I love our planet

Celebrating #worldphotographyday with a favourite photography memory. This was an unforgettable sunrise over #Sandgate recently. I love getting up really early to capture the beauty of our amazing planet with my camera! Photography in the natural environment is my meditation. It helps me to breathe and to find peace and happiness within. And mornings like this incredible one bring nothing but pure joy! Thank you to everyone who likes my photos or takes the time to comment. I always appreciate your wonderful support and encouragement! Happy Friday to you! http://ift.tt/2bygU3I

Okay, wow. That was sudden. I didn’t even notice that I got 100 followers, holy spaghetti. So, let’s get to it, first bias list.

First off: a BIIIIIG mention to @outbraves, which is an a m a z i n g Papyrus blog that you should absolutely check out if you haven’t already. They indirectly inspired me to make this blog, along with another Papyrus blog that I’ve seen on my dash now and then. Love interacting with you, can’t wait to see future interactions with you!

Shoutout to @cletermiined for being the biggest angst writer on the planet. An absolutely angst loving meme, I may quote. Our thread has been nothing but angst with a hint of fluff but then the fluff is destroyed why. Child p l e a s e. Anyways, go check out their blog and their soulless bab, they’re awesome.

And now I get to @pxcifrisktic. Prayer hands. Bless you and your smol child, let the hugs commence 24/7, yes, I live on this fluff, positively thrive on it. I love sending you memes and I’m always happy to see when you’ve sent me some as well. Awesome Frisk, 10/10, everything can be summed up in this one picture:

Pfft, anyways.Continuing on.

@chagr1n, UF!Sans? Yes, pls, gimme, I have an AU addiction. Smol edgy skele bab, presh. I’m liking our current thread so far, Papyrus has no clue what is going on, hAH. Just don’t hurt him too much. (What am I saying destroy the innocent and clueless skele)

I know we only interacted briefly, but I’m still counting you in this @mettatoniic. Can I just say that I love your representation of MTT, We need to interact more tbh. I sense a disturbance in the Force that is probably me and you creating crack threads, pfft. Anyways, top-notch MTT, should go follow!

And don’t think I’ve forgotten you @royalnxrd. Katie. Katiekatiekatie. Whenever I look at Alphys’s texts in-game I always think of our chats on IM, I can clearly see why you picked Alphys as a muse. Absolutely precious, must cherish all the time, spectacular artist, fantastic roleplayer on both normal Alphys and UF/SF!Alphys. Follow, nownownow. You won’t regret it.

That’s all I can think off of the top of my head, but thank you all for 100 well 103 BUT STILL followers! Can’t wait to hit my next milestone!

trustmeimawitch  asked:

your threads with ofxfirexandxice <3 love em


Let me explain how I feel about this to you in gifs

In other words my threads with @ofxfirexandxice are literally my favourite things in the world honestly like, I could go on for hours on how much I love writing them more than Anything on this planet because our babies just mesh so well and I have never had such a good opportunity to write a ‘canon’ (less than 15 second kiss does that count?? I am saying yes but you know some people XD) ship and have the other writer understand and be 100% on the exact same page so much that literally there are no disagreements on anything just subtle little ‘But wait what if they did this instead’ ‘OH MY GOD THAT IS WAY BETTER’ Moments and honestly I feel so lucky to have found someone who actually wants to and gives me a chance to write Captain Canary with them like this one like my heart <3<3. I can not express how much i share your love for those threads

like I see pictures of places on here and I’m like. wow. that place actually exists somewhere on the world? like our planet is ACTUALLY that beautiful. bye I love the earth 🌎🌏🌍