That one friend that’s an alien, but is tryna keep it on the DL

It was worth it, you know? 
Being loved, and loving you.
I’ll never regret it.
—  9:32 am. 4/30/15

“I’ve gotten more attached to Ed-e than I have with any other NPC in any game and the damned thing doesn’t even talk. I got so emotionally distressed when he died in lonesome road I instantly ran back to Primm to get my friend back with me. I missed that annoying buzzing sound.”

Fallout Confessions

I was scared so scared to fall for you, I didn’t know if I would be able to handle another betrayal. Promises were broken, my trust was taken for granted, people used my kindness to their full advantage. You oh you have no idea how strong you came onto me, I couldn’t turn away from you. I looked at you at and never looked back I knew I was safe, you were who I belonged to, you captured my heart. I love you more than words could ever explain I hope we never grow apart.
—  Nari, you and I just makes sense