I look so depressed lol


Just got back home from a banquet XDD I’m a huge tomboy and hardly ever wear dresses but mom forced me soooooooo here ‘ya go, guys!

LOOOOKKK I HAVE A NEW HAIRSTYLLEE! Which means I’ll start drawing my ponysona with this hairstyle as well <3 this was made possible thanks to my patrons and those who commissioned me!! I haven’t gone to the salon in months! And honestly am too embarrassed to show how my hair looked BEFORE I went to the salon XD

Violet in fancy clothinnnggg??? savor it all you can cause this is a rare sight XD

A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN ~ an outlaw queen celine dion inspired fanmix

i. love doesn’t ask why // ii. if that’s what it takes // iii. a world to believe in // iv. i knew i loved you // v. thank you // vi. taking chances // vii. to love you more // viii. falling into you // ix. make you happy // x. didn’t know love // xi. if you asked me to // xii. the first time ever i saw your face //  xiii. the power of love

{listen here}

Happy Birthday banditmills!!!