I love the bond they share with each other

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Kaito(u) + Ran?

I ship them friends, or at least with a deep comraderie!  ^_^  There are three ways this can go.  

1. Comfort sex partners leading to a deep and heavy friendship that I would read the hell out of, omg, so much being lonely together and commiserating without ever actually falling in love.  Wibble.  :D  Suddenly I need this in my life.

2. Sharing Shin’ichi. (if KaiShin is applicable) (may or may not be sexual with each other)

3. Bonding over “you will never believe what that idiot detective did THIS time, arrgh!”

  • Karen and Matt:(share multiple scenes)(create a bond over time)(flirt)(kiss)(start dating)
  • me:Ok, this actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I mean I don't resent this as much as I thought I would while watching season 1. In my opinion, they would fit with each other more like friends, and I always preferred Matt and Claire together, but it isn’t that bad. Actually, they are kinda cute. I love Matt, I love Karen, they are both great people and they respect each other and support each other and are great friends, so this definitely isn’t that bad of notp as I would have expected in a theory. I guess one day I will be able to actually like this. I don’t mind it that much.
  • Frank:Her. I need to talk to her alone.
  • me:O. M. G. sign me the FUCK up ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€ good shit goเฑฆิ sHit๐Ÿ‘Œ thats โœ” some good๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œshit right๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œth ๐Ÿ‘Œ ere๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ rightโœ”there โœ”โœ”if i do ฦฝaาฏ so my sel๏ฝ† ๐Ÿ’ฏ i say so ๐Ÿ’ฏ that’s what i’m talking about right there right there (chorus: สณแถฆแตสฐแต— แต—สฐแต‰สณแต‰) mMMMMแŽทะœ๐Ÿ’ฏ ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘ŒะO0ะžเฌ ๏ผฏOO๏ผฏOะžเฌ เฌ Ooooแต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ’ฏ ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒGood shit

Thanks to Star Wars, I am officially Reylo Trash™ 

I don’t necessarily need them to be a couple, although that is an entirely exciting thought to me. What will they become to each other? I think they share a special bond and I can’t wait to see how that defines their relationship. And I love the scenes where they interact! 

“… the bond that we share is something that I’ll truly treasure for a lifetime. No matter what the situation is you’re always there to lift me up and be my rock. I thank you for being my outlet and the person that I can truly talk to about ANYTHING and fully trust in. I love how we can look at each other’s faces and immediately recognize what the other is thinking. You are the biggest blessing. I love you so much & I admire the women that you’ve become.” –Normani to Ally

Either get rid of Castiel completely, or make Destiel canon. Bluntly, those are your two options. But please, enough of this ridiculous roller-coaster of โ€œDean and I do share a more profound bond,โ€ and โ€œI love need you,โ€ to the two of them barely speaking to each other once every ten episodes. It doesnโ€™t make sense, itโ€™s profoundly bad writing and the opportunism behind it is so aggravatingly transparent, itโ€™s cringe-worthy.

No matter which choice you ultimately make, you are GOING to make some faction of your audience mad. Sorry if I have to be the bearer of bad news for you on that front, but itโ€™s past time yโ€™all face facts. You have written yourselves into a dilemma for which there is absolutely no win-win solution. The only reason Captain Kirk never believed in no-win scenarios is because he was never part of the Supernatural fandom. You are not Burger King and not everyone can have it their way. So please stop writing the show like you are just desperate not to piss anyone off too much. Thereโ€™s no getting around it at this point. Some significant faction of your viewership is going to wind up pissed at you when this is all over and done with.

You are damned if you do and damned if you donโ€™t. You need to embrace that fact and get it over with, because right now you are just spinning your wheels, putting off an inevitability that you cannot circumvent.

—  The Daily Fandom [x

#4YearsWithBAP #StillWeAre6 ♡
It’s been a blessed & happy, but rough, 4 years for B.A.P. The bond that the members share is indescribable; they are more than just members to each other. They have become inseparable. Still, we are six.They’ve achieved so much musically and brought so much happiness to BABYs around the world & I couldn’t be prouder. Each of them has worked and fought so hard to keep doing what they love - together.
Happy 4th anniversary to my most precious ot6, and here’s to many more ♡♡♡♡♡♡ !

I want

a friendship 

like theirs

where they love each other from day one

and don’t plan on that love ever going away 

even when they’re drunk

or when they “hate” each other

and they wont let their special friend be shared

because that’s exactly what they are to each other, 


and you know what?

they wouldn’t have each other, or that special bond they share, any other way 


Yaaah, more doodles!

V: This is a scene from a sort of AU fanfiction of mine where the mercs are a bit more serious and actually share a strong bond of friendship instead of insulting and fighting each other constantly. lol I know it’s pretty OOC, but I wrote this when I was still new to the TF2 fandom and didn’t fully understand the characters yet.

IX: Shoutout to @from-2fort-with-love who gave me the idea to draw something winter-related when it’s almost 30°C outside! XD
(Screenshot of the WIP if you’re interested: lulz)

XI: Guess who’s been binge-watching Doctor Who? XD
This was actually my contribution of the “Draw your favourite character in what you are currently wearing” challenge on tumblr, but for some reason I couldn’t post it properly.
Oh well, whatever. XD

XII: Tried a portrait again for a change. :D

XIV: I think this is the biggest difference between the two science bros:  Engie is just happy with doing what he likes, whereas Medic gets really mad if people gloss over his achievements or don’t appreciate what he does for them. And because Engie is his friend he wants others to treat him with the respect he deserves (even if it makes Engie slightly uncomfortable XD).


Team Fortress 2 - Doodle Collection III (2016) by Karuuhnia

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Can I just say that thinking about the possibility of Ash’s Charizard getting a mega evolution nearly brings me to tears?

Mega evolution happens when a strong bond exists between a trainer and their Pokemon. It’s literally their hearts being unified as one through their bond and the experiences that they’ve shared together. They’re so connected and the love that they have for each other is so powerful that the Pokemon is able to feel its trainer’s wishes and bring out the most of their abilities in battle for them. It’s one of the strongest, most powerful bonds and form of love a Pokemon and its trainer can share with each other.

Charizard and Ash’s history with each other and the bond that they share represents the concept of Mega Evolution so well that I couldn’t possibly think of a more perfect team fit for it. Let’s go over it really quickly. Charmander was abandoned by Damien for being weak—but Charmander was so loyal to Damien that he was willing to wait out in the rain and be attacked by other Pokemon for him. Ash, Brock and Misty end up saving Charmander’s life and show Charmander that he can have true friends who will help him in becoming stronger if he comes along with them. And so, Charmander chooses Ash over Damien (who, at this point only wants Charmander for its new-found strength) and their journey together begins. Charmander and Ash have a close relationship—winning battles and generally being good buddies. It isn’t until Charmander evolves into Charmeleon, and then into Charizard that Ash starts experiencing troubles. Charizard refuses to listen and even gives Ash an embarrassing loss at his first Pokemon League Tournament. But Ash never gave up on Charizard and always kept trying to win him over anyways. It isn’t until Charizard loses his first battle and is frozen solid that things start to change between them—with Ash literally staying up all night and rubbing Charizard until his hands were raw to keep him warm, despite the way Charizard had been treating Ash all this time. Things get better between them and they’re finally able to work as a team. Eventually though, Ash and Charizard realize that they both have a lot to learn and Ash makes the difficult decision to leave Charizard in training, knowing that would be best for him. The two part ways, but Charizard continues to come to Ash’s aid time and time again. Charizard assists Ash in major battles in every arc but Diamond and Pearl (likely to prevent taking away any spotlight from Infernape). By the time the end of Best Wishes comes around, Ash is able to see how much stronger Charizard has become and finally offers for them to fully reunite once more—to which Charizard happily accepts.

The basic facts aside, why is it that Charizard mega evolving makes me as emotional as it does? Well, because so many of us have followed Ash and Charizard’s journey from the beginning. Many of us were there when Damien abandon Charmander on the rock 17 years ago—or, if you live in Japan, 18 years ago. This has literally been a journey almost 20 years in the making. We all remember feeling embarrassed for Ash when Charizard refused to obey him in the Pokemon League. We remember being happy when Charizard finally began to obey him and went on to help Ash win the Orange League. And, I certainly remember crying in my grandmother’s living room one Saturday morning 14 years ago as Ash ran away from Charizard thinking “We’ll meet again someday. Goodbye, old friend. Don’t forget me.” I remember thinking Charizard was gone for good and it broke my heart. Charizard had always been my favorite Pokemon of Ash’s because of his personality and the story they shared. Even in the times that he cameoed, I always felt sad to see him go—but it felt good to see that Charizard’s training was worth it and that he was fulfilling his and Ash’s desires for him to become stronger. Many of us felt our fandom worlds get turned upside down when we found out Charizard would be returning in Best Wishes as a member of Ash’s team. And, of course, I remember getting choked up upon seeing Charizard finally return to Ash after 12 years of being away.

All of this is exactly why I feel so emotional about the idea of Charizard getting the opportunity to mega evolve. As I mentioned before, mega evolution focuses around the idea of a strong love and bond between a pokemon and their trainer—and that’s exactly what we as an audience have been seeing unfold for almost two decades. We experienced every emotion alongside Ash and Charizard. We can feel the weight of their bond because it’s something that we’ve been witnessing since childhood. We laughed, we got mad, we cried on so many occasions for these two. To me, this isn’t just about good writing and this isn’t just about Ash getting an OPmon or a mega–this is about the emotional bond I’ve had with Ash and Charizard’s relationship since childhood actually coming to life in the form of mega evolution. Every emotion that I experienced as a child, teenager and now as an adult have led up to the moment where Charizard and Ash’s hearts are truly connected and they’re able to bring out every bit of strength Charizard has been working for together with this power.

And I can say that if the moment comes when Charizard finally gets the chance to reach his strongest potential in the form of Mega Charizard X or Y, the first thing I’m going to be thinking about are the tears that I shed for the abandoned Charmander on the rock 20 years ago.


CS + Villains

Dedicated to the wonderful obisgirl

CS had their good share of dealing with villains. Ever since Hook decided to switch sides and be on “team heroes” they both have showed such a complete devotion, loyalty, trust. I love the way they confront the villains on the show. It is always with a lot of sass and daring. They are not afraid to stand up against them and being all protective for each other.

I love seeing them fighting with one another and for one another. They are completely united and no one can stand between them and break this bond that was already founded the minute Hook turned back his ship to return to Storybrook.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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“Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of others…for the countless unknown souls with whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy. Many times a day, I realize how much my outer and inner life is built upon the labors of people, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received and am still receiving.”  
~ Albert Einstein ~ 

Digital art by Andrew Ostrovsky
Motion effects by George RedHawk

I Always Ship the Best Friends

Weather it’s NaLu

Or StarCo

or StevOnnie

I always ship the best friends.

And people always give me a ton of heat for that. Because apparently I’m ‘reading too much into things.’

Let me tell you a thing.

The best friends share a kind of bond that is not easily broken. They’ve been though thick and thin, they know almost everything there is to know about each other, and they would die for the other at the drop of a hat.

And isn’t that what everyone says love between lovers is? An unyielding bond of trust and affection? Don’t people say that when two people love each other, they would do anything for their partner? To me that is what being a best friend is all about.

That is why I always ship the best friends.

Cuddling Naked,

Nothing’s better than laying with someone you love naked. Once you two are comfortable enough to share each other’s anatomy you can do anything. Bonding and intertwining with one another and being able to feel sometimes a heart beat and pulse through all senses of your body. You feel as if your body’s are not apart, but whole. The warmth from their body and breath send sensations tingling through out one’s body. I think when two lover’s cuddle naked their souls are meeting for the first time and that they are conversing and vibing. Not only is cuddling naked an amazing feeling but after sex and during both body’s and souls are re assured and content with love and compassion. When you’re laying down with your partner and finding out which hand goes where, and where to put this awkward leg, it’s both souls saying hello and shaking hands. They’re just meeting and would like to fit together all the pieces to make the mind, body and soul not only yours, but whole with your lover’s.

A CS shipper asked, how can you ship SQ? well...

right here

and maybe this

and its like whoa

and then




and then awww, because….


and that time…

when she wanted to say this.

and never wanted to say this.

and when shit happens like this…

Its just like totally

and this incredibly uncommon bond

brought about what they both had been searching for

and fate let them share something precious

Because she will fight for her

And she believes her.

And they would endure brain suffocating darkness for each other. So that’s how that happened.

#I love all of the ships

When you realise not only are robron engaged to be married, not only have Aaron and Robert found true happiness within each other despite their trials and tribulations, struggles and demons, love and heartbreak, but now bartsugsy are going to be all officially related. Aaron and Adam can continue to share that deep brotherly bond as in laws and Victoria can watch her brother grow old with her teenage friend - the man who changed everything, the man who allowed Robert to be himself and be proud of that, the man who holds his heart for life.

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Why is “wincest” a thing? I mean I can understand dean and cas but like sam and dean are brothers. like it’s straight up incest. that’s kinda nasty. Like i get it they are super close and share such a profound bond and would die for each other I know all this, I love the show, but why the incest? I mean if someone could explain their opinion to me I’d love to try and understand why it’s a thing? It just confuses me very much


“I just love any moments when May and Coulson share a really private, intimate moment together where they really express their feelings, whether it’s because of their love and their friendship or the bond as SHIELD agents. There’s just such loyalty and undying trust, even in turmoil when they don’t think they can trust each other. There’s just such a bond between the two of them that I find very romantic and I think a lot of us wish we have that sort of a soulmate or good friend that we can always turn to.” -Ming Na Wen


Happy 8th anniversary 에프티 아일랜드!!

8 years, 2.920 days, 70.080 hours, 4.204.800 minutes. 252.288.000 seconds, 24 wins, 19 awards, 14 albums, 12 world tours and 10 comebacks with our treasures, with FTISLAND

I just wanted to quote some phrases you said to each other to show everyone you have a real bond. There isn’t any group who love and support each other the way you do, you are real family and your love for us, primadonnas, is what makes me happy everyday. Although I’m with you for 5 years I’m going to stay here until the last day you stay with us. 

Keep working hard as you have done since your trainee days. Keep believing you are unique, you are treasures! And that your music can help people whenever they listen to it. Thank you for sharing with us what you are and dedicate us all your talent and sincere love! ONCE A PRIMADONNA, ALWAYS A PRIMADONNA.