I love Cara

Geekedfest highlights day 2

• for cara, blizzcon was an overwhelming experience as it showed how much overwatch blew up popularity wise

• for chloé, this convention was a beautiful experience because she finally got to meet lots of really passionate fans whose lives have been changed by the game & seeing the happiness it can bring makes her happy

• they never ever get tired of saying the voice lines. cara: “i dont walk around my kitchen sounding like tracer all the time…well not always”
• they really enjoy learning more about the lore and enjoyed the uprising event as it gave more information about their characters backgrounds

• i asked about where they would like to see their characters going in the future: cara said she’d like to see more about tracer’s backstory and her time during overwatch. chloé was asked about whether she’d like widow to turn nice again & she said she wanted widow to stay evil as she really enjoys playing such a fantastic villain

• asked about what similarities they hold to their characters: chloé feels as if she has the same focused attitude as widow & enjoys taking immense pleasure in things, also joked about being bossy and how she could order a military group LOL.
cara said she likes tracer’s tendency to be bubbly and upbeat and positive about things

• also asked “describe your character and each other’s character in 3 words” cara about tracer: bubbly, sparky (‘I’m aware those two words mean the same thing but she is very much both of them’) and i can’t remember the third I think it was focused or determined or smth!

chloé about widowmaker: cold blooded, deadly(I think?) and again I can’t remember the third I’m sorry lmao.
then chloé about tracer (from widows POV): high pitched, annoying & jiggly (Cara and Chloe laugh a lot here)
Cara on Widowmaker: big bad and mean hahaha

• chloé wants to see widowmaker fall in love maybe, with an enemy. then a boy said “well, Tracers her enemy” and they were both like “omg true. maybe that’s the answer then” and then Cara was like “ah, but tracer is taken.”

• words of advice from both of them: Be yourself unapologetically, stay true to yourself, don’t worry what people think of you, and do things that scare you despite the fear. (chloé; not like, falling-off-stage kind of fear though. cara: no, don’t fall of the stage! chloé: what do you think will happen if I do? cara: get hurt!)

• Cara did a small demo of winstons dance emote lol she’s so cute I love her

• Her favourite dance emote is Winstons & Chloé’s favourite is Sombra’s

• When asked “who would you want to play your character in a live action version” Chloe misheard as “who would you want to play” and screamed WONDER WOMAN Lmao

• then she realised the actual question and said angelina jolie because she thinks she looks too different to play widow

• cara “I want to play tracer and if anyone else gets cast as her I will find them and…” theobold.

• Cara would like to play female iron man because “iron man is… (chloé: manly?) of course he’s manly chloé, he’s a man.” And they both laughed

• Both said their favourite characters besides themselves are each other (Cara was like “wiiiiiidowmaker/wiiiiiiinson” and called Winston her big monkey buddy or something LOL

• when asked whether they think widowmaker and tracer knew each other before widow got brainwashed they liked the idea a lot. then they were like “ok we want a new short film where that question is answered” amen

• “why isn’t terry crews doomfist?” both of them “because someone else is doomfist” get rekd boi

• “cara, what was your reaction to doomfist ripping off tracer’s chronal accelerator” “what the ****!”

• “who would win between Widow and Tracer?” Chloé: WIDOWMAKER OF COURSE
Chloé: well in the alive short, tracer gets thrown off a building so…
Cara: Widowmaker may have won the battle but she hasn’t won the war.

the world is upside down

For @snowbaz-feda day 4

Snow stares at me, slack-jawed.


I raise an eyebrow. ‘Something wrong?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean exactly what I said.’

‘No.’ He blinks. He looks like he’s in a trance. ‘No way. No.’


‘You - no. No fucking way. I don’t believe you.’

I sigh. ‘It’s true.’

‘But that’s - but - no.’

‘Why does this matter? The world hasn’t stopped turning, Snow.’

‘But it - yes it has. Yes it has. I’ve been so wrong, all these years.’

‘You’ve been wrong about bigger things, Snow.’

‘No, I can’t deal with this, Baz.’ He starts pacing. ‘Sorry. It’s just. It’s too much.’

‘Snow, stop pacing.’

He stops and stands in front of me. He throws up his hands.

‘I just can’t believe you didn’t mean to push me down the stairs.’

hey i hope every single one of the ladies on snl is having a good day and that they all have so much fun on the show tonight and that they’re not too stressed out about the political climate or other things and i hope they had a good time rehearsing with alessia and kristen and i hope that they don’t get ambushed too much after the show and that the crowd is nice and everything!!!! they’re real people and it’s easy to forget that sometimes because we don’t really know them but i hope they’re all feeling great because they deserve it