I love them so much okay

people who do the whole “i’m so sorry but i have to share my character hate and tag all the characters i hate too” “you know i tried to love them but since i failed, i gotta tell the entire fandom those characters really suck” “but please remember i’m sorry okay it’s not my fault i hate them so much” “it’s not like i have another option here like not making a post about it or you know not tagging them” “hahaha #sorry so sorry" 

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Hey quick question do u just hate the ship chrisxviktor or do u hate that people even ship it bc if so its kinda rude bc like ship and let ship :(

I have a lot of friends who ship pairings I don’t like. Should I love them less for that? No. Should I hate the fact that they see what I don’t see? No. Everyone ships what he wants and this is normal.
If you ship my otp, well, great, let me hug you, we really have much to talk about! If you ship something I hate, okay, not this time, let’s just talk about characters we love. I like people for being people. Not for their ships.

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do you have any kinda unpopular opinions about bughead? this always intrigues me (what people's opinions are, y'know) thanks!!! (love the blog btw, you're killing it out here, queen)

omg, thank you! 

  • i think my biggest unpopular opinion is that i don’t like the head canon of jughead having had feelings for betty since they were kids. in fact, i hate it
  • i also don’t like the idea of alice and fp having been a thing in the past or ever becoming a thing, and i definitely don’t want them to have had a child together. technically not incest is not something i ever wanna have to say in regards to one of my otps 
  • i don’t see this one as much anymore, but i wasn’t with the “southside king and queen.” people seemed to want betty’s dark side to take over and her become the serpent queen, and that’s just not healthy. plus, betty and jughead need to have story lines outside of each other. i’m excited for her pink leather jacket and to see her help the serpents, but i don’t want her to become one 
  • as much as i want a bughead sex scene, i’d be okay if we didn’t get one. for me, what’s most important is that they’re in love and together. i rather have that then a couple of sex scenes. i mean, ideally i’d get both, but if i had to choose 
  • i don’t care to see them call each other “elizabeth” and “forsythe.” the only person who has called betty “elizabeth” is her mom, and jughead hates his name. i mean, he decided to go by jughead rather than his real name and gave his sister the nickname “jellybean” so she didn’t have to go by forsythia. i don’t want them to deliberately make each other uncomfortable by using their full names, even if they’re upset with each other
  • i don’t want to see any jealousy regarding toni. i’d rather, like lili said, have betty trust jughead. she knows that he loves her and she has nothing to worry about, at least not on the romance front 

i’m sure i have more, but those are the only ones i can think of right now 

I Like you a lot

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 797

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Insecurity trigger maybe?

Summary: Reader planned on meeting BTS members today, but got too nervous and Jimin comforted them.

A/N: OKAY I AM SO SORRY!! :((( This did not turn out at all how I planned. I think tomorrow I am going to write a different one for this request, but I don’t like it much, and you probably wont either. BUT TOMORROW’S WILL BE BETTER, But I do hope you liked this one, even though its too short and all over the place! <3

You and Jimin had been dating for only about two weeks. You really hadn’t even known each other long, but you both immediately fell for each other through hidden glances and shy smiles. It was a cliché story, but beautiful all the while.

You met him at a convenient store on a Friday night. You had a long day at university and you just wanted to go home and eat ramen, but sadly, you didn’t have any left, so you went to the store to buy some, but when you were in the ramen aisle, so was Jimin. He had the last two packets of ramen in his hands. Your face slouched down to a pout, you were really looking forward to that ramen. You weren’t going to say anything though, it was Park Jimin, he probably had a long week of rehearsing and he probably wanted ramen just as much as you. Unfortunately, he noticed your foul reaction and shyly asked if you wanted to share the two packets.

So you did, you made them at the store and sat together and ate them quietly. The both of you only said a few words to each other, you too shy and nervous to say anything, and him being to amazed by your beauty. Eventually you both went on your different paths, but ran into each other again a week later at an ice cream shop. You each others numbers and decided to start hanging out a little more. You eventually warmed up to him a little, not fully, but he asked you to be his girlfriend anyways.

Now it was the day Jimin planned on taking you to rehearsal with him so you could meet his friends. Of course, you already knew who they were. But, it was different meeting them while knowing a member of the group personally.

You paced back in forth in your dorm room waiting for Jimin to come pick you up. You were so worried about meeting the rest of the members, you were lowkey just worried to see Jimin. It was still early stages of your relationship, and you haven’t opened up much to him yet. You guys did communicate though, just not about real deep things yet.

A knock was heard on your door and you opened to see an overly smiley Jimin on the other side.

“I’m excited! Aren’t you?” You just anxiously nodded, hoping he wouldn’t see your nervousness. Although he did.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as you both walked to his car.

“I’m nervous.” You said, getting in the passenger seat, him sitting in the driver seat.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about. They’ll love you. Trust me.” He smiled, you smiled back.

You honestly had a feeling of wanting to cry. You hadn’t cried in front of Jimin, and now was not the time that you wanted it to be the first. But, your eyes betrayed you and tears started streaming down your cheeks.

“No, no no… Don’t cry! Hey, hey!” He said looking at you and holding your hands sympathetically.

“I just, I don’t know. I’m scared. I don’t do well with people, and there’s so many of them, and I just..” You stumbled through the words through your tears. This was embarrassing, it was all embarrassing and you wanted to hide.

“Hey, would it make you feel better if we made a raincheck? We can do it another time, if you’re not ready, that’s fine. I won’t be mad!” He smiled, still holding on to your hands.

“Can we please?” You sniffled.

He nodded. He grabbed your hand as you both went back into your dorm room. “Wanna just cuddle? I can call in sick..” He said. You nodded.

You had never cuddled with Jimin before, so you were nervous, but, it felt like the only thing you wanted to do was to be in his arms, so cuddling was what you did.

You both talked and talked about everything and anything, but then Jimin hesitantly hit the touchy subject.

“Why were you so worried earlier?” He said quietly playing with you hair as you laid on his chest.

“I… I’m not a confident person Jimin… I don’t think I’m pretty. I’m just awkward, and shy, and weird. And I don’t know. I feel like they’ll think bad about me.” You said quietly.

“Hey, no no no. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. And I’m being serious… My heart beats so fast around you because I don’t want to mess things up with you because you’re perfect. Don’t ever be insecure Y/N. You’re amazing okay?” He said looking at you deeply. “I like you a lot…” He chuckled lightly.

You smiled. “I like you a lot too, Jimin.”




Tabby: Mom! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to break curfew! Billie was going through something and I lost track of time! 

Sawyer: I know. Sutton called me and told me what happened. I’m proud of you for being there for your cousin. Just make sure to check in more okay? 

Tabby: Thanks, Mom…um is Dad home yet?

Sawyer: He’s in the kitchen.

I don’t talk much on here about my school or my personal life (both because I’m an inherently private person and because I had a strong distrust for the internet drilled into me from an early age) but I gotta say.

I’m really enjoying my book arts course.

I really thought I was done with it after last semester – as much as I was happy with the final projects I made, it was a little craftsy for me personally – but I’ve always loved the physicality of books, the artistry of their design, and as much as I’m not exactly an exploratory “but what IS a book” type of artiste, I still love the craft of creating them.

And again, I’m not really a crafty kinda guy! But that’s okay, because there’s a big giant glue-binding machine and a giant powered shearing blade for that stuff, if I so choose to use it. I’m thinking “Book Design and Publishing” might be more my speed, so that’s something to look at for next semester, certainly. But right now? I’m making a really cool thing, and I’m gonna be able to hold it in my hands and set it on my shelf and admire it forever.

And then I’m making twenty four more of them.

That’s awesome.

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Band of Brothers ships and their "love languages!" We were talking about them in class today and I immediately thought of this. For example, my professor's mother's "love language" is giving gifts. Another's could be physical touching (i.e. hugs or leaning on one's shoulder). What are theirs? Harty and Frill are also appreciated :)


  • look, nix is like… incapable of saying things outright, okay?
  • he’s famn good with words. he can talk his way around almost anyone, but when it comes to just saying, “i love you”
  • nope. can’t do it. cannot compute.
  • so instead he gives gifts. he has a lot of money, and gift giving is much easier than saying things and meaning them. so, he lavishes the people he cares about with nice presents.
  • with his wives and sister, it’s easier, because they like expensive things. jewelry is impersonal, but all it really takes.
  • dick is… simpler. much, much more difficult.
  • he doesn’t want expensive presents, and won’t accept them. instead, nix has to look deeper. old photos of the two of them. letters left in places he knows dick will find them. books he’s sure dick will like, or tickets to the latest movie he’s been wanting to see. all things he knows will make dick smile.
  • dick isn’t verbal about his affections either, but he shows it through action.
  • just the way he looks after the people he cares about – the way he makes an effort to help them whenever he can, to personalize himself with them, to do favors without being asked or expecting anything in return.
  • when lew comes home and finds the bed made, or dinner prepared, or that dick has folded his laundry… he knows he’s loved.


  • lip is very much an action sort of lover. he shows how much he loves someone by taking care of them.
  • when he loves someone, he gets protective over them. he knows speirs doesn’t need protection, but that doesn’t mean he won’t move heaven and earth for him.
  • he does anything he can to keep speirs comfortable and happy. he’ll make dinner, clean up, give massages, and set speirs a bath when he’s had a long day.
  • speirs, on the other hand, is a very physical lover.
  • when he wants to show he’s possessive over something, he’s willing to say it, but mostly he’s physical. his demeanor radiates possessiveness – when he loves something, it’s his.
  • he won’t hesitate to swoop in for surprise kisses or pull lip into his chest while they’re watching a movie. he just likes having him close, so he knows where he is and that he’s safe. he likes feeling lip’s heartbeat against him, sharing their body heat, allowing their closeness to consume them both.
  • it makes speirs feel safe. more than anything, he wants lip to feel the same way.


  • babe has a lot of physicality to him, but he’s very verbal about his affections.
  • “this is gene! gene is my boyfriend! i love gene so much!” he’ll spout of variations of this any time, any place. he’s like… the world’s most loving broken record.
  • he also will give gifts any time he sees the opportunity, and do little favors to express how much he loves gene…
  • he’s a love fountain, tbh
  • but more than anything else, he expresses his love through his words. he’s no master wordsmith, but at least he knows he always means what he says.
  • gene is a little less confident expressing his emotions through words. he’s 200% an action guy.
  • it’s little things he’ll do, like have a bottle of water ready for babe after he works out, or absentmindedly feeding babe something by hand. he verges on a bit of physical affection – he loves to run his hands through babe’s hair or dust the occasional kiss on his face – but for the most part he expresses his love through little things.


  • webster is a poet, a writer, and a wordsmith. how do YOU think he expresses his affections?
  • he’s not the type to just blurt out how much he loves lieb at random. he likes it to mean something – so he’ll seize every meaningful opportunity he gets.
  • look, webster likes to make dramatic declarations. the amount of verbose, poetic love confessions he’s made could fill BOOKS. he’s a drama queen and proud of it. 
  • liebgott, meanwhile, is such a physical person that it’s almost ridiculous. he’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from webster. he’s no master with his words, but he sure has no qualms about expressing himself through touch.
  • he’ll grab webster at random. his biceps, his hips, his face – nothing is off-limits. when he wants a kiss, he’ll go for one. when he’s feeling possessive, he’ll tuck an arm around webster’s shoulders and pull him in.
  • (liebgott also has a weakness for cuddles?? he won’t ADMIT it, but he’ll snuggle up to web whenever he feels like it and just pester him until he gives in and pulls him close.)
  • they’re exact opposites at expressing their affection, and it can lead to a lot of miscommunication – but they work it out.


  • george luz is a fast-talking dork
  • the problem isn’t that he doesn’t know how to express himself – he doesn’t know how to shut up. he says a lot of things without thinking, so it can be hard for the people he loves to know when he really means it.
  • he’ll profess his love all the time, but when he really means it, joe knows. his face gets serious, his eyes go solemn, and there’s a vulnerability to him that is rarely seen. anytime he looks up at joe like this and says “i love you,” joe feels like his heart is going to explode.
  • joe, meanwhile, is the sort of person who shows his love through wordless gestures.
  • he does favors for people. if he notices something is broken, he’ll fix it for them. if he knows george has to run an errand after work, he’ll do it for him before he gets home. he’ll make george a snack when he’s hungry, and give him a massage when he’s tired before urging him to bed.
  • (joe also shows his love through protectiveness. he tries to encourage the people around him to take care of themselves – and when they don’t, through stubbornness or idiocy, he’ll do it for them.)


  • harry is very verbal about his affection.
  • he’ll proclaim his love for kitty at every opportunity. to anyone, anywhere, whenever he can, but especially to kitty.
  • when he sees that she’s feeling down, he’ll pull her close and whisper all the things he loves about her. when they’re twined together, unable to get any closer but still not close enough, he’ll gasp out how he adores her. he’ll throw a casual “i love you” over his shoulder and think nothing of it.
  • what’s more? kitty’s exactly the same way.
  • she’s a bit more reserved – she won’t go on and on to her friends about how much she loves harry – but she does adore him. she loves him more than anything, and she’ll tell him every chance she gets.
  • they’re the “i love you more” “no, i love YOU more couple,” and they don’t even cringe over how mushy romantic is it.


  • physical affection mixed with fond insults
  • they both speak the same language, tbh. it’s why they’re such a great match.
  • bill is definitely a physical kind of lover. he shows his feelings through touch, through arms around shoulders, hands on waists, mouth on lips, necks, and chests. when he cares about someone, he’ll touch them to prove it.
  • he also has no problem with saying it outright.
  • the people he really cares about, he’ll tease them. “ya fuckin’ idiot, be more careful.” “you’re really a dumbass, you know that?”
  • fran is also physical, and loves showing off her physicality
  • but when she has really strong emotions, she’s not afraid to vocalize them.
  • she’s communicative, because that’s the best way to be. it prevents misunderstandings, and people from being stupid because they don’t get what she’s saying. she’s a straightforward person.
  • but, when she really wants to show her love, she won’t hesitate to just sit down in bill’s lap and plant her lips on his – no words necessary.

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Honestly I don't understand how BTS has so many amazing songs. The past three albums have blessed my ears, and it's super hard to choose a favorite song from each; much less to pick a favorite album or even song! Idk, I just really, really love and admire BTS and their abilities.

okay meeee ;-; i really love this album and all of their albums and them and im a mess D”:

Prompt: Hi,,, I really love all your imagines! Is it okay if I request headcanons of Izuku, Bakugou and Todoroki as dads? Thank you very much for your hard work and keep up the good job!!        

Requester: Encouraging Anon

Notes: Aw! Thank you so much, I will!    

Originally posted by deku-academia


○ He didn’t have an active father in his life so he tries to be as active in his child’s life as possible, to the point where he sometimes become a bit overbearing

○ Super supportive. Whatever his kid is interested in or dreams for Midoridadya is backing them 100%

○ Spoils them with fan merch. Whatever the kid is interested in at the time, they’ll have enough merch to fill their room and then some.

○ Loves to play with his young child. It’s not uncommon for s/o to walk in and find the two sleeping on the couch, their child napping on Midoriya’s chest

○ Cries at every milestone. Every single one.

Originally posted by kurodemon


○ Spoils his kids half to death let me tell you

○ Trains them from a really young age so they can be respectable and strong. He’s careful of their limits though and is good at making it fun when they’re little

○ The dad that gets called into the principals office because his kid got into a fight and just immediately asks them if they won. He instills his kids with self respect and he’ll never be mad at them for standing up for themselves

○ Always cooks the coolest celebration dinners when his kid hits a milestone. All Might shaped pancakes it is

○ Acts all like he’d be an authoritarian but he’s actually wrapped around his kids fingers

Originally posted by genosus


○ Terrified to be a dad. He doesn’t want to end up like his own but he’s had no other examples, so he’s horrified that he might

○ Actually ends up being a little too lax and struggles to give his kids as much structure as they need. It takes him a bit to get a good balance - good thin his partner is there to help

○ He loves to read to his kids. He’ll read stories to them every night before bed even before they’re old enough to understand what he’s saying

○ Even if they inherit them, his kids think his power is super cool and he likes to put on little fire shows at night, or make little ice sculptures for them

○ Walks his child home or takes the train wit them home from school every day and loves to listen to them ramble about their days activities during the trip

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hi! i love your outsider and billie stuff!!!! dyou have any written headcanons for them, like stuff you haven't drawn but like the idea of?

Thank you! 😊 I love seeing how much everyone enjoys my stuff it makes my day, really!

Number one headcannon for me is that Billie didn’t leave the Outsider to fend for himself. This 4000 yr old kid is so easily recognizable that he’s bound to turn a few heads, ESPECIALLY from the Abby of the Every Man. Him somehow being okay on his own really doesn’t make sense to me because it’s so clear he would be socially inept at blending in with the crowds and his surroundings. Witches will recognize him, of course the Abby would have an idea of what he looks like, and cults would want to get their hands on him.

But yeah I can see Billie taking care of him, teaching him how to move like an Assassin, not being seen, self defense, what not to eat, what not to say to other people, and being street smart overall. The relationship could eventually evolve into that of a caring older sibling or mother figure that The Outsider never had to experience, and he just sticks to Billie like glue.

Also low key headcannon that since The Outsider still doesn’t remember his original name Billie gives him one- either Mark or Daud (in memory of her own father figure)

I’m definitely gonna draw more of this becuz I just recently got into Dishonored and I’m LOVING the world build and all the diverse characters in it.

Great Chemistry (Part 7)

Summary: After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: Fluff, descriptions of wounds, angst, it gets a bit sexual 

A/N: The order and timing of these events aren’t going how I originally planned them but that’s totally okay. I ended up cutting out a part that I was like “nah thats TOO MUCH fluff things need to get crackin’”. So now we’re getting to the good parts. Not THE part yet, but still. This part is much shorter but I promise that when that upcoming scene happens it will be longer. I hope you like it! 

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6

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Aside from Ross and Demelza (I assume) what'a your favorite relationship (romantic or otherwise) of the novels and show, if they'really different.

Sorry to take so long to answer this, anon.

Apart from Ross and Demelza, my favourite favourite favourite relationship in the books is Demelza and Jeremy, after the time jump in the later books.

They’re adorable and kindred spirits and Jeremy knows his mother so well, and Demelza knows that she doesn’t know everything about Jeremy, but she loves him and hides his secrets and protects him and it’s just so perfect. They’re just so perfect.

Favourite extracts/quotations to illustrate the perfection that is them, under the cut to save people who don’t want spoilers. Don’t read if you don’t want to know. Seriously.

Also, this is long, because all the extracts are ones I love far too much to omit, and they all just show so perfectly just why I love them so much.

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Yoo buut. Buut. Mic Drop and 고민보다 go is dope as fuck okay. I fucking love it. Whenever they do smth so hype like that lIKE YES PLEASEEE!!! Loved the Cyphers thoroughly and rap line(although dont stan just one of them);; and IM STILL UNDER THE HYPE FOR HIXTAPE LIKE GIMME BEATS AND SMTH TO RAP I LOVE IT AAAAAHHH ;;also sorry??.hope Im not spamming too much :') just tell me if im annoying,please so I dont cross the line anymore.


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I can't believe you actually have a list of 'boundaries' when you choose to run this blog to 'help' people!!! I also can't believe you pick and choose which asks to reply to. I genuinely had nothing, no-one, i reached out to you thinking you would even just reply with a simple response and months later still nothing. Only now have i realised you actually set boundaries to your asks. Unbelievable.

Okay. So. I have a few points I would like to make here.

1. Yes I have boundaries. How would you feel if people were messaging you details about all the traumas they’ve been through, how it makes them feel, etc. It takes a toll. Especially after so many years of doing this. I am not equipped emotionally (or educationally) to help you guys with this stuff all the time. I love what I do here so much, but it’s triggering, and it’s hard. Boundaries are important in every relationship, even if they are unspoken. Even licensed psychologists, counsellors, and psychiatrists have boundaries which they will generally talk about with their clients. Also. I feel like my boundaries are pretty reasonable?? Like..they’re not really all that far fetched tbh?? (link to the boundaries if anyone is interested) 

2. Sometimes a question with a seemingly simple response may not be so simple. If I don’t know how to answer a question I try and do a lot of research so I can be sure that I’m answering accurately and only giving out good, relevant information. This can take a lot of time. Even when I’m not looking things up questions can still take an awfully long time to reply to. And at the same time I’m also trying to study full time, write a thesis, have a social life, and look after my mental health. I don’t spend all my free time on here, and I do take a lot of breaks because that is what I need. I don’t reply to every single question I get.

3. When I don’t answer it’s not because you don’t matter. It’s not because I don’t care. I genuinely care deeply about every single person who follows this blog or asks me questions. Like I’ve said, I just simply cannot get to every single question.

4. I’m sorry I didn’t get to your ask. There are a lot of asks I don’t get to. Some of them because I don’t have time, some because they are just too triggering, some because I haven’t been on the blog for a while. It’s far from ideal but I’ve received a lot of messages the last couple months while I’ve been having a break and, unfortunately, I won’t be able to get to all of them. Currently this is how many asks there are in the inbox…

If you tell me what your message was I can try find it and tell you why I didn’t answer it. And hey, maybe tumblr ate it? I don’t think anything can be achieved by you messaging me so passive-aggressively. If you are truly that concerned about your mental health then you need to go to an emergency room, call/text a helpline, or reach out to a GP/therapist. I am not here for emergency help. I am, in all honesty, here out of the goodness of my heart because I care about helping others who have been through trauma. I don’t have to be here.

Sorry if that was a bit messy, but I hope it made sense.

-Winter xx

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Hello!! I was wondering if you would ever consider recolouring some Get Together hairs in noodles' colours. I love those hairs so much but there's only a few pastel recolours available, unfortunately. If not, I completely understand; I hope I'm not bothering you by asking this! Have a nice day :)

I would love too! Noodle’s TOU says no pack hairs though, so i’ve held off. :( I use these recolors here and recolor them as i want to use them. If you need a specific color for a hair you wanted to use, i’d be happy to do that privately

@noodlescc would you be okay with me recoloring GT hairs if i didn’t release publicly + only sent privately? if not I understand and i’ll happily wait for you to do them :)

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one not feeling the album :| it's okay but definitely not something I'd listen to much if it wasn't bts (I'm not a huge fan of the lyrics to some of them either) I'm suffering bc I usually love everything they release ;; but serendipity is a fave and danger was my least fave before this and that came right before the hyyh eras and those were stunning so I'm still confident in their music even if this isn't to my taste! Sorry for venting to you lol

YES like if it wasn’t bts it wouldn’t be my thing that’s exactly how I feel about it!!!

serendipity is so good :’( like!!!!!!!!!! i’m allowed to not like things by people I support like!!!!!!!!! my favourite authors are still my favourite authors if I don’t love all their books and there are episodes of my favourite tv shows I don’t enjoy it’s just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! being human it’s allowed dfjfkslfgkl

Bias Wrecker Attacks in DNA

Attack #1, taehyung

Originally posted by sirminmin

RIGHT HERE I WAS ATTACKED FOR NO REASON. tae doesn’t usually bias wreck me but today I guess he decided he was gonna.

Attack #2, namjoon

Originally posted by je0n

Because he’s my usual bias wrecker but today he seemed to seek more vengeance than usual. Sorry I downgraded you to bias wrecker but jin & jimin stole my heart!! How dare u Kim namjoon show me your arms and dimples and make me feel things.

Attack #3, yoongi

Originally posted by yoonmin

Idk man.. his blue hair plus that cute march/strut just made my heart swell a bit. That and his lines right here about love moved me a bit sooo yeah..

And now a bunch of love to jinmin because they’re my true biases and I love them so much I’d buy the galaxy for them if I could okay like I hope that’s good!!

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Originally posted by je0n

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Just wowzers he looked soooo good in blonde and I fell for brunette jin but black haired jin is amazing and I can’t take my eyes off of him but I probably should before I turn blind because he’s handsome inside and out and much more sappy things

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Did you “accidentally” do the shoulder thing like you did in blood sweat and tears?? I think you did and that was really rude but I loved so it’s all good just know that I know that isn’t an accident jiminie //I mean I’m pretty sure it isn’t one// but you are just as amazing inside as you are outside you’re my serendipity and just ok I’ll stop now

I love jk and hobi but my small phone is about to crash if I put more gifs sooooo I gotta blast. If it wasn’t obvious, the gifs ARE NOT mine I just wanted to show you all some parts of the mv really made me excited.

BTS’ Comeback Today

Okay so I was in school when it happened, but I was able to stream it straight away; I’m honestly so blessed, BTS are completely amazing, truly wonderful talented human beings who have blessed my life in ways they’ll never actually get to know. Being a fan since their debut in 2013, Ive seen them grow up practically, I actually cannot believe how much theyve grown in these short years. They really did: that today. Every song is incredible, so well produced and the lyrics are amazing, I can’t believe how utterly brilliant this album is. In DNA, their dance and visuals were literally breathtaking, Im in awe of these seven men. They have literally lifted me out of my depressed moods, helped me go for my dream and continue to be a source of happiness in my life. I am so so fuckin grateful for these blessed human beings we call BTS. I hope they are always thriving and successful, I hope they are always happy.