I love them more than I love my mom

it’s wild I think I freaked out over renruki more this morning than ichihime but like, renruki was actually my first bleach ship and they have the cutest daughter I love her already so much, and renji the trophy husband, and rukia the kickass captain and mom who is so proud of her daughters strength like I just love everything about the renruki family I’m gonna die.

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i don't have a cat (my family's allergic) but i take care of my neighbors' a lot and one of them is this black cat who is like the most regal princely cat ever, he doesn't usually let me pet him but when he does he's so soft and gentle (the other cat is a gray tabby who is a total sweetheart and acts more like a dog than a cat but i love her too)

I love all these kitty stories. There will probably come a time where I have to stop posting them but I love kitties so I’m so happy with these right now. XD

It’s funny because my mom and I are actually allergic too. Your family is probably much more allergic than us if you can’t even have one in your house. Gary is very soft. He’s a soft little floofy guy. He loves to be pet all the time though so he’s definitely not regal or princely. He’s more like needy and “refuses to accept that you have things to do”. Cats who act like dogs are precious gifts to this world.

The grey area

I think I’m in love with my friend. I don’t know if I even understand love so I don’t know how you can be in love. There’s so many types of love and ways to love and people to love. I love my mom but I may love this other person too it’s not the same but it is . You know? I don’t think it’s love I think I care more than I should? But we’re friends and I love my friends but I want more than friendship from them…so we’re not friends yea? Yes I just said that not friends. But we are friends because he thinks of me as a friend. God relationships are fucking complicated too many factors too many emotions. How do you actually know what another person feels? Of course it’s hard to describe that if said friend lives across the country. So I tell myself no this isn’t love. No this isn’t friendship . It’s some grey area in between and I think that hurts more than either because I think we’re both here in this middle ground with confusion and life pulling us both in very different directions. But he may only be in the friendship area and then I think is this unhealthy? Should I give myself space from this friend? How does one do that without being a jerk. I miss them but u can miss friends…I’m making excuses I see that now. What does one do…in said situation. I am going to choose nothing life is complicated when ur significant other lives near by . He can’t survive a cross country relationship (except my friendship with him has) what does that mean…is it me? Him ? Us ugh . It’s time for bed and I can’t figure out this problem there’s no solution and my analytical brain will not accept that. I need to wait. Patience is not my friend. But with perseverance I think this relationship will grow I think we work best like this . This is it for now. That unknown grey area.

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Your dad's a gengar? Is he scary? What about your mom? What does she look like?

“Everyone always assumes my dad is scary because he’s a Gengar, it’s so stupid… I mean he looks intimidating, but he’s a lot nicer than most think.”

“As for my mom, I guess I might as well describe both of them to you…”

“People find my dad scary because he’s larger and has sharper teeth than other Gengar, but like I said, he really isn’t. I know he loves my mother and I, and he doesn’t mistreat either of us, and he takes his position as King very seriously. As for my mother, she’s sweet and loving. We spent a lot of time together when I was little. We still do at times, but since I’m older and more independent now… yeah, you get the idea.”

Vincent and Melody’s references will be posted soon.

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you post about your nephew and niece like there your kids. It's annoying if I was there mom I would be pissed

Ummm… Good thing you’re not their mom then huh? My sister is their mother and she doesn’t have custody of them so even if their mom was “pissed” about my post as you put it I wouldn’t give a flying fck. Their dad on the other hand is one of my followers and if he didn’t like my post I’m sure he’d tell me. My post aren’t inappropriate, they don’t give out personal info. Plus I tag them #niece #nephew so I’m not exactly leading people to believe they’re my children. Do I love them like they’re my own? Hell yeah I do. I love those babies more than words can describe. So what exactly is your problem again? My post annoy you ok don’t follow me then.