I love Bruno Mars

ID #81390

Name: Lila
Age: 17, almost 18
Country: Norway/ Italy

Hey there, I’m Lila! I am a senior in the IB diploma. I love talking about a lot of things, some interesting, some maybe not as much? haha i’m the type to end up in a 1hr conversation about a blank wall and its very complex life. But um.. I like music ( Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Bruno Mars, imrealizinghowbasicIam, Beyonce) , oh and I love anime, and videogames too ( Playstation is great but Nintendo <3 ) .

I don’t have many hobbies, but do love coding, programming and robotics, and I’d love to learn more ^^. I love learning languages, right now I’m trying to learn French.

It would be fun to meet someone around my age around the world to become friends with and exchange cute letters or care baskets, or just really long convos about life haha.

Preferences: 16 and over

keep up!


not to be messy…but you and harry at a bruno mars concert? dancing face-to-face while he feels up your butt during versace on the floor? grinding to that’s what i like? jumping up and down to 24k magic and making him put his pinky rings up to the moon? giggling while he sings treasure right in your ear? bangin on his chest bang bang gorilla? the fuck?