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Destiny week Day 6: Grimoire 

part 1 of ??

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Inspired by an odd but lovely dream i had the other day

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Please show us your cat and all his favourite angles I know I already love and support him and he’s a good boy

ok so his name is JellyBean and he is the cutest thing ever and i would die for him ok

this was the v first day we got him and he was tiny, look how smol he was 

this is him looking like a babe, cus he is, straight at the camera, stealin’ all our hearts 

he smushed his head against my leg and i felt super loved here adsadsafds

taking pics of him sleeping is my life job, 


Theres alot of him sleeping cus he looks so cute and peaceful and im constantly heart eyes 

this is him in a basket, he sleeps in the weirdest places 

this is his real bed which he never sleeps in cus he enjoys sleeping anywhere that isnt in there dont ask me why

he only slept in it when he was super tiny for like two days and now he refuses too get in it 

HES SUCH A GOOD BOY, look at him 

if he finds something to get his teeth into hes happy, he loves messin w the most random things

playtime w a stick, he gets super hyper, its so funny

#modelling , he actually looks like hes seen a ghost :DDDD


i feel super loved when he sits near me, hes only 4 months old and hes the cutest thing in the entire world and i would give up my life for him, he deserves all the love and support in the world ok

Thief - Isaac Lahey

Request: Isaac x Reader fluff where you like to steal his shirts and scarves so he can never find them but he sees you wearing them at school and he thinks it’s adorable.

Warnings: None

A/N: I’ve decided I’ll be posting (for the most part) on Thursdays-Sundays now. That’s when I have the most free time. Also, sorry this took so long!


The sunlight peeked through the open blinds and peered onto the white bedsheets. Isaac’s smooth cream colored skin also was spread across the bed sheets, his arms tangles around your waist. His sleeping figure was so innocent, and so vulnerable. He was like an angel.
You knew he would be asleep for a while, it was a long day after all, so you took this time to just take a little peek around his room. Or more specifically his closet.

You knew what was in there, his shirts and scarves. He gave you some of them already, but was it so bad just to keep all of them? You couldn’t help but steal one shirt and a scarf, you decided you’d come back for more another time.

You pressed the blue fabric of his shirt to your nose, it smelled exactly like Isaac. It was so comforting, and welcoming. You were sure Isaac wouldn’t get mad at you sneakily taking away one of his shirts, I mean, you were his girlfriend, it’s like you’re job to be a sweatshirt thief. You stuffed the shirt and scarf back into your bag and cuddled right back up next to Isaac, you unconsciously wrapped an around loosely around your waist. He was so sweet even when asleep. You closed your eyes and let sleep take over you.

You went to Isaac’s house every day after that, it’d been a week since you started your mission to obtain all of Isaac Lahey’s shirts. Not the nice ones, but the baggy loose ones he would wear to bed. You probably had around ten now, and Isaac had yet to notice. Or, maybe he did notice and just hadn’t mentioned it yet.

“Let’s go (Y/N), you’re gonna be late!” You heard your mom shout from downstairs.

You quickly combed through your hair and looked through the mirror one last time before leaving your room and entering tbe kitchen. You had Isaac’s shirt on today, a simple white one with two red stripes on each sleeve, it reminded you of Scott’s pack’s symbol.

Your mom handed your backpack as you both stepped out the door and into the car to drive to school. When you got there you immediately jumped out to go look for Isaac. You two always met right next to the library every morning and walked around before class, just enjoying each others company. You were surprised to approach the library and see Isaac already there waiting for you. His eyes caught yours and a smile spread across his face before he ran up to you and planted a loving kiss on your lips.

“Good morning, my love. You look stunning as always today.” His cheeky smile grew. He always did saw the most cheesy things, and you love it.

“As do you, Isaac.” You pecked a kiss on his forehead, he loved when you did that. His eyes scanned your body and your body froze wondering if he noticed his stolen shirt being worn on your body.

“Baby I like your sh-.” He stopped and stared a bit longer, “Hey, I have that shirt. That’s my shirt. Why are you wearing my shirt?” He laughed and ran his hands up and down your torso.

“I may or may not have been secretly stealing your shirts and scarves for the past week” You looked up to avoid eye contact as you were embarrassed.

“Oh my gosh, Isaac why didn’t you just say something?”

“Because you look so much better in them than I ever have, beautiful.” You smiled, the smallest things always made your heart swell with love the most. “Keep them, love. I want everyone to know you’re mine.”

Your heart gushed, “Really Isaac?” You were so excited.

“Yes, my love but I may need a couple back, I’m running out of clothes over here.”

You laughed, “Alright baby, deal.”

“Now come on, princess, class is starting.”

After a week of wearing only Isaac’s shirt you were positive the entire school knew you were his, and you intended to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Happier With You (Final)

Summary: Steve has had many regrets in his life, but his biggest regret was when he let you go all those years ago. Now, you’re with someone else, and you’re happy. And that’s all that Steve wants for you. But he knows that he was happier with you by his side. And deep down, you know it too.

Inspired by: Ed Sheeran’s entire Divide album.
Also, inspired by my friend, Tator Tot. Nothing spicer than Sriracha Steve.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1338

Previous Part: Part Four

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The Mighty Eric

Summary: Prompt 26 with Eric please xxxx

Characters: Eric Coulter, Reader

Fandom: Divergent

Word Count: 708

Requested: Anon

Prompt: 26. “Honey you’re sick. Go lay down, I’ll make you some soup.”

AN:SURPRISE!!!! I have posted a new this!! I am so sorry that it took so long to get this done and I hope this is what you wanted!

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A good 4 miles run this morning. It could have been great but I’m dealing with a blister on the bottom of my right foot that’s just a wee bit irritating. Changing my mind on the tights: they have great compression and aren’t too warm if I’m not wearing sleeves. I ordered them in black and white. I love having new running clothes, it helps my motivation.

My running body is coming back. 😁💃🖒 I love feeling strong and confident again.


i’ll draw asra tomorrow but anyways i gotta post this now bc i am excited abt how much i am thinking abt it! the arcana communications au. if u dont know cmncs basically this would make nadia asra’s mom, but she’s always been rly bad as a mother & hates julian for stealing her son away from her. so asra take’s julian and they move away from her and change their number so she can’t contact them. julian begins to wonder if asra will do the same to him and starts asking for asra’s validation that he wont abandon him, asra tells him ‘no im not going to leave’ every time but eventually it becomes overwhelming since it reminds him of his mom and he tries to leave in the middle of the night, julian panics and kills asra by mistake, drags his body into the basement & then he completely forgets that he did it & fools himself into thinking asra is alive & at work or something. when he remembers what he did a while later, he ends up killing himself because the guilt is too overwhelming. (i dont rly think julian w ould ever actually wear a dress but i drew him in nancy’s Exact clothes as a joke & because dress skirts are easier + faster than making it into shorts lol)

that’s only a really really short version of it, if you want to get into communications & have a better idea of how Great this au is in my head the case 1 links are [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] please send me asks abt this au if you’re confused i reall,y want an excuse to talk abt it and draw more of it hkjdjkh (esp. nadia in frances’ dress holy shit)

TRUE ROMANCE XIX + Book 2 of Soul Mate [also on AO3] + MASTERLIST

A/N: Get ready to fuckin’ die because a certain someone is about to make an appearance, brace yourselves my children.

Word Count: 3.2K+

Warning: None

The entire night you had found yourself wide awake, a side of you unable to to fall asleep even though your body craves the unconsciousness, you feeling very anxious of the thought thanksgiving was the next day and you would have to go to two dinners with Ben. As much as you were in a comfortable position that was lying on Ben’s chest, you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with the lingering thought in the back of your mind, so when the clock had hit eight in the morning and your eyes had fallen heavy, you only received two hours of sleep.

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