I like that look on you


dan and phil meme: [3/5] favorite danisnotonfire videos ≡ How NOT to Stay Cool 

i’ll probably make the exact same video as this in december, instead just talking about it being mildly cold but, dammit, i’m british and complaining is what we do best.

happy 3 years to this blog! it’s so fun talking to all of you, and now we’re at 20k and i can’t believe it. let’s be real, this blog will always be active, i will probs be posting quotes for the next 50 yrs. if you have headcanons, theories, little things that excite you, hmu @ doctorsolace.

when things get tough, think of camp half-blood. safe, fun, surrounded by friends and adventure, with the perfect temperature, sitting on the pier at the lake waiting for capture the flag to start.

stay safe out there, demigods!

“When bae does that shy embarrassed side eye accompanied with that trying to keep it in and not show teeth smile that makes you lose all feeling and go weak in the knees and pass out, then eventually come to, questioning what on earth just happened but then after a couple seconds you remember why…”


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Can you tell I like to keep a theme with my wallpapers? and also…. the langst

I have had these wallpapers for about a week now cuz I tend to get bored pretty easily of them. And also ahhh I just took that selfie yesterday cuz I was going out with some friends and I thought I looked cute ♡

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ok serious question

who do y’all think is #nastier

jeffrey from california aka jung jaehyun


mountain man of japan, nakamoto yuta