I love my boyfriend

Things my boyfriend does while playing Final Fantasy XV

• He takes time to find and say good morning to Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio.

• No matter what Prompto asks for, it’s always a YES.

• Before he says good morning to Prompto, he sneaks up and takes a pretty picture of the chocobro.

• He uses the chocobos alot more than the Regalia.

• No matter what, he won’t let anyone die in battles. (Mostly Prompto)

• When one of the characters complain about the temperature of the area, my boyfriend changes all of the others clothes as well.

• whenever Noct is in his king outfit, the others have to match him.

• when one of the boys get incredibly injured, he will choose their favorite food at camp to make that character feel better.

• after a very long and intense mission or hunt, he will take them out to eat as a reward. (Or as a sorry for getting them hurt)

• he panics when Prompto gets harmed.

• he laughs when the boys say something funny to one another in battle.

• when it comes to fishing, He hands me the controller cause he doesn’t have the patience for it.

•Gladio: “I’ve got a date with a cup of noodles!”
BF: -has Ignis make the cup of noodles to not let him down.-

Dear trans men... (ftm)

You are every bit as masculine as you want to be. You aren’t too small and your voice does not define how much of a man you are. Just becasuse you haven’t had surgery or started T does not mean you aren’t making progress.Just because you get your period doesn't mean you are not a man, many men get their periods. Just because your face isn’t typically “masculine” doesn’t mean you look like a female. You are very handsome, and you are making progress, because every time you wake up,you are getting closer to the day you are exactly how you were meant to be,

I’m very proud of the trans men in my life, and if you don’t have anyone to be proud of you in your life, I hope you find someone very soon.xx