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So for whatever reason I decided to go back and transcribe Percy’s letter to Vox Machina. Needless to say, tears were shed. Again

Major spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

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Calvin is a literal angel. Say what you like about him, but the fact remains that he does care about his fans. 

I’ve had those kinds of thoughts before and it’s so hard some days but he’s had a positive effect on me. Not just Cal has, but other YouTubers like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Pewdiepie have too. I’m glad to see he’s the same sweetheart as ever and this makes me so happy. Leafy, if you lurk, ily <3

just dissociating things and more

- what the fuck whose hands are these
- did i answer that ask or was that another mod on the sideblog
- why am i twitching that’s not healthy
- *looks in mirror* who the fuck is this
- *lies on floor staring at ceiling for two hours* this is normal
- am i home alone or did everyone else just die and i’m the only one left

Every time I see a poll showing overwhelming millennial support for third party candidates who have no chance to win this election and will ultimately only serve to split the democratic vote in favor of Trump I have to fight the urge to make some passive aggressive baby-boomer-on-facebookesque post because y’all really have me up to here with this ignorant entitled ass worldview that if you don’t get the exact candidate you want you’ll literally have a temper tantrum and vote for some random woefully unprepared candidate, just to seem edgy and anti establishment, thus allowing this country fall into the hands of a racist xenophobic homophobic misogynistic cheeto puff

SnK thoughts: dead/not dead

You know what annoys me? This ridiculous situation with Armin surviving the fall.

So, just think. He fell from 60 meters. He was burned so hard, his lungs were destroyed. They were, every medic would tell you that. He was literally burned to ashes. His skin even became dark brown of how hard he was damaged.

And he fell from 60 meters. He hit the roof, he broke his spine, I’m sure, because he was a bit frail and skinny. And he breathed! Magically? Cause there were no lungs for him to breathe with.

And we have Erwin. He was hit by a stone. He lay there for 30 min and died. He was a strong and solid man. And he died.

Why? Armin deserved to live because he was better? Or because he was a child? Or because he’s a main character? Why not kill them both? It, at least, would have showed that they were equals at death’s door.

But now one decent person is dead. Because, in Isayama’s point of view, Levi set him free and in Levi’s mind it the right thing to do. The right thing. Just imagine - to let your precious person die because the world was too cruel for him to live on. Because he need to rest. Just fucking let him sleep for 3 days! That’s rest!

But, of course, let’s see it as an act of love. Okay, why not?


I’ll never respect someone who thinks the way Yams made Levi think. I’ll never understand the words “But he made it for him, he chose what’s better for him, he helped him find peace!”. No. It’s not love. It never will be.

I want this series to end with as much darkness as possible. I want all ties and bonds to be crushed.

I don’t regret thinking that way.

I just did the best shot I've done in months.

I had the most intense rush. I hadn’t even finished pushing the plunger in all the way and I coughed, followed by my entire body getting really hot and tingling. I felt my heart beating inside my head, my vision was off, and I was struggling to breathe. The shot literally took away my breath and I was breathing so heavily and frantically trying to get air. It was so intense and it’s so fucked cause I haven’t had a shot that amazing and euphoric in months and I did nothing differently this time than I usually do, just tried out a new spot and it worked right away. Now I’m super high and don’t know what to do with myself.
I felt like i had to share.. I wish I caught that rush on video. 😞

@peskylilcritter @meabhair I’m aware we don’t really know each other but I thought you’d like to see a continuation of @suzukiblu‘s upbringing swap!AU. I dunno who else would be interested. I just vaguely recall who liked the last part I wrote.

Anyway, here’s part 2! For those interested that haven’t read part one, here it is.

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Alright I didn’t think I’d have to make another post about this but sadly people in the fandom can be even worse than I thought.


2. Amir posting a picture kissing a boy is not ‘inappropriate for Disney’ and yes you are homophobic by saying it is. Riley and Lucas have literally kissed ON THE SHOW yet you didn’t call that 'inappropriate for Disney’ did you? You fangirled and praised it or cried and were angry about it. But you never said it was inappropriate. But apparently, because Amir is kissing someone of the same sex, he is? And you claim you’re not homophobic smh….

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So we all know your thoughts about bread, one of the most French foods, but I've never heard you talk about cheese? What cheese do you like Elise? Do you like cheese at all? What happens to lactose intolerant French people? Do they just die off? We need to have a cheese conversation Elise.

This conversation we shall have, then :3 I do like cheese, but I’m a huge yoghurt person, so I’ll choose the latter every time if I get the choice. Also France has a ridiculous amount of cheeses like there’s literally almost one per village it’s unbelievable. Top-tier:

  • Morbier
  • Langres
  • Mussy
  • goat cheee
  • any kind of tome
  • Cantal
  • Reblochon

Those I won’t touch:

  • Maroilles
  • Roquefort
  • Camembert

I just watched “Mr. Nobody” and my mind is trying to process how insane that was like our reality could be nothing more than words in someone else’s novel or a child’s imagination??? Like my timeline could be a though in someone mind thats been forgotten, or it could be the main timeline and my thoughts and deja vu’s are connected to my possible ones?? Literally @the one in control of thinking up my fate please make this one full of love and happiness

Hi again! In the ongoing search for photos showing discovery, excavation & prep of gems & minerals, I found this site & thought I’d pass it along. It’s a tourmaline mine near Portland, Maine, USA.  The “mining log” has photos of specimens being unearthed, looks like fun!  Imagine finding a mine like this in your back yard…


This is seriously one of the most incredibly things I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sending this. I hope our followers go and have a look at this amazing find. I would literally just sit there and cry for days if I found something like this.

okay so i’ve been thinking about this for a while and thought i would share so basically it’s about what I thought about a death getting in between aaron and robert and how that is symbolised in the promo and then lachaln drama came to mind and so did the possibility of him dying. and then my mind went back to thursday and how random it felt (for me anyway) to have chrissie chilling with megan and brenda who both experienced a child of theirs dying (let’s forget that leyla was there too) for me i suspect a subtle hint of foreshadowing just because he literally had nothing to add to the scenes and just seemed to be there for the sake of being there. i wouldn’t be this picky about scenes if we hadn’t already seen filming with lachlan at a quarry edge and now got a promo with robert and aaron - also involved in the quarry filming, seemingly being separated by a death. i still think aaron gets hurt but the likelihood of lachlan dying is getting higher and higher for me.

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I love you so much! You have inspired me to start writing on my own imagines blog. Your imagines have inspired me and I hope you never stop writing. I have gone so far with my blog and I owe it to you. Because of you, I have internet friends, I am able to share my work, I am able to express my thoughts and not be judged, because of you I can hopefully inspire others just as you did me. So thank you for what you do.

Oh gosh that’s so amazing, I literally don’t know what to say. I hope you enjoy writing, it’s a lot of fun. Not to get all sad on you guys but this means so much after having such a tough year last year.

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not 2 be rude but how abt instead of having both arms tattooed he has one arm tattooed and a custom painted (by keith) prosthetic

omfg i forgot the prosthetic i literally even thought to myself as i started writing that ‘hey shiro’s prosthetic do that!!’ and then i fucking didnt UGH IM FIXING IT



I Do’s and I Don’ts Part 6 PREVIEW

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Natasha

Warning: None at the moment

Summary: You’re about to get married to Steve after being together with him for three years. With only a week left before the wedding, you start to get pre-wedding jitters – bad ones. Steve is away for the week to hang with the guys for the bachelor party, leaving you to handle the anxiety by yourself. One night, you were supposed to meet up with your girls when you run into Bucky who ends up needing your help – in exchange, he promises he’ll drive your pre-wedding jitters away before the wedding.

A/N: I honestly thought I’d be able to get part 6 up tonight, but I couldn’t… I decided to just put up a preview and hopefully finish the entire part when I get the chance tomorrow. This week has literally been the worse week ever… I was just so fed up with everything that happened and I’ve been a little stressed. Hopefully my schedule gets back on track soon (most likely when homecoming is over - which is next week) and I can go back to posting again. I’m sorry for the delay, everyone!


 Two Days Until The Wedding…

 “Your fiancé is here Mrs. (L/N),” one of the police officers said and you looked up from your hands. Steve was rushing up to you with panic and concern in his eyes. Quickly standing up, your breath was caught in your throat when he wraps his strong arms around you. For some reason, tears started streaming down your cheeks as you just fixated on a point behind him.

 “I should’ve never left you… I should’ve got on the first plane home when I heard you weren’t feeling well…” he murmured against your shoulder. “I’m so sorry, honey…”

 One of the doors behind Steve opened and Bucky limped out with bandages all over his body. His melancholic blue eyes met yours and they screamed ‘I’m sorry. It’s all my fault’. Your fiancé pulled away from you when he heard the door and turned around before his eyes coated with sympathy.

 “Bucky… Thank you so much for protecting (Y/N),” Steve said and Bucky just nodded sadly before looking away. “Are you-“

 “You should take her home, Steve. I’ll be fine. I’m gonna stay over at Nat’s place,” he muttered and you watched speechlessly as Bucky slowly left the police station.

 “I owe him… I’m glad that Bucky was there with you.”

 You couldn’t tell Steve that it had been a bad idea and that it wasn’t supposed to be this way. No one was supposed to get hurt – no one was supposed to fall for someone else. Nothing was supposed to happen.

 But something did happen.

 Going home wasn’t a feeling you looked forward to for some reason. As you looked around the apartment while Steve unpacked, it almost looked foreign. The spray painted logo on your white wall was somehow gone and things were in their original places – it was as if nothing happened at all.

 “What’s wrong?” Steve snaked his arms around your waist, looking down at you worriedly as you just spaced off. He cupped your face and raised it to where you were now looking at him. “Something’s bothering you… You don’t seem like yourself. Is there anything I should know about?”

 I fell for Bucky.

 “No, I’m fine,” you shook your head and took a step back away from him. Steve frowned a little in confusion and he pulled away slowly. “-I’m just tired.”

 “Okay… Let me make you some dinner.”

 Although you felt bad for Steve, your mind was filled with just Bucky and him alone. The last three words echoed and bounced off the walls of your brain as you remembered the incident.

 ‘I love you’.


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the only memorable moments damon & elena have is miss mystic falls dance, motel kiss, sex scene, damon dying x2. Stefan & elena have graveyard meeting, necklace, sex scene, drinking Elena's blood, elena saving Stefan from suicide, cute fake fighting, lake house scenes omg the lake house scenes and then basically every scene is season 3 is ICONIC. fighting compulsion, catching elena when she falls, mikealson's ball, 20's dance, just in case there's no later kiss! I never unfell for him!!

it’s really funny because all of the DE “memorable” moments I literally just think of the songs playing in the background except for Damon dying because I thought it was ridiculous. I also find it interesting that every single time they do flashback montage sequences, their “epic” 5x22 goodbye is never a part of it.

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I saw some literal wooden ties today and it made me wonder, what's the most crazy tie you own pattern-wise?

I own two in a series with different dog species (one terrier, and idk the other), I own on tie with hamburgers on it, I own another with sail boats, I own one with ducks on it, and I own one bow tie with little whales on it! I have thought about a wooden tie but they’re usually just too heavy- I think some of them are super cool though.