I like that look on you


make me choose

@sleepy-plantss: jungkook’s thighs or jungkook’s eyes 

Anonymous request for the expression challenge!


request a gifset - jackson & members being affectionate with each other for anon

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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol


10 day self sim cas challenge by @thecactus ~

day 1: everyday wear
day 2: formal wear
day 3: athletic wear

day 4: you at another age
day 5: an outfit you would never wear in real life
day 6: dream job
day 7: date night outfit
day 8: dress up/costume
day 9: different time period

50′s pin up counts right?

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This might be a dumb question, but is Pitch supposed to be grey in Golden Age?


I know I’ve said that he has the grey skin in the text, but I wasn’t committed enough to it that I’ve said it enough that I think it’s like…fact.

And my noncommittal nature and the fact that I still haven’t decided after 200,000 words I think means that you can go with your gut.


Look I never said I was a good writer I’m sorry

We got so many m/ar/rens bullshit lately that at this point I almost immune to new picture, what I find interesting however is ch/ll, because in the last year there was barely anything. We got a few glimps of him from events and a occasional cat emoji comments but thats it. Chris hasn’t posted anything for his birthday in the last two times if I remember correctly, which he done before,it’s the second birthday of his without any BS. It’s like the more M we got we got less W


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