I love red too though

we should leave our lovers 

so that we can choose each other (x)

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And now for a problematic Kustard fic!! :D 

It’s not a happy one.

No Harm, No Foul

Tags: character death, language 

“c’mon red,” the skeleton pleaded, tugging him closer. “please! he’ll be back any minute!”

“but–we–i can’t just leave’im!”

“i’m gonna take you somewhere better, red. you’ll never have to hurt again!”

“sans, he’s my brother! i won’t go where he can’t follow!”

“red! he’s hurt you so many times! what makes you think he cares–”

“won’t you listen for a goddamm minute?!” The gold-toothed skeleton stood his ground. Rain poured around them. Sans stared at his hardened eye lights. Shit. “my bro has been good to me buddy. you have no right to just whisk me away to stars-knows-where like some romantic sap!” Sans’s grip tightened slightly around his slackened phalanges. Red jerked them away. “i ain’t goin’ with ya sans,” he said firmly. “and you can’t make me.”

The frown on Sans’s face lowered slightly then became a grin.

“what makes you think you have a choice?” Red’s brow ridge furrowed at the change of tone.

“sans what the hell.” The hoodie clad skeleton only laughed hollowly.

“i was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but here we are.” His grin became a smirk as his left eyelight flared more yellow than blue. “now are we gonna do this the easy way, or the hard way?” Red backed away. His phalanges grabbed for his collar while his other hand drew near his chest.

“you–ya can’t do this sans!” he yelled over the rain. “you can’t take me from him!” Sans suddenly looked bored. And tired. Phalanges lightly covered his unseeing eye.

“don’t you get it red? i can,” he declared, “and i will. whether you like it or not.”

“no!” Red’s fists clenched and unleashed a flurry of red magic around him. “if you think you can just steal me away like a sack of G you’re wrong sans.” Sockets narrowed and what he spat out next actually hurt Sans’s feelings. “i was wrong bout you too ya’know. you’re no better than my brother.” Enraged, Sans threw blunt bones at him. Large enough to bruise and maybe knock out, but nothing sharp no. He wanted him intact. He wanted him alive.

“if you’re going to compare me to that manipulative bastard, then so be it,” he growled. The hoodie-clad skeleton really wanted to just knock him the fuck out and drag him to his universe, but Red was willful and less of a pushover than Sans. He’d never let his guard down now. Not after he betrayed him like that.

“if anyone’s a manipulative bastard, it’s you sans!” Red magic glowed from his metacarpals. “you’ve lied to me!” A blast billowed toward the skeleton in blue, but he had the sense to dodge. “about you, your brother–your universe! haven’t you!” The magic surrounding him attacked faster, and the blue hooded skeleton was starting to have trouble keeping up. Sans didn’t know Red had it in him. “and the worst lie you’ve ever told?” Multiple Gaster Blasters materialized as his eyelights fiercely glowed red. “was when you told me you loved me.”

Sans eye lights shrank as he was caught in the blasts. Red couldn’t hear him now through the dust.

“i’ve always loved you, red.”

So he didn’t convince him this time. Sans shrugged as he stared at the Select Screen in front of him.  The ominous Continue and Reset that he’d seen many times before glowered over him. Distal phalanges twitched over the yellow S. He’ll just try again in the next reset.


I want today to pass so that I can meet you


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Soulmate AU where you can only see in black and white until you touch your soulmate.

Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6

Part 5B (KillerWave version)
Part 5C (KillerStorm version)

Of course Lisa notices when Len starts seeing colors. It’s only a matter of time before she gets him to admit it’s The Flash, and with their fight at the museum all over the news Lisa already knows how well Len’s handled the situation. She says he needs to fix it, and Len’s never been able to say no to her puppy dog eyes. Time to start planning.

Joe was there, at the museum, and he heard everything Barry and Snart said to each other. Barry doesn’t want to talk about it–even if he did he’d probably go to Iris–but he can only avoid Joe for so long before his foster father is dragging him into an empty room at STAR Labs. But he still doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to explain or listen. Leonard Snart never asked Barry to be his soulmate, and Barry was done asking for or expecting anything. Snart is a criminal, and Barry is The Flash. What does it matter that they’re soulmates?


final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.

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Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

I love how the biggest difference between Protoman and Dark Protoman is that Dark Prtotoman has 10x the amount of hair. He’s like a spooked cat that puffed himself up to look more intimidating.

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Ole Red has to be my most-beloved blake song (love how swampy it sounds) and ballads like Over and who are you my least, which just goes to show how diverse Bs fans are 😁 I too love just south of heaven and had it on repeat after hearing B play it at iheart BBTS release show. I saw several people tweeting for B to play Playboys, thats just a no for me though.

I love Ol’ Red too. I didn’t like Playboys at first but it grew on me. Just South of Heaven just captures some feeling I really love.

- B

Truth or Dare


Tittle: Truth or Dare

Paring: Robbie Kay x Reader

Rating: PG

Warning: Swearing and sexual references

Authors Note: This may or may not contain smut, I have yet to decide, if it does I will bold it.


    Robbie`s P.O.V

  I smiled as I walked back onto the familiar set, my smile growing wider as I noticed all my friends hanging around. I waved over at Sean, turning to head into his direction when a trio of girls caught my eyes. Each were dressed in full length dress, each dress resembling an outfit you would see a witch in. The one in the middle wore and emerald green one. A green coat covered most of the dress, only a bit of the corset being shown. The corset itself was a lighter green with a dark blue, almost purple, piece of fabric was woven carefully down the middle. Her red curls were pulled up on the top of her head into two large puffy buns. Her two front teeth sat upon her bottom lip, her lips made to look smaller by the fact that she wore a very thick small amount of crimson lipstick, the lipstick almost looked like a heart drawn onto her lips.

    On her right was a slightly larger girl, her dark brown hair too was styled on top of her head, only this time it was shaped like a cone, the top half of it curling over to the right. Her thick, full lips, were covered in the same crimson shade as her friend, only it covered her entire lip. She was dressed in a orange and crimson red dress, the sleeves hanging off her arms.

  Out of them all it was the last one that held my attention. She had her soft golden blonde hair down, hanging off her shoulders in a mess of waves. Like her two friends her thin lips were coated in a crimson red. Her dress clung to ever curve of her body, dark purple corset with flowers out in full display. Her arms were covered in a thin layer of red lace. Her skirt was made out of a dark blood red and a purple that was almost black. A matching cloak was pinned around her neck, the design of the cloak, leaving her chest and neck uncovered, her pale skin popping against the dark colors.

  As I watched the walk towards me, the trio lost in their old little world, that it hit me. Looks Once was bring Salem into play.

  “The Sanderson Sisters.” I chuckled, causing all three to stop in their tracks and turn to face me. In an instant they all smiled, the blonde reaching over to grip her friends arm.

  “Peter Pan.” The middle one chuckled, her eyes racking over me. Once she reached my face she broke out into a smile before stretching out her hand. “I`m Jessica aka Winifred Sanderson, this is Katie aka Mary Sanderson and our blonde haired beauty here is Y/n aka Sarah Sanderson.” As each girl was introduced they smiled and waved at me, Y/n letting out a small squeal when I waved back.

  “I`m Robbie, also known as Peter Pan.”

  “Oh we know, Y/n here is a huge fan.” Katie laughed, earning a shriek from Y/n.

  “Shut up Katie! God!” She screamed, the two girls laughing at her. “I`m sorry about them.”

  “Don`t worry about it, I know the feeling. I was, still am, a huge Robert Carlyle, when I found out I would be acting alongside him I freaked out. It`s normal, honestly I find it sweet that you are a fan.” I chuckled, her shoulders relaxing as she smiled at me.

  “I can understand why, he is amazing, everyone on this show is.” She gushed, earning mumbled agreements from her two friends.

  “They are, they choose well.”

  “I hate to break this up,” Sean said, cutting off Y/n`s reply. He smiled at me, his hand clapping onto my shoulder as she stood beside me. “But we have to go film, and I need Robbie here to do it. I`m sure you`ll get a chance to talk again.”

  “Of course, I will talk to you three later, it was a pleasure.” I said with a smile, letting Sean steer my away from the three girls, their echoing goodbyes following me.

  “Don`t even try to tell me you don`t like her, every young guy on the set does.” Sean said as we got far enough away from the trio, in an instant Colin and Josh were falling into step beside me, each of them nodding in agreement.

  “Jared can barely stop talking about her.” Colin chuckled, his hand playfully slapping my shoulder.

  “He`s not the only one, some of the younger boys on set have taken a fancy to her.” David added, winking at me as he spoke. “Though you are the only one she seems to have taken a liking to.”

 “We just met, you three are reading way to into this.” I laughed, hoping the blush that was creeping across my cheeks went unnoticed.

  “That doesn’t mean you can`t like her.” Colin laughed the same time David let out a laugh of his own.

  “Besides, that will change soon enough. I read the script, most of her scenes are with you.” Sean laughed, slapping my shoulder before breaking away from the group, heading towards his dressing room. I let out a sigh of relief when I noticed I was right in front of mine.

  “Hate to cut this short, but I need to get ready.” I laughed, breaking free from David and Colin and running into my room, the door slamming shut behind me, but not before I could hear the two men laughing.

  I was so not going to live this down anytime soon.

   Four Months Later

    “We won`t be able to leave, I just got word that all the roads are shut down because of the storm. Looks like we are stuck.” Jared sighed, sitting down with the rest of us, while the older cast members walked around trying to figure out just what to do. 

  “Great so what are we going to do?” Katie sighed, sitting down beside Jared and resting her head on his shoulder. Katie, I had quickly found out, is a cuddly person, she needs to be cuddled into some at all times. Jared just happened to be her favorite because out of all of us, he is the one that complains the lest about it.

  “I don`t know, I`m sure we will figure something out.” Jessica sighed, giggling as Y/n curled into my side.

  “We could play a game.” Jared suggested after a few moments of silence.

  “What do you have in mind?” Jess and I asked at the same time, resulting in the two of us chuckling at one another.

  “I was thinking, maybe truth or dare. It`s a bit childish but it will still be entertaining. Plus it`s something we can play without the lights.” Jared replied, biting his lip as we all fell silent.

  “You know he has a point.” Jess said, earning a nod from Katie and Y/n. I gave them a crocked smile and nodded my head in agreement.

  “Well then, lets get in a circle and play.”


   Over the past twenty minutes our little group has done nothing but chuckle. Jared had went first and ended up daring Jessica to stand up and scream “I love you Colin marry me.” Off the top of her lungs, all us laughing as he shouted back a “I`m already married our I would. I love you too though.” in response, leaving Jessica to go red in the face and mutter about how she was having seconds thoughts.

  After that Jessica had dared Katie to kiss the person to her left, with just happened to be Jared. Katie did it with no hesitation, leaving Jared and sputtering mess and he stared at her, his face turning a scarlet red from the blush creeping over his cheeks.

  I had gone after that, Katie daring me to run up to Jen and Colin and ask them to adopt me, making me the product of true love. That ended in a highly amused Colin and Jen, mainly because Sean had overheard and started yelling about he was hurt that I was asking others to adopt him, before yelling about Jen and Colin needed to stay far away from his adoptive son.

  I had dared Y/n after that to try go and try to convince Josh and Genny that a monster was hidden in her closest so there for the only logical result was that Josh slept in her closest for the night while Genny stood guard by her bed. Josh had laughed, assuring her that if she wanted he would not only sleep in her closest but kill the monster, while Genny fell into her motherly role and started assuring her that she was perfectly safe, and that she and Josh were right across the hall should she need them. When she came back she was muttering about she felt bad now, before shaking it off and turning to Jared.

  “Truth or Dare.” She asked, chuckling as Jared paused to think for only a minute before answering.

  “Dare. Hit me with your best shot.”

  “Alright, I dare you to kiss the person to your left.” Her body shaking with laughter as Jared turned slowly to face me. Of course I would have to be on his left.

  “Hey! Leave me out of this!” I laughed, Jared laughing as she scooted closer to me.

  “Pucker up Robbie, time for a kiss.” He laughed, grabbing my face and turning my head towards him. Before I could react he placed his lips on mine, the girls laughing happily at the sight. Our kiss lasted only a second before he pulled back, turning to face Katie with a proud smile while I sat frozen in shock. I knew I was going to regret this game.

  “Truth or Dare.” He asked, groaning as Katie answered.

  “Truth, I want to be safe.”

  “Party pooper, but fine. What was your first kiss like?”

  “Awful! The guy used so much tongue I thought he was a dog. He missed mouth most of the time too. He ended up licking my cheek, nose, chin, my teeth. Then to make matters even worse he pulled back and told me I had something caught in me teeth, and that the feel of it was killing the mood.”

  “Wow he sounds like a real prince charming.” I laughed, earning a playful glare from Katie.

  “Before that, he was. He was so kind, it`s a shame he was such a horrid kisser.”

 “I still can`t believe he actually though you having food in teeth ruined the mood.” Jessica giggled, shaking her head in disgust. “He kisses you like a dog, but that ruins the mood?”

  “My thoughts exactly.” She giggled. “But enough about my horrible first kiss, Y/n it is time for you to choose. Truth or Dare?”

  “Dare.” Y/n said softly, her shoulders being pulled back in determination. Katie thought for only a moment before turned and gave me a wicked grin.

  “I dare you to flirt with Parker, and I want you to add a kiss on the cheek in there too.” She laughed, batting her eyelashes at me. As Y/n giggled, but stood up and headed towards where Parker was sitting, watching us with a raised eyebrow, anger flowed through me.

  I took a deep breath and reminded myself it was nothing but a dare, that the hand that was slowly running up Parker`s chest, the other one landing softly in the middle of his thigh, meant nothing. But still watching the girl I had fallen in love with, flirting with another man hurt. A lot. That pain only got worse when she threw her head back in a laugh, her blonde hair over her shoulder as she laughed. I lost it when she pressed her lips gently to his cheek.

  “I`m done.” I muttered, jumping up from my spot and walking away from the small group, their screams for me to stay echoing out behind me. I ignored them, and the startled cries of the older cast, telling me to stop, and marched outside.

  Instantly the rain poured down on me, soaking me from head to toe. I ignored it and marched to my dressing room, slamming the door shut behind me. I tore of my wet clothes and quickly changed into a dry pair of sweat pants and a sweater before dropping onto my couch, letting out a sigh as I did.

  I knew I had over reacted, that storming out was the wrong thing to do, but I just couldn’t be there, I couldn’t sit by and watch as she flirted with Parker, how he instantly flirted back. I hurt to watch, killed to actually. I have fallen so madly in love with her that seeing that felt like someone was ripping my heart from my chest.

  I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t notice Colin, Sean and Josh enter my trailer, each muttering about how they were now soaking wet, until they were sitting down across from me. Josh leaning forward to wrap my hand in his.

  “Want to tell us what that was about? You have Lana, Genny and Jen freaking out. They think that the others said something to hurt you.” Colin asked softly. I sighed and let my head fall back onto the back of my couch.

  “We were playing some stupid game, truth and dare, and Y/n got dared to flirt with Parker. Normally I would have never bothered but it hurt to watch. I love her, I have truly and honestly have fallen in love with her.”

  “Why don`t you just tell her then?”

  “Tell her what? That I`m so madly in love with her I can`t stand watching her be around anything else. Tell her that I want to throw away our friendship because I can’t get over being in love her?”

  “Yes. Tell her the truth, tell her how you feel. It will make things easier on the long run.” Josh said softly, giving me a small smile.

  “You might just find that she feels the same way.” A voice said from the front of my trailer, causing me to snap my head in the other direction. Y/n was standing there, her eyes locked on me. I opened my mouth to try and and say something only to get cut of by her her soft voice. “I mean if I had of known how you feel I would have easily kissed you, and tell you that I have fallen in love with you too.” She crossed the room, ignoring the few others who had sat across from me to straddle my lap. She gave me a soft smile before her lips were pressed ever so gently on my own. I sat there frozen for a second before I kissed her back, my hands gripping her hips, pulling her closer to me.

  As we kissed the three men across from me coughed, trying to our attention away from each other. I pulled away from her, letting my forehead rest against her own and smiled at her.

  “Will you be my girlfriend?”

  “Of course.” She chuckled, pressing a quick kiss to my lips again.

  Maybe truth or dare wasn`t so bad after all.

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*smashes fist on table* NOW THIS IS THE STUFF I LIKE TO SEE!!!



I always go up on stage nervous thinking “I have to do better”, but I see our supportive fans staring at me as if they’re telling me “it’s okay, you’re doing good!" I saw them supporting me and then I realized that I’m not alone, so I was very happy and touched. x