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❝ The reason I chose to study musical theater instead of just acting was because I figured, why not? Why not do all of it? I’ve never considered myself a singer. My God, never in a million years a dancer, but I love music. I love the art of musical theater, writing and performing. I wanted to learn about freedom of expression and diversify my academics, so I wasn’t just looking at acting as its own little limited art form. You learn by learning about other things you don’t understand and you’re not familiar with.

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a lot of people who hate sp*hura (just blocking the u so it doesn't go into the tag) do so because the ship itself was a very blatant move by JJ to "de-gay" Star Trek.. it's hurtful to say gay fans being upset by that stems from racism. I love Uhura but I really don't think it's fair at all to say that people who are against shipping her w/Spock are racist (though certainly there are some who are). I hope this makes sense..

I get where you’re coming from, but regardless of whether or not you’re gay, there’s a HUGE difference between saying “I disagree with JJ’s decision to put such an obviously gay character in a feasibly hetero relationship” and saying “I hate Uhura (a fictional character, mind you) for ‘ruining’ Spock.” 

Hating a fictional character who was formed in the direct control of (mostly) straight white men—rather than the individual people/culture that the character was created in—makes absolutely no sense. Following that logic, why doesn’t Spock get as much crap for his relationship as Uhura does? Their relationship is a dual effort, after all. If we are to approach fictional characters as autonomous beings rather than the products of a specific cultural climate, then why doesn’t Spock face the same levels of fandom backlash as Uhura?

Maybe because to these people, the relationship itself isn’t their problem. It’s Uhura, as well as the fact that they view interracial hetero couples as having the exact same social implications as white hetero couples……even though they really honestly don’t. Interracial marriage wasn’t federally legal in the US until 1967, and even today, interracial couples on TV are sparse and often treat one or both members very poorly. Kinda like…say….making Uhura’s entire personality/motives be background noise to Spock’s man-pain character arc in Into D*rkness. And when these people take issue with how she was written in Beyond but not Into D*rkness, that lack of logical consistency has me completely lost.

Refusing to acknowledge the fact that your irrational hatred for a black woman character as a person (as opposed to how she was characterized) comes from misogynoir IS racist. Not, say, disliking the nature of the relationship in spite of continuing to support Uhura, and wanting her to be happy AND well-written. 

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Do you have any advice for a girl who's trying to self-love but keeps getting distracted by (dreaming about, wishing for) romantic love?

It’s possible to love your self and also want a romantic relationship. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. I’d encourage you to look for a balance. Know that at the end of the day you are all you have and self is love is a form of survival. Know that loving yourself makes for better more satisfying and healthy relationships. Spend time working on you and your self esteem so that you’re loving yourself if you love someone else, and don’t end up loving them instead of yourself


here is the video again in this form! I hope you like it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think! comment, like, subscribe, reblog, and all that stuff! But literally I would LOVE some feed back!

I always feel kinda cruddy when people invite me to play multiplayer competitive games like, say, Overwatch or Team Fortress and stuff.

Because those games look hella fun, but.

I do not enjoy multiplayer/competitive games because I’m not good at them. Like I consistently let my ‘team’ down and have to be supported by friends who can actually play coherently and form things like ‘strategies’. And that’s not fair to other players, you know?

And like I know many of these games match you with people of ‘similar skill’ but. I somehow manage to still always, you know, lose. And losing all the time isn’t that much fun either. And I know you have to practice to get better but I don’t have a lot of fun with entertainment that’s just a Loss Simulator.

So it’s always kind of sad when someone invites me to play New Hit Game Everyone Loves and I just have to go “Oh, no thanks. Those kinds of games aren’t for me” because I know I won’t be having fun.

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But Carol did you see how jjp were sitting before Jackson told JB to change spots with him. Like Jaebeom had his arm behind him leaning into him and its like nothing at all but I cling to any form of affection at all when it's jjp. Why do they make us work so hard to see their love

ANON JHFDJHFDHJ I’M TRYING TO STAY QUIET ABT THIS BC IM AFRAID TO BE that jjp shipper BUT HOLY SHT!!! did u notice when jackson say he was goin out on a date w jinyoung, jb immediately moved his arm out of jinyougnfdhjhdfhj n how he looked so uncomfortable w jinson rising in front of him n then when jackson told him to change seats n he was w his jealous nervous voice mode on saying ‘okay okay’ wow . this is the worst, mostly bc im a jinsonbum hoe n i dont know if jaebum was jealous of jinyoung or jackson,,,, but still……… i lov jjp, i love jinson n i love jackbum…. they better go out on a poly date soon so i can be 100% satisfied n happy…

I bought the junior novel last night and I look forward to reading it and posting some good snippets. I also bought the new anne rice book but I want to finish the latest chapter of PREY before I fall down that angsty rabbit hole (I hear marius is in it for once. Please say yes. I love him so so much).

Anne Rice and Robin McKinley are my two biggest writing style influences. And the way I tell stories is partially influenced by the storytelling methods used in ‘Farscape’ which is a lot of delicious elliptical storytelling and dropping setup hints that seem like nothing the first time you see them. What’s left is pretty much all me and the pictures I want to paint and the feelings I want to convey, in whatever form they may take (vague, hazy scenes also seem to be a trademark of my original pieces). So, even though I’m a bit skeptical of this new book that’s come out, I’m gonna read it anyway because it’s like writing homework for me, haha.

Dunno why I’m going into this but there we are. Also, I went through one of the TFA storybooks whilst creeping in the kids section and have some stuff to post from that as well. :)


Tony: Strong woman like that, it’s gotta be hard not to be in control.
Ziva: She will persevere.
Tony: Hmm, what choice does she have, right?
Ziva: It’s not about choice, it’s about survival. She will not stop until she gets her closure.
Tony: We still talking about the lieutenant?
Ziva: Please do not go there. I’m fine.

So this episode is basically, “The One Where Everything is Meta and We Are Not Even Fronting Anymore.”

But, look at Tony being all mature and grown-up and attentive. It’s honestly pretty impressive, especially when it comes to Ziva. Yes, the entire plot is very on-the-nose, but I just love that Tony can see the writing on the wall and can see the parallels between the two women, and is trying his hardest to offer sympathy in any form necessary, knowing Ziva’s M.O.

And I love how Ziva in turn sympathizes with the lieutenant. Yes, like I’ve said, she does eventually seem to take the wrong message out of the story, but Ziva’s heart seems to be breaking as much as the woman’s, especially once they discover the truth of what her husband was up to. The Ziva who once said she wasn’t good with women is a far cry from the person who waxes poetic about her closure and tries her best to help her.

Also, Ziva and Tony are hot. Just saying.

Y'all need to go watch Days tbh, it’s a seriously good sports anime and so underrated

It’s by the same studio (MAPPA) as the much-loved Yuri on Ice, has a lot of meaningful relationships between characters, is actually decently realistic in terms of how football goes except maybe for Kimishita’s insane free kicks (and I’d also like to commend them for having 80min games that are more suitable for high schoolers than the regular 90min kind that the pros play), damn good character development (in the form of our little weed MC Tsukamoto), very lovable characters like our idiot captain Mizuki who uses extremely hilarious speech patterns and Kazama who showed up at training in a Bruce Lee outfit, super engaging matches with developments and backstories for both teams, … I could go on.

But seriously, watch Days. It’s great.

          ok so… all this fbawtft stuff has me thinking incessantly abt ideas for baggys  relations w the characters. for i n s t a n c e

newt -   bagheera is.. a panther… animal.. but magical bc hes also a wizard trapped in there. newt can have fun asking abt the Panther Life and also work on trying to get bagheera back to his human form. if that doesnt work out though, now newt has a big black kitty companion. however, bagheera’s disciplined demeanour may clash w newt’s impulsive personality and they can bicker… or more like bagheera will just go “newt i wouldnt advise that” then newt goes and does the thing anyway

credence -   ok bagheera’s literal reputation is to be the protector. in the jungle book, he guides, spoils, and looks after mowgli, so why not do the same for credence, while simultaneously teaching him wizarding things as well. also, credence can rescue baggys fuzzy ass from the zoo and bagheera can steal credence away from his crazy church fam and nurture him. also, imagine nights where credence just sleeps on his big, warm purring kitty

tina -   maybe tina already knows theres this weird ass wizard trapped in his panther form living in the goddam zoo, who knows. maybe she works on trying to get him free, or perhaps she visits him to try spells to get him back to his human form safely. this is open to development tbh!

queenie -   perhaps she visits bagheera at the zoo some days and just sits and listens to his thoughts and one day woops she finds out his secret abt being a wizard and then shes excitedly trying to get him free but finds out a dark past, etc… i would like to develop this as well tbh

        ive got more ideas, but if youre in the fbawtft fandom and wanna hmu w some hcs, plot ideas, etc, my IMs are always open!

i love mason so much???     i really want to write a meta about this episode but i’m honestly such a mess after that and i don’t know if i can form the proper words that mason deserves???      so i’m just going to remind everyone that mason is the most important    (   alive   )     character  IN THE WORLD to me.      

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so, wait, if shinigami are magical beings, what's black*star?

black☆star is a human encroaching on godhood through sheer fucking willpower, which, while also incredibly impressive and the reason i love him, essentially means that he’s beefed up his own wavelength and abilities so much he’s able to physically manifest that strength to the effect of godlike abilities (example: his assault on asura towards the end of the manga, holy shit). being a god and being a shinigami aren’t exactly the same; you can be a god and not be a shinigami, but all (fully realized) shinigamis are gods in some form. like most things in soul eater the way godhood is treated is a nebulous concept at best and it’s kind of hard to pin down where the line is drawn - but that’s not the question here! the question is what is my dear sweet starboy, and i think i’ve answered that to a satisfactory degree.

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New chapter, yay! Can we just appreciate for a moment how those two guys are beeing total dicks to each other? The chemistry is slow but all the more explosive xD I love how Jack is more sassy than ever

Anger/hate-chemistry is one of my favourite forms of chemistry, tbh. I mean it’s nothing to encourage irl, but in fiction it’s so much fun.

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OMG!!! I REALLY feel the same way about podcasts (how they are devalued as a form of art outside of famous hits etc.). I personally LOVE the podcast Citizen Radio and they've talked about the devaluing of podcasts. :( They rely on donations and fan support to get by. It's a really fascinating & frustrating problem. I know there are COUNTLESS other great podcasts that never get their due.

like….when im like “i like podcasts” i have to be like “oh just fiction podcasts” because everybody thinks of stupid ass talk podcasts and like those are cool after the first 5 but what about all the cool fiction??? like???

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What payment method would be acceptable? I am very iffy with PayPal but I love your work!

I would probably be using PayPal through a storeEnvy. But I’ve been using PayPal for a while now, it’s not bad at all

And I know someone asked earlier, my art book would be in physical form and mailed to you. And if I get enough people to buy it I might send something extra with it for the first few people to pre-order!

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What kinds of things do they think about when they zone out?

“I really hope my favorite character in my book is ok… they seem sad. It’d be cool if they got in a fight scene soon. I hope someday I can do something really cool, but not super violent. These flowers are pretty. I wonder if I can pick some. I wonder what kissing feels like. Is it nice? It seems kind of nice. But what if he tries something weird, like… I dunno, sex thingies. It’s cold here. My coat’s so soft though. I should come up with a story where all the main characters represent the four different forms of love. Agape would be such a dear. Oh, who am I kidding, they’d all be wonderful. I wish I was holding a baby.”

Tara has a lot on her mind. Her thoughts probably wouldn’t be THIS disorganized, but they’re definitely some things she’d think about!

Thanks for asking~! This one was really fun to write!

He Dances on Ice and Between Stars

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2hdm1Za

by QueenofWitchBlood

Yuuri’s eyes were drawn to him again, warmth blossoming between his ribs in the general area of his heart and he realised: he was in love.

AKA the Viktuuri fic where Yuuri is a poet and is in love with one Viktor Nikiforov
There will be snippets of short poems? Maybe even just in poetic form ayyyy
might stay a one shot or become more idk yet

yes all poems are original and created by me. I have a poetry and writing tag on my tumblr as well [tho i’m too shy to post it here so lmao its all just gay poem s ]

Words: 528, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2hdm1Za