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It’s been a long season through
All this rotting fruit with you

My modern MidLink designs!! I love them so much <3

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Your monster AU gives me life (pun because half of them are dead), but I'm especially in love with vampire Boi Conan/Shinchi and his baby bat form. It's so hosh dark hecking cute I could die. Question: does the baby bat form cling to Ran? Because I know bat pups cling to their mothers stomachs when not flying. Would he hang out on her hat? (I love all your art I need you to know that too thanks)

Thank you! A big part of it is ideas exchanged around with my friends, so it’s really fun to worldbuild around something so silly we all liked a lot!

To answer your question - Yes! Yes he would. I doodled him hanging from her hat before as multiple bats, here it is all by itself

But he’d likely cling to her cloak also (especially inside when it’s super sunny!). We were talking over singular and multiple bats, and came to the conclusion that he can do both of these, but almost never does singular, so he doesn’t have much practice on it and struggles.

Also, the inside the coat thing lets these two dorks do this

Thank you so much for your compliments! <3 it means a lot

Kuki ( @aonomiki ), Presume ( @presumenothing ), Jube ( @mad-freakin-genius ) and Patsu ( @theforbodingboglands ) have all been part of this as well and contributed, so I can’t take credit for all the ideas myself B)

Also, if i forgot anyone else atm bc I’m a dumb, slap me

We’re Fucked

University AU

Pairing: Warren Worhtington III x Reader

Warnings: Language. Heavily implied sexual activity, but no smut. Light angst?

Word Count: 654

Summary: You wake up next to a boy with blonde curls. There are probably feelings involved.

A/N: I needed some Warren love~ Inspired by the scene in the gif below from the movie Sleeping with Other People.

Originally posted by blaircornelia

You blink through your blurry morning vision as you push yourself up to a half-seated position, leaning back on your elbows. You look around to find yourself in your bed like you do every morning. However, your eyes soon land on the form laying next to you, his soft breaths being the only noise in this calm morning. Well that’s unusual. Observing this angelic figure, all the events from the previous night start to come back; his perfectly toned back and shoulders are littered with your scratch marks, the blonde curls you ran your fingers through are splayed all over the pillow, and his strong arms are still loosely wrapped around your abdomen.

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Many believe that the Outsider favors important people; people with potential, people whose lifes influence hundreds. That's not true. He marks based on interest. He is old, so old, and has seen so much. And he sees what the future can hold. It's predictable. All those drops of human life form an ocean and they are insignificant. He could mark a thousand people and always see the same choices, the struggle for power and the greed. But sometimes, maybe once a decade, there is one person. (1/?)

Daud is one of them. Son of a wise woman and a captain, born in a thunderstorm among crashing waves. His conception was unlikely, his birth and survival even more so. He should have died a hundred times before he was 20, trampled by a mob chasing his mother, injured by kids twice his size he cant help but taking on… but he lives. Stolen by the abbey, beaten and abducted and where others die, he survives. The Outsider marks him when he should have died, killed by thugs in an alley way. (2/?)

The Outsider tells himself that it wasn’t a reward. That he wants to see what Daud does because he’s unpredictable. The truth is that Daud is a pearl in seemingly infinite grains of sand. A speck of color in a storm-tossed sea. The one person who when faced with two choices finally FINALLY does something else. When the Outsider speaks at a shrine, he is used to all the reactions. Fear, humility, worship, gratitude resentment… only for Daud to try to stab him. Who else would attack a god? (3/?)

Not for righteous religious reason. Not for revenge. Not out of fear. But because it’s Daud. Because Daud is different and interesting and because he genuinely thinks he can take on someone not twice his size but a million times his strength. Because he thinks he can win. Because that’s what he does. His unshattering belief in himself, his utter refusal to lose-those make him interesting. That’s how he survives. That’s why the Outsider likes him. He’s surprising. The Outsider will watch. (4/?)

He will be entertained. Daud continues to use his power. To find charms and runes. He doesn’t even hesitate to pluck one from a shrine. The Outsider likes that. He likes him. Others would be fearful. Shy. Devoted. Daud rakes it in stride, grins. Doesn’t even question why or why him. He never begs, pleads or kneels. Treats it as if they were equals. And that is the most interesting thing of all. (5/5)

anon this is amaze and im love you dearly

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So I don't know if you do requests or not, but if you do, could you please write a part two for "and how does that make you feel?" Where Will wants to propose to Nico, but wants Hades approval so he goes to the Mannor all casually and some gaurd answers the door and he goes yeah. I just want to ask Hades a question real quick, you think he got a second? (Love your writing by the way, read through the whole solangelo fics and the fireworks series last night 🖤💕🖤)

Okay so I don’t usually do this so please don’t all try flooding my inbox with continuation requests. But just as I was about to sorry but no! The cutest and most brilliant mental image came into my head of wide-eyed innocence Will Solace staring down bodyguard #12 and #13 pretending like he didn’t just sneak back several forms of high-tech security (bc Will has definitely got a past) just bc he’s a traditional sort of guy and Hades won’t respond to his texts for a meet-up.


“For the last time, how did you get in here.”

Will Solace stared up wide-eyed at the big, burly man, his chin trembling with forced effort. “I - I don’t know what you’re talking about! I just walked in!”

“Oh? Past thirteen different forms of the best security systems in the world? You just walked in?”

Twelve Will mentally corrected him, if you don’t count the online system he disabled from home.

Will only shrugged, keeping his expression open. “Maybe you guy’s should invest in better systems.” He added helpfully. “I hear Walmart has some pretty good ones!”

“That’s it.” The bodyguard spat, his hand clenching and unclenching. From his shifting, angry energy, Will could only guess he had been given specific orders not to resort to violence. That was always nice. He turned to bark at the other guard. “Go get the boss, he’ll decide what he wants to do with you.”

Will perked up a bit, shifting in his handcuffs. They were kind of cheap, gave out after just a bit of tugging and adjusting, which was a tad big disappointing. Where was the challenge in that?

Will only had to wait a few moments. The second wall to the side clearly had a two-way mirror built in under the grime, and the older man had probably been observing the entire time.

Hades, the supreme overlord of evil in the modern world, glowered down at him. This was the part where Will was suppose to beg for mercy, he guessed. He probably would have, had Will had been hearing soft, slightly embarrassing stories from Nico for the past few years, involving pet shelters and poor orphanages. Will remembered how, just last night, Nico had turned his phone to him, laughing and showing him some photo Hazel had sent him. Hades cuddling a much too large, from all drooping fat and not muscle at all, that Hades had recently rescued. It’s name was fluffy, named by Hades himself.

That tended to make a man less intimidating. 

There was a crack in the tension, like Will had forgotten to say his line. He guessed he had, from his happy silence as he took in his hopefully-soon-father-in-law. Hades adjusted the lighting in the room, coming a bit closer. His expression was blank but his shoulders tense. “I know you. Who are you?” He said after a long moment, his voice deep.

“Will Solace, sir!” Will’s grin was much, much too sunny for such a dingy room. “And I’m here to talk to you about your son, Nico di Angelo.”

“Nico?” His blank expression was gone in a flash, something more angry in its place. “What about him?”

Will uncurled his hands then, making the guards flinch back and train their weapons on him. Hades didn’t react, probably knowing his guards would have Will down before he could do anything bad, but he did flash a note of surprise.

Will carefully, slowly, slide the small slip of shiny paper out of his front shirt pocket. The guards hadn’t bothered checking that one, for some odd reason.

It was the only small photo he had of them, printed. He couldn’t risk bringing along his phone, with Nico being the double, triple, constant texter he was.

He held out the photo, not really expecting Hades to take it. After a second, one of the scowling bodyguards stomped up and took it from him.

He frowned down at it, not really comprehending. It was a simple photo - one of those polaroids Hazel loved taking. It was just them, on a lazy day sharing a couch. They were grinning at each other - Nico had just made a cheesy joke - and neither of them were paying Hazel and Frank - on the other couch - any attention. Their feets and blankets were tangled together, and Nico was leaning into Will’s chest with a familiar air. It was a cute photo.

The guard handed it over to Hades after a moment, clearly deeming the photo safe or whatever, and Hades observed the photo for a long minute. His expression didn’t change.

“Will.” He muttered, staring down at the paper. His heavy gaze slid back up to Will’s awaiting one. “You’re the civilian he kidnapped, all those years ago.”

Will sighed. “I thought we agreed we weren’t going to tell everyone that story.” He muttered.

Hades cocked his head. “He seems very proud of it. You were his first, you know.”

There was a long, long moment of silence. One of the guards coughed awkwardly.

Hades cleared his throat. “Kidnapping, I mean. You were his first kidnapping victim.”

Will swallowed, “I know, he uh, told me. When he did it.”

Hades was nodding. “Good, good.” He glanced back to the guards behind him, both of them aware of their audience. Hades didn’t dismiss them, instead going back to business. “Now, what are you doing in my home in the middle of the day?”

Will took a quick breather second. 

He was so glad the guards had left his shoes alone. He could feel the ring adjusting into the leather every time he shifted his weight.

If he and Hades left this interaction acquaintances, he’d have to suggest better security. It was a bit sad, honestly.

“I”m here to talk about your son.” He repeated his words from earlier. “And I’d like your blessing.”


*queue and that’s it folks! gif*

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Do you think the boys would love a girl with stretch marks all over her body?

Yes of course they would! In all honesty, Ive never met anyone who’s cared about stretch marks, and if someone ever does, who gives a shit! It’s not their body to judge! And it’s freaking natural I mean nearly everyone has some form of them! It just makes you more unique, and more to love! But in all honesty I don’t think they would even think twice about them💕

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Do Pacific Islander peoples practice voodoo/santeria/brujeria like Africans and Latinos do? What is your peoples form of spirituality and magic? I'd love to know. :)


Hmm, to be honest I don’t know a lot about traditional religions in the Pacific.. Missionaries really messed up a lot of our religions/beliefs. I know in Samoa we have traditional healers (which revolves around massage and herbal medicines) but a lot of the healing practices were banned by missionaries because they thought of it as black magic and un-christian. 

We also have the concept of Mana across the Pacific. It’s one thing in the Pacific, besides the ocean, that connects us all. Mana simply put is that every object it’s own power. Unfortunately the concept of Mana has been hijacked, by a lot of fantasy communities. My brothers literally learnt about the concept of mana from Diablo lol. A lot of the PI mythologies are very similar and interconnected.. For example Maui pops up in a lot of the islands mythologies. But they aren’t really actively practiced or worshiped if you know what I mean… 

I know in some islands there are beliefs of sorcery/witchcraft (see here a trial in PNG regarding murders connected to sorcery) but I couldn’t tell you a lot about how those beliefs are practiced or the meanings behind them… Sorry!

Feel free to add more info! I’m curious about this as well… 

thank you @dimsumdamsel for these strong words. I really want this to be read by my followers. There is one thing I want to really point out.

“I’ve seen so many people saying he’s begging for attention”

yes. HE IS, everyone with depression is begging for attention. we all need to be reassured the things will be fine. we need to be reminded of how much we are worth, how much we are loved and supported. we need reminders that there is help, that people do care for us and want the best for us. for anyone who says that idols\anyone is doing things for attention when they have depression, I say, yes they do so pay attention!!!! open your eyes that people need help!

there are so many forms of depression, and maybe not all want “attention” but don’t we feel comforted when someone actually listens? don’t our minds clear up — even for a second — when we are reminded how worthy we really are? when we are in a rut and can go to someone to vent on, don’t we feel better? (as much as most of us hate to admit) but it’s true. showing attention and support to people really reminds them of their values and how much care and love they have around them.

it is true that we don’t know the “idol” life, and we don’t know these people. but I say to you, my beautiful followers, I don’t know you either yet I care and love for each one of you. I’m here to listen to you and remind you of how much of a difference you are making in life. just because we don’t know each other, doesn’t mean we can’t love one another.

it breaks my heart to see anyone have to go through what I go through everyday with depression\anxiety\ptsd. I would never wish upon it on anyone, and to know that so many people suffer from it and are afraid to be heard…it really breaks me into pieces.

so please, please….support each other, love one another and share it with everyone. remind people how beautiful they really are, remind people that you are there to support them.

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Mentioning this bc I saw your tags on the anti Sora & Roxas art. There was a fic I read that has the destiny trio and wayfinder trio all training or fighting and he took that form and Aqua and Terra about lost their shit ready to fight him while Kairi and Riku protected him. Unfortunately I have no idea the name or who wrote it but it was such an interesting look into that form

WHAT that sounds gooood! I don’t read fics a lot, but man I still really appreciate how people take their time writing and exploring SUCH intriguing ideas that creators don’t think much about. I would love to see something like that in the games real talk!

About the bookmarks

Hey everyone!

THE BOOKMARKS ARE HERE AND THEY’RE LOVELY 💜 The only thing is that the images were a little smaller than the actual cardboard they were printed on, so there’s a little extra white on the shorter sides (aside form the original white border all around the images). 

To those who purchased physical copies, my questions are: would you want me to trim this extra white off? Or do you not mind it and would be okay with it? Original size is 2x6in (5x15cm). Trimmed size would be 2x5 3/8in (5x13.7cm).

Please reply to this post with your answer! I’ll see how many people are interested and will make a decision based on that. Thank you!

PS: I’m really sorry I can’t show images so that you can have a visual reference, but I want to keep the designs a surprise as much as possible!

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Hello Simon, I have been studying linguistics for several years now, and something has me real curious. I would like to know if you have your own language. If so, how did you learn human languages? How many languages have you learned and acquired over the years? I look forward to reading about this as I love this topic, and I hope you are doing well.

My species doesn’t have speech. That is to say we have the faculty of it, just not the understanding of it. Learning to speak human languages took some time, and I seldom got the practice, as I almost never opened my mouth for fear of showing off my teeth. Listing all the languages that I know is a complicated process. I have done something like it on my website in a journal entry called “monstrous FAQ: history”. But again I learned those languages in the spoken form only. I didn’t learn to read until the reign of Elizabeth I, and the language I learned was English. Obviously, I have learned some of the others in written form since then, but always through the lens of the English alphabet.

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Migraines are the worst! I suffer from them too and hey just suck the life from you. Would you choose Maedhros pre or post Thangorodrim? Feel better!

Oh, this is an interesting one! My first instinct was to say pre- Thangorodrim simply because Maedhros who hasn’t suffered is a good thing.


Part of the reason I love Maedhros like I do is because he suffered so much and yet didn’t let it break his spirit. Instead he learned “to wield his sword with left hand more deadly than his right had been” and fights back fiercely against Morgoth’s forces, eventually forming the Union of Maedhros. That all his efforts failed in the end is heartbreaking to me! 

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Hmu with those toshinori nsfw headcanons~~ thank you so much!! Love ur blog!

You said Toshinori, so I’m only going to do his real form, not All Might. If you’d like that one too, please submit another request (I’m always a hoe for Toshinori/All Might).

  • Prefers a longer, intimate session with his s/o than something quick and hard; basically, he prefers making love to fucking.
  • Because of his wound, he often has a hard time getting it up and is deeply ashamed of this. He’ll likely not initiate sexual contact in his relationship until his s/o does, and even then he tries to keep it brief and focused on them. He doesn’t want them to know how much of a failure his own body is.
  • Due to his body’s shortcomings, he’s had to learn to be creative in the bedroom. He gets incredibly good with his tongue and especially his fingers. They might not be as thick as when he’s in his All Might form, but they’re still super long and have no problems pleasuring his s/o.
  • Also employs toys in the bedroom. Since his dick’s out of commission fairly often because of his extensive health problems, he doesn’t mind using toys to help. His favorite is the “clone a dick” kit that his s/o picked up. He thinks it’s super hot to see them fucking themselves on his All Might dick.

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6, 22, 30

are you religious/spiritual?

not necessarily, i’m more agnostic. i mean i kinda feel like there’s some sort of higher beings out there but idk????? i don’t wanna follow a specific religion tho

list the top five things you spend the most time doing, in order.

  1. loving my girlfriend i do this all day every day duh
  2. dissociating - i also do this constantly but it’s usually at a tolerable level so
  3. sitting at my desk, on the computer - i spend a pretty equal amount of time just hanging out online, drawing, and working on music-related stuff so
  4. interacting with my cats in some way shape or form
  5. laying down and spacing out

pick one of your favorite quotes.

“if you feel lonely, watch a horror movie with the lights out. you won’t feel so alone anymore” or however that one was worded

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@DailySickVictini Tony: Another victini eh! How you feel about your own kind, I've met a few other victini but it's been a while since I've seen one like you!

Victini really loves hanging out with other victini(s???)! They get really happy whenever someone comes to visit, so… yeah! lol^^

Not only victini(s? I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PLURAL FORM IS?), but Victini loves playing with all Pokemon, except when they’re kinda mean;;

It would be fun to play sometime! @dailysickvictini

( sorry for the messy sketch ahh)

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i legitimately just finished reading your heathers aus. you've ruined my life in the best possible way, and i thank you form the bottom of my heart. also just heathers in general, yes please. if you have more, i would not object at all ;)

I actually have a heathers prompt sittin in my inbox waiting for me to get to it!

          hey.  hey YOU.  do you like elves ?  what about ARCHERS ?  what about 60 year old bisexual women who could kick your ass ?  here at @bloodproved, we offer all of these things in the form of yseult, an oc from dragon age: the stolen throne !  she’s smol, she’s swole, she hates orlais & she loves dogs !  give this a like or a reblog if you’d like to rp with this kickass grandma, and i’ll check you out !

I can honestly say that I have never seen a functioning, healthy relationship in my life. I am surrounded by secrets and lies but despite all that, I know what love should consist of. I know that love isn’t all give and take. I know that love is sacrificial, but not self sacrificial. And I know that love is selfless. In the most purest of forms. So despite the lack of healthy relationships in my life, I must say, I am damn good at being in one


time to dance // panic! at the disco