I love running clothes *^*

Okay but like instead of ending Carmilla why don’t they just give us an entire series on Mattie and Carmilla’s adventures back in the day like in one season the dynamic duo would be handling shit like the bad asses they are during the Enlightment period in beautiful dresses & panniers, another season they would be rockin’ the 1920′s vintage style (which Natasha could definitely rock with her short hair) and shit like I can hella get behind that


So I drew more for the Pirate AU / Verse with @whxsbad and oh man it’s gotten out of hand and there’s such a background ( and angst ) in the plot we have down so far. I’ma gonner work out some timeline as it’s like - kinda ended up as a ‘crossover’ in the sense it semi connects with the story of KH  ( but in a sense Braig originates from sinbad’s world etc ) and just a whole other bunch of plot stuff. I’m so down for this and for the crossover brotp.

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Name: hahahahHAHAHAHAHA NO.

Star sign: Aries.

What do i look like: Trashcan intensifies. Short dark hair, grey eyes (WELL EVERYONE SAYS THEY´RE BLUE BUT IDK-) 1´57 cm </3

Favourite food: PASTA. 

Favourite fictional characters: I have so much….Blanco, Chara, Undyne, Layton, Luke, N, Red,  Nick (Phoenix Wright-), Maya, etc-

Pets: My dear cat: Zhoe.

Favourite Song at the moment:  Set It Off - Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Movies i love: Pfff Idk-

Do i run any others blogs: nope.

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