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A Whole New Perspective

Request: “Draco x reader. Reader is blind nobody knows why Draco’s with her. Then a professor finds a cure. Does she like what she sees?”

Pairing: Draco x reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 2,061

Warnings: FLUFF!


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Whispers surrounded you, crept into your ears and consumed your mind. They were speaking about you. Hushed insults were the only thing escaping their mouths. You weren’t surprised to hear people talking about you, but their words still hit you hard.

“Why her?”

“She’s nothing but a speck on the sidewalk next to him.”

“He deserves more than that.”

Your chest began to tighten, your breathing echoing at a rapid pace. They thought you couldn’t hear them, yet you could hear every word. It was utterly unbearable.

Draco sensed the tenseness in your body as it quivered beside him, and he looked over in worry to see your hands gripping onto the table, your jaw tight.

“Y/N?” A large hand was placed upon yours, Draco’s voice entering your mind. “What’s wrong, love?”

You shook your head rapidly, darkness overwhelming not only your vision, but your mind. “I can’t do this. I hear everything. I hear it all, Draco. It’s terrible.” Your lips started to quiver, a sob threatening to rip from your chest.

Draco immediately knew what you meant, and he twisted his head around the room, spotting the group of people who were insulting you. Instantly, a glare grew upon his face, the girls instantly turning away from you with a roll of their eyes. Draco hissed under his breath then turned back to you to suddenly see you were gone, along with the cane that guided you throughout the castle.

Tears were already streaming down your face by the time you left. Your Potions professor, Slughorn, had noticed you storm out of the class, sending a worried expression Draco’s way.

“I-I’m sorry. I need to go after her.” Draco announced before running out of his seat and immediately leaving the class.

His ragged breathe reverberated through the corridors as he ran, almost immediately knowing where you went. You had this certain spot in the school that you isolated yourself in whenever you were feeling out of place or feeling self-conscious. Every time you hear people talking about you like they had today, you were run and hide there. That’s exactly where Draco had found you, cowering in the corner as sobs vibrated against the walls.

A sad sigh escaped his lips before he walked over to you, crouching above you and cradling you to his chest. “It’s alright, love. It’ll all be alright.” He whispered as you wrapped your arms around his stomach, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck.

Your voice was muffled as your lips moved against his neck. but he could make out what you had said almost clearly. “It’s not okay, Draco. I don’t even know what you look like. All I can see is what you’ve described for me, but that’s not enough. I should be used to being blind, but I know now that I will never move past the fact that I have to live with this, Draco.”

Draco listened intently, and rubbed your back soothingly as you poured your heart out to him.

“I can’t deal with hearing all of the things everyone thinks about us, about me. They say I’m not good enough for you, Draco. They say you deserve better, and I believe them. You deserve to love someone who you don’t have to worry about constantly, someone who knows what you look like, and can cherished that for the rest of your life, someone who doesn’t abruptly flip a switch whenever someone says something about our relationship. You do deserve better, and I’m sorry I can’t give you that.”

Silence dominated the corridor, more tears falling down your face as soon as you had got everything off your chess. Draco was silent, which you assumed was because of shock. Little did you know that before you had even finished your speech, he had started to cry.

All he wanted was to make you happy, but you weren’t happy. You were broken, just as broken as he was. And he never wanted that for you.

Suddenly, as Draco was deep in thought and tears fell down his face, you pulled away from him. He watched you wiped your eyes, practically noticing the guarded wall building up in front of him before his eyes.

“Don’t…” Draco begged, his voice breaking through the silence in the corridor. “Please…” He shook his head rapidly. “Don’t think like that.”

“It’s true.”

A sudden sob raked through Draco’s chest, and your heart shattered as the sound resounded against the walls. Draco was not shocked like you had assumed a second ago. He was hurting, and it broke your heart to think it was because of you.

“No it’s bloody not!” He bellowed, rising from the ground and turning away from you. He took a deep breathe before continuing in a much more calm manner. “Do you have any idea what you mean to me?” He turned back around to face you, a frown on your face. “Do you know what you do to me? I don’t care if you don’t know what I look like, I don’t care what other people say about you! I love you, and that’s it! It doesn’t matter what anybody else says, what matters is what we think.And you want to know what I think? I think you’re bloody beautiful! You’re the most brilliant girl I have ever met, and you are the most kindest, generous person in the world!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re blind or whether someone says that you are not good enough for me! You are good enough for me! You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I don’t want anybody else, Y/N! I just want you! Dammit, I’m bloody in love with you!”

Draco watched as you bit your quivering bottom lip, silent sobs shuddering through your chest and tears flourished the tips of your cheeks. You were left at a loss for words, a heap of broken flaws and unconditional love on the floor. Draco sighed, sitting down beside you and bringing you back against his body.
It was silent as you gripped his shirt and nuzzled your head into his chest, tears rolling down your cheeks.

“I-I…” You tried to calm yourself down, your ragged breathing slowly decreasing to steady, deep breaths. “I love you.” You finally whispered, your tone unequivocal and abiding.

Draco knew you were sure of what you just had confessed to him, the fact that it was the first time saying it to each other meaning so much more to the both of you. And in that moment, he knew that he will do everything he can to help you fix this. Whether it was doing something bizarre and sacrificing something from his part to help you or just helping you through things like this…

He will do anything for you.

Weeks later, and Draco kept the promise he made to himself the day he confessed his love for you. He had found something that could help you immensely. Rather, someone…

Professor Slughorn was a smart man who knew his material, but Draco had never thought he could conjure up such a potion as the one he had recently. You and Slughorn had become close ever since Dumbledore took your and Harry to recruit him, and ever since then, you had told him almost everything that was going on with you. That’s including what happened a few weeks ago with Draco.

Slughorn knew how much you were hurting, how much you craved the ability to see. So, as Slughorn finally had a day off from being a professor, he had mixed different ingredients and tested each potion he created on mouses and dogs, and soon, he had found the right one. It was a cure. A cure for your disability. Immediately, Slughorn had informed Draco about this, and today, he was finally going to introduce the potion to you.

Draco thanked Slughorn as he passed him a vile of the liquid, then caught up to you before you could leave the room with a large grin on his face.

“What did Slughorn want from you?” You asked as you sensed Draco by your side, the heat from his body radiating to yours immediately as he pulled you against his side.

“You’ll see…” He tutted before pulling you away from the crowd and toward the Great Hall.

“Where are you taking me, Draco?” You inquired curiously, hanging onto his arm as you felt him trying to sit you down on a bench like seat. “Are we in the Great Hall?”

“Yup! And I have a surprise for you!” Draco announced, sitting beside you on the bench and grabbing the vile from his pocket.

“Uh oh…” You teased, a large smile on your face. “Draco, what did you do?”

A jovial laugh escaped Draco’s lips, the lovely sound echoing in your ears as he shook his head. “What makes you think I did something?”

“You always do something, whether it’s good or bad.” You smirked, twiddling your hands on your lap.

Draco shrugged, silently agreeing with you but not admitting it. “Sorry, love, but I didn’t do anything this time. This was all another person’s creation.”

“Creation?!” You yelped, suddenly jumping away from Draco.

A chuckle released itself from his mouth as he watched fear paint its way upon your expression. “Don’t worry, beautiful. It’ll all be fine…” He grabbed your hand and placed the small vile in your palm, closing your fingers around it. “as soon as you drink that.”

You felt around the small container in your hand, your eyebrows furrowing.

“What is this, Draco? Is it a potion?”

Draco brought his hands up to your shoulders and starting rubbing comfortingly, eyeing the vile. “Just drink it.” He whispered, fluttering kisses upon your cheek and in the crook of your neck.

You sighed, opening the vile and raising it up to your mouth, lightly tilting your head back and swallowing the mysterious liquid. Suddenly, your body began to tingle, and the usual black darkness you saw behind your eyes turned white before colors began to enter your vision. You audibly gasped, your hand flying up to cover your mouth. The colors in your eyes turned to a light blur until your vision cleared up to the point where you could see perfectly clearly.

Draco watched as tears pricked at the edges of your eyes, the normal glaze in your orbs completely gone.

“Oh… my god…” You whispered, admiring your surroundings.

Your disability was gone, cured. You were no longer blind. A grateful sob escaped your mouth, your eyes enjoying the sight around you. It was more beautiful than people had described to you. It was something special, something… indescribable.

“Baby…” Draco cooed, wiping the tears from your cheeks, and rubbing his thumb against the damp skin soothingly.

You slowly twisted your head to look beside you, and your heart stopped as Draco’s ocean blue eyes connected with yours. He was beautiful, so much more beautiful than you had imagined. His blonde hair contrasted perfectly with his bright blue eyes and pale, milky skin. The green Slytherin uniform he wore under his black cloak made his skin almost glow, his chiseled jaw line brushing against his collar.

“What is it?” He smiled, the sight causing more tears to roll down your cheeks. His hand instantly cupped your face, and he brought your lips to his in a sudden passionate kiss.

You smiled against his lips, bringing your hands up to lace your fingers through his blonde hair. Draco pulled away when you both were in need of air, and placed his forehead against yours.

“Speak to me.” He cooed, running his fingers through your hair.

You shook your head, the fact you had the ability to see not sinking into your brain just yet. “I just…” You couldn’t believe it. You just couldn’t believe it. “I love you.”  Was all you had said before you had brought your hands up to cup his cheek, cherishing what was right in front of you.

Although you were able to see again, after spending your whole life without that ability, that was not the thing you were most grateful for. You were now seeing the world in a whole new perspective, and it was thanks to the love of your life, the Slytherin Prince, Draco Lucius Malfoy.

even though I don’t need an excuse to post gifs of Sebastian Stan, I think todays events just make me want to post so many it clogs up dashboards so we don’t see all the other crappy posts about this.

so here goes. 

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yes I could have tons more but this is enough for now. I think you get the point. I love Sebastian Stan so much and just want him to be happy and he makes me so freakin happy! 


Nothing could have prepared me to see Takasugi’s other expressions fully animated like this. It’s all new again, all beautiful to see. I could talk your ears off over how beautiful Takasugi is (as I tend to in my tags now and then), but I won’t - just know that I’m extremely, incredibly, indescribably happy over these scenes.

Not Worth Your Tears [Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins]


Can ii get a imagine with Roman and Seth where girls bf broke up with her and they try to cheer her up

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guys. i tried to hate seth because all colby has done but i freakin love him so much. ALSO Y’ALL HMU WHO HAS WWE 2K17 PS4?? id love to play someone<33

“Come on, (YBF/N), don’t be like this,” you sighed into your phone as you leaned against the hallway. “You know how hard I try to juggle my career and you.”

“I should come first,” he reminded you firmly.

You breathed in sharply through your nose, “of course, (YBF/N). You always come first. But you have to realize that I’m living my dream now. This is all I’ve ever wanted-”

“Oh, so I suppose I’m just a burden, then?” He ranted, causing you to squeeze your eyes shut in silent frustration.

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Can we talk about

How freakin happy Adam looks in the video for Humbug? He looks genuinely happy, not just putting on a smile like he did for much of his last tour. He was so excited about his Adam Young Scores; and for good reason I’ve loved every single one. He has in my mind mastered the score genre, which is something he’s wanted to do for sooo long. He’s a fantastic artist but more importantly a fantastic human and I’m glad to see him happy again.

Yet another tale of wedded bliss...

Before I get started, it’s important to know that sometimes Mr Lil says stupid things . Sometimes he means them (like the time he told me during a fight: ‘I only listen to like half of what you say and can’t even remember a tenth of that!’) and sometimes, as my father would say: his tongue gets caught on the roof of his mouth and he it causes him to trip and fall in the most spectacular way. 

So, those of you that have been married for a few years and maybe have a kid or two, know that after a while the prioritizing of time for ‘marital relations’ can get put on the back burner. That’s happened to us for two reasons. Mr Lil has a wacky schedule and a physical job. When he comes home the man’s tired! Secondly, we have to wait until we’re sure the kids are very much asleep because we got caught a few weeks back by the youngest. P seemed to buy the excuse of ‘we were just wrestling’, but still…it was unpleasant! (Yes, the solution would be to lock the door, but I think our house was built by the Mayans, and none of the doors have locks, many of the rooms don’t have doors!)

That brings us to the conversation I was having with my lovely husband today. We have a little date planned for Friday and since my sister will have both of the boys, I made a suggestion:

“Hey,” I said, with a twinkle in my eye. “You, know my sister will have the boys on Friday. If I can convince her to keep them overnight, do you think we could maybe get a little dirty?” I wink and smile (my most seductive smile, which is maybe not as sexy as I thought!).

Mr Lil sighs, glancing off across the room. The look on his face seems like consternation or resignation or constipation, I can’t really tell. Finally he says, “Yeah, I suppose I should just bite the bullet.”


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As soon as he says it he knows…HE KNOWS he’s said the wrong thing. He reaches for me, but I can’t stop laughing. I bat his hands away while he apologizes because I know what he meant. He hurt his shoulder about two weeks ago at work moving a patient, and he meant he’d have to work through the pain, but really… “bite the bullet”? 


And that, my friends, is marriage! 

(I’m still laughing!)

Things That Would Kill: Park Chanyeol
  • The way you laugh to yourself whenever he starts breathing really loud without noticing.
  • When you batt your eyes at him whenever you ask, “You like me, right?”-
  • and usually he likes to tease you by saying ‘No, where’d you get that idea?’ but sometimes he’d say things like ‘No, I love you.’ and THE WAY YOU WOULD BE FREAKIN’ SPEECHLESS IS SO PRICELESS TO HIM.
  • How your smile can heal him from anything and everything,
  • like seriously one smile from you makes him feel so much which is why his lock screen wallpaper is a picture of you grinning.
  • Your positive outlook on life, but also that realistic side of you that keeps him grounded in the things he pursues.
  • Whenever you’re completely unafraid to go get what you want,
  • but also those times where you’re unsure and he has the opportunity to give you the strength you always give him.
  • How he can feel you smile against his chest when you guys are cuddling in bed and he starts singing,
  • and he loves it even more whenever you harmonize with him.
  • Him catching you listening to his covers on soundcloud.
  • The way you fit into his side whenever you guys are walking and he pulls you in really, really close.
  • The blush of your cheeks when he does something super sweet,
  • and how you also do super sweet things for him-
  • like taking pictures of things that remind you of him and sending it to him while he’s working. 
    • Picnics,
    • Midnight movie showings,
    • Random, on the fly outings (seriously, like one time after dinner you just went “I wanna bike” and off you both went)
    • Concerts,
    • Camping at the beach
    • Just every cliche date ever he’s a sucker for those~
  • You tiptoe-ing to kiss him and you still can’t reach,
  • and he kind of looks at you with that ‘omg she’s so cute’ look and then he tiptoes just to tease you.
  • The way you tap the rhythm of the music you’re listening to on his hand with your thumb while you guys are holding hands.
  • You taking pictures of his skinship moments with his members on TV with the caption ‘why don’t you hold me like this?’
  • Him: *puckers his lips after you both, while watching TV, witness him pulling Baekhyun into a hug on live television*
  • You: *pretends not to notice*
  • Him: *leaning in more to get your attention*
  • You: *takes your phone* *dials Baekhyun’s number*
  • Him: “What are you doing?”
  • You: “You want a kiss right? I’m telling Baekhyun so he can come over and kiss you.”
  • And finally, the way you press your ear against his chest, right over his heart whenever you hug him because that way, he knows that you can hear just how much he loves you without him having to say it.

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-Karina :D
{I’m not doing these in any specific order, so if you want a certain member of a group to be done ASAP, you’re free to send a message and I’ll prioritize your member! Groups going to be done are EXO and Seventeen. I also go by how many times a member is requested!}

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Bendy the Demon, we know, you love Bendy so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Bendy, we KNOW , you love Bendy you freakin' love Bendy ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BENDY. WE GET IT.

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Hey Mod Todo! It's the person who asked if I could draw your fusion! So I posted it up and I just wanted to send you the link so you can see it: twitter. com /Craftsvim /status /841397762331623425 ; it was so much fun drawing him! Thanks again for letting me draw your fusion boy;v;!!!!!

     🌠 Mod Todo



AAAAHHHHHH, I’m calmed now – not really, I’m in freakin’ tears today.

I’m glad you thought he was fun to draw, that really makes me feel ALIVE !!  This is so good I literally saved it and stared at it for like 20 minutes straight while crying, this is a design I seriously love and getting fanart of it is just – -C R I E S.- I’m not used to be treated this well, I’m sorry, RIP.

Thanks you, like – THANKS YOU, his is so pretty, I’m still crying, I love this with my life and  s o u l, you rock, Ilu. ♥♥♥♥♥