I liked the episode a lot


I’m tired.

What? Did you expect some sort of an inspirational quote from this episode? Nah, I’m not going down that path. I’m just tired from working, like, 6-8 hours with this and I actually had to redo that second one because I accidentally drew Steven with his sandals on even while he didn’t have them in this scene.
Oh yeah and this reminded me of Spirited Away. That was my favorite movie back in 2008. Good memories.

Anyway, this was a really, really great episode. My favorite fusion got to shine again. A lot thoughts. So mindful. And educating.

Man okay the anime is doing a really good job at making me care a lot more about Zaveid, Edna, Eizen, and their relationship prior to the events of Sorey meeting them.

Instead of focusing on how Zaveid made people feel like in the game (The Mysterious Seraph skit comes to mind, when Sorey and Mikleo want to ask Lailah about him but she’s too outraged at his behavior for them to breach the subject) we see how he feels about Eizen being a dragon. While we certainly get to learn how much Edna cares about Eizen (which, by the way, is more extensive than in the game. I always felt really detached from the Eizen subplot in the game, but this episode hurt a LOT more) it’s no mystery that Zaveid also cares a lot about Eizen as well.

He’s desperate to kill him at this point. There’s a lot of pain in his voice as he talks about Eizen forgetting all the things they did as friends. Sure, Eizen cared so much for Edna. He brought her gifts and protected her. But Zaveid traveled with him. He stood by his side. And now that isn’t enough to bring Eizen back so goddamn if Zaveid isn’t going to finish the job himself.

me: pawsg is such a good show im-

me: *remembers the nose sex + vore episodes*

me: -yeah its alright

  • Me:(at the end of Age of Youth) Wow that was a pretty good conclusion to the end of the show. I really like how all of the girls managed to solve their problems one way or another and they're all able to do things they wouldn't have done in the beginning. I'm so proud of them all. They really are strong women.

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hi!! do you think klance will become canon?? i love your blog😊

aaaah thank you so much!!❤

and to answer your question, i honestly don’t know. There are a lot of posts that take the portion of the VLD audience consisting of fans of the original series into consideration, as well as the fact that few large corporations like Dreamworks have lgbtq+ characters explicitly in their franchisees. I know that the studio producing VLD also produced legend of korra (in which korrasami became canon in the end), but that only one of the actual writers from LOK is working on Voltron. All of this information kind of muddles together, and with only 11 episodes to go off of in terms of their actual character development, I really can’t draw a decisive conclusion on whether or not klance will become canon (there is a lot of potential, though!)

If klance does become canon, though, i definitely don’t see it happening within season 2, or even (potentially) season 3. In terms of their relationship thus far, we’ve clearly seen them start to work better as a team, and the bickering between them in later episodes are different from the arguments in the earlier episodes. However, there’s still plenty of room for their relationship to grow, and regardless of whether or not klance becomes canon in the romantic sense, i’m still really interested to see what direction show takes them in. 

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I’ve been rewatching a lot of Pokemon lately, (for obvious reasons) and its very cute and nostalgic. I still remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to catch it (ha pun totally intended) on tv like 15 years ago. 

And a random thing I’ve noticed is that the Pokemon series (first generation) is very similar to the How to train your dragon series. They have similar episodes and the story itself is not far from each other; A young boy, wanting to prove something to the world. Befriends an animal type creature with electric abilities while exploring the world they live in with their friends. 

The only difference is that while Hiccup never wanted to be a hero, he just became one because he had too, Ash is totally set on becoming the greatest ever. Which is different and it’s cute how he tries. 

Random but I thought it was cute. 

Terrorform - Red Dwarf blog

(SPOILER WARNING: The following is an in-depth critical analysis. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may want to before reading this review)

I knew The Inquisitor was going to be a tough act to follow, but come on!

Okay. Look. It’s not that I don’t like Terrorform. I like the idea of it. An artificial planetoid that terraforms…

Originally posted by arie-ll

…itself to represent a person’s psyche. It’s a decent concept with a lot of potential. The episode certainly gave the production team an opportunity to be creative and inventive, and they don’t disappoint. Locations like the Swamp of Despair, the graveyard and the Master’s temple look absolutely incredible. And there are some legitimately funny moments like the beginning sequence with Kryten’s hand, the scenes with the Self Loathing Beast and the final bit where Rimmer’s Self Confidence and Self Respect return from the dead as the Three Musketeers.

The problem is I think all of this creativity is ultimately wasted on a story that frankly isn’t very innovative. I mean a planet modelled after Rimmer’s psyche sounds interesting and it could be used to expand on his character, but ultimately what information do we get about Rimmer in this episode that we didn’t know before? We already know Rimmer loathes himself, we know about all of his neurosis and we know that he desperately wants to be liked. This is stuff that’s already been covered pretty damn well in previous episodes. So why are we covering it again?

Perhaps it would have helped if the episode wasn’t so Rimmer-centric. Wouldn’t it have been cool if this psy-moon terraformed itself to represent the other characters’ psyches? What would Lister’s mind look like? What about Kryten’s or the Cat’s? Maybe it could have started with the psy-moon modelling itself after Rimmer’s mind, but then have it terraform further when the other Dwarfer’s show up. Maybe we could have had four nations, each representing a character’s psyche, vying for control over the psy-moon, with the way each nation interacts with each other representing the characters’ relationships with each other. I would much rather have watched an episode like that.

Finally let’s talk about the ending, which I’ve always been in two minds about. The Self Loathing Beast traps Starbug in quicksand and the only way to escape is for the other Dwarfers to make Rimmer feel good about himself. The issue I have with it is it’s so clearly fake. The dialogue and the actions, it’s so obvious that they’re putting it on in order to escape. While I’m sure Lister and Kryten do care about Rimmer in their own way, they clearly don’t like him that much and the way they try to convince him otherwise borders on the ludicrous. There’s no way any rational person would fall for this bullshit… but then I suddenly remembered that this is Arnold Rimmer we’re talking about here. This is a man so desperate to be liked and respected that it actually makes total sense that he would fall for it. He so badly wanted to believe they were telling truth, that they really did like him that much (when it’s so obvious that that they don’t), that for a brief moment he actually deludes himself into believing that its genuine. So when the final reveal comes that they were just lying and bullshitting, it’s quite funny but there’s also an underlying bit of tragedy to it as well. So yeah. i still think it’s total bollocks, but in its own weird way it kind of works.

I think what ultimately prevents me from fully enjoying Terrorform is the thought of what kind of story it could have been with a little extra work. As it stands, while still entertaining, I personally don’t rate it very highly.

Slash Watch: Okay. So in my review of Dimension Jump, I told you I believed that Rimmer is in fact a closet bisexual, forced to suppress his true yearnings by his abusive father in order to conform to a certain image. Well Terrorform does provide some evidence of this. Rimmer mentions some of the punishments he was threatened with, and some of them are quite sexual in nature. Now I find it interesting that the Self Loathing Beast (a male figure) would want to violate Rimmer in the most intimate way. He even gets his maids to smother Rimmer in warm oil (one of Rimmer’s sexual fantasies as mentioned in the episode Marooned). Why is this? Obviously to degrade Rimmer, but I reckon there might be more to it than that.

My theory is that Rimmer was brought up to believe that attraction toward his own gender is wrong. (It’s been established that his parents are deeply Christian, so that’s not beyond the realms of possibility. Check out the bullshit Evangelical Christians spout about homosexuality and evolution. All in the name of ‘enlightenment’). It would certainly tie into the self loathing part of his character. He feels guilty and ashamed that he has these kinds of desires, and so when they do manifest in episodes like Terrorform or Demons And Angels, they have become warped and distorted. A dark and monstrous parody of bisexuality, representing the fear, disgust and shame he feels about his ‘unnatural’ feelings.

I admit I could be reaching a little bit with all this, but I suppose the reason I’m making these kinds of connections is because I had a very similar mindset to Rimmer’s once upon a time. This dark, self-loathing feeling and one of the reasons for that feeling was because I was in denial about my own sexuality. A lot of the things Rimmer feels and says and does almost scarily mirrors a lot of the stuff I went through. When I did finally come out of the closet in 2013, it felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was able to be more comfortable with myself, and I honestly think if Rimmer were to do that, he’d be a far happier person. He’d be more comfortable within himself and he’d be able to make better connections with people because he wouldn’t be barricading his feelings anymore.

I guess what I’m saying Rimmer needs to do is:


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Girl Meets Zay

I’m waiting for a Zay centric episodes where they discuss some issues. Possibly, looking into Zay’s heritage and his (african) roots, how his family came upon living in Texas (if it was just his family moving there or his ancestors & possible slavery, maybe? Or the fact that he has a French surname that’s common with white people?), how he (might/maybe) deals with racism and social injustice etc etc. This episode would discuss a lot of topics that poc viewers, like me, would appreciate as it is happening in our world and generation as of now.

Gosh okay I’m midway through episode 7 of Critical Role! And here are some thoughts:

- I love how creative they all are with fights, but I really want to see the moral dilemmas of how many (semi-)innocent people and creatures they have killed. I want explorations of the grey morality of slaughtering members of an “evil” race as collateral damage. (I’ve gotten a little bit of this with Keyleth, but it feels like there’s a lot of potential there.)
- I can’t wait for more Percy. Please. I am suffering. So is he.
- The tension between the NPCs is so good! Matt is so talented; his voices are all so distinct and immersive.
- Every single cast member and character needs to be kinkshamed.

Okayokayokayokay let me put something out there for y'all

So I personally headcanon Genos as Demiromantic and Demisexual cause idk it just seems to make sense for me??? He’s super selective and will only fall for someone he admires and trust (cough-like his sensei-cough) so yeah idk I’ve seen that a lot.

But when it comes to Saitama, I don’t think he cares.


He just has such a nonchalant attitude about everything until he gets pissed or irritated so I don’t think his sexuality would be in his mind much. I mean, the man doesn’t pay attention to like anyone (as far as I’ve seen I’m watching the dub with my sister were on episode 5). So as to where Genos has done extensive research and determined the precise sexual/romantic orientations Saitama never gave it a thought really.

So when asked about it by probably Genos or one of the other association people or Sonic the Fuck Boi he’s just sorta like “Eh, I guess I don’t care either way. If I like someone then okay. Don’t really care what their gender is.”

Idk that’s just my own thoughts. Feel free to agree or disagree just don’t yell at me. That’s not cool. Thanks :D

Guide to Steven U Storyboard Artists

Raven- May have a lil bit of creepy stuff, mostly character development

Joe- Lighthearted episodes, lots of subtle hints to future plot lines.

Jeff- Things gon get gay.

Paul- Again, lil bit creepy, but mainly moving alone the plot.

Matt- Have tissues at hand. Sad song ahead.

Rebecca- Not like I wanted my heart or anything.

WTF?! Dreams of BTS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

WTF? This weekend I had a lot of dreams of BTS. 

Do you remember when I said that I dream of Jikook made a song? (thanks for 30 likes) Well, I had also dreams being like a 8 member of this group and I had a lot of fun. Especially with V. O_O

And today I dream of BTS made a new funny episode. It was fun. I remember a large room where they were. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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how do u know lance is a Gemini??

geminis are pretty complex so get ready my friends

lance is a gemini ok here we go

  • gemini’s are straight up the flirtiest people in the zodiac. they’re always flirting with people and end up unintentionally flirting with people around them all the time by accident (I can confirm whoops)
  • geminis are also incredibly intelligent holy fuck
  • many people write them off as loud and annoying, but they’re extremely smart. they’re quick learners and yeah while lance jokes around a lot, he was also nearly the top of his class at a prestige academy that is straight up sending people into space like they’re nasa.
  • also in ep 4 he figured out super quickly that rover was gonna explode before anyone else did?? long story short, he’s smart as hell
  • a gemini’s mind is always racing. they’re restless as hell and get bored very easily but can keep themselves entertained. I dont know what to call the upside leg thing lance was doing in episode 9 but I mean
  • they’re the communicators of the zodiac, which naturally means, they’re known to never being able to shut up ohmygod
  • they love to talk but can be pretty bad at listening. they fail to listen to others advice because they think they’re smart enough to know what’s right. that’s because geminis are pretty confident in themselves and their own abilities like?? lance I see u
  • geminis like to think through situations. they’re not about to charge into something impulsively without thinking it through. (yeah we all know what I’m bout to bring up) in episode 7 lance straight up stopped keith from pulling a keith and charging into the situation like, keith please take note, lance knows whats up
  • geminis joke around a lot!! they love to keep the atmosphere light because they’re lowkey terrified of their feelings
  • that and they love to make their friends laugh
  • oh my god
  • please protect lance
  • geminis are extremely friendly and love people, especially their friends. theyre very protective of them. fucking with their friends is a mistake. lance will fucking fight. he will be back you the hell up. fuck the garrison he’ll ride or die with his friends he saved pidge up in episode 1 against iverson and he sacrificed himself for coran in episode 4. i love him so much what the fuck
  • geminis keep it real though. if they hate someone, everyone’s gonna know. they won’t shut up about it and 100% WILL CALL YOU OUT. I feel so bad for keith because of this like lance please… we get it….. he’s your fake rival we understand
  • (sidenote im a gemini and i too have had a one-sided rivalry like lance that i completely made up in my head. I was like 9 but still)
  • geminis are extra af 
  • they see love as a game and will tease, talk, and flirt with you a lot if they like you. this annoys everyone (@@@@keith)
  • what the fuck are feelings?? geminis dont understand themselves half the time. it’s confusing as hell. their emotions change a lot but they want everyone to think they’re happy all the time and don’t want to worry their friends so they won’t let it show to most people. like in ep 4 when lance excused himself when he was about to cry over his family back home 
  • in reality, geminis are very sensitive and hide it pretty well
  • they want to believe everyone is good and geminis are pretty trusting to begin with because of that, but they aren’t dumb. they can’t let people get too close. they’ll never fully let anyone in and lance my son no. I feel so bad because he trusted nyma and she played him and #wastedhistime like lance doesn’t deserve this treatment
  • they care about their appearance!! they love to look good and damn if this isn’t 100% lance. we all know lance loves his face masks and he straight up enters the room looking like a god like?? who looks like that after being forced to wake up early
  • lance. lance does
  • lance literally woke up like this
  • im so sorry
  • anyways
  • geminis say whats on their mind a lot and can be pretty –out there– with their opinions. yeah they can be loud as hell but it’s entertaining to everyone else and most people lowkey love them for it
  • that being said, geminis are lovable as hell for some reason, they’re the lovable asshole dorks and that’s literally lance my son
  • but also theyre pretty understanding?? like yeah they have their opinions but they’re also able to see multiple sides of any situation. they’re actually super nice and understanding, and aren’t quick to judge. I’m glad lance didn’t get upset at keith for not understanding the voltron chant, he even said they’ll work on it together like that’s so sweet??
  • geminis aren’t really leaders or followers, they prefer to do their own thing most of the time. like they respect authority but im just saying my boy isn’t about to fly the black lion anytime soon. let him be a blue leg. let him literally support voltron
  • R O M A N C E geminis may treat love like a game and flirt a lot, but if they feel like they’ve found the one, they’ll be completely devoted to them and won’t be going anywhere for a long time
  • this isnt really relevant its just a nice thought 
  • also theres a saying that geminis are the life of a party and im 100% sure lance is that person out of everyone in the voltron squad. like is it really a party if lance isn’t there??? lets be real

in conclusion, this is just a headcanon and I’m pretty sure the writers aren’t writing their characters with the zodiac signs in mind so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

but also I’m a gemini, I’ve been studying this stuff for about 7 years, and I absolutely love this headcanon. I feel like out of all the zodiac signs, it’s the most fitting for him and I love it so much help

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Whats your opinion on the more modern spongebob?

My honest opinion? I think there’s a lot of valid criticism that’s been lost somewhere in the storm of uninformed opinions and internet hype.

My thoughts are basically this:

-Most people separate Spongebob into “Classic Spongebob” and “Modern Spongebob” but can’t even agree on where to draw the line. Is the movie included? Is season 4 included? And then some even include the distinction of “Post-Modern Spongebob” to cover season 9 onward but even that is a bit hazy. A lot of people who’ve spouted the “post-movie SB sucks” nonsense don’t even know which episodes are considered post-movie. I say this because I’ve seen scenes FROM AS LATE AS SEASON 6 receive comments like “see, this is why classic Spongebob is the best”.

-Season 4 in particular is often not considered part of the holy grail that is season 1 to 3, yet it has some of the funnier, more quotable episodes and had a lot of the same writers and artists still working on the show. So putting it down just to support the “Spongebob went downhill after the movie” argument just seems unfair to me.

-Seasons 1 to 3 have their duds as well. 

-Is Nickelodeon making Spongebob the cashcow to blame for a supposed dip in quality? This, I can actually agree with, to some extent. “Ratings trap” episodes (Spongebob You’re Fired, Best Day Ever) have always sit a sore spot for me because they reduce characters to their shallowest traits and most episodes never live up to their potential. And might as well mention here: Nickelodeon has gone censor-crazy these past few years and Spongebob can no longer get away with the same stuff it used to. Vincent Waller (a showrunner) just recently revealed that the title of a recent episode (”Salsa Imbecilicus”) was changed from “Idiot Sauce” since Nick deemed “idiot” to be too offensive. Now compare this to “Idiot Box” and “Survival of the Idiots”. If there’s anything I admire, though, is that no one working on Spongebob has ever blamed Nickelodeon for the show’s shortcomings.

-Is Spongebob different from what it once was? Definitely. But any show that’s been running for as long as this one cannot remain the same exact show it first started out as. Humor changes. Values change. Times change. Most importantly: the watchers change. We grew up. Things we watched when we were younger will always seem better due to nostalgia. Shows inevitably undergo change. This also applies to shows like South Park and The Simpsons, who’ve often received similar criticism.

-Is it worse? No, I definitely don’t think so. I have favorite episodes from every single season that I love rewatching. But were there episodes that seriously dropped the ball in terms of characterization and humor? Yeah, I agree. Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom is a notorious example. But then again, what show doesn’t have these moments?

In summation: Do I enjoy new episodes of Spongebob as much as I do the old ones? Yes, in different ways. I may not be the same kid laughing and quoting and imitating the episode for weeks on end after watching it, but hell yeah do I get excited to watch new episodes. The recent ones have given me so many genuine laughs that I’ve gone from occasionally dabbling in fandom in 2011 to eagerly awaiting each episode and even making a silly blog about my favorite pairing from the series.

P.S. Before anyone claims that I have shitty standards and am not critical enough of the show, take note that I actually didn’t enjoy either movie all that much.

P.S.S. In the same vein, before I get accused of only liking episodes based on the amount of Squidbob content, no. Just no. I really disliked “Spongebob You’re Fired’ in general (despite the crazy amount of Squidbob at the end of that ep) as I thought it was incredibly lazy. 

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Wai what's wrong with the death battle series? I definately get that the narrators are pretty dumb, but I thought the bayo/dante episode was pretty solid

idk man im just not a fan, and I dislike the bayo/dante one especially since they got a lot of the lore and properties of bayo’s powers wrong. Like, im 100% convinced they made Bayo lose to avoid backlash from Dante fans cuz they’re infamously rabid


yuuuup. i had a lot of problems with bw and even xy, but i didn’t harass anyone over it or trash characters constantly or go youtube comment bombing or anything like that. it’s just a very toxic environment that wasn’t as bad before, and over stuff everyone should have seen coming. i hope next season the fandom chills, it’s not fun to watch when people are being like that.

You’re that 10% of the current fandom that I’m looking for and fucks with, I mean, what the hell was that ‘dislike storm’ bullshit for the youtube video? Episodes are made six months in advance so S&M is already under production with episodes ready to air so why the shit do you think harassing writers on social media and comment bombing TV TOKYO is going to change anything? It was very toxic, I overall found myself strongly effected by this environment a lot and I felt salty and embittered about the fandom regularly even when there was nothing going on. Yeah, I hope everyone just chills, preferably the writers quit keeping in contact with fans over social media as well. When you give them a lifeline and listen to them, nothing good comes of it. 


I have never hated my time in the fandom as much as I did during XY like don’t get me wrong I made some GREAT friends and I think they’ll stay with me but the hate I got for some of my opinions when I said, they were opinions and people still would bring up the series they hated in order to defend theirs I’m just so tired you know?

Yeah, I’m sorry about that Jane :/ I saw much of the general harassment you got and it didn’t look fun. I often just kept silent to avoid any nasty behavior and some days I just said, “fuck it” and said what I wanted to say because I got pissed with having to keep my trap shut to appease people who chose to stalk my blog on the regular. When I do everything in my power to keep my post contained to my blog and tagged properly so they can be avoided but many of these people still lurked me hard, I had done everything I could. It is a tiring experience overall when you can’t simply be left to your own devices to say and do what you want in the fandom, it’s not as if you were posting anything racist/sexist/pedophilic/generally problematic so I didn’t get it. 

<s>worst part was probably that the series itself was indeed meeting up with those expectations until the league. i’m honestly not that certain that amourshipping won’t suddenly hook up in the last episode…….orz</s

I don’t want to jinx it but with 0% interest from Satoshi’s side and no signs of him reciprocating in sight along with Yashio’s offer of working with Serena, I think it might be safe to say that this ship has sailed. At this point I feel as though Satoshi’s role as the MC of Alola is all but confirmed, they’re just taking a while to drop news and info. I don’t think Satoshi would need a girlfriend or whatever when he already has Pikachu and all and their relationship matters more than any of Satoshi’s other relationships too.