I know that it's gonna be one of my favourites

its so fuckin strange that one day, we’re gonna meet someone who falls head over heels in love with us?? isnt that fuckin weird?? theyre gonna see my favourite food in the supermarket and be like “oh ____ would love this!” theyre gonna wake up in the morning next 2 me and thank god for having us meet. theyre gonna look at me as if i’m the sun, moon and stars!! thats so fuckin odd

aHHH night vale live show is T O M O R R O W  and since A Story About Them is easily one of my favourites and i’ve always had a really solid idea for what the Moonlite All Night Diner looks like…

i dont know if i’ll get to do stage door this time becuase its a different venue, but i’m gonna try n find  a chance to print this off anyway just in case.

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Hi! Since you're one of my favourite writers here on Tumblr, I was wondering if you have any top fav Bucky/Seb fics?? Maybe top fav masterlists? I've already read all your fics and I know if you recommend something it's gonna be good aff

Can I just first tell you how absolutely honored I am to be one of your favorites? That really means everything to me, thank you so much.

As for Bucky/Seb fics and top masterlists? Buckle in, my friend!

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@bovaria : Masterlist - Personal Faves: Do Me a Favor | Through the Years | Literally anything from Tesla is a blessing to my life. She has an extensive masterlist with plenty of Bucky on it. Honestly, she’s an AU queen.

@sebbytrash : Masterlist - Personal Favs: желание  |  Postcards | For someone that claimed to not be a writer for years, Kale has written some of my favorite pieces. Her work is stunning, detailed and well worth the time.

@bionic-buckyb : Masterlist - Personal Favs: Open Water | What Happens in Vegas | Kait is an incredible talent. Her work always has me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. She’s super descriptive and her stories get me so excited for more.

@marvel-ash : Masterlist - Personal Favs: In an Instant | Surrender | Ash always comes up with the craziest, unique plots. Her fem readers are rarely ever weak, mary sue characters, which I love. Her work is captivating and again, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

@serzhantkris : Masterlist - Personal Fav: Waiting Room | I wish I could write like Kris. You feel every single emotion she is trying to convey and it’s honestly a beautiful thing.

There are so, so many people I want to add to this but I’m pressed for time atm. Happy reading!

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Favorite podcasts?

Hoooo boy my dude are you ready for this long post cause you have opened this door and I will never stop talking. This is excluding wtnv cause obviously its one of my faves. Also I’m gonna add a small description just in case anyone wants to know more. (If you listen to any of these because of my post and wanna talk about them, pleaseeee send me an ask or pm me!)

-My all time favourite - The Adventure Zone (fiction…ish?): D&D podcast with three brothers and their dad which made me cry publicly 1000 times thx McElroys

-Hello From the Magic Tavern (fiction): improv based podcast about a man who gets sucked into a portal behind a Burger King into the magical land of Foon, where he meets the magical residents and interviews them with his co-hosts. (ONE OF MY FAVES HOW IS EVERYONE NOT OBSESSED PLZ GO LISTEN AND THEN HMU PLZ)

-My Brother, My Brother, and Me (non fiction): The McElroys first podcast, in which they host an advice show (I would die for the McElroys)

-Beautiful Anonymous (non fiction): Comedian Chris Gethard’s podcast in which people call him for “one hour, one phone call, no names, no-holds-barred.” One of the realest things I’ve ever heard. Will make you laugh and cry for a million reasons per episode.

-Musical Theatre Happy Hour (non fiction): (Im a musical nerd. If you don’t like musicals this one probably isn’t for you.) Two friends choose one musical per episode to talk about in depth. Very interesting for someone who wants to know everything about musicals.

Sorry for the long post! Enjoy :)

ive had. this picture saved since i had like 200 followers n i have just over 500 so now seems like a good time 2 use it! thank u for following an idiot like me 💛💗❤️️💗💛

danielle. the fact u still put up with me after 5? Years is a miracle. like really i would have ditched my own ass by now but ur still here n put up with my shit so im really grateful n thankful. u are the yoongi 2 my hobi & i hope that one day……… One Day we can go 2 a bts concert together. and disneyland. maybe even both at the same time. i rlly love n appreciate u so! Much! So thank u, again. for putting up with me for so long. 💖💛💗

the day i made a post abt a group chat was the day i met one of the most amazing people and made one of the best friends. i am so happy u replied 2 my post when nobody else did n honestly!! I love u so much. the mingyu 2 my seokmin. the the jiho 2 my jine. the lisa 2 my rose. the renjun 2 my jisung. i could literally go on forever but! none of them will ever compare 2 my favourite aries in the entire world (u). i also. cant believe its been like 6 months when it feels like ive known u for like. 6 years. but i am blessed™ to have u in my life & i cant wait! for the day we get 2 hang out n laugh at the most ridiculous things together, like a measuring table 💛❤️️💛

the yuta 2 my doyoung ! We roast each other n argue about literally everything but i love u so much!! i feel like we have been friends for Literally Years and honestly i feel like some of the most meaningful friendships r ones where u can roast each other 2 no end but still know that u love each other at the end of the day. n i really do love u. u should probably screencap this because its the only time im gonna admit that. thank u for being a great friend n an even greater roasting partner ❣️💛💘

my Favourite svt stan! i honestly…. have no idea how we started talking but my gOD Do i love u. u are so! Cute and the day i met u my life got brighter, and not just because of the beautiful puppy pics i receive. you are such a ray of sunshine and i rlly can’t imagine what life would be like without talking 2 u daily. u rlly cheer me up and gosh darn i just !!! Really Love u. 💗💛❤️️

I LITERALLY! Can’t remember when we started talking but i know u were like. one of the first people i followed n honestly!! Where would i be without u. u were one of the first friends i made on here n BOY! does that seem like it was a long time ago even though it wasn’t. u are one of the funniest ppl i know and ur love for Seokjin really gives me life. it is so pure!! U are so pure!! i know (think) you’re on holiday at the moment so i hope you’re having an amazing time!! But when u get back i hope u see this and know that wow i really adore u! 💖💘💛

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ok yknow what i love oh my girl so much and i make a lot of posts about them so im just gonna link my favourite videos that you should Definitely check out

songs u should check out

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I am now curious! How did you base off the fan faves? But yeah I do love kirishima and tsuyu and many of them lol

*videogame music plays* backstory unlocked!

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Don’t jump too high, not a interesting story in the least, don’t expect any cutting commentary most of these facts I got from witnessing my own posts in action¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Short ver. : Statistics. Numbers are actually telling me those three are the most loved. That is literally all it took for me to know this and why tokoyami didn’t make the list, you only have yourself to blame tokoyami fans*finger of shame*

Long ver. (shits for real long):

So these facts are more or less coming from a pattern I started noticing whenever I post certain content for the fandom, or more simply put: note counts.

I post a lot of things, all varied, all debatable in quality and just enough to keep this blog going. 

And so one time, while I’m still a baby blog who was just starting in the bnha fandom, I made these Tsuyu & Ochako posts I didn’t think were good enough: those got high note counts, I was not expecting that.

Based off that, I knew Ochako & Tsuyu were extremely popular because I broke 1k posts for each of them when I couldn’t even manage those kinds of numbers back when I first started tumblr, the norm for me then were a few solid 100s stuck in the 30-60s but I never broke a 1k easily.

The tags for those told me even more, from a cursory perspective for people who haven’t even watched or heard of the show love the designs of these two. Tsuyu for obvious reasons and Ochako because she’s a ball of adorable

Originally posted by slyfu

And I’ve replicated that Tsuyu post with other characters (you’ll see one for all might, bakugou & even sero), those numbers never happened again for that kind of post.

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Frog girl has absolute rule.

Now the one thing I wasn’t too aware of was Kirishima’s height in popularity, I had a ballpark but not a full understanding, until just recently after posting something fairly basic I genuinely didn’t think would get much, 30or60 if I lucked out while it snailed higher. 

It broke 200 in a single night!!!

Tags are equal in support, you know how many times I witnessed a kiri reblog with the tags in caps?!

Kiri fans are just as energetic as he is :D

Don’t doubt Kirishima’s charisma, sharkboy is absolutely adored. You can always find that someone who doesn’t like Bakugou or Deku (I’ve seen it) or are just ok with them along with Todoroki but you can be sure Kirishima has a solid fanbase who will fight you for him or even those who just can’t help but melt for him. He’s just absolutely lovable and no one can say they don’t like the guy, he’s a good boy. Even I have a average amount of love for him but I’d still take a bullet for him ok, no one can lose this sunshine hero ;A; (irony being he wouldn’t want that, thats why you gotta support him!!)

Same with Tsuyu, there is near perfect agreement about this frog gal and you all shall bow down to our froggy overlord eventually!!!!

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Ochako might be a bit unsteady but make no mistake she’s still high up there with them.

Of course I’m also a part of the fandom and I do know just about all the characters are well loved and appreciated, I as well share the sentiment with em but I also know some really do have just a handful of absolute faves. Most just seem to gravitate more easily to these guys. 

I mean we do have the bnha sorter for a reason, to out you good parents who say you love all your children equally (¬‿¬)

In no way am I saying those three are unpopular, they are in a standard shonen bubble but you’d be surprised how many would jump in defence for one of the other three, shout at the tops of the roof for them or sell a kidney, they just have this wide fanbase. 

The only difference made was if I make a basic post with either of those boys I can’t make the same note count as the other group, I have to be clever and make good stuff for them to even make it up there to their rank and even then its not that overwhelming ┐(‘~`;)┌ I know you all like Deku, Bakuogu (ymmv) & Todoroki and there is very good fanwork for them but imo it hits fandom standards, pretty much within shonen fandom expectations.

But this is the real secret fandom powerhouse team:

 I’ve always thought that, just never said till now

There just seems be this unified agreement I keep witnessing.

In closing: all this is coming from unintentional study, I just happened to witness and catch onto to what everyone is in unspoken agreement about.

I’m going to reiterate this but bnha fandom is a very interesting shonen fandom to be in, an interesting fandom to be in period, because I’ve seen plenty and you can usually catch onto what the majority thinks or the fandom norms are once you’ve been in or seen enough. bnha currently breaks those expectations, thats why I’m still with it + you know the show is damn awesome

So I’m going to bold the main point of the results:

It wasn’t taking personal taste into account, it was just by majority of vote

Yup those fave were decided by how many people liked them outright, that was all. Nothing else going on but pure adoration, I’m only basing all this off fan reception I’ve seen and had experienced¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Y’all just have a higher affinity for these three

By the way, I was expecting dissension about the lack of personal fave, nope you all are in consensus between agreeing with the post, everyone is a fave or we’re missing Tokoyami; Those are the factions, now pick your pokemon go team!

FYI anyone asking about Tokoyami’s position I addressed that along with shinsou with some unnecessary categorization cause no one can stop me now!!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ

And that was my way-too-long-for-this-simple-ask answer since my overachieving ass won’t settle for a lesser explanation εミ(ο_ _)ο *dies*

Little did the anon know what kind of crap long explanation I was gonna burst out on ψ(^Ф∀Ф^)ψ

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jklsdajfklf sorry i keep sending these but i'm on the ice cream episode and andrew is so protective and teasing of steven but also at place 2 when they're talking about the ice cream and steven is looking at andrew wayyyy too intensely and he's like "it's all about creating new experiences here" and andrew goes "YEA" and they just have a very intense back n forth staring thing before andrew goes "you know uhm-" and andrew interrupts him "PLACE THREE" just imagine what steven might've said

don’t be sorry I love you for sending these omfg it’s made my day

the ice cream ep is seriously one of my most favourite eps ever and NOT JUST BC OF THE WAY ANDREW SAYS “YAH” like

look at this shit.

look at it. and Andrew gets all flustered like “pLACE THREE” and LEAVES THE FRAME and Steven just

what was Steven gonna say

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I just wanted to tell you how incredible your drawings are!!! The edges! the shading! The way you're able to have the characters express emotions through their eyes. It's incredible! I just love your art!! Just!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

thank you so much!! that means a lot to me to know ghdfjd Conveying thoughts and emotions through characters eyes is one of my favourite things to do - but I’m gonna work harder to get better at conveying it through body language too *flex* eventually get the best of both worlds :D

Ziam Fic Rec

Decided to do a Ziam Fic Rec, as I never did one before. The fics Im reccing are all on AO3 platform, (most which you probably read) so you can download them to your iBooks if you want. So these are the fics in my favourites folder, they are all Completed works as I avoid WIPS like the plague until they are completed:

The Beauty of Defiance - Ziam, Zerrie, Payzer. Zayn and Liam are married men but in the middle of money, success and trophy husbands, they find each other. (This made cry all throughout, I highly recommend it, full of angst)

Run For The Woods Now - Zayn and Liam as neighbours. (Its Jesse’s most famous fic, need I say more?)

A Tornado Flew Around - Canonical 1D, Zerrie friendship, lots of pining, lots of tears. (I haven’t read this one in a while, but I remember it being really good.)

The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing - Liam has amnesia forgets all about being in One Direction and Zayn. (Zayns pain, its all I can say)

Face Away From The Sun - Baby sitter Zayn, a bit of Niam, (I really liked the ending)

Found A Demon In My Safest Haven - Mafia AU, fate brings Liam and Zayn together at a very young age. (This was really good, really long but good, full of mystery and a hell of a lot of feelings.)

The Color Of Your Cheeks And The Ink In Our Hearts - Comic Book Artist Zayn, Intern Liam, Past Zerrie. (This was adorable, seriously and its Jesse’s most recent work)

The City Lights In The Snow - Holiday Fic, Liam only sees his boys this time of the year. A lot of OT5. (Probably my favourite fic by Jesse, so beautifully written)

Clockwork - Hybrid Zayn, with wings. Established relationship. Alternates between past and present. (Quite a different verse but enjoyable nonetheless)

This Life, Pale and Grey - Blind Zayn, thats all you need to know. (No but this is so great and so well written, that you literally feel every emotion Zayn is going through, its like you lost your sight with him and depending on your other senses)

Let Me Treasure You - Greek Gods AU where Liam is a douche and Zayn doesnt really know anything. (Its a big like a crack fic, and probably the shortest of the ones I’m reccing but I enjoyed reading it)

The Bouquet Of  Freaking True Love - Florist Zayn (Really short but so so adorable and really worth the read)

Unravel Me - Zayn and Liam were friends in the past but Liam moved away from Bradford, now he’s back. (The Universe were the boys were friends but somehow drifted apart is my favourite universe and this doesnt disappoint)

You Never Give Up On Me - Ziam and Narry, all the boys are teachers, bonus Liam as a father. Pining Zayn. (This was cute and adorable and angsty too)

Recovery - Zayn is 19, student. Liam is 29 and very rich. Sugar daddy AU (quite the read, a little sad, a little happy)

Somehow I Still Carry On Burdened By Fears - Amnesia Liam. (This was really good, a lot of angst, a lot of pain, but so good)

The Dreams That You Wish - Cindrella/Ever After AU. Larry and Ziam. (Ziam and Larry amount is kind of equal that you can read till the end, but most of the time I skip the Larry parts anyway. Quite enjoyable though)

Ring Me Up, Cash Me Out - All the boys except Liam work at a convenience store. (This was such a cute universe. Theres some angst but a lot of fluff and so enjoyable)

But The Sun Comes Up Instead - Shy and young Liam meets confident college dude Zayn (So adorable and so nice, I just didnt want this one to end)

I Want To Be A Part Of It All  - Roadtrip AU, Liam hictchhikes a ride from Zayn. (This was really sad, honestly, keep your tissue with you. Dont want to spoil too much though)

You Holy Fool - Zayn is a Demon, and Liam is the son of a priest. (i waited until this was completed to read it and then devoured it in such a short time. Really good)

Cards On The Table  - Oceans Eleven AU, quite a bit of angst. (This was so good, like surprisingly good. Definitely need to re-read sometime)

Jump Before We Fall - Larry and Ziam Hotel AU. (The Ziam here was such a joy to read, I remember thinking wow I love this fic!)

Lets Pretend Its Love - Pretend Boyfriends AU, when Zayn and Liam are papped in a compromising position, management decides its best for the boys to act like a couple. (everyone likes a pretend boyfriend fic and this one doesnt disappoint, starts nice and fluffy and than the angst kicks in and destroys you)

The Bittersweet Between My Teeth - Liam and Zayn’s journey growing up together. (everyone knows this fic right? its amazing, keep the tissue handy)

scottmcniceass aka Caitlin - I honestly thought of reccing her fics one by one, but then I realised that this was going to get even bigger than it already is, and I thought of choosing just a couple of my absolute favourites but I couldnt even decide, so its just better to rec her profile her and for me to just tell you to read everything, and I mean everything. (But my absolute favourites are Ridiculous - This one has such a special place in my heart out of all her other fics, and I dont know why. Caught Up - The poilce Liam and fugitive Zayn, so so so so good and amazing. The Way It Is - love it, so angsty and great. And of course Not Happening - its a delight to read this one. 

 And because I hate to be unfair, I’m just gonna link my other favourite authors, most which fics are recced here:

jmcats aka Jesse - AO3 & Tumblr - if you’re looking for beautifully written long fics, he’s where you go to.

ohioinmymind aka Kayla - AO3 & Tumblr - I recently discovered her but she is amazing!! Quickly becoming my favourite author, I’m reading her Shameless AU (I thought it was a completed one shot) and I’m refraining from reading her other fics because they’re WIPs. so I hope they’ll be completed soon so I can read them. 

wafflehood aka Lea - AO3 & Tumblr - Just a few Ziam fics, but so good. 

unfortunate17 aka Safaa - AO3 & TumblrAuthor of the sugar daddy and Wings Zayn fics.

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I'm seriously loving all the immortal stuff on your blog at the minute, immortal FAHC is one of my favourite things. I agree with you that I prefer the darker side of immortality, the side where death hurts and it's not easy and even though they know they're gonna come back there's always an underlying fear that maybe this is it. Maybe they've hit the death button too many times and they're out of chances to make it home. That the rest of the crew acknowledge, "hey, maybe Gavin HAS died one (1)

too many times" and this time he’s not gonna wake up gasping and clutching at the no longer gaping holes in his chest and bemoaning his blood stained shirt. I mean it’s not like it didn’t hurt, didn’t have wave after wave of agony pulsing through his chest and his heart and his lungs slowly filling until he was drowning and bleeding out at the same time. It’s not like Michael and Jack still had tears streaming down they’re faces as they grabbed at him, pushed down hard enough to break ribs (2)

and screamed threats and swears and curses. It’s not like Ryan still took it upon himself to slaughter the rival crew who thought it was okay to mess with this, drowning himself in blood on the outside while Gavin choked on it from the inside. It’s not like they have experience that the worse the death the longer the wait to come back. One gunshot to the head? A couple of house maybe. The time Keremy had his throat cut and hands cut off so he died of infection? A day. Seven bullet holes? (3)

On top of endless cuts and bruises and head trauma from plummeting from the roof of a building and dropping 30ft onto concrete? After having been kidnapped for several days with no food or water (hence the rescue mission in the first place)? Probably running out of chances for immortality to kick in? Gavin didn’t come back for more than a week and the toll that took on everyone’s mind, waiting for him to come back, if he came back… well that was worse

Yep. There’s really not much i can add to this, that’s pretty much the fear, the ever present worry that this is the last time, that they’d have no way of knowing - this unknown power they’ve come into has no rulebook, no guidance, no solid reason it couldn’t disappear as inexplicably as it arrived. So the Fakes are immortal, yes, they can die and come back, but they cling to life as viciously desperate as any mortal, protect one another as ferociously as they always have, because you never know when it will all be over. Which is the worst part, really, they all worry aloud about running out of chances but the real fear, the dark private terror, is the possibility of surviving. Of watching everyone fall, waiting day by day for their return, only to be left alone. Alive, sure, utterly unable to die, but not living. 

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Hi folks, I know you've recced this before, but I'm just gonna give it a quick boost cuz it is fantastic and ask if you know of any other long, similar fics?? Anyway it's 'War, Children' by nonymous and if you've not read it you absolutely HAVE too. Possibly my favourite fix in any fandom!

That fic is AMAZING, i’d suggest checking out our Make Your Heart Hurt Fics tag and Into That Good Night by Nonymos and One Cloud Feels Lonely by thecommodore_squid and Stellar by vintage_granddad all for different reasons

Since I love Cosmo (yes I did change this from Fox, I got his name wrong oops!) Moody so much (and since @simprising loved my last drawing I did of her sims!) here is a little drawing of Fox!

(Putting some fun info under the cut!)

I’ve been getting back into drawing at the minute and have been enjoying drawing sims, but don’t know which sims to draw? And I got loads of positive comments on my last drawing (tysm all!!) so I want to draw your sims!

I’m not doing this as a requests thing (although it could be) but if you want a drawing of your sims then send me an ask with the name of your sim or a link to a post or something, and I might get round to draw them! I’m not saying its gonna be good, or that I’m an artist, it’s just that drawing is one of my favourite hobbies and I want to start drawing more!

I sound really big-headed right now, ik, but I actually don’t like most of the drawings I make, so I’m doing this for you guys!

Maybe this is a 500 follower gift? Idk. But I’m excited to draw all your sims :)



This was my first video of Marks and one of my favourite playthroughs! I’ve told this story a billion times and I’m almost sure half of my followers are sick of me talking about it but ITS HIS BIRTHDAY SO IM GONNA TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN BC HE ASKED ABOUT OUR FAVE VIDEOS SO FIGHT ME IN BATTLE

I had heard of Mark before this series, but I never really gave him a chance and I don’t know why ??? But I always enjoyed playing Amnesia but I was unsure whether A Cowards Debt was worth getting or not, so I wanted to watch some gameplay of it first and… this video was the first one I saw. 

His voice was kinda a shock to the system at first tbh bc I wasn’t expecting how deep it was lmao but I was a lil captivated. I found myself watching more and more of him but never really got involved in the community until roughly a year and a half ago when I decided to create a new tumblr account and stop being a coward and finally get involved, and here I am now.

So thank you Amnesia i guess bc without that game I probably wouldn’t be in this community now.

oh and thank you mark ur pretty cool too

i asked my brother some questions after newsies live

“ill give honest… dont get mad at me if you dont like what i say”

whos your favourite?

“UH… um……. can i say top 3? well my favourite is les… jack…then.. .then… daney. davey. but my favourites les. OH. CRUTCHIE. crutchie’s third.”

what do you think of race?

leans back “… hes, um… hes a funny character, but hes probably gonna get cancer" 
"dont get mad at me. hes funny, hes a funny character- hes gonna get cancer. and one more thing- how come every time he put the cigar in his mouth, no smoke came out? he just put it in there, then took it out”

what do you think of romeo?

“romeo… what i think of romeo? its hard to say… GOOFY. hes goofy and hes funny i like romeo and he was like ‘HOWD SHE KNOW MY NAME’ when she was just saying romeo…and juliet. so hes goofy and funny… hes like goofy and goofs around”

whats your favourite song?

“my favourite song… ah thats hard ………  OH SHIZ!!!! ……………. i remember enjoying one… but i dont know which one i enjoyed ….  my favourites crutchie… yeah. crutchies solo. and then… crutchies solo is my favourite, but i still like the one at the start- with crutchie and jack. and every other song. crutchies my favourite. crutchie’s song is my favourite. les doesnt have a song”

what do you think of medda?

"oh! um! i like her… shes really nice because shes really nice to jack… starts playing minecraft vid by accident and she was giving jack money! for what he enjoyed to do- draw”

what do you think of katherine?

“katherine… who was katherine?" 

"oh katherine. oh katherine. um… hm. OH. katherine was like sassy and shed joke aorund and make jokes and i liked how she like betrayed her father to go on jacks side”

answer game thingy
tagged by a ray of sunshine called @zacharybosch :)

1) Nicknames - Frankie, monster, toaster, bud, alcoholic and lawn mower. I’m not at liberty to explain the rest but alcoholic is pretty blunt guys

2.) Gender - thaaaats a mystery

3.) Star sign - Aquarius cause I need another reason to remember I’m hydrophobic.

4.) Height - 5′7″ I think, I can reach ontop of the fridge if that helps as a visual aid :|

5.) Time – I just woke up from a half day long nap it took a good minute to even comprehend if it was a.m or p.m…it’s p.m

6.) Birthday - Feb 18. Yknow. The one day that edges on the one that could have changed my sign to NOT AQUA.

7.) Favourite band – its always gonna be a tie between MCR, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

8.) Favourite solo artist – Justin Timberlake …Shakira does things to me. Michael Jackson is my father. I have no lines with music.

9.) Song stuck in my head – ….*under breath* fergalicious… *leaves*

10.) Last movie you watched – V/H/S: Viral, cause that skateboarder scene, am I right? Savage

11.) Last show you watched – Im in the middle of a “LOST” crisis that I don’t know how I got into but also don’t know how to get out of… so many tropical polar bears. So many questions.

12.) When did I create my blog – howwww would one figure that out without scrolling for seven hours…?

13.) What do I post – this blog, straight up Hannibal and shit doodles lol my non-hannibal doodles will never see the light of day here

14) Last thing I googled – okay so this is important because I spent 2 hours trying to figure out the word for fish, the way poultry is the term for bird meat basically. I learned so much about the seafood industry in the process- meanwhile… “birds are to poultry as fish is to ___ ?” had me screaming until I rang my sister who simply said “it’s just seafood you fucking twit” so…there’s that lol

15.) Do you have other blogs – yeah one personal filled with dorky shit and porn and another with Hugh’s stupid face :p

17.) Why did you choose your url – a long time ago someone I worked with at my first job told me they had a dream I was a feral forest kid. He kept calling me Toni of the trees. *deep shrug*

18.) Following – *chokes on beer* like a thousand, I didn’t know that I never check lmao

19.) Followers – 1,591 I love you all but what are you doing here everything is labeled trash

20.) Favourite colours – dark green, orange, grey, black, white, I’m a fucking flamboyant sonofabitch

21.) Average hours of sleep – wow ok so I go from two three or four hours of sleep to sometimes 16 so

22.) Lucky number – 100. Don’t know why. Honestly more of a cursed number cause it’s a bad tick of mine to count to 100 in my head when I’m nervous or jittery

23.) Instruments I played – guitar hero and rockband, sometimes I dabbled with air drums

24.) What am I wearing – Xfiles tee shirt, Alaska hoodie, sweat pants, socks…I gotta go get smokes so boots soon?

25.) How many blankets I sleep with – that throw blanket people put on couches cause I literally live on a couch

26.) Dream job – I’ll retain that I want to be a cop, but god knows I’m likely going to end up on the streets asking for change and or beer

27.) Dream trip – U.K. for like a million reasons, Russia, I liked Canada I’d like to go back *shrug*

28.) Favourite food – breakfast food, all breakfast food especially bacon egg cheese croissant, there’s this monster breakfast burrito Burger King has that’s trying to clog the hell out of my arteries. Just. All breakfast.

29.) Nationality – ‘Merican with a black Cajun mum and a white Irish pop. They’re like opposite ends of the colour spectrum lol

30.) Favourite song - Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back, hasn’t changed since middle school and never will. 💪🏼

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  • Adam: I mean, how can Robert think he still stands a chance with Aaron?
  • Rebecca: Cos he still cares about him.
  • Adam: He cares about himself more like. If he really did give a stuff about it, he'd back off. Hasn't he put him through enough?
  • Vic: I'll talk to Robert. And try and make him see sense. (Robert coming in)
  • Adam: Yeah, no time like the present.
  • Robert: Oh, dear. Posse's in. All ready to run me out of town?
  • Vic: Do you know what, Robert, now is really not the time.
  • Robert: Yeah? Well, it suits me. I only came to see if my Bourne box set's here. It's Aaron's favourite.
  • Adam: Seriously, do you think a few empty gestures is gonna change anything? You blew it, why can't you get over it?
  • Robert: Have you with Vic? Or are you still hoping that one day she'll stop thinking you're a total douchebag?
  • Adam: I'm getting sick of you.
  • Vic: Adam.
  • Robert: Oh, dear. Not going well, is it?
  • Adam: (grabbing him) It's my best mate we're talking about, yeah? You think I'm gonna let you mess with his head? Now I'm telling you, get out of this flat or I'm...
  • Aaron: (coming in) Or what?

me: *is tagged in 700 selfie tags*
me: *the least photogenic hoe you’ll ever encounter*

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One day you’re gonna meet someone, and you’re gonna think that they’re the one, that they’re the one that’s gonna change your life and that they’re the one that you’re gonna spend the rest of it with.
But guess what? Sometimes you might be wrong. And by the time you realise it it’s gonna be too late because you’ve already fallen in love with them. Then you’re gonna start questioning yourself.
“am i not good enough?”
“was it my fault?”
"why me?”
Its not your fault that this person just isn’t the one that the universe wants you to be with. This person doesn’t care about your favourite movie or what love songs make you cry. This person doesn’t care about your favourite colour or your favourite food. This person doesn’t know your middle name or where you were born. But trust me, someone else does, and most of the time we lose the people that care about us the most when we’re too busy trying to get the attention of those who don’t. Where does that get us ? Nowhere.
Some people just aren’t meant for us and we need to accept that and focus on those who are. The person that doesnt care about your favourite movie will go on with his life and search for the right one. The person that cared will be asking himself:
"am i not good enough?”
"was it my fault?”
"why me?
—  reasons why we’re alone