I like that


I came in like a #wreckingball

“I’ve often made an effort to have an extraordinary amount of caps, while playing. However, once I reach around 4-7 thousand caps: the game starts going through an intense amount of glitches and weird phenomena; bandits’ organs standing upright, radscorpions falling from the sky in towns, Talon Company having different skin tones on their body parts. But, once I reach 15k+, the game is a hodgepodge of fuckery. Don’t even get me started on those trashcan-barrels.”

Fallout Confessions

ugh but what if punk! Luke was coming over for dinner and he walks in dressed real nice but you can see his tattoos under his dress shirt. and throughout the entire night, he rests his hand on your thigh and slowly moves it up and continuously whispers dirty things in your ear that leave you squirming. and finally when dinner ends, and your family goes to sleep, so you drag him into your room and let out what you’d been holding back during dinner

finishing up badboy!5sos from last night. :-)