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thank you for a memorable seven years. you inspired millions through your music, visuals, and choreography.

you left an impact on kpop and the standards on beauty forever. you told women that didn’t necessarily fit the pale-korean-norms that it was okay to be curvy and tan.

i hope that in your future activities, together or seperate, you’re happy. i will always be there to support in whatever you do.

summer will never be the same without its queens to celebrate it.

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Oh god, I'm in love with the way you draw Hazel. She looks great! Could you maybe draw Rachel? (Only if you want to of course) She is my alltime favourite from the pjo-books and I sometimes have the feeling that she doesn't get enough attention. (I mean she's awesome! :D)

Thank you!! <3

Oh man yes! I have such strong feelings for Rachel and I really don’t get why people sometimes forget her?  

She truly is awesome

Don’t be THAT soprano.

There aren’t many girls in this show–maybe four?  Maybe ten guys?  So when we had our first readthrough, the music director asked which of us were high sopranos.  I raised my hand, and two of the three other girls shot their hands up like their lives depending on it.  With pride.  Not the, “I worked hard and I can be proud of myself!” way, but in the, “Psh, you think you’re cool?  I can hit a high C, so take a seat” kind of pride.  I told them that I was super flexible, though, and they should put me where they need me.  I’m not picky.  So, naturally I end up in the alto section–the only alto–no big deal, though.  

We get to music rehearsal yesterday, and we’re working on this piece, and it’s been arranged rather oddly.  There are some unusually high soprano notes, because the arranger was a bari and didn’t quite get that those notes aren’t comfortable or appropriate for the style of music he’s doing.  No big deal, though, we’ll make it work.  So he asks, “Which of you wants to pop up to that high note?”  Of course, I’m a lowly alto (really, they’re treating me like I’m a second class citizen because I’m singing the alto part) so I’m not in this conversation, and the girls look at each other, and I can see the competition in their eyes.  WHO GETS TO SING THE HIGH NOTE?!   One of them finally says, “I’ll do it,” and they decide on her.  Fine, great.  Then she promptly makes this face and says, “I mean, I’m always the one doing the high note, so whatever.”  

Okay, chickadee, let’s take a breath here.  You guys were ready to duel to the death for this high note, and now you’re going to “complain” about how it’s such a buuuuurden to sing that note?  No, I’m sorry.  I can see the joy in your eyes, I can see the triumph.  This high note is your victory, you’re now better than anybody else in the room.  

Now, we go on to the rest of rehearsal, hopping along, and we get to this belt section where this girl pretty much leads the song.  We start singing it, and she’s knocking it up an octave, so she’s belting like…High As.   The director stops her and says, “Oh, you know, you don’t need to knock those up an octave,” and she says, “Oh, I know, I want to,” and he says, “…Well it’s not written like that…”  She says, “But I can!  I can hit those notes!” and I’m thinking, girl.  I get that you can hit them.  We can all hit them.  The music isn’t written up the octave. It’s not in the style, it’s not appropriate. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  She compromised by saying, “I’m going to work on it, you’ll like it, I promise.”  (She then proceeded to tell me that we were taking the song under tempo for my sake, so that I  could learn the harmonies and feel comfortable, because she was ready to take it up to tempo even though I was not.  Girl.  I have been sight reading these pieces all rehearsal, and I’m rockin’ it.  Please, let’s go up to tempo, be my guest.  GAH!)

Finally, we get to this one song that’s more choral-y, and this song I’m actually designated on the top line.  I really don’t care either way, I’ve just been sight reading the harmonies the whole time.  But one of the other girls gets this concerned look on her face and says, “Oh, I though I was the soprano on this part…” and the music director says, “No, actually Christine is the top on this song, you’re going to be alto.”  And she gets super flustered and says, “I mean, I just don’t know that part, I’m not sure if I can do it….”  Meanwhile, we’re all learning the songs right now.  This isn’t the fifth rehearsal where we’re switching everything up and she’s now super inconvenienced.  Part of me thought of saying that I would just do the alto part, but then I decided not to.  I was assigned that part, you were assigned that part, why is it a big deal?  So the director asks, “I mean, is it a problem you’re on the alto line,” and she gets this disappointed look and shrugs and says, “I mean, it’s just not as fun I guess.”  

Ladies, hear me when I say this.  Do NOT be this girl.  This is the reason why we sopranos get a bad name.  Because we won’t be flexible, because we get pouty when we don’t get the highest note, because we beg for the top harmony and then pretend to complain because it’s so hard.  If it’s so hard, don’t take it!  And honestly, it’s okay to find those notes fun!  They are fun, they’re a blast to sing!  But don’t go pretending it’s some inconvenience to you, we can all see through that act.  That’s the stereotype that sopranos have, that’s the reputation.  Don’t be that.  Be pleasant, flexible, go with the flow, take the notes assigned to you, and for heaven’s sake, stop treating others like they’re lesser singers because they aren’t on the top harmonies.  

This has been a public service announcement.

Your friendly neighborhood soprano (who is horrified by some of her fellow singers),



[ au’s that exist elsewhere ]

the sea was angry. the water thrashed and rolled and boiled and the sailors hung onto the rails of their ship, hanging on for dear life as they hoped that their captain would get them through this.

it happened so fast. faster than anyone could have possibly imagined. one second jared was hanging onto the ropes, his hair hanging wet in his face and then in the next blink he was gone. taken by the sea as their prisoner. as their offering.

jensen found him washed up on shore, wet and cold and bleeding and barely alive and he hovered over the man’s body, brushing his hair out of his face and pressed a light kiss to his lips, healing the wounds that scattered his body.

jensen was told the dangers of the land, of the men that walked on it. he was raised and breed to fear the ones with legs but there was something about this one that drew him in. jensen watched, waited for air to fill the man’s lungs again.

and before jared truly woke, jensen disappeared back beneath the waves, silver white scales catching the last rays of the sun.

[merman!jensen and pirate!jared au]

Watching Star Trek and thinking about Transformers so how about an AU where Cybertron is part of the Federation?

  • ship-sized transformers integrating with federation systems and being a member of the crew as much as anyone inside.
  • Ship sized transformers having cassettes to monitor things, and help repair.
  • Transformers having to explain to humans that you can’t just take a cassette from a ship after they try to treat the cassettes like property or interchangable personnel. 
  • On the flip side, a new job being ‘Ship speaker’ who is an engineer that can translate the ship’s problems, ideas, and wishes.
  • Transformers of varying sizes on ships to accommodate their size.
  • Cassettes and mini bots working side by side with humanoids.
  • Vulcans and Transformers having lovely friendly debates about the nature of emotions.
  • Transformers with paint jobs that match starfleet uniforms.
  • Transformers with shuttle alt-modes helping with exploration and such
  • Transformers with gun alt modes helping with security.
  • Medical bots that work with humans in the med bay and engineers in the ship
  • People that criticize the Cybertronians because of a war that lasted millions of years.
  • Cybertronians facing the same problems as Data in TNG
  • You could even go so far to make Primus some kind of weird Q experiment or something.