I love Sherlock I want season 4 ;-;

Good things about TLD (in no particular order)

- John looking genuinely offended when people don’t believe he writes the blog

- “the man we both love”

- Sherlock asking John if he’s okay because he doesn’t want him to leave yet

- HUG + “it is what it is”

- “I’m Sherlock Holmes I wear the Damn hat [ISN’T THAT RIGHT MARY?]”

- Mycroft being asked out by Lady Smallwood and just not ??? getting it ???

- Sherlock complaining that the vase he’s drinking from isn’t clean

- Imaginary Mary being hilarious and adorable and a total badass (also seemingly a hardcore johnlock shipper)

- Learning so much of what John thinks but doesn’t dare to admit through imaginary Mary

- “You’re done with the world being explained to you by a man. Well who isn’t.”

- “I DON’T WANT TO DIE” (broke my fucking heart)

- Bad cereal puns

- “IT’s funNY CoS It’S TruE”

- MRS HUDSON kidnapping Sherlock in a boot and forcing him to meet John and owning a badass car and being on the phone with the British government while driving way past speed limit listening to Beethoven and being chased by the police.

- Spelling Fuck off on the tracer

- “You’re suicidal, you’re allowed chips”

-  “Taking your own life. Interesting expression. Taking it from who? Once it’s over it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.” honestly one of my favorite quotes ever

- The way the episode dealt with self harm and suicide in general really

- Faith / Eurus was so charming for some reason

- Yay Irene Adler mention

- John Watson owning up to how shitty he’s been lately and hence allowing me to stop hating him

- Also John finally being able to cope with his grief and guilt and reaching some kind of internal peace with Mary and himself

- Sherlock and John reunited again

- thE TWIST AT THE END (I genuinely thought it was Moriarty for a second though)

These are John’s words.
At the end of the last episode Mary said that she knows what Sherlock and John could become. Mary wants that John became who he really is, who he wants to be. With Sherlock. Sooo. Bisexual.
Mary knew. John knows. And now John is ready. I am sure he talked with Mary about his real sexuality because after all he loves her, she is his clever wife and perhaps she knew it before John…
I mean, this is just what I think about those words. And as a Johnlock shipper is very clear and evident and true to me.
John wants to be who he really is, finally, what Mary knows he is.
And Sherlock is there to help him and be who John needs him to be.

I am crying.

Also, when Mary says who they really are doesnt matter i think she is saying that they dont have to warry about what they feel, they can live their love. They are free now. Now that she is gone they can finally love the right person.
She is just misunderstood and I belive in her good intentions in her words.
I dont love her, she is still someone who i can’t love as a character in the show cause she did so many bad things.

Anyway, I miss them. So much.

What Do You Know About Babies? (Sherlock x Reader)

A/N: My first ever Sherlock fic!! I’ve loved Sherlock for a very long time and just recently finished Season 4!! I love the idea of Sherlock taking care of Rosie for John! A quick warning though, SPOILERS!!! This does kinda take place between the events of The Lying Detective and The Final Problem! I wanted Rosie to still kinda be a baby instead of a toddler like she is at the end of The Final Problem. I hope you enjoy it!! xx

Warnings: SPOILERS, flustered Sherlock!, protective Dad!John

Notes: Words in italics are flashbacks.

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You hadn’t known Sherlock Holmes for very long. You met him when he came to interrogate you about the murder of one of your colleagues. ‘A Deadly Lesson’ Dr. Watson had called it. A rather funny name for the case of the dead professor. You were a professor as well, a professor of English Literature. 

You remember meeting Sherlock Holmes all right. You caught his attention fast. He’d met people like himself before. Typically they were criminal masterminds or a sibling, but never someone who “teaches books” as he put it.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” the gray-haired detective inspector said warmly, sticking out a calloused hand. You shook it and smiled kindly at him. “I’m Detective Inspector Lestrade, and this is Sherlock Holmes, the other detective I mentioned on the phone.”

“Yes, I’m Sherlock Holmes, pleasure to meet you Miss…” the tall, curly-haired companion of Lestrade’s said, also sticking out a hand.

“Dr. (Y/L/N), but (Y/N) is just fine, Mr. Holmes,” you responded, shaking his hand in turn. He looked taken aback by the title of doctor but whipped out his cellphone and began to text. “Coffee, Detective Inspector?” You reached for the pot of coffee behind you.

“Oh, no, I already…” he began to say before you cut him off.

“I know you already had some. You had some black coffee at the office hoping to wash away the bitter taste of last night’s one night stand with something even more bitter. Clearly, it didn’t work. So how about some good coffee to replace the bitterness?” Lestrade stood stunned and out of the corner of your eye you could see Sherlock smirk, never taking his eyes off of his phone. 

That was the first and last time you met Sherlock Holmes. He was very kind, rather attractive, and undoubtedly clever. He solved the murder that day. You were impressed. You had read the blog but to see it happen in person was very impressive. He reminded you of a detective novel you had read when you were younger. Who was it by? Sir Aaron… Andrew Conan… Oh, it doesn’t matter. 

You met Sherlock Holmes two weeks ago. You never expected to get a text from him of all things. Perhaps a call to your office but how he got your cell number was beyond even someone as clever as you. 

It was about 7:30 PM on Friday night. You were settling down into your comfy chair with a cup of tea and Hemingway. Your phone lit up on the end table. That was odd. You had just moved to London at the beginning of this school year and hadn’t made any friends close enough to text you on a Friday night. 

You placed a slip of paper in your book and picked up your phone. 

Help me. SH

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Hello, Sherlock. Is this urgent? Because I’m not having a good day. Molly, I just want you to do something very easy for me and not ask why. Oh, God! Is this one of your stupid games?No, it’s not a game. I need you to help me.Look, I’m not at the lab. It’s not about that.Well, quickly, then. Sherlock! What is it, what do you want?

TFP: The Phone Call

After we watched the episode my husband and I had two entirely different take aways from that scene and I wanted to address them here. His interpretation was in short that he felt bad for Molly and thought the scene was humiliating for her. He did not think Sherlock loved her and was almost shocked that I did… until I explained my reasoning.

Opens with Eurus setting up the new “case”. Someone is going to die and ““It will be a tragedy, so many days unlived, so many words unsaid, ecetera, ecetera, ecetera”  IMO she was referring to Molly’s death leaving Sherlock with words unsaid. Remember this is Eurus. Her deduction needs to be complex, something all others miss, and devastating to Sherlock. I don’t think deducing that the lonely doctor is in unrequited love with Sherlock meets that criteria by a long shot. But to deduce that Sherlock loves her as well but hasn’t realized it yet DOES.

When he sees the coffin lid and the engraving, the victim becomes clear. Notice the change in his demeanor fom high energy rapid deduction to slow dread. He turned away from the lid, eyes closed in pain looking devastated. His mouth is agape and he breathes so heavily his chest rise is easily seen. His voice cracks on describing Molly as ‘alone’.

He starts the call thinking, like I think most did, that the point was to make him hurt her, seeming to manipulate her much in the way he used to tell her insincerely about her hair and lipstick. He tries to keep it straightforward, business like but rapidly flips between aloof and panicked, the first real crack appearing when she says she is not an experiment,

She says that she can’t say she loves him because it is true. This seems to subtly affect him and he appears touched in a sad way. He might have suspected it but for him to truly know is another thing entirely.

And then she requests HIM to say it first. Now, my husband saw it as a desperation, like a pathetic need to hear him say it as if she would take any morsels he threw her way. Uh, don’t worry, I disabused him of that shit.

They have a complicated past that started with manipulation and since they moved on from that Molly hasn’t gone back. She is repeatedly referred to by other characters as one of the few that can really “see” or “see through” Sherlock and is one of the only ones who can make him apologize. So from her perspective, if she is going to play this game, if she’s going to humiliate herself by saying it (and she knows she can’t say it without meaning it) then she needs to hear him say it first to put them on equal ground. He’s going to have to put his pound of flesh on the table first.

And this, my friends, is where he really starts to crumble. Why? Does he think Molly will believe it if he says it and the fact that he doesn’t will hurt her? As I stated above if she were a casual friend, her hurt would be worth her life and he could easily lie and say them (like he did with Janine). Also I don’t see how a reasonable woman like Molly would take this as an actual admission of love, not from Sherlock under such strange circumstances. See here my friends, much like Molly, HE CAN’T SAY THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE, even if he is just in this very moment realizing it.

He says it. Twice. The first feeling forced as if pried from his lips with his eyes closed. But the second comes out almost breathlessly, earnestly with a hint of wonder as he looks directly at her though she cannot see him. When she says it back, he collapses in relief and announces to Eurus he won.

But she is from the same mentality of ‘sentiment is a defect found on the losing side” and mocks all his “complicated little emotions” and tells him he did not save her as she was never in any danger from Eurus in the first place.

“What have you done to yourself?” she asks. He has allowed himself to admit he loves Molly and now there will be no going back. He realizes that Eurus knew it even before and set this all up to expose him, make his vulnerable and tear down the man he thinks of himself to be. He is stunned, walking to the coffin lid to confront this new aspect of himself, jaw clearly clenching before carrying it to the coffin where he set it down. The entire time his eyes are on the engraved words, reading them.

“I love you”.

Yes, he now knows. He does. 

He lets out a wry breath, a expression of his disbelieving acceptance and almost reverently slides his hand over top before

Absolutely. Losing. His. Shit.

And this is the one my husband could not refute and actually stopped mid sentence and said “You’re right.” (I also ran through all the significant moments between the two in all prior episodes as a reminder. Surprise, he forgot most of them.)

Sherlock destroys the coffin as he rebels against this thought. He doesn’t want to love. It only leads to pain… illustrated most recently by the agony he and Molly are now in.

It isn’t torture. Its vivisection.

yorkiepug replied to your post “F#*K, just when I feel like I am letting go of my anger and…”

I feel ya, mine comes in waves. One second I think I’m getting over it and then suddenly I’m mad as hell all over again.

Yep. It comes and goes.  I think Sundays ore bad for me because after the busy work week, it’s  finally Saturday and I get to spend time in fandom and on  AO3 reading  amazing fan fics.  Stories  so staggeringly superior to what Mofftiss dribbled out  their backsides for series 4.  SOOOO much better!!

I also get to see lovely edits art and gifs of John Watson being a positive force in Sherlock’s life, and in general relive all the season 1 and 2 love, even some season 3 love.  Then by Sunday I wake up and realize there WAS actually a season 4 and it hits me fresh  how abso-fucking-lutely horrible it was.  BANG!! Pissed off again.    I want my real John Watson back and I want Sherlock to stop being hurt. I want the “imperishable friendship “  back in place.   I seriously cannot accept what Mofftiss did to the characters and the spirit of the show.  I cannot accept Saint Mary or a baby or a world where John Watson beat the hell out of a Sherlock Holmes  who he knew was already not far from dying.

See!! Angry.  It is Sunday again.   Sigh.  I have been re reading ACD original stories to try to recover what season 4 ripped from my heart.

Bad Teeth [Sherlock Holmes x Reader]

Author’s Note: This is another one of those times where I’m posting something I’d written long ago, for the sake of posting. I did want to write a fic today but of course, homework comes first, and part of my homework involves writing a lot of poetry, which depleted my creativity for the day! And now I’m very tired. I need to watch season 4 of Sherlock still. When I have the time. So then I can maybe start writing new things for the lovely detective.

Word Count: 298

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minolyn  asked:

Apropos helping people understand season 4, there's just one thing I absolutely fail to understand from T6T: why did Sherlock ask Mrs. Hudson to say the word "Norbury"? - I pride myself in being able to understand everything, at least to SOME degree, by the end of every Sherlock episode, but this one completely eludes me no matter how many times I watch it. It looks completely nonsensical. Can you shed some light on this matter for me?

Yeah, I’d love to help people understand season 4… but what I’d love more is if more people actually wanted to understand it as it is. Instead of, you know, so many fellow fans just kind of disliking my favorite show and rejecting or dismissing everything that doesn’t immediately make sense or feel good as fake, stupid, and/or otherwise wrong. This, after so many of us spending years overanalyzing everything in the show and assuming everything meant something… which I wasn’t necessarily on board with either. This is much worse though. More painful. Not that one can actually help that sort of reaction! I know that. And I know it sucks for everyone. It’s awful to lose something you love, and people deal in various ways, even if I wish those ways didn’t have to be so difficult to watch. It’s a sucky, sad situation all around to see a large portion of fandom implode before your eyes, and really having nowhere to go. As far as I am aware of, it’s not that I’m super great at writing meta on plot or other assorted little detail stuff, nor is it that I feel I understand everything (though I try, and I’m pretty good at that too). What I meant earlier is just that as far as I know, no one else but Ivy is really working consistently to write Johnlock-friendly meta about Series 4 right now. Wah.

Still, knowing there’s some people who still care about figuring out the little details (like… um, as in, assuming they are real), that helps me. So thank you!

I think the whole thing with Norbury is multi-layered. He initially accepted his fate when Norbury was about to shoot him, ‘cause he expected to die after cheating death in both TRF and HLV, in a sequence of events that @ivyblossom described. This failure to react due to his arrogance in needing to taunt Norbury, to be clever (yet again!), as well as the carelessness about and acceptance of his own inevitable death, resulted in Sherlock failing to ‘protect’ Mary, which both devastated him and seemed to result in him losing John. He’d seemingly been taught a lesson about his arrogance and fixation on his own cleverness multiple times (the last time was just in HLV with Magnussen!), but he’d always gotten away with it because Sherlock doesn’t consider danger to himself to be paying too high a price. He’d come perilously close to disappointing John (and Mary) at Appledore, but in the end he did shoot Magnussen and ‘fixed’ it. Here, someone else had to ‘fix it’, and this cost him the person he holds most dear in the world.

Now, the combination of Sherlock’s major weaknesses, which had led to his biggest mistakes ever since ASiP and the cabbie– his arrogance and his death-wish– resulted in the loss of both Mary and John in one fell swoop. More specifically, he’d lost the one constant in his life: John’s faith in him. Sherlock is devastated on many levels. He says in TLD that still doesn’t know what to do with the ‘currency’ of continued life that he’d been granted, not least because that life would now be without John by his side. But he’s learned something, too. So he tells Mrs Hudson:

SHERLOCK: If you ever think I’m becoming a bit … (he pauses and swallows) … full of myself, cocky or … (he pulls in a breath) … over-confident …
SHERLOCK (turning on his seat to face her): … would you just say the word ‘Norbury’ to me, would you? (x)

This is the equivalent of ‘Vatican Cameos’. A codeword for Sherlock remembering his fallibility, his humanity. A reminder that he has to ‘save the life’ no matter what. An admission that he’s only human, I think, and a vow to do better. To be better from now on: to be worthy of the ‘beautiful gifts’ he was born with, but more importantly, to be worthy of the gifts his friends have granted him.

Canon Queer Fiction Part 1 of 2 (Updated 3/19/17)

With season 4 of Sherlock almost upon us, I thought I would compile a list of fiction that isn’t queerbaiting garbage:

Sherlock has come and Sherlock has gone, but the list remains. Watch some gay shit. Make Mike Pence mad. 

Update: WE’VE HIT 10 BABY!


Link to Part 2>

1) Hannibal: They’re here, they’re queer, and they fill me with fear.

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Basically its a police procedural about an unstable FBI agent who falls madly in love with the killer he’s supposed to catch. 

  • Pros: Its beautiful.
  • Cons: Its really messed up.
  • Notes: There is also a lesbian couple. That actually sticks around. They’re supporting characters. Yeah.

2) Samurai Flamenco: Buy a Lesbian Couple and get a Gay Couple 50% off!

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Don’t be upset.

I always get a little worried/nervous/weird when people start following me who like/adore/love/ship JohnLock. 

Not because I hate JohnLock but because I don’t want to dissapoint people who take the time to click that follow button and maybe even read these posts. 

I don’t write a lot of JohnLock in general and since season 4 ( and that scene, you know the one) I haven’t been able to write JohnLock. I guess I’m still not over that scene and how John acted, how he was so totally Not John to me in that moment and how the writers just mostly ignored it all afterwards. ( I loved the last episode, it was so weird and creepy and brilliant to me, but that whole thing with John going off the rails was just forgotten somehow? It didn’t make sense to me at the time, and it still doesn’t.) 

I’ve always found it hard to write John, he’s not an easy character for me for some reason and the mix with Sherlock and John as a couple is something I’ve never been good at in portraying. To me John has many layers and I haven’t found them all so I feel my version of John is flat ( and maybe even boring).

I don’t have that problem with Lestrade ( or Sherstrade for that matter). It’s easy to write Greg, to somehow ‘see’ how he will react in situation, how Sherlock will/could respond to that. ( Although I still think my versions of the characters are too soft :D ) 

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I mostly write Sherstrade (43 fics so far, I checked) and other relationships like John and Greg, John and Mycroft, Greg and Mycroft,…. I just wanted to make that clear for people who started following me or are following me. I have written JohnLock in the past but they are ficlets, not long stories like my Sherstrade ones. 

So, if you want to leave because of this I totally understand but if you want to give my other pairing a go you are more then welcome to try :D 

These are the JohnLock fics I’ve written so far. 

repost, don’t reblog!

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four similarities between mun and muse

  • we’re both small and don’t exactly like to hear about it
  • we have anger issues
  • we both love mary with our whole hearts
  • we’d both follow sherlock wherever he goes no questions asked

four differences between mun and muse

  • he is so good to have around during a medical emergency and i’m so jealous of that ??
  • after season 4, i’d like to think i have a lot more morals than he has
  • he can rock any jumper he wants and still look gorgeous 
  • everyone loves him

Dear Ben and Martin

I’M SORRY. I am so sorry you had to do this. I’m sorry you had to leave us so disappointed. I’m sorry, because I know this is something you never ever wanted to happen. You love your fans and you know what kind of story this was supposed to be. I’m sorry you had to pretend you’re satisfied with this.

I want you to know we love you, your acting and everything you’ve done. You did amazing. You were incredible. You made us believe. You are the best people in this show.


Your beloved fans

P.S. One day the true story will be told

I`ve Got to Break Free. by @pixels-on-paper

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you
I’ve got to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free

I’ve fallen in love
I’ve fallen in love for the first time

And this time I know it’s for real
I’ve fallen in love, yeah
God knows, God knows I’ve fallen in love

Hello all - happy season 4 finale day! Last week’s literally broke me. Good lucks to us all. First of all, THANK YOU to every single person who has reblogged, liked, or donated to my crowdfunding page. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I often forget that the kindness of strangers can easily know no bounds. You are all beautiful. I have had many messages of concern and support and you all just make me cry with joy. If you want to know how I’m getting on, I’ll be posting regularly on my Youtube channel which you can find by clicking HERE

Enjoy the final episode tonight. Let us all weep together. I fear it will be beautiful. Love yous!

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*03.27.17* I still want to die after the final of season 4 Sherlock. I can’t believe that THIS IS THE FINAL OF MY SHOW. I don’t think so. And all theory about “model of Jim’s phone on” hah. It’s silly. Just Mofftiss is idiots xD. Mmmm whatcha say …. However I still love this show… I said that Sheriarty is my live and Jim is my cute gay-son(love him). Sometimes the theorys is so strange and I don’t want to say what Moriarty is dead I want to say what… I don’t know. I really hope what Mofftiss can make a normal season(not j*hnlock shit). I really hope what Jimmy is alive and I really hope what their with Sherlock relationships will be good. Yes I really miss for their eye-sex and deduction acts and Jim’s voice. This was too bad final for me. I’m upset:(


Unpopular opinion….

One of the things that is wearing my ass out when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of season 4 of Sherlock is the unrelenting parent!lock fic that has taken over AO3. 

It’s not that the writing isn’t top notch. It’s not that the stories aren’t fabulous. 

It’s that I feel beaten over the head to just LOVE THAT DAMN BABY! 

I mean, it’s baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby  and more baby, baby… 

If you’re a person who doesn’t want kids, never wanted kids, isn’t in love with kids– it can feel a bit… claustrophobic… like you’re being smothered by babies!!!

Thanks a lot, Mofftiss. 

Rant over. 

What's with all the hate????

Guys. I’m a johnlock shipper through and through. Y'all roped yourselves into believing a conspiracy as truth. Calm down. It’s ok. I loved the episode. It was plenty stressful and in my opinion had a great ending. Johnlock was never confirmed. Believe the gay under tones all you want but IT WAS NEVER CONFIRMED.