I like to make things more dramatic

when lance and keith get into fights tho, they dont last long but they like to make them more dramatic than they really are. they wont talk to each other for DAYS over the most petty stuff. they do that thing where they make their friends talk to each other for them. 

“HUNK could you PLEASE tell keith that i think he looks nice today. also, that he can eat my entire ass.” 

“lance, keith is sitting, like, two feet away.”

and keith is just like, “shiro, please tell lance that his eyes look beautiful in this lighting, also that i was right and he was wrong.”

“… No MattEr HOW hARD I Try TO mOvE foRwArd, YOu’re ALwayS THerE HOLDiNg Me baCk.”

“Then why do you keep coming back?”

This Day in 1D History - September 15

**BONUS** 2009:

  • Harry pens a love poem  (NOTE: best enjoyed when read aloud with increasing fervor)


  • Dare to Dream book signing – Lakeside, Essex


  • James Corden gets hitched!


  • “Can I just say it’s very easy for people to write up on something like Crazy About One Direction–because actually I hadn’t seen it when everyone was talking about it but I watched it the other night–and when girls make quick, flippant comments, they don’t actually mean them, but when you write in the paper, like, ‘this girl said that she would do this because of One Direction’ it sounds dramatic, and for me that just dramatizes the whole thing. I think it’s incredibly unethical, the whole thing… It’s not just unfair to us, either; more importantly, it’s actually unfair to the whole fanbase– Anyway, we could bitch about this all day” (Zilo Scoop with Raya interview posted)
  • Harry adds to the ever-growing list of mysteries surrounding One Direction…


  • Narry Today Show interview airs (rec’d Sept 12) 
  • Harry signs a fan’s phone case in LA 


  • Niall  gets down with Enrique Iglesias in Vegas (because why not)

LOOOL dude, idk, whenever he blinks, it looks weird. anyone knows how to fix that? the eyes look TOO thin when blinking and i can’t make it thicker when i adjust each feature :C also uh, how can i add extra features like more mouths and eyes? ‘-’ sjdfhksjhdf it sucks not understanding japanese AND HOW THE HECK DO I SAVE THAT THING IN A BIG DIMENSION BUT SMALL SIZE? i have so many doubts regarding this program, plshelp


DRAMAtical Murder iPhone 5 Backgrounds ( more anime background )


(Ok I have no idea what DRAMAtical Murder is aside from things I’ve seen on tumblr so please don’t jump me for making this bad or something I’m sorry =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ )

I’m gonna make this moving thing more dramatic with what I’m about to say im sorry

So like, what of Gavin ends up on the other side of the room with someone else

And then michael, since he’s gotten used to looking to his right to find gavin, turns his head to the right only to find either a wall or someone else and he just pouts and looks to where Gavin’s new desk is and sighs

Because it’s not the same without his boi by his side

“I may be crazy enough to make Berta do some intimate things with Aoba, but I’m nowhere near crazy enough to have my allmate fuck him like you did with yours.”

“I know how much pain he’ll go through if I let Berta do that, and let me tall you, it is more painful than even I can withstand.”

“…and how do you know that?”


“It’s a long and fucked up story.”

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Graduating and Decluttering!

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but between school, working and planning this wedding, time has gotten the best of me. Thankfully summer is here! My summer class is over and I can spend the rest of the season focusing on getting ready for the wedding and as the title states above DECLUTTERING! 

If any of you know me, you know that I H.A.T.E clutter! I cannot stand when things are not in their proper place and when my apartment looks messy. A messy apartment makes me feel like my whole life a mess, a bit dramatic but it’s true. 

I am going to try and keep everyone updated on our apartment and take some before and afters! I think it is important to declutter before you get married. To be honest, I don’t want to get more stuff and have no where to put it. Orion and I are already crammed in our one bedroom apartment. 

I have been asked so many times, “Alexis, when are you graduating?” Well, I finally have an answer. I am expected to graduate this December (yes, right after our wedding). I am very excited but also stressed out to the max. It feels like UNCG just doesn’t want me to graduate haha. Worst case, I have to switch around a couple of classes. 

People will really come up with any excuse to hate on Allie Long, won’t they? She contacted a coach b/c she was still motivated to get on the team and wanted to prove herself and figure out what to improve on and you guys are acting like that’s a bad thing? The hell?

(And yes, Tony used the word “spammed” when talking about emails, but come on clearly Jill didn’t add Long onto the team just because she got annoyed or w/e. And knowing what Tony is like, I’m pretty sure it’s him just trying to make shit sound more dramatic than it was, you guys are seriously trusting DiCicco expecting the most accurate description on USWNT minutiae really?)

So I’ve had this thought about Raven/Mystique for awhile, but never been sure how to put it.  

But basically- I wonder if mentally she was a lot younger than people expected her to be in XMFC.  I mean this in terms of the physical structures of the brain, since she apparently ages more slowly.

Because, as an adult, there is nothing in the world that would convince me to leave my wounded brother on a beach, especially with a teleporter around.  But when I was a teenager, young, dramatic, convinced of a black & white world? I at least made far more impulsive decisions.

Which then leads to me wondering Charles’s treatment of her was in some part because she thought like a younger person.  Not excusing Charles- but wondering if that was an influence.

From Decision-making is Still a Work in Progress for Teenagers

The results from the McLean study suggest that while adults can to use rational decision making processes when facing emotional decisions, adolescent brains are simply not yet equipped to think through things in the same way. For example, when deciding whether to ride in a car driven by a drunk friend, an adult can usually put aside her desire to conform and is more likely to make the rational decision against drunk driving. However, a teenager’s immature frontal lobes may not be capable of such a coolly rational approach, and the emotional feelings of friendship may be likely to win the battle. As Dr. Yurgelun-Todd told U.S. News, “Good judgment is learned, but you can’t learn it if you don’t have the necessary hardware.”

From the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Based on the stage of their brain development, adolescents are more likely to:

  • act on impulse
  • misread or misinterpret social cues and emotions
  • get into accidents of all kinds
  • get involved in fights
  • engage in dangerous or risky behavior

Adolescents are less likely to:

  • think before they act
  • pause to consider the potential consequences of their actions
  • modify their dangerous or inappropriate behaviors

Mass Effect: Legion

*adds Legion to long list of characters who didn’t get enough attention*
I tried to make a more dramatic (if completely impossible) version of that scene.  Because much as I hate it (denial, denial, denial) it is a beautiful scene.
Also really wish there was more interaction between Tali and Legion, because the whole thing about Tali coming to accept him and value him is just really interesting.

I’m now probably stuck with this style for Mass Effect, haha!

Dialogue: Dramatic Scenes

Anonymous asked:

Hiya ^_^ thanks so much for taking your time and running this blog. Dunno what I’d do without it tbh! Anywho, I’m trying to get through a more serious point of my book and I keep trying to write out the dialogue. However, it just keeps sounding really vapid and simple. Is there any way I can make speech a little more active?

Aww, thanks! I’m so glad you’re finding the blog to be useful. :) <3

There are a few things you can keep in mind while writing dialogue for a scene like this:

1) Dialogue doesn’t have to perfectly mimic reality.

When writing dramatic dialogue, it can be tempting to include things like long pauses, grunts and other sounds, interrupted sentences, stumbling over words, and filler words like “um” and “uh.” These tend to make dialogue sound more like a transcribed conversation rather than smooth flowing fiction, so try to avoid these things as much as possible. Use them sparingly if at all.

2) Avoid “talking head” syndrome.

During dramatic scenes especially, it can be easy to focus so much on what’s being said that our characters become merely “talking heads” without bodies. You can avoid this by including things like body language, gestures, and physical interaction with the setting and other characters during the dialogue. Just don’t overdo it. Every line of dialogue doesn’t need to be punctuated by an action–just try to include them now and then to root your characters physically into the scene. :)

3) Take it easy on the melodrama.

Our enthusiasm for a dramatic scene can sometimes cause us to go overboard with the emotional component. When writing dramatic dialogue, really consider whether or not strong emotions are necessary or even relevant to the scene. In a heated verbal altercation, for example, it might make sense for your characters to display some serious hostility and aggression. However, if your characters are arguing over where to go to dinner, high aggression wouldn’t make sense in most circumstances.

4) Exaggerated actions can be melodramatic, too.

It’s not just strong emotions that can be melodramatic. Sometimes dramatic actions can add to the melodrama, like long suffering sighs, drawn out eye rolls, or repeated facepalms. Just keep an eye on your actions to make sure they’re not too much for the scene. 

I hope that helps! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you, but please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)

niffty24 replied to your post: Oh, she sees you alright, Blackwall… —…

I’m surprised you weren’t more disappointed/your inq wasn’t more angsty over the blackwall thing

Why would I be?

I got me an older LI for my dorf to romance with a well-done, dramatic story arc. The drama also comes from a mundane, non-supernatural source, which is apparently something I prefer (like the Alistair/Aeducan’s romance in DA:O).

Why would she be?

Sashamira Cadash previously worked for her carta crime family as the resident hitwoman (while officially a smuggler, her spec is assassin), and has done equally or even more questionable things than Blackwall in her line of work, so she is in no place to judge him tbh. After getting over the initial shock, knowing how hard he tries now to make up for what he did before, makes her love him even more.

So frankly, it’s a perfect match :)

On the importance of speaking up in class - and some tips

Before I say this, I want to leave a disclaimer here that I am absolutely aware of how hard it can be to speak up and ask questions in clas. I am a super shy person living with anxiey. I know.

That being said, I can’t possibly stress how important it is that you try to speak up in class, either to comment or to ask questions, not only because it can dramatically improve your understanding of the subject but also because teachers appreciate the hell out of it.

Story time:

I’m in my second semester of college now, and I spent most of my first semester too overwhelmed by the new-ness of it all that I approached the subjects like I did in high school: memorizing things was enough. I’m not the best student in my classes, but I do my best, even if it’s not as good as I wish most of the time.

This time I’m making more of an effort to speak up - it’s gotten me in trouble a couple of times but let’s not mention that - and it’s paying off. In a class I don’t fully understand the theory but love the social and moral implications of it, I’ve been trying to relate the hard content to real-life issues. This week, the professor told me he was considering me for a research position with two other students that did much better than me in the exams - because I ask good questions. I am also being considered by another professor for the same reason, and I got an A* in her first exam because I used references she used to answer my questions. She also made it a point to know my name. So: I’m not kidding, speaking up is super important.


  • You don’t have to be super active in all your classes, especially because that’s incredibly tiring. Choose at least 3 classes you’re more interested in and make a commitment to participate more in those. Much less tiring.
  • If your classes are lecture-structured, try to speak to the lecturer after it’s over. If you’re doing this, always ask if they have the time first - they probably will, but anyway.
  • When talking to professors/lecturers one-on-one, always start by introducing yourself/reminding them of your name. They’ll probably learn it after a couple of times, so you won’t have to do this forever. They can’t find you later if they don’t know your name!!
  • When raising your hand in class, try to relate your comment to the text or real-life situations/issues. It’ll show you’re not only listening to what they say, but also processing it and expanding on it.
  • IT’S OKAY TO BE TOLD YOU’RE WRONG. If you hadn’t asked, that could be a mistake you’d have made on an exam, which is much worse than the few seconds of correction in class.
  • Relating to the previous topic: NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU FOR GETTING SOMETHING WRONG AND BEING CORRECTED. You most likely just gave them a new information they can also use to succeed. Win-win.
  • Still on that subject: YOU’RE YOUR OWN WORST CRITIC. Seriously, be kinder to yourself. Do you judge other people when they raise their hands?? Exactly.
  • Always write down your questions and their answers, as well as the connections established either by you or the professor/lecturer. Sometimes we forget the answers and end up having the same doubts again.
  • If you have a question that can’t wait until the next class, send them an email. They don’t mind. I promise. You can come back here and yell at me if I’m wrong. If they gave the class their email, it’s because it’s okay for you to use it, so use it.

I hope this is helpful to at least some of you! Have a nice day and congratulations for reading this far hahaha