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If you’ve been on tumblr for the last couple days, you’ve become aware of a horrible, nasty blog that edits screencaps, fanart, and gemsonas to make them white/blonde/blue-eyed/skinny and generally says and posts a lot of racist shit. You are probably rightly angered by this. 

This is A TROLL BLOG. It is NOT run by one person, it is a collective effort of some doucheweasels from 4chan’s /b. They call themselves “Operation Gem Polish” because they think they’re the height of hilarity. 

They are not a trans woman of color. They are a bunch of jerk with nothing better to do. They are screencapping your responses, reblogs, asks, etc. It is fuel to the fire and they are literally thriving off our attention. 


PLEASE LET PEOPLE KNOW! I know there are already informational posts with the archive of their older threads. Boost those. But PLEASE, ignore the blog. Put it on your blocked list. Do not give them the time of day. They’re going inevitably do something nasty (and no doubt triggering) to the blog because they’ve been found out. 

They WANT you to respond with anger, indignation, death threats, etc. 

They WANT to get you riled up.

Please do not give them that satisfaction.

Block them and move on. 

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The xfilesgifarchive is a searchable archive of X-Files gifs (and nothing else!) that I set up yesterday. Because I felt like we needed one. Use it for whatever you want.

It’s not much now, but follow or bookmark it now because it will grow a lot, and hopefully you will find it helpful. You can make it grow faster by submitting your own gifs, or by volunteering to help with posting and tagging. Or if you’re just too busy to do anything else, you can reblog this post to help spread the word, so other philes know this resource exists.

I also run xfart, which has similar goals having nothing to do with farts. 

So I forgot, but my faithful friend arlothia​ didn’t. Today is the 3rd friday of the month and therefore it is #fanartfriday in the VPU. I know I didn’t give anybody any sort of warning, so no hard feelings if you’ve got nothing to share lol. But I DO have one submission that I’ll post momentarily. 

But if you’re curious, here’s a few past entries into the VPU #fanart archive: 

by pumpkinpixel

by tchoupagris

by @bethdatria

And if you want to see ALL the VPU fanart, including some awesome gif-sets, even more art, and a wicked cool set of stick figure drawings, check out the Fan Art Archive

Pariah and the Bull Chapter 6: Questions | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Life is not being kind to me at the moment and it’s going to be nothing but the ninth circle of hell tomorrow. Therefore I will be posting Chapter Six NOW instead of later since I don’t know when I’ll be free to work on anything at the moment. 

Things I have yet to find: a webcomic with ongoing story arc(s) - regardless of update schedule - that works as well reading along with the updates as afterward in archive mode.

Maaybe Irregular, back when it was running, would have qualified. I don’t remember for certain. But nothing else I know does.

potatoh-gem asked:

Would you happen to have a post of the cool things halsey has said/tweeted without the comparing to Bryana bit? I wanna reblog it but I'm not really one for comparing people you know? I've got nothing against it, I just think halseys tweets are great :)

No, I dont have a masterpost of Halsey. I reblog a lot of Halsey stuff though so you can go through my archive and see what I have of her. Thats all I can tell you love, sorry :/

anonymous asked:

u used to post such depressing things how come not anymore??

You either checked my archive or you’ve been following me since decades. Anyways, that’s not something you ask someone - especially if you don’t really know them. But as you can see I’m in a better place now so yeah. + it was about time to change my blog, I have nothing against depressing blogs, still follow some but it’s kind of relieving not having to hide it anymore from everyone else. xo

Hopelessly devoted.

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by violetspring

He took a small sip to keep talking “I know I’m just a fool who’s willing to sit around and wait for her. But, pal, can you see there’s nothing else for me to do?“.

Inspired by this post and this song.

Words: 1156, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Jv8cBW