What’s The Difference? All Men Are The Same…

This is the pose practice piece that turned into a drawing dedicated to Fanny that made me realize I liked her this morning. Yeaaaaaah Rouge is responsible for like half my bae list now XD Anyway, Fanny and Oswald belong to Disney, no idea who Brute belongs to and BABTQFTIM belongs to @thebbros

A translated Conversation I had with my abuela
  • me: I hate Trump it can't get any worse than this, Abie
  • abuela: Hunny I grew up with a dictator who was slaughtering people for fun and because they were too dark. He fed them to sharks.
  • me: I guess a dictator is worse
  • abuela: It is...but that doesn't mean I don't hate the son of a bitch Trump just the same. REVOLUTION
  • Me: ...

I’ve kept meaning to draw something for your birthday but art block has hit me hard, sorry bout that. I tried to tough through it tonight though so here you go, here’s Aurora, happy belated birthday!

((GASP OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH????? THANK YOU LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER you captured her so well!! This is a great gift!! I appreciate you getting out of your funk to draw me this I hope you can make it through your art block!))

Not Everything Broken Can Be Fixed

LET ME HUG MY NEW WAIFU OMG NO! I found this drawing from yesterday in my camera roll, why did I do two sad drawings of this angel last night? I just, I just wanna hug her and take her home, she deserves hugs and hot chocolate and someone who will take the time and energy to treat her right, the poor thing! I love her to pieces and I will fucking break the fourth wall so I can kill the asshole that is Brute so she can be happy god damnit! Anyway, Fanny belongs to Disney and the quest AU belongs to @thebbros

today was a very soothing day i got to see sara and we sprayed my hair teal and we ate mango sorbet that tasted like actual sliced up mangos which was amazing and then we watched grace and frankie and took a nice walk listening to beach house