I like that look on you


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Dear @proper-nice-that tagged me for the selfie challenge!!
☆ So now you are all cursed to see my ugly but perfect face ☆

Aand now I nominate @blutrippe, @shikylusion, @shadowenza, @frogdragon @charspurpletooran or whoever wants to do it. >:3c

cheinsaw  asked:

yoooo i met tricksterexe at a convention this weekend and we had a nice convo about how much we love your art, just wanted to say u are a blessing

that’s!!! SO SWEET OF YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU LOTS and I hope the con was great and that the rest of your week went great and aaaaHHH thank you, you’re both the true blessings tbh!!!



Two saiyan siblings, being cute and gross together :D

I like daydreaming about mine and @percyofnom girlfriends story!! All the time. And also thinking about these two growing up together as sisters. I remembered Percy imagining them getting along really well together, teasing and playing, being very protective of each other and shoving gross things in each others faces >:D

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why are u so obsessed with tg?? :v

Because I love to suffer. o)-(

To be honest, I didn’t expect that I would love TG so much in the beginning, but it’s such a compelling and well-written story. Also, I love Ishidas drawing style, I love how he incorporates symbolism, parallelisms and literary references into his story. It’s the topics that he addresses and the atmosphere that he creates that make me feel so intrigued by Tokyo Ghoul. On top of that, Kaneki is an extremely lovable and relatable main character. I hope this answers your question. ^-^

Friend: I used to have long hair in high school
Me, pretending I didn’t know that after going through his old FB profile pictures: wow, really??
Him: yeah. You didn’t Facebook stalk me at all?? It’s in my old pictures
Me: PFFF NO. People do that?? I don’t do that haha. ……….do you do that though
Him: yeah sometimes
Me: well that’s creepy and you shouldn’t :/

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"like how for somebody hundreds of sweeps old, Karkat’s horns+short haircut look really slutty. XD" EXCUSE YOU? EXPLAIN! I mean I think I know what your getting at but why did I not know this? PLEASE EXPLAIN IN GREAT DETAIL

Anonymous said to birchbow:  You mentioned church history and culture in regards to short hair? Can you gift us with this knowledge?

Well it’s not church-related, it’s just societal in general–I looked at the crazy-long hair on all of the ancestors (even the ones with short hair had pretty crazy amounts of it) especially the highbloods, and put on my Rampant Speculation Xenosociology Goggles, and thought about the theoretical sensory function of horns in concupiscent or conciliatory spheres

Then I concluded that for the purposes of this story, the oldest trolls (the elders in the church, the Condesce) were from a more Victorian era of Alternia where wearing your hair short and showing your horns was akin to showing your ankles.  At the very least, coquetteish and risque, at the worst slutty and wanton.  Small/short horns especially come with the stereotype of being sensitive, so to old-fashioned eyes Karkat kind of looks like a pale porn-star.

Shaved heads are an entirely different thing.  A shaved head was part of the Cult of Flesh’s original ethos, to emulate the bald heads of the Messiahs Made Flesh.  Their shaved heads were a tell that led hundreds of purplebloods to the inquisition blocks.  Even after the information purge and the strict ban on any cult-related information, having a shaved head is still frowned on and on the fleet it’s supposed to bring bad juju.  

I’ve been feeling down recently, so I drew a Zutara family scene to heal my soul.