I know it's stupid

things I've been asked by random people to check my knowledge of football

- the full form of FIFA (which i knew since i was like 5 and couldn’t even pronounce football)

- Lionel Messi’s full name (which I didn’t know but idk how is that relevant to football?)

- what is an offside (which made me go bruhh i think i might have THIS one memorized)

Best Friend Starters!

{Text}: Go to bed and stop texting me. This isn’t the intended use of emojis.

“Hey, I read about this super illegal thing and I think we should do it.” 


“Do you think foods have feelings? Maybe that gumball I dropped today was sad I didn’t eat him…”

“No, we can’t buy five hundred pugs.” 

“What do you mean I’m too loud? It’s not like I’m SHOUTING IN YOUR EAR!” 

“If I go down you’re coming with me! This is a mutual effort!” 

“I’m not picking your drunk ass up at three in the morning anymore.” 

“Stop coming into my house to sleep on my couch! Someday you’re going to find the door locked.” 

“Oof, get off! You’re too heavy!” 

“I honestly think you belong in a cell, but again, I guess we’d be cellmates.” 

“Now who the fuck took my skittles? It was you, wasn’t it, you smug little-” 

“Somehow I don’t think the teacher believed our story about the sword wielding elves breaking the window…” 


“I don’t care if you didn’t wanna share, it’s mine now!” 

“YOU ARE A DICK. Also I’m at your door, let me in.” 

“C’mon, smile…I’ll tickle you if I have to!” 

“You’re sad. Don’t lie to me. I see the pouty thing you do.” 

“Do you need me to kill someone for you?” 

“You can’t even reach me to hit me, shortie-OW!!” 

Since we’re already discussing Splash Free!, there’s another thing that has always bothered me.

This is a shot of the original ending. Makoto is holding this vase upside down to show us that there’s no water. There’s even a single drop hanging out of it. Ok.

This is official art. The vase Makoto is holding is the same vase, and now it’s full but… he’s still holding it upside down..? Which side is the top?! Does he have two identical vases? Did he fill the bottom of the vase with a little bit of water? What? I’m so confused.


Bonus: The Misadventure of PB’s Poor Little Hat 

I’m sorry I forgot the snapbacks  (╥_╥)


I actually put peanut butter on my bagel. I really like peanut butter and I like to ruin the bagel. You know what’s even crazier that I do sometimes? I do cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter. It is really, really out there.

Mona Lisa of the North - 1665
Girl with a Pearl Earring (Het Meisje met de Parel)
by Johannes Vermeer

This is a sensual painting with the girl gazing at the viewer with wide eyes and a parted mouth and there is an air of mystery surrounding her identity. [x]


Captain Swan in every episode so far