I love how careful Dean is with Sam

Man, Dean telling Sam that Cas is always alright… just NO!

That’s the whole problem. Sam and Dean (especially) don’t really see Cas. They don’t get how depressed and vulnerable and broken he is. He isn’t alright. He has never been alright. Cas needs someone to love him and care about him and worry about him so badly.

When Dean said that, I wanted to scream. And I hope that’s the point. We are getting some real lancing this season. From the brothers (mostly Sam) realizing how toxic and dangerous their codependency is to Sam talking to Dean about his guilt. Now, we need that same kind of introspection for Dean and Cas. I hope that’s the whole point of this story arc, to get Dean to understand Cas better and realize that he may be an angel, but he needs as much love as anyone. 


  • AW SAM AND DEAN BEING CUTE. that’s literally all the start of this episode with them is 
  • i love this family dinner. i love this family dynamic. i love that jody is like “yo screw u guys i gotta take care of them hope u enjoy sex talk lmaoooo" 
  • claire still cuddles her grumpy cat ;o; 
  • dean gets a black trench but cas doesn’t!? 
  • same janitor suit as gabe but again that is literally just my dumb brain noticing things 
  • dean could you just. could you let cas borrow that coat. i know he’s satan right now but you don’t know that 
  • sam is gonna have like an entire broken rib cage after this 
  • that breakfast looked delicious and this was all insanely cute. i mean the whole beating and all of that not so much but otherwise

so basically?? LOVED IT. i’m interested to see how next week’s ep is gonna work out. WILL IT BE FILLER OR WILL IT BE REVELATION-INSPIRING??

Winchester Sister- Runaway P2

Requested by anon
Could you maybe do one where the reader gets in trouble for sneaking out to do a solo hunt, but she does it while dean has the mark of Cain so he goes overboard in yelling at her, and it brings up her own insecurities to the point where she runs away? Could end w/ her coming home or not, your choice! I’m going thru a really hard time, and I just need some angst, ya'know? Love your blog btw!!


(Sorry, it’s really short but I thought this part ended well here.)


I was in the pub when I got the call from Sam.
Did I pick up? No. No I didn’t.
I was still pissed of with Y/N and Sam took her side for some reason I couldn’t understand.
How dare she run off like that and go on hunts without us. Didn’t she care about her safety?
I shook my head in frustration. And for an entire year! Right under our noses she’d been going behind our backs and disobeying us.

I looked down to my arm, running my finger tips over where the mark was.
It sent a cold, drug-like shiver through my body.

Finishing my drink, I decided to head back to the bunker and give Sam a piece of my mind.
At least he wouldn’t run off to his room.

**** **** **** ****

Slamming the door shut behind me on the way in, I looked around but couldn’t see Sam. That’s when he ran down the stairs. As he got closer I could see the seriousness in him.

His eyes were glistening with tears and his breathing was uneven.

Suddenly, a wave of realisation hit me and I felt the mark almost let me go.
All in a second my rage-filled head broke away at the sight of my brother like this.


“Dean she’s gone.” He looked at me with hatred and I knew exactly why.
I didn’t blame him at all.

“Are you sure?” I managed, trying to find any string of hope to grasp hold of.

“See for yourself.” He stormed back up the stairs and I followed on behind.
We arrived to her room and the moment I went in I felt the emptiness.

Directly opposite us was her mirror covered in lettered red spray paint. I stood directly in front of it, staring at my hateful self.
It read:


My eyes teared up and I choked back a sob.

I remembered.
I remembered how she’d stepped away from me when I stepped forward.
Her fright.
I remembered her sorry eyes turn from hatred to despair when I spoke.
Her shame.
I remembered telling her I wish she wasn’t my sister.
I lied.
I remembered her eyes screaming apologies into mine.
I didn’t see them.

“Sammy, what have I done?”

i just watched the new episode and i’m so fucking mad

seriously, fuck you spn writers

everyone making cas feel “expandable” and not loved

are you fucking serious? he wouldn’t feel that way if you weren’t so afraid of being too homo because then sam and dean would maybe actually tell cas how much they appriciate him and how much they care about him instead of just calling him wheneverthey need help

dean has been totally ooc since season 9 because YOU were scared there would be too much tension if dean and cas talked more than 3 minuted a season

dean and sam love cas, cas is a hero and without him there wouldn’t be a show tbh

That’s the scary thing about family. It gives you so much to lose.

Jody Mills 11x12 “Don’t You Forget about Me”

And there we have it again. Family. Love. How it can be your Achilles’s heel, but also your biggest strength. If Alex and Claire, mirrors to the Winchesters, can put their differences aside, work together, see each other as equals, care about one another. They are maybe even a step ahead of the Winchesters at this point though arguably no one has lost more than Sam and Dean so of course it’s tougher for them as they lived this way for such a long time. But if this episode proved one thing. Then it is that love may make your vulnerable, but it doesn’t make you weak. I think dark times lie ahead for the Winchesters, maybe quite possibly even death. Yet, looking at Jody and these two girls and how despite evil following them around remaining the ones last standing gives me hope that in the end, much like their mirrors, Sam and Dean will start being okay too, maybe even find that tiny bit of happiness they so desperately crave.


don’t scroll past this and think it’s just another lame song

This is for all those people in the spn fandom and out there, for those who love and care about Dean.

I don’t know if all of you have seen it yet, but in season 10 there’s an episode. An episode where Dean tells Sam that when all is over, they’ll go to the beach. They will take a long vacation and go enjoy the ocean, because they are both over 30 and have never been to the beach in their life.

I know most of you know what Dean had been through, how much he has struggled and fought for everyone he loves and himself.

Think about all that, and please take 4 minutes to listen to this song with that in your mind. 

Tell me what you feel now.

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(I’m sorry about this)

anonymous asked:

86+90 with Sam x Reader please? 💜

86. “Sometimes I pray for patience. Other times, I pray for a gun.”

90. “I don’t want to live in a world where everyone loves me. I want to live in a world where I love myself.”

A/N- These were two COMPLETELY different prompts, so I only used 90. Hope you don’t mind, anon!

Originally posted by fractioussam

Sam was driving the impala as you sat in the passengers side, Dean having been sick. It took a while to get him to budge, but eventually he had decided to let just you and sam go on a hunt while Cas stayed behind taking care of him.

You watched the rain hit the window, your knees pulled up to your chest as you sat. “How do you think Dean will feel about us being together?” You asked, turning to look at him. The two of you had been dating for almost a month, but you both had decided that it would be better if you didn’t tell everyone right away in case things didn’t work out.

Sam shrugged slightly. “I think he’ll be happy for us. How he feels about it doesn’t really matter to me, though.”

“I still want him to like me, Sam. I don’t know what I would do if he hated me. I guess if he doesn’t like it, I’ll have to be patient.”

“Ya know, Sometimes I pray for patience. Other times, I pray for a gun.” He joked with a smile, and you chuckled softly. 

“Seriously, Y/N, he’s a grown man He’ll just have to deal with it if he doesn’t like it,” He said, reaching over and taking one of your hands as he drove.

The Law Of Attraction

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by Cozy_coffee

A fill for the spnkink_meme prompt; I have seen a lot of RPF in which Jensen gets referred to as ‘pretty’ a lot. But no one ever calls Dean ‘pretty.’ Don’t know why I want this, but I would LOVE to read something where someone calls Dean ‘pretty.’ Don’t care who, or in what context, up to the author how Dean takes it.

Words: 1196, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1S5f4cu
where are my heroes?

i don’t really talk a whole lot about how i feel about episodes, but i’m still just thinking about last week and trying to pinpoint what it is that made me kind of hate the episode and i think i figured it out? 

the problem was, i didn’t recognize my own heroes. 

for five years i’ve been watching this show, and i’ve stuck around for so long because i identified so much with Dean, i gained compassion for Sam, and i was smitten by Castiel. i’ve grown to love the three of these men like they’re my own kin. i care about them and what happens to them. 

they are my heroes. 

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fingersinsamshair asked:

As the youngest sibling I identify with Sam in his role as the youngest. The way he clashes with his elder's views of life (John & hunting) and his brother's quick agreement to those life choices, and also the way he lets himself be protected by Dean, and how he doesn't care that he's the youngest he will protect his brother with teeth and nail because that's what he learned from Dean and his brotherhood.

Your comments and analysis make me happy! Thanks for the lovely message. It’s so cool to hear about how people connect their love of characters to their real-life experiences, and I’m glad you brought up Sam’s determination to watch out for Dean, as well. A lot of people forget that line in the s2 finale, where Sam revealed that being there for Dean is his job, too. That’s one of so many things I love about Sam, and I think it’s really cool that you relate to that part of him, too. ❤

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I feel so bad for Cas, because I know what it feels like... thinking you're worthless, that people could go on without you. Feeling like the people you love the most don't care about you, even if they probably do. And when the horrible doubt starts creeping, that you've done more bad than good, that the world would be okay if you just disappeared.. I swear giving up yourself to the Devil looks like a better prospective. He doesn't deserve to feel like this.

you’re so right, anon. castiel deserves to know how loved he is. he deserves to be treated as more than a tool for the winchesters to use. i swear, i love dean and sam (and destiel in general) but i’m so tired of cas being taken advantage of. like goddamn. 

and you’re right about another thing: cas doesn’t deserve to feel this way, and neither do you. it might not seem like it but i promise you that there are people who care - and i should know, because i’m one of those people. you are amazing, you have value, and you are just as worthy of happiness as anyone else. keep fighting the good fight.


Can we talk about how positive most of the interactions between Cas and Sam are in season 9?  They’re adorable.  They have this peaceful, intelligent, common-goal-oriented love-fest going, based on how comprehensively both of them have screwed up in the past, and the fact that they’re both basically very sweet people.

I don’t read it as sexual tension the way it is with Dean either, Sam and Cas have something calmer, and in a way more pure.  It’s like owning two kittens that wash each other’s faces and curl up together for naps.  A ship of cinnamon rolls.  

If I was Dean, and I shut my eyes and tried to picture what peace looked like, what I was fighting to protect, these two are what I’d see.

The Law Of Attraction

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1S5f4cu

by Cozy_coffee

A fill for the spnkink_meme prompt; I have seen a lot of RPF in which Jensen gets referred to as ‘pretty’ a lot. But no one ever calls Dean ‘pretty.’ Don’t know why I want this, but I would LOVE to read something where someone calls Dean ‘pretty.’ Don’t care who, or in what context, up to the author how Dean takes it.

Words: 1196, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1S5f4cu

barelytherenotallhere asked:

Sammmiiiiiiii I don't know how, or why or what happened, but I think I'm a Sam girl now!!! I always thought I loved dean more (I mean I loved Sam too but in a more, "I'm fond of you" way) but after last nights episode I'm just like dean who? It's all about Sam for me now and like I said... I don't know how or why or what happened but I don't really care either

I am a brothers!girl. I love them both. Most days I am hella in love with Dean , others I’m screaming about Sam. But I never forget about the other because I am a girl in love with both. I just slightly favor Dean more. 

Supernatural- Into the Mystic-- My Thoughts

I need Mildred to have her own dating show now! I love her! From the first moment when she checked out Dean I was like this woman will be amazing in this episode and I was right. I also loved that this episode was two women saving The Winchesters. Eileen was also great and I hope we see more of her. I wonder if we’ll start to slowly see a few more legacies or if she’ll be it? It would be interesting to have a group of legacies lead by Sam and Dean that defeat the darkness…and eventually Lucifer.

Speaking of Lucifer…Misha did not disappoint with his Castiel as Lucifer acting. One of the funniest faces was when he had faked saying “I’m sorry” to Dean and how clear it was he did not care at all while saying that. It was also funny when Sam commented how it must have been hard on Cas being s close to Lucifer too, when he has no idea that not only was he close to him but Lucifer is literally inside him. There is one thing I’m wondering about Cas as Lucifer, are his pants higher? Was it me or did it seem like his pants were really high during the scene with Dean when Dean was talking about Amara?

Speaking of Dean and Amara…Dean finally tells someone about the connection between him and her, but of course its the worst person he could tell at the worst time. Really Dean? you decide to tell Cas now! when he isn’t even Cas! And you still aren’t telling Sam.

Speaking of Sam…like Sam I was surprised that Dean was the vulnerable brother the Banshee went after (oh yeah the Banshee was the monster of the week). I thought fr sure it would have been Sam since he was having trouble sleeping and dealing with the residual guilt that Lucifer brought to the forefront. But maybe that’s what the writers wanted us to think and then show us at the end Dean isn’t sleeping either. It did also seem like Sam is starting t learn to not keep things bottles up or hidden from Dean by revealing both not being okay after being back in the cage and the guilt he still feels for not trying to find Dean when he was in Purgatory. One last thing, it was nice to see Sam connect with someone, normally it seems to be Dean who befriends the other people more but it was great to see Sam pass on what he learned about getting revenge and then you have to figure out what to do and then including the lawyer link was fun.

anonymous asked:

I think Hannah cared for Castiel, but she was confused by her feelings as they began to merge with human emotions. I really respected how strong she was in resisting them. I liked that she realised it was wrong for her and let her vessel return to her husband. It was very selfless and kind. Hannah was great. I wish they hadn't killed her off. I want Cas to have at least one ally. I feel increasingly sad that he is all alone. I wish he had a Sam to his Dean. Someone to love him no matter what.

Yes, anon. She was. 

SPN is not into having strong female characters… 

Hannah, was strong, clever and yes, she DID care about Castiel. And I do respect how strong she was in resisting those feels and emotions as well, but what she did to Cas in season 11, wasn’t fair at all. :( 

Hope Castiel will be fine and will FINALLY GET THE LOVE HE DESERVES after destroying Amara and… Lucifer… 

Dean bby how you've grown

I love deans response to learning about Sam’s deal with Rowena (she removes mark if he kills Crowley), because it’s the first time I’ve noticed Dean be so : “dude, obviously I give a shit about honesty and open communication between us.” Of course, Sam keeping secrets from Dean has never come across as something Dean doesn’t care about, but I feel like here, it shines through as more obvious. Like the need for open communication and mutual trust which used to give Dean the “chick flick” vibe, is now something he feels should be a natural part of his and Sam’s relationship, and that’s what his point is

I think one of my favourite things about the winchesters is how throughout everything, hell, death, monsters, guilt, loss and having their souls twisted in every kind of way they still retain their loving and caring nature. I feel like a lot of people would have lost the capacity to care let alone still live it as a first instinct by now.


Can i just ask, how can anyone hate Sam, Dean, or Cas? I’ve seen posts saying things like

Sam hasn’t done anything for Dean and he never would. He doesn’t care about him.

Dean is such an asshole! He’s a jerk to everyone and only thinks for himself. 

Cas ruins and breaks everything he touches. This show would be so much better without him.

LIKE SERIOUSLY????? ALL THREE OF THEM HAVE SCREWED UP, SO YOU CAN’T BLAME JUST ONE! Sam loves Dean the same amount Dean loves him. He would do ANYTHING for Dean. and if you don’t believe me, then rewatch all the episodes where Dean gets hurt and watch Sams reaction. That should tell you enough. Dean is sarcastic and if you don’t know that by now, then you’re screwed. He’s a jerk to people who deserve to be told off to like monsters, rude people, other hunters who are jerks etc.He doesn’t even come close to thinking for himself. Cas doesn’t ruin everything, and when he does something that we are all like ‘what are you doing?!’ he believes he is doing the right thing, like right now. He said yes because lucifer said he could stop Amara aka the darkness. 

Its the Team Free Will way or no way at all.

I literally cried for at least 10 minutes. Bobby’s been dead for about 4 years and he was my favorite on the show. The episode where he died killed me. I’m still not over his death. Bringing him back for one episode gave my heart emotions. Showing how much he still cares for the boys even though he’s been dead for a while is so touching. He broke out of heaven to help save Dean, knowing it meant he would be kicked out of heaven. He wrote that letter to Sam telling him how much he cared and it showed three angels in his “paradise” getting ready to punish him. That episode tortured me emotionally. This is a tv show and it caused me to have an emotional breakdown. This is why I love the show. I’ve been watching it for so long and I literally cried because of this one character. Shows don’t normally do this to me.