that bar he sometimes goes to and gives advice. Even though they don’t ever return the favor.
  • Reigen is a good mentor to Mob.
    • He may not have psychic powers but he does give great advice, especially about life and how to live.
    • He can’t teach Mob how to control his powers, but he has taught him when and where and against whom he should use them.
  • Reigen cares about Mob.
  • Actually, Reigen seems to care about anyone who comes into his relative care.
    • Seriously, when it comes to espers, it’s like Reigen is a Momma Duck and they all line up behind him like his ducklings.
    • He evens cares about Ritsu despite the fact that the kid despises him.
  • He’s really funny. Sometimes when he’s trying to be, but also when he’s not.
  • His special techniques.
  • His somewhat contradictory nature. He does care about himself and his business (as shown when he had no desire to go against Claw until his insurance money was threatened [which I guess he didn’t end up needing as things seemed to have been restored in the aftermath]), and he is also perfectly fine with letting professionals such as police handle things. Then, he does something like walk into Mob’s fight with the boss after seeing Dimple get his butt handed to him.
    • Seriously he cares about this kid so much. Perfectly fine to sit back, but when Mob’s in danger, he’s going to be right next to him to try to do what he can, even without powers.
    • Also proof about how nice he is.
    • Heck he freaking apologized to Mob for just letting him go confront the boss of Claw on his own.
  • On a related note, how is this man still alive?
    • I can think of at least three occasions where he would’ve died except for a last minute intervention from an esper.
    • Teru and Mob’s transfer of power saved him on two different occasions (at the last second too) during the Claw’s 7th Division fight.
    • He managed to be the first to approach Mogami but didn’t get thrown through a wall right away.
    • When Mogami did smash him through a wall, he somehow managed to not break his neck (without any esper helping him).
    • He didn’t die of loneliness like a bunny during the Separation Arc.
    • Serizawa saved him at the last moment in the boss fight.
    • He was also one of the last to get brainwashed by the Divine Tree.
    • So yeah, could his luck be his secondary powers after his BSing skills.
  • Seriously, his BSing skills are amazing. And surprisingly helpful to all who hear it.
  • He may have trouble admitting to his mistakes, but he gets there eventually.
  • I also like the way he tends to write off psychic powers or ghosts and stuff as ordinary.
    • Bumps into ghost, thinks it’s a sumo wrestler.
    • Calls monster ghosts really good CGI effects.
    • Before realizing Mob transferred his powers, just thought his body was in great shape that day.
    • Broke a freaking cursed sword, thinking that it was a joke toy sword and that the earlier gouges was some sort of trick.
    • Seriously, this is comedy gold right here.
  • The way that when things do go wrong, he takes responsibility for it.
  • He’s always trying his best to be an adult when he has no clue what’s going on.
    • Master of faking it till you make it.
  • Actually also is the adult usually. Even if there are adult espers around. Or even people older than him.
  • He may use the people around him, but he also would totally die for them.

Long story short, I love Reigen Arataka.