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how does the copycat incident happen in the younger!au

felt like writing a drabble for this one- the younger au is so much fun to indulge in :)

In retrospect, Marinette wonders if none of this would have happened had she just gone to the 7th anniversary celebration of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s appearance in Paris.

In her defense, 7 years isn’t exactly a milestone. 5? Yes. 10? Undoubtedly. And she still remembers their 1st anniversary, back when they were 9 years old and new to the whole superhero thing, was so exciting and fun- the whole city had thrown a parade for the popular young heroes and the most wonderful part of the day was when her father had made a special cake for both of them, not knowing that he was making a celebratory cake for his own daughter.

But that was 6 years ago, and Marinette cannot be blamed for being a little over the whole celebratory thing. Aren’t people used to them by now? It’s true that she’s proud of being the city’s heroine, and that people look to her and Chat Noir to save the day, but over the past year, while she’s been fighting supernatural villains and grappling with her overwhelming feelings for her best friend, and she can’t be bothered to show up to yet another silly and ultimately meaningless ceremony sponsored by Mayor Bourgeois, especially when she has an important task to accomplish.

Namely, that Alya dared Marinette to ask Adrien to a movie last night and in a burst of confidence she actually called his phone and left the following message:    

Hi Adrien! It’s Marinette from your class and I just wanted to ask you to the movies because isn’t it funny? I’ve known you like forever but you don’t even know that- actually never mind- forget I said that, anyway you’re really cute and I think we should watch a movie and I love your laugh okay bye!!

Even Alya stared at her with a combination of amusement and pity afterward, and she cannot be blamed for wanting to use her powers to delete this embarrassment of a voicemail from the world.

Is it really such a surprise, then, that she prioritizes using this time, which she knows is when Adrien is supposed to be in fencing practice, to steal his phone and delete the evidence, instead of going to yet another ceremony?

Marinette would say it’s only fair.

He’s going to be at the ceremony, focused on his duty as Chat Noir. By the time he gets back to school, she’ll be long gone, the evidence deleted.

Adrien can’t help but notice that Ladybug hasn’t quite been the same, ever since they got their real powers and started fighting akumas. They’ve been best friends for years. He knows her too well to not realize when something is off and something is definitely off.  

He didn’t realize it at first, cushioned in the weight of his newly born infatuation with her, lost in her familiar blue eyes and the weight of their rock solid partnership. But he can’t help but notice that she’s been getting more distant recently, responding to his jokes in a way that seem playful, but don’t quite reach her eyes.

It’s weird, feeling so connected to her and yet at the same time feeling so distant, and so when she doesn’t show up to the 7th anniversary celebration, well, it also hurts. Especially because over the past few months, whispers and rumors have circulated Paris about the status of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s relationship, and if they’re more than friends.

Of course, they deny every interview request that focuses on this topic and wave away any prying questions, but Adrien can’t deny that he is falling in love with his best friend.

If only she felt the same way. But he doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable, especially when it’s obvious that she’s going through something complicated and messy internally. He won’t pry unless she opens up to him, and he doesn’t want to burden her with the weight of his feelings.

So he keeps them to himself, with the exception of Master Fu and Plagg. They are the only ones who know.

Still, Adrien has a little perverse streak, so when that annoying sculptor Theo confesses his feelings to him, Chat Noir can’t help but indulge a little bit in the fantasy that the Parisian tabloids have woven.

Chat Noir can practically hear Master Fu scolding him in his head, especially as he can see Theo’s face falling as he learns about the “deep friendship that turned into love” between the two heroes.

So he’s not surprised, really, when Copycat shows up, just mildly guilty. But he’s not about to admit it to anyone.

“Our special secret, you say?” says Ladybug, raising her eyebrow at the Chat Noir pinned underneath her. “Our secret love?”

“Yes, of course,” says ‘Chat Noir’,  looking at her with a keen expression and a naked desire in his needy eyes.

She immediately knows that he’s not the one. He’s not her kitty cat, the one she left a ridiculous voicemail for that she’s going to have to delete later, because he was a speedy kitty and got back to school much faster than she thought he would.  

“Copycat!“ she cries, and she tells the imposter with pride in her voice that she knows he’s not the one because Ladybug and Chat Noir have no secret love, that they are best friends and partners but no more.

She leaves out the part where she wishes it wasn’t true, and she misses entirely the sadness in her real partner’s eyes, the way his ears and tail both droop when he leaves after the battle.

He’s not the only one whose heart you broke, Chat Noir whispers softly, as he trudges more than he walks as he leaves the scene.

Later, over a cup of tea at Master Fu’s, the old man scolds Adrien for being reckless and putting both himself and Ladybug in danger, and to try not to be the cause of emotional distress for any citizens of Paris, now that Hawk Moth is on the loose.

But he knows that young love knows nothing of safety or danger, that it simply knows what it desires, and that eventually, it will find the right path.

It would be so easy, thinks the old man, to tell both the young heroes the truth about their identities, to tell them that now is the right time to reveal the truth to each other, that it’s the right time.

But it isn’t, not yet.

Someday, they will learn. But today is not that day.

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Just imagine this hot and beautiful moment, he’s kissing your neck and gripping your breasts while at the same time lifting your shirt up ever so slowly with the strong arm that’s wrapped securely around your waist, your breathing becomming heavier and heavier with your dark tinted lips slightly parting as soon as you feel his tongue tip slighting across your smooth skin in a teasing manner, feeling his body press more against your back, leaving no space whats to ever between you.
Then he proceeds to whisper in a seductive tone “I can kiss you like this all day (Y/N)…you’re so beautiful.”
You blush so hard, and smile so brightly, that you begin to think about how much of an amazing, loving and most importantly protective man he has been with you since day one.
So you suddenly turn around to face him, your stare blank towards him, Harry thinks he did something wrong so he worries a little, but you respond by running your finger tips through his tied bun, you remove the hair band allowing his long gorgeous curly locks to flow beautifully passed his shoulders.
Then you go right ahead to surprise him by unbuttoning his shirt, only removing about three or five buttons the most though, his hands always staying on your waist, not letting you go for one second.
And slowly you begin leaning in to give him soft kisses on his bare chest, moving the cross necklace out of your way as you did so.
His radiant green eyes go wide, his heartbeat pounding against his ribs and goosebumps rising above his bird tattooes, the way your plumped lips feel against his fair skin, leaving marks of slightly dark red kisses as you sweetly whisper repeating his previous words…
“I can kiss you like this all day, you’re beautiful too Harry…you always have been to me ever since I met you… sweet angel…”
You continue to press your lips against him, your wet lips still leaving a thousand marks on him, but of course Harry didn’t mind, the more you did it the more horny he got for you.
You knew because you can feel and see the sweat dripping down his heated skin, damping the small dark strands of his chest hair.
You could hear him huffing a trembling breath, he loved the way you were pleasuring him, and he wasn’t planning on telling you to stop anytime soon.
As a result his hard penis finally stands up through his pants, pressing against the spot on your thigh that was only inches away from your vagina, you smirked, pleased with your work. Now it was time for you to really take charge, you remove his shirt completely, still kissing every inch of his rock hard torso.
From his shoulders, all the way to his six pack, right where his butterfly tattoo is.
His deep, raspy voice repeating your name over and over again like a scratched record.
You shock him even more when your tongue escapes from your lips and it leaves a moist trail all the way back up until you reach his plump and smooth pink lips again and kiss them passionately with all the love in the world…
Then….realizing you can’t take it anymore….
As you lean away you whisper…

“Take me….”

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you write a lot of great porn fic, how do you keep the more common actions in the fics from sounding repetitive? (like kissing, blow jobs, even anal sometimes.) how do you make it sound new and different in every fic, especially when you write a lot of it?

Thank you, anon!! 

It’s actually funny that you say that, because I get bored as hell when I spend a long time plotting/staging/writing a smut scene and I’m always really stressed that people get super tired of that kind of rinse/repeat ficlet format. (Which is why I’m working on longer things, if my writer’s block would like to ever go away :P) 

But anyway, I think things can seem repetitive to me that don’t seem repetitive to readers maybe because I’ve spent so much time looking at them and editing them and reading the same sentence 500000 times to make sure I have all the correct words. Just keep in mind that that’s probably how everyone’s going to feel when they’re writing - whatever you’re writing isn’t new to you, but it is new to your audience. They’re experiencing it for the first time, so they aren’t looking at it with the same critical eye. 

SO, I also went back and read a bunch of my old ficlets to help me answer this question which was awkward and horrible lol, but yes I do write a lot of the same kinks over and over and over again don’t I? Lmao. I think part of keeping things fresh and different from fic to fic is setting a different atmosphere in every fic. Writing a fic where they’re in high school and jerking each other off in the car is inherently going to be a lot different than a fic where they’re married and just waking up and jerking each other off in the bed they share. Even though I am a huge sucker for lots of ~feelings in my fics no matter what, the settings make it easy for the intimate moments to read pretty differently, imo.

Along those lines, I think part of keeping things ~fresh is just making sure you’re doing more than describing the physical details of the scene? Everyone knows how a kiss or a hand job or a blow job goes, even if it’s really kinked up. It’s easier to differentiate one kiss from another when you’re writing how the kiss makes the recipient feel, and the emotional state they’re in, and how that physically manifests instead of just the action of two mouths meeting. 

ALSO, it’s not the worst thing ever to repeat stuff? I know that I latch on to phrases and words and things that I really like and I probably use them a little too much, and I definitely get hooked on kinks that I repeat over and over, but THAT’S OKAY. There are a limited number of ways you can describe the same sex act before you’re going to have to repeat yourself. Chances are, no one’s even going to notice, and if they do, they aren’t going to care. I think it’s more important to not let yourself get too caught up in worrying about things like this, especially if it’s going to prevent you from writing or finishing or posting fic. If it is something that really stresses you out, you can always have a beta help look over your fic for things like that. 

ANYWAY I clearly don’t know what I’m saying, but I hope this answers your question a little. 

(Ofc I have no idea, every porn scene I’ve ever written might sound exactly the same to everyone who reads them and I’m just talking out of my ass BUT IDK. Who knows lol.)


Do you ever accidentally stay up till 5am & end up listening to cheezy late 90s & early 2000s pop music & wonder how this even happened

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