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Isn't Saihara/Kaede the same as Hinata/Nanami ? It's okay, you can ship what you want, but I'm surprised to see you like it ! I hope you find a way to add the new characters to this blog, I love them.

(Well I’ve seen a lot of people said that it was the same (and komahina the same as Shuichi/Ouma but for me it’s not the same at all?

The bond btw Saimatsu seems (to me) much more deep than the one hinanami shared. By that I mean that even if Kaede died right from the beginning she was still on Shuichi mind at every moment of the game (like we could see in the last trial with his declaration) and even other people (like Maki) knew it and pointed it out.

Plus when you see their FTEs it’s clear that they are both interested romantically in each other (and even with their love hotel moment).

For me we didn’t get all that with Hinanami. That’s why I ship Saimatsu and don’t ship Hinanami ^^

But of course you’re free to ship whatever you want ! :)

All ship are as valid!

The news characters will probably be on a new blog as I explained it in one of my previous post ^^

-mod lili)

let’s talk about that “I love you”

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Why is the “I love you” admission in S12E12 Stuck in the Middle (With You) such a big deal? Oh, he’s not looking at Dean when he says it, you say?

Let’s consider this. For 8 seasons, we’ve seen Cas’s eyes burn holes into Dean’s. Even non-shippers can admit to the aggressive eye-sex that goes on between Dean/Cas (Jensen/Misha, chicken/egg) in nearly every episode they share together.

Cas has never had a problem making eye contact with Dean when he’s talking to him, when he’s not, and regardless of the subject matter. There’s nothing he’s uncomfortable with telling Dean.

But an admission of love…for either of them, it’s a taboo concept. Dean loves Sam more than anything in the world, and you can tell..but he won’t say it. He’s never said it.

Cas looks down, says “I love you”, then up at Sam and Mary, and reiterates “I love all of you.”

Cas thinks he’s dying, and the most important thing to him is telling these people he loves them. These people who do not and will not throw the words around willingly. Or in Dean’s case, at all.

Cas is uncomfortable telling Dean he loves him, because he knows this. He doesn’t look at him, because he knows Dean better than anyone, and he knows looking at him would make Dean uncomfortable. Would make him shut down. But he has to tell him, because he’s dying, and Dean deserves to know.

The lack of eye contact, to me, is telling. Notice he had no trouble making eye contact with Sam and Mary when he says “I love all of you”. The lack of eye contact tells me that something is out of the ordinary here, because I am more than used to Dean and Cas eye-fucking each other. It was a red flag to me. It was one of those “Hey, what just happened there?” moments. Where something was off, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

We know the bond Cas and Dean share in canon. If their relationship was completely platonic, eye contact shouldn’t have been a problem (as it hasn’t been for the past eight years). But yet, here we are. The one time Cas isn’t able to hold Dean’s gaze, and it’s when he tells him he loves him.

That seems like an admission of romantic feelings, if you ask me.

you can tell the boys have only grown closer and more comfortable with each other over the past months, and it’s just so nice to see their current dynamic. how easy going they are, sharing laughters, randomly touching each other’s hair, because boys should be unafraid to be affectionate with each other, no matter their friends’ sexuality. it’s so nice to think of all the lovely and fun moments they share, of how much they enjoy spending time in each other’s company, to think of how the bond these four boys who were just sitting in a bathtub at a party and getting high together when we first saw them together eight months ago has only become stronger over time

Victor and Yuuri – A Relationship Without Labels

There’s a lot of emphasis put on the idea of Yuuri and Victor having a relationship devoid of labels in-series yet we as fans continue to apply them to their relationship. And while this isn’t a bad thing, I would just like to take a look at how, without labels, the bond between these two is so much more than we could ever explain by boxing it in with labels.

Some of the first words we hear used for these two are “coach” and “student”. While this is absolutely part of their bond, and an important part at that, it already doesn’t encompass everything, even when they first started applying it. There’s a history behind them, even if Victor was less personally involved in it.

A history that you could use the words “idol” and “fan” to describe. You could definitely say that this is where their relationship started, but while these words also fit, they miss out on what that relationship is like from Victor’s point of view. Their bond blooms into so much more and describing it in this way would be a disservice to their development.

You could also say that they are “fellow skaters” and “competitors”. And this is both true and important, but you miss out on the personal aspect to their relationship and leave it at the level of their professions. And this personal relationship really started growing as far back as the banquet.

The first words you could possibly use to describe this instant connection might be “inspiration” or “hope”. Those words imply a lot, a depth of emotion and investment in each other that goes beyond what even words could describe, but it removes them from each other at the same time. Because these words could also apply to a distant relationship, one that isn’t as intimate as theirs is.

When they started to get to know each other, this personal intimacy bloomed into “friends”. This word is actually incredibly deep, because friends don’t only have to be someone you get to know only on the surface. Friends can be the people closest to you, and the bond can also go beyond just humans. It can easily be your deepest-rooted connections. I also believe that friendship is the key to a strong and long-lasting love relationship.

A love relationship that could be described by various different names, such as “lovers”, “boyfriends”, “fiancés”, or even “husbands”, if you look at the direction they’re headed. But if we look back over the list we’ve already been through, we can clearly see that these words are lacking. These words can be used to describe their romantic love, but it doesn’t touch on any other aspect of their relationship including the deep bond they share as two human beings.

So in the end, I feel the best words to describe what they are to each other is simply “Yuuri and Victor”. The words Yuuri says to Victor on the beach, that he wants Victor to be Victor and not some other label, doesn’t only apply to Victor’s identity – it applies to the relationship shared between the two of them. They’re not just coach/student, idol/fan, fellow skaters, each other’s inspirations, friends, or even lovers.

Because while they may be all of them at the same time, they’re also so much more.

NaruSaku moments in Boruto

You know what I want?

I want NaruSaku moments in Boruto!

No…not in a romantic way…but the way they are best friends and each others confidant!

I want them discussing each other’s life problems!  I want Sakura laughing at Naruto’s problems and then giving him advice!

I want Naruto to reassure Sakura over Sasuke’s absence!

I want Naruto and Sakura bond with each other more…because I absolutely love them together!!!

And for those who think Sakura is abusive towards Naruto…

No! I disagree! Because every once in a while–people hit their bffs for something goofy!!! That’s what friends do!!! (And those who compliment Sasuke over almost killing Naruto–Sakura just punches him!)


What else I want…

I want their goofiness…

I want their friendship…

I wanna know that this awesome bond they shared did not disappear over time…

I wanna see that even in their busy lives they both find time to be friends!

I want an episode with just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*the images are not owned by me!*

Jon "sweet" Snow

We all know that, Jon, is a sweet ball of fluff. So I’m just sitting here wondering, if he’s soooo in love with Miss D., where the hell is the sweetness and the tenderness he’s shown Sansa for the past 2 seasons? Where is the sweetness and tenderness and closeness with Miss D.?

NOWHERE to be bloody seen.

All of Sansa’s and Jon’s scenes, some of them even when they’re apart, had romantic tropes in them, all of them, so if Miss D. and Jon are supposed to be this big romance, where the hell are the romantic tropes, did they happen off screen, or something? 🤷‍♀️😂

They could’ve had Jon compliment Miss D’s dress, since she changed outfits pretty much every episode, but nope, they could’ve showed him jealous of Jorah, and possessive towards Miss D., but nope they didn’t, he didn’t laugh with Miss D., not even ONCE, he’s not triggered and is totally unbothered by Miss D. hugging Jorah, same thing when Jorah kissing her hands, like he is bothered by every man who mentions Sansa, they don’t even need to touch her, just say her name, and he goes in angry kitten mode, but for Miss D. who he is supposedly MADLY in love with, NOTHING. They could’ve had Miss D. give him/offer him a lighter cloak, since his furr one, from Sansa, is clearly way too heavy for Dragonstone, they could’ve shown him ditching Sansa’s cloak for the one Miss D. had given him but nope, they could’ve brought Miss D. up, in the conversation between Jon and Jorah in the wight hunt, but NOPE.

So many missed opportunities, I wonder why 🤔🙃

I asked a friend who doesn’t ship neither Jonsa nor J*nerys, and they said this:

 “The way they shot Jon’s and Sansa’s scenes, the sweet moments, the dialogue, the awkwardness between them, I can see why you ship them, I must admit they are, really cute together. (He ships Arya with Gendry and Brienne and Jaimie, thos are his only ships on GoT, the other ships are just meh to him 🙈🤷‍♀️😂)

Jon and Miss D. on the other hand? Dragonstone has been boring af, the scenes between J and D were pretty bland and dull, if you ask me. IF, I had to choose between the two ships, I’d definitely choose Jonsa, because the dynamic between them is amazing, they have a strong foundation, they have a strong bond, and they are happy around eachother, whilst Jon looked miserable in Dragonstone, and around Dany, who kept shoving “Bend the knee” down his throat at any chance, and he couldn’t wait to leave in episode 5.

Their scenes were boring and just, off, if they meant to show them fall in love, they failed miserably, they did such a great job with Jon abd Sansa, and I don’t even know if they mean to have them end up together, but Jon and Miss D. as a couple, have no depth at all, because the communication, at least to me seemed one sided. They should’ve shot their scenes, the same way they shot Jon’s and Sansa’s, had they done that, they might’ve convinced me, because I’m just not feeling it, at all. I still don’t ship neither, but yeah, Jonsa would be my choice, Jon and Miss D. feel way too forced, sudden and way too rushed, on Jon’s part at least, and that’s all I have to say about this.” 

100% agree with what he said. 👌🙃

Below I’ll list a few quotes and a few scenes, which should not have been in the show, if D&D meant to make us believe their relationship was platonic, and was meant to stay that way.

“New dress? […] Yeah, it’s… I like the wolf bit” 

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“I will never let him TOUCH you again, I’ll protect you, I promise.” 

“If I fall don’t bring me back.” (couldnt find a gif for this one sorry) which translates to, she’s the one who gave me purpose again, she’s the one I’m fighting for, I don’t want to come back into a world, where she is gone, where she killed herself, because I couldn’t keep her safe, because I lost, because I failed her. Let me stay dead, I couldn’t live with myself. 😢 And if, that, is not REAL, powerful LOVE, then I don’t know what is.

More under the cut. ☺️✌️💙

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So I just finished Damien’s route and I loved it and it was adorable so here have a cute au:

  • Mary and Damien have known each other since they were young children. Their parents were friends so they often ended up having play-dates together. But since they came from very “traditionalist” (read: bigoted) families, they ended developing a very tight bond over their shared fear of their parents ever finding out they’re trans and poly, respectively
  • The day Damien (the younger of the 2) turned 18, they left their small-minded little town together and never looked back
  • It was difficult at first, with no college education and working two part-time jobs each to pay rent. But they were able to power through it. Together they were able to put Damien through school.
  • Damien even meets a pretty sweet guy in his last year of college. They hit it off real well. But after a year or so of dating, he starts pressuring Damien to start “acting more ladylike” and to “hurry up and get over this tomboy phase”. Mary is having none of this, so she packs them both up and they hit the road once again.
  • It’s easier this time, with Damien having his degree and Mary having experience as a secretary at a vet clinic. The two arrive in Maple Bay, where they end up settling down.
  • Mary is there to support Damien when it turns out he’s pregnant.
  • For the first three years of his life, Lucien calls her “mom”.
  • When Mary meets and falls in love with Joseph, she says a great big “fuck you” to social norms and has Damien as her best man at her wedding.
  • Damien is totally godfather to both Chris and Crish
  • (Robert is the twins’ godfather)
  • When MC and Amanda move to the neighborhood, Mary sees Damien’s smitten expression at the backyard barbecue when he first lays eyes on MC, and she decides to keep a close eye on the two
  • Mary also sees the way MC looks at Damien, and relaxes, knowing that this is him. He’s the one they’ve been waiting for. She listens to Damien gush about their dates, and is super proud of her sweet boy when he tells her how he was able to sit through an entire horror movie without fainting.
  • She listens to Damien worrying about what MC will think when it comes out that he’s just “some boring it worker”, and she starts sharpening her hatchet in preparation. But then she sees MC’s expression when he sees Damien that day at the shelter. And she relaxes, because he’s shocked, but he’s still just as smitten as always.
  • The three are inseparable after that, and when Mary meets MC’s daughter at her graduation party, the last of her fears are put to rest. Amanda’s a charming, mischievous little imp of a girl - she’s rebellious, but it’s clear how much she adores and respects her father. Any man who could raise such a beautiful person would be a good influence on Lucien.
  • With MC’s help, Damien is also eventually able to convince Mary to leave her toxic marriage. She and Joseph part on relatively amicable terms. They have joint custody of the kids. Mary ends up moving in with Damien and Lucien temporarily.
  • After a few months of hemming and hawing, Mary and Robert get their act together and…get together.
  • For Damien and MC’s first anniversary together, MC enlists in Lucien’s help to find a breeder with hypoallergenic dogs that Lucien is okay with. They end up coming home with an adorable little maltese terrier puppy. Damien starts crying when he sees it.
  • When Amanda’s first summer back from uni rolls around, she’s noticed that her father spends basically all her time at Damien’s home. So she just rolls her eyes and tells them to “hurry up and move in together already!”
  • There’s a lot of stammering and blushing and eventually they agree
  • Lucien tries very hard not to show how happy he is. It doesn’t work.
  • Mary ends up buying MC’s old home, and she and Robert live there together, with her kids over every other week.
  • Lucien, a year younger than Amanda, has just finished high school. He’s not quite as ambitious as his new sister. He likes his life in Maple Bay, in his tight-knit little community with all his friends and family. He ends up attending a local community college instead of going away for university.
  • Lucien and Amanda become thick as thieves. In the four months Amanda is home for summer vacation, they get up to a lot of mischief, along with Ernest. But Amanda’s steady sense of responsibility keeps the boys from doing anything too outrageous.
  • During Amanda’s second summer home from uni, MC and Damien finally get married. Mary is Damien’s maid of honour, and Craig is MC’s best man.
  • Amanda and Lucien, despite repeated protests that they’re waaaay too old for it, end up being the flowergirl and ringbearer respectively. (Their fathers had offered to have either Mary’s twins or Craig’s twins do it - both had staunchly refused and jealously guarded their coveted positions).
On Writing Believable Romance

Anonymous asked: “Do you know how to make a fictional relationship realistic?”

I don’t know that there is one perfect answer to this. You can follow all the “rules” and still not pull it off. What I think is most important is that you believe that these characters are real people and you believe the bond they share is real.

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I love the relationship between Bulma and Trunks it's so cute and their so close, I think they have the closest mother/son relationship on the show, granted she raised him alone for a long time but still, Trunks is a grade a mama's boy and it's the best thing ever.


They do share an amazing bond, that’s true.

I can imagine, especially in the Mirai timeline and given their circumstances, they only had each other in terms of family, so yes!

It’s adorable (in ALL its variants)!

i love love? how easy going noora and sana’s conversation was? and how talkative they seemed with each other, how simple and funny and relaxed it sounded. you have these two girls who have a hard time opening up, who are going through some struggles at the moment but you can tell that they find comfort in each other’s general presence and words. it’s good when these two talk, it’s good for them, and i hope we get to see that healthy bond they share become even stronger 

it’s okay, that’s love 01

➾ water polo player!jimin x psychiatrist!reader
ft the rest of bangtan

requested by this anon 

➾ warnings: mentions of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, ocd, split personality disorder etc), self harm, angst, fluff, smut 

➾ word count: 8.3k

➾ Summary: People are constantly making some kind of connection with each other- be it friendship or romance. But human bonds always lead to messy complications; commitment, sharing, driving people to the airport, letting them get up close and personal with the darkest parts of ourselves. And sure- it’s scary as hell to watch them cross those boundaries you’ve so meticulously drawn, but it’s okay, because that’s love.

➾ disclaimer: this is purely a work of fiction and i do not claim to be a qualified mental health professional. this work is not intended to provide any medical advice of any sort, please consult a licensed physician instead. 

a/n: so this is it! my attempt at starting a series that deals with slightly more touchy and sensitive topics. please do not ask me when the next update will be out, check my updates page instead!!
 tagging my favourite people to scream with @blueagust and @yoongihime and @jheartseok thank you for being so lovely and enduring supporting me no matter how much i rant to you <3 

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: I keep seeing post after post about the Choi twins getting into a love triangle with the player character and every single time one of them just takes her or straight up lies to the other and honestly it makes me so tired. People want the High Drama of a love triangle between two broken, cute red-headed twins to fawn over the same girl and fight over her and every time I see one of those posts I lose years off my life. Let the Chois learn to love each other again because they deserve a caring, cooperative relationship with the deep bond that only two twins can share with each other. Let the two of them mutually agree to not pursue her. Let MC be aware of the issue and maturely not pursue either of them. Let Saeyoung try to lie to let Saeran be happy with her just for Saeran to shout and get mad at him for trying to pull a stupid stunt like that because he assumed being with her would make him happy despite Saeyoung’s misery. Let Saeran develop feelings for MC while Saeyoung is already with her, forcing his brother to decide that he is more important than a romantic relationship with someone else because dammit it’s not like he didn’t literally dedicate his existence to the idea that Saeran was happy without him only for that to be made clear that it wasn’t true. Let them both realize that the other is his brother and he’ll always come first. Let them be brothers; they have enough to push the two of them apart without throwing a woman between the two of them. Saeran and Saeyoung need each other far more than they need girlfriends.

Marimo and Witchcraft

As you may have noticed, I picked up a new plant recently.  

We have gotten to know each other rather quickly, (this marimo is mighty friendly). I would like to share with you my personal experience with marimo’s and magic! 

The folklore

If you would like to learn about the story behind the marimo, you should check this out right over here. The post describes the story told about the two lovers, the symbolism, and the more accurate mythology. Overall, it is a plant of love, bonds, and caring deeply for nature. 

Overall traits

These little guys are so helpful and friendly. I find the energy to be very calming and grounding! They are gentle, kind spirits that deserve care and love, and give it back in return (you can feel the love gently radiating off of them when they are well cared for). 

My associations

* Can be petitioned in cases of love (all kinds), wishes, bonds

* Associated with a love of nature

* Nurturing. This can be to nurture a relationship, a career, yourself, or your dreams. What you put into the marimo, it gives back. 

* Grounding and centering (great for meditative work)

* Strengthening ties to the rhythm of nature

Making marimo care magical 

* Put a charm that has been lovingly charged in the water or on the tank! 

* Sigils on the bottom of the container

* Add charged waters to the tank after cleaning (I will be doing moon water). This makes a great offering, your marimo 

* Do some energy work while holding it in your hands during a cleaning (fav way to bond so far)

* Charge the stones/marbles you put in the tank

And that’s it so far! I will add to it more as I learn more about MoMo! 

@closet-earth-witch @thesmoldragoness

My Top Voltron Ships

In no order, these are my favourite ships in Voltron.


The bond they share is incredible. Keith’s dedication to finding Shiro and never giving up searching for him, their mutual respect and support they have for each other, I could go on and on honestly. Also, I love that Shiro is basically a damsel in distress for Keith to save constantly.


I love it when Pidge clearly get’s annoyed by Lance’s flirting, and when Lance, even though he doesn’t understand all the science-y stuff, still tries to understand for Pidge. They care for each other, and there are numerous scenes with them looking out for and protecting the other. All in all, their dynamic is adorable and the fact that Pidge’s VA ships it too is amazing.


The red/pink aesthetic of the ship is great, and also I love their bond. They work well together as a team a respect each other, and I love seeing them star together in an episode. I also found Kallura was canon in previous incarnations of Voltron too, which is amazing.


The bond they shared in their respective episodes was just…so cute??? Hunk was so dedicated to going back to help Shay, and saving her and the other Balmerians was all he wanted to do. Also that sunset scene kills me every damn time. I wish we could see more of them. Also Hunk calling Shay pretty in the official handbook..holy shit.

Even though these are my favourites, I still respect all Voltron ships and will support you no matter which ones you enjoy :).

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How would I write a long distance relationship realistically??

Thanks for your question, darling! Sorry for the wait 💔

Long-distance relationships are challenging to write for those of us who have never been in one (or in any relationship at all heehaw) but I do have experience with long-distance ~friendships~, and I think some of the same things apply. So I’ll just share with you what I’ve experienced over the course of a few long-distance situations…

  • Distance sucks. Like no matter what the circumstances are, eventually, distance gets to you. Physical separation of two people who love each other creates a feeling of emotional distance, even if the relationship is healthy. The physical aspect of a relationship, whether sexual or affectionate or both, is important and provides chemicals that “bond” people together. The farther apart two people are physically, the farther they are physiologically.
  • Beyond physical distance, there are communication barriers. When texting, when calling, even when video-chatting — communication is different than in person. You struggle to explain things the same way (especially when texting). Your time is limited, so you feel rushed to talk and stumble over your words. Sometimes the phone connection is so crappy you just give up and stop talking. And this can discourage your characters from interacting.
  • Arguments don’t last as long. When you have limited interaction with someone you love, you don’t want to spend it fighting. So unless it’s a serious argument, you don’t perpetuate it — you pull an Elsa and Let It Go. This can cause passive aggressive behavior, though, as unspoken feeling build up behind the scenes.
  • Off days happen. Even when both people are in great places, feeling great, operating great — they’re gonna have days when they’re not in sync and can’t get a hold of each other. These are frustratingly common, and they can create frustration toward each other, even when it’s nobody’s fault. But if handled with grace, these days feel less stressful.
  • You don’t share everything, good or bad, that happens to you. Time constraints, running out of energy at the end of the day, not wanting to fight or put a damper on each other’s good days — any of these reasons create withheld information. Sometimes you just forget to share something with the other person. This is especially true of introverts, so if you have an introverted character, keep this in mind.
  • Distance makes you realize what you have. Not having each other everywhere you go, all the time, gives you a taste of what life was like before them. However, if two people are separated and realize they function better without each other, this can be a hard thought to shake even after reuniting.
  • Successful long-distance relationships happen!  They aren’t a death sentence.  Some people have to work in different states for years and their relationship comes out stronger.  It all depends on the people involved: their mental and emotional health, their emotional needs, and their personal responsibilities in life, work, and family.  If these things work together, there’s no reason this situation can’t have a happy ending :)

That’s just what I know – there are plenty of other issues and benefits to a long-distance relationship that I haven’t listed here.  But I hope some of this helps you!  If you have any more questions, send them in and I promise I’ll get to you <3 

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

i really appreciate nyssa showing laurel that it is possible for someone to love both her and sara at the same time. when oliver cheated on her with sara it became clear he didn’t love either one of them, not truly. and her parents never seemed to have room enough for the both of them. the second sara died, dinah forgot she even had another child. quentin clung to laurel but ultimately used her as a punching-bag for his grief. and then oliver and laurel had that falling out and he ran right back to sara. nyssa was the first person who grew close with laurel because of their shared love for sara. nyssa was the first person who reminded laurel that she didn’t always have to feel like she was coming in second. that the love she felt for her sister was pure and strong and good. the thing with the lance sisters is even though it seemed like they were always on opposite sides, they clung to each other because their bond was where their strength came from. and i think nyssa was the first person to honor that. the first person to love the lance sisters in different but equal ways. and it was really beautiful to watch.

BTS Reaction - Their Crush Kissing Their Cheek And Calling Them Cute

Seokjin - You’d be standing just outside a coffee shop after he’d finished practice, relaxing and talking. Suddenly, he’d reach out and gently brush the corner of your mouth after noticing a crumb sitting there from the food you’d been eating. You’d flinch from his soft touch, not having expected it. Without thinking about it, you’d lean over and softly peck his cheek, calling him adorable for his gesture, hoping to catch him off guard. He’d blush furiously, cupping his face in his hands, unable to hide his smile. He’d try to play it cool but couldn’t help remembering the moment every time he saw you.

“I knew you found my cuteness irresistible” 

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Yoongi - He’d asked you to come to the studio with him, to check out something he’d been working on. The song that he plays is surprisingly soft and sweet, describing a typical love story within its lyrics. You’d noticed him blush slightly, probably embarrassed by the cheesiness of what he’d written. As he leaned in to turn it off, you’d dart forward and leave a soft kiss on his cheek, and remark about the cuteness of his blushing cheeks. He’d freeze, overwhelmed by the suddenness of what you did, before pulling down his cap to try to hide the small smile on his face from you.

“Hey, what did you do that for!?”

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Hoseok - You and him would be in the practice room after hours, a habit you had developed since you’d become their choreographer. You’d both become quite close, bonding over a shared love of dancing and often helped each other out. This time, you’d managed to forget to pick up a water bottle on your way over here, leaving feeling completely dehydrated. Hoseok would notice right away and would offer you a bottle of his own. Feeling touched, you wouldn’t be able to help giving him a small peck on the cheek, right below his eyes and complimenting him on his gentlemanly gesture. He’d get embarrassed but also flash you a grin and laugh.

“I should help you out more often if that’s the reward”

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Namjoon - He’d enthusiastically asked you to go with him on a spontaneous shopping trip one day, completely out of the blue. You’d gone along happily of course, wondering what he was so excited about. You weren’t sure if you were surprised or not when you both arrived outside the build-a-bear workshop, but seeing the absolutely ecstatic look on his face and you both walked through the doors brought up a giddy feeling of happiness inside you. After you’d finally built the perfect bear for each other, Namjoon decided to name the bear Ryan after the kakao friend character he loved so much. He grins in absolute delight at you, causing you to impulsively lean forward and press your lips to his cheek, just next to his mouth. After you pulled back, you commented on how adorable his grinning face was. He replied with another smile and gently pecked your nose with the snout of the new Ryan bear.

“Maybe we should do things like this a lot more”

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Jimin - You’d be waiting eagerly for your old friend Jimin at the airport, as he was due to return from his world tour. Bouncing on the balls of your feet, looking over the random assortment of people being greeted by friends and family. And then, finally, you would see a familiar head of hair making it’s way around the corner, followed by 6 more. His face would light up when he saw you, his face breaking out into the friendly, familiar grin you had missed so much. Dropping his luggage for the others to pick up, he’d run towards you and immediately pull you into a hug, hidden from fans by the swarm of people in the area. Overwhelmed from happiness from seeing his face again, you’d clasp his face in your hands and excitedly kiss his soft cheek, and compliment him on how cute his bare-face was. He’d laugh, looking down at his feet to avoid eye contact from embarrassment but he’d compose himself quickly and pout, putting on a cute face.

“Why on the cheek? Aren’t my lips good enough for you?”

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Taehyung - Due to his recent interest in photography, he’d go on long walks around wherever he was, taking photos and working to improve his style. Once he’d realised his feelings for you, he would offer you the chance to go with him, one you would take him up on eagerly. While on one of these walks, he’d suddenly turn the camera on you, taking picture after picture from all sorts of angles while you laughed and attempted to cover your face. He’d suggest taking a picture of the two of you, and while he was finding the perfect pose for it, you’d quickly turn your head and peck his cheek, just as the camera flashed, causing his eyes to widen in pleasant surprise. The blush in his cheeks would only appear once you commented on how cute he was being that day, prompting him to give you a swift kiss on the cheek in return and a happy grin on his face the whole way home.

“I’m keeping this picture, so I can remember today”

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Jungkook - You were his stylist, someone who’d often get close to him in order to do your job, and it was because of them he’d started noticing things about you that made his heart thud in his chest and his mouth bone dry. And then, one time, as you were gently applying blush to his cheeks, he’d suddenly burst out how pretty he thought you were, only to immediately stare wide-eyed at you, waiting for a response. You’d smile, not able to help that that you found his sweet shyness endearing. You quickly leaned forward, gave him a swift kiss on the cheek and told him you loved his cuteness, causing him to lose his train of thought completely and stare blankly up at you. After a couple of seconds, he cleared his throat and thanked you, smiling with embarrassment while you laughed.

“Well, that makes me feel a bit better”

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headcanon that one of percy and piper’s shared interests is 90′s and early 00′s cartoons bc that’s mainly what both their childhoods were all about: percy grew up with an abusive stepfather and piper with an absent dad. those hours they got to spend in front of the tv and forget about their lives for a while were very precious to them, and they bonded over their love for those memories