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Youre one of my closest mutuals and I smile every time I get a message from ya. I also appreciate how we can spam message eachother and not be seen as annoying or clingy to eachother lol <3

Awww!! You’re always so darn precious nephew! lol yes send me 1,000+ messages and I will absolutely love and cherish every single one of em!! You always know how to brighten my day ✨💗🌻🌼⭐️🌸🌟✨💫 ilysm ❤️


even with my eyes closed

pairing: bangdae
universe: canon
tags: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, literal sleeping together, lots of yongguk feels, attempt at realism, rating will go up, more tags will be added

It all starts when Daehyun shows up on Yongguk’s doorstep one night in late November, during the leader’s break.

excerpt ]

Yongguk isn’t surprised by the confession, but still feels alarmed by it. He’s never been good at talking about his feelings—or talking, period. It was the very first obstacle he had to overcome when starting the meetings with his therapist. Daehyun has always been good at it; always seems so confident in what he feels. Yongguk never is. He’s always been socially awkward, better at reading books and newspapers than people.

But he can read his members, just like they can read him. They know each other too well by now. And he recognizes Daehyun’s fidgeting for what it is: longing for physical contact. Because he knows how Daehyun works; knows he uses touches almost as much as words when expressing himself. He knows the younger is holding himself back now, as he so often does when it’s just the two of them. Knows that Daehyun would never sit this far apart on a couch if Yongguk was anyone else. Knows that if it was any of the maknaes, Daehyun would be halfway into their laps by now. And if it were Himchan or Youngjae, he’d be fumbling with their hands instead of his own.


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just curious but why dont you like ere/mika?

The ship is really not for me at all. As a romantic ship, it makes me very uncomfortable. But don’t get the wrong idea that it’s because I think it’s ‘incest’ or anything like that, because it’s obviously not, they’re not related. 

It’s just.. It really doesn’t appeal to me. And I really don’t like how it’s shoved down my throat most of time, especially by aggressive shippers who like to brag and shove in other peoples faces about how “canon” they think it is. Personally, I can only see them as very deep close friends, or family-like friends. Yes, I am fully aware about Mikasa’s romantic feelings for Eren, it’s been obvious ever since the manga started, but still, I don’t ship it. Plus, I think I’ve seen enough of this idea in shounen anime where the female protagonist is madly in love with the main male protagonist, and the main character always gets the girl, and then they end up having kid(s), and their kid turns into the main character and then it just ends up turning into Boruto or Bleach. So I’m like “no thanks”. 

But anyway, as always I mean no disrespect to the ship or the shippers. Ship what you want, I don’t care. I do not do ship-hate, if I see a ship I hate, I do nothing, I just avoid it as much as possible. 

Berena fic lists?

Hi! So I wanted to celebrate somehow the fandom milestone of 1000 ao3 fanfictions, and since I don’t write yet I thought I could make fic lists! I’ve already started compiling a list of every berena AU on ao3 (yes, all of them) but then it occurred to me that maybe nobody would be interested in it and I was doing it for nothing… so I thought I’d ask! 
Would you be interested in something like this? Would you like me to make other types of lists of berena fanfics? Let me know, if this post gets at least 10 notes I’m doing it! ^-^ 


Windenburg Countryside, Present Day

Baby Bump Update + Happiness Update

both are doing well

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ugghhh another horribly slow and painful writing day today but I did manage to cobble together a few sentences, which is more than can be said for what I did yesterday…. even if I have to delete them all again tomorrow, it’s still something


every lgbt book i’ve ever read: the all for the game series by nora sakavic

there’s no room for doubt, no room for second guesses, no room for error. this is your night. this is your game. this is your moment. seize it with everything you’ve got. pull out all the stops and lay it all on the line. fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. win because you don’t know how to lose.


Omg first off thank you so much for reading and checking out my stuff!

@scampsims hahaha 💛 did you finish it now?

@numinousxsims Thank you! I appreciate this so much! 💚

@josiesimblr I saved you for last since my answer is going to be long lol.
I think Hana always feels out of control she grew up without parents without anything. In bad places and she felt alone and plus she was a kid so she didn’t have control back then and now she feels like she never learned how to keep herself and emotions in check. And around Nia, she takes care of everything so Hana just glides along cause that’s all she’s ever known.
I think she’d be able to take more control if she knew what she wanted. And had a little more confidence.
Since I’m the writer and my opinions might give things away ?
But yes I think Hana would completely fall apart if she left Nia for Kali. Her love for Nia is way too strong. I don’t think even Kali could hold her up without Nia. As for the rebuilding part? Do you mean be friends again or? Because I don’t think Kali could ever just be friends and Hana would probably not (?!?) leave Nia for Kali. Especially anytime soon. So I’m unsure what you mean by rebuilding!

and omg thank you!! If I think you mean you have notifications on for my blog. That is the highest form of praise tbh!! And I apologize for constantly spamming with my personal posts ;-; omg must be so annoying 😂 but thank you really so much!!

Also guys. This piece of writing was done when I was idk. Really depressed almost a month ago. I don’t think I can hit this level constantly. There’s only been twice where I’ve loved my writing. This scene and one part with Hana and Nia at the bluffs. So sorry to let everyone down! But anyway I let myself down a lot cause I always compare myself to like this piece of writing and I get frustrated that I can’t. This was done in one continuous stream and idk?!? Maybe it’s just the situation? Like I liked this moment between them? And other scenes it’s idk. I’m rambling. My point is sorry to let you guys down cause my stuf won’t always be this great lol but thanks for sticking around 💙💙💙💕💕💕💕💛

If I have the time tomorrow I might do a art meme.

Unfortunately since can’t use the laptop I will have to screenshot the ask, post with the drawing and tag(HOPING it works and tags. This is mobile we’re talking here).


“So this is Jack and he has some sort of type of laryngeal paralysis? At least thats what the vet told me.”