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psa: don’t mention commissions/patreon on AO3

Hi guys! So I know we all don’t actually read the terms and conditions of things and just hit agree assuming there’s nothing important in there (I do it too oops) but if you take writing commissions or anything involving money, then there’s actually something in the AO3 terms and conditions to be aware of.

Linking to a personal website or blog/social network where you are taking donations, posting commissions or mentioning published works is permitted, but advertising it directly on the Archive is not, nor is using language which one might interpret as requesting financial contributions. For example, you can say something to the effect of “check out my Tumblr if you want to know more about me and my writing” and include the link to the site, but you cannot specifically state anything about donations, commissions or sales on the Archive.

Today someone reported one of my fics as violating this condition - presumably because I’d mentioned my patreon in the author’s note (I wasn’t actively requesting donations either… I’d literally just mentioned that it existed, and that the fic in question was written as a thank-you for hitting one of my goals).

I’ve written to AO3 to check whether just saying ‘thank you to those who support me on patreon’ is fine and I’ll let you guys know when they get back to me, but if it’s still going too far in terms of being a ‘commercial promotion’ then I’ll just avoid mentioning this in the future! :’)

As I said, someone did actually report my fic for this - so there are people out there who are noticing/reporting these situations. Please be aware of this if you take fic commissions, or use patreon or ko-fi, because your account could end up suspended, which of course no one wants!

<3 <3

friendly-neighborhood-hufflepuff  asked:

Hi! I'm very curious as to what Hunger Pains actually is. I know it's a book but as far as I know it's Hunky Dory here's some very nice plot, let's get down to business TO DEFEAT.. THE HU- I mean- ANYWAYS I know next to nothing about your book and I have a Need To Know Things.

Hunger Pangs (don’t worry, my husband calls it Pains all the time and I have the draft manuscript On. My. Wall.) was a shit post written just over a year ago after @jeneelestrange goaded me into it.


If you go through my tags #Hunger Pangs and #the vampire werewolf thing, you will finds lots and lots of meta and the occasional snippet of fiction. Some of it is very NSFW, and has been marked as such. I hope to get most of that archived on Ao3 at some point for easier perusal, I just haven’t had the time yet.

I will request that you be careful when typing #Hunger Pangs into the tumblr search function, as the tag is unfortunately used predominantly by eating disorder blogs, often ones not aimed towards recovery. This is something I was not aware of at the time when I started tagging the book and I’ve since started using HPangs (also Phangs) more often and am working my way back through the tags to fix this. If you wish to look at things pertaining only to my work through that tag, the url link is here: https://thebibliosphere.tumblr.com/tagged/hunger%20pangs

By request there is going to be two versions of the book, one with kink, and one without for those who prefer more fluff than smut in their reading repertoire. This is something I plan to do for all my future novels as well for those who are interested in my work, but don’t necessarily want to read about kink. 

The whole thing was supposed to be me just flipping tropes on their head for funsies, with the original draft intended to be a short 10k satire of the paranormal romance trope where Totally-Average-Girl gets sucked into a magical world and becomes the heated love interest of two usually “dominant” supernatural males and a toxic love triangle ensues (among other things). It was a trope I had to work with a lot in the industry as an editor, and became somewhat of a pet peeve of mine. So much so that somewhere along the line this fun little satire turned into a full 60k+ manuscript with happy, healthy polyamory instead, where nobody dies. Because that is also a trope in bi poly romance novels that can fuck right the fuck off as well. I mean, one of them’s already kinda technically dead?? But he’s fine with it.

The focus is on three main characters, a vampire called Vlad, a werewolf Nathan, and a being of as of yet undisclosed species who goes by the name of Ursula, and how they are brought together in a fantasy AU regency styled world torn apart by war and prejudice. If Game of Thrones ascribes to the idea that the world is dark and full of terrors, Hunger Pangs is the weird cryptid fancier asking where you can find them and are they looking to date anyone right now.

It’s ultimately a story of struggle, betrayal and power. But above all else Hunger Pangs is about love, romantic or otherwise, and the lengths people will go to in order to protect what is good and right in the world. It’s love as an act of bravery and defiance. And also punching fascists with your werewolf boyfriend, but that was honestly just a happy narrative coincidence that happened to coincide with the absolute shit show 2017 has turned out to be. 

It’s heavy on puns, satirical commentary and at times, moments of outright defiance.

Author friends who have read the raw manuscript have described it as being, “like reading the queer-goth-punk love child of Terry Pratchett and the Addams Family filled with hope and rage” and honestly I’ve never been more proud or terrified of anything I’ve ever done in my entire life.

I’m hoping to have the pre-order on Amazon up by the end of October, with full release planned for sometime around Christmas, provided my health holds out and I don’t end up needing more emergency surgery. So far the odds are looking good :)

The artwork for the covers has been designed by our very own @whales-and-witchcraft/ @umicorms and is just, I have no words for how much I love it. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I’m so excited.


But excited.

I’ve been thinking about this, and I feel it is VERY important.

As a smut writer, I feel it’s almost our responsibility to make a universal disclaimer that when we write our OC’s and Imagines, where the female reader comes 1,2,3 times from penetration alone, this is something that, to my knowledge, is uncommon.  It’s literally fiction. 

Not to knock anybody’s stroke game- but i’m 24 and I have not once, in my life, ever came from penetration, or by someone else’s hand, other than my own. 

If you are a youngster reading this- do not expect to orgasm your first time. Do not expect to orgasm period, really. This is a huge misconception that leaves girls and women feeling like something is wrong with them. 

I have faked more orgasms than I can count, because we are simply “supposed to orgasm” after a certain amount of time. I don’t know why women are pressured into faking. Personally, I wanted whoever it was I was with to feel like they were doing a good job, and asking for what I wanted was too embarrassing, and “not sexy”.

Now, if you can orgasm from penetration- that’s awesome! But as far as i’m aware, this is for the most part, uncommon. So this is a PSA to women / people with vaginas that nothing is wrong with you for the love of god.

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Maybe ya’ll can back me up on this.

-This has been a non-sexy (but important!) morning post- 

The Gsanses

I’ve made post like this before  HERE about the various Gsanses, but refreshing for new followers and those who are confused.

The original Gsans is a design and idea by Borurou, he didn’t have a backstory, but he had his own personality. She collaborated with Junkpilestuff at that time, also alone. UNDERPATCH was supposed to be the original G!sans story (canon), but was stopped. Borurou (Natanat) doesn’t wish to be tagged or asked about other Gsans stuff or AUs. So please, direct the questions at authors of the AUs, not Borurou. She also doesn’t ship Gsans and Frisk.

Junkpilestuff is author of Stonefaced Asshole Gsans (Stone), Don G, Crowbar G and KittyCat with GPap. All the Gsanses have their own stories and personalities, roam around in her archives to find what you need!// @junkpilestuff @stone-faced-asshole

Nyublackneko and Junkpilestuff collaborate on more stories about Crowbar G and Kitty cat. And are also creators of Don G and Kitten AU. Also the Modern Mob AU (with all the Gsans cops, mafia etc). I was making EchoG cop part, so if anyone wants to know more about him, ask me (or I can make post). The AU is nothing official, it was just done for fun between us. // @nyublackneko @junkpilestuff @yoralim

I’m the Echotale creator - Echotale was a fanstory, it’s not canon and it’s not THE original canonical Gsans. I’ve written a few snippets and few chapters of comics with EchoG and EchoFrisk, but stopped. The story ended with Lullabyes chapter and the crossed-out chapters in the timeline won’t be made. You can find answered asks in the echotale au tag // @yoralim

Elicitsins is making her own version, she gave him a different name/setting/story (Thiede) and is doing her own stuff, unrelated to all these AUs or Borurou. Stuff is NSFW 18+// @elicitsins

There might be personalized Gsanses out there, with or without corresponding AUs and with distinct personalities. Borurou’s original Gsans was probably inspiration for most of them.

Hope it’s more clear, please, if anything EchoG or Echotale related, ask ME, not Borurou. She is bothered by it and wishes to move on from Gsans stuff. She’s mentioned it lot of times before (but I understand that new followers might have missed it). You can mention her as original Gsans creator for respect, but there’s no need to tag her with an @ for it, unless you doing something personal for her or her AU related.

For the other mentioned Gs, contact Junkpilestuff, Elicitsins or Nyublackneko (respectfully to each with their AUs).

Thank you for reading, please, spread the word in case you see someone still confused about it. If I don’t have the inbox open, feel free to write me questions into the chatwindow, I’ll reply as soon as possible! Junky and Nyu have inboxes open, you can ask them about their Gsanses and AUs!

Thanx again! ✪

hello loves! after quite a few months here on tumblr, I have found many wonderful blogs. but even though I do frequently find wonderful blogs, I find it a bit hard to find blogs that I can queue from. so, after my successful faves, I have decided to create a queue list so I won’t have a hard time queueing anymore! I’m very excited for this, and if you are interested, then keep on reading! 


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  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my queue list page which is currently under construction
  • tons and tons of queues (I didn’t create this queue list for nothing :P)
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  • up to 2 promos per week (upon request and if I feel like it)


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  • my wonderful banner was made by Carissa of @leavingforever | and check out her beautiful banner blog at @xlfdesigns 
  • I will choose when I’m happy with the notes 
  • also, I will look at archives so I know what I get if I add you to my queue list
  • tell me if you have done any of the higher chances so I can add you to the higher chances list! 
  • if this flops, it never ever happened

all the love, Erin x

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Hello! Some time ago I saw a post on your blog (myebi) about some drawing tips, it was on the side menu, but now I can't find it, it's not even in the archive. It was some really great tips. May I ask where did it go? (I miss it so much. T.T Those words always gave me motivation to draw...)

There was nothing about a side menu? I recommend browsing the #ref tag, it possibly already had that tag back then. If not, then sorry, I can’t help if I don’t know what you’re talking about. :(

#2016 HP/LV fic rec hub — Part 1 #1—15

So, a list for HPLV! I just put a brief description for each, so click the link of the story you want for more details! As I’m creating this at the behest of @ghurahm, there will be no noncon/dubcon, rape, or underage*. There’s absolutely no rhyme nor reason to the listing of each fic, but I’ve numbered them to make it easier to search through. I’m sorting through all my archives— which has 2000+ stories!— so I apologize for any inconsistencies in regards to the limitations set. Just please also read the author’s warning beforehand. Enjoy!
Also: Reysistantis on antis— in case you’re ever attacked for a ship or kink.

*Underage— since there is at least a 2 generation age gap between them in canon, underage will be perceived as their mindset. Since Time-traveling is also a major trope in the Harrymort/Tomarry fandom, both of them may be underage. But nothing so far apart where it might be considered statutory rape. Everyone will be mature enough to consent.
1. The Dark Lion by HecatesKiss

•Oneshot: Harry is the Dark Lord’s Assasin / Complete
* Rated E for Explicit content at the end. Can skip the ending if you prefer not to read the sex.

2. 47 Days to Change (a translation) by snow_owl

* Multi-Chaptered (ch. 48 when posting this) / WIP (work in progress)
* Rated E, but as of now there is no sexual content. The author of the fic advised that should you not want the explicit content, you can read it on FF.net under the same name/author.

“This is a ‘Harry travels back in time to raise Tom’ story. An unfortunate tale of one man’s failed attempt to mold young Tom into a decent, law-abiding citizen. Instead, as Fate will have it, young Tom grows up to become the same twisted psychopath, who is hell-bent on winning the love of his adoptive father. Harry’s consent be damned.”

3. For Voldemort and Valor by Acnara

•Oneshot— Completed.

I found it really interesting, so here it is! Cursed Child spoilers warning.

4. Republic by eldritcher

“Summary: In which the Wizarding World has been exposed to the Muggles, in which they fight a war for their existence, in which they aren’t very good at it.”

The author has a unique version of Voldemort. You’ll see what I mean. And no, this is not a crack fic. It’s actually fraught with political drama.

5. The Consort Tournament by watermelonsmellinfellon

“Summary: The Dark Lord wanted a consort and had decided to host a competition that involved nearly everyone in Britain. If they thought they were good enough, they could enter to compete in a certain amount of tasks set by the Lord of the lands himself. Only the victor would have the skills necessary to become Voldemort’s consort.
Harry unfortunately nabs the Dark Lord’s attention. Voldemort does as he pleases.
Hermione enters to win, Bellatrix takes interest in certain people, and of course there’s the villain causing trouble.
A/N: SLASH/Harrymort/AU. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me exactly how this sounds like Harry is a slave. Please do so. Nothing at all would suggest it. How about we don’t assume that because the word “consort” is involved, it must *obviously* be about slavery. Does anyone actually know what a consort is?“

6. Again and Again by Athy

"Summary: The Do-Over Fic - a chance to do things again, but this time-To Get it Right. But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can’t. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source. Story is high on Political intrigue. Dumbledore!bashing slytherin!harry, dark!harry, eventual slash, lv/hp”

7. Of Monsters and Men by Clarisse(transnymphtaire)

“Summary: Each child is assigned a monster from their birth until they’re at least fifteen years old. Some children gets re-assigned. Some children keeps their monsters their whole life. Some children do both.”

8. Prancing Through Time by Lytri

In which Harry is the MOD and the summary is too long to paste. I promise that it’s totally worth it— even if you just read the summary.

9. How does it feel to fall, my precious angel? By TosMichiyo

“Summary: Harry Potter is a Light Angel and also known as Dumbledore’s Golden Boy, because of the fact that he had never giving into Voldemort’s advances.
20 years ago, Tom Riddle, Harry’s partner disappeared and rumours stated that Tom Riddle had fallen, became a Dark Angel. Harry who had secretly harboured feelings for his partner is devastated, but what happens when Harry returns after 20 years? Will he finally make peace with his past? Or will the images of Tom Riddle never let him go?”

A completed series. Angel AU. Absolutely loved it!

10. Siren Song by The_Fictionist

“Summary: Siren/Merfolk AU. Harry is a sailor. Tom is a siren.”

One of many great stories from this author. Please check them all out!

11. Paper Tears by You_Light_The_Sky

“Summary: Instead of writing his name in Tom Riddle’s diary, Harry wrote a story… and the horcrux living there ate it up in fascination. “Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a cupboard…” TMR/HP”

Be ready for some tears of your own.

12. Rebuilt by Terrific Lunacy

“Full summary: {AU!} After society as we know it collapsed, humanity struggled for survival. Following a decade of chaos and anarchy, a new society begins to establish. Lords try to assemble the best followers around them and battle other groups for territory. Young Harry Potter tries to stay out of trouble, but when a new lord with unconventional ideas sees the potential in his unique talents, his quiet life soon gets turned upside down. Armed only with his wits, Harry has to take on one catastrophe after the other, all the while trying to uncover his own past and teach a certain smug bastard the meaning of personal space. [LV/HP]”

13. Shadowed Malice by Oceanbreeze7

Summary: “11 years ago, my ‘brother’ survived the killing curse. 8 years ago I was given up for adoption. 5 years ago, my orphanage was destroyed in a bloodbath. 4 years ago I found my place at the Dark Lords side. And now, I’m going to Hogwarts, I am Harry Potter.”

14. Voldemort Goes Back to School by KisaraP

“Summary: Slash! This story replaces the Half-Blood Prince: What happens if Voldemort disguises himself as a transfer student to gain access to Hogwarts in order to kill Harry Potter? Well, I’ll give you a hint: It leads to consequences that not even Dumbledore foresaw! This story has a very original plot that has not ever been seen before. Yes, really. (Light!Harry) (Sub!Voldie) (Mpreg).”

15. A Beast’s Virtue by Arliene

“Summary: Schooled at Durmstrang, forced into political upheaval, pursued by dark and light wizards alike, Harry Potter becomes a leader and icon for his entire generation, thus turning the Dark Lord’s attention to him. HP/LV. Politician Harry.”


even if its not on this hell site, I implore you to start writing down your interests, your thoughts, your happy or sad memories on some sort of platform or personal diary. I know a lot of you are sick of listening to me write actual horse crap but in true honesty, I love reading it so much. I love reading my own writing, reminiscing about an exact point in time where I was so in love with a celebrity or a song or a group, remembering days I wouldn’t have even thought of if I hadn’t written it down. I like reading them so much, n I know that when I was a pure photography blog I wanted to delete so bad. I’d look back on months, years of my archive to find NOTHING that resonated with me, nothing in my life that I could fondly remember. I’d look @ my blog n feel like it wasn’t even mine n now when I look back despite my whole archive cluttered with text n the seldom one single food picture……. I’m happy, because whatever I wrote in those posts are mine n they were important to me. I know that a lot of people are wary about things they say having a negative effect on their follower count n by all means, I’m the same. but I’d rather have followers that follow me because they enjoying reading posts I love writing, than have followers that would easily unfollow me if I didn’t post what they liked. @ the end of the day, its your choice whether you want to express yourself through text or photos but I personally prefer the former n as narcissistic as it sounds, nothing makes me happier than reading about my own passions, my own celebrity crushes n my own life.

Archive moodboards !!!

Hello guyz!!! So, lately I’ve been doing nothing and I’ve just come up with such a nice idea like *dum dum dum* moodboards for ya my little cupcakes!!!
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The Social Embodiment of Love - imnothere24 - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

💕❤️By popular demand, the Valentine’s fic is FINALLY posted on AO3 and FF.net! 💕❤️

Comments and kudos are delights (and the only way I can know if you like it! Unless you’ve commented previously, then disregard ^^). 

FF.net version here.

Thanks again to @amilynh for the beta read, and to @otterandterrier and @organanation for encouraging me to post. 

So a long time ago I answered an ask, telling a wild story of how I lived the plot of a bad horror movie for about 48 hours.
I wanted to reblog it again so new followers here could get some of my background, but I’ve been going through my archives and searching up on my blog certain words that would have been mentioned and nothing is coming up?
Like I know I made that post, I know a blog or two that reblogged it too and it’s not on their blogs either?
So wtf did tumblr just delete it randomly? It was a really long story and I don’t want to retype it, what even.


※ All of my scanlations are now available in a separate archive blog!


I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now and I figured with the amount of scanlations I’ve posted so far (just posted the 101th(!)), things have started to become a little cluttered in my standard translation tag.
Also, there are probably quite a few people who only followed me, because of my scanlations and who don’t really care for all the other things I usually reblog.
So, if you don’t want all of that stuff on your dashboard anymore, feel free to unfollow me on this blog and follow the new archive instead.

What’s changing on this blog?
Nothing, really. I will continue posting my scanlations on here. New scanlations will be reblogged to my archive immediately after. When I post scanlations of whole books, which I don’t want to split into more than 2 photo-set posts, I will post them in a single entry on my archive blog, but will let you guys know about the new goodies on this blog, too.
So, whichever blog you decide to follow in the end, you will miss out on nothing scanlation-wise.

With the archive’s new tag system, it will be easier to find what you’re looking for. Posts will be tagged by pairing, family, artist, and type of genre. In addition, my full translation list will always be up to date as well.

Hope you guys like this change! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

I asked you politely to stop speaking for me, Arienneth.  You chose to mock me today instead. These are the consequences.

Funny how you’re posting this now arienneth now that you have some pity party bandwagon to jump on in support of @sassy-sin . Reblogging my post with a gif mocking it, and pretending like you just saw it now even though it was posted several weeks ago seems an awful lot like taking time to respond to my. “victim post” as if  you just saw this today when it was posted weeks ago. 

I know you’ve been reading my blogs since then because you still show up on my activity feed every time you like, comment, or reblog something. Blocking me doesn’t make you invisible! 

It’s plain as day that you’re only doing this now because you think this is the time to get people to pity YOU. People are free to ask you about me, but you’re not the “miyamanga expert” you think you are. There’s a lot you don’t know about me, what things have appeared in my askbox, how much I’ve published, or why.

It’s sad to see this coming from the person I wasted my Christmas Eve trying to comfort and convenience to take a hiatus instead of deleting their blog. I stood by you when you came back and invited you join me on this Sinbad project. I tried to encourage you when your fanbase didn’t immediately return.

 I truly believed and was saddened that you were leaving tumblr “for good” after the creation  sinbad-devotionals-official upset you so much. Once again, I tried to comfort you, give you one last bit of encouragement, and make things as easy as possible when you left again. All I got in return was insults from you on twitter when I told you I was already having a hard time due to my medical condition IRL. Nobody was mocking or bullying me over anything that happened but you. I don’t know what time it was when you wrote these messages, but it was 6 in the morning and I had literally woken up. TRYING TO BE A SUPPORTIVE FRIEND FOR YOU WAS THE FIRST THING ON MY MIND WHEN I WOKE UP AND SAW A TWITTER DM ALERT ON MY PHONE COMING FROM YOU.

That’s the last conversation you had with me before coming back to Tumblr for a third time under a different username. It’s completely unedited and in full context.

 As soon as you changed your url back to  aranea-sama (the handle you used when you couldn’t get arienneth back) I was immediately blocked. You seem to have reverted to the handle you used on your second blog just so I would know it was you writing a callout in response to this PSA about AMVs on my main blog that had nothing to do with you. I had no idea that you were even back on Tumblr until this post!  ⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you don’t understand my way of thinking when it comes to referring to sparots, a member of the “trinity” you used to blame for your troubles, you’re in no position to tell other people why I behave the way I do in response to anons and other bloggers I doubt you know! 

Based on how much you’ve posted about me in your archive page, it seems like you do have plenty of time and energy to respond to my “victim posts,” and whatever else I post that seems to make you feel better about yourself or portray yourself as a saint.

FYI, I wasn’t’ being glib when I said I watch my activity feeds like a hawk. I may not be able to reblog your posts or see your blog on mobile, but I see everything you’re liking, reblogging, and leaving comments on. 

I can even see that for the past 24 hours, you’ve been my in my top 4 fans! Maybe I should be flattered rather than annoyed.

Originally posted by sairenji

There is truly something to be said about the meta writers, and just the plain old writers for the reylo fandom. That is, that they are all AMAZING at it. I have joined a plethora of fandoms, collected an army of ships, but no fan fiction writers tops reylos. No other meta writers seem to have the same solid understanding of themes, subtext, foreshadowing, cinematography, and tropes. You guys have developed nothing short of an archive for this fandom. It’s actually so unique, and I think you all deserve to know it’s not an every-fandom-has-this thing. You guys, especially the ones who have been out here from the beginning, have created masterpieces with academic levels of quality. It’s impressive. It’s informative. It’s persuasive. You writers deserve all the credit in the world for what you’ve built up. This fandom would still exist without you, but dang it you guys are what keep and bring so many others here and make reylo look intelligent af while you’re at it. We truly don’t deserve you.

anonymous asked:

this is going to sound silly, but i've been on the hunt for an everyteenager4free post and i remember NOTHING about it besides the words "order the butthole jr for the little homie". i've checked this archive, the web archive, and the national archive, and yet no dice. this blog is my last hope of ever finding this image, so if anyone knows what i'm talking about and has it reblogged, please submit it here. also thank you for this blog, you're doing a great job runnin' it.

thanks! it sounds… vaguely familiar… hopefully someone who remembers this one comes forward… though many of them are just lost to the internet :(

anonymous asked:

You're disgusting. Rooting for a black man to die so that your non existent ship can rise. It's been 6 years, with 6 seasons and they're still not going canon. Seriously when will this end, it's becoming pathetic.

Nonny, you should try reading the comic- Ezekiel does die in the comic, let me link you. Morgan too.  



We know Scott Gimple and TPTB follow the comic closely- they admit it all the time. So thinking Ezekiel and Morgan will both die, as they have already done in the comic is a reasonable conclusion.

You clearly do not know me at all, Nonny, or else you would read my posts and understand I happen to like both characters.  Liking a character has nothing to do with expecting them to die.  

In fact, I posted in October 2015 at @twdzone , before 6.01 even aired, that I expected my favorite character, Glenn, to die at Negan’s hand in 6.16 and the season would end with Lucille coming down and the screen going to black. 

Read through my archive and see the facts around which characters I like and my continued support of Richonne, Morgan and may other characters. I stand behind my posts and if you took the time, you’d realize just how wrong you are, Felicia. 

You don’t care about truth or facts Nonny, you just revel in being ugly and hateful behind the cowardice of your device screen. That’s so boring and been done much better by others. Up your game, you need the practice!

Your comment is much more anti-Caryl, than pro anything else. I like Caryl, what they had in past seasons and what they might have going forward if the ship goes canon. 

One ship getting something takes away nothing from any other ship. Not in polls, on magazine covers or anything else.  There is no “winning” or “losing” in shipping and enjoying the fandom IMO.

Why can you only be happy if fans of another ship are disappointed? That’s fucked up in every way.  You have a twisted perspective, reaching out to someone behind the cowardice of an anon and taunting a total stranger. You must be such a joy to be around every day. I pity your friends, family and co-workers.  

Perhaps some calming chamomile tea might brighten your day a bit?  I suggest 3 gallons to start, or perhaps some lovely photos of puppies, kittens or other sweet things to balance your sour bitterness. I hope you have a lovely afternoon. 

You Make Me Feel - Sutured_Sentiment - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Rating: General Audiences
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Leonard Snart didn’t like feelings. In his line of work, they were nothing but trouble. Needless to say, he was more than a little annoyed when a certain Scarlet Speedster started making him feel certain things.

Or the one where Leonard is protective over an injured Flash.

This is a late piece written for ColdFlash Week 2017- Day 1: Protective

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Since I pretty much stopped drawing NSFW - @dshouexp has lost one of its useful traits.

As of currently, I only reblog art posts here to @dshouexp with nothing unique for itself.

It’s a slight bother to maintain however because I don’t even know how many people care for it, so I want to know how many users want @dshouexp to continue being updated, or else archived.

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anonymous asked:

hey :) i know that some of us have been talking recently about the vogue cover and whether or not it was meant as a coming-out before that fiasco happened. what do you think? why choose vogue?

Anon, the Vogue double cover from 2015 topic was discussed over & over again….There are lots of posts about it, and i have nothing to add to the general thoughts…

If you want to read different points of views, search the archives on OGs’ blogs : @taytaysbeard @whaler13bg @jennyboom21 @kaydar @howyougetthenerd @kaylorfossil