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Name: Pawii
Nickname: Pawii, Panini, Pawee, pAwoo 
Birthday: October 3rd!
Starsign: libra
Gender: cis female
Height: 152 cm
Sexual Orientation: Oh well you know
Favourite Color: mint green, mauve, pastel pink
Average hours of sleep: about 4 if im lucky smh
Lucky Number: 8 or 88 or 888 or 8888
Last thing I googled: troy baker (i want him to voic me)
Happy place: downtown Eating lunch alone at a cafe or in my hammock watching Tv
Number of blankets I sleep under: a very thin one bc its hot as heckke in here
Fav Fictional character: hmmm im gonna say illumi bc im really feeling him rn
Celebrity Crush: hmmmmmmmidk?
Fav Book: i used to read a lot as a child and like i really liked dracula when i first read it so yee
Fav Band: idk tbh! I dont losten to music as often as i used to in my teens but i really liked Turbonegro back then
Last Movie i saw: either hxh or the sequel to 21 jump street because they were playing it on the bus and i was v bored
Dream trip: go somewhere with friends! Enjoy the streets at night, try new food, share drinks while sitting in the sidewañk, laughing late at night, cold noses sore feet, aesthetic
Dream job: not my current one! Lmao, i want to get my brewmaster certificate and create my own craft beer, i know lame but i love creative projects and i love beer and i love microbiology
What I’m wearing now: a pastel pink polo shirt and jeans bc im too tired to dress out of my uniform im cry

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I know im missing a bunch i just typed those off thhe top of my head but if we are mutuals and youre up for it you can put this in your blog or you could inbox it to me so we get to know each other better

my whole life i didnt know rainbow lorikeets were australian animals omfg

if im gonna make a birdsona its gonna be one of these gay fab birds



also i think this is my favourite quote from today:

[3:20:09 AM] EphYou: dude I don’t think you understand half of the world’s rarest animals are in australia

i didnt even know. i just thought there were colourful birds (and lethal animals too apparently) everywhere because im just that used to it LOL.

i was tagged by imightbeiiyodere (thank you!!!) to say my 10 favourite characters! lets get this show on the road (FUCK i have so many faves this is gonna be difficult)

in no particular order…

1. konoha/haruka/kuroha (kagepro) (do they count as one???? kinda??)

2. lara croft (tomb raider)

3. clementine (twdg)

4. iron man/rdj (he is his character honestly also the name is in the character name)

5. dipper (gravity falls)

6. julian (rc9gn)

7. star (svtfoe)

8. marco (svtfoe)

9. greg (otgw)

10. armin (snk)

WOW THAT WAS DIFFICULT ok ill tag ppl but dont feel pressured to do it! do it if u wanna yea ww n if youve already done this just ignore

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Ah Hambo's a tomcat! awesome >w< adventure time is awesome! can't wait to see the finished product! Wooo! x3 excited to see who the playdate will turn out >w<

Hambo is indeed a tom ^w^ yesss it is! I have a headcanon where its Mikasa’s favourite show, which Levi is forever dissing, saying its childish, and she and Hambo curl up in bed to watch together and basically snub Levi lol. Revi is going ti be Levis cat in the playdate one bc i dont know how else to do it. Oh man, Im gonna be writing rivamika shit forever at this rate haha. Im never gonna finish my novel.  

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1. What is your favourite tv show? How It’s Made

2. What is the best fanfic you’ve ever read? I can’t think of one. My favourite is My Immortal.

3. Think of the worst food you’ve EVER eaten. Would you eat it again for $100? Not for $100. Maybe $100,000

4. What language would you want to become instantly fluent in with 0 work involved? Mandarin or Italian. Or ASL

5. What was the most cringe-y school grade for you? 
6. If you had to lose the ability to see one colour, which colour would you choose to never see again? Idk, green?

7. Do you prefer skirts or pants? Both??? But I wear pants more than skirts

8. Favourite youtuber quote? “The hills are alive with the sound of asphyxiation” -Heather Feather, or from Bad Fanfiction Theater, said multiple times, “This one’s Roxy, and this one’s Petunia.”

9. If you could have one material thing right now instantly, what would it be? Do people count as material things? If not, a hypercube from Jimmy Neutron.

10. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? New York City.

11. Compliment yourself, you lovely person! I can dance relatively okay

My questions:
Fav YouTuber?
Do you enjoy animation?
Which celebrity would you let punch you in the face for $100?
Why? (not tied to the previous question, just why?)
What body mod would you do?
Can you dance?
Favorite vine?
What makes you laugh so hard you cry?
What’s your aesthetic?
Why is your aesthetic your personal aesthetic?
Dope swag money: Yes or no?

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Name: Kerri

Birthday: April 22

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Usually its ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but sometimes its (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Height: 5′4
Favourite Color: Red (The deep ones)
Time and Date: 10:37, 6/25/15
Average Hours of sleep: A lot
Lucky Number: 16
Last thing I Googled: Zodiac signs
First Word that comes to my mind: Bro
How many blankets I sleep under: One
One place that makes me happy: Mountains
What I’m wearing right now: Black tights, black “combat boots“ and white button down.
Favourite Fictional Character: Zevran Araini or Fenris. Or Cullen or Morrigan. I’m gonna stop before I go on forever.
Favourite book: Don’t make me choose
Last movie I saw at the Cinema: Jurassic World
Last book I read: Inheritance
Favourite Drink: Lemonade
Favourite food: Chicken tagine or chicken shwarama from this place downtown
Dream Vacation: Traveling anywhere and everywhere
Dream Wedding: I don’t really want to get married. I suppose something small.
Dream Pet: Any
Dream Job: Successful author or a travel journalist.

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1. Why did you choose your URL: It was the name of an Achievement Hunter Let’s Play and Ryan Haywood is my favourite AH member so it seemed fitting. Probs gonna change it soon tho

2. What’s your middle name: Lee! i know, so boring

3. What fairytale/fictional pet would you have: DRAGON

4. Favorite Color: i dont really have one although most of the things i buy are purple

5. Favorite Song: wow that is so hard. either 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day, Poison Heart by The Ramones or Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel

6. What are your top 3 fandoms: at the moment it would have to be Noel Fielding, Rooster Teeth and classic rock

7. Why you enjoy Tumblr: i dont. no i do. i really like how everybody is the same age on here like you could be 12 or 30 and i wouldnt know. i guess that you could say that tumblr is not ageist

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Anyone who wants to do it i guess too

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So I have two tattoos and I want a third. And I know what I want, a lyric from my favourite song in the world. :) So I made a decision. I’m gonna lose 10kg, cause I want to and when that happens I’m gonna tattoo the lyric! Its from “Run” by Snow Patrol. I have a Coldplay tattoo and one that’s super self-centered which no one understands and its time to ink Snow Patrol. 

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Name: Kent
Time and date: 12:25 pm, June 30, 2015
Average hours of sleep at night: 6.75
Last thing I googled: the website for the church camp I’m gonna try to head out to tonight 
Birthday: November 27
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Height: 5′11"
Favourite colour: a nice deep blue
One place that makes me happy: Airports
How many blankets I sleep under: A light quilt and a sheet, so 2
Favourite movie: School of Rock
What I am wearing right now: Grey dress pants with a nice gingham shirt and black dress shoes with brogue.
Last book I read: Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning. A wonderful book that talks about connecting with God on a deeper, relational level (instead of worrying about theology and complicated head things).
What I last said to a family member: I just left a voicemail with my mom asking her about heading out to the aforementioned camp. 
Favourite beverages: coffee. Always coffee. 
Favourite food: Thai food of various flavours.
Last movie I watched: On My Way Home, a documentary on Pentatonix’s latest tour. Yep. I’m owning it. No shame. 
Dream vacation: Exploring Europe. I want to see more cool places with great transit, history, modern architecture, and general culture. 
Dream wedding: getting to celebrate with a select few family members and friends. Not anything large or crazy or gawdy. Just something simple and fun.
Dream pets: none. 
Dream job: a transportation engineer that works on public transit. I love taking the train anywhere I can, and I want to see it become more accessible and useful for more people.

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name: Jules
time and date: 2:19 pm on June 27th
average hours of sleep at night: It really depends, its all over the place.
last thing I googled: OTRA tour setlist.
birthday: March 3rd.
gender: Female.
sexual orientation: Straight but you never know who you’re gonna fall in love with.
height: 5′6
favourite colour: Bright blue, black and silver.
one place that makes me happy: The beach.
how many blankets i sleep under: One to two fuzzy blankets. 
favourite movie: The Sound of Music/Repo!/ Beauty & The Beast.
what I am wearing right now: Jeans, t-shirt and bare-feet. 
last book I read:  Currently reading Wild. 
most used phrases: Probably ‘umm’.

what I last said to a family member: I said by to my mom and my aunt as they were leaving.

favourite beverage: Unsweetened iced tea. 

favourite food: Pasta/ Potatoes 

last movie I watched: A Cinderella Story.

dream vacation: Just traveling around the world.
dream wedding: Small, on the beach, with a calm and chill vibe. 
dream pets: I already have my dream pets; a cute orange kitty and a rescued pit-bull.  
dream job: Just doing something that I’m happy with. 

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i have a really hard one, what's your fave line from each Panic! at the Disco album??

THATS NOT POSSIBLE AND YOU KNOW IT ANON I’m so bad at picking favourite panic things and everybody knows it!!! I’m gonna try just for you though but my answers will probably change in an hour 

Fever: okay so its either “Talk to the mirror, oh, choke back tears.
And keep telling yourself that I’m a diva!” OR “Give me envy, give malice, give me your attention”

Pretty Odd: all of Northern Downpour OR “Can’t get enough trash”


TWTLTRTD: “Cause these words are knives that often leave scars” 

Send me songs and I’ll tell you my fave lyric

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❛❛ get to know the mun. ❜❜  « status: accepting !  »

« favourite tv show?»

OKAY!  this question is actually really hard tbh, i watch A LOT of tv ( sad i know. ) so i guess i’ll just pick my top FIVE. maybe?? okay i’ll just put what comes to mind. ONE. person of interest ( MY FAVE O H MY  U LVOVE ) TWO. gotham ( the bEST ) THREE. agent carter ( gonna meet u in sept. hayley ) FOUR. teen wolf ( i just stARTED IT AND IM IN LOVE ) FIVE. killjoys ( IT JUST STARTED AND ITS SO GOOD ) SIX. 12 monkeys! (  THIS IS ACTUALLY MY FAVOURITE OUT OF ALL OF THEM TBH I LVE TIME TRAVELING AND FUCKIGN AARON STANFORD IS THE MAIN CHARACTER MY TINY SON )

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1. first anime you ever watched

i think it was one piece, maybe when it was on toonami like 13 years ago lmao, i know naruto was my gateway anime that’s for sure

2. first anime crush

i really don’t want to get into it since i was really late into the whole anime crush type thing (i’m reaaaaaalllly slow lmao) and its kinda embarassing…………… im not gonna say it (its from katekyo hitman reborn, i’ll give you that)

3. favorite anime character

right now, probably yuki tetsuya from diamond no ace

4. least favorite anime character

can someone even have a least favourite anime character???

5. list all anime you have ever watched




JETS – Pyrite Blue ft. Jesse Boykins III

(I’m not gonna lecture you on the awesomeness created by the combined forces of Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum. If you heard their last EP, all you need to know is that this one is even better. Pyrite Blue is the most low-key track, but after a couple of weeks listening its my favourite, coming off like a super-dub of One In A Million. Makes you wonder why no one did it sooner).

ok im gonna be making icons for the rest of the night, you can probably catch me on skype if you need me :3 (pst you should totally give your opinions on this as well ok)

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♤ ((They are all cliches so I picked my favourite cliche xD ))

♤   One of our muses is a ghost and the other just moved into their house ((Its cool))

Joseph sat in his old room, walking around angerly as he heard that someone was gonna move into his house! No! He didnt like that at all! But he did inside..he didnt want to be alone anymore but..he really didnt know how he felt about it. Once saying the moving person, He just watched.

((Joseph is the child name inside Mari))

Get To Know Me Meme

Time and date: 2:21 am 24 June 2015

Average hours of sleep: 8+ or less if I have something planned for tomorrow its usually less. Cause you know anxiety.

Last thing I googled: (oh no) Ryouma S support. 

Nickname: Jess the Mess

Birthday: May 27

Gender: Female


Favourite colours: Currently it’s  gray. Very underrated color in my opinion. Turquoise is always nice.

One place that makes me happy: Hastings. I love to look at all the fandom merchandise and all the entertainment possibilities make me very happy indeed.

How many blankets do I sleep under: One.

What am I wearing right now: Care Bear shirt, gray sweatpants with white stripes.

Last book I read: A legal book.

Favourite beverage: Cool Blue Gatorade.

Favourite food: Homemade pizza and lemons bars for the dessert. Yum!

Last movie I watched in the theatre: Jurassic World. Ah, dinosaur nostalgia at it’s finest.

Dream vacation: Universal Studios Orlando so I can go on the Transformers ride.

Dream wedding: A really big cake and good food. I’m not into dresses though.

Dream: Give my parents everything their heart’s desire.

Dream job: Lawyer.

sunshine--goddess asked:

I just read the questions for my name and I know all the answers (other than the ransom fact. Cause it would be random.) I'm gonna do Wright instead <3

  • G. SEXUAL ORIENTATION. God who even knows I think I’m bisexual
  • H. DO I SMOKE/DRINK? Nah but once I’m old enough I’ll probably drink
  • W. CONCERTS I’VE BEEN TO. One time my parents made me go to this christian concert it was terrible also one time i had to go to YEC i think thats what it was called and now its called winterjam i think i dont remember