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Sasha what is going on with Gigi? She posted the Elle cover magazine saying "a cover" on her Snapchat. Was she like suppose to promo for the new covers but forgot and messed up lol?

For reference:

Stupid ass, calculated, shit stirring by the outgoing team. I guarantee you this is what it’s about. Gigi is being used to sell the Zarry “feud”. So what she’s saying is that Zayn’s traditional high fashion pretty boy photoshoot > Harry’s quirky vintage style photoshoot. Fuck that. I love them both. 

Hopefully, in one of these upcoming interviews there will be some kinda statement that refutes this shadiness. But I won’t hold my breath. In fact, if we get 2 sucker punches in the form of Zayn and Harry’s interviews, I sadly won’t be surprised. It ain’t over yet. They’re not free yet. 

Keep in mind, the outgoing team has established a pattern of giving you something to celebrate, then shitting all over it. My tiny glimmer of hope is that Harry will be able to swerve in the way he’s swerved on a lot of foolery lately. Zayn hasn’t been so lucky. We’ll see tho…

modern monster crew au. tiny swole werewolf jeremy whose wolf form has a fluff of colorful fur. vampire geoff who mixes blood and booze in ridiculous cocktails. faerie gavin who is more in the crime scene for the lulz and the shiny things he can collect than any other reason and loves leaving weird faerie circles all over the city for random people to stumble into. shapeshifting dragon ryan who hoards weapons and books, breathes smoke when he’s flustered, likes it when he gets scratches between his wings because he can’t reach very well himself. forest nymph jack who wears floral patterns as a silly reference and has a tiny houseplant version of their huge old tree hidden somewhere. witch michael who harnesses fire in his very soul and can manipulate the minds of mortal men to his will. phoenix lindsay who keeps a humanoid form through a magic charm but burns forever, a dangerous duo with michael. 

Honestly if I were Hiro Mashima I’d make it look like all the main ships were gonna be together and then be like, right, Natsu and Gray kill each other in 504, Lucy and Juvia form a lesbian relationship, Gajeel becomes the male version of a cat lady, Levy realises that she doesn’t need men when she has books, Jellal is actually engaged, Erza marries Ichiya, Max accidentally breaks his broom, Romeo and Wendy stay as best friends, Jet and Droy fall in love with each other, Mira spends her entire life looking after her siblings, etc. And just sit there like WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT!

To be honest I wouldn’t put it past him anyway.


Be Better, Be Stronger, and the Harmful Mantras We Give Ourselves

Hey y’all! It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Check, please! reader. Now, now. I know what you’re thinking. “Sydney, that update was delightful. They’re on the road to reconciliation! So much love! Beautiful boyfriends!” and yes, you’re not wrong. BUT wouldn’t it be so much more interesting if we talk about Bitty and Jack’s hurtful inner voices? The answer is yes.

Ngozi, Queen of the parallels bequeathed another unto us in this update [at least in my opinion]. 

Jack’s mantra is one we’ve already seen in the form of the infamous “BE BETTER” poster in his dorm room. We know this about Jack, that he pushes himself to be the very best he can be. That this enduring drive to “be better” is arguably what drove him to an overdose. 

Bitty’s mantra isn’t hanging up on his walls though, just in his heart. I understand that Bitty is an athlete, and with that comes a certain degree of physical fitness, but he’s small. His asset on the ice isn’t his strength, it’s his speed. We know he was bullied during school, most likely physically as well. He doesn’t fit the traditional, masculine definition of “strength”. 

What’s interesting about this to me is that there’s sort of an irony to it? The gaping faults Bitty and Jack seem to see in themselves are kind of…not there. Jack [fondly known as Jack 11O% Zimmermann] throws himself into things. He’s passionate [U.U] and dedicated. He’s not exactly who you would think of as someone lacking motivation, who needed encouragement for self improvement.

Same goes for Bitty. He endured a lot of harassment and pressure growing up in Georgia. Jack tried to bully him off the team but he stuck steadfast. He’s constantly sacrificing himself for others. Bitty is strong, even if it takes a different form. 

Mainly I just wanted to talk out my thoughts. It has been and will continue to be interesting to see how Jack and Bitty’s internal voices affect their relationships with others.

Update on stuff and things

Here’s a little lineup for fun. I went through a lot of drawings of the left two, they’ve been through the biggest changes and have the most iterations. Only a few  digital entries for each of the two on the right, at least in their current form. Most of their exploration is in sketchbooks, and none of it is worth showing.

Lilith (4) needs some love the most out of all of them, that’s for sure. She at least needs a solid body concept to the degree of Petra. Maybe when the book and other stuff is done I can take a solid jab at her armor. Did a quick sketcharoony just for the line up to see how she measures up. Not cuddle material, but that’s not her fault.

Legaia (2) is over 7 feet (213cm) tall. Haven’t decided if that is normal for her species, of if it’s something unusual about her specifically. Could go either way.

Pretty happy with Puckette’s (1) current iteration. Maybe she needs a knife as a secondary weapon or tool? Can’t imagine her being effective with it in combat unless someone’s on the ground.

Petra (3): still adorable.

Art book is in final stages before print, will have a few print reviews and then there will be 200 of them for CTN, and depending on how many I sell, 200 more to come around December.

Also decided not to go with the vogue-style magazine cover for the first page. novel idea, but distracting.

Charms from everyday items

There’s a lot of talk in the magic community here about what is magical and what’s not and whatever but if you want anything can be magical, it’s just that objects from nature tend to have their own energy where as objects that either have been handmade by someone has a little of their energy or if it was processed by a machine it has no energy at all. 

 Anyway I love making charms from somewhat everyday yet odd or rare items. It takes me a while to find the right charm, and more than often these objects find their way into my possession without me looking but when I do find the right object I form a relationship with it. You must decide on its intent then put that spell onto it. Every time it works I bless it again with gratitude and over time it fortifies. It kind of feels like animation. Like over time you’ve breathed life into an object and now it’s its own smaller being, like a sprite. Over time in the relationship, it gets more influential. 

  1.  Everyday Items
     One example of an ordinary item I like to charm would be my $2 dollar bill I earned as a bar tending tip. $2 is not spectacular item but the bill is very rare to the point by some it’s seen as an oddity and what’s more it was one of the first tips I got so I took it as a sign. I blessed it and first made it into a luck charm and vowed to never spend it. Then over time I put a spell on it to attract cash to my wallet. For a bit it sort of backfired cause I realized I would have more cash in my wallet but that’s cause I had to pull out money from my account cause a place I was going to was cash only so I wasn’t earning anything. But then eventually it would work in terms of earning then I thought of charging it with another intent which was: it should double the cash I would attract and earn because it’s the number 2. For a while it’s been working well and once or twice a week I would have an overwhelming surplus of cash that gives me anxiety cause it’s easy to lose it on the city streets if someone wants to rob you but, anywayy, I’ve been making deposits quickly in the bank but keeping a $20 behind to continue the ‘doubling’. Every time this works I bless the object with my gratitude and in that state of being grateful it’s easier to fortify the spell or magic of the object to keep its power (because for me a lot of spell work is visualization and visualization of what you want to come to pass as if it’s currently happening. Well when a spell does work and happen and you’re experiencing it, you are already experiencing the sensations instead of trying to visualize that reality so it makes it easier- if that makes sense).
    I do love collecting strange yet ordinary items like decorated metal pins or brooches for protection or glamour , realistic false teeth or glass eyes (an oddity store in Alphabet city sells stuff like this for cheap), vintage christmas tree tin ornaments, dice made from bones (ox bones, please. I am not a grave digger), old vintage keys with decorated handles, old playing cards- especially ones that are pictorial like of happy women or cats. Oddities shops sell strange playing cards in singles like that too with random pictures instead of suits on them. Definitely a big one for me are little vanity mirrors hidden in lockets or that are in a case with a hair brush attached to them or if they are tiny and jeweled. Often most people won’t notice these items though some could be considered oddities, but they are my favorite to charm.

  2.  Handmade items
     Handmade items and handmade gifts are often made with people’s desires to see you happy. If it’s something artisanal online, the artisan is creating something that is a small piece of themselves to breath life into for someone else to enjoy. There is more energy in handmade items then a processed item. I personally feel like if something was made for you or the artisan had you in their mind as they were creating it, the object is more open towards your energy and it takes a faster amount of time to create a bond with. Also, I love when kids make you something out of their own free will and genuine desire to see you happy. I personally feel like kids are naturally magical cause their energy and emotions are so raw and unrepressed so when they make you something to make you happy it’s real and it holds a loving energy. I feel like that’s why so many adults hang ugly rudimentary art work that kids from the school they teach at or kids they’re close to or their own children make for them around their home because it makes them feel loved. Anyway one summer I was teaching kids how to make RPG computer games at a tech camp and one girl made me a custom hand drawn clefairy Pokemon card that looks realistic but cute with holographic glitter that she even made her parents laminate for me. Clefairy is one of my favorites and it’s not ugly art either she spent so much time on it and even made an envelope to go in it. Anyway I use it as a luck charm and keep it at the bottom of my chest I keep loose crystals in, but in a way it holds its own magic cause when I feel stressed and upset, looking at it lifts my spirit a little. 

  3.  Mementos 
     There’s a number of reasons why a trinket from a loved one who passed away has power but it makes a great charm for protection or keeping a connection with their spirit. It’s good to keep rings, pins, something you can wear from them if you want to keep them close to you. I just inherited a locket (with a stopped clock inside which I find the coincidence interesting) from my grandmother that passed away on the 11th and her gold ring and a chain. Its interesting cause you wouldn’t think jewelry could hold the smell of a person but her decorated locket smells like her. This year I am trying to be more warm and charming and my grandmother was very much like that so I hope by forming a bond with her ring I can carry on that quality of her in me.
    When someone passes something down to you or a friend gives you something of theirs to keep that has some little value like a bracelet, ring, their once favorite mug, it has some intention behind it that they want to pass something on to you to make you happy or create a bond with you. From a friend I like to use things like that for luck. From a passed away family member I like to use it to evoke a quality of them in me or for protection. (Of course in this point this means when someone gives you these things, you should not cleanse them if you want their energy and intent to remain in the object. If you do cleanse them then it loses that bond to the person but you can use them as other everyday charms like I made in point 1).  

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Honestly, I think Marco has a crush on Star back. Marco said that nothing in the store (Quest Buy) could compare to how great Star was, so I kinda think that. Also they almost died, so it would be cool to see Marco tell Star his true feelings.

Well, friendship is just a different form of love after all.

I personally consider “romantic love” or whatever you want to call it a plus, a fancy dress that you put on an already strong bond/friendship.

Because let’s face it, Star and Marco are already dating, just with no kissing and other stuff like that. And it’s already so pure and beautiful.

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What is check please? What is it about? What is going on?

Check Please is a comic about hockey, and pie, and friends, and falling in love, and having an actual healthy relationship where people COMMUNICATE oh my god.

Um, to give a slightly better answer.

Check Please is a webcomic, which you can find at @omgcheckplease. It has extra media in the form of tweets, which are transcribed on the tumblr under the “tweets” heading because the twitter is often locked for timeline reasons. (I recommend reading through the comic–it doesn’t take that long, I promise–and then going back and catching all the extras and the tweets and such.)

It’s the story of Eric “Bitty” Bittle, a boy from Georgia who is very fond of baking and who is playing NCAA hockey for the men’s hockey team at the fictional university of Samwell (and who used to figure skate), and of him growing into himself and falling in love, often using the conceit that he has a baking vlog and the exposition in the comic comes in that form. He is openly gay at school (after a while) but not to his family, and it causes some interesting friction.

Also features Jack Zimmermann, the son of a hockey legend who’s trying to become one himself and who has anxiety and also does a lot of growing into himself and who KISSES BITTY A LOT (it can hardly be a spoiler at this point, if you’ve seen it on my blog you probably know they’re together, though the slow build to get there is AMAZING). Ransom and Holster, who are definitely drift compatible and are ridiculous. Shitty, who is … difficult to explain but not in a bad way or anything. Lardo, the manager for the hockey team, who can beat anyone at beer pong. And various other people!

Featuring college shenanigans, unspeakable amounts of pie, a sports-related story that doesn’t make me roll my eyes which if you know me is kind of a big deal, Romance, and communication.

Incredible You

Karolina’s Playlist (1k Followers Celebration Challenge) aka @loveitsallineed

Prompt: You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Sexual Tension, Fluff

Summary: Dean and Reader are dating and have a very intense sexual life, one that Dean is all too familiar with due to his past ‘real’ relationship. What happens when he finally faces his past?

“You can’t be done. I have something you want.”

Y/N smirked at me and leaned against my side, her sweet breath fanning my cheek. “Oh yeah, tough guy? And what’s that?”

I grinned at her, wrapping an around her waist and pulling her closer to me. I breathed her in, loving he way she intoxicated all my senses, more than any form of alcohol ever could. She was beautiful. Breathtaking. And she was mine. All mine.

“Me, sweetheart. You have me…all night long,” I murmured into her ear, loving the way her body trembled at my words.

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Still no appeal

We have a few more days to wait until the appeal period ends. CPS is already planning to move our case to adoptions next week. It’s such a weird, in-between place. Do I start telling people? Probably not until the appeal period has passed and until we find out for sure that there won’t be one.

Adoption is a big thing to announce, but with foster care, there’s always that bit of uncertainty. With our twins, I know I didn’t fully relax until the judge signed the form. So many weird things had happened to delay their adoption, and so many times, it seemed like it wouldn’t happen at all.

Plus, it’s difficult to celebrate that someone you dearly love has lost everything, been through horrible trauma, and only ended up with you because there was no other option. 

Am I going to celebrate? Absolutely. There will be dancing and balloons and so many pictures because he deserves to have the same story my twins tell everyone, that their adoption day was a freaking big deal because we love them so much.

But all I really want is that signature, that last piece of paperwork.

i think a point that ppl need to remember and love is that Renji, Ichigo, Chad, Uryu were all friends to varying degrees.   And for the most part, Chad and Uryu didn’t really have close friends.  So for them to become comrades and form a close friendship and being supportive of each other is really important.  

and i just really like the idea of Renji being friends with them and being total goofballs together and supporting them

I’m probably late to the game, but Belle’s son is legit the sweetest

He doesn’t give a shit about the BS Rumple has put Belle through, all he cares about is his mother and her happiness.

He loves her so much that before his brain can even form he is her True Love. Belle probably feels so alone, but now she knows that she’s got someone who unconditionally loves her in such a pure way, and they’re not even born yet. I can see Belle’s son being a Mama’s boy


aty challenge: day 10 » favourite second generation 

I want Sullivan Minnie Meadows to race one-hundred-and-fifty miles per hour. No brakes in sight. Don’t be afraid of the unknown in tomorrow. Don’t be afraid of death. There is no worse life than a hollow one. So be alive every second of every fucking day. That’s what I hope she’ll do.

Our children will have the best chance at life because we’re standing together. Because we all have the capacity to love, no matter what form or shape it may come in. Because in the end, we each remain unbroken, so their lives can begin.

“I love you,” I tell her strongly. “Your mom loves you. Your brothers and sister love you. Your aunts, uncles, and cousins all love you.” I cup her cheeks. “You’re so goddamn loved.”

according to this article on 30th november in 2014 Kirkman revealed that Daryl is straight. but that was almost 2 years ago. and characters, writers can change so who knows if this statement is still true or not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

like ri*chonne took about 3 seasons to become canon (s03e06 - s06e10) and c@ryl would take 7 seasons or more season to happen? uhummm yeah sure

all I’m saying that if the show changed Daryl’s sexuality during these 2 years they wouldn’t reveal it again on talking dead like why would they spoil themselves.

another thing; Daryl always had been involved with lgbt+ characters like Aaron, Eric, Denise and now Paul. like he saw beautiful, budding love between not one but TWO lgbt+ couples. if this is not a sign of “you see Daryl love is love and it’s beautiful in every form, don’t be afraid of it” then I don’t know why the show bothered with this. 

and lastly; if the show really goes down with c@ryl becoming canon Daryl is still gay, a mlm, and his character will be ooc af 

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Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

@ninjaofthepurplethings​ - Sorry for not getting to this sooner (T T)

To be honest, I don’t really have a most favourite sim. :( As much as I would love to point to Gin, Kayne, or Hikaru, or any of the other sims that I feature more often, as being my favourites, it wouldn’t be very true. I’m really committed to all my sims. That being stated, I would say that my longest commitment comes in the form of the above family (and this isn’t even all of them). It’s my legacy family: The Oracles. :)

So, 5 Facts about the Oracles:

  1. Although quite a few real years have passed, I’m only now getting to Gen 3?
  2. The founder is my selfsim (pictured in the middle, wearing the purplish dress), and when she married Lucien Oracle, he already had 4 adopted children (2 of whom, Kieran and Basil Quinn, aren’t pictured above). 
  3. The family is the a Vampire/Witch/Fairy coven. 
  4. The family raises ALL of its Imaginary Friends as children (considered adopted and ineligible to become heirs). For example, in the picture above, there are 5 IFs pictured. :)  
  5. As of my count today, they have 9 bio-kids (1 deceased daughter), 3 adopted kids, 5 IFs adopted, 1 adopted in-law son from China (deceased daughter’s husband),  and 16+ grandchildren (not counting the ones from previous marriages). In general, I’m pretty sure, when you put all the extended family together, the family size would be around 150 sims (as my selfsim has 3 siblings, the family is also married to @mckatsims Sou Legacy sims, the Bin Diver story (which you should definitely read), Chris x Kayne, etc. It’s hard to find sims in my game that are not directly or indirectly related to my legacy family. (T T)
  6. Bonus: Matteo, the eldest son (pictured to the left of my selfsim), is married to the selfsim of retired cc creator Shyne.  Hesper, pictured on the far left, is married to Camille Wilke of the Wilke Legacy Gen 5 by @septimusimnus.  Dahlia, wearing the red and black dress, is married to Jared Shepard by @samtastic-sims

So, there you have it! :)

   Walking into your apartment and seeing your roommate making out with some girl on your couch isn’t the most appealing site. Especially when your roommate is your best friend that you just happen to be in love with. “Could you please not do that on the couch? I would rather not have burn the couch because your tramp of a date had ruined it,”she commented, walking past the two. Now, Eve’s bitterness could easily be taken form the fact that her boyfriend had cheated on and dumped her over a week ago, but truly it was because seeing her best friend with someone drove her crazy. “And if you’re going to get it on, please turn on music. I don’t want to hear another nasally voice faking it all night.”

@sleepyscholar submitted: I deleted most of my screenshots from the first episode of tas because of s long story but I kept this one and wanted to make sure you had it too since Spocks makeup is killer even in animated form thanks (sorry if this is weird to send lol)

thank u for this omg

they zoomed in sO CLOSE ON HIS FACE IN THIS SCENE it was sO UNNECESSARY but look at that eyeliner tho

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Hey Monica, I was looking through your blog and couldn't help but notice how beautiful all your pictures are. How come you will never transition?

Hi and thanks very much for your nice compliment.  I get asked this a lot.  It’s a complicated answer.   Basically, I’ve formed so many important and meaningful adult relationships that I think would be difficult to maintain if I actually transitioned.   I would really love to at least explore it, but lack the courage and conviction it would take to make it my top priority.  I deeply admire those who have done so though.