I love animes for kids

“I’ve always loved animals but I never got to have them as a kid. My mom’s not an animal person. When I got older I really wanted to get a dog, so I lived in a 200 square foot studio in New York with a 200 pound dog I got on Craigslist. I moved here in October and I got this little guy here from ARNO, Animal Rescue New Orleans. And for a big dog and a small dog they get along really well!”

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What is your favorite color what is one of your favorite books did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child

I got this message and I was like “wha?” and then I realized I had queued an ask meme and it had posted while I was napping an someone actually answered it.

Hello anon. :)

Favorite color is olive green.

I did have some well loved stuffed animals as a kid, but what I really had was a pillow called Pillowee.  (Yes, the pillow had a name.) It was pink and lacy and had a picture of dancing bears on it. (I did a google search to see if I could find this thing because it was from a very common baby ‘set’ with a pillow and blanket from the late 80s/early 90s and when my parents realized my attachment, they bought a back up, which ended up coming in useful, because one Pillowee got lost, never to be seen again. The other is basically a rag now. The blankets are still around and in good condition, though.) Anyway, it basically conditioned me to sleep with a small pillow on top of a normal pillow, and I actually still do that today, don’t judge. Not still Pillowee, but a smallish like … airline pillow on top of my normal pillow. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep without a little airline pillow.

Favorite book is super hard for me because I guess … what’s the criteria for ‘favorite’? There I books that I wish I’d written (in the sense that they tell stories I wish I was good enough to tell or have a style of writing I wish I could emulate). There are books that aren’t necessarily technically impressive, but something about them really stuck with me, or they sucked me into a fandom for a long time or otherwise had a huge influence on my life. There are books that I’ll reread because I want to feel a particular way again. There are books I learned to love because I studied them, that I wouldn’t have necessarily appreciated if I’d read them on my own…

So I feel like I’ve been turning this around in my head a lot, and my temptation is to pick something by Truman Capote, because he was my favorite writer for a long time in the sense that I just wanted to read everything he wrote, and he’s the one of the first writers I read where I was like “omg this character is queer” – because I wasn’t being exposed to a lot of characters who were queer in a way that was completely unambiguous, but to me, as a young teenager, the queerness of the narrator in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was very clear.  He’s kind of an obvious choice for me.  But also, I could say something like The Lord of the Rings or pick a particular Harry Potter book…

After all that rambling, what I’m actually going to say is So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane because it was one of the first books I read with a latino protagonist, which was pretty exciting for a kid growing up and feeling detached from their heritage who just didn’t see a lot of latino characters in anything I was reading or watching at the time. Also, if Truman Capote is ‘one of the first’ writers I saw where I identified queer characters, Diane Duane is the first. I was in sixth grade and had only, within the past year or so, started reading fanfiction and discovered the idea of slash and queer couples who didn’t get representation in most of the media I was exposed to, and the Young Wizards books had Tom and Carl. It’s not like a lot of time is spent on their relationship, but they’re two adult men (in a book where the main characters are teenagers) who act as mentors and live together and, if I recall correctly, share a pet parrot(?) named Peaches(?) and just … look, they’re gay. The role models for the main characters are a gay couple. And little 11 or 12 year old me latched on to all that pretty hard. 

It’s also the first series I wrote fanfiction for – I had to request that Fanfiction.net make a category for Young Wizards because one did not exist yet and my (now deleted) story was the very first Young Wizards fanfiction in the category. (I think a few others were floating around in the ‘Miscellaneous Fiction’ category before me.)

Watching Megamind because it’s been too long and I love this movie. I mean Will Ferrell and Tina Fey together, how can it be anything other than glorious?!

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How old are you? Do you think that animes are for kids?

I’m 20 and no I don’t think all anime is for kids at all!  Some of it is really cynical and dark or they have adult humor/inappropriate things in it that are definitely not for children.  

I think animes such as Pokemon are for kids, definitely but that also doesn’t mean adults can’t watch it.  I still love Pokemon and enjoy watching it.

There are definitely some animes for kids and some that are geared towards adults but anyone can watch anything really!

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Wow u like spirited away ??? Best animated movie ever !!

Haha yes, I loved it so much as a kid. I think that movie fucked my mind up a bit but that’s okay.

5 Things That Makes Me Happy

So I’ve been asked to list five things that makes me happy so here they are:

1. “My mom” Because she’s been the only person who’s been there for me, in today’s world mothers aren’t bring their kids up right these days, but my mom taught me well, and I am who I am today because of her, if it wasn’t for her I don’t know where I’d be. I Love you Mom. <3

2.”Animals” As a kid I’ve always been interested in animals, I used to watch Crocodile Hunter for hours as a kid! R.I.P. Steve Irwin. :’(

3. “Helping people” it’s something that’s in my character even when there’s times I don’t want to, I just can’t turn my back on people and it really makes me happy when I was able to help that person or even if I couldn’t they at less know I cared enough to try.

4. “People who thinks I’m nice” It always put a smile on my face, it’s so flattering when compete strangers tell me that I’m nice, I just can’t help but smile and say “Thank you.” XD

5. “Talking to my friend” I really enjoy talking to her, she’s like one of few friends I have that means a lot to me, and truly open up to. Because I’ll be honest, I’m not good at opening up toward people, so I’m super blessed to have her, you know who you are “Shorty.” ;)

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5, 10, 16, 28?

5. list all anime you have ever watched

that’s too much, idk if i even remember everything, but i started watching anime when i was abt 9 years old and only took a one or two year break …. … so 12 years worth of anime watching (holy shit)

10. favorite anime animal sidekick

when I think about it, Gatomon from Digimon and Tiger from Monster Rancher 

16. 10 best animes you have watched

Monster, Wedding Peach (i loved it as kid, shaddup), Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball / Z, DoReMi, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh! (only the seasons with Yugi tho), Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Barakamon, Tiger & Bunny, Neon Genesis Evangelion and there are a couple more but yea naming these

28. most upsetting moment in anime, why

the Tokyo Ghoul anime adaption, Kaworu Nagisa (self explanatory)

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I fantasize about being financially stable with a job I love and a wonderful, loving, genuine, smart mad whom I love even more with a few kids and several animals in a quaint house in a sunny city by the sea. Also losing thirty lbs. lolol

I can get on this train.

theres been so much vegan stuff on my dash recently and its kind of making me want to go vegan,    mostly bc it was something i wanted to do as a little kid  bc i love animals A Lot but it was impossible it at the time

but im a really picky eater  so idk if i’d be able to cope lmao

Happy 2 months baby! Omg I love you so fucking much! I love how she can make me smile when I’m in the worst mood ever and how I can make her smile. I love how we text all day and then talk on the phone all night. I love how when she smiles at me her little dimples show, it is so adorable! I love how amazing she is with kids and animals because I want a future with her. I love how she sends me cute texts for no reason! I love how shes still shy with me even though she have no reason to be but it’s adorable. I love how she understands me even when I don’t myself. She is always there for me and I appreciate it so much. She’s the person I go to when I just need to rant or I need advice but she always helps me and makes me feel better. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m never letting her go and I’m not going to let anything come between us! I love you Danica Kathyrn Daly. Always. danicadaly ❤️❤️

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Hello darling, I was hoping you could ship me with someone? I'm really quiet, but when I get comfortable around people, I'm very sarcastic and witty. I'm great with kids and (most) animals, exceptionally smart, I love singing, drawing, acting, photography..... basically anything to do with art. I'm also a major bookworm. Umm, I'm 5'7, I have blonde hair, big blue eyes, and very VERY fair skin. Thanks!!!

I think that you and the Potter boy would make a great couple!

-So potter I see that you have been distracted lately, is there something bothering you? - professor Lupin asked

-Hm… girl problems sir

-huh mhm oh yeah! please tell me!- professor lupin said while laughing

-its..its y\n sir. I have feelings for her but i don’t know what to do.. I’m afraid she will never like me the same way- harry said while looking down.

-Oh yes yes Miss Y\L\N! Such a bright young lady! oh but don’t you worry harry, I’ve seen the way she looks at you in class, I believe Miss Y\L\N may have feelings for you too! Oh look there she is! -he says and then points at you.

-Do you really think that i stand a chance professor?

-You’ll never know if you don’t try Potter!

Feeling confident harry starts walking towards you.

-Oh young love haha - Lupin says to himself

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Hi~~ can you ship me with bts and got7 please? I'm 17,my height is 158cm,I'm really skinny even though I love to eat a lot & being lazy,my eyes are brown & I dyed my hair dirty blonde(planning on dying it lilac).I live in a small country from Europe,it's called Moldova.I can be shy at first but actually I'm childish,loud and annoying.I love learning languages,singing,animals & kids. I'm cute in public but I can have very dirty thoughts hehe. Thanks in advance, love you to Neptune and back (^◇^)

Hello! Yes we can! and we love you from Pluto and back! haha thanks for requesting, Hope you like them and sorry for the wait!

In BTS, I shall ship you with… Taehyung! I think he would be really into your style like lilac hair and he’d just be fascinated and curious with it, haha. I think he is the kind of boyfriend to take care of his gf so I see him buying you a lot of food (if not cooking) so you can eat to your hearts content. He would be able to deal with your child-like personality and would not find you annoying at all since he is the same way, He would admire the fact that you love kids and animals because he does, too! He especially wants to have kids one day and the fact that you are good with them is a plus for him. He would love to hear you sing, I can see him wanting to cuddle up to you and asking you to sing to him. You also say that you love learning languages and you guys would be able to communicate back in forth between Korean, Japanese, or whatever languages you know and it would just be this fun exchange. He might be a little uncomfortable with the dirty thoughts of yours but your more adultish side combined with your cute side would grow on him. 

~Gyeong Bi *(^_^)*

For your GOT7 ship, I hereby chose Jackson. Both of you are very much alike. First steps in the relationship you will both try to understand each others languages and and even more with the way both of you are on track in learning all the languages in the world. Jackson is an animal person as well and both of you will have multiple animals pretty much hanging around the place you guys will be living in as well as them running around from both of your love and affection as well as constant singing, good or bad, Jackson will be one of those boyfriends that will that will go along everything you do and then some but the difference will be is that he will set out his dirty thoughts out loud in front of everyone instead of in secret. And he will no doubt love everything about you regardless of anything and will show you that love like no other.

~~Kyung Soon! :3

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may i please have an EXO-M/ EXO-K ship please I'm 5'5, brown hair,hourglass figure,pale,i was born in '95 Im turning 20 tomorrow, im a taurus, I cosplay, music lover, anime geek, sarcastic humor, kind of quirky,I love to cook, i draw,write, play piano somewhat,I love kids and animals, and i sing(only when im alone, im really shy) people think im cold and off putting at first, but when they get to know me they say im sweet as sugar, im just really shy around new people. I love to laugh. Thank you

Hey sweetie. Happy late birthday though. Sorry I missed it.

For M, I ship you Kris

So people think you are cold at first but actually you are really sweet huh? That sounds like Kris. He tries to play his “cold” image all the time but we all know that he is actually a cute lovable dork. I can see you two pretending being “cold” but you two secretly laugh because you know you two are the sweetest people. I think Kris will actually enjoy your quirky and sarcastic sense of humor. His humor is also really quirky as he always tries to be seen cool but than he fails. It is so hilarious. You can always tease him for that. And since you love drawing too than maybe you can give some lessons to Kris lol. I mean his artworks are amazing.

For K, I ship you with D.O.

Awww look at this cutie! D.O. is also a lovely anime geek. He was even seen watching his favorite tennis anime lol. And he is also the chef of the group. You two can make meals together. I bet it will delicious. I think D.O. will enjoy singing to you and maybe hearing you sing. D.O. seems like the type of person that won’t push anyone into doing what they don’t like (except hurting Baekhyun lol). He won’t force you to sing but maybe he would secretly want to hear your lovely voice. D.O. is also shy around new people but I am sure you two will get comfortable at some point.

- Admin J (I hope you like your ships)

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What age did you start drawing?

I honestly can’t remember, I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I come from a family of artists, my dad being the artist one and his side being very talented. I would draw animals as a kid, and then cartoons that I loved watching. I also tried to imitate my dad; who was really good with realism and he had a hand in the graffiti arts movement that started here in the 1980s.

What I miss most about drawing as a kid is that, I didn’t care much about my art. I just did it; I wasn’t worried about what others would think. Because no matter what I drew, it was always beautiful and a work of art to people that saw it. ;u;

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ykw i've sent my url for this meme before but. yolt. redhxnded if you're not sick of me

My Opinion on;

Character in general: hahahahaha lemme tell you a thing. jason todd is my reason for getting up in the morning. i loved red x in the teen titans animated series because as a kid i loved the mystery that he could be anyone. but now that i’m older i adore the character for more than that, and i’m probably reading too much into it, but. red x is both good and bad, he toes the line, he’s certainly not a hero, but he’s not evil, he’s not even bad enough to really be considered a villain, because though his only true loyalty is to himself, he’s never left the titans floundering when he could lend a hand. he’s gone out of his way to back the team up. a villain wouldn’t do that. and i think there’s something really compelling about a character that is neither good nor evil, who has selfish intentions and skewed morals, yet helps the good guys whenever it counts. and i love the fact that throughout the entire show, you never discover who he is. and i think that’s a huge part about why the red x character works so well. we don’t need to know who he is. he could be anyone. and anyone is capable of both good and bad. but when i looked into it a little more and discovered the various theories fans had concocted about who he might be, i latched onto the jason todd theory with all my heart and soul to be honest
How they play them: i love gracie’s portrayal so much gosh. gracie loves jason so much and does him so much justice, but more than that, she realizes that jason as red x is a different jason to robin or red hood, and she’s tweaked him appropriately, she’s got this perfect balance of canon and headcanon and has managed to take this fan theory and run with it so far that she’s developed a complex and enthralling rendition of jason, to the point that i have no doubt in my mind that red x is jason todd. he has to be. gracie said so. i will not accept any alternative. and to take the red x persona, that only appeared in like 4 episodes of the show, and build upon it like she has? like w o w
The Mun: sick of you??? are you serious????????? never wtf. i love gracie wtf. baecie tho let’s be real. what a sweetie. one of my all time faves. 

Do I:

RP with them: cries into hands about the jayroy verse
Want to RP with them: always

What is my;

Overall Opinion: <3<3<3<3

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty


I haven’t posted on here in a while, and I haven’t had a chance to configure my digital art setup since I got home. Having to take care of a puppy and get ready for a new job does that to you. 

Here are some of the illustrations I did from my last job as comic artist at the University of Texas at Austin’s student paper The Daily Texan, where I drew illustrations for articles in the paper as well as my own personal comic Wild Boy.

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5'3 trans guy, turned 18 today. Blue eyes, blonde and purple hair, pre-op. I play roller hockey and spend way too much time on the internet. I love animals and kids. Pansexual polyamorous. huge nerd, star wars, lord of the rings, marvel, spongebob. obsessed with Pentatonix and drag queens. daddy to an adorable 2 year old named Madison Grace

okay you say in a later message that i know you IRL and that puts so much more pressure on thisss oh my gosh ive been desperately going through my facebook but I didnt find anybody matching that description?? not that I can think of? and only one person(according to my feed) had a birthday yesterday and they were turning 22. You should absolutely message me off of anon and i’m sure I would love to talk to you. I recognize the name Madison Grace too… 

but yes you sound cute? IDK if i know you irl i honestly can’t say. you sound cute though yes. 

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I would date you.