I love how careful Dean is with Sam

I literally do not care how codependent Sam and Dean are .Its not problematic because its a TV show . People watch TV to escape from the real world . You are supposed to be brought into a different world that usually doesn’t exist.

The codependency is not new in the Winchester world. Mary made a deal with YED to bring John back . John devoted his life to finding what killed Mary. John sold his soul to save Dean. Dean sold his soul to save Sam. Dean killed death to save Sam. Sam begged cross road demons to take him instead of Dean. Sam became hellbent on killing Lilith ( just like John was hellbent on killing YED)  Sam refused to give up on curing Dean from the mark and told Dean he would do it again.

The codependency is not healthy . But a lot of stuff on television isn’t .If I want to watch healthy , non-problematic shows ,,,I would watch the Disney channel.

I know there are such bigger problems but I’m a really REALLY emotional person. I. Want. Castiel. To. Be. Happy. Like he just looks so sad these days. I really really wish I am able to just hug him and say “Cas. You are NOT worthless. You are LOVED by A LOT of people!! Please take care of yourself” (gives him a big speech about how loved he is) like I swear. Dean really needs to tell Cas how much him and Sam love him.

My Sam-heavy fics in honor of his birthday.

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Since it’s Sam Winchester’s birthday today, I’ve gone through my fanfiction and pulled out the ones with major Sam plots. I’m celebrating Sam’s birthday the fanfiction way. Here you’ll find a list of my stories in which Sam is either the main character or has an equal story with Dean and Cas. Enjoy. (Click the story titles to read them.)

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I realize it’s not a popular thing for me to ship Destiel and also care an equal amount for Sam but I quit apologizing a long time ago. They’re not mutually exclusive things. I love Sam. I love Dean and Cas.

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Hi! I just wanted to say I love your blog...you make it so easy to find the destiel fics I want--and also ones I never knew I wanted but ended up loving. I was wondering if you knew of any fics where Dean ( and maybe sam) are taken away from John, and Castiel's family is their new foster family...or where they're adopted into Castiel's family? Sorry if this is oddly specific...I've been searching and I could never find one like this. Thank you!

Thank you! Well, this is a bit difficult to answer, since no matter how terrible John’s parenting is, Cas himself very rarely has a healthy family in fics where foster care could be an option. In fact, there’s couple of fics where Cas is taken in by Dean’s more stable family.

Here’s some recs:

  • 300 Things (professor Cas takes in Dean and Sam after their house burns down)
  • Aftermath (submitted rec) (Cas is court appointed guardian to Dean)
  • The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass (Cas is removed from his abusive guardian and lives with Dean’s family)
  • Red Blooded Blues (not a foster care, but Mary and Dean extend  their support to Cas and take interest in his family situation)
  • Smiling Out of Fear (submitted rec) (both Cas and Dean are in foster care together)
  • To Find a Family (submitted rec) (adult Dean loses custody of kid Sam, Cas is a temporary guardian)

We had an ask a few years ago looking for fics were Dean and Cas were step-/brothers or cousins. Several are bit incestuous, but a few seem to fit your ask. Check them out here (ask #4).

If any of our followers have anything to rec, drop it in our ask box. Thanks!


(major spoilers obviously)

  • actual confirmation that Chuck is God. I mean we all suspected but they actually confirmed it.
  • the perfect balance in chuck/god’s character. (like the kind and hopeful the light and the dark and wrathful)
  • how sam and dean’s brotherly relationship was totally cemented because sam was a little uncertain about his place to dean vs. amara and now he knows dean would die for him
  • i don’t know how i feel about metatron now. i mean i still hate him. he is a steaming bag of dicks but slightly less so
  • chuck’s take on lucifer. he clearly still cares about him and the rest of his creation.
  • side question are we calling him chuck or God or god. like ???
  • Chuck’s mug
  • Robbie Thompson is just brilliant. I love him. (he is also the one that made Charlie gay) 
11x19: My opinion (not that anyone cares :))

i just want to say that I am happy the hunters’ relationship didn’t affect the plot. It was just there, but it was there. Lately I’ve noticed Supernatural’s been doing that lately. Remember the women couple with a girl in 11x16 “Safe House”? Yep, well i loved how the woman mentioned her wife as something perfectly ordinary (which I see as a good start in society) and the boys’ reaction to finding this out was no different than with all those millions of cases they’ve seen. It is certainly an improvement since season five. I recall well enough Dean’s face to finding out that those men LARPing as Sam and Dean were gay.

So in this episode I want to say, even though I know it has been said many times by now, that I loved both the relationship they had and the care for each other Jesse and his partner showed. And the fact that Sam and Dean let them go because they wanted them to enjoy their victory. To live the happy life they never could have. There I am introducing my second point: Sam and Dean’s reaction. Very good boys, very good.

 NOW… With that cleared out, I want to say the plot was interesting. I still don’t know where Supernatural’s writers keep coming up with new monsters no one’s ever heard of. I don’t know if they make up some like this one, i’ll look it up, but seriously, what a great trama. We’ve seen blank eyes, black eyes, silver eyes, red eyes, blue eyes, and much more, but green eyes? (unless you count Dean’s eyes of course :)) That seemed something interesting from the start. The monster’s way to breed and use people as “carapces”? Cool!

AND of course Dean’s worry about Cas. I don’t even know how to express it. since Sam and Dean knew about Cas’s choice it has been clear that Dean is the one that believes (or wants to believe) that Cas can be saved, even though, as recently showed in 11x18 “Hell’s Angel”, not even Cas himself believes it, or worse, that he doesn’t deserve to be saved. This episode showed that Dean is still incapable of giving up yet, that he can’t let anything else happen to Cas. He cannot give up. And he won’t. 

Sam knows all this. That is why he is the one to help Dean out indirectly, without saying “dean please stop cas cannot be saved you’ll just starve yourself”, nope, he just feeds him. What? you’ll ask. Elementary, my dear Watson, I’ll answer. What is the base of the Winchesters’ relationship other than brotherly love and loyalty? Hunting. Without hunting the Winchesters are close to nothing. 

OVERALL: well done, writers and actors and rest of crew. well done. 

I would love to see newly human Castiel playing Sam and Dean against each other.  Like if he wanted to go get doughnuts for breakfast and Sam said no, then explained proper eating and how he understood that Cas wasn’t used to flavours and would have to be careful.   Then Cas thanks Sam for explaining and his concern then runs off to get Dean and ask for some doughnuts.

Sam: What do you mean you wanna borrow one of the cars?  What did Dean say?

Cas:  *Remembering Dean yelling no*  He said to ask you.

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i love season 8 i love Deans Boyfriend Benny The Vampire but yeah omfg the sam flashback drama stuff…like…no…i dont care…

whenever they cut to the soft lighting i scream i always think how much i luv season eight and then i watch the episodes n all of htthe sudden it’s soft lighting and sams waist length hair and and i absolutely do lose my mind ….. i luv benny s o much though i would let him murder me with his bicep if he talked to me while he did it 

Supernatural 11.19

So for a monster of the week episode that wasn’t half bad. I love the hunter husbands. They made such a great team. Also I love that they survived and got their happy ending. Something we got out of this episode from Dean. He cares about cas so Much. He’s not sleeping… He’s really broken over Cas. This is a different kind of broken to when something is happening with Sam, however it has always been my theory that Dean doesn’t know the difference between different kinds of love. He automatically assumes that everything is a familial love. This is why he assumed Jesse and cesar were brothers, or why he thinks cas is family. He doesn’t know how to recognise romantic love. Season 11 is showing us so much more than a platonic bond between Dean and cas and it’s great.

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I don't mind Sam is excluded in destiel fanfic cause I never ever read it, but I want them to stop insisting they love Sam while they try to make Sam to be a destiel cheerleader. That's one of the main reasons I dislike their ship and them. Other one is OOC Dean.

Agreed. I don’t want to hear how they LOVE Sam but barely even want to include him in their fantasies and even not at all. They’re only fanfics and I had to break their hearts but the show is what we care about.

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just finishing up!

Kevin and Dean feels are the worst.

Kevin is so adorable and precious and Dean just wants to love him and take care of him like the adorable kid he is. He doesn’t know how not to be a big brother.

I really wish we could have gotten Sam, Dean, Cas, and Kevin bunker time. And throw some Charlie in there because who doesn’t love Charlie.

I just love these characters so much and I hate how they all have to get killed or make terrible choices every 12 seconds.