I love him so much he makes me happy

There was probably a period of time where Ryan and Brendon were so in love…like in the Fever era there was probably soooo much cuddling and like…I also feel Ryan was really happy about it and not all #darkandvague like so many canon fics make him out to be?? I think he was actually really cheerful about it when he and Brendon were in that first lovey stage of the relationship yknow

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What do you think about the popular one piece bloggers who have developed an anti-sanji image and basically writing analysises/essays on his character in a negative light in hopes to stop fans from reading this arc . There haven't been any counter essays so the antisanji group tends to grow on here which is :(

Well.. Sanji’s my favorite character but other fans are free to hate him I guess :/ I just skip through those kind of posts because I don’t feel the need to drain myself emotionally by reading hate essays on my fav character (ahem). Sanji’s not perfect but so are the rest of the Straw Hats… and as much as I love him I know he’s fictional so what’s the point of hating him…? Personally I don’t understand why you would go to such length to prove how rightful it is to hate a fictional character. I mean liking a character makes you happy and that’s that but does hating one work the same way? If it was me I’d rather ignore the character I hate the most than write a long spiteful essay on him/her (for example I really hate Rebecca but I’m not going to waste my time writing a meta on how much I hate her and why). Maybe those fans just show how much popular he is XD Anyway, don’t get stressed out too much over what other fans have to say ;) We come to the fandom to enjoy ourselves after all! As long as you know the reasons for loving his character are legit it’s fine :)   

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Stanley Pines

Here we go *rubs hands together*

How I feel about this character: I love Stan so, so, so much. SO MUCH. He is honestly one of my favorite characters ever. He fits my favorite character type (rough on the outside/soft and caring on the inside) to a T. I can’t get over just how well-written he is, just how layered and deep of a character he is. Just when we think we’ve analyzed every inch of his character, we learn something new about him, which leads to even more analyzing. He’s so complex and that makes me irrationally happy. And I’m so proud that he was the one to face off with Bill in the end. I’m just.,, so proud to have him as my favorite character. This response is so messy but so are my emotions right now

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Hmm, I like seeing stuff with him and Carla. They were probably so cute together. But I really like Stanchez. I like it mostly as a brotp, tho. I just want them to get into illegal shenanigans, whether they’re just friends or more. Idk I’m not actually that into ships for this show

My non-romantic OTP for this character: HIS WHOLE FAMILY! The twins, Ford, Soos, Wendy, just all of them. Also Rick.

My unpopular opinion about this character: idk if I have any?? Um I think he has nightmares a lot, or used to. I don’t see much content in the fandom involving Stan having nightmares so I’m assuming it’s unpopular. I usually see Ford in that role…

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wanted to see more about his past!! Especially him faking his death!! Like, maybe him faking his death would have been too dark to elaborate on in the show, but still. There were definitely repercussions, the show could have at least addressed some of them? Was there a funeral? What did Stan’s parents do when they found out he “died”?? How did Stan even pull it off?? Uggghh

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Really painful stretch and my coach was pushing me to keep going and I closed my eyes and I automatically pictured hugging him and being close and it??? I didn't feel the pain NEARLY as much anymore? And sometimes I'll say exactly what he's thinking and I just see his face light up and WOW even if I'm having a shitty day just making him smile/laugh resting my head on his shoulder makes me so fucKING HAPPY LIKE W O W. I have never loved someone sO much! Like I just get sleepy warm with him...☺️

Aawawawawaw so cute

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I will never ever get over this photoshoot, every single photo is art and I love that they're all so different yet all so perfectly Harry. We're seeing his vision and point of view for the time as an individual rather than a part of the band and it is absolutely brilliant. I'm just so happy and proud right now, his star is just gonna keep rising and I'm so glad we get to watch it happen

I love it so much i cant get over the fact that it is even real like!! he literally did that i cant believe how proud i am of him and it’s all ive ever wanted of him it makes me so unbelievably happy!!!!!!!! i love that we really get to see who he is like i feel that this is the person he really wanted to show us and he finally got to after all this time and it was absolutely worth it i am just so soso in love with him and i can’t wait to continue on this journey with him:):)

I have to say I just love Tadashi. I’ve rewatched Big Hero 6 about five times now this week, and it still makes me happy every time that when Hiro makes a snide comment in return to him about “his parents dying when he was three,” Tadashi shows hurt but doesn’t combat him with anything. instead, he tries to find a way to curb Hiro toward something better, showing that Tadashi really does care so much more about others than himself. It’s very calm and responsible of him to not respond to Hiro with anger in that situation even though he was eight when they died. Enough time to have a deep, deep connection and to know what they were like, to remember everything possible in vivid memory. Tadashi’s the bomb.



2 days until Luhan’s birthday and Lay finally mentions him. as a fan who appreciates and adores Layhan’s friendship, this means so much to me ㅠㅠ I’ve been waiting 5 months for one of them to confirm that they still keep in touch. I didn’t doubt it for a second but I just missed their friendship and needed to know. I’m just happy and emotional and hopefully one day we’ll be able to see them together again. 
brothers forever ♡  


Make me choose:
→ Anonymous asked: Cute Chen or Derp Chen ♥ (but Derp Chen is cute too!)


25/01 | Happy birthday, Minato! ♥♥

honestly Gasoline is making me realize that Troye is a human too and he has nights where he lays in bed crying just like the rest of us and there’s so much to him we don’t see and I honestly respect him so much for sharing such a personal part of his life with us

reasons i love kim taehyung ♡
  • such a sweetheart
  • always himself regardless of what others think
  • cares so much about the other members
  • he looks up to and admires the other members
  • very humble about his talents
  • cares deeply about his family
  • posts the cutest convos with his mom and dad online
  • not afraid to have fun and act silly
  • knows when to be serious
  • extremely hardworking
  • his singing voice is the most beautiful thing
  • getting more actively involved in bangtan’s song making
  • i don’t think he’d ever intentionally try to hurt someone
  • he’s always there for the other members when they need him
  • very intelligent
  • his box smile that is as bright as the sun itself
  • that cute little freckle on his nose
  • and the freckles on his eye and lip
  • puts his all into every performance
  • stage presence
  • extreme love of animals and small children
  • can pull off any hair colour and still look gorgeous
  • how much he loves and cares about the fans
  • he’s so positive
  • hasn’t let the negativity of the world make him cynical
  • very free spirited
  • his almost childlike sense of innocence and wonder
  • always encourages the other members
  • told jimin that health was more important than dieting
  • just his relationship with jimin in general
  • how he’s always down to be silly with jeongguk and indulge him
  • how he cuts up his shirts
  • baggy clothing style
  • cares about fashion but keeps it unique to him
  • his beyond gorgeous eyes
  • cutest ears ever
  • isn’t afraid to post predebut pictures of himself and laugh at himself
  • huge fanboy of other kpop groups
  • makes friends in bathrooms
  • acting ability
  • isn’t afraid to make silly faces
  • shamelessly does aegyo all the time
  • sensitive and caring 
  • his underrated dancing
  • amazing song covers
  • always wants to improve himself
  • his sweet and encouraging posts on the fancafe and twitter
  • his signature blurry selfies
  • lots of cute selfies in general
  • all of his song recommendations
  • large (and beautiful) hands
  • amazing eyebrows and forehead
  • sweet interactions with fans at fansigns
  • he seems like a very non judgemental person
  • his deep talking voice
  • amazingly adorable laugh
  • cutest eye smile
  • love of food
  • how shy he can get
  • how outgoing he normally is
  • very cuddly
  • wears rings that make his gorgeous hands even more gorgeous
  • nice legs
  • the cutest tummy
  • his “V” in-ear
  • literally the most perfectly shaped lips
  • very active online
  • loves to connect with fans
  • his ear piercings
  • amazing jawline
  • gorgeous skin tone
  • his front tooth that’s just a tiny bit crooked
  • how amazing he does at photoshoots
  • can never keep his tongue in his mouth
  • his confidence in his looks
  • a lot of twitter/fancafe videos
  • calls the fans his “pretties”
  • how proud he is of hold me tight
  • love of all bangtan’s cyphers
  • isn’t afraid to point out his flaws
  • how cute he looks in masks
  • his halloween costumes are always amazing
  • very expressive face
  • can dance (amazingly well) in high heels and wasn’t embarrassed about that fact at all
  • he’s literally just unreal gorgeous
  • how hard he tries to speak english and communicate with international fans
  • he credits the other bangtan members as the reason he got to debut with them
  • was kept a secret until right before debut
  • asked a piece of seaweed what its name was
  • how much he loved and admired iris on ahl
  • rocked that lady bug dress/outfit on rookie king
  • how cute and nervous he was for the legendary vhope kiss
  • his love of sandals even though a lot of people hate them
  • always wears long sleeved shirts
  • isn’t afraid to be different
  • how much he loves his dad
  • looks amazing with heavy eyeliner
  • super long eyelashes
  • that one baggy grey sweater
  • can switch from cute to sinfully hot in seconds
  • his growly voice in a lot of bangtan’s songs
  • that cute closed-mouth smile he does sometimes
  • his “blank” face
  • pouty lips
  • makes an elephant from the freckles on his arm
  • always seems energetic and happy throughout busy schedules
  • gorgeous side profile
  • airport fashion
  • how happy he makes me

so these are just a few reasons why i love taehyung, of course there are probably more and he’ll probably continue to do more and more things to make my love for him even stronger but i thought i’d just share some of the reasons why he’s the light of my life ♡


Shadowhunters meme
   ∟ [½] downworlders  → Magnus Bane

Maguns Bane. He’s over 300 years old. And, as you can see, he’s not exactly shied away from the pleasures of every century. His tastes are both exquisite… and quite excessive…. [He is] one of the most powerful warlocks I’ve ever known.