I love my Percy

I was tagged by my lovelies @percy-the-sorcerer and @bananannabeth thank you both sm!! sorry im a little late haha 

The rule is to do this and tag 9 people I want to know better.

1. How old are you? 15

2. What’s your current job? i’m a suffermore in high school :))) 

3. What are you talented at? look, do you know how emotionally attached i get to fictional characters??? maybe writing, sometimes art. on a good day

4. What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?Getting my novel published!! (me too ashlee)

5. What’s your aesthetic? extra

6. Do you collect anything? art supplies, sea shells, food, money, books, stationery, art prints when i can afford them!

7. What’s a topic you always talk about? usually fandom stuff! (my friend and i have a running joke that everything leads back to percy jackson and we haven’t been wrong yet) 

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours? when people, like… drum casually? im such a hypocrite bc i do this all the time with my fingers or i’ll reach over and drum meaningless rhythms on my friends, but my lab partner drums with his pencil (he’s in the drum line) and it’s just really loud and annoying especially in the middle of class when im trying to focus and it drives me up. the wall. 

9. Good advice to give? have a little faith! i think sometimes we build things up to be big and scary and we get into this mindset that the world is out to get us, but i think there’s also a lot of good people, people who care!! it’s hard to think positive but i find that makes the world seem a lot brighter. look around. enjoy the little things in life. smile and say hello. when you need to, take a deep breath and count to ten. it might take a sec or a while or a long long time but it’s gonna be okay!!!

10. What are three songs you’d recommend? my music taste is all over the place, but dodie’s new ep dodie clark dodie the light of my life you can find her youtube channel here, melanie martinez’s carousel, and rusty clanton’s taking back my heart! and dodie! clark! dodie clark,

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Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:

Fictional characters do exist, not in our world of course, we’d be screwed if that ever happened. But in the world of our minds, they are the main population there. They bring colour and life to it, they are the little voices in your head telling you not to do something because it’ll end up bad.
People who don’t read and scoff at people who like reading, they will never have that. Their minds will be grey and boring, they’ll never know the pleasure and pain that it is to love someone so much, even though you can’t physically touch them.
So if anyone ever laughs at you for reading and being imaginative, pity them. Because they will grow old and boring, their lives will be sad and plain while yours will be full of the adventures you shared with the fictional characters in the books you love.
—  My Literature teacher, when she saw that someone was making fun of me because I like reading.

“In an awkward moment, the two boys tried to sit in the same chair at the head of the table. Sparks literally flew from Jason’s hands. After a brief silent standoff, like they were both thinking, Seriously, dude?, they ceded the chair to Annabeth and sat at opposite sides of the table.”

omfg i love these idiots so much

  • y'all: jason is literally percy's best friend
  • me: ok but like...did you guys forget about grover
  • y'all: who in the hell is that

So you know how the curse of Achilles makes you really sleepy and even Chiron tells Percy that when Achilles wasn’t fighting he was sleeping? Like that must mean lots of sleeping percy after tlo so consider this:

  • annabeth leaning against a tree, drawing blueprints and percy falling asleep on her shoulder accidentally and her staying there till he wakes up
  • percy going to the beach laying down for one sec and falling asleep with the sounds of the wave (and waking up w/ an awkward tan) 
  • sally finding percy asleep on the couch even though it’s early and throwing a blanket over him 
  • annabeth coming over to study and percy just laying his head on her lap and falling asleep for the entirety of it 
  • percy constantly denying he’s sleepy in between a yawn
  • percy taking a seat after sword fighting to cool off only to be found sleeping with his head bent and drool coming out of his mouth 
  • annabeth studying the soft lines of his face when he falls asleep on him b/c he looks so peaceful and adorable
  • percy literally falling asleep during every movie night w/ annabeth ever 
  • bedhead hair forever
  • paul giving percy a pass to sleep in his class b/c he knows why 
  • percy falling asleep in the strawberry fields only to realize someone’s drawn something on his face 
  • puffy sleep filled eyes
  • waking up confused and like oh shit sorry annabeth 
  • adamantly claiming to everyone he’s not sleepy at all only to have his eyes half closed and in a perpetual state of dozing
  • sleepy percy