I love Sherlock I want season 4 ;-;

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relationship status: in a rel w my fave @exxistens !
favorite colours: my favorite color is blue
pets: two cats, tezla and tiger(mom came up with the names dont judge me)
chapstick or lipstick: probably chapstick
last song I listened to: teenage angst - placebo
favourite TV show: i never watch tv shows but oitnb i guess havent seen season 4 though((((edit: HER STORY its the best i love it herstoryshow.com ))))
first fandom: im just gonna pretend that it wasnt sherlock
hobbies: writing, listening to music, thats about it

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bbc sherlock

hi lovely followers~ just a heads up that my blog might expand from being mostly hibike, band, and 00Q to also including sherlock (mostly johnlock) and bondlock stuff, especially since sherlock season 4 is coming soon. thanks! i hope all of you will stay with me, but i understand if you want to keep your dash clear :)

I was tagged by @poodle-haired-poe Thank you so much. I hope you don’t mind if I only answer the questions. It’s been a busy week and still is. I’ve been mostly on mobile which makes doing these a bit of a pain in the booty. Rules: Answer 11 questions, tag 11 people, add 11 questions of your own. 

 1. What fandoms will you always hold close to your heart? Sherlock for sure. I can’t wait for the great awakening when the new episodes air. 

 2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? Anything sweater/ hoodie like. Long sleeved, which kind of sucks because I live in a tropical climate and don’t get to wear long sleeved clothing often, unless I want to swim in a pool of sweat that is. 

 3. Favorite Season and why? Fall, because Halloween. Also, rainy days. I love rain. 

 4. If you could live in any fandom universe, which would it be and why? Oh dear. Hmmmmm…. Maybe Doctor Who. Maybe Star Trek. Or Star Wars. Anything science fantasy or science fiction that involves exploring space. 

 5. Best Starter Pokemon? I’m not sure. I do play PokemonGo but really all I do is capture. My son kind of does the rest. Lmao. 

 6. Do you have a comfort movie/show? The Office [U.S.]. I keep returning to this show over and over and over. 

 7. Favorite animal? Meerkats. Mischievous little things they are. One of many TBH. 

 8. Name one thing you are good at. and dont fucking say nothing! Math, in general solving mathematical riddles. 

 9. Favorite ship? ((you can say character/you)) Poe with pretty much anyone in the universe, real or fictional. Lmao. 

 10. Drink of choice? Non alcoholic: Dr. Pepper Alcoholic: Irish Cream or anything with mint really. Not picky. 

 11. post your favorite GIF! The combination of those. Lmfao.

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