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Ok now I keep thinking about genderfluid Hogwarts student who are also house-fluid (changing houses occasionally).

Like their first year, they’re placed in Ravenclaw, and at this point in their life they don’t identify as anything. But they’re belief system stems from their desire to figure out their gender, so they work hard researching and discovering their identity. They become enthralled in the LGBTQ+ community and want to learn absolutely everything they can about it all! And finally they find the word that fits: Genderfluid.

So then their second year, they switch to Gryffindor, because they muster up the courage to be themselves. They come out to people and express their changing gender proudly, exhibiting obvious Gryffindor bravery. It’s scary at first, but the courage wells in their chest, and they do all they can to keep their head up as they go along.

And then their third year comes, and most everyone know about their gender. Unfortunately, not everyone is nice. But they do have a good group of friends who stick with them through it all, defending them to the ends of the earth. Of course, the student is so, so appreciative of this loyalty, and they happily return it. This is the greatest thing they believe in right now, which quickly transfers them to Hufflepuff.

Their fourth year comes along, and at this point they are confident in their gender. But they also know there are other students at Hogwarts who are afraid, who are trapped in the closet, some of which don’t even know what to call their identities. That’s unfair, and the student knows it. They become severely passionate about changing things. They tack up posters, start clubs, and sometimes just talk loudly in public about identities so that younger students can hear and learn. This drive to help others, this ambition to save them from struggling, these cunning strategies to do so, place them in the last house, the one they’ve been waiting awhile to visit: Slytherin.

Title: Happy anniversary
Prompt: Anniversary (Day 20)
Theme: The after years (adulthood / married life)


You found him in your daughter’s bedroom.

He sat on the couch in the corner, unfocused eyes fixed on the window, watching the still night outside. Under the dim light of the lamp by the crib, he was barely visible from the doorway, so you stepped closer, straining your tired eyes until you noticed the bundle he held against his chest. It was Sarada, pressed to his father’s body as if seeking the warmth of his heart. She was deeply asleep; you knew it because of the slow rising and falling of her back. She was already two years old and growing every day, but like that, so peacefully curled up, she looked like the small baby she had been a year ago.

The sight pulled at your heartstrings.

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150727 L'OFFICIEL interview

As the team leader, do you feel like you have to be extra responsible?
Yixuan: I used to be in a dance team. I was the youngest one so I was the spoiled one. Sometimes I would do aegyo to the older members. However, after I joined UNIQ, I am the oldest so I slowly grew this sense of responsibility. They all call me “Xuan Ge”. It is short, but when I hear “Xuan~Ge~” in a long articulation, I know that they want me to do something.

When was the first time you feel like you have to be a man and take care of the family?
Sungjoo: When I was 16, my father’s company had a hard time doing business. I wanted to go to art school, but the tuition was expensive. It was hard for my family. My mother had to work so I would help her with the chores when I was home. Since then I started to take my responsibility. Now I finally managed to get through the period of being a trainee and debuted. I want to offer them a better life.

Before becoming a trainee, did you have the experience of studying abroad alone?
Seungyoun: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a soccer player. I went through two major changes in my life because of this.  The first is when I decided to go to Brazil alone to play soccer. I got in touch with different kinds of music in South America, so I told my mother that I wanted to be a singer. My mother asked why did I change my mind. I said, “compared to soccer, I like singing more”. At first she could not understand so I kept talking her into it. When I was 16, I was finally able to head towards the direction of becoming a singer.

Having such an experience, are you the type of person who can get used to loneliness and possess a strong personality?
Wenhan: I used to be a careless person because when I was studying in the United States, all I had to do was to mind my own business. We have known each other for about 4 to 5 years since we were still trainees. We had to get along with each other at the very beginning. It has been getting better and better. That is because we started to grow a sense of honor as a team. We still have meetings from time to time where everyone can open up and be honest. We are different people with our own code of conduct. It is better for UNIQ when you restrain yourself.

Who wants to say something about getting along with each other?
Yibo: I am the youngest one, but I am a little grumpy. I have been dancing since I was a little kid. I am the lead dancer in the group so sometimes I have to teach them. Maybe because I have been dancing for a really long time and have a better dancing foundation, I tend to be hard on my brothers sometimes. I then got to know that they all have their own specialties. It took time to practice, so I would put down my judgement and teach them little by little.

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Why are you such a eminem hater? Can't you appreciate his success even though you have different views? What he raps about may not be politically correct but it's still comedy. Every good comedian is controversial. Deal with it.

Hey there buddy, thanks for the kind concern about my opinion about Eminem. Btw, I think I’ve got a pretty great surprise for you!

A potential new love connection maybe? ;)

senor-curley + asahazardousyouth sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

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About Liam reading the signs

“or maybe because Larry isn’t real and they realize the more they push it away the more you guys shove it down their throat so they’ve learned to accept that the only way they can enjoy their career is if they give in to the bullshit that we come up with.”

“I don’t “hate Larry” im just commenting because that’s how a conversation works…with opinions…and interaction not just people agreeing with your fucked up view of this band”

Is…is this not the fucking funnest thing you’ve ever read?


i am a fire, you’re gasoline,
     come pour yourself all over me…