I love him more than anything bruh

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Can you do a match up with me and the characters from Ouran Highschool Host Club? I'm 5"8 with short brown hair. I have tan-ish skin and larger than most girls, but most certainly not fat. I am incredibly weird, love to laugh, and don't really care about germs. (I once ate a squished gummy bear off the ground just to gross out my sister). I'm loud, and EXTREMELY empathetic. I tend to care about people's emotions more than anything else. Most importantly Iove to play pranks that don't hurt people

bruh ur wild ok

I pair you with Tanaka Ryuunosuke !

You and Tanaka would have a l o t of fun okay, him being a tad weird and all too. Neither of you would be awkward really together, always laughing and making jokes and being lively together. 

Tanaka would match you perfectly, always protecting you and making sure that you’re always happy (as you would do for him as well :3c). Since you’re incredibly empathetic, he would come to you whenever he was upset or needed someone to confide in. 

In return, he’d also listen to whatever problems you had, and would try his hardest to keep you happy. 

Playing pranks on him would be pretty easy, simple things that he for some reason could never see coming. He’d no it was in good fun though, and would try and scheme his own small little pranks. However, you can never prank the pranking master =u=