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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: victor stone aka cyborg, portrayed by ray fisher in justice league (2017) dir. zack snyder, is a very compelling character, and his backstory that was addressed in the film is very emotionally driven. as a black man, before his death and transition to his superhero form, victor stone already had to face some form of oppression due to the color of his skin. the car crash he and his family were in resulted in his death, but his father didn’t want to lose him the same way he lost his wife/victor’s mother, which motivated victor’s transition from human to cyborg. however, this is a change that victor isn’t used to, and ever since the post-accident transformation, he’s seen himself as anything less than human based off his physical appearance and foreign abilities. it is also indicated in the beginning of the film that no one knows that victor is alive and that he is yet to introduce himself as cyborg to the world. victor stone’s greatest fear is other people seeing him as a monster because of how he looks and how he behaves - a similar mentality expressed in anti-black racism.

I believe...

… in energy. In intention. In prayer. I believe in love, loss, anger, and happiness. All of these things are powerful in their own right, and give off powerful energies as a result. Energies that fuel the beliefs of the masses. I believe in deities. Not in a single pantheon, but in all pantheons. As long as a god or goddess has a following, a group of individuals who shower that deity in love and prayer, that deity will be present. A living, breathing thought-form, given power through the intentions of millions. No single god or pantheon is right or wrong. All are valid, from the Kemetic gods and goddesses of far-away sands, to the Celtic deities of the rolling highlands. From the African deities of the arid plains to the Norse deities of the frigid north. And from the Christian God on his heavenly throne, to the Hellenic gods perched on their Mount Olympus. I consider all of these pantheons, and all the numerous others, to be as real as any other. The beliefs in the more pagan deities may have waned with the rise of the more prominent religions, but as long as these old gods and goddesses are being fueled by our thoughts and prayers, they will never be forgotten.

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A thought: we all know Newt is perfectly comfortable with animal behavior and pack dynamics - so what about Werewolf! Newt?way stronger than his wife frame could make you think? Very protective of his friends? And of the intriguing, injured Director of Magical Security they've just rescued?

I LOVE IT. Newt sensing Percival is his mate, somehow, and fussing all over him because he’s super protective of him and he wants to meet him but Percival won’t wake up. Newt curling into his animagus form - a wolf pup - and strumbling on Percival’s bed to curl up next to him and keep watch in his sleep. Newt, in human form, growling instinctively when humans try to touch Percival and heal him, even if he knows they’re only trying to help. Newt softly caressing Percival’s hair, wishing desperately his mate would return the gesture. Newt starting to build a nest in his case, for them to snuggle together once Percival feels better, hoping Percival will accept him. If only he’d wake up. 

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Oh jeez Vampire Peebs and Vampireiplier are so damn adorable. Just yes I love all of your art but damn this is the cutest yet

just imagine, tho. when they are hiding in their bat forms. mark just crawling up to amy. and wrapping his lil bat wings around her. being a lil shit. no one suspects two cuddlin bats


Namjoon Appreciation Week: Day 6

↳Favorite rap verse

It was going to be cypher pt 2 but on rewatching all force one, I was hit with the same “Bitch did he actually??!”

still, to this day 

his weight blinds &
the radio static in my chest won’t quit

give him love
so all my hopes shaken like pebbles
can crumble

too many rocks
in my lungs; every breath bubbles up
a sting 

& im tired of my
want wrapped up as a gift, ready to
be shipped

gathering dust
on his back shelf, next to hope & rage
& my unveiling 

too many miles (rocks)
forming with his words, that fall before
they reach me 

if i am
turning to stone, he is water i still try
to grasp

to this day.  

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Modern!ubbe, prompt #47, in which he and his girlfriend/partner are playing monopoly and she’s losing horribly (you know how monopoly is. I swear a friend of mine once got mad because he wanted to buy a property but another friend got there first and bought it.)

Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader

Note: This was a fluffy one to write, thank you soooo much love! You’re amazing.
Words: 702

You leaned into the frigs, getting all kind of things out that you could you on making a cozy night alone with your boyfriend. Friday was in many forms always game night, or at least quality night. While saturday’s were always going over to his brothers. Your life changed quite a bit since you started dating Ubbe, in a positive way. You were always used on being home, just working, studying while you know found a certain time for pleasure and amusement. Ubbe was in that way always so faithful, since a month living together was a huge step in your life but he was so convincing and supportive that it didn’t even matter it was a big step. You felt so alive, even know you were practically dancing here alone in the kitchen, getting some food ready. You were so caught up in the music, moving your feet and hips to the music that you didn’t heard him walking in. ‘I’m so ready to beat your ass tonight.’ He announced. You froze, turning around to him with big eyes. What was he saying now? He saw you confusion and started laughing, pulling out the game for tonight, monopoly. You laid your knife down and walked over to him. ‘I’m supposed to be pretty good at that. So who is going to beat who his ass?’ You asked, walking into his arms, clenching your fingers around his jacket. ‘You say that now.’ He chuckled, lowering his head to kiss you. You hummed against his lips before pulling back and looking up into his blue eyes. ‘Welcome home.’ You smiled. He pressed a kiss against your forehead before releasing you and pulling out his jacket. You smacked your hand against his ass. ‘So ready.’ You noticed, biting your lip a little.

You bite down on a piece of carrot, looking over the playboard and the money you had. Saying you would beat his eyes was maybe not all that good to say given he was way ahead of you in buying buildings and owning half the board. You sadly enough always came across his properties and had to pay. For that you were way behind and it began to frustrate you. But you held your eyes on that one street you were planning on buying. Ubbe all the way had that joyful smirk on his lips, watching your every move. ‘Do you play this often?’ You asked as he pushed his pion forward on the board. He looked up from underneath his eyebrows, placing his pion on the place you wanted to buy. ‘If you play monopoly with Ivar you knew everything you need to know about this game. He is way tougher in this then I’m now.’ He stated, looking down to his cards. ‘I’m gonna buy this.’ ‘No!’ You flew out. He chuckled and you only glared angry over to him. ‘You are messing with me right?’ ‘No, I really want to buy this.’ He knocked with his finger on the board and you threw your paper money to his head. ‘I hate this game! All you do is buy everything and take my money.’ You flew out, protesting against this whole game. ‘You’re cute when you’re angry.’ Het stated with an almost charming smile. ‘I’m not,’ you felt silent, stubbornly looking to him. ‘I’m not cute.’ ‘Yes you are, almost planning on giving you that street back.’ He nodded to the board. You looked down to it, biting your lip before looking back up, all puppy eyes and everything. He started laughing, shaking his head. ‘No.’ He concluded. ‘Please Ubbe,’ you started, moving over towards him. ‘if you love me you will give me that little thing.’ You set, walking your fingers up to his chest. ‘You gonna charm like this when he decide to buy a real house?’ ‘Don’t, know, depends on how nice and good looking the man is.’ You shrugged, taunting him. He grabbed your hand and you giggled as he pulled you onto his lap. He took his paper money and stuck it in between your chest and shirt. ‘Here your street.’ He started, pulling you closer. ‘You’re mine.’ ‘I’m yours.’ You nodded, kissing him gentle.

Find the other prompts under the tag: Avanti’s prompt celebration

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hi! im a 14 year old touhou fan and your art always cheers me up. your art is so soft and pretty and i love that you draw touhou ships that arent all sexualized for straight guys to look at, because as a lesbian in the fandom its hard to find that kind of stuff. one day id like to be as good of an artist as you and youre pretty much my role model at this point. thank you!

hi oh my god this ask made me actually start crying because you sound just like me when i was 14 and a lesbian and i looked up to other artists and wanted to someday have people look up to me i wish i were exaggerating but halfway through writing this ask i had to pause because my tears were making the screen too blurry to read lgsjkhsdgs

thank you so much for telling me this, i often feel like my time in the past 3 or 4 years has gone to waste but im so glad i could influence people like i used to be back then!!!!! i’ll keep doing my best

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When witch Riko first finds Chika in her human form, there's a long moment where they're just looking at each other before Chika tackles her to the ground because she's so happy that she can talk to Riko now. Riko is stunned because there's this very cute, very naked woman clinging to her and rubbing her head in her neck, and Riko is just too gay for this.


10 Favorite Characters - tagged by @plsdontfightme

Rules: List your ten fave characters from ten different fandoms, then tag ten people.

  1. take a wild guess. just a wild fucking one. lose your mind and prepare to be mindblown at this first gentle dude. CLINT BARTON. MCU. Comics. Anything. I love my blond dumb archer boy in any form. 

  2. MARTIN CRIEFF, the adorable dumb pilot from Cabin Pressure (yes he was voiced by bendydoot cumbernickles but idgaf he’s my all time fave and he deserves more than a baked potato so much that he married a freaking princess)

  3. SNUFKIN in the Moomins, like the original hipster friend who just naps when things get rough and leaves when things get cold like he is actual goALS and i don’t know if i want to date him or be him

  4. y’all are not prepared but SCOTT MCCALL must  be protected at all costs and i will hit every single one of you who don’t love my son and child and angel the ultimate good boy ™

  5. l i s t e n. L I S T E N. the next up. the exact next XTRA ™ person is also mcu but he’s over on the netflex ® shows but he’s my murder machine FRANK CASTLE and i will walk backwards into hell if that means the murder puppy gets to be happy

  6. the amazing beautiful deadly murderess GENERAL ANTIOPE is the next absolutely goals lady bc she’s got a BOW and ARMOR and she’s just fucking dope man, you follow?

  7. then there’s the freaking jesus metaphor from true blood who’s got the entire bust ass viking thing down but then he just goes and burns himself up because he got sad that one (1) time and he’s just- uGH why GODRIC you perfectly pale motherfucker why you be causing me emotions like this

  8. my guys and gal pals. dudes and nondudes. did you know that COLDHANDS was one of the only two (2) characters I’d have killed for to get on game of thrones and then we got him for like 1,5 seconds last season and i shrieked with joy???

  9. all children of the world come close and listen carefully when the best sarcastic sonofabitch in the entire multiverse is EAMES from inception because that beautiful british buff bi bastard was worth every second of screentime he got and it was beautiFUL

  10. hello yes it’s the deads fandom calling and it’s saying that PATRICK JANE is also a deserving whump!man who’s lost wife and kiddy because he was a dumb ass man on television and spent 7 seasons crying while i cried because he was crying too and lemme tell you he was the prettiest goldylocks MENTALIST this earth has ever seen 

  11. BONUS BECAUSE I FORGOT THE OTHER PUPPY MAN and he is the one most beautiFUL SON OF A BITCH TO GRACE THE VICTORIAN TIMES and his name is ETHAN CHANDLER and he deserves all the love and support he can get because he’s a sad puppy man in london and it’s no fair (penny dreadful btw)

i’m gonna tage @brendaonao3 @stephrc79 @ltfrankcastle @quicksiluers @snailgore @ohmystarsy @loveholic198 @vablatsky @sierragolfoneniner @natrasharomanova

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To me it is sad that some people say that FT has begun to fall after an arch the Tartar. And there is a wish to tell type: "Hey, people why you like to estimate so subjectively? To us have revealed the main characters, have shown love, have allowed us to have a look at END, have shown fight where everyone has made the efforts. Our characters suffered, but all of them is equally proud went with a smile. Development of a plot not such bad and at the end we have the finest HAPPY END!"

Actually, I’m a bit disappointed about the E.N.D. thing. I want to see the true form. But  anyways, I kinda agree with your opinion.

i love people who are like “i dont have kins” and ur like “oh okay well then-” and theyre like “but read this page” and its like “this is me in all forms in its my current life and only idenitity komaeda nagito i cut off own hand to replace it w/ this crazy bitches hand” and ur like now wait just a second

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I genuinely enjoy you as a person, you have easily become one of my favourite people in this community, probably even throughout all of tumblr, if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here about 50% of the time. I'm a great listener and and despite our slight age gap, many people call me wise beyond my years, so maybe we could form a little bit of a friendship. You're a really sweet person and it sucks to see people taking advantage of that. All love. - wren

Thank you! ♥

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I love the idea of Eleven adoring wearing dresses and bows and nail polish and Max's major concession to performative femininity is keeping her hair long and they're both the best of friends because gender presentation isn't on their radar at all when they're hanging out and sometimes beating up inter-dimensional monsters.


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I personally love Niman for Kylo too, for a similar reason. My head canon, enforced by the whole “you’re afraid you’ll never be as strong as Vader” is that Kylo is obsessed with being powerful, strong, the best. I think Niman suits this because he wouldn’t be satisfied being good in just one form, he wants to be good at them all; be powerful and unpredictable. I think he has major self-esteem issues in that he desperately wants to prove himself, first to Luke and his parents, and then to Snoke.

Are you me!!! This is basically my entire thought process!!! (Niman also relies on chaining Force powers directly into the combat sequences and I feel like our maladjusted wonder child would be all over that.)

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Maybe your mom embarrasses you because she loves you? (also Rotom, did you get that on record)

“Yeah…I-I guess. I hear she’s been worried sick about me. I miss her a lot sometim-wait what was that last thing?”

“Bzzrt! Mp3? Jpeg? Mov? Gif? Got it all recorded in all sorts of forms! Uploading to every site on the internet!”


“The comments are pouring in! Bzzzrt!”

“👍Look at his blushing face!”
“👍His mother loves him so much, awwww!❤”
“👍What is he, four years old?”
“👍I see why he left for two years…”
“👍Do you think the underwear thing is just a badly executed  reference to the anime?”

“I will destroy your very being…”

// You’re entitled to your opinion, but I can’t agree with you here.  I honestly love what Zoe brings to the table as far as character within the Aspects.  Taric wanders all over the place, caring about protecting beauty in all it’s forms.  He doesn’t hang around Targon brooding or whatever.  Leona is doing…something.  And Diana is apparently in Ionia thanks to Nami’s staff leading her in that direction in her short story.  So, the Aspects traveling around and wandering isn’t out of character for them at all.  And all of the Aspects, with the exception of Taric, are all super serious characters, and even Taric is serious about his duty. 

Zoe is a character that shows what immortality is really like.  She’s bored as hell.  She wants to make friends, she sees the world and the cosmos as her playground because she has the ability to do all kinds of things.  After centuries of trying to do the same damn thing over and over, you either turn into Ryze, who hates everyone and is grouchy about how stupid and dense everyone is, and you’re impatient because you’re literally smarter than everyone else, or you wind up like Zoe, where most things don’t matter because they aren’t actually world-ending or reality-ending, and life just goes on, so, might as well enjoy yourself and do whatever along the way.  In addition, we don’t even have the entirety of her lore yet, or a color story for her, so, what you’re saying is largely based on incomplete data.

Outside of that, I’d rather not touch the other part of your arguments, mostly because I’m not here to cause drama or attack people.  I will simply say that I do not agree with what you’re saying is the case with her “asking for it” or her being “thirsty”, or that she “deserves what’s happening to her”.  She wants friends, and has a cute, childlike crush on Ezreal.  I still don’t think sexualizing a clearly childlike character is a good choice on the part of anyone.  And I will say no more than that.