I love the bond they share with each other

You can’t say no to Batman and Superman

Ezra Miller x Reader
Prompt : “ Can you possibly do an ezra miller imagine where the reader is like an assistant or secretary to the justice league movie director or something and everytime the reader is in a room with the director and ezra and some of the cast maybe, they keep sharing glances and then one day they bumped into each other” by anon and “ Can I request an imagine where the reader is part of the cast of the flash and then ezra and y/n bonded over harry potter and started geeking about it which annoyed the cast?” by @crucioxdraco
Words : 850

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Carrying a pile of papers without falling was very difficult for you, principally because this was a very important job. You were working on the set of the justice league movie and that excited you as hell. You loved the comics since you were a kid and, see everything coming into life, was amazingly awesome.

You, personally, wanted to follow the career as an actress. Unluckily, you hadn’t been getting any roles for a time, so you decided to work, at least, in a set of a movie as an assistant. It would, also, help you to increase your skills and strategies on your acting. Plus, you could meet amazing actors and actress as well.

Gal Gadot was a sweet woman, she had been so nice and lovely with you, giving you tips to improve your acting. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill were a little bit intimidating at first but just nice as well. The whole cast and workers were totally amazing but if it was someone you could not take your eyes off was Ezra Miller. The wonder woman noticed and was always teasing you about your little crush.

You tried to carry all the papers alone to the director of the movie. That was all the script of all the characters that would shoot a scene on that day. You read and noticed one of the first ones was with the flash and, instantly, got all excited and nervous.

“Here it goes.” You put the file of papers above the little table near the director. They were all arranged in scene’s order.

“Thank you, Y/N. Please, take a seat.” He pointed to one of the chairs available.

You sit there and waited for the cast to come. It was an scene between Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. All of them entered the room laughing, by what you know, probably, because of something Ezra had said.

“All right, guys. On your spots.” The director said and the shooting started.

You had your eyes all on Ezra and how he was an incredible actor. You had already seen his other movies and loved the fact he could totally change his behavior, when needed. He would dive right in his character and that was something you wanted to do as an actress too. So you observed him, not just because he was undoubtedly beautiful, but to soak up everything of his acting you could.

When they needed to stop, you realized he would stare at you too. Sometimes he would even give a smile! You didn’t know where to put your head, you were completely reddish and unsure about why he was staring. Did Gal tell him about your crush? You didn’t think she would do this but you didn’t find another excuse.

The fact it’s that he was interested on you. Everyone in the cast loved how sweet and loving you were, principally Gal. And, yes, you were beautiful but, at his eyes, you were breathtaking. So he had his eyes on you.

“Cut! That’s a wrap, guys.” Before you could realize, it was your time to go away. Everyone realizing the glances you were giving each other

You were very distracted and almost fell into someone when walking away from the set. Strong arms held you, keeping you from falling onto the ground. You looked up and realized it was Ezra, his smile growing while he looked at you.

“Are you okay?” He asked, a little bit of worry on his voice. His eyebrows slightly lifted, which you thought was cute.

“I am, thank you so much and I’m sorry for bumping into you.” You nervously tugged your hair.  “I’m kind of clumsy.” He giggled.

“You may not believe…” He made a little pause. “But I am too.” You laughed with him, not actually believing. He moved gracefully everytime he walked. “Is this a tattoo?”

“Oh.” You realized he was looking to your wrist. “Yes, it’s about…” He cut you off.

“Harry Potter!” He enthusiastically exclaimed. “Can’t believe you like it too.” You smiled at his excitement.

“It was pretty much my whole teenage years of fangirling.” You shyly confessed, making him smile.

He had his the rest of the day off and you didn’t have too much work to do, so you two stayed together babbling and talking about Harry Potter and lots of other things. You were so into each other that didn’t realize the rest of the crew noticing and smirking at you together, until Ben and Henry came with a golf cart near you.

“Just go on a date, you two.” Ben spoke with Batman’s rough voice, making you and Ezra stop talking.

“Now.” Henry finished and the two went away with the golf cart. You two speechless for some seconds.

“Well…” Ezra started. “I guess you can’t say no to Batman and Superman’s order.” And winked at you sassily.

“I guess you can’t.” You smiled sweetly to him and he blinked sometimes, realizing you actually accepted.

“I pick you up at eight!” He exclaimed while walking away and cheering up about his date.

I have an inextinguishable burning desire to fall in love with someone and take on the world with them… to give them the universe, to share a bond so strong that it can move mountains while remaining as rock solid and rooted as the Rockies themselves… to feel our souls setting each other so intensely ablaze that only our own conscious experiences could ever understand it. To feel the purest form of ecstasy imaginable from staring into their eyes, and to lose my heart to them in exchange for their own. Where are you?
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Honestly I’m just so fucking glad about them treating the parabatai bond with respect and giving it a chance to show how important Jace and Alec are to each other on the most fundamental base level like apart from any romantic feelings involved, they love each other like brothers but deeper, in an incomparable way and the fact that we will get to see them grow from their struggles and support each other and help each other grow back together but also grow individually is so fucking important bc they are!!! Sharing their soul!!! And they!!! Feel each other’s pains and joys and aren’t themselves without the other and I’m just so so so glad we are getting a deep friendship between two men that is not gonna be a romantic thing but in its first and most important instance a deep platonic connection that allows emotions and caring and love to be shown without it being treated like something inherently romantic/sexual, like!!!!! Wow!!!! I’m crying!!!

headcanon that one of percy and piper’s shared interests is 90′s and early 00′s cartoons bc that’s mainly what both their childhoods were all about: percy grew up with an abusive stepfather and piper with an absent dad. those hours they got to spend in front of the tv and forget about their lives for a while were very precious to them, and they bonded over their love for those memories

  • Karen and Matt: (share multiple scenes)(create a bond over time)(flirt)(kiss)(start dating)
  • me: Ok, this actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I mean I don't resent this as much as I thought I would while watching season 1. In my opinion, they would fit with each other more like friends, and I always preferred Matt and Claire together, but it isn’t that bad. Actually, they are kinda cute. I love Matt, I love Karen, they are both great people and they respect each other and support each other and are great friends, so this definitely isn’t that bad of notp as I would have expected in a theory. I guess one day I will be able to actually like this. I don’t mind it that much.
  • Frank: Her. I need to talk to her alone.
  • me: O. M. G. sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 that’s what i’m talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Vax can be selfish and a little shit sometimes, but he is such a good brother man. Even though he’s reckless when it comes to her, he LOVES Vex so so much it hurts. The twins and the bond they share fucks me up every. single. time

"what do you like about your boyfriend"

phoenix: we share a really tight emotional bond and have been close for almost our entire lives, I feel like I can trust him in a way that I can with no one else. he’s everything to me and we help each other every day of our lives and I feel truly grateful for having his love and guidance in my life

apollo: he purble

ACOWAR When Nesta and Cassian admits their feelings

I am so curious and to be honest utterly excited to see how Sarah J Maas reveals the feelings that Nesta and Cassian share for each other. Queen Maas has made it evident that she loves this couple and when I spoke with her during a book signing she seemed to be VERY enthusiastic about this relationship for future development. 

Personally the bond should strengthen overtime in a slow pace. Hopefully AFTER Nesta and Cassian help each other through the strain of dealing with the loss of their humanity (Nesta) and potentially wings (Cassian).

How would you want this relationship grow?

Who admits their feelings first: Cassian or Nesta

Location: Velaris, Illyrian Camp/Mountains, Other Court (Not Night Court) or Other

How: Words, Kiss or Other

When: During Training, When They are Arguing, On the Battlefield vs Hybern, After the War or Other

Let us know how you want these two to reveal their feelings! (We know Queen Maas will write a phenomenal storyline for these two, but it would be great to see what you think would be a great reveal!

I really wanna talk more about Dad Bob and Bitty sharing recipes. 

 based on this post by @bittlesbooty  For a long weekend break, Bitty and Jack go to Montreal to visit Bob and Alicia. Bitty tells Bob how much he loved the recipes he sent and Bob suggests they make make a meal together by sharing recipes. Bitty cooks one of Jack’s Grandmother’s recipes for dinner and Bob bakes one of Mee-Maw’s pies for dessert. They have a blast bonding and cooking and chirping each other. Jack keeps coming in and out of the kitchen, stealing kisses from Bitty and checking in on Dad Bob’s lattice crust (”Doesn’t look like Bit’s, Papa”) and of coarse they let him help chop and mix because they can tell he’s secretly feeling a little jealous and left out. In the end, Jack and Alicia agree it’s the best meal they’ve ever had.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Tonyrhodey/Iron Husbands is such an underrated ship

The long-term bond? The snarky jokes? The searching for three months after everyone said he was dead? The affection? The love? The college stories? The shared interests? The engineering dates? The stupid nerdy conversations? The fact that they’re both genius engineers with a silly love of blowing things up? The mythbusters reenactments? The working on the war machine suit together when their hands touch? The love and support they give each other? Tony learning to remind Rhodey how much he loves him? Rhodey coming home after a rough day in the Air Force and being able to just be himself with his husband? The superhero banter? The teasing? Oh god, the nicknames? The ridiculous, ridiculous nicknames? Their mutual overprotectiveness? Rhodey hugging Tony when it gets too much? Tony giving Rhodey literally everything in the world, including emotional support? Learning to be functional human beings together? Rhodey shaking his head and rolling his eyes at him? Angst while they’re working through their problems? Knowing each other so well that they can predict each other’s reactions? Tony wanting to just pamper Rhodey because he just loves him so much? Them taking days off together? Slow kisses because they know they have the rest of their lives together? Fast kisses because even so, they can’t get enough of each other? Quiet days, just being together? Tony waking up and looking over at Rhodey and smiling to himself because he looks so peaceful and happy and god, he loves him so much? Rhodey smiling while Tony has a grease mark on his cheek because god, he loves him so much?

This ship has everything, honestly. It’s so underrated.

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I was wondering if you could do HCs of Newt realizing that his best friend (female) is actually in love with him after she travels with him and Queenie mentions something about it to him. Thank you! (Btw I love your writing!)

Thank you! And sure thing. Didn’t know if you wanted unrequited love, but I’ll leave that up to the reader 😂 because I’m cruel.

Master list

-Newt was always so close to you, you were his best friend after all. He had known you for years, starting since your days at Hogwarts.
-You bonded over your shared interest in all things magical creatures, yet Newt was always far more intrigued by them. It was one of the reasons you liked him.
-And now, after so long you still stood by each other’s side, even if your reasons weren’t as friendly anymore
-Newt wasn’t aware though, to him you simply enjoyed the work as he did, nothing more.
-You tagged along with him throughout his travels, and it wasn’t a shock to him when you decided to come. He was far too happy with the idea of it.
-He loved having you by his side, you brought him comfort away from home.
-Somehow, he’d often look up to catch you staring at him, only to smile and turn away. He found it mildly odd, but nothing entirely out of the ordinary.
-He’d offer a smile back, and go about his work.
-One day, however, amidst dinner with friends Queenie leaned over to him, whispering something along the lines of ‘asking you to dinner’.
-He didn’t quite understand why, he was eating dinner with you right now.
-But, over the weeks it had slowly begun to dawn on him….perhaps Queenie meant dinner for just two…
-He looked over at you, again catching you staring, only this time he was all too aware of the slight blush you had.
-And then there was the late nights, where you’d make him tea and sit and talk with him. The subject of Leta somehow always came up, and he never thought more of it than the usual friendship concern…but now, now maybe you felt threatened?
-Newt felt like a complete fool by the end of his realization. How could he be so blind to your feelings? And now, now what was he to do?
-He looked over at you, feeding the occamys, and you met his gaze…and he knew then what it is he felt, and how could he begin to tell you?

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Imagine Requested By tommo-tomlinson1991 

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can you do a Theo imagine where both of you are together you’re the same creatures as he is, could possibly share a half of his sisters heart and your both very protective, I don’t know how you’ll make something, hope you can I love your imagines

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Side Note: I hope you like this, I tried my best ahaha. Thank you for the request x

Theo and you have known each other every since you guys were little. To say you and him shared a close bond wouldn’t even cover it, the bond you and Theo had was unlike any you had experienced before. I guess you could say it all started that night when your life was hanging in the balance and Theo had brought you to the Dread Doctors reassuring you that everything was going to be alright.

You didn’t remember much, but all you knew was the Dread Doctors did save your life and the price was indeed high. At first you were mortified at what Theo and the Dread Doctors had done to save you, Theo was just a kid back then but somehow he was convinced that killing his sister and taking her heart would not only save his life but most importantly it would save yours. And that was all that he ever wanted.

Now years later you and Theo returned to Beacon Hills. Together through thick and thin was the motto you and Theo lived by, everyone who had crossed paths with the both of you didn’t dare try anything to break yous apart.
You were waiting for Theo to come back from the task the Dread Doctors set for him. Hearing the door open you ran towards it and saw Theo walk in, running him you hugged him not wanting to let go.

“How did it go? Did Scott let you in his pack?”

You let go of Theo, following him towards the other adjoined room. “Breathe babe, everything will work out okay. We just have to be patient, it’s going to take some time for Scott to accept me. But he will, trust me on that”

“I just don’t want you to get hurt, because if something happened to you…”
Theo quickly walked over to you and pulled you close, “Nothing will happen to me and most importantly nothing will happen to you. Were in this together and I will never let anyone hurt you”

Looking at each other Theo gave you a reassuring kiss, before explaining the next task that he was given which this time involved you. Surprised and nervous you breathed in preparing yourself to complete what the Dread Doctors had planned.

It was your turn to be introduced to the pack, Theo thought it would help speed up the process if Scott got to know you as well. You walked through the school library doors, it was odd because you didn’t go to Beacon Hills but no one seemed to notice. Theo was right beside you with his hand placed on your back the entire time. Scott’s pack were sitting at a table possibly discussing the thereat the Dread Doctors would bring, along with whether or not Theo could be trusted.

Stiles was the first one to notice both yours and Theo’s presence, he tapped Scott’s hand and he looked over to you and Theo.

“What do you want Theo?” Stiles asked in annoyance.

“I want to introduce you to Y/N”, Theo said directly looking at Scott’s expression.

You shyly waved to the pack, not knowing what you should say. Malia looked unsure about you, Stiles was eying you, Kira gave you a small smile, Lydia’s facial expression wasn’t readable and Scott’s face was the same as before.

“How do you know Theo? What are you doing with him? What do you know about this new evil?” Stiles just kept on shouting questions at you. Scott stopped him and turned to you, and out of all the questions that were previously thrown at you, Scott only asked one “How do you know Theo?”

Theo laced his hand in yours to show you support and that it was going to be okay. Taking a deep breath you said, “Theo and I sorta grew up together, and we’ve been inseparable ever since”.

Stiles wasn’t convinced both you and Theo could see that, and you knew that this would be harder than you first expected.

“We don’t want any trouble Scott, Theo and I are just looking for a pack.”
Scott kept silent and you knew not to push the matter, motioning to Theo that you guys should leave, both of you took one last glance towards the pack before leaving.

Back in the Dread Doctors secret location Theo ran his fingers through his hair, knowing that he was frustrated with Stiles being so suspicious all the time. You wrapped your arm around him, “You said that this wouldn’t be easy, but no matter what were in this together. Theo look at me” He eyes meet yours, “I’m with you, and nothing will get in our way. We’ve been through too much to let it slip through our fingers now.”

Theo kissed you and the long road ahead would be hard and extremely difficult. But in the end it was all sure to be worth it.

How strange. We both come from different kingdoms and yet….we have a bond that ties us together as if we were meant for each other…..I certainly wouldn’t mind it. It’s a comforting thought after everything that has happened.

So self indulgence drawing? A Karen and Takumi drawing? Yes….after working on this for weeks (and I’m still not satified with it OTL) I have finally decided to post it and yeah *embaressed face*

So yeah, I’d like to think that Karen and takumi share a bond that no one can really touch and that’s what eventually leads them to fall in love (at least in revelations since they can’t really be “together” in conquest) why? Well out of all the siblings, takumi is the only one able to get possessed and Karen also has that possibility as well if she doesn’t get s-ranked towards the end of conquest. So because of this, I think they would feel some sort of connection (which takumi would think it’s some sort of trick in the beginning) just because they are septible to ankos. They technically could be a possessed couple too (hmmmnm should I draw that out?) But yeah.

Sorry if none of this makes sense, I’m tired and yeah OTL

“We are 22 and 25 years old and live in Kenya. We met through a mutual friend and this December will make three years of marriage. We started texting each other and gained the bond. She asked me out for our first date and that started our unexplainable romance. She is something! I can’t even begin to share how much care, love and happiness we share.

She is my destiny. Every day I am reminded of how much I love her and that I will always and forever love her. There was one particular time that someone who had a crush on her lied about sleeping with her and I just broke down and cried. I had never cried for a woman before. It turns out that person was lying. My family is not supportive of our relationship and even tried to send me out of the country so we couldn’t be together. But I chose HER and will always choose her over anyone else.”~Shyra and Nisha

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there's definitely something between them now. even my best friend, who didn't originally ship them, just said that she thinks they're dating. i feel like there was definitely something there in 2009. even w all the shit that went down in 2012, they still had such a strong bond that they just couldn't leave each other. and now they feel much more comfortable with us & are sort of testing the waters to see just how much they want to reveal to us. it seems like it's going pretty great so far tho!

at the very least they’re so much more comfortable on camera with one another than they have been in past years (bar 2009) and that itself is a huge step of progress for them, and I love that they’re letting themselves be themselves and sharing - at least I think - a more genuine ‘off-camera’ side than the typical dinof/ap personas we’ve been solely exposed to in the past

i feel like they’re testing the waters too, dropping little things that could be interpreted a certain way and seeing how we react to them, maybe it could mean something or maybe it doesn’t, but that’s all the fun of speculation!

“…Men, it’s been a LONG war, it’s been a tough war. You’ve fought BRAVELY, proudly for your country. You’re a SPECIAL group. You’ve found in one another a bond, that exists only in combat, among BROTHERS. You’ve shared foxholes, HELD each other in dire moments. You’ve seen DEATH and suffered together. I’m PROUD to have served with each and every one of you. You all deserve long and happy lives in PEACE…”

( Band of Brothers ~ Joesph Liebgott Aesthetic )





Babafish will always be my OTP but blame @o-queso I’ve also become complete Samuel/Loaster trash! <3 (Loaster is the Mexican aisle’s cheese queen with a whole bunch of queso guards and a lotta love in her heart to share… IT’S SO PRECIOUS)

 I just LOVE this story line idea where Baba is dead and Samuel who thinks he’ll never be able to love again suddenly finds love in the cheesy (no pun intended, she isn’t cheesy at all) flower-crowned cinnamon roll <333 BOTH OF THEM BEING AWKWARD AND SHY LITTLE DORKS WHO CAN BOND OVER MANY THINGS AND MAKE EACH OTHER FEEL MORE CONFIDENT ABOUT THINGS IS JUST SO LOVELY… SHE CAN BE HIS QUEEN FOR GOOD

*whispers* And just look at all this, when they have sex it’s QUALITY SEX

All in all, this ship clears my skin, cures my cancer and fills my bank account till I could buy whole Microsoft