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I live in British Columbia Canada and it is literal up in flames at the moment. This is a picture of Dog mountain at the lake where I grew up for 18 years. 35 Hectares of trees and timber are going up like matchstick. I live a couple cities over now and woke up to yellow light shining through my window. 

I thought it was an eclipse or the Apocalypse was happening. just smoke from the many forest fires currently raging my province blocking out the blue sky and sun. Ash literally rained down upon us all day. I just hope that something is done about it soon, that we get some rain.

Literally anything, I don’t want to watch my home go up into smoke and flames.

okay so I saw a post recently about how even tho we don’t see Steve and Peggy do much in Cap 1, literally EVERYONE knows they were a thing, so they were most likely a big huge thing. 

which makes me wonder why the fuck Steve’s picture of Peggy is clearly cut from a newspaper. Like wtf. 

Originally I thought he was being a creeper and just tore it out of the newspaper to pine at every time he opens his compass

but lets say they, Steve and Peggy, were totally together and Peggy just straight up refused to give him a picture of her that he could take into the field. And Steve is like why and she’s like Because I’m A Goddamn Agent, I can’t have my face in your belongings, if you lose that shit, it could blow my cover! Not to mention YOU WILL HAVE A CAMERA CREW WITH YOU FOR SOME OF YOUR SHIT, I do not want to be in an newsreel, Captain, I wanna keep my fucking job.

and Steve is like Fffffff and he’s a stubborn shitlord so he goes to the archives and is like hey person who works here, can you find me a photo of Agent Carter on any of these newspapers. And they totally do and Steve is like “thanks” and just rips that shit out and puts it in his compass.

And Peggy doesn’t find out until she’s watching the newsreel. With Colonel Phillips literally RIGHT BESIDE HER.

And Steve gets back and she slaps him and he’s like hey it was public record AND you didn’t give it to me, so its not on you its all on me. And Peggy’s like that’s not good enough, I’m gonna have Barnes tan your hide tonight you sneaky trash basket. 

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Your site is the first one I go to everyday because I can just not get enough of your fics! I await them all day! (They're so shiny, so chrome) I hope you keep writing them, so please do another--Max/Furiosa: my friend is trying to get with your friend and we end up on a double date. Thanks so much again!

Max literally never, ever thought he would be in a position to wingman for a seventy-nine-year-old woman.

And yet.

Here he was.

His kindly old neighbor, Miss Giddy, had a huge crush on an elderly member of a lesbian biker gang, which was a sentence he never thought he’d say. But she was adorably shy about it and had begged Max to come with her to the dinner the woman, Keeper, was making.

“Won’t that be weird?” he asked, but Miss Giddy shook her head.

“She’s having a couple of her biker friends over,” she said. “Oh, please, Max? It’s hard for women like to me to meet people anymore!”

Max could definitely see how being a senior citizen lesbian with a walker might not open up a lot of dating pools. So he agreed, waving off her promises of raspberry and white chocolate scones as payment. Instead he drove her to Keeper’s house at six o’clock on Friday and helped her up the walkway. The door was opened by a woman in her late thirties, early forties, with hair cropped close to her head and a tanktop. She smiled. “Hi Miss Giddy,” she said, clearly recognizing the older woman. “Keeper’s in the kitchen, but come on in! Who’s your friend?”

“This is my neighbor, Max,” Miss Giddy said fondly. “He drove me here.” And then she did that thing that older women do and zeroed in on them. “Furiosa is a friend of Keeper’s,” she explained carefully to Max. “She’s a nice young lady.”

Max and Furiosa glanced at each other and instantly looked away. “Can I get you anything?” Furiosa asked as she helped Miss Giddy get settled in. “A drink?”

“Oh, just a little gin and tonic, dear, thank you,” Miss Giddy said.

Furiosa grinned. “Sure. Max? You strike me as a beer kinda guy.”

“Yes please,” he said, and Furiosa sauntered off to the kitchen.

“She’s bisexual, not lesbian,” Miss Giddy whispered. “And she’s single.”

Max grunted in acknowledgement. 

Dinner turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Keeper was delightfully sassy and had Max laughing more than he had in years. She had had a wild ride of a life and regaled them all with stories, most of which Furiosa already knew but seemed to enjoy anyway. As for the younger woman (who was single, Keeper brought up at least three times with significant looks in Max’s direction), she wasn’t nearly as open as Keeper, but she seemed as if she had had her fair share of adventures. Keeper was fun, but Max found himself wanting to hear more about Furiosa. He volunteered to help her clean up after dinner while the two older women sat in the living room and chatted.

“Keeper’s crazy about Miss Giddy,” Furiosa said.

“Well, the feeling’s mutual,” Max assured her.

Furiosa grinned. “They’re one hell of a pair–lesbian biker granny and tattooed geriatric librarian.“

“Wonder what the sex is like,” said Max, and they both laughed so hard they couldn’t catch their breath. When they finished cleaning up (thought not without a fair bit of flirting), they joined the two women in the living room. Max instantly knew something was up.

“Would you young people mind going to the store and getting some ice cream?” Keeper asked, pulling out two twenties. Apparently Keeper was not the only senior citizen who severely overestimated how much very simple things cost. “Giddy and I want to…chat.”

Max and Furiosa looked at each other and bolted for the door, waiting until they were in Max’s car before they burst out laughing.

“I’ve never been sexiled by old lesbians,” Max said, pulling out of the driveway.

“I grew up with them so you get used to it,” Furiosa said, still grinning. “We might…not want to get ice cream right away.”

“Okay,” he said. “What do you want to do?”

She gave him an appraising look. “Pull over here.”

He did, and was somehow not surprised when Furiosa climbed over and straddled his lap. “This might pass the time,” she breathed.

Max turned off the ignition.

i was thinking about monet’s powers and reading a bit about them and i gotta say the world’s really lucky that she’s a hero because if she was a villain everyone else would be so so very screwed

so um i reached 1k….. never thought i would get this many!! thank you so much to my lovely followers you all make this fandom so amazing and i love you all so much! this fandom is literally the best and the nicest and that makes me super happy! so this is my first follow forever, i never thought id actually do one but turns out i was wrong. 

so I’m going to list all of my mutuals, you’re all amazing and i love you (bolded ones are my lovelies) 


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I sometimes think the sunburn thing is the whole reason that white people started the whole systemic racism thing

I mean…white people are weak creatures who literally do not possess the qualities necessary to be out in the natural conditions of this planet for longer than ten minutes ok they know that too and they definitely took advantage of the one group of people who can be in the sun without withering away immediately.

White people were not built to survive on Earth and evolution is coming for them.

My thoughts as an “illustrator”

I think it’s time that I stop pretending that I’m a mediocre illustrator. That just because I didn’t go to a traditional art school or I don’t have a professional ‘illustration’ job, that I can in no way self-identify as an illustrator within the art community. 

When I talk to my art friends, or those that have fine arts degrees and have a career in illustration, my first inclination was to always distance myself from such an association. To make sure THEY knew that “Hey, don’t worry, I don’t think I’m in the same league as you! I’m terrible compared to you! I didn’t go to art school and the stuff I do is just a hobby and in no way compares to your years of college study in the craft!” Maybe it was because I lacked a degree in illustration (or something similar) or because I felt naive to call myself an illustrator. IDK, but I felt very uncomfortable giving myself that title. In some ways, I didn’t want to to take away that title from friends who HAD spent the time and the money and the energy to “be an illustrator” and “get an art degree” in college. 

In the past 8 months, since I started seriously trying to improve my skills, I’ve discovered that you know what? I AM good at this! And I COULD do this as a career if I wanted to! And I AM as good as those people that spent 4 years at an art college getting an “art” degree. And that I shouldn’t diminish my growth as an artist as a means to coddle my friends and validate their choice to go to an art school. I think it’s time, I just accept the fact that I work very hard, and I’ve been able to surpass the illustration skills of friends that have spent more time at this than I. I don’t like doing it, because there is an implication that “hey look, I’m just better than you” which I don’t believe at all. But at the same time - I shouldn’t artificially diminish the time and effort I’ve placed into this craft as way of trying to validate the ego of my friends. I’m good at this. I’m better than some of my art friends. And I won’t feel sorry that I am objectively better at this than they are regardless of the extra time that they’ve placed into their craft.  

11:37pm - Thoughts...

Okay i’m going to vent/rant right now. I don’t care who or if anyone reads this, i’ll just get this out there for my own good. If i could give any advice to my followers who are mainly teenage girls; Don’t depend your happiness on someone else. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT IN LIFE. As i’ve learnt from recent experiences especially with boys and shit, you need to look at this quote and think about it. True story: I was talking to a boy who is literally the nicest most down to earth boy ever. I literally depended my happiness on him. Yesterday he didn’t message me at all throughout the day and you know what? I was literally so sad. When i looked at the situation from a third person perspective, i realised that i was actually depending my happiness on this stupid boy and his cute messages. He quite literally created my happiness. 

Yes, boys can make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world and can really build up your confidence and self esteem. But you’ve really gotta learn to create your own happiness before you let anyone else make that happiness because when they are gone, then what? You don’t have any happiness and trust me girl, you will find it hard to create it. At this age, don’t even depend on boys, you do you boo and be your own gorgeous independent self while you’re young. 

I hope this post kind of helped out you guys in some way because it helped me out ooft. Goodnightttttt xxx

6th July 2015 11:37pm - Sophie

we’re sharing our sexual fantasies and i literally just said all the things i’ve ever been too nervous to ever say and like we are verrrrrrrrry on the same page and i just swear to god i have died and gone to heaven and it’s really fucked up the transition was that smooth because i really thought i was still alive when very clearly i’ve transcended out of waking life.

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What do you think Lagertha meant after Ragnar said she sacrificed herself by sleeping with Ecbert and then she told Ragnar so did you? I've seen some people think she meant Ragnar and Ecbert, but I don't know when that would have happened. And I've seen some people think she was talking about Kwenthrith, but I'm not sure of that either. I was just wondering what your thoughts about it are?

Okay before I give you my answer you should know I am team “literally every single character on this show is bisexual” and I honestly believe if this wasn’t the History channel, with its need to keep its dudebro demo happy, they would all be canonically queer and everything would be beautiful.

Anyways, I remember when I first watched that scene I was very confused, because I couldn’t exactly figure out what Lagertha was trying to imply. I considered Kwenthrith at first, but that makes no sense for several reasons…

Even if Ragnar did sleep with her, which was only ever implied, how would Lagertha have known? All he told her was that she gave him “some of her medicine.” It is quite possible she can just read him and understands what a kinky bastard he is after living with him for so many years, but I’m of the mind that it was left up in the air as to whether or not they actually had sex because we’re supposed to be left wondering if they child she claims is Ragnar’s is actually his (and i’m doubtful it’s even hers tbqh).

Even if Ragnar did sleep with her, how would that be him sacrificing himself for the common good? The way she said it, she was obviously talking about sex and not simply his acting as a mercenary at the request of Ecbert, which actually was a huge sacrifice. He was under no obligation to please Kwenthrith, and in fact she was at the mercy of him and his warriors, begging him to spare her brother, acknowledging that she and her brother were prisoners of both Ecbert and Ragnar. She needed him, not the other way around.

So, if they weren’t talking about Kwenthrith, then who were they talking about? The next logical step is Ecbert, because Ecbert absolutely was who Lagertha was talking about in terms of her own sacrifice. And the look on Ragnar’s face when Lagertha said “as did you, Ragnar”???????

He looks slightly horrified and shocked, because holy shit she knows, Ecbert told her about what happened between them gdi… 

Buuuut, you might be asking yourself, if Ecbert and Ragnar got it on, when exactly would that have happened? Well…

If you will recall, back in season 2, episode 4, Ragnar met with Ecbert for the first time, and they came to an agreement. Ragnar would get land for his people to farm, and in exchange Ragnar would provide Ecbert with the warriors he needed. He also happened to be staring at Ragnar as he stripped like it was the hottest day of summer and Ragnar was the last popsicle on earth. These are straight up male gaze shots and Ecbert wanted to tap that from the moment he laid eyes on him.

The queer subtext on this show is unreal, and it’s a shame this show doesn’t air on a network where they would be free to push more of it out of the subtext and into the text because Ragnar is definitely bisexual, and Ecbert is definitely bisexual, and they definitely at the very least gave each other awkward hand jobs in his big orgy tub and Ecbert then proceeded to tell Lagertha all about it when they slept together, and this is the only explanation that makes any sense to me anymore nonny.

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I've liked this boy for about a year now, he keeps sending me mix signals, and I know he likes this other girl but also he knows it can't work between them for multiply reasons. I want to get over him but I just can't.

I have a few tips for getting over guys well this is what I did. I thought I would never be able to do it but its a slow working progress!!!!!

-Literally unfollow off instagram, unfollow on Facebook and don’t look at snapchat stories
-Talk to other guys. This will be hard but you will start seeing traits in other guys that that guy didnt have and you will slowly pin point all the bad things about that guy
-Make him jealous. Post hot pics
-Send him snapchats of you with other guys :’) it will make him jealous as fuck!!!

AND THEN I can assure you, once he’s seen you move on he will want to get back with you. DON’T DO IT. As much as you want to, don’t do it. Be really blunt and then he will soon see what he’s fucking missing out on

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Why do you think Natsu grabbed his arm? Was whatever's under there causing him pain? Or was he contemplating whether to use what's under there against Brandish, so they'd had a chance to win?

I’ve been on board this theory since day one fufufu I’m so pumped ! And yes ofc.
I literally just reblogged two old drabbles so you might wanna read those to see my thoughts on it

Actually I just thought about this. 

Imagine that rebirth is a thing and your soul gets reborn into a new baby whenever you die, and you forget everything of your past life, but something goes wrong and you are reborn but  remember every moment of your past life, and then it turns out you where born to a royal family. Like I would literally fan girl over my parents and the my first words would be ‘The royal fandom is going to have a field day about this’

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I'm sorry to say this to such an awesome blog I once followed, but for me it's kinda sad to see this blog that once were a cute chubby/fat/obese pony to literally just a porn blog. Not that I have anything against your decisions or anything. it just feels like porn is the primary target rather than the previous intented goal of just a cute overweight filly in her ice cream shop. I still come by from time to time though. So no worries there. I just felt I had to point this out in a way.

Don’t worry, I’ve had the same thoughts… I’ve been working on a story that will actually advance Fudge’s character rather than show her as some sort of sex object. I appreciate your input though.

I apologize to everyone who thinks the same… I’ve failed to keep the blog consistent to my personal original goal… I’ve failed you, I’ve failed Zach, I’ve failed our character, and most of all, I failed myself. Who ever is behind this Anon, please don’t be afraid to message us off Anon. I won’t post anything you say publicly, I’ll keep it private.

I’m sorry everyone…  - dr-flipster

I just wanna talk about tumblr user princetheirin for a second.

Enola is robably the most important person in my life. Definitely my best friend, xir literally the ONLY person I talk to. I talk to them all day, every day. About our headcanons, AUs, gush about Sebastian. We read each other’s fics. I mean, they’re one of the reasons I really got comfortable enough with my writing to get it out there and improve. And xe just really make my life so much better, xe helped me through a hard time, and helped me realize what a shit relationship I was in. Idk im just super emotional about xem, if I didn’t have Enola i’d? Probably not be here anymore. Idk, this is probably a really stupid post but. I felt like making it. Give xem love because xe deserve it.