I love our planet

Today is the National Day of my beautiful country.

I love to travel around the world, I love to capture the diversity of our planet, but for me there is only one home and its name is Romania.

This is your friendly early morning reminder that when Rukia Kuchiki encountered hollow Ichigo her first instinct wasn’t anything in the vicinity of fear for herself 

Rukia Kuchiki

The woman who has every reason to be irrationally terrified of weird shinigami-hollow hybrids

The woman who had to kill her idol/mentor/first love because he’d become a godawful fusion of shinigami and hollow

The woman who carried that kill around as a burden and trauma for half her life

That Rukia Kuchiki

Wasn’t scared in the slightest when she was confronted with hollow Ichigo

No, instead she was worried for him.

Her. First. Instinct. Was to be worried FOR HIM.

And if that doesn’t speak volumes about how much she trusts Ichigo and how much faith she has in his abilities I don’t know what else does she trusts him to know what he’s doing she trusts him not to lose a grip on himself she absolutely trusts that he would NEVER harm her she has so much faith in his abilities to control the hollow because that’s the kind of man he is in her heart and I just ugh that trust is so beautiful and they’re so beautiful and they just need to get married and have beautiful babies and I just– just– *cries and cartwheels into the sun* 


Okay, weather side of tumblr, are you aware of the NOAAView Data Exploration Tool because it’s too pretty for words. It lets you layer all sorts of data and the results are so gorgeous and very high res.

Here we have the true color image for 10/12/14 and the weekly rainfall below it. Excuse me while I fan myself over the ITCZ signal and the Cape Verde tropical systems and the West Pacific systems as well. Straight up meteorologist porn here. Also check out the rain signal over the central African rainforests!

♫ I love the whole world, it’s such a brilliant place! ♫

♫ boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada, BOOM DE YADA ♫

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This little earth, contained in the complexity of the universe, is a miracle. We live in the eye of glory, a storm of the miraculous, so much magic and awe to behold. I love our planet.

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i know we earthlings have been keeping an eye on the andromeda galaxy which is on a collision course towards ours but is there anyone out there in the andromeda galaxy looking at our galaxy with the same wariness is what i wanna know

Thought I’d storyboard some actual dialogue from the show. 

This is my favorite scene for uh, personal reasons. 


I love how simple circles of different colors (and a ring) are recognizable as the planets of our Solar System, and I love it even more when they’re sparkly! You can wear the planets with this embroidered headband by @janinebasil on @etsy! The shop also has a few starry headbands, including white-blue gradient and glow in the dark!


Dr. Jillian Bellovary


Happy 😀 Earth 🌎🌍🌏Day! I love 😍💜 saving 🌱🌼🌺our planet✔️♻️📈, but I 🙋🏼 love ❤️💚💙 YOU 👊🏼👀 more! Thanks 💋👏🏼 for being 😫😍 my 💁🏼 EARTH 🌏 HOE 😏💦🔥 through 😂👉🏽 thick⬛️and thin▪️. Send this on to 5⃣ of your closest 💯EARTH 🌏 HOES 😏💦🔥 for good 👍🏼✨LUCK 🎲

Celebrating #worldphotographyday with a favourite photography memory. This was an unforgettable sunrise over #Sandgate recently. I love getting up really early to capture the beauty of our amazing planet with my camera! Photography in the natural environment is my meditation. It helps me to breathe and to find peace and happiness within. And mornings like this incredible one bring nothing but pure joy! Thank you to everyone who likes my photos or takes the time to comment. I always appreciate your wonderful support and encouragement! Happy Friday to you! http://ift.tt/2bygU3I

in the real spirit of the holidays i would like to donate a portion of sales from my shop this weekend to a charitable organization, group, or cause- perhaps the sioux tribe, planned parenthood, or an environmental organization. gratitude is important but we can’t forget about those who fight every single day, for their lives, their rights, the rights of others, and the health of our planet. i would love to hear your suggestions so please send them my way ♡

I am really interested in scienes but I find it difficult.
I like philosophy but I really cannot find any answer for my millions of questions in it.
I like school. I like learning things there but every morning I find it hard to go to.
I like art but my paintings are horrible.
I want to go to a museum because I really want to see something in my life. But when I am there, I find it boring.
I love going lost in music. But when I have time to practice the piano there are million things I would rather do.
I love summer but when it comes to 30 degrees, I just wish we would have winter.
I want to do things. I want to go outside but every day I am so tired, I cannot.
I love writing but I really have not the perseverance to finish writing a book.
I love travelling. I want to meet new people and places but I soon start missing my country. When someone asks me about my home, I cannot answer. It seems like am just always wandering and lost.
I am in love with the nature, with animals, and people. Every day I remain myself in what a miracle I live. I love our planet, I love the earth.
Sometimes I just smile for hours because the thought of our universe comes to my mind. That there are billions of stars out there. And I am a part of it. A part of the universe, a part of the miracle people never will unsterstand.
Sometimes I cry because it also means that I am just so small
I love everything but nothing holds me. I am millions of objections, I am difficult. But nothing in this world is easy. I am life. I am wonderful.