I love my Percy

it’s my favorite character of all time’s birthday I love you percy jackson my blue boy💙💙💙I hope nothing bad happens today and you can just eat cake and celebrate with your family and also happy anniversary to percabeth💙💙💙

I drew more Percy Jackson because this was my first tumblr fandom and I’m crying because I love him so much.

Happy Birthday Seaweed brain <3
I hope you get all the blue food and all the cuddles with your beautiful blonde badass of a girlfriend.

18th August. Happy birthday Percy.
He’s 24 today. I’m sure Annabeth and the rest of the camp would’ve woken him up by smothering cake onto his face and loudly singing happy birthday the very minute sunrays hit the camp.
Poseidon hugs him and gives him some supremely cool gifts. Sally bakes him cookies and so much other shit omfg. He might spend the day quietly, thinking bout how 12 years ago he should’ve probably died but here he is surrounded by everyone he loves. Even Zues does not dare let it rain. It is Perseus Jackson, Son of Poseidon’s, Hero of Olympus’s birthday after all.

I’m so thankful for this man and this author I can’t even. Thank you for helping me and changing me and I love you so much Percy Jackson you will always have my heart. Even if you may not exist, I hope you get a blue cake.

Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:

Rick Riordan is such an underrated author

He is literally an author that give Tumblr diversity in popular books and yet it go mostly ignored. He has featured:

-Interracial couples

-Bisexual characters

-Gay characters

-Gay POC

-Pansexual characters

-Gender fluid characters

-Characters with disabilities (mental and physical)

-Asexual characters

-Children from abusive homes

-Characters with PTSD

-Characters with depression

-Representation of different cultures and religions

-Homeless teens

-Talks about racism 

-Talks about the horrible nature of parents kicking out their non-hetero-normative children

-Talks about abusive parents in general

-Talks about the importance of religion to someone’s beliefs

-Talks about how family is important

-Talks about how you are not your family

-Talks about how you can make your own family from the friends that support you

That is probably not every single one but thost are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Rick Riordan makes these concepts important in his books and honestly makes the more complicated ones easy to understand. I know some may consider his books a bit more childish but it’s important to show young readers the different types of people in the world. It’s important to show them that heroes can come in every type of person. 

So stop sleeping on him

i know that ambrosia is godly food in like cubes and squares but i always instinctively draw the comparison to ambrosia salad so i just imagine demigods shoving ambrosia salad in their faces when theyre injured like