You see, there’s this guy. He is…out of this world. I’ve never met someone so handsome, so caring and so loving in my life. He is sweet to everyone around him and to me. He treats me like I am worth something…like I am meant to be here. He makes me feel more confident with his words and his actions. “You’re beautiful”, he says. He gives me the most welcoming and comforting hugs I could ever think of, but his kisses? Oh, they give me butterflies. I wake up every morning, wondering how I was lucky enough to meet such a perfect human being.
—  12:05 a.m.

“What is happiness for you?” She asked.

“Happiness to me is a person. It’s him. It’s the way his fingers intertwine with mine and feeling his heartbeat against my palm. It’s his arms around me, pulling me closer to become enclosed in his pulsating warmth. It’s the way he kisses me and the fact that his lips fit perfectly with mine. Happiness is when I’m with him because, God, I know I’d rather be no where else. ”

—  Happiness is him. (R.n.g.)

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Tales of Zestiria - Mikleo (Luzrov Rulay)

“Get over yourself. 
Do you really think this is your dream alone?"
Don’t bother lying to me, I’m not stupid. I know you. I know you just as well as you know yourself. I know when you’re losing interest and when someone else has caught your eye. I know when you’re lying. I know when you’re telling the truth. I’m not stupid, I simply know you. I know you well enough to know when you’re lying, even if I’m not with you. Even if I can’t look you in your eyes or hear your voice. I’m not stupid. I know you. I know how you are. I know what you do. It’s the same thing every time; a never ending game.