I know it is a bit rough on the edges

Alright, so we’re gonna play a new song. Kinda going to the cartoon narrative of this whole thing. 2D felt maybe he was under-represented on Humanz a bit. It wasn’t a problem, but maybe he was a bit too generous, ya know? So he thought he’d do a song all by himself and make a video, just with him. Not tell anyone else, not tell Murdoc, a secret……………….. It might be a bit rough around the edges ‘cuz he only wrote it on Monday and made the video on Wednesday and now it’s Thursday so…
—  Damon Albarn before performing Sleeping Powder live. [x]
Tennessee Whiskey

Title: Tennesee Whiskey

Summary: Dean Winchester doesn’t think he can fall in love. But every time he thinks of the way he’s around her, the way she makes him smile even in the darkest of days, he starts to believe that maybe, just maybe, he’s wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 2315

Warnings: Hmmm. Like the tiniest bit of angst. Drinking as a coping mechanism (not healthy, but this is Dean we’re talking about, so, you know…). And fluff, guys. So much fluff.  

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @supernatural-jackles Jen’s SPN Birthday Challenge. My sweetest friend, Jen, happy birthday (even if I’m a few days early) and thank you so much for letting me participate. I loved working on this one.

My prompt for this was a gif that’s inserted into the fic. The story is very much based on Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey (which is the most amazing song ever and has Dean’s name all over it *cough* the glorious Jensen Ackles has covered that song and it’s a dream *cough*)

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 because she is the best best-friend and writing guru in the world (and because she kept me sane these past few weeks). You’re the best, twin. 

Thank y’all for bearing with me. Enjoy <3 

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Dean Winchester had always liked bars.

He liked the way they looked, deep mahogany booths and age-speckled lights making him feel at home in places that had seen their fair share of stories, the way that distinct scent of cigarette smoke and aged whiskey clung to his clothes afterwards, like it was a piece of him.

He liked the inverted bottles that were pressed along the walls, the beer and the whiskey and the bourbon, and the way it burnt down his throat and made him feel something, anything, on those nights he was far too numb and far too broken to believe he was alive in the first place.

Alcohol used to be Dean’s poison and fuel anyway; it cleansed the impure parts of him and kept him going when he felt like there wasn’t much to keep going for.

And then she came along.

Y/N waltzed into his life years ago, when she’d shakily shot the werewolf that had kidnapped her right in the heart, and, ever since that day, she’d somehow managed to wove herself deep into the fabric of his existence.

He didn’t even notice at first.

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Bad Days

Prompt:  Could you do platonic Moxiety with Virgil having a tough time and needing a cuddle but he doesn’t want to say anything but Patton gets it anyway? - @chris-specs (sorry for the delayed reply, friend, this one took a little longer than I thought)

Characters/Pairing: Moxiety (written platonic but can be read however you like)

Categories: Angst, hurt-comfort, negative self-talk

Thank you to @thuriweaver and @parsnipit for giving this a once-over for me!


For the most part, things really had been better since Virgil revealed his name.

The other sides had been doing their best to make him feel more welcome. They’d gone out of their way to include him, inviting him to more movie nights and involving him more during planning sessions for videos. They’d even deferred to him on a few points and altered their plans to take his concerns into account.

Of course, those are on Virgil’s good days. The days when he has things mostly under wraps, and the others find him tolerable. He has bad days, too, and those…

Well. It’s easy for them to say they’ll try to include him and make him feel heard when he’s at his best. Even he doesn’t mind himself so much, at his best.

He was not at his best today. 

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Never Have I Ever - Part 2

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x female reader 
Summary: Being interviewed by the most famous talk show host was totally new for you, and like always Ellen did her reputation justice, making you reveal something to the audience especially Sebastian seems to like.
Warning: smut, obviously ;) fingering, vaginal.. I’m bad at this

Part 1

Can anyone find the Hannah Montana related part? ;) 
Also, does anyone know where this gif is from?!?!?!

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #193 - Pacific Rim

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes, #242.

Format: Blu-ray


Raleigh: “When alien life entered our world it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.”

This is actually a really interesting concept and break from the usual alien invasion movies. It keeps the movie incredibly sci-fi but gives the monsters a much more earthy quality to them. And opening the movie with the idea establishes the world we live in right away. In fact, the entire prologue does an excellent job of clearly and quickly establishing the world of Pacific Rim (I consider the prologue everything before Raleigh and Yancy go and fight the monster, even though the film’s title takes 16 minutes to show up).

2) The monsters in this film are referred to as Kaiju and that fact shows the incredible respect the filmmakers are showing to the genre they’re playing in. For those of you who don’t know, giant monster movies made in Japan like Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, etc. are referred to as Kaiju films so just by embracing that genre name for this film shows they’re playing in a similar world. I just like that that’s the path they went down.

Originally posted by kenro199x

3) Ramin Djawdi’s score for Pacific Rim is absolutely kickass. The German composer is probably most known for his work on the first Iron Man and “Game of Thrones”, so audiences for those projects are familiar with the fact that Djawdi can get you pumped through music. Pacific Rim is no battle, with the main theme being an electric guitar heavy and absolutely energizing anthem of badassery that gets the audience ready for battle. I suggest everyone listens to it.

4) Charlie Hunam as Raleigh

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

Raleigh is rough around the edges but in a way the audience can appreciate. He’s not a jackass, he’s not a jerk, he’s just a bit macho. But he’s still a nice guy (not Nice Guy™), showing kindness to much of the cast of characters throughout the film (Mako, Pentecost). There’s an old school roguish charm to him, but Hunam is also able to play the grief that marks Raleigh for a lot of the film.

Raleigh: “I was still connected to my brother when he died.”

That is an incredibly rich and unique conflict, to know what it feels like to die and live while also knowing that’s what your family felt in their last moments. Hunam is able to work with this well in a number of scenes and while at time his American accent can be a bit distracting his performance overall is damn good.

5) This film does a very good job of establishing minor and supporting characters so that even if they only have a few minutes of screen time you remember them. This includes Yancy, Choi, and all the other Jaeger pilots. Through combined visual design and unique character writing, they stand out.

Originally posted by letmebeyourcopilot

6) The first Kaiju/Jaeger fight - while not the best in the film - still strongly establishes the film’s intense action. It is important for the audience to know the rules in these fights early on. To know that the Kaiju and Jaeger are close to equally matched; neither is swifter, neither is bigger, it’s a really intense skirmish between opponent of equal size and strength. Establishing that well early on is important and exactly what this film did.

Originally posted by spacethomasjefferson

7) Idris Elba as Marshall Pentecost

Originally posted by lois-lane

I think Elba gives the best performance in the entire film. Pentecost is such an enigmatic character, he’s not an open book, but instead of feeling underdeveloped (which is a risk with such characters) he’s interesting. You can tell there’s more to Pentecost than we’re being told because Elba works so well wight he part. He just radiates leadership and authority in a multifaceted performance. You get his hard edges, his no nonsense behavior, his occasional jackassery, a caring father figure, a loyal soldier, and a driven man all in one package that is Idris Elba. I fucking love Elba in this film.

8) Rinko Kikuchi as Mako.

Originally posted by aviscranio

Mako’s awesome. I love Mako. She’s…it’s hard to put into words. She’s an incredible strong character with deep rooted conflict and motivations which Kikuchi is able to carry with her always. This conflict is good because it strongly influences Mako’s choices in the film, which in and of themselves can breed more conflict. You can just tell that while Mako is good in her current position as Pentecost’s assistant(?) that she can do SO much more. You understand that through the way she interacts with Raleigh, the ease she handles the tasks given to her, you know she’s not reached her full potential yet even though she wants to. And you just freaking root for her to go further, to get what she wants, something which I think is equal parts Kikuchi’s performance and the writing for the character. It’s also worth noting her platonic relationship with Elba is very strong and helps develop both characters.

9) Burn Gorman and Charlie Day as both crazy strong in their roles also, breathing such life and fun into their parts and the film as large. The strong bickering Newt and Herman is incredibly fun to watch and while Day does get more time to shine as Newt that doesn’t mean Herman is any less interesting. They’re both such a fun team to watch.

Originally posted by bioluminosity

10) Something director Guillermo Del Toro is able to do incredibly well across all his films - largely through production design and practical sets/effects - is that he creates a world which is fully alive. Just from looking at it you get an understanding of how it works, how it’s different from our world. It is striking, full of life, and totally unique.

Originally posted by pacificrimsource

11) Mako’s candidate trial.

Did I mention I love Mako? Because I do. And this scene just makes me love her more. The connection and kinship she is able to immediately establish with Raleigh is crazy good. It just FEELS right watching the pair of them on screen. Their relationship is in many ways the heart of this film and this scene gets you invested in them. You just know that they’re the right for each other.

12) Newt’s decision to drift with a Kaiju is a strong example of stakes. How far he’ll go to do what he think is the best thing to do because the alternative of doing nothing isn’t good enough. I dig it.

13) One thing I like is that Mako isn’t really sexualized or objectified in any way. I don’t even think we get a shot of her half naked or anything. The film shows off how sexy Raleigh’s body is more than it does Mako’s and I really freaking love that.

14) There are a few comparisons to make between this film and Independence Day. The fact that it’s humanity fighting against alien invaders (even though these aliens are from below the sea) is one thing, but then we learn this.

Newt: “These being, these colonists, they take over worlds…”

It’s very similar to how Bill Pullman notes the aliens in Independence Day are like locusts, moving from world to world and taking over natural resources. There are more coming up, and it’s not even a comparison of quality or saying one is a ripoff of the other, it’s more just I like the similarities because I like both films.

15) Mako’s backstory.

Originally posted by onlymorelove

Through showing us Mako’s backstory, not just telling us, the film makes it all the stronger. It perfectly explains her motivations and stakes throughout the film in a way which is simple, elegant, and ready to remember. Also the way the film cuts between Mako’s memory, Raleigh in Mako’s memory, and the real world of Gypsy Danger is very strong. All in all, it’s just a strong example of backstory.

16) Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chou.

Originally posted by youcantsaymylastname

Okay, Ron Perlman is always a wonderful character actor. I have never seen a Ron Perlman performance which I have not liked. He just breathes this consistent charisma, energy, and fun into every performance he has ever given so Chou is no different. While he may be more devious and deceitful than say Hellboy, Perlman has no less fun with the part and just makes Hannibal Chou one of the surprise stand out characters in the film.

17) The first Jaeger fight with the Kaiju in Tokyo is just plain fun, a nice prologue to the upcoming Gypsy Danger fight but one that steps up the Kaiju VS Jaeger fun introduced in the film’s opening.

18) Gypsy Danger VS Kaiju.

The extended fight sequence is 100% fucking awesome! A perfect collaboration of, “oh that’s so cool!” and some, “oh that’s so stupid!” moments but in a way that is totally fun. It’s giant robot vs giant monster entertainment at its purest in a way which is just totally entertaining. Some highlights from the fight include:

  • Raleigh: “I think this guy’s dead, but let’s check for a pulse. (They shoot him with a plasma gun.) No pulse.”

And of course…

Originally posted by p1xer


More than anything else the best scene in the film (which this is) shows off all the imagination which can go into one of these fights and all of Gypsy Danger’s skills as a fighter.

19) Is this really necessary?

Newt [examining the dead Kaiju]: “It’s pregnant.”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

This whole moment feels a little extra. Like, couldn’t the Kaiju brain just be intact after the fight? Although it does lead to Hannibal’s “death” and a great post credits scene.

20) Okay, I’m tearing up a little bit at the goodbye Pentecost has with Mako before he gets in a Jaeger. Because they both know this will kill him and I just…okay, I’m good.

21) The best speech since Independence Day.

22) Something I haven’t really talked about yet is drifting. Drifting with another person in the context of the film is such an intimate and strong connection. It is pure relationship, pure honesty, and I freaking love it.

23) The climactic fight with the category five fight is really a dual fight between the two Kaiju in a well paced, choreographed, and smoothly edited moment. You are never taken out of the moment during the fight due to shoddy craftsmanship, it is all just really smooth.

24) I think the final dive into the breach is really well done because there is a genuine question of if Raleigh will survive or not. The first time I saw this I thought for sure he would die and they wait until the last minute possible to get him out there, just upping the tension throughout. It’s really strong.

24.1) The final thing in this movie that reminds me of Independence Day is Raleigh sending his ship right into the enemy to explode feels a lot like this:

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

25) I actually love that this movie doesn’t end with Raleigh and Mako kissing. You can head canon it as anyway you want. I see it as platonic, but you can also see it as they know each other better than anyone else so they don’t need to kiss to know how they feel about each other. I just find it very strong.

Originally posted by raleighsbeckethasmoved

26) Remember how I mentioned a post credits scene in note #19?

Pacific Rim is just really incredibly fun. You can tell that Guillermo Del Toro is enjoying the world he helps to build, with sheer amazing giant robot vs giant monster action. The character drama and motivations are surprisingly poignant, the actors are incredibly strong, the writing is top notch, and it’s just…it’s so freaking good. It’s so freaking FUN! Go watch it. Now. Do it! Please! It’s that good.

Mini tutorial: Use subdivision surface modifier to smooth baking results

I’d like to share this trick I recently discovered. Please read my other tutorial on baking shadow for clothes if you don’t know what baking is.

Here’s a baking result. You can see the shade is a bit rough with harsh edges. Normally I’ll do a surface smooth filter in Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to smoothen the result before going into Photoshop. 

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So after many failed attempts and a lot of swearing I finally found a way to make a template that works! Feel free to use it you should be able to adjust it fairly easily. The dots are all 1 inch apart.
• I made the paper myself by laying it over my handy cutting board which has a grid on it each line is exactly an inch apart. My first couple of tries I was drawing the full line onto my paper but that was very confusing and hard to sort out so I just marked the 1 inch intervals wih dots which worked a lot better. You can also do this using a ruler it just might not be as precise but that’s ok.
•I highly recommend you make a paper mock up tape it together and try that on to make sure it’s going to fit you before you cut into your materials.
• I used EVA foam to make my armour. I was able to get a huge roll of the stuff at canadian tire in their carpet and rug section. When cutting EVA foam if you mess up a line don’t try recutting it just sand it down with a bit of sandpaper otherwise it ends up looking choppy and really rough around the edges. I used contact cement to glue everything together.
• I had to put elastic on the back edge of the side panels to attach it to the back panel so I could fit it over my shoulders without ripping it. This seems to work pretty well so far.

If you have any questions let me know I’ll be happy to help you out if I can! Good luck

Weekly Reading List #5

Alright y'all… here’s my weekly reading list, hope you like it. I’ve added a ‘Keep Reading’ this time, bc freaking Smut Appreciation Day made this list pretty long. Enjoy it, and please feel free to leave a feedback, my askbox is always open!

Hookup by @jpadjackles
Prompt: Sam meets up with the reader at a bar, and neither of them want to go home alone. Both their jobs require them to move around a lot, and sometimes, they get a little antsy and crave the affection of another person. That leads them to Sam’s motel room for one night of pure fun.
Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving) fingering, this is PWP

this was incredibly hot and sweet. sam’s character was on point. i can imagine that they exchanged phone numbers to met again someday. at least that’s what i wished for.

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Slow Ride by @rizlowwritessortof
Yeah, you all should have known this was coming… They don’t call me Cowgirl for nothing…
Warning: Smutty Smut

Good god, after that scene, i hoped that someone would write a fic about it, and this is absolutely perfect!!!

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

The One With The Poking Device by @eyes-of-a-disney-princess
Summary - An awkward moment while sharing a bed leads to an interesting morning.
Warnings - Swearing (duh), injury (very slight),smut, oral sex/face riding (female), fingering, unsafe sex (remember irl to wrap it before you tap it)

This Fic is hilarious, seriously, it cracked me up. Awesome work, and hot af. Love it!

Originally posted by evergreendean

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The Serpent Or Me - Part 1 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Betty, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 2140.

Notes: Firstly I’m sorry this is out later than planned, I’ve been teasing this piece for way too long. Secondly I stuggled a bit getting into Jughead’s POV style. I think this just gives me an excuse to rewatch the season again and pick up on his narration style. Finally if you have any suggestions on where you think this should go let me know, I have the next 2 parts planned but I am intrigued to see where you think it will go. Collabing is my fave! Anyway, enjoy.


Originally posted by littelmix

Jughead’s POV

Southside High was certainly rough around the edges. Riverdale was a beauty in comparison.

The metal detectors were new to me, I’d never been searched to go to class before. It was a sign of the times, I guess. Just another new thing to get used to. I headed to my locker, headphones on and eyes to the ground. I was still the new kid after all. I took out my math textbook and a copy of ‘Of Mice And Men’ for English, luckily I’d read it at Riverdale so I wouldn’t be unprepared. I checked my phone, killing time before first period. Betty had already text me twice, despite us being on the phone only twenty minutes before.

Betty: Riverdale feels weird without you Jug. I miss you :( xx

Betty: I can’t wait to see you again. Friday can’t come quick enough xx

Me: I miss you too Bets. Being the new kid is strange. Friday is going to get me through though. Can’t wait to see you x x

At Riverdale, I may have been the outcast but I had Betty Cooper by side. Betty was the strongest person I had ever known, I knew if anyone could handle this distance it was her. I had moved here to keep her safe, I just hoped she wouldn’t get herself into trouble. Considering the current state of affairs that was the town of Riverdale however, trouble could be anywhere we turned.

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Chance Encounter | 03

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Fluff, Slight Angst | 10,415 words

➽ Warning: A bit of drama is coming. Don’t hate me.

➽ a/n: inspired by the infamous DM mishap which happened to me some time ago, so I decided to just write the whole thing down as a cute reminder. | I have no idea why the chapter just keeps getting longer. I was listening to this song while I write this, please try to listen to it to help the mood

Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03

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Okay but, can we imagine an omega in school and they’re stressing out about assignments and finals and letting out all sorts of distress pheromones right??

So imagine an alpha sensing their nervousness and trying to comfort them, but the alpha’s a really rough around the edges type of person and so they’re really awkward at comforting the omega.

The omega appreciates their efforts though and relaxes a bit. Then they ask the alpha if they want to study together because they know the alpha isn’t doing too great in that class either and the alpha nervously accepts and they’re all blushy because they’ve liked this particular omega for a while.

What the Hell? (1/???)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

A/N: This is my first imagine and it’s not the best and probs a little out of character for our friendly neighborhood vigilante but I live for the best friends fighting angst and the teenage drama so sue me

She doesn’t exactly know when her feelings for Peter Parker began or how. All (Y/N) remembers is looking at her best friend one day and liking the way he bit his lip as he worked on his geometry homework. Then she found herself staring at his lips entirely too long. She brushed it off until she found herself liking the curve of his nose and the light spray of freckles that ran across it and that the one piece of hair that was always out of place was falling in his eyes. And it kept happening with every single little detail she already knew so well but somehow never thought was special before.

(Y/N) ignored every single one of these things, writing them off as teenage angst bullshit. She’s known Peter since she was three years old; she was well aware that these feelings were bound to happen in a friendship as close as theirs but she knew she’d be able to push them to the back of her mind until she was sure they would never come about again. 

But here she was, six months later, and still feeling everything and more.

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Don't Ever Let Jealousy Change you, Even for Someone you Love: Fred Weasley x reader

You heard screaming coming from the dining hall. Fred and Draco were at it again. Yes, you liked them both, and yes, you couldn’t decide which one you liked more, but the constant fighting was getting out of hand.

 "Come on Fred. Cut it out.“ You heard George reason with his brother. "If you really liked her, you’d let her decide.”

 "Shut up Georgie.“ Fred argued. Fred never yelled at George, let alone get angry with him. 

 "Come on Draco, give it up, you know (Y/n) likes me more.” He roared. 

 "Shut it weasle.“ You heard Draco snap. "She’d never choose a blood traitor like you. I’m a pure blood through and through, only the cleanest and best bloodline.” The Slytherin had almost always sounded childish, no matter what he said, but now he sounded outrageously ridiculous. 

 "Boys!“ Every bone in your body shook. "Cut it out.” Your voice was getting louder. “I like you both but I can’t choose between you, and if you are going to make me choose then maybe I really don’t know either of you." 

 You stormed off to your potions class leaving both Fred and Draco looking very guilty. 

“I don’t understand (Y/n).  Why don’t you just choose one of them.  Surely if you make the wrong choice, the other will take you back."  Hermione says in a whisper.  

You two were working on a potion together. 

 "But that’s not the point.  I like them both for different reasons.  Fred is goofy, and handsome, and his eyes crinkle when he laughs. I love his smile and his jokes and he always smells like his mothers hot coca. But Draco is an adventure, like a puzzle that I have to solve. He is serious but actually really kind once you get to know him. He’s rough on the edges and a little bit broken inside and I can’t help the feeling but needing to fix him.

 "I still don’t see what you like about Draco."  Hermione huffs slightly flipping her hair to the side.  

You continue with your potion until it’s done and have Snape inspect it. Snape walks over with a deathly glare in his eyes. 

 "Decent.” Snape lulls. “For a pair of Gryffindors." 

 As potions class comes to an end you are pulled aside by a certain ginger. 

"George?!"  You ask incredulously. The other twin looks at you with sad eyes.

 ”(Y/n), just choose Draco. I want my brother back.“ 

 Your heart breaks at your friends words.

 "You’re driving Fred insane and I think it might be best for you to just break his heart so he can move on.  I can’t open Weasley’s wizard wheezes without Fred, and you are a distraction.” He states. 

 "Its been so hard watching him become something he’s not. I know you love him, but so do I, and I don’t want you to lose a friend, but I don’t want to lose a brother.“

 "What will happen if I don’t do what you say. What if I love him too much George!"  You challenge. 

 You look up at George with a solemn look. 

“You two are my best friends besides Hermione. I don’t want to loose you.”

 "Fred loves you very much, but he’s changed. Because of this madness with you and Draco he’s not the same Fred anymore! He’s become a jealous freak.“ 

His voice was getting louder with each word that came out of his mouth.

 "Either pick him or move on!” You had never seen George this angry with you. He was always the one you went to when you needed help. He has always been like a brother to you.

 "I just don’t want to break Fred’s heart.“

 "Then don’t."  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 "Fred? Can I speak to you?" 

 "Of course love.”

 "I don’t want to lose you. I love you too much. We’ve been best friends for what seems like forever.“

 You glance up at him through your lashes. 

 "Will you give me a chance?" 

He asks suddenly and you are taken aback.

 Fred’s eyes glistened with tears as he spoke those words. You and him hadn’t been all that close throughout the past year because of his jealousy of Draco, and his feelings for you, that he had forgotten how much he missed what it used to be like between you too. 

“I miss you (Y/n).” And he smiled through the tears. 

 "I want to make this work. I want to make us work.“ 

 "I’ve never wanted anything more, Fred Weasley!" 

 And there, standing in the corner of the almost vacant Gryffindor common room, was George Weasley. The fire from the fireplace lit up his smile as he stood there with the largest grin on his face. George realized that he, just like he twin was crying. He actually got to see how much he was hurting. And most importantly George finally realized that he had finally gotten what he wanted: his best friends back.

Originally posted by theraddivision

angelsarenamederika  asked:

Have you ever written any works about that clean, empty train station Harry ended up in? Or rather, what that place may have looked like for other people?

Ginny woke up with a gasp that felt like sandpaper shoved down her throat. Her lungs brimmed with rock and cold water, with the thick musty smell of snake.

She inhaled again and it was softer– she blinked her eyes open as the world rearranged itself. Mildew and stone gave way to the scent of sun-warmed grass. Apple blossoms. Branches cut the sky into shards of blue. 

She had learned how to fly in this orchard. She had stolen her brothers’ brooms out of the shed and practiced when no one was watching her. She knew this view–lying on the ground, looking up–because she had laid out here in the shade on hot summer days, because she had fallen off brooms and bruised herself all over, again and again, knocked all the air out of her lungs.  Ginny sat up. 


Ginny sat up. Her mother put a mug of tea down in front of her. Ginny wobbled where she sat and clutched at the rough edge of the kitchen table. 

“Drink your tea,” said Molly. 

“Mum,” she said. “I think I’ve been hurting people.” The Burrow’s kitchen was sunlit and scrubbed clean behind Molly. 

“Of course you wouldn’t, sweetheart,” said Molly. 

Mum,” said Ginny. “There was blood on my robes." 

"We’ve all killed a few chickens in our time,” said Molly. 

“How did I get home?” She wrapped her hands around the steaming mug. It was cold against her palms, wet and gritty. There was dirt under her nails. She shivered. “I was at Hogwarts." 

"It’s not going to be easy,” Molly said. “He’ll tell you that, someday– the choice between what is right and what is easy. Isn’t that interesting? That doing the right thing is always so damn hard.” Molly put the tea kettle back on the stove. Her apron was thick beige canvas, well-used. “But you won’t really be listening. Because a boy will just have died, and you’ll be thinking about that. About whether or not he had a choice.”

“Who’s dying?” Ginny said. “Who’s going to die?" 

"No one you know well,” Molly said. “It’s alright. No one important to you. Someone very important to other people, but, of course, everyone is. And no, he won’t have had a choice. Right, or easy. But you do." 


Bill was trying to brush her hair. It was tangled at the back of her skull, matted, but his hands were very gentle. The chair she sat in creaked under her, old, in need of repairs like everything the Weasleys had ever owned. Sunlight dripped down through the leaves of the orchard. Bill had been the one who taught her to undo the lock on the broom shed door. 

"You haven’t done this since I was little,” she said. 

“You’re still little,” Bill said. His voice was younger, squeakier, and when she tipped her head back she saw his chin smooth and unstubbled, his hair still short and neat, his ear unpierced. 

“I miss you,” she said. “You’re going to leave. You’re going to go on adventures and forget to write home and forget to visit." 

"I’ll visit,” said Bill. 

“Not enough,” she said. “I’m glad you grew your hair out, though. It looks good. Mum doesn’t get it, but it looks more like you." 

Her skull was cradled in his hands, still tipped back, looking up at him. 

"You’re not really here,” she said. 

“No,” he agreed. “You’re all alone. You’re on the floor of the Chamber, can’t you tell?" 

Ginny touched her robes. They were cold and damp, sticking to her spine. Moldy water dripped from her hem onto the dry dirt of the orchard. 


"You’re just embarrassing us,” said Percy. He was fussing with his robes, picking lint off them. A sunbeam came through the kitchen window and draped itself around his shoulders. 

Ginny swallowed. “You don’t mean that.” She looked around the kitchen, but it was empty. Mum and her teapot weren’t anywhere. 

“Can you imagine how Mum and Dad will feel?” Percy said. “When it comes out their baby girl has been strangling chickens and killing Mudbloods?”

“No one died,” she whispered. “And don’t say that word." 

"C'mon, Ginevra, no one died but they were meant to. A camera, a mirror, a ghost, a puddle– the Mudbloods got lucky." 

Her whisper shrank and shrank. "Don’t say that word." 

"Mudbloods? Why? You wrote it on the wall in blood.” His face twisted, sneering, twisted and twisted– she had never seen Percy’s face skew that far. She didn’t think faces could move like that. She didn’t think they should. She squeezed her eyes shut. “You’ve been trying to kill people all year, and you haven’t even managed one,” said the thing with Percy’s voice, the voice he used to tell first years to knot their ties properly. “Embarrassing. Maybe tonight you’ll finally get it right." 

"You’re not really here,” she said. “This isn’t real. This is a dream, it’s all in my head, you’re not really here." 

"Of course it’s all in your head,” Percy said, or something that had once looked like Percy said. She wasn’t opening her eyes to see. “Why would that mean it isn’t real?”


“Welsh Greens are my favorite dragon,” said Charlie. Ginny pried her eyes open. Charlie smiled at her from across the kitchen table. Her tea was still gone. Percy was gone. The sunlight had faded to pale morning light. She was shivering. 

“I try not to play favorites,” he said. “You know, but sometimes you just gotta admit things to yourself.”

“Charlie, I think I’m dying.” She gripped the edge of the rough kitchen table and it bit into her palms. 

“They’re just so elegant,” Charlie said. “The first time I saw one fly. Do you remember? No, you weren’t born yet, I think. But Dad got suspended for a month, though Mum and Dad didn’t tell us that part–something with Lucius Malfoy–but he had a month off so we went to stay with that old friend of Mum’s in Newport. Right near the preserve. And we went out into it, and the twins kept trying to run off, and Bill spent all his time reading those adventure books he liked so much then, but we saw dragons. A Green sunning, across a gorge. One flying, almost directly over us. And I knew, right then, what I wanted to do with my life." 

"I think it was Lucius who put the diary in my textbook,” she said. “Why would he do that? Why did I write in it? Why did Tom make it? Why did I write back?" 

"See this?” said Charlie, rolling up a sleeve. Two long jagged lines of scar tissue bulged down his forearm, wrapping around it. “Poor thing got stuck in a trap and nicked me when I was getting it loose. Damned poachers." 

"Charlie, I think I hurt people.”

“And here,” said Charlie. He untucked his shirt and showed her a big shiny burn that went all up and down his leftside ribs and hip. “Healing skin,” he said. “It’s the weirdest thing.”


“We prank Filch and Mrs. Norris all the time,” said George. He was sitting in a tree in the orchard, the way the twins had used to before they got too big for the fragile branches. “But Merlin’s beard, Gin, never like that." 

Ginny sat cross-legged in the grass, picking stalks and trying to weave a crown. "Do you think Mrs. Norris’ll be okay?" 

"And Justin?” said George. “He’s a little twerp, but my god. We could have helped you put cayenne in his oatmeal or something, come on." 

"It wasn’t me,” said Ginny. “I didn’t mean to." 

"Okay, was it not you, or did you not mean to?” said George. “Those are two different excuses.”


“Never trust something if you can’t see where it puts its brain,” Arthur said. Her father was under the car. She couldn’t see him from the mid-chest, up. She couldn’t see his face.


“You know it’s not your fault, right?” Ron was lying on his back on his bed and she was laying belly-down on the floor, coloring. The ghoul in the attic banged pipes– angry, desperate sounds resounding like they were in an empty, vaulted space that swallowed up echoes and spat them back. 

“I wrote back,” she said. 

“Yeah, and? Plenty of people have penpals. That’s all you did. You were lonely. Don’t you think I get it? We’re the last ones, you and me. The point where people have seen so many Weasley kids they stop bothering to learn our names. I know.”

“I should’ve known,” she said. She rolled over onto her back, her hair tangling with her colored pencils. It sounded like the ghoul had maybe broken a pipe– a violent hissing shook the room. “Never trust something if you can’t see where it keeps its brain." 

"That’s stupid,” said Ron, sitting up, leaning over so she could see the profile of his long nose, his flop of red hair. There was a spreading stain on the ceiling above him.

Dad says that." 

"Well Dad’s stupid sometimes. What does where something keeps its brain have to do with anything? Somebody put that diary in your stuff. Someone made that diary– and they kept their brain right in their skull, just like us." 

"So it’s ‘never trust anyone’?” Hissing, snarling, metal on stone, the drip of water. Her skull pressed into the hard floor, too heavy to lift. The noise rose and rose, but she could hear Ron’s voice just fine. 

He shrugged, lanky shoulders bobbing. “I dunno. Maybe it’s 'do your best.’ I dunno. You’re eleven. Why do you have to be thinking about stuff like this?”

“You’re twelve. Why are you?”

Yeah, well, I helped fight You-Know-Who in my first year." 

Ginny curled her fingers into her dark robes. She had had to throw away the ones she’d killed the roosters in. She’d never learned Mum’s cleaning spells well enough for that. 

"You could, too,” Ron said. The stain on the ceiling kept spreading, white plaster going dark. “You did. Fight You-Know-Who, your first year.” Water dripped onto her forehead. 

“How?” she said. “I helped him. Tom was in my head, my hands– He was–" 

"You tried to tell people.”

“I should’ve made them listen,” she said. 

“You can’t make people listen,” said Ron. 

“What can I do, then?” she said. 

“Wake up,” he said. “Wake up, wake up, come on, Ginny, wake up, Harry why is she so cold.”


“I’m so scared, Mum,” she said. The tea was steaming but her hands were shaking against cold ceramic. “I think I’ve been hurting people." 


"You’ve always been able to tell us apart,” said George. The leaves on the trees rustled behind him. “We appreciate that, you know? Like, there’s some pranks we can’t play with you around, but, still, it’s nice." 


"You can go,” Percy said, kindly, and Ginny shivered and shivered. “You’ve always wanted to. You’ve been dreaming about running all your life. Just taking a broom and going." 


Apple blossoms filled the air. Dry grass tickled her cheek, the curve of her calf. Branches cut through the sky– blue, broad, endless. She could feel cold, rotting water seeping into her robes, her socks, swallowing her hands. 


Bang. The ghoul in the attic was hitting pipes again. Hissing. Shouts. 


Bang. Swinging his feet, knocking his heels against the table legs, Fred sat on the rickety table in the broom shed. He trimmed the stray broken twigs from the tail of his Cleansweep, whistling, and he didn’t look up. 

The door of the shed hung open behind Ginny, the sun at her back, the smell of apple blossoms in the air. 

"If you’re going to steal our brooms,” Fred said. “You could at least help with maintenance, you know." 

"Why are you the last one?” she said. He had stopped whistling, but the sound kept going, ricocheting off the walls. “Why weren’t you with George?”

“We don’t do everything together,” said Fred. He looked up from the broom and he was smiling. “He’s going to do a lot of things without me, one day.”

“Where am I?” she said. “What is this? This isn’t home." 

"Isn’t it?” Fred said. He was smiling and she wanted him to stop. “You see, Ginny, you get a choice. Not everyone gets a choice, but you do. This is a place where people wait,” he said. “This is a place where they get to decide. To go forward or to go back." 

"What if I don’t want to go back?”

“Then you take one of these brooms, Gin, and you just go.” He stood up, holding the broom loosely in his hand. “You used to dream about it, remember? When no one was paying attention to you, or when they were paying too much, or when Ron broke your favorite porcelain doll. You thought about sneaking out here, and taking a broom, and just going. The first time you snuck out here and stole my broom, that’s what you meant to do. Run away. Find a circus, or an adventure, a new life.”

“But I came back." 

He shrugged. "You ran out of the cookies you’d packed. And it got cold." 

"It’s getting colder,” she said. “Fred, I’m so cold." 

"You won’t get cold, if you go. You won’t run out of anything.”

“What’ll I find?” The sky out the window was blue. It went forever. 

“I don’t know, kiddo. Not yet.”  


Bill was brushing her hair in the orchard. It didn’t hurt, but she knew it should. She tipped her head back. The sky was blue. She let him hold the weight of her skull in his two big hands, his rings digging into her scalp. 

Charlie was telling her about dragons. Percy was picking lint off her shoulder and telling her to get some sleep. George was picking dead leaves off the apple tree and dropping them on her head. 

Ron laid on his back in his bedroom and water dripped down from the ceiling. The ghoul was shrieking, the pipes were hissing. The stain spread and spread and she watched it go. She couldn’t lift her head. 


“You have a choice,” Arthur said. He had oil on his cheek from fixing a car he swore he never meant to drive. 

“It’s getting colder." 

"I know, baby." 


The handle of Fred’s broom was trapped between them, digging into her ribs, bruising her collarbone. She twisted her hands in the back of his shirt and buried her face in the front of it. Fred was taller than he should be. His chin was bristly with a beard he shouldn’t be able to grow this well, not yet. 

"I miss you,” she said. “You’re going to leave." 

"Are you?” he said. 

She gripped the back of his shirt tight. She could smell the orchard through the open door. She was crying. Her tears were the only warm things in the whole world. “No,” she whispered. 

“It won’t be easy,” Fred said, his chin pressed to the top of her head, because he was taller, he was so much taller than he should be. She cried and the stain spread through his shirt. “But it will be worth it." 


Apple blossoms and old stone. Snakes in the dry grass. This was where she learned to fly. She had taught herself. 

"Wake up,” said Ron. “Harry, why is she so cold? Wake up, Ginny, you’ve got to wake up." 

The blue sky was cut into a hundred shattered pieces. 

She opened her eyes. 

A Little Manifesto on “Spirituality” and the experience of “it.”

(This has been brewing for a while now, and I finally got the tap on the shoulder to get it all out. I get a little bit…incensed here. And I apologize if it comes out harsh. If it does seem a little rough around the edges, it’s because I want you to hear me. Really hear me. This is important.)

This is the truth as I know it.

  • Have you ever felt real pain when you saw someone wipe out on t.v.? You might have cringed, or gotten the “heebie jeebies”?
  • Have you ever been around someone who outwardly appeared fine, but being near them made you feel sad? And then later they confessed how depressed they have been?
  • Have you ever gotten a weird feeling that you shouldn’t trust someone you just met, and then later had that mistrust validated?
  • Do large crowds drain you, or sometimes energize you?

These things are ways of experiencing empathy. Almost everyone is to some degree empathetic. People with strong empathy pick up on these feelings without the help of any rational, logical, or visible stimuli.

Empathy is clairsentience.

Feeling like you are being watched, or followed, is also clairsentience.

  • Do you dream?
  • Can you picture a person, place, or thing, in vivid detail?

That’s clairvoyance.

  • Have you ever heard someone call your name, but no one was there?
  • Have you ever heard voices?
  • Have you ever said something so amazing and inspiring, at just the right moment, that it didn’t even feel like the words were your own?

That’s clairaudience.

  • Have you ever just “known” something? Inexplicably? Maybe you just knew that there would be a great parking spot waiting for you when you pulled up to the grocery store.
  • Have you ever had a nagging feeling that your mother was going to call you, and then within the hour that phone call comes in?
  • Have you ever had a random thought about your friend, and you had a feeling that they might be having a rough time? So you get in touch - and wow, yeah, they’re having a shit day?

This is intuition. Knowing something “intuitively” is pretty well accepted even among non-spiritual circles.

But guess what, intuition is claircognizance.

Clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, these all involve “Psychic” - metaphysical - “sixth” senses.

These are the senses that psychics and mediums use to connect to the energy of other people, and to the energies of Spirits.

Everyone has these abilities, to one degree or another.


We are all born with the ability to use them, or not use them. I choose to exercise these abilities, and use them, but that does NOT make me more “spiritual” than someone who doesn’t know how to work with these senses, or chooses not to.

The more you tell yourself that you don’t have “it,” that you don’t have what the “spiritual” people have, the truer that becomes because we create our own realities.

So stoppit. We are all special.

You are special. Whether you feel your connection to your higher-power-of-choice when you read scripture, or great literature, or listen to classical music, or get your feet in the grass, or eat an incredible confection, or look at a sunset, or hear birdsong, or hug your mother.

It’s all valid. Don’t compare your experience of the world to someone else’s, and judge your experience as either inferior, or superior.

It is what it is. You are who you are. You are exactly where you should be, and you can go anywhere that you want to.

Cassian x Reader, Modern AU

Title: First Impressions and Second Chances / AO3
Length: 5.4k
Rating: T for language
Summary: When Cassian bumps into Reader in the airport, spilling her coffee and luggage everywhere, he didn’t exactly make the best first impression. But when Reader is stuck sitting beside him on her nine hour flight, she comes to realize that first impressions are not always right and second chances can lead to better beginnings.
A/N: This request came in a hundred years ago and pretty much the only thing I’ve thought about since than was how Cassian would smell so damn good that it would be torture. Sigh.
MasterlistWIP List

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anonymous asked:

I'LL FUCKJN FIGHT THE UNIVERSE MYSELF TO GET IT TO START LETTING GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THESE BOYS (20 fic continuation with 45 or 71 with "the best case scenario")

-Okay so I too am always a slut for angst, but I’m also a major softie so I’d die without happy endings. Pretty please do a part II of the #20 prompt??? Bonus points for Neil being a little shit about catching Andrew getting all mother-hen over him.

-Will you do a sequel to the Neil coma fic?

-I feel like reading your angst is like me asking you to step on my heart with stilettos on (but like in a good way?? somehow??) It’s like these boys suffered so much in canon that I feel bad wanting them to suffer more but like… the angst tho… But then again I’m always a sucker for a happy ending… So could you continue your prompt 20 post using prompt 59??

lmaoooo okay okay xD here’s the original post. I could only fit 45 and 71 in, but hopefully this is alright for everyone

#45 “What are you looking at?”
#71 “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”

Neil regains consciousness in increments, and it’s nothing like waking up. He feels like he’s floating, and then he feels heavy, and he’s aware that he’s in a bed but he’s not sure of anything else. He’s sure he’s forgetting about something, like there’s a scrap of information at the back of his mind but it’s hidden behind heavy boxes that won’t budge. He would need Andrew to move all of that baggage.


Neil becomes aware of someone talking to him, but it’s not Andrew. He knows that; it’s the only thing he’s certain of. 

He opens his eyes because he needs to know if Andrew is nearby. The first person he sees is a middle-aged woman smiling at him. Beside her stands a twenty-something man in polkadot scrubs. Neil frowns and turns his head the other way. Andrew’s eyes lock with his, and Neil feels less like there’s a stack of cinderblocks on his chest. HIs breath falls heavy from his parted lips, and for a moment he allows his eyes to close, knowing that Andrew is there to keep him safe.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so you know in Dancetale how every monster has a different dance e.g. San breakdancing and Papyrus doing Latin. What do you headcannon Sans and Paps to dance in UF, US, SF and HT? xx

Hiya anon! I have heard of Dancetale a bit! So here ya go!!!

UF Sans:  Technotronic. Similar to UT Sans break dancing but a little more spontaneous and rough around the edges. 

UF Papyrus: Think fire-dancer but with dozens and dozens of bones instead of flames. His steps are powerful, strong, proud, and hard to avoid if he means harm. 

US Sans: Do not let the fact it’s J-Pop fool you. It’s cute, it’s movements are quick, and he’s got years of training if it’s a serious battle.

US Papyrus: Meme songs. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down~~~ However. If you can look past the meme songs and get to know him, or make him angry enough you’ll find out it’s NYC Hustle Dancing. 

SF Sans: It’s stripper music. It’s stripper music and he can fuck up your day faster than you can comment on it. Think high-class pole dancing. It’s a show to die for though. 

SF Papyrus: Semba for him. A quick rhythmic beat, extremely close proximity, and fierce powerful movements all wrapped up in witty rhetoric. 

HT Sans: Pop and lock. He expects the cracking and popping of bones to throw you off your beat or steps. Don’t let it. 

HT Papyrus: The first time you hear interpretive dance you might giggle a little bit only to be met with a long wide grin that stretches the bones of his face. What kind of interpretive dance? It’s erratic and always changing, hard to pin down, and harder to fight against. Though if he’s dancing with a S/O it’s actually spontaneous and fun. 

anonymous asked:

sdr2 boys' s/o saying their first name for the first time? ;v; i was the asker for the ai!reader btw and i loved it to bits!!! thank you!

I’m so glad you liked it!! Your prompts are always fun to write! This one was super cute, so I hope you like it. 
Note: For Twogami, I just called him Byakuya since we don’t really know his first name. Also, F/N means First Name.

SDR2 Boys’ S/O Saying Their First Name For The First Time!

Hajime Hinata

  • This happened more towards the start of your relationship. Things were still early, and you’d started off as friends. So, you’d always had nicknames for one another. 
  • Of course, these nicknames grew more and more loving as you began dating.
  • Neither of you really referred to the other by your names, and stuck with these nicknames. They were simply commonplace.
  • You did it without thinking about it. It happened when you were simply cuddling at his side and flipping through channels for something to watch. One particular movie caught your eye and you jumped up.
  • “That one! We should watch that, Hajime!”
  • It’s almost like a cat’s reaction; as if his ears perked up and his head snapped around to look at you. He fumbled over what he said and looked at you, silent for a momemt.
  • Wh-what… yeah, uh, sure sweetie… I mean… (F/N).”
  • You realized what you’d said after he followed in your footsteps. The two of you sat there, blushing and giggling to yourselves for minutes afterwards.

Nagito Komaeda

  • It was hard to get a shock from this one. He remained relatively calm all the time.
  • Even when just getting to know one another, before you even started dating, he was calling you things like, ‘Love’ and ‘Sweetheart’ and rarely said your name. If he did, he traditionally used your last name.
  • Once, after you’d spent the night after a long evening of going out and spending the day together, you’d woken up bright and early. You must’ve had a long night.
  • Your boyfriend was still sleeping beside you, and you decided to surprise him by waking up up. You figured the best way to do this was kissing him all over.
  • Wrapping your arms around his sleeping body, you left kisses all over. On his forehead, nose, cheeks, eyes, neck, jawline, and lips. He’d woken with a gentle smile on his face.
  • “Well, hello, love,” He grinned and kissed you back.
  • “Good morning, Nagito-Kun!” You exclaimed, still half asleep and ditsy. Though his face remained solemn, his heart was racing.
  • By his expression, you thought you did something wrong, and hesitantly asked. In return, he chuckled a bit and shook his head. “No, but… say my name more often.” He winked.

Gundham Tanaka

  • You knew how much he disliked his name. He’d always been talked down upon for having a common family name.
  • Though, the Tanaka Empire was still strong with this one! Despite being common, you heard it a lot. Of course, you knew how he got sick of it.
  • You’d never admit to him, but you always loved his name. More than once, you had to catch your tongue and bite it, playing along with his antics.
  • He was always calling you his ‘Dark Queen/King’ and giving you names of royalty like such. You’d always follow his lead, knowing how much he appreciated it, and to humor him most of the time.
  • Once, though, you weren’t able to catch your tongue on time.
  • “I don’t tell you that I love you enough, my Darkness.” He said from across the room, attending to his animals and glancing at you from over his shoulder. His random acts of affection were your favorite, and caused you to break into a smile.
  • “I love you more, Gundham.” Your face went pale as soon as you said this.
  • Thinking he’d be angry, or disappointed, you began to apologize. Instead, it caught his attention and he quickly made his way to you, the Devas riding on his shoulder as he did.
  • Without a word, he kissed you, and only when he got close did you realize how much he was blushing. Before you could tease him about it, he hid himself in his scarf and excused himself for the bathroom.

Kazuichi Souda

  • You two were always teasing one another, and playful names for each other was a must.
  • Once, you needed him to come over and repair your car for you. Of course he accepted with no hesitation.
  • He’d do anything for you!
  • Within minutes, he was with you and working under you. Whenever he worked, though, you liked to stay by his side and help him. It made you feel like you were assisting in some way.
  • He was underneath your car, slaving away and asked you for a sweat rag.
  • You’d handed it to him, and then asked, “Do you want me to get you something to drink while I’m up, Kazuichi?”
  • Wh-What did you say?
  • He banged his head on your car as he shot up, peering at you from the ground. Now, he was groaning in pain and holding his forehead. Immediately, you crouched by his side and apologized for the slip up.
  • He insisted that it was adorable. Only now, he needed more than just a sweat rag for his forehead.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • In his family, you’d never hear first names. The clan was so strict and intimidating that their policy was harsh on this rule.
  • Your boyfriend, himself, was rough around the edges. He didn’t seem to show his softer side for anyone else.
  • That’s why you tried to remind yourself to stick with their policy. You didn’t know how he’d react otherwise, and sort of feared it.
  • Once, when you were over at his place, you’d been curled up together. You were simply talking about everything and nothing all at the same time, and deep conversations weren’t very frequent between you two. However, that’s what you seemed to be caught up in.
  • He’d said something that made you giggle a bit, and you said, “I agree, Fuyuhiko.”
  • His face was full of shock. It completely caught him off guard. For a moment, you thought he’d go off on you, but his cheeks turned bright pink.
  • “You know… (F/N), that stupid rule of my family’s isn’t a rule of mine. And… I like the way you say my name. It’s… cute.” He blushed and your heart began to slow back down to a normal rate.

Nekomaru Nidai

  • Of course, he was helping you train. More like, you were trying to train and exercise together, and he was trying to motivate you the entire time.
  • He’d pushed you to your limits, though, and you started to feel like you were going to give out. Your breathing was shallow and you couldn’t stop coughing, and you began to feel a little bit dizzy.
  • “Come on! Let’s gooo!” He said, basically shouting in your ear.
  • You knew he was an ultimate, but damn, did he have to be so aggressive? You figured it was just the passion talking, but who knows.
  • “I need… a break… Nekomaru… please.”
  • His eyes widened and his voice lowered a bit. You’d never called him by his first name before. His stunned look turned into a smile, and he lifted you up and swung you around.
  • “If you needed a break you should’ve told me!” He was still shouting, but this time, it seemed to be more from happiness.

Teruteru Hanamura

  • He came over to your place, and you’d had nothing better to do.
  • So, you challenged him to a video game showdown. You knew he wasn’t very good at these, so you thought you could back him into a corner.
  • “If I win,” you began, “you gotta cook whatever I want~” You said, smug and sure of yourself.
  • He giggled a bit, “And if I win,” he hesitated, “you gotta do whatever I want.”
  • By his tone… and nosebleed… you could see what he was getting at. Regardless, you knew you weren’t going to lose.
  • “Good luck then, Teruteru. You need it!” You kissed his cheek.
  • When you opened your eyes again, his mouth was hanging open and his nose was bleeding even harder. In a state of shock, you killed him in about two seconds, and won the bet.
  • He didn’t even care that he was on dinner-duty tonight. Hearing you say his first name was worth it.

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter)

  • He’d taken a nap while you went off and did your own thing.
  • When you returned, he was still asleep, but you could tell by his eyes moving and his mouth twitching that he wasn’t actually asleep.
  • Why did he like to do this to you?
  • “Wake uppp,” you said while shoving his shoulder lightly, “Come on!”
  • You were whining just a bit, and he started to fake snore. This only frustrated you further. Normally, you’d call him by his last name or a nickname, but you couldn’t help yourself this time.
  • “Come on, Byakuya-Kun!”
  • His eyes shot open and he stuttered over and over. “Wh-what, if y-you wanted me to wake up… that’s all you had to do.”
  • He’d deny all night that he wasn’t actually awake but you knew the truth. Only now, you knew how to get his attention.

- Mod Rantaro