The only thing you deserve is everything you f*cking want, and I don’t think you should settle for anything less than that.
—  Nicole Torres // don’t settle

sarahhime  asked:

Fellow mommy artist hello~ my son is coming up on 2 years old and it really is hard to find time and energy to draw. By the time I have a chance my art block has me sitting there staring at a screen until it's time for bed and nothing ever happens :(

lol yep! sounds about right 8D i literally only had a consistent art time when my girl was napping, and that has stopped for me in the last year [she is 4 now]. so basically i only draw when she’s gone to bed, and when the hubby isn’t dragging me off to watch shit. sooo. not often looool. basically just…try to take any chance the kid is entertaining them self to doodle or pick at something. it takes forever to get shit done but at least you are doing something lol. [this is why there are big ol gaps between any kinds of posts for me xD;;;] 


Seriously. Prepare yourselves. It’s wonderful ❤

I’m so proud of keisha tho?? like my anxious baby quit her job, raced all over the country, put up with some paranormal bs, broke into a police station, saved a girl as best she could, survived at home, went back to her job, faced those thistle men like a badass, impressed some hardcore mystery military, found her strength and found alice. even if it was more alice finding her. and now she’s going to keep driving her truck like an absolute badass. (like alice had better be impressed tbh)