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I have a big, red pimple on my cheek and its really painful but there's no head. I don't know how to get rid of it

I feel your pain because I had really bad acne for years but based on my own experience you can’t really do too much about it, just keep doing your cleansing routine and it will disappear eventually

Imagine #8 -- Heroes of Olympus

“Again? How many times are you going to end up here?” Will questions, watching Nico sit on an infirmary bed with his arm pulled close to his chest.
“Do you think you broke any bones?” Will asks when he receives no reply to his earlier question.
“I’m not sure” Nico says, lifting his arm experimentally. Nico stops himself from shouting out and just lowers his arm. Unfortunately, Will sees right through him.
“If your in pain I need to know, I’m a healer after all”
“Okay, okay, it hurts like hell” Nico grumbles, looking away.
“Good, that’s a start” Will feeds him some ambrosia squares which makes Nico’s face glow red and fixes a sling for his arm.
“Your fine to go. But do be more careful or you’ll become more of a regular than the Stoll brothers” Will jokes, before standing awkwardly.
“Right..” Nico fumbles with his ring, thinking for a moment before walking away through the infirmary doors.
It take Nico less than a day to heal with the help of the Ambrosia squares, thankfully having not broken his arm but only sprained. Nico doesn’t feel like heading to the infirmary just to get his sling removed and a checkup. Instead, he chucks the sling on his bed and stalks towards the door for a walk in the woods. Opening the door, Nico recoils at finding Will standing in his way, staring in surprise.
‘You’re late’ Will snaps out of his daze, turning instantly into nurse mode.
'Where is your sling! Your appointment was 5 minutes ago. You better not be going back in the woods again-’ Nico leans against the door and listens to Wills long list of things he hasn’t done or shouldn’t be doing. Nico stops him after he starts criticizing his choice of shirt.
'You ready to go to the infirmary yet?’ Nico asks with a smug smile, watching the confusion on Will’s face form.
'Infirmary? You were actually going to show up?’ Will asks, a doubtful smile covering his face.
'Well, no, but if it gets me out of a lecture then yes.’ Will rolls his eyes, muttering 'Of course’ under his breath teasingly.

'Come on then, and bring the sling’ Will smiles, walking slowly away so that Nico could catch up after grabbing the sling.

'Maybe going to the infirmary isn’t so bad’ Nico thinks as he falls in next to Will, walking together over the grass towards the already bustling infirmary.

~ LillyJay ~


Sasuke’s Conclusion in 699.

“Naruto… Now, I’ve finally remembered the things you used to say… About how that feeling you got when you were together with me must be what it feels like to have a brother… that feeling you were talking about… I think now, I finally get it.” 

“As my journey took me around the world… I would often be reminded of back then… When we were lonely kids starving for love…”

 “But finding nothing but hatred.”

“From there, we went our own separate ways… and we fought… But now as time has passed, I think… That maybe in the same way… The suffering, desires and feelings of my father, mother, and my brother Itachi had passed into me…”

“Perhaps now, I’ll come to know what you feel, your hopes and your pain… Naruto… You never abandoned me… No matter what happened… As much as I would try to close myself off, you kept on closing that distance to me and how I truly felt…”

“By all means, you should have come to hate me for everything I did…”

“And yet, you never stopped regarding me as your friend. Even as I tried my best to destroy that very feeling…”

“As my friend, you fought to stop me…”

“To the point that you lost an arm… And thanks to you, I was saved…” 

“We who used to quibble and fight over every little thing…”

“Are now able to share the pain in each other’s hearts. During my journey around the world, I thought to myself… That this feeling may not exist just between us… But it might apply to even more things… Bigger, greater things… But not everyone is able to do the things you can… And it probably won’t always go as planned either… Just look at how we turned out…”

“And with bigger things… It’ll only get harder… I think it’s a lot like faith. To keep believing, trying and enduring until you finally become able. Because people entrust us to their hopes and rely on us to carry on… Perhaps that is what makes us ninjas.”

Well Sasuke, you two are no longer alone and starved of love; you’ve each found someone who will love and care for you with unwavering loyalty throughout anything that life has to offer.

  • Naruto, you found the shy heiress who saw beyond your label as “The Nine Tails Jinchuuriki”, and acknowledged the beautiful boy within:
  • And Sasuke, you found the kind girl who was the first to notice how broken the “Uchiha Survivor” truly was, and never stopped wanting to ease your suffering:

And now the both of you can entrust your hopes and dreams onto them, and rely on them and your children to carry on… Because that’s what makes them the loving families of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

What a journey it’s been.


do they know you pain?
are they listening?
can they hear your every move as you sneak your way into their heart.

of course, you don’t mean to.
of course, you’re innocent.
but you don’t think so.

through all the butterfly wings you clipped and the tigers you fought,
you still have no clue what you’re doing.

you love bravely but when it’s returned you cower,
as if the person is giving you too much power.

you seem to only pull hair out of heads these days.
as if you’re trying to find the different one.
the one that will save your soul.
but there are too many strands,
and it’s all just a fairytale.

i’m sorry it hurt.
but loving someone with a fake lust will never heal you.

do love in the way your mother did.
do not love in the way of your father.
never love in the way she did,
only love through a pure desire.

—  periwinkle-skylineto a dear friend of mine 

“Now I’ve finally remembered the words you used to say………

“That feeling you were talking about…
 I think now, I finally get it.”

“As my journey took me around the world….
 I would often be reminded of back then.”

“When we were lonely kids starving for love….
 But finding nothing but hatred.”

“From there we went our own separate ways…
 And we fought….but now as time has passed, I think…..”

“That maybe in the same way…..
The suffering,desires, and feelings of my father,mother, and brother itachi had passed into me…”

“Perhaps now, I’ll come to know what you feel,
 Your hopes and your pain……

Sasuke Uchiha🍃

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Do you have any advice on how to stay cool while sleeping? It's getting really hot in California and the nights are so warm I can't sleep even with two fans on

I live in Australia as a Canadian, so I know your pain.

Put stuff in the freezer and take them out at bedtime.
Socks, a teddy bear, your blanket if it’ll fit.
Heck, cuddle a bag of icecubes.

They won’t stay frozen all night but they should help you at least get to sleep.

If you can, absolutely sleep naked, or at least wear the bare minimum within your comfort zone.

Crack open the window. Even during a heatwave, it is usually at least a little colder outside, and the fresh air can help a lot.

Keep a glass of ice water next to your bed in case you need a cold drink.
And remember to stay hydrated, especially during the day.

-Solar the Sea Turtle

The Proposal, part 2

Part 1 is here !

“You’re thirsty I’ll be rain, You get hurt I’ll take your pain, I know you dont believe it but I said and I still meant it when you heard what I told you when you get worried I’ll be your soldier…”

He had set it up perfectly. He took the afternoon off to prepare everything. It would be quite simple and he was surprised how minimum it needed.
Even though, he was nervous as hell. He checked his watch a thousand times. He couldnt be late or early. He needed be patient. He knocks his fingers on the steering wheel of his truck, listening to the radio. The song of Gavin Degraw plays and he thinks how appropriate it seems.  

Before, he parked his trailer back in the woods. It was so many time since he moved out. So, he requested to the new owners if he could use their back lawn again. For a night only. After explain the situation, they hapilly agreed. Owen set up the trailer like it was. The little lights on the porch. He made up the bed, he was hopeful to use that bed again.

Then, he texted Amelia.

“Hey Amelia, can u meet me up at the woods at 8? u will find the key under the rug at the trailer door. i have some news to tell ya. xx Owen.”

He laughed when he got her message back. Confused as hell.

“What? Trailer? what the trailer is doing on the woods? What is happening?”

He didnt answer and she sent another moments after.

“No kidding Owen, tell me what the fuck is happening.”

So, he decided to text her again just to not blow it all.

“nothing is wrong. just meet me there ok? believe in me for godsake.”

“It better be a sexy sassy thing, Owen. Much sex included.”

He laughed and only answered “i hope too.”

Now, he was waiting in his car. Suddenly, his  phone rings. A new message of her. “Ok. I am in the trailer. Is that a joke? Where are you?”

He parks his car outside and get out. Slowly, he walks towards the trailer and climbs the few steps of the porch, then knocks at the door. Less than a second later, Amelia opens the door. She has a big interrogation point on her forehead. He smirks.

“Sorry. Did you drink wine?” He asks, and her eyes move directly from confusion to not believing he was doing that. Even though, he was sure, she had no idea of what he was planning. Not yet. She looks at his eyes, holding a smile on her lips.

“I just wanted to visit and, people bring wine when they visit another person. Especially if they, you know.” He continues and smirks again, looking at the bottle of the sparkling water in his hands. Amelia laughs.

“Thats water.” She points it out, he giggles low, nodding.

“True. Thats because we dont drink wine.” Amelia stares at him. He was saying her quotes, from their very first kiss. Was when he started to really think about her and desire her. And want kiss her lips. And dream about her intense blue eyes. He hand her the bottle of water and she holds it, looking confused again, but laughing softly.

“Owen…what is…” She asks. He clean his throat, looking at the bottle in her  hands.

“You are very hard to ignore.” He added, now hoping that the speech he thought in his head was at least decent. She raise her eyebrow in surprise. He wondered if she was noticing what he meant. “And…is really later now. Right? Is later. Probably two years later, after our kiss, here” He moves his hands to the lawn, looking at the spot they shared probably the most intense and real first kiss of his life. “And…I couldnt ignore you. Not back then, and now… I cant ever, ignore you.” He continues. Now that he started, he needed to say it all.

“Dont…say anything.” He says, when she opens her mouth to speak. He laughs nervously. “I want bring you coffee, every morning. I want talk to you and listen to you. I want be your friend. Your lover. Your…husband.”

He looks at his hand and Amelia downs her eyes, when he opens the black box, showing off that  antique ring with a blue saphire rock, bright as her eyes.

“I want hold your hand and have lots of sex and break all the hospital policies.” He looks at her eyes, they are big, intense, dark blue in this half iluminated porch. The smells of the pines in the woods and the recent wet lawn fills the air. The crickets in the background and his hear beating so fast, he could hear it in his ear. Amelia doesnt say anything, as he asked. She has her lips half opened, her eyes move from his eyes to his hand, to the ring.

“I want drink lime sparkle waters and have babies with you. Babies that looks like you.” She raise her eyebrows again, moving her eyes to his. “I’ve told you that when we met, I was in this dark, lonely place and I thought that my dreams were over. Then…you asked if I liked tall women then you knocked on my door…and no. I like the short ones with big blue eyes and a smile that light up the entire room. You were a surprise in my life, Amelia Shepherd. The most delicious and perfect surprise. So…” He breathes in a long inhale, looking at her eyes.

“Do you want marry me? And…” Amelia steps down the door and look intensively to his eyes, interrupting his speech.

“Owen. Stop talking.” He shut up, looking at her, his eyes confused now, looking at her but she stares at him, with this intense eyes that he couldnt ignore.

“I am gonna kiss you now…so dont say anything, ok?” She says, with this beautiful smile. He laughs softly.

Amelia gets on her tip toes, her small soft hands on his neck, she pulls him down and their lips meet. Softly, tenderly, kissing slowly as tasting each other lips, then she slides her tongue into his mouth, they tongue dancing in this slow rythm. Owen holds her tight and pulls her to his arms, sucking her lower lip, softly, once and twice.

“So…?” He whispers, caressing her cheeks. Amelia opens the most huge smile, her dimple in the left cheek showing up. She lift up her left hand to him and he smiles, a sexy smirk. Slowly, he slide it on her finger, finally he exhale the air out of his lungs. He looks at her face, in silence, for a whole minute, their just stare at each other eyes, keeping this magic gaze. His hand holding her, he feels the rock of her ring against his fingers. Her other hand, rub his back tenderly up and down.

“Do you want some water?” She breaks the silence, smiling. He knows she cant stop smiling, because, he also cant stop smiling.

“I think…Later.” She bites her lips as he scoop her up, bringing her inside the trailer. He was sure of putting clean sheets in that bed was a good idea. They have the entire night to celebrate.  

Your eyes are the bluest I’ve seen. It’s such a pity that they are the most radiant when filled with tears of pain.
I know that your ears burn along with your cheeks when your father’s words hit you like blows.

They aren’t always like thunderstorms, though. Sometimes all it takes is a light mist of lies to trickle into your mind and mouth.

A bitter taste on your tongue.

The only constants in your life are the stars and your father, and periodically they leave too. You are left with nothing but emptiness and clouds blotting out the sun every. single. day.

But the moon is always there. Even if part of her is hidden away, just like the side of you that I know is in there somewhere. Yes, even in the daylight, her face is peeking out behind clouds, waiting for her moment to shine in the darkness.

So please, please find the right moment in your life of loneliness and regrets and


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I'm curious about pain tolerance with autism. I've always been super sensitive to people brushing my hair. And when someone pokes me I say ow, but I have a high pain tolerance when it comes to a joint condition I've developed. I never thought that my pain disconnect could be due to my ASD, until I read one of your posts mentions pain thresholds, so I wondered what you knew about them. Thanks

My knowledge is pretty much limited to “pain is a sense and falls under sensory processing disorder”. But yeah, I’m the same way. Even with a Tangle Teeser, brushing my hair is a nightmare, but I’m pretty good with other forms of pain. Like, I’m super afraid of needles, so I will usally avoid topping up on anesthetic (or having any altogether) for stuff like getting fillings replaced or local surgery.

The problem comes in that I know when my pain tolerance is high, and you know when yours is. But I’ve had other times (like the first time I needed stitches) where it’s really hurt, but I’ve had no outward reaction to the pain. I get this with cramps as well, where if I want the people around me to understand how much pain I’m in, I have to mimic Allistic pain responses.

Sometimes Allistics can mix up whether you’re actually in pain, with whether you seem like you’re in pain which is super dangerous.

Bend me over and spank me hard so I know I’m your bad girl.
Make me squirm in your lap and moan as I wince with the stinging pain.
Leave your mark on me so I know I belong to you.
Taste me and let me ride your tongue.
Tease me with your fingers and then let me lick it off.
Kiss me all around my neck and bite down until you’re about to break skin.
I’ll be begging you to be inside me.
Bury my face into the covers so I can try to muffle my screams and fucking fill me with you.
I want you to fucking destroy me.
Fucking pound me and bend over to my ear and call me your dirty little whore.
Pull my hair and make me say I’m your slut as you break me in half and punish me like I deserve.
Moan in my ear as you cover my mouth and make me scream your name into your palm.
My ass smacking against your hips with every thrust as I grip the covers with my hands and toes.
I look back with my jaw dropped as I watch you tear me in two, and I look up at you and tell you to “fuck me harder, fuck me like a whore,” even though I can barely handle it before.
Flip me on my back and wrap your hand around my throat until I can barely breathe.
Slap me as you plow into me and make my boobs bounce and call me your bitch, your fuck toy.
Don’t stop until I cum and you leave my legs shaking and my pussy a mess.
Then grab me by my hair and shove your dick down my throat.
Make me gag on it.
Fuck my face until my spit is dripping down my arm and face.
Make this whore beg for your cum, and make me lick up every last drop after you blow it in my mouth and on my face.
Make sure I lick it off my own boobs like a good little slut.
Then cuddle up with me and give me kisses pls~

“Thranduil,” she began softly. “I love you. And while you were away from me, I thought of nothing but you and I felt your pain long before you returned to me.”

“I know, Êlúriel,”I said. It was true. Every night I would look into the heavens and find cause to close my eyes and there she was. It was so real to me. My grief over the losses were great, but her love saved my soul from dying.

“Should I leave this world,” she said, “I will always be with you.”

“You will never leave this world,” I said angrily. How could she say such a thing. That was a thought I dared not imagine. “I will give my life for you.”

“I know, she said. “I did not mean anything by what I said. I apologize if I upset you.”

“I know, my love. I know.” I took her in my arms and for some reason I did not want to let her go for something deep within me felt the beginning of a pain that I could feel was starting to make its presence know. I took her hand and we walked toward the palace in the distance beneath the canopy of trees that earlier felled leaves of the autumn colors but in the rising moon appeared like black petals of dying flowers.”–Excerpt (Coronation) JMM 7-25-15

To you who are waiting:
I know the pain in your heart, the seeming endlessness of your path. I know the emptiness you feel inside when you see the ones you care about find happiness, and you feel like your own joy is always out of reach. I know how it feels to think you have been forgotten, by those who promised to love you, by God, by that elusive place where you are “supposed to be”. I know this is not easy, and I know it is sometimes unbearable to keep believing in a dream that you think might never come true. You have those dreams for a reason, so don’t stop believing in them now.
You are not alone, dear friends, and this pain will not last. You will find happiness, you will feel love again, and someday, your waiting will end.
Take courage; I am here for you. I am waiting just like you.
(at Thoughts in my head this weeek)

My Top 10 Elizabeth’s Comebacks
  1. 1.12 - “I haven’t been gone 24 hours. Civil war with Texas, really? Ugh"
  2. 1.04 - “The World? Seriously? 14 guys watch C-Span”
  3. 1.17b - ”Maybe like a really runty one"
  4. 1.02b - “By “mystery” do you mean born out of wedlock or sired by aliens?”
  5. 1.06b - “Just an FYI, words like that make my eye twitch”
  6. 1.22c - ”I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt pain"
  7. 1.07 - “If I really thought your dad was cheating, do you think he’d still be breathing? Let alone living here?”
  8. 1.15b - “That’s cute. But if I ran the State Dept the way you run this school the world would be a smouldering ember"
  9. 1.01a - “I’ve never met a situation where I don’t have a choice in the matter”
  10. 1.03a - “Are we sure those emails didn’t come from a frat?”

impossibleprincess73, you’re move!

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Do you have any tips on getting dog hair off of furniture? Thanks!

My furniture is all leather for the most part BECAUSE of 6 furry animals in the house… hahaha and it doesn’t hold odors, um like bedding I toss in the dryer if its a bit too furry for my liking before bed. I have lint rollers in every room and in my car and I had one in my desk at work because it always follows you I know your pain. 

I honestly do not know which is dumb because I really should… I will post this because I know there are tips…

Slip covers can be a solution just rip them off and wash/dry but some of them are a real bitch to get on/off and if it was me I would just get really pissed and give up.

So please help out with tips dogblr because mine suck/are non existent 

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omg I love engpol and pruspol I KNOW YOUR PAIN

It makes me so sad that these ships aren’t more popular but I also blame it heavily on the lack of attention and serious outlook that Hima gives Poland.
The Napoleonic Wars and Poland’s role in then are total Fra//pol moments in history. Not to mention historically, Poland nobility was sort enamoured toward France as a country.

Eng//pol totally works too I mean especially in the context of WW 2 with the Polish being a formidable part of the English airforce. Hehe I really like Fruk//pol in WW 2 setting too.

And Prus//pol like wow. Wow I mean besides Prussia living at Poland’s house for a while canonically and Prussia’s blog picture of Poland and Prussia constantly trying to get a piece of Poland throughout history and they both would have suffered under Russia together during the reign of the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Tbh even if you don’t ship them romantically, I think they’d be a lot like France and England where they may bicker a lot but they do truly have underlying respect for each other.

Sorry for the huge response anon but I’m really glad someone else sees this! Haha I really like all these ships and they are so under appreciated.